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Marriages 1878 - 1893
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Submitted by Kelsey Jones and Sherman Barnes
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Record of marriages from the Methodist Church records in vault storage at the Jackson Center Methodist Church, Jackson Center, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Records transcribed in the year 2000 by Sherman Barnes.
Date Names Residence Place of Birth
Married by Rev. H. A. Troxel      
Nov 27, 1878 William Everritt Jackson, Pa  
  Anna Hudson Jackson  
Jan 1, 1879 George Hamilton Jackson  
  Miss Morrell Wells  
Jan 29, 1879 Edgar Combs Jackson, Pa  
  Lawrence Tioga, Pa  
Feb 2, 1879 Ira Baker Jackson  
  Miss Bultz Wisconsin  
Feb 5, 1879 William McIntyre Jackson, Pa  
  Alice McCarrick Wells, Pa  
Mar 15, 1879 Thomas J. Ayres    
  Martha Ann Kinner Millerton  
June 18, 1879 John Woodhouse Jackson  
  Ellie Seely Jackson  
Aug 26, 1879 Edwin McCarrick Wells  
  Ella Lo_ney?    
Sept 2, 1879 James Hamilton Jackson  
  Eva Everitt Jackson  
Sept 3, 1879 Albert Baker Jackson  
  Emma Sheive  Jackson  
Nov 19, 1879 James Stevenson Covington, Pa  
  Sarah Logan Jackson  
Nov 26, 1879 Charlie Everett Jackson  
  Anna Sheldon Jackson  
Dec 6, 1879 J. M. Low Elmira  
  Alize Welsh Canton, Pa  
Jan 11, 1880 J. Henry Clark Jackson  
  Teresa Heater Jackson  
Feb 11, 1880 Henry Trowbridge Jackson, Pa  
  Elvira Seely Jackson  
Mar 17, 1880 Ross Mitchell Jackson, Pa  
  Effie Hudson Jackson, Pa  
June 24?, 1880 Lafaette Parmeter Jackson, Pa  
  Jennie Hall Jackson  
July 10, 1880 James Thompson Wells  
  Ida Brewer Wells  
July 25, 1880 Charles P. Newell Canton, Pa  
  Lillian McConnell Pine City  
Oct 3, 1880 George Daily Pine City, NY  
  Cinthia Strock Southport, NY  
Oct 3, 1880 Noah Kimball Elmira  
  Josephine Amacher Wells  
Dec 17, 1880 Charles Wilcox Jackson, Pa  
  Emma Sheldon Jackson, Pa  
Dec 21, 1880 Luther Tobey New Milford, Pa  
  Maria Gustin ? Millerton, Pa  
Dec 22, 1880 Wilson Gaige Jackson, Pa  
  Jennie Inscho Jackson, Pa  
Jan 18, 1881 Willis Parmer Sullivan  
  Ida Hamilton Jackson, Pa  
Dec 28, 1880 J. Bucannon Jackson, Pa  
  Lillie Miller Jackson, Pa  
Jan 24, 1881 Samuel Wood Southport, NY  
  Louisa Kelly Southport, NY  
Mar 10, 1881 Joel H. Lucas East Troy, Pa  
  Ida Bryant Jackson Center, Pa  
Married by Rev. Paul Smith      
Oct 23 W. C. Morres Daggetts Mills  
  Idia Mathers?    
Nov 10, 1881 Levi Garrison Jackson  
  Sarah Cunningham Tioga, Pa  
Nov 1, 1881 Wm. E. Sedinger Jackson  
  Laura E. Gage Tioga Co., Pa  
Dec 2, 1881 Henry W. Garthwaite Horseheads, NY  
  Nora E. Grome Tioga Co., Pa  
Dec 10, 1881 William E. Barnes Millerton, Tioga, Pa  
  Sallie Miller    
Dec 13, 1881 Charles M. Love Maple Ridge, Tioga, Pa  
  Sarah Vickers    
Dec 22, 1881 Stephen Borden Elmira, NY  
  Mary J. Pierce Jackson, Pa  
Dec 26, 1881 Levi B. Lawhead Southport, NY  
  Dollie F. Miller Southport, NY  
Jan 1, 1882 James McSolly Wells, Bradford, Pa  
  Mary A. Maier Chemung, NY  
Jan 29, 1882 Charles Wilcox Jackson, Tioga, Pa  
  Ellen M. Wailes Jackson  
Jan 29, 1882 Joseph P. Wickham Lawrenceville, Tioga, Pa  
  Virginia Cropsey    
Feb 18, 1882 John Dixon Wisconsin  
  Jennie V. Daskam Chemung, NY  
Mar 3, 1882 Lester A. Conklin Millerton, Tioga, Pa  
  Sarah A. Hazen Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
Mar 3, 1882 John A. Hozen Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
  Sarah E. Congdon Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
Mar 12, 1882 Orleyett Heywood Rutland, Tioga Co., Pa  
  Ann Vickers Jackson, Pa  
June 25, 1882 Will S. Hogaboom Elmira, NY  
  Clara Pierce    
July 22, 1882 Leon A. Mitchell Potter Co., Pa  
  Mary E. Daggett Daggetts Mills  
Nov 18, 1882 Uriah Ballard Oskaloosa, Iowa  
  Josephine Morrel Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
Dec 20, 1882 Davis W. Gage Jackson, Tioga, Pa  
  Elnora Stillwell    
Dec 24, 1882 George W. Andrews Steuben Co., NY  
  Ellis B. Lawhead Chemung, NY  
Mar 4, 1883 William E. Cleaveland Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
  Addie S. Goodspeed Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
Oct 24, 1883 Erving Kimball Jackson, Tioga Co  
  Sarah Sweeney Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
Jan 8, 1884 Eli Smith  Elmira, NY  
  Jane S. Chersy Elmira  
Jan 19, 1884 Wellen Curren Jackson, Tioga  
  Jennie Wheeler Caton, Steuben Co  
Jan 19, 1884 Almon H. Congdon Jackson  
  Rose Kelly Caton, Steuben Co., NY  
Feb 10, 1884 Elmer Vancurren Chemung Co., NY  
  Miner Miller Chemung Co., NY  
Feb 26 Henry Parmeter Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
  Martha Woodhouse E. Lawrence, Tioga, Pa  
Apr 30, 1884 Ory Osgood Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
  Helen V. Bond Wells, Bradford Co., Pa  
May 7, 1884 William Stephens Jackson, Tioga, Pa  
  Elisa H. Sectten Jackson  
Married by Rev. E. C. White      
Nov 27, 1884 Floyd Adams Jackson, Tioga, Pa  
  Hattie Woodford Jackson  
Dec 7, 1884 James A Ferguson Sage, Chemung Co., NY  
  Mary Rightmire Sage, Chemung Co., NY  
Jan 1, 1885 Emerson Stillwell Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
  Alice Smith Wells, Bradford Co., Pa  
Jan 23, 1885 Miles L. Nichols Southport, Chemung Co., NY Southport
  Carrie M. Miller Southport  
Jan 29, 1885 Hathaway Fabin Millerton  
  Mrs. Lola Stowell Millerton  
Feb 14, 1885 Chas. Henderson Caton, Steuben Co., NY  
  Irma Mayhood Caton  
Mar 7, 1885 Thomas O. Carter Elmira, NY  
  Ellen Beckhorn Erin, NY  
May 23, 1885 Guy Stowell Millerton  
  Lola Beeman Millerton  
July 4, 1885 Mathew K. Mitchell Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa  
  Alice Groom Jackson  
July 5, 1885 Wm. Strock Caton, NY  
  Nettie Henderson Caton  
July 26, 1885 Grant J. Belknap Jackson, Tioga, Pa  
  Hattie M. Lewis Jackson  
Sept 20, 1885 S. E. Bump Wells, Bradford Co., Pa  
  Linda Strouse Southport, NY  
Jan 11, 1886 Wm. N. Owen Elmira, NY Bradford Co., Pa
  Stella Hudson Southport Southport
Jan 29, 1886 Wm. E. Ferguson Webb Mills Wells
  Lena Gardner Webb Mills Southport
Oct 2, 1886 Edward E. Johnson Wells, Pa Wells
  Emma J. Osborn Southport Southport, NY
Dec 15, 1886 Walter Graves Jackson, Pa Covington
  Edith Rhinesmith Jackson, Pa Southport, NY
Jan 2, 1887 Merick Barnhart Southport, NY Tompkins Co., NY
  Ruby Jane Larrison Jackson, Pa Reading, Steuben, NY
Married by Rev. John H. Day      
Dec 30, 1888 Henry B. Manning Horseheads, NY  
  Libbie Messing Wells, Bradford Co., Pa  
Nov? 7, 1889 Merick S.? Barnhart Jackson Center, Pa Ulisses, Tompkins Co., NY
  Betsey Wheeler Millerton, Pa  
Dec 18, 1889 Fred J. Everitt Jackson Center, Pa Jackson Center
  Phebe A. Ferguson Jackson Center Jackson Center
Mar 25, 1890 Israel Merrils Seely Creek New York
  Minnie Teneyck Seely Creek New York
Apr 16, 1890 Grant B. Smith Burlington, Pa Canton, Pa
  Minnie M. Soper Burlington Burlington
Aug 20, 1890 Fred Percival Camden, NY  
  Ormetta Secor Florence, NY  
Sept, 4, 1890 Jesse W. Miller Millerton Millerton
  Lena Miller Millerton Millerton
Married by Rev. H. Meeker      
Jan 29, 1891 William Jackson Millerton PA  
  Kittie E. Wilson Millerton  
Sept 1, 1891 D. S. Horton Jackson, Pa  
  __oie? A. Trowbridge Jackson  
Nov 1, 1891 Nelson Rose Towanda Rutland
  Etta Smith Towanda Spring Hill
Dec 23, 1891 Frank H. Thorp Jackson  
  Nellie G. Hamilton Jackson  
Dec 30, 1891 Herbert Stephens West Township, NY  
  Alice Adams Jackson, Pa  
Nov 22, 1892 Leon Garrison Daggetts Mills Jackson Center
  Grace Swaze Daggetts Mills Judson Hill
Dec 7, 1892 Jasper Woodford Jackson Jackson
  Nettie E. Clair Coryland Jackson
Dec 27, 1892 Daniel Clark Mitchell Creek Southport, NY
  Lettie Henry Trowbridge, Jackson, Pa Jackson
Apr 27, 1893 Clark Smith Jackson, Pa Jackson
  Flora Miller Jackson Jackson
Married by C. L. Terrill      
Aug 24, 1945 John W. H. Donald Elmira, NY  
  Marion Stanton Elmira  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/10/2000
By Joyce M. Tice