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Members 1868 - 1869
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Samuel Baker

Paul Smith


Giles Bly


Levi Sheive

Leslie Lawrence

Samuel Ingersol

Moses Scofield

George L. Everitt

Albert M. Gaige

Henry Trobridge

John Mitchell

David M Kinner


Wm. B Sturdevante

Leslie Lawrence

A. W. Knapp

L. W. Knapp

Joseph Bly

Wm. Stephens

Samuel Baker

Paul Smith

John Cleveland

Joseph Retan

Superintendent of Sunday Schools

Wm. B. Sturdevante

W. M. Updyke

Henry Trobridge

Theodore Sisson

Palmer Bryan

W. H. Sawdey

W. B. Sturdevante


Daggett Mills:

Levi B. Sheive

Silas Hall

Whiting Gifford

Judson Hill:

Leslie Lawrence

W. M. Updyke

Thomas Baker

G. H. Titus

List of members

Andrews, Elizabeth - deceased

Andrews, Luther

Andrews, Mrs. L

Baker, Samuel

Baker, Rachel

Baker, Thomas W.

Baker, Susan J.

Baker, Julia T.

Barnhart, Artemis

Barnhart, Annis

Bly, Joseph

Bly, Sarah

Bradbury, Thomas

Bradbury, Claribda

Beckwith, Mary A. - Mosherville

Buchannon, Margaret

Bryan, Palmer A.

Beman, Lorinda

Bennett, David

Bennett, Mary R.

Baker, Charles W.

Beckhorn, Henry

Beckhorn, Jane

Bly, Giles

Bond, Miranda

Baker, Abraham

Baker, Mary, his wife

Beckwith, Miss Anna

Bortle, Caleb

Briggs, Oliver - Webb Mills

Briggs, Mrs. Oliver - Webb Mills

Briggs, Estella - Webb Mills

Baker, Horace - Webb Mills

Stella Baker - Webb Mills

Baker, Mrs. Horace (Eliza.) - Aug 23/96 Webb Mills

Bradbury, J. - Webb Mills

Batholomero, Andrew - dead

Bartholomero, Mrs. - dead

Beckwith, Mrs. D. - Mar/96 Mosherville

Benson, Sarah - Apr 12/96 Mosherville

Benson, Newand - July 23/96 from probation Mosherville 

Cleveland, John F.

Cleveland, Mary F.

Cleveland, Edward

Clarry, Adeline

Churchill, Adelmer

Churchill, Orville

Crumb, Arnold

Carley, Mary

Carr, Philoma

Cassada, Anna Jan 19 by letter from Canton Pa.

Colby, Estella Jan 97 by letter from Covington

Cassada, Belle Dec 15, 95 from probation

Carmen, Wm. A. by letter, June 28, 96

Carmen, Julia by letter June 28, 96

Carmen, Grace from probation June 28/96

Cassada, Harry from probation, July 26, 98

Drake, Nancy

Drake, Abigail died about 1895

Dewitt, N. A. removed by letter Jan. 16, 1893

Dewitt, Francis dismissed by letter Apr. 9 1889

Dewitt, Mary A.

Dunning, Sarah E. by letter from Hedding M. E. Church. Dismissed Mar. 8, 1897

Daggett, Mrs. Ori

Daggett, Orie Mosherville

Daggett, Cora married to Philip Wilson Feb 10, 1897

Daggett, Mrs. Lewis

Doty, James

Eighmey, S. W. recd. 1890 from probation Daggett

Eighmey, Mrs. G. W. 1890

Eaton, Cora Aug 23, 96 from probation, Mosherville

Eaton, S. W. Pastor from Beaver Dams Chge.

Eaton, Matilda his wife "

Fox, Lucy

Fuller -----

Ferguson, Electa

Ferguson, Hulda

Ferris, Charlotte July 23/96 from probation, Mosherville

Ferris, Earl July 23/96 from probation, Mosherville

Ferris, Emma July 23,/96 from probation, Mosherville

Gaige, Albert M. 

Gaige, Phebe A.

Garrison, Chester

Garrison, Nora

Garrison, Emma

Garrison, Caroline

Garrison, Linnie Aug 99 from probation

Goodwin, W.

Goodwin, Mrs. W.

Goodwin, Oliver

Goodwin, Mrs. O.

Gary, Floyd 26 July 1898 Webb Mills

Haren, Amy died Mar 1876

Hatfield, Angeline lives at Pumpkin Hill

Hatfield, Freelove removed by letter Jan. 1870

Hall, Eunice deceased

Harris, Abram

Harris, Wilford

Harris, Mary

Horton, Katherine 1892 by letter

Horton, Jesse 1892 by letter

Horton, Carrie, 1896 from probation

Hogaboom, Floyd 1890 from probation

Hogaboom, Mrs. F.

Hogaboom, Lena

Hakes, William Feb. 1897 by letter from Rutland. Mosherville

Hakes, Mrs. Wm. Feb 1897 by letter from Rutland

Hakes, Francis July 23/96 probation Mosherville

Hakes, Maude July 26/96 probation Judson Hill

Hakes, Gertie July 26/96 probation Judson Hill

Hakes, Edward 26 July 1896 probation Judson Hill

Horton Katie Dec 27/96 by letter from Rutland Daggett 
removed by letter to Armbridge Pa. Feb 28 1907

Hakes, Hiram 1896 by letter from Rutland Judson Hill

Hakes, Susan by letter from Rutland Judson Hill

Jewell, Andrew

Jewell, Arvilla deceased

Jennings, Kate 

Jewell, Ed Webb Mills

Jewell, Effie

Jewell, Sarmin

Jones, Neoma S. widow Webb Mills

Ingersol, Samuel Mosherville died 1893

Ingalls, Sariah C Mosherville

J----, Mrs. Mosherville, died spring 1895

Ingersol, Mrs. S. W. Rec’d Apr 12, 1896 by letter Mosherville

Jennings, Mrs. Kate Rec’d Apr 12,/96 by letter Mosherville

Knapp, Lascar W.

Knapp, Martha E.

Knapp, Alice D.

Knapp, Effie rec’d Apr 12/96 confession of faith Mosherville

Larrison, Jacob, deceased

Larrison, Ruby deceased

Lain, Frank E.

Lewis, Rachel

Lawrence, Belinda, died Dec 1892

Lain, James prob Jan 99 full member, Aug. 99

Lane, Sylvanus preacher in charge Aug. 61, from prob.

Lane, Mattie preachers wife May 13, by letter from Presb. Ch., Lemont Pa.

Mitchell, John died Mar 17, 1870

Mitchell, Thaddeus

Mitchell, George W. Millerton

Mitchell, Annie R. Millerton

Mitchell, Sarah A. Millerton

Mitchell, Mary A. Millerton

McIntire, Watyerman H. deceased

Mitchell, Ella

McCann, Lewis removed by letter 1868 Judson Hill

McCann, Dorcas removed by letter 1868 Judson Hill

McCann, William, removed by letter 1868 Judson Hill

Moore, Elizabeth Judson Hill in f 12/95

Moore, Anna dismissed by letter to Millerton married Charles French

Murdaugh, Wells Aug 97 from prob.

Miller, Widowed, dismissed by Jackson Center to Webb Mills

Mosher, David Feb. 10 95 realigned Webb Mills

Mannus Ealliann ? C. Web Mills

Manus, May W Webb Mills

Mosher, Ceylon July 28/96 prob Webb Mills

Nichols, James lives on Tower Hill

Nichols, Sarah

Orcutt Stephen deceased

Orcutt, Elizabeth deceased

Osgood, Helen V.

Pedrick, Nathan

Pedrick, Mrs. Nathan

Pedrick, Edward

Pedrick, Mrs. Ed died 1897

Pedrick, wife at State Line

Palmer, L. R. Apr 12/96 conf. of faith Mosherville

Palmer, Emma Apr 12, /96 conf. of faith

Pedrick, Hannah 2 Aug. 89 by letter from Southport Baptist

Rathbun, F. W. 

Rightmire, Mary 

Ross, Eliza. A. 

Roberts, Byron

Roberts, Susan

Roberts, By’s daughter prob 95 full 95

Roberts, Alice July 26/96 from probation Judson Hill

Sisson, Theodore, deceased

Sisson, Nancy A. deceased

Stephens, David Tower Hill, Jackson Summit

Stephens, William Tower Hill

Starks, N. K. deceased

Starks, Hannah deceased

Spencer, Isaac deceased

Spencer, Almira deceased

Spencer, Francis deceased

Spenser A. deceased

Spencer, Wilber deceased Mar 1872

Stephens, Elizabeth deceased

Sherman, Amy A.

Stafford, John

Stafford, Matilda deceased

Sawdey, Wm. H removed by letter Mar 1870

Sawdey, Catherine removed by letter Mar 1870

Scofield, Mosses removed by letter

Scofield, Mary removed by letter

Sturdevant, Catherine Judson Hill

Sturdevante Wm. B.

Sturdevante, Mary deceased 1891

Sheives, Jane

Searles, Della

Sturdevante, Sarah

Sherman, William

Sherman, Ruben

Sherman, Dela

Sherman, Burt

Sweet, John Tran - Baptist

Sweet, Mrs. John Tran " "

Sweet, William Apr 97 from probation

Smith, David B. Feb 16/95 reclaimed Webbs

Smith, Stella Feb 16/95 " "

Ste---? Francis July 23/96 from prob Mosherville

Tillinghast, George L removed by letter Sept 30, 1873

Tillinghast, Mary removed by letter Sept 30, 1873

Taber, Ella 

Titus, Henry O Aug 18,97 from prob transferred by letter to Duboise City Pa

Titus, Mrs. H. O. Transferred by letter to Duboise City Pa.

Titus, Charles 1897 from prob Transferred to Duboise City Pa.

Titus, Leon 1897 from prob transferred to Duboise City Pa.

Titus, Charles widow May/96 from prob Judson Hill

Tanner, William July 26/96 from prob Webb Mills

Tanner, Ann? 26 July 96 from prob Web Mills

Vorhees, Charles, M.D. died Apr 25 1893

Vorhees, John

Vorhees, Nancy deceased

Vorhees, Ellis

Vorhees, Mrs. Ellis

Vorhees, Charles

Vorhees, Pearl Aug 97 from prob Daggett

Vansciver, Carry Apr 12, 96 by letter Mosherville

Vansciver, Frank July 23/96 from prob. Mosherville

Woodhouse, John B. in Elmira

Wilcox, Harriet deceased

Wheeler, Catherine moved without letter about 1870

Westbrook, Clarra Mar 16/84 by letter

Weeks, Mrs. Mary State Line and also a devoted sister Webb Mills

Whiting, May Feb. 2/95 by letter

Whiting, Martha A. Feb. 2/95

Warner, H. G. July 26. 95 probation

Warner, Mrs. H. G. 26 July 95 probation

Wade, Roy D. 26 July 95 dismissed by letter Mar. 5, 95



G. W. Eighmey

F. F. Hogaboom

Mrs W. Updyke

Mrs. Ellis Vorhees

Webbs Mills;

Ed Jewell, Steward

Wm. Sherman

H. G. Wade

R. Sherman

O. Goodwin

C. Bortle

Judson Hill;

Byron Roberts

Anna Moore


Wm. Hakes

Asst. Mrs L. Little (Baptist)

Committee of 95-96

Church Records; Aug. 29 95/6/7

F. F. Hogaboom

S. W. Eighmey

Pastor in Charge


Pastor’s wife

Mr. Eugene Ayres

Mrs. Charles Updyke

Mrs. L. Daggett

Mrs. S. Vorhees

Mrs. F. F Hogaboom

Mrs. Chester Garrison

Pastor’s Salary

Charles Vorhees

Chas. Titus

Mrs. Beckwith

On Missions;

Mrs. Wm. Updyke

Mrs. C. Bortle

Mrs. Dunning

Mrs. Ingersol

On Ch. Ex. (?)

Wm. Sturdevant

Ed Jewell

Mrs. B Roberts


Lena Hogaboom

Effie Jewell

Mrs. Wm. Hakes (Aletta Tice)

John Vorhees


Wm. Goodwin


Mr.R. Sherman

Miss Erie Daggett


_. W. Eighmey

Wm. Sherman


Reuben Sherman

O. Goodwin

Trustees Elec. Aug 29, 96/96/97

Judson Hill;

Byron Roberts

H. Hakes

Chas. Andrews

H. French

Chas. Baker

Webb Mills

C. Bortle 

D. Goodwin




S. L. Sherman