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J. Kelsey Jones 

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J. Kelsey Jones 

Records of the Congregational Church of Smithfield begin in 1801. The records that follow are from two sources: church history and membership in History of Bradford County by Rev. David Craft and births, baptisms, marriages and deaths contributed by R. D. Macafee. 

The following is from History of Bradford County by Rev. David Craft: The Pedobaptist Congregational church of East Smithfield was organized in Poultney, Vt., Feb. 11, 1801, by Rev. Elijah Norton and Rev. Lemuel Haynes, the celebrated colored preacher. The church then consisted of Solomon Morse, Samuel Kellogg, Esq., and Nathan Fellows. They chose Samuel Kellogg their moderator, and were commended to the grace of God. Their articles of faith were penned by Mr. Haynes. They immediately started for the "far west," arriving the same month in what is now East Smithfield. The first record of the church, dated May 16, 1801, is the record of the baptism of Jemima Almira, daughter of Solomon Morse, Rev. James Thomson officiating. The first business meeting was Aug. 16, 1801, when Sarah Kellogg and Jemima Morse were received into the church on profession of faith. In 1802, Rev. James Wood, under the Connecticut Congregational missionary society, preached the first sermon and administered the first communion to the church in a log school-house which stood near the foot of what is now called Mitchell’s hill. The communion-table was a large plank, split from a log with a beetle and wedges and hewed with a broadax, the table-legs were sticks driven into auger-holes in the plank. The wine used was the unfermented juice of wild grapes tempered with water and maple-sugar. It was a season of great enjoyment to the little church. The next church meeting on record is dated May, 1803; then Anna Fellows was received by letter, and Rufus Baldwin on examination; and September 28, following, Thomas Barrows, Eunice Barrows, and Mary Needham were received on examination. No other record of a church meeting is found till October 7, 1807. At this meeting Ruth Pierce was received by letter, and the following record is made: "Agreed to set up a meeting every fourth week. Attest: Solomon Morse, moderator." This meeting was for public worship. April 17, 1808, Asahel Dutton was received on examination, and Zephaniah Ames, Diantha Ames, Elias Needham, and Mary Needham by letter. February 1, 1810, Lois Ames was received on examination, and April 27, following, Nehemiah and Lucy Tracy and Ebenezer Harkness. In 1811, Solomon Morse and Zephaniah Ames were elected deacons. The Luzerne association was founded in 1810, and the church, consisting then of 18 members, joined it in 1811. In 1811, a house [Footnote - This house cost about $300, and was completed after much effort. It is said Nehemiah Tracy sold his last cow to buy nails and glass for the windows. Mr. Tracy came from East Haddam, Connecticut, to East Smithfield, in 1805. A missionary on a journey stopped in Smithfield overnight, in 1809 or 1810, and preached in the widow Gerould’s house, from the text, Jer. xxxi. 19. Among the few gathered at that service was Nehemiah Tracy, and he dated his conversion from that sermon.] of worship was erected on the ground where the present one stands, a small building, built at great sacrifice, and for twenty years it remained without regular seats. It was the first house of worship erected in this part of Pennsylvania. For years it was the only one in East Smithfield. It was free for the use of other denominations when not used by them selves. This continued to be the house of worship of the society till the year 1861, when the present one took its place. From 1814 to 1817, the church had its first regular pastor, Rev. John Bascom. Up to this time 44 members had been received, and no record had been made of death or removal. The church not being able to support its pastor, he was dismissed, and for a series of years the pulpit was irregularly supplied. In 1817, the Luzerne association took the name of the Susquehanna presbytery, and the Congregational churches entered into the "Plan of Union." In 1837, when this plan was abolished, the church of Smithfield continued to retain its Congregational form. From 1817 to 1831 the records of the church are defective. In 1831, Rev. William Franklin became pastor of the church, and continued until his death, in 1834. In 1835, Stephen Sargent supplied the pulpit a short time. In 1836, Rev. S.M. McClung was employed, and Rev. John Moule served in 1839. Rev. C.C. Cross was the preacher one-half of the time during 1838, and in 1840 one-fourth of the time; from January, 1841 to 1847, one-half the time; and from 1847 to 1869 the church employed his entire time. In 1870, Rev. Cyrus Offer was employed about a year. March 11, 1871, Rev. J.H. Nason commenced preaching for the church, and continued to be its pastor till March 26, 1876.  

The following birth, baptism, marriage, and death records were originally contributed for publication by R. D. Macafee and submitted by Shirley Robbins of Rock Stream, New York to the Gemini Newsletter published by the Twin Tiers Genealogical Society beginning with the Summer 1988 issue. Spelling retained as provided by R. D. Macafee. Information in parenthesis added for clarification. Information in bold print added for family identification by the compiler J. Kelsey Jones and does not appear in the original. The compiler has also added the names of church members that appear in History of Bradford County by Rev. David Craft that were not part of the Macafee record. 


Ames, Joshua and Lois Chaffee

1 Feb 1810

received Lois Ames on examination

4 Mar 1810

baptized Rufus Esther Warren Lecty Lucy Abigail Luther Orren Lydia Robert Rose Simon sons and daus of Joshua and Louis (sic) Ames

10 Oct 1812

born Lois Ames dau of Joshua & Lois Ames

31 Oct 1812

died Lois Ames wife of Joshua Ames, aged 39 years

15 Aug 1813

baptized Lois Ames dau of Joshua and Lois Ames


Ames, Zephaniah and Diantha Case

17 Apr 1808

received Zephaniah and Diantha Ames by letter

3 Mar 1810

baptized Orestus son of Zephaniah and Diantha Ames

31 Mar 1811

baptized Maria Ames dau of Zephaneah & Diantha Ames

1 Oct 1811

died Maria Ames dau of Zepaniah & Diantha Ames, in the sixteenth month of age

22 Aug 1812

baptized Aurela Ames dau of Zepeniah and Diantha Ames

10 Sept 1815

baptized Charles Ames presented by Zephaniah & Dianthea Ames


Baldwin, Rufus

May 1803

received Rufus Baldwin on examination


Barber, Solomon and Cynthia Phelps

8 Nov 1812

baptized Abigal Minerva Barber dau of Solomon and Cynthia Barber

9 Jan 1815

baptized Amasa Mills Barber presented by Cynthia Barber


Barns, Cezar

25 June 1803

died Cezar Barns


Barrows, Thomas and Eunice Morse

Sept 1803

received Thomas and Eunice Barrows on examination

8 Nov 1805

born Edwin Thomas Barrows

11 Feb 1807

baptized Thomas Barrows adult

11 Feb 1807

baptized Edwin Thomas son of Thomas and Eunice Barrows

13 Jul 1807

born Hiram Parker Barrows

10 Jan 1808

baptized Hiram Parker son of Thomas and Eunice Barrows

26 Mar 1809

born Amos Barrows

15 Oct 1809

baptized Amos son of Thomas & Eunice Barrows

20 Jan 1811

born Eunice Barrows dau of Thomas & Eunice Barras

31 Mar 1811

baptized Eunice Barrows dau of Thomas & Eunice Barrows

7 Apr 1813

born Lovinah Barrows dau of Thomas & Eunice Barrows

16 May 1813

baptized Lovina Barrows dau of Thomas and Eunice Barrows 

28 May 1815

baptized Jerusha Barrows presented by Thomas & Eunice Barrows


Bascom, John and Laura Woodbridge

25 Feb 1816

baptized Harriet Newel Bascom pd John & Laura Bascom


Bassett, John and Clarissa Kellogg

22 Mar 1815

baptized John Wait Basset, Samuel Kellogg Basset, Charles Rogers Basset, Orville Pierce Basset, Sarah Ann Basset, Chauncy Basset presented by Clarisa Basset

16 June 1821

baptized Norman Austin Basset pd his mother


Bird, Eliza see Ziba Gerould


Bird, John and Mary M. Sumner

12 May 1814

married John Bird to Mary M Sumner by John Bascom, Minister


Bird, Michael and Elizabeth Lewis

15 Aug 1813

baptized Eliza Abigal, Harry Louis and Laury Bird children of Michel & Betty Bird


Cauch (perhaps this should be Couch)

Aug 1802

died Cauch


Coleman, Thomas and Saloma DeWolfe

8 Apr 1813

baptized Lauren Coleman presented by his father


Crowell, Hezekiah and Mary Higgins

17 June 1821

baptized George Whitfield Higgins Crowel pd His Father


Couch also see Cauch

2 Apr 1805

born Lucy Couch


Dutton, Asahel and Lydia Moss

12 Oct 1801

born James Laislie Dutton

Nov 1801

baptized James Frisbee son of Asel Dutton, presented by Lydia Dutton

15 Mar 1802

born Juleania Dutton

16 Mar 1802

died Juliania dutton dau of Lydia & Asael Dutton, Aged 30 ours

1 May 1803

born Abner Dutton

6 Nov 1803

baptized Asael Dutton presented by Lydia

no date

baptized James Frisbie Duton and Abner Dutton children of Lydia Dutton

22 Jun 1805

born Betsy Huldah Dutton

11 Feb 1807

baptized Betsy Hildah daughter of Asahel and Lydia Dutton

10 Jan 1808

baptized Asahel son of Asahel & Lydia Dutton

17 Apr 1808

received Asahel Dutton on examination

31 Mar 1811

baptized Sollomon Dutton son of Asahel & Lydia Dutton

26 Nov 1811

born Solomon Moss Dutton son of Asael and Lydia Dutton

11 Apr 1813

baptized Lydia Dutton dau Asahel & Lydia Dutton

Jun 1818

baptized Alma dau of Asahel and Lydia Dutton


Fellows, Nathan and Hannah Orvis

8 Apr 1803

died Hannah Margret Fellows dau of Nathan Fellows at Armenia aged 13 years

May 1803

received Anna Fellows by letter

7 Apr 1813

died Hannah Fellows wife of Nathan Fellows, aged 61 years 11 months & 14 days


Fletcher, Jabez G. and Naomi Pettibone

15 Aug 1813

baptized Jabiah David and John Pettibone Fletcher children of Jabish G. & Naomi Fletcher

25 Feb 1816

baptized Naomi Charlotte Fletcher pd Naomi Fletcher

5 Sep 1819

baptized Saphira Almira Fletcher pd her Beleving Mother


Ford, Jacob and Bathsheba Bates

13 June 1813

baptized Rockcellany Ford dau of Jacob & Barsheba Ford


Ford, Noah and Abigail Beal

13 June 1813

baptized Horace, Levi, Noah, John & Amos Ford presented by their parents Noah & Nabby Ford

20 Feb 1814

baptized Nancy Ford presented by her parents Noah & Abby Ford


Forest, Asa and Esther Ames

27 Feb 1820

baptized Charlott Forest pd her mother

17 June 1821

baptized Miamma Forest pd her mother


Franklin, William and Elizabeth Dobbins

22 Apr 1832

baptized William Joseph pd his parents Rev. Wm & E. Franklin


Gerould, Jabez and Demaris Bennett

12 Jun 1802

died Jabez Jerald


Gerould, Ziba and Eliza Bird

25 Nov 1816

married Ziba Gerould to Eliza Bird


Hacket, Eliza see Phelps


Harkness, Ebenezer and Sarah

27 Apr 1810

received Ebenezer Harkness

no date (entry between 20 May 1810 and 31 Mar 1811

baptized Laura Harkness (Laura written over Lucy) presented by her father

25 Oct 1812

baptized Lydia Harkness dau of Ebenezer Harkness


Harkness, James and Elizabeth Edson

19 Feb 1812

baptized James Packard, David, Betsey, Jacob Edson, Daniel, Isaac, Cloe Samson sons and daus of James & Betsy Harkness


Harkness, John and Rachel McNall

19 Feb 1812

baptized Hiram and Chester Harkness sons of John & Rachel Harkness


Harkness, William and Esther

19 Feb 1812

baptized Stephen and Eliza Harkness son & dau of William & Esther Harkness


Hartman see Kingsley


Hartman, William

14 Mar 1828

died William Hartman


Kellogg, Samuel and Sarah Rogers

16 Aug 1801

received Sarah Kellogg on profession of faith

no date

baptized Elvira Kellogg dau of Saml & Sarah Kellogg

8 Aug 1807

died Sarah Kellogg wife of Samuel Kellogg, in the 49th year of her age

18 Oct 1807

died Juliana Maria Collogg dau of Samuel Kellogg, aged 5 m ten day


Kellogg, Timothy and Diana Aldrich

13 Apr 1828

baptized Orvil Kellogg


Kingsley, Isaiah and Arathusa Fuller

6 Mar 1814

baptized Oren Porter son of Isaiah & Arethusa Kingsley


baptized Abigail Kingsley pd Arethusa Kingsley

16 June 1821

baptized Anna Kingsley pd her parent


Kingsley, Sloan and Almira Jane Hartman

14 Jun 1813

married Sloan Kingsley to Almira J Hartman, by John Bascom, Minister


Morse, Solomon and Huldah Coleman

16 Mar 1811

died Amos Morse son of Solomon & Huldy Morse in the 27th year of age


Morse, Solomon and Fanny Bird

13 June 1813

baptized Betsy and Lorenzo Morse dau & son of Solomon & Fanny Morse


Morse, Solomon and Mary Taylor

June 1814

baptized Fanny Morse presented by Solomon Morse Jun.

Feb 1816

baptized Alonzo Morse pd Solomon Morse jun


Moss, Solomon and Jemima Parker

17 May 1801

baptized Jemima Almira, present by Solomon Moss

no date

baptized Jemima Almira Hartman pd Solo Jemima Moss

16 Aug 1801

received Jemima Morse on profession of faith




Needham, Elias and Mary Stocking

28 Sept 1803

received Mary Needham on examination

17 Apr 1808

received Elias and Mary Needham by letter


Needham, Elias Jr., and Elizabeth Gibbs


born Daniel Needham

25 June 1813

baptized Priscilla, Daniel Parkman, Rachel, Elias Wells & Angelina children of Elias Needham Jun & Betsy Needham

May 1814

baptized Sobrina Needham presented by Elias & Betsy Needham

24 Nov 1816

baptized Laura Bascom pr Betsey & Elias Needham


Phelps, Jared and Eliza Hacket

7 Jul 1814

married Jared Phelps to Eliza Hacket


Phelps, Jared and Rowena Fuller

23 Dec 1811

died Polley Phelp dau of Jerod and Rowena Phelps, aged 19 years


Phelps, John and Phebe Smith

19 Feb 1815

baptized Jared, Mary & Alma Phelps presented by John & Phebe Phelps

31 Dec 1815

baptized John Milton Phelps presented by John & Phebe Phelps

16 June 1821

baptized Fanna Loisa Phelps pd her parent


Pierce, Phineas and Ruth Rogers

7 Oct 1807

received Ruth Pierce by letter

21 Mar 1808

baptized Ruth & Harry Peirce dau and son of Phinehas & Ruth Peirce

1 Dec 1808

died Phineas Pierce aged 58


Sumner, Mary M. see Bird


Tracy, James O. and Anna Watkins

12 May 1819

baptized Ufane dau of James O Tracy & Anny his wife

25 Aug 1822

baptized Nehemiah son of James O Tracy and Anny his wife

14 Jan 1828

baptized Ofrastus Tracey


Tracy, Nehemiah and Lucy Olmstead

27 Apr 1810

Received Nehemiah and Lucy Tracy

20 May 1810

baptized James Olmsted, Oramel, Arobel, Bulkley, James Gorham, Benager Collins, Eligar Selden, Sally Lord presented by their parents Nehemiah & Lucy Tracy

15 Nov (no year)

died Benager Collins son of Nehemiah & Lucy Tracy, aged 6 years

10 Dec (no year)

died Nehemiah Tracy


Tracy, Oramel and Cynthia Kellogg

22 Sep 1822

baptized Carraline Tracy pd her Parents

June 1827

baptized Alonzo Tracy


Tuttle, Isabel

20 Feb 1814

baptized Stephen son of Isabel Tuttle


Watkins, Amos and Abigail Chaffee

25 Oct 1812

baptized Cerepta Lovisa Wadkins presented by her mother

13 June 1813

baptized Darius Peas Wadkins son of Amos & Abigail Wadkins


Wilcox, Gordon and Wealthy Phelps

June 1827

baptized Orsen Frances Wilkox


Williams, Constant and Irena Fuller

15 Aug 1813

baptized William Townsend and Royal Williams children of Constant & Irena Williams


Irena Williams (no date but same writing as Nehemiah Tracy who died 10 Dec 1815 and her entry follows his so perhaps the date is 1816


Wing, Samuel and Rhetta Chaffee

24 Mar 1814

baptized Sally, Joal, Orissee, Lorenze, Silas & Mary Wing children of Samuel and Pehety Wing

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