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Round Top Methodist Episcopal Church 
Charleston Township, Tioga County PA
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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This is a photo is  of the ME Church which was located at Round Top, Charleston Twp., PA.  It was torn down many years ago.  This is also thanks to my mom and my aunt who both saved everything.  Thank goodness they did.
The Following Is Taken from the Rededication Service
Of the Round Top Methodist Church
November 21, 1948

(This church no longer exists)
This church, organized in 1887, was known as the "Out Appointment" of the Wellsboro Methodist.  Rev. J.  Melvin Smith, there first regular minister, was appointed on October 5, 1887 and remained until October 1888.  The congregation worshiped in the Wesleyan church before building the present church.  The foundation was laid in the cornerstone placed in 1891.  The church members donated the laws for the lumber and William Henry Clark, who operated a sawmill what is now the Paul Mann Farm, sawed all the lumber free of charge.  The farmers hauled the logs to the mill, and from there they hauled the lumber to the church.  The man other community donated their time, their teams, and did whatever work they could do to help Hugh King, the contractor, built the church.  Charles Marks deeded the land for the church property on June 2, 1892.  William Henry Clark planted the Pine tree in the front yard which still stands.

The church was dedicated on April 22, 1892, and the minister at this time was Rev. George K. Statham.  During the following years many ministers have served this church, and among them are: H. Wilkins, Frank Lockwood, Loren Davis, E.S. Cole, F. P. Simmons, G. B. Clark, Marion Estes, Marion Wheeler, CE Swearingen and many others.

There are many interesting accounts of church meetings, of revivals, of socials and other improvements to the church.  In its early history this church owned a person age and was connected with the Coolidge Hollow church.  In the year of 1832 under the pastorship of CE Swearingen, this charge joined with the Whitneyville charge and has remained so to this day.  The church received a new coat of paint in 1928 by the hands of John Hastings and Bob Dawson.  Only three members are alive today that were adults at that the time of the church dedication.  The are Mr. and Mrs. Byron Mann and Bernie Lake.

At the suggestion of Rev. H.  Sherman in September 1945 at a WSCS meeting, 10 women agreed to save a penny a meal towards raising a fund for painting the church.  On November 18, 1945, at a Thanksgiving service $19 was brought in.  By June 1947 there was $200 in the building fund at the time the roof began to leak so badly that the members decided to roof the church.

The windows were repaired by Lyman Gibbs of Elmira with a request from Mrs. Nellie Bliss for $100.  Today are church stands ready to be rededicated to worship and service of God.

The following members were listed as members of the Round Top Church 1887 to 1892

Jennie Bliss Jennie Cooley Byron Mann
Lloyd Bliss S. F. Coolidge Mary Mann
Nellie Bliss Jennie Coolidge Julia Peake
Sarah Bliss Selena Dawson Clark Peake
Dwight Bliss Julia Dawson Anna Peake
Charles Bliss Ray Eckerson Mark C. Peake
John Bliss Eliza Eckerson Mary T. Riebal
Nettie Bliss John Evans Mabel C. Riebal
Arthur Brooks Lizzie Evans James Stradley
George D. Brooks Katherine Evans Mrs. J. Stradley
Mary Brooks Otis Evans Bessie Smith
Phil Bockus Herbert Evans Edgar A. Walker
Mrs. P. Bocus Ella E. Evans Maud E. Walker
E. M. Brace Ella Green Fred J. Walker
Mrs. E. M. Brace Henry Grant Mary Willard
Frank Bliss Emma Green Lucy Willard
Carrie Bliss Samuel Goodall Lou Willard
Ed G. Close Ella Goodall Carrie Warters
Ella Close John Hatheral
Benjamin Claus Frank Hood
Martha Claus Mrs. Frank Hood
Eugene Claus George Jennings
Mary Claus John Johnson
Nelson Claus Ella Johnson
Nancy Claus David Jones
William Carson Ida Jones
Flem Carson Stephen Ludlow
Mrs. F. Carson Charles C. Lake
Richard Carson Susan Lake
Wallace Carpenter Rena Lake
Susan Carpenter Berney Lake
Thomas Clark Angedine Lake
Mrs. Thomas Clark Caroline Lake
William Clark Lynn Meachum
Phoebe Clark Louis Meachum
Lou Clark Albert Meachum
Lizzie Clark Mrs. A. Meachum
Charles Cleveland Addie Mills
Emma Cleveland Mrs. S. Mills

There may be some mistakes for these names are taken from the old records.
The 59 years of pastoral service

1887-1888 J. Melvin
1889-1893 G.K. Stratham
1893-1895 Loren A. Davis
1895-1897 C. Dillenbect
1897-1903 H. Wilkins
1903-1904 F. H. Lockwood
1904-1906 C. W. Emery
1906-1907 E. D. Compton
1907-1908 J. G. Gibson
1908-1910 ES Cole
1910-1911 F. P. Simmons
1911-1912 G. B. Clark
1912-19   J. Houghton
1922-1924 C. Metzger
1924-1926 N. Estes
1926-1928 M. Wheelers
1926-1929 Peacock
1929-1930 P. Huyett
1930-1931 J.  Babcock
1931-1935 C.  Swearingin
1935-1938 E. Brownell
1938-1939 H. Blish
1939-1941 R. Osgood
1941-1944 P. Miller
1944-1945 H. Sherman
1945- M. Finch

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Cherry Flats Baptist Church 
Charleston Township, Tioga County PA
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Cherry Flats Church News
Cherry Flats Church Has Anniversary

The 115th Anniversary of the Cherry Flats Baptist Church was celebrated last Friday through Sunday.  Pastor Charles Campbell reports that it was a very blessed time for all, as former Pastors and members returned.  Visitors were present from Covington, Wellsboro, Middlebury Center, Knoxville, Tioga, Lawrenceville and Attica, New York.

Friday evening, Rev. Randolph Sensabaugh, now Pastoring at the Waneta Lake Baptist Church, Hammondsport, New York, preached, reminding the people of past blessings and urging them to go on in the present.

About 125 were present Saturday evening for the Harvest Supper and Services which followed.  Mayor Leon Niles from Wellsboro brought greetings to the assembled crowd, and Rev. Walter Caldwell, Pastor of the Covington Baptist Church, gave a stirring message from Psalm 148.

One hundred fifteen years ago, 24 people met, on February 11, 1854, to declare their intention to start a Baptist Church at Cherry Flats.

An organization council followed on June 3rd, with delegates from Charleston, Delmar, Covington, Mansfield, Sullivan and Tioga Baptist Churches.  31 people became Charter Members.  Rev. Levi Stone was called as the First Pastor and Isaac Wheeler and Oliver Ellioa (I think this should be Elliott) were elected deacons.

Mr. Elliott donated the plot for the Church site and the building was begun in July.  Charles Brown, living where Marie Wheeler does now, was the carpenter.

The Church was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1854.  Through the years, the aim and purpose has been the same, to be a Lighthouse in the community, a place where Jesus Christ is exalted and proclaimed as Lord and Savior.

Birthday Sunday featured a huge cake in Sunday School with a piece for everyone.  An attendance goal of 153 had been set and 155 were present.  A large group picture was taken by Mr. James Loveland of Loveland Studios.

The Birthday Cake made by Mrs. Dorothy West and Mrs. Joan Patterson, featured a cross, flanked by two open Bibles.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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