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Transcribed and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
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Mosherville Church at Mosherville, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Church Organization and Membership

Page 1

Wells, Pa., Nov. 5th, 1869

We the subscribers agree to pay the sums annext to our respective names to a building committee consisting of James I. Osgood, Simon Harr and Charles L. Shepard, for the purpose of moving and fitting up in good condition the Presbyterian Church at the State Line onto ground of James I. Osgood at French Mills (now Mosherville). It being understood that said Church hereafter shall befor the use of all evangelical religious worshipers of the living God; and be under the control of Trustees that shall represent the interests of the various Christian Societies worshiping there

Names Names

James I. Osgood 100 Orin Stone 20
Lyman Brewer 50 Silas Jones 10
Simon Harr 50 John S. Pedrick 10
John A. Roy 25 Wm Everson 1
S. Wright 10 Myron Capron 5
Albert Judson 50 S. G. French 10
C. L. Shepard 25 John McCarrick 1
S. S. French 25 James Wilson 25
S. T. Little 25 John Wright 2
A. J. Stafford 10 Foster Garrison 10
A. C. Brink 5 John W. Pellet 2
F. P. Bowman 5 A. C. Noble 10
H. G. Stafford 100 D. B. Harvey 5
Ann Strong 5 Michael Smith 10
Rachel Mitchell 25 John Moon 5
Lyman French 25 John Cunningham 5
Albert Seely 10

The cost of moving the church building from the state line to its present site was $500.00. The lot cost $50.00 and included the cemetery which was known as the "Side Hill Cemetery of Wells." Papering and painting cost $61.00, mason work $49.00, charter $8.50, paint $9.50, and chimney $1.60. There was a dedication June 30, 1870. An organ was purchased in 1871 at a cost of $150 plus interest of $4.87. The deed to the church was recorded November 12, 1872.

There is no record of the first pastors of the church. The first mention of a minister is made in the minutes of a meeting held February 4, 1876. The records of the meetings are very incomplete as to the details of business discussed and meetings seemed to be very sporadic. There is no record of any meetings from June 1895 until December 1915 and then again until January 18, 1925.

Page 20

Union Church of Wells Feb. 4th 1876

Pursuant to a call of the Board of Trustees of the Union Church of Wells a meeting is held this evening for the purpose of electing a new board of Trustees and such other business as may come before the meeting. The meeting was organized by electing Rev. W. H. Rumsey chairman and S. B. Sergeant Sec. The charter was read by the Sec. The report of the old board of trustees was read by their Sec. The following persons were then nominated and duly elected as Trustees of the Union Church of Wells according to the charter.

Samuel H. Ingersoll

Stephen B. Sergeant

Foster Garrison

Charles L. Shepard

Lyman Brewer

The meeting then adjourned. S. B. Sergeant, Sec.

July 8, 1877

It is this day resolved that there be some notices struck and posted in the cemetery prohibiting children from frequenting the cemetery unless accompanied by their parents or guardians. By order of the trustees. S. B. Sergeant, Sec.

Page 160

Feb. 11, 1925

We the undersigned named persons hereby reaffirm our membership in the Wells Union Church of Mosherville and engage to do our best to advance the interest of the church.

How Rec'd Denom.

Died Edwin Smith Me

Deceased M. Elvira Smith Me

Edward M. Thomas Me

Dismissed by letter Mrs. O. J. Thomas Me

Mr. O. J. Thomas Me

Mr. Chas. Besley Me

Deceased Mrs. Chas. Besley Me

By letter to Elmira Mrs. Elizabeth Brewer

Died Nov. 19, '37 Mrs. G. W. Luckey Me

Died 1943 Mr. G. W. Luckey Me

Dead Elizabeth Hathaway Presb

Deceased Mrs. Alma E. Sterling Me

Deceased Mr. Carl J. Sterling Me

Mrs. Bertha Shepard Smith Presb

Died Apr. 7, '25 Mrs. Ethlin Shepard Presb

by letter to Mainesburg Miss Hazel M. Fish

Deceased Mrs. Joe Brewer M.E.

Died Mar. 25, '26 Mr. Joe Brewer

Died Feb. 19, '38 J. O. Sterling Methodist

Deceased A. L. Updike Methodist

Deceased Fred H. Brewer Meth

Deceased Mrs. Fred Brewer "

Florence Besley (Saunders added later) Methodist

By letter to Webb Mills Frances Besley (Balmer added later) "

Mr. Lynn Updike "

By letter to Webb Mills M. Church Apr 1951 Ray E. Brewer deceased "

Eileen Brewer (Sisson added later)

Bap Me

died Walter Brewer Bap Me

Merton Sheive Bap Bap

Cleo Sheive Bap Bap

Dead Mrs. Carrie Updike Methodist Baptism

name cut off on photocopy (line 38)

Page 161

Deceased John Stevens Bap Baptist

Deceased Janette Stevens Bap Baptist

Margaret Stevens (Plant added later) Bap Baptist

Elba Stevens (Ritz added later) Bap Baptist

Zelma Stevens (McWhorter added later) Bap Baptist

Dead Jerome Brewer Bap Baptist

Mrs. Jerome Brewer Bapt Baptist

Helen Shepard (Sweet added later) Bapt No pref.

Deceased 10/17/56 Vernet McWhorter Bap Baptist

Deceased 5/3/63 Mrs. Vernet McWhorter Exp Baptist

Deceased 5/7/66 Harold McWhorter Bap Baptist

Sterling McWhorter Bap Baptist

By ltr Bap church 1944 Arthur Sterling Bap Baptist

ltr to Webb Mills M. Church Apr 1951 Helen L. Bristol (Brewer added later) Letter Methodist

died Oct '38 Mrs. Roxie Brewer Letter Baptist

John Jones Letter Baptist

Mrs. John Jones Letter Baptist

Miss Helen Terwilliger (Eighmey added later)

Baptism Methodist

Miss Florence Terwilliger Baptism Methodist

Deceased Curtis Smith Baptism Baptist

Berdena Brewer (Strong added later) Bap Baptism

died Sarah E. Benson Letter M E

ltr Blossburg Nov 8 '43 Mrs. Flora Sheive Baptism Baptist

Anna Brewer (Queal added later) Bap M E

Joseph Brewer Ba Me

Clarence Manwaring Bap Bap

ltr to South Creek Glenn Updike Bap Me

Caton Ctr Bap Ch Grace Updike Bap Me

Leila Bristol Bap Baptist

Mrs. Elsie M. Shepard Bap Presb

Julia Shephard (Holton added later) Bap No pref

died Nov '41 Jerdan Sheive Bap Bapt

died Mrs. M. Louisa Harrison Bapt Baptist


Photocopies of first church record book. pp. 1, 20, 160, 161.

Criss, Jeannette and Sam. Our Heritage History Highlights Christmas 1966. One page.

Note - The first church record book is in the possession of the present pastor.

J. Kelsey Jones


This article submitted by and printed with permission of J. Kelsey Jones of Owego NY

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