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Marriages 1869 - 1896
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Date Names Residence Place of Birth of Male Age Remarks
Following married by Charles Weeks, Officiating Minister            
Sep 29 1869 Alonzo P. Gaige Jackson Pa   farmer   A large party of friends were preasent and we had a pleasent time. They will make their mark.
  Phebe A. Hughes Tioga Pa        
Oct 7th 1869 David T. Hayton Wells Pa   "   Married at the bride's fathers
  Huldah A. Bond "        
Nov 27 1869 Wm Philips Jackson Pa   miner   Married at her Grandfathers The Holtons
  Sarah A. Smith "        
Dec 8th 1869 Cyrus Jewell Jackson Pa   farmer   Fortune will favor this hapy pair
  Clarra E. Gaige "        
Jan 3d 1870 James L. Bobb Farmington Pa   cattle dealer   They were married at L. B. Sheives
  Hellen S. Sheive Jackson Pa        
Jan 12 1870 David W. Crumb Jackson Pa   farmer    
  Amanda L. Osgood "        
May 22 " Frank Houslander Lawrenceville Pa   farmer    
  Susan A. Lucas Wells Pa        
June 6th " George Brown     carpenter    
  Libbie E. Gott          
June 8th " A. J. Spencer     farmer    
  Hattie Spencer Jackson Pa        
June 12th " Nahum Haven Columbia Pa   farmer    
  Laura Barnhart Wells Pa        
July 3d " James Osmon Wells Pa   blacksmith    
  Frankie McCarrick "        
July 3d " Justus J. Garrison Jackson Pa   farmer    
  Lita Wells "        
Aug 9th " George Lane Jackson Pa   miner    
  Rachel Cunningham "        
Sep 28 1870 Charles A. Bowman Monroton Pa   farmer   These two couple were married at Mr. Buttons house
  Bettie A. Dewey Tioga Pa        
Sep 28 " Miller E. Inscho Tioga Pa   farmer   They are noble looking & generous
  Sarah J. Button "        
Oct 4th " H. Corydon Brown Waverly NY   merchant   The after noon was made pleasent by a cheerfull company. No expence was spared
  Mattie E. Haight Jackson Pa        
Nov 8th " J. P. Slocum Jackson Pa   farmer    
  Frances E. Ayres Wells Pa        
Nov 9th " David Cunningham Jackson Pa   farmer    
  Rebecca Hughes Tioga Pa        
Nov 9th " James Sisson Jackson   farmer    
  Ella Lane "        
Oct 8th " Sam Gott Rutland Pa   farmer    
  Frances A. Furgerson Jackson Pa        
Dec 30th " John Spencer Wells Pa   farmer    
  Dael Furgerson "        
Jan 2d 1871 Luther Cook Jackson Pa   farmer    
  Abbie Willcox Columbia        
Mar 14 1871 J. E. Rose Richmond Pa   school teacher   A very large and cheerfull company preasent all were made hapy
  Maggie Everett Jackson        
Apr 13 1871 John Killgore Columbia Pa   farmer    
  Mary Rightmire          
June 18 1871 Moses C. Armstrong Wells Pa   carpenter    
  Jerushia A. Bond "        
July 2 1871 Henry Redner Elmyra   shomaker    
  Cassie Henny "        
Aug 3d 1871 David McClure Columbia Pa   mechanic   Married at J. Edsels hotel at early candelight
  Angeline Gernett "        
Aug 27 1871 Silas Twilegar Wells Pa   farmer   Married at the parsonage Sunday morning
  Julia A. Gurnsey          
Sep 23 1871 Roland Shelton Mainsburg Pa   blacksmith    
  Josephene Bryant Jackson Pa        
Dec 17 1871 Walace Oakley Jackson Pa   miller 20 He is 7 day the youngest
  Ida Lefler "     21  
  Philip Tice Rutland Pa   farmer    
  Estella Cornwell "        
Dec 27 1871 Casad Ayres Wells Pa   farmer    
  Mary E. Slocum Jackson        
Feb 22 1872 Townsend C. Mahony Barclay Pa   butcher    
  Ann J. Philips          
May 26 1872 Leonard Hall Rutland Pa   farmer   Married at the parsonage Sunday evening
  Ida Wood Rutland Pa        
June 5 1872 John C. Chappell Chatham Pa   harness maker   Married at the parsonage at early candlelight
  Theodosia E. Lawrence Wells Pa        
June 23 " Silas Clark Wells Pa       Married at Alber Judsons Sunday evening
  Ann M. Smith Cazenovia NY        
July 2 " Alinus C. Duglass Wells   farmer 22 Married at the bride's mothers. A large party was present all was made pleasent
  Florenc A. Hill Wells     19  
July 2 " Hugh Walker Barclay   colier   Married at the parsonage at before seven oclock in the morning
  Emma J. Crumb Jackson        
July 4 " James H. Hull Tioga   sawyer   Married at his mothers in Wells
  Mary L. Shutter "        
July 20 1872 Eliot E. Updike Jackson Pa   farmer   They were married at the parsonage in the evening
  M. Jane Seely Jackson Pa        
Aug 3d " Lafaett Bailey Farmington Pa   laborer    
  Mary V. Burtch          
Oct 10 1871 Boardman Mann Jackson Pa        
  no bride given and the date is 1871 though it perhaps should be 1872          
Following married by S. H. Aldridge, Officiating Minister            
Nov 25 1872 Samuel A. Marvin Jackson Pa   farmer   Married at house of Mr. Osman at Jobs Corners
  Emma More Wells Pa        
Dec 13 1872 Charles O. More Jackson Pa   farmer   Married at the M. E. Parsonage of Wells charge
  Jennie E. Dickinson "        
Jan 2 1872 Elezear N. Eaton Wells Pa   farmer   Married at Bride's Parents in Wells
  Arvilla R. Hatfield "        
June 7 1873 Alonzo Durfee Jackson Pa   farmer   Married at Bride's Parents in Mosierville
  Alice A. McCarrick Wells Pa        
Following married by S. G. Rhinevault, Officiating Minister            
Oct 29 1873 Wm Hugy Elmira NY   farmer   Married at B. F. Warner Pa
  Catharine Brown Wells Pa        
Dec 23 1873 Byron Bartlett Rutland Pa   farmer   Married at M. E. Parsonage Daggetts Mills
  Mary E. Everett Jackson "        
Jany 7 1874 O. J. Insco Wells Bradford Co Pa   farmer   "
  Annie M. Beardsley "        
Following married by W. H. Rumsey, Officiating Minister            
Nov 4th 1874 Floyed Hogaboom Mansfield Pa   mechanic   Married at the residence of the bride's mother Mrs. C. Garrison a very enjoyable occasion
  May Garrison Wells "        
Nov 25th 1874 Henry A. Phelps Mansfield Pa   book keeper in Ross & Williams Bank   Married at the residence of Mr. Floyd Hogaboom Mansfield Pa
  Lucelia Hogaboom "        
Dec 2d 1874 Levi Crumb Jackson Pa   farmer   Married at the bride's parents
  Minnie A. Harris "        
Dec 2d 1874 Henry F. Beckhorne North Chemung NY   farmer   Married at the bride's parents and in presence of company
  Sally I. White Jackson Pa        
Dec 7th 1874 John J. Compton Wells Pa   " 22 Married at the parsonage in the presence of my family
  Emma Coursen "     21  
Dec 23d 1874 Deloss Hopkins Jackson Pa   "   Married at the parsonage and in presence of company
  Frankie McCarick Wells "        
Jan 7th 1875 Joseph Bailey Roseville Pa   laborer   Married at the bride's mothers
  Lucinda M. Nodine Wells "        
Jan 24th 1875 Jacob C. Hillfiger Rutland Pa   "   Married at the residence of Mr. Noah Dunn's Daggetts Mills
  Fannie Graham Jackson "        
March 18 " Harrison Sturdevant Wells "   farmer   Married at the residence of the bride's parents
  Julia Everett Jackson         
March 21 " Janson Courtright Jackson "   laborer   Married at the parsonage in Daggetts Mills
  Susie Parmeter "        
April 7th " Lewis Daggett Daggett Mills "   farmer   Married at the parsonage
  Thedotia Vanauken Wells "        
Nov 25 " Willard Jennings Wells "   farmer   Married at the residence of Mr. Selar Ayers
  Libbie Ayers "        
Dec 2 " Ira Daggett Jackson "   farmer   Married at John Garrison's in Daggetts Mills
  Addie B. Carver Painted Post NY        
Dec 23 1875 E. C. Stillwell Esqr Jackson Pa Jackson Pa Justice Peace   Married at Mrs. Caroline Garrison and in presence of company
  Jane A. Garrison " "      
" 27 " Clark Updyke Rutland " Rutland farmer   Married at Lyman Brewer Esq and in presence of company
  Sally A. Brewer Jackson " Jackson      
Feb 8th 1876 Chester F. Garrison Jackson " Jackson farmer   Married at Bro Sturdevant's in Millertown fine time
  Elnora Sturdevant "      
Aug 6 " Melvin D. Criss Jackson Jackson farmer   Married at the parsonage on Sabbath eve 11:30 pm
  Ella R. Swartwood Mitchells Creek        
Mch 5 " Samuel Tabor Jackson Jackson farmer   Married at the parsonage & in presence of Congdons & c
  Ella Searles " "      
Sept (no day given) " Alva Merrick Elmira NY Tioga Co Pa dentist   Married at the parsonage on Sabbath eve
  dont remember name " "      
Following married by T. Jolly, Officiating Minister            
Sep 30 1879 Willmont Gordon         Married at the house of M. C. Congdon
  Neriva Beers          
Oct 2 " Philo R. Newton          
Nov 15 " Sperry Richmond         At the parsonage in presence of my family
  Sarah E. Kelse          
Feb 20 1878 Frank M. Graves     clerk   At the parsonage in presence of a few friends
  Persis A. Wallace Southport        
Mar 20 "  Charles E. Jennings     farmer   At the home of the bride a large company present
  Anna M. Ayres Wells        
Dec 22 " Wm R. Priest     farmer   At home of the bride a pleasant time
  Thersa L. Baker Wells        
Dec 25 " A. Winfield Little Wells   tanner   At home of the bride a pleasant company
  Mary E. Gifford "        
Mar 26 1879 Waldo Updyke     farmer   At the parsonage in presence of my family
  Kinda Aldrich          
Apr 6 " Edward Sweet         In church at Webbs Mills
  Libbie Soper          
May 29 " York H. Dewater South Port   farmer   At the house of Mr. Crandle a small company
  Allice Ferguson Caton        
Sep 7 " Jan W. Beard Elkhorn   joiner   At the hotel in Tioga a small company present
  Jennie B. Tubbs Nelson        
Following married by S. F. Sanford, Officiating Minister            
Dec 1879 Joeph M. Roe Elmira NY   liquor merchant   At the parsonage in the presence of my family
  Mary J. Nichols Webbs Mills        
May 3 1880 Edmund Moon Wells Bradford Co   farmer   At the parsonage in the presence of my family
  Ida Ludlow "        
May 5 1880 Luther A. Bennett Hornby Steuben Co    farmer   At the bride's fathers Hornby NY a large number of guests
  Mary M. May "        
June ? 1880 Frank M. Graves     merchant   At the residence of E. C. Pedricks a number of guests present
  Hattie M. Roberts          
Sep 26 1880 Welby A. Updyke Wells Bradford Co Pa Jackson Tioga Co Pa farmer   At the residence of the bride's father Wells Bradford Co Pa
  Leona H. Parmeter " "      
Sep 26 1880 Orin J. Furman Roseville Tioga Co Pa Elmira Chemung Co NY farmer   At the residence of Lewis Parmeter Wells, Bradford Co, Pa
  Kate Brennan Sulivan Bradford Co Pa Ireland      
Following married by W. Statham, Officiating Minister            
Dec 30th 1881 Carson McLane Wells       At parsonage Daggetts Mills
  Alice Clark Columbia        
Dec 31 1881 William G. Brewer Caton       At parsonage Daggetts Mills
  Lottie E. Townsend Elmira        
June 18 1882 James H. Heater Elmira       Parsonage Daggetts Mills
  Ollie Wright Mosyerville        
July 3d 1882 David C. Chamberlain Rutland Pa       Parsonage Daggetts Mills
  Nina S. Wright Rutland Pa        
Aug 3d 1882 George W. Gosper Southport       Parsonage Daggetts Mills
  Hattie Davey Wells        
Sep 7 1882 Thomas Lytle Wells Pa       At the house of James King
  Esther Vanskiver Elmira NY        
Sep 28 1882 Rory O. Moore Wells Pa       At Parsonage
  Ida Tanner Wells Pa        
Dec 31 1882 John Chamberlain Rutland       At the home of W. Rogers
  Jennie Rogers Jackson        
June 3d 1883 Emmett E. Blanchard Elmira       At Parsonage
  Electa Hill Elmira        
Sept 12 1883 Curtis H. Leonard Elmira       At Parsonage
  Lizzie Scott Jackson        
Following married by A. King, Officiating Minister            
Dec 11th 1883 F. J. Haverley Cherry Flats   farmer   At the home of the bride
  Emma Garrison  Jackson        
Following married by Joseph Merring, Officiating Minister            
Jan 1st 1886 Jabe Hanes Burlington Pa   farmer   State Line at Rev John Vankirks
  Lottie Henry West Burlington "        
Apr 25 " Frank Hammond Aspinwall Pa Aspinwall farmer 24 "
  Eva S. Searles Daggetts Mills " Wells   32  
May 15 " George L. Crumb Daggetts Mills Pa Daggetts Mills farmer 24 "
  Olive Yeomans " "   23  
July 4 " Peter C. Jones East Elmira NY Baldwin farmer   At the home of the bride East Elmira NY
  Della Sprague " East Elmira      
Mar 31 1887 Frank Cook Elmira NY   farmer   At the home of the bride
  Anna E. Updyke Wells Bradford Pa        
Following married by M. T. Manus, Officiating Minister            
Dec 23 1895 Fred J. Criss Daggett Penna Daggett Pa farmer 26 At the parsonage Webbs Mills
  Edna M. Wright Jobs Corners Penna Rutland Pa   17  
Dec 25 1895 Joseph Kowalewski Elmira NY Poland tailor   At the home of the bride
  Rose Amelia Curren Wells Pa Wells Pa      
April 8 1896 Jesse Vorhees Daggett Pa Daggett Pa farmer   At the bride's home
  Lena L. Daggett Mosherville Pa Daggett Pa      
April 28 1896 Levi W. Redfield Seely Creek Pa Jobs Corners farmer   At the parsonage Webbs
  Sarah Berry Wells Pa Wells Pa      
June 30 1896 Eugene P. Slocum Wells Pa Wells Pa farmer   At the home of the bride
  Isabell French Wells Pa Wells Pa      
Aug 19 1896 Chas. R. French Jackson Pa Jackson Pa farmer   At the parsonage Webbs
  Annie J. R. Moore Wells Pa Elmira NY teacher    
Nov 4 1896 David F. Moshier Webbs Mills Pa Aspinwall Pa farmer   At the parsonage Webbs
  Ella M. Blanchard Webbs Mills Pa Pine City NY      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/26/2000
By Joyce M. Tice