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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
1891 Bradford County Churches (History)
Craft -  Chapter 12
1900 Bradford County Churches (Directory)
Old Armenia Church (Wesleyan)
Armenia Church Old Home Days (Baptist)
Athens Township Church Photos
Austinville Church Centennial 1891-1991
Beaver Meadows Church History
Canton - St. James Episcopal Church
Canton - St. Michael's Catholic Church
Canton - Baptist Church
Canton - Church of Christ
Canton - Methodist Churches
East Canton Mentodist Church
1883-86 East Troy and Columbia M. E. Church
1996 Fassett Baptist Church Centennial
Franklin Church Records
Herrickville M. E. Church
Churches of Wells Township
Methodist Church Records of Wells and Jackson
History of the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia
Mosherville Church History
Judson Hill M. E. Church
Hornbrook Church Damage 2005
Neath Church - Pike Township
North Wells Church (StateLine)
History of the Churches of Orwell
Old Methodist Church, West Burlington
Old M.E. Church, W. Burlington Centennial
The Churches In Our Midst, Burnham
Rome Presbyterian Church Records
History of Churches of Rome by Detty
Sheshequin Churches
History of the Sunday Schools of East Smithfield
200th Anniversary Federated Church of East Smithfield
Smithfield - Grace Baptist Church - Sabbath School Records 1847-1859
1912 Baptist Church in East Smithfield Burns
St. Francis Annual Picnic (Overton)
Standing Stone Umited Methodist 150 Years
Stevensville Episcopal Church 1799
Stevensville Presbyterian Church
Sylvania Presbyterian Church
Troy Church Records
St. John's Church, Troy
Troy Presbyterian Church Records 1828 to 1852
Freewill Baptist Church at Silvara
Ulster M. E. Church 1868 - 1968
Warren Center M. E. Church History
Warrenham Presybyterian Church
Wyalusing Methodist Church
Wysox Presbyterian Church 175th Anniversary
1975 Tour of Historic Churches
1829 First Baptist Church Membership
1860 Elmira Churches
1866 Elmira Churches
1874 Elmira Churches
1874 Chemung River Baptist Assoc.
1882 Elmira Churches
1888 Elmira Churches
1891 Elmira Churches
1917 Elmira Churches
1917 Horseheads Churches
Breesport Baptist Church History
Centenary Methodist Church
Chemung M. E. Church
Chemung Circuit M. E. Church 1919 Directory
Lake Street Presbyterian Church records
Erin Methodist Church 100th Anniversary
Erin Methodist Church 125th Building Anniversary
1918 Directory First Church of Christ, Elmira
German Evangelical Church (Selected Records)
German Evangelical Church (More Selected records)
German Evangelical Church Records
80th Anniversary Elmira Wesleyan Church
Oakwood M. E. Church, Elmira Heights NY 1929-30
Oakwood M.E. Church 1938
Elmwood Ave. Baptist Church, Elmira Heights 1908
Park Church, Charter Members
Centennial - Horseheads Baptist Church
History of the Pine City Baptist Church
Ridge Road Baptist Church, Veteran
Churches in the Town of Veteran
St. Mary's Church Baptisms
Southport Baptist Church Burns 2004
Wellsburg Baptist Church Records
History of the Church of Christ of Wellsburg 1896 - 1994
History of the First Baptist Church of Wellsburg
Wellsburg Church of Christ Records
Wellsburg Methodist Church Centennial 1949
1899 Tioga County Directory - Church List
Antrim Church Records
Arnot & Morris Run Presbyterian Church Records
1917 Dedication of Catholic Church in Blossburg
Beecher's Island (Nelson) Presbyterian Records
Canoe Camp Church 90th Anniversary
Catlin Hollow Church History
Cherry Flats Baptist Church 115th Anniversary
Covington Church of Christ
Covington Baptist Church Centennial 1940
East Point Ebenezer Church Records
East Point Ebenezer Church History
East Sullivan (Gray Valley) Baptist Church History
Ebenezer Church (East Point)Records
Elk Run M. E. Church history 1964
Fallbrook Presbyterian Church Records
Farmington Presbyterian Church 1844 - 1944
Free Thought Action
Lawrenceville, St. John's Church Records
Jackson Center Methodist Church Centennial
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Jobs Corners Baptist Church Centennial
Liberty Union Churches, History
Liberty Zion Lutheran Church History
1945 Fiftieth Anniversary History of Salem Lutheran Church
Mainesburg Charge - 1897 M. E. Church Directory
Mansfield Methodist Church History
Millerton M. E. Church Records
M. E. Church of Charleston (Photo)
Roseville Methodist Church Building Centennial 1891-1991
Rutland Hill M.E. Church Records
Rutland Baptist Church of Roseville 1929 Membership
Rutland Baptist Church of Roseville 1972 Centennial
State Road Baptist Church(Sullivan Twp.) History
Reg, Independent Baptists of Sullivan
St. Andrews Church Records, Tioga PA
Wellsboro Presbyterian Church, Wellsboro- Rev. Calkins Retires 1880
The Following items are from scrapbook clippings -

Andrews Settlement Church

Built in 1888, the land for the Andrews Settlement Church was given by Frank Bishop. Lumber for the church was given by Chancy Tucker and sawed by William Currier. It was built by Will Eaton. On January 24, 1889, dedication of the Union Church was held. A two-day dedication was held with four ministers present to carry on the services. The church members included Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians and Universalists.

Pastors for the church have included Rev. Frank Johnson, Elder Kenney, Warren Gardner, Addie Gardner, Rev. Rodwell, Rev. Morris, Charles James, Basic Young, Fred Clark, Rev. Winder, Rev. Buchanan, Mr. Tanner and Rev. Linn. The present pastor, Rev. Daniel Waite, has been at the Andrews Settlement Church since 1968. He also served here from 1945 to 1958.

In 1946 the church began to receive electricity from Tri-County. In 1948 the parsonage was purchased from Arlous Currier. Two wood heaters were installed in the church about this time and whenever the wood pile got low, there was a wood bee - the men cut the wood and the ladies got the dinner. Small tables and chairs were built by Henry Wood for the children of the church. New carpet was laid in March 1964. About two weeks later a fire started around the chimney. With the help of Genesee, Whitesville and Coudersport Fire Departments, the building was saved. Afterwards the gas furnaces were purchased to replace the wood heaters. New pews were purchased from the Coneville Church when it was discontinued. Much of the work done at the church was accomplished by the members and their pastors.

In a history compiled about the church in 1973, the women of the church were not forgotten. "The wives of these ministers have also played a very important part in their labors for the Lord. Every one of them has been able to deliver a sermon in the absence of her husband. Mrs. Buchanan was always ready with a solo and a smiling face. Mrs. Tanner whenever a special was needed was there with a beautiful solo. Mrs. Linn led the choir, taught the adult Sunday School class, was active in missionary work, as were all the rest. Mrs. Waite, an excellent pianist, led the choir and led in all the activities of the church. - History Courtesy of Gertrude Blow 

The old Bakersburg Community Church was closed for many years until 1932 when Rev. Glen Dewey reopened it and services have been held there continuously ever since. Rev. Dewey preached there until 1963, when his health forced him to retire. The new church was dedicated June 23, 1974, and the present pastor is Rev. Lee Damon. Thanks for both Bakersburg Community church information goes to Mrs. Glenn Dewey (real name was Florence Tice), Sylvania.

-- Dear Joyce, (August 2006)
I visited your website today for the first time and noticed that the little blurb you have on Bakerburg Community Church near Mainesburg needs
some updating. The current pastor is Dave Dressler who has come in the last 4-5 years.  I m not sure of any other information you may need, but if you want to update it, you can call the church M-Th during the day and he would most likely be glad to give you even more updated information.
Sincerely, Wanda M. Schmidt
(I suggested to Ms Schmidt that she help us by pulling together some history of that church. The clipping above is from the 1970s and represents that period. It is not intended as a current history.  I have not heard from her since. She may be working on it. If any others associated with that church would like to provide some history for the site and for the Sullivan Township Museum, we will certainly appreciate it. This is a project, like many hundreds of others, that needs to be done.)

Big Pond United Methodist Church
The Big Pond United Methodist Church was built in 1884 mainly under the management of Alvin and Derek Smith with the help of many others, names unknown. On its 80th anniversary a week of services were held and all former pastors that could be located spoke. Many of the older residents returned for these services. Present membership of the church is 103. New rest rooms, the social room, and a big kitchen were added recently and are a great asset. Big Pond United Methodist Church is part of a three-point charge with Wetona and Leona. Many thanks to Bert Smith, Treasurer of Columbia Cross Roads for the church history.

East Lawrence Baptist Church
The East Lawrence Church was organized in January 1843 as the Lawrence & Jackson Christian Church with ten charter members. The following October they joined the Tioga Rive Christian Conference. The church was dedicated in December 1872 and in May 1883 the name was changed to the East Lawrence Christian Church and in turn became Baptist in 1965. The parsonage was built in 1900. In 1965, the annex was added and the church was enlarged, repaired, renovated and refurnished again in 1973. East Lawrence Church regularly supports six missionaries and the two buses they own are engaged in their bus ministry. Thanks to Pastor Ellis Grist, Lawrenceville for the church history.

Hello Joyce, [August 2007]
Some time ago, Pastor Perry from the East Lawrence Baptist Church contacted you about updating our church’s history on your website.  I am attaching the text we would like to have on the site.  Please contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Ann Burke

We would like the following text to replace what is currently on the web page:  [Since the above is a newspaper clippuing from the past - it can not be altered. It will remain as written on this history site. We appreciate this additional information - JMT]

The East Lawrence Church was organized in January 1843 as the Lawrence & Jackson Christian Church with ten charter members. The following October they joined the Tioga River Christian Conference. The church was dedicated in December 1872 and in May 1883 the name was changed to the East Lawrence Christian Church.  The parsonage was built in 1900.  In 1965, the annex was added and the name was changed to the East Lawrence Baptist Church.  The church was enlarged, repaired, renovated and refurnished several times between 1973 and the present, including a 1600 sq. ft. addition in 1995. East Lawrence Baptist Church regularly supports nine missionaries and agencies. In addition to regular Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services, Sunday School classes are available for all ages.  During the school year, the Church holds JOY Club (Kindergarten through grade 6) and Teen Group (grades 7-12). Thanks to Pastor Vic Perry, Lawrenceville for the church history.

Sullivan State Road Baptist Church
This church was organized in July 1856 with forty-one charter members. It was the fifth church in Sullivan Township. The original edifice was built in 1857 with the vestry, steeple and annexes added later. Between 1880 and 1890 there were 181 members. The late Rev. D.J. Griffith was pastor for forty years - the longest pastorage in the history of the church. Present membership is 82. Sullivan State Road Baptist Church is now associated with the Mainesburg Methodist Church and the combined congregations hold services six months of the yea in each church. Thanks to Diantha Webster, Mainesburg, for this interesting information. 

Wetona United Methodist Church
Wetona United Methodist Church was built in 1857 on donated land at a cost of $1100. (Can you imagine this at today's prices?) The church was rededicated in 1891 and repaired in 1924 when the new floors were laid and the present pews were installed. Present membership in the church is 95. The parsonage is the former Harry Pierce property and was acquired in 1958. Pastor Frank Monroe also serves the Big Pond and Leona' United Methodist Churches. Thank you to Mrs. Gerald Sargeant, RD #3, Troy, for this information.
Bradford County PA
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