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Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts of Isabel Ridall
1862 3-Jan Ransom / Morgan M In this village, on the evening of New Year's Day, by Rev. Edward Kennedy (in the absence of Rev. A. Hull, Rector of the Parish), Lieut. R.S. Ransom, of Col. Stuart's Engineer Regt., and Miss S.E. Morgan, Daughter of Lieut. W.L. Morgan, of the same Regiment.
1862 3-Jan Vandecar / Fike M In Elmira, on the evening of January 1st, 1862, by S.E. Denton, Esq., Reuben Vandecar, of the Town of Erin, to Catherine Fike, of Elmira.
1862 3-Jan Spencer / White M At the Hotel of Chas.. Smith in Southport, January 1st, 1862, by Charles Evans, Esq., S.V. Spencer to Mary M. White, Daughter of Dr. White of Webbs Mills in said town.
1862 4-Jan Bronson / Viall M January 1st, 1862, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J.E. Latimer, Mr. Henry L. Bronson, of Elmira, and Miss Mary Ann viall of the same place.
1862 4-Jan Carter D In this village, on the 3d inst., of Scarlet Fever, Louis E., son of Alvah S. and Mary Carter, aged 3 years and 11 months. Funeral service at the home, No. 8 College Avenue, at 2 o'clock P.M. Sunday.
1862 9-Jan Pettingill / Loggie M January 1st, 1862, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. Raines, Mr. Wilton R. Pettingill and Miss Helen A. Loggie, both parties of Elmira.
1862 9-Jan Loucke / Lovell M Also, January 1st, at the Parsonage, by the same, Mr. Alexander H. Loucke, of Addison, to Miss Annie Emeline Lovell, of this village.
1862 9-Jan Bennett D In this village, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Sophia Bennett, in the 52nd year of her age
1862 9-Jan Burlingame D In Elmira, on the 5th inst., Capt. Samuel Burlingame, in his 78th year. His funeral will take place to-day, at one o'clock.
1862 9-Jan Evans D In this village, on the 6th inst., Susy May, daughter of N.B. Evans, aged 3 years. The funeral will be attended this afternoon at 2 o'clock, at the residence of Mr. Evans, 56 William Street
1862 10-Jan R___ / Wilcox M In Horseheads, on the 31st ult., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Chauncey R ?____ , to Miss Phebe Wilcox, all of Horseheads.
1862 10-Jan Parks / Thompson M Also, at Horseheads, January 1st, by the same, Mr. Charles C. Parks to Miss Elizabeth Thompson, both of Millport.
1862 10-Jan Rice / Moore M Also, at Horseheads, Jan. 2d, by the same, Mr. S.N. Rice, of Charleston, Tioga County, Pa., to Miss Catharine Moore, of Veteran, N.Y.
1862 10-Jan Coleman D On Wednesday afternoon, January 8th, Mrs. J. Coleman, in the 80th year of her age. Funeral this afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the residence of her son, D.H. Tuthill
1862 15-Jan Lowman D In Chemung, on the 13th inst., Mr. Martin Lowman, and old and highly esteemed inhabitant of the town, aged about sixty-eight years. The funeral will take place to-morrow at 11 o'clock A.M. at his late residence.
1862 16-Jan Atkinson / Dunn M On the 15th inst., by the Rev. A. Hull, Frank Holway Atkinson, to Helen Mae, daughter of James Dunn, all of Elmira.
1862 16-Jan Giddings / Carr M At the Parsonage of the M.E. Church in Horseheads, January 13th, by Rev. J. Jorolemon, Mr. George H. Giddings of the Town of Ray, Mich., and Miss Mary Ann Carr, of Sullivanville, N.Y.
1862 20-Jan Lucky / Lyon M On Wednesday, the 8th inst., by A. Jarvis, Esq., at his residence in Factoryville, Mr. Abram B. Lucky, of Sheshequin, Pa., to Miss Leafy L. Lyon, of Ulster, Pa.
1862 20-Jan Randall D At Sullivanville, January 8th, of Consumption, Betsy Randall, in the 42nd year of her age. (Elmira Weekly Advertizer - Jan. 25, 1862)
1862 21-Jan Van Allen D Theodore Van Allen, a volunteer in Capt. Shoemaker's Company, Eighty-sixth Regt., died in camp of typhoid fever last week…son of George Van Allen, Esq., of Roseville, Pa., late of this place (See January 22 entry)
1862 22-Jan Van Allen Misc We are gratified to stat the item in yesterday's Advertizer announcing the death of Theodore Van Allen, was premature - we gave in on the authority of the "reliable" gentleman. Young Van Allen was alive when last we heard from him, with a hope of recovery from typhoid fever, but was in a very feeble condition.
1862 23-Jan Delany / Georgia M In Horseheads, on the 23d inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Charles H. Delany, to miss Emily J. Georgia, both of Elmira.
1862 23-Jan Reynolds D Tuesday, January 21st, Fanny De Armond, youngest daughter of Nathan Reynolds, of this village. Funeral service 10 o'clock A.M. at the residence of her father on Lake Street.
1862 23-Jan Johnson D In Southport, on Monday the 20th inst., Matilda, daughter of Wm. Johnson, aged 5 years, 5 months and 5 days.
1862 23-Jan Mundy D In Big Flats, on the 21st inst., Mr. Reuben M. Mundy aged 68 years. Mr. Mundy was one of the original settlers of the Town of Big Flats, and maintained throughout his long and useful life character for probity and integrity that served him the respect of all his acquaintances.
1862 25-Jan Covell / Blossom M At Trinity Church in the village, on Thursday January 23d, by the Rev. A. Hull, Dr. John Covell and Miss Helen, daughter of Enos Blossom, Esq., all of Elmira.
1862 25-Jan Burt / Griswold M At Chemung Valley, on the 8th inst., by Rev. R. Close, Mr. William H. Burt, to Miss Elizabeth Griswold.
1862 25-Jan Ferry D In Elmira, at the house of his brother-in-law, S. Kelly, on the 23d inst., Warren Ferry, aged 41 years. Funeral this forenoon at 10 o'clock at the house.
1862 25-Jan Melick D Monday, June 20th, Adam Melick, in the 46th year of his age.
1862 29-Jan Sheldon / Canfield M In Elmira, January 27th, by Rev. T.C. Lincoln, Mr. John R. Sheldon, of Hornellsville, to Miss Lydia P., daughter of E. Canfield, Esq., of this place.
1862 30-Jan Young D In Southport, January 28th, Margaret, daughter of P.C. Young, aged 19 years. Funeral at the house on Friday at one o'clock P.M.
1862 1-Feb Laird / Robinson M In Elmira, January 30th, by Rev. T.C. Lincoln, Mr. Jacob M. Laird, to Miss Maria C. Robinson, daughter of the former Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Elmira, both of Des Moines, Iowa.
1862 6-Feb Purcell D At 12 o'clock M, on the 4th inst., Mr. Robert Purcell, in the 8th year of his age. The funeral services will be held at the late residence of the deceased, No. 353 Water Street to-day at 2 o'clock P.M.
1862 6-Feb Blodgett D In Elmira, January 29th, Hrriett B. Blodgett, aged 37 years
1862 8-Feb Rose / Gunn M At the residence of the bride's father, February 7th, by the Rev. James E. Latimer, Mr. Wm. J. Rose and Miss Anna M. Gunn, both of this place.
1862 8-Feb Whittlesey / McMurtie M At the residence of the bride's father, on the 3d Jan., by the Rev. H.M. Bacon, Mr. Ken Whittlesey, of Indianapolis, Indiana, to Miss Millie McMurtie, of Attica, Indiana.
1862 8-Feb Campbell D On the 5th inst., Pirl Campbell, aged seventy-three years. The funeral service will be held at the late residence, No. 81 Sullivan st. this morning at 11 o'clock.
1862 10-Feb Parks  D Mr. Joseph Parks, for many years a resident of the Town of Chemung, in Chemung county, died suddenly on Saturday afternoon the 1st inst., in attempting to roll a log, which he was chopping at the door, he injured himselff internally, from which he died after five or six hours of intense suffering. The Waverly Advocate.
1862 11-Feb Sayre D On the morning of the 10th inst., Gabriel Sayre, son of E.P. and P.A. Brooks. Funeral at the residence 91 College Avenue this afternoon at 2 P.M. Friends of the family invited to attend.
1862 12-Feb Knoop D Died in this village on the 1st inst., Mrs. Knoop, wife of J.Y. Knoop, aged 36 years. Funeral this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the house, 2d door from the bridge on South Lake Street.
1862 12-Feb Herrington D Priscilla Ann, daughter of Thos. And Eliza Herrington, died in Baldwin, Chemung Co., N.Y. February 7th, 1862, aged 13 years.
1862 15-Feb Pattinson D In this village, on the 14th inst., Rebecca Ann, wife of the late George Pattinson.
1862 17-Feb Tenny D Died in this village Sunday, February 16th, Ellis, on child of Dr. DeWitt C. and Martha A. Tenny, aged 9 years. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at 2 o'clock Tuesday, at the residence of the parents, No. 42 William Street.
1862 21-Feb Shepherd D In Wells, Pa. February 4th, Nathan Shephers, aged 51 years. (A six verse poem follows, based upon the text of the funeral sermon.)
1862 22-Feb Barto / Baldwin M At the Parsonage of the M.E. Church in Horseheads, February 19th, by Rev. J. Joralman, Mr. Silas Barto, to Miss Nancy A. Baldwin, both of the town Erin, Chemung County, N.Y.
1862 22-Feb Covell / Watson M ON Wednesday Evening, 19th inst., by George L. Davis, Esq., at his residence on William street, Mr. Jacob M. Covell and Miss Harriet E. Watson, all of Elmira.
1862 24-Feb Stilson D In this village, Saturday February 22, Nellie C., daughter of William & Margaret Stilson, aged 21 years. Funeral at 2 P.M. to-day from the residence of her father, 100 Lake Street.
1862 27-Feb Pickering D In Elmira, February 26th, Benjamin Pickering, aged 87 years. Funeral at 2 o'clock P.M>, Friday inst., fro the residence of his son F. Pickering, No. 8 High Street. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.
1862 1-Mar O'Brian / Weldrick M At Horseheads, on the 18th inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. Patrick D. O'Brian, to Miss Sarah Weldrick, both of Veteran.
1862 1-Mar Hammond / Wortendyke M At Horseheads, on the 26th inst., by the same, Mr. A.J. Hammond to Miss Harriett Wortendyke, both of South Creek, Penn.
1862 1-Mar Hardin D At Horseheads, on the 25th inst (ult?), of Pulmonary Consumption, Mr. David Hardin, aged 54 years. His correct deportment and numerous virtues has secured the regard of all who knew him.
1862 5-Mar Dent D At the Rectory of the Trinity Church, Elmira, at 12:30 P.M. March 4th, of Scarlet Fever, Henry Dent, aged 2 years and 8 months, youngest son of Rev. A. Hull. The funeral service will be attended at the Rectory on Thursday, 6th inst., at 2 o'clock P.M.
1862 25-Mar Canoll / Nickerson M In Binghamton, March 12th, by Rev. George N. Boardman, Charles Canoll of Elmira, to Marion F. Nickerson, of the former place.
1862 26-Mar Hollister D In this village, on the 23d March, inst., Mrs. Elizabeth Hollister, wife of Theron Hollister, private in the 86th Regiment, aged 30 years.
1862 28-Mar Smith / Davis M In Southport, March 11, by Rev. T.O. Lincoln, Mr. Warren Smith of Rutland, Pa., to Miss Julia A. Davis, of Southport.
1862 28-Mar Russell / Hendy M In Elmira, March 26th, by the same, Mr. Thomas H. Russell, to Miss Myra B. Hendy of Elmira.
1862 28-Mar Weed / Johnson M In the village of Breeseport, on the 13th inst., by John Nichols, Esq., Joseph K. Weed of Elmira, to Martha Johnson, of Horseheads.
1862 28-Mar Shonse D In this village, at the residence of his son-in-law, S.B. Denton, Esq., on the 26th inst., Christon Shonse, aged 83 years and six months.
1862 1-Apr Everett D Charles Everett, son of Enos and Caroline H. King, in the 10th year of his age. Funeral at the house, No. 12 So. Lake Street at 10 o'clock. Scholars in his class in School invited to attend… sudden and deep affection…eldedt child…member of the Senior School in the Third Ward...long tribute.
1862 4-Apr Lincoln D In Elmira, April 4th, Malvina Wellman, daughter of Rev. Thomas C. and Jane B. Lincoln, aged 5 years and 2 months. Funeral from parents residence No. 26 College Ave. on Saturday afternoon.
1862 4-Apr Watts D In Rochester, on the 2s inst., after a painful and protracted illness, William, oldest son of John Watts of this place, aged 43 years.
1862 9-Apr Jones D In this village, on Tuesday, April 8th Samuel Jones, in the 73d year of his age. Funeral service will be at his late residence, No. 48 Baldwin Street, on Thursday afternoon at two o'clock.
1862 12-Apr Mosher / Hopkins M At Horseheads on the 31st inst., by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. John Y. Mosher, of Catlin, To Mrs. Hannah G. Hopkins of Horseheads.
1862 12-Apr Kimball / Miller M Also in Horseheads, on the 3d inst., by the same, Mr. Horace B. Kimball, of Catlin, to Miss Lovina Miller of Horseheads.
1862 12-Apr Smith  D In Veteran, on the 5th inst., Mr. George Smith, aged 81(?) of chronic prostration.
1862 12-Apr Little D Mr. Levi Little, aged 71 years, 2 months and 17 days. The deceased was formerly a resident of Orange county and emigrated to his late residence in 1819, then a wilderness in Tioga county. In 1812 he engaged in his country's serviced as a volunteer under Capt. Hathaway and Col. Hawkins, serving twelve months on Staten Island.
1862 12-Apr Heath D At Camp Good Hope, March 15, 1862, of typhoid fever, Norman B. Heath, eldest son of Justice Heath and Helen Heath of Big Flats, aged 23 years (a long account of his life and military service)…his remains were embalmed by order of William Palmer, and sent to his bereaved parents in Big Flats. His funeral was conducted by three clergymen of the place and a large concourse of persons assembled to gaze upon the silent form of the soldier, and to sympathize with friends of the deceased.
1862 15-Apr Muller D At Elmira, on the afternoon of the 12th of April, 1862, Helen May, only daughter of William T.L. and Helen M. Muller, in the third year of her age.
1862 16-Apr Perine D In the Third Ward, on Tuesday the 15th inst., Robert S. Perine, in the 66th year of his age. The funeral will take place at his late residence on South Lake Street, Thursday afternoon at two o'clock P. M. The friends of the deceased are invited to be present
1862 17-Apr Smock D A man by the name of Richard Smock, hung himself in a barn at Summit Lock, Tuesday morning - - dissapation. (See May 2, 1862 entry)
1862 17-Apr Appleton D William, a son of William Appleton, aged eight years, living near the rolling mill, was run over by the engine of a coal train of the Elmira and Williamsport Railroad, at the crossing of the tract on 6th St., yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The boy was running before the engine or attempted to get upon the train when he fell across the track, and the engine passed over him cutting him completely in tow, about the middle of his body... Parents must learn to keep little boys away from the railroad track, as well as the river if they wish to save them from sad accidents. 
1862 2-Jun Lovell / Purdy M May 21st, by the Rev. Isaac Clark, John W. Lovell to Miss Susan Purdy, both of Elmira.
1862 2-Jun Northrup D On Monday the 12th inst., at Yorktown Hospital, Yorktown, Yorktown Va. Ervine W. Northrup, 1st Sergeant of Company G., 1st.Regt., Minn. Volunteers. Any of the friends of the deceased wishing further information can obtain it by applying to Nevi Reed, whose address will be Company G., 1st Regt., Minn. Vol., Washington, D.C.
1862 5-Jun Cowen / White M In Ward, Tioga Co., Pa., June 1st, by the Rev. Mr. Sweet, Mr. D.C. Cowen, of Cleveland, Ohio, to Miss Mary S. White of the former place.
1862 5-Jun Parker / Goff M At Horseheads, May 1st by Rev. P. Olney, Mr. John H. Parker of Horseheads, to Miss Ellen V. Goff of Big Flats.
1862 6-Jun Simcoe / Elton M At Centerfield, Ontario county, on the 3d inst., by Rev. J.K. Tuttle, Thomas Simcoe of Chemung Co., to Miss Elizabeth A. Elton of Centerfield.
1862 7-Jun Beach / Magee M At the residence of the bride's father, on Wednesday, June 4th, by Rev. D.C. Mann, of Catherine, Mr. Daniel Beach and Miss Angelica C. Magee, daughter of Hugh Mcgee, Esq. Of Watkins.
1862 9-Jun Holden / Armstrong M ON the 5th inst., by Rev. Wm. Sterling, Mr. Hiram L. Holden and Miss Sarah E. P. Armstrong, both of Williamsport.
1862 10-Jun Rhinesmith D John Rhinesmith, aged one hundred years and nine months, died on the 30th day of May, 1862, at Miller Town, a locality just over the Pennsylvania line, at the end of Southport Plank Road. He was born in New Jersey in 1761, and lived in the town of Southport, fourteen years pervious to moving to Pennsylvania. He voted for Washington on his second election as President and also for Abraham Lincoln in 1860, going to the polls with his son-in-law, Mr. John Titus. He died in the full faith that the rebels would be conquered, and peace once more restored to a happy and united nation. He lived through the War of the Revolution, the War of 1812, and to the "beginning of the end" of the present War for the Union.
1862 12-Jun Vernooy D At Dean's Corners, on the 10th inst., George Henry, son of William & Louise Vernooy, age 4 years & 10 days.
1862 14-Jun Lewrey / Tyron M In New York, on Wednesday, May 12, by the Rev. Abial Silver, Grosy P. Lewrey, formerly of Elmira, to Miss Laura Frances Tyron, of New York City.
1862 14-Jun Post D In Southport, June 6, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Maria Brown, Mary Post, widow of Abraham Post, deceased, aged 69 years and eight months, formerly of Binghamton, N.Y.
1862 14-Jun Densmore D In this village, on Thursday, June 12th, Mahala Ann Densmore, in the 34th year of her age. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the residence of Mr. Densmore on Gray Street.
1862 17-Jun Pease / Tillson M In this village, on the 15th inst., by Rev. J.E. Latimer, Mr. George S. Pease of Lenox, N.Y., to Miss Carrie E. Tillson, daughter of James Tillson of Elmira.
1862 18-Jun Aldrich / Moore M In Jefferson, Minn., by Rev. Wm. B. Bunnell, Mr. Levi Aldrich, of Utica, and Miss Mary M. Moore, daughter of Michael Moore, Esq., of Jefferson, formerly of Elmira, N.Y.
1862 18-Jun Pindman / Conley M On the 22nd last, by Rev. J.W. Putnam, Mr. Merrit Pindman, to Miss Mary Conley, all of Southport.
1862 18-Jun Ellison / Spencer M In this village, on the 15th last, by S.D. Denton, Esq., Mr. Richard Ellison, to Miss Elmina Spencer, All of Elmira.
1862 21-Jun Wedamer / Wibel M On Thursday, June 19th, by the Rev. Isaac Clark, George Wedamer t Miss Mary Wibel, both of Elmira.
1862 21-Jun Hancock / Cole M In Brooklyn, N.Y., on Wednesday, June 18th, by the Rev. John A. Paddock, Mr. G.B. Hancock, of Fulton, To Miss Lennie E. Cole, of the former place.
1862 23-Jun Donahue / Morley M On the 12th inst., at the Arcade House in the village of Corning, by J.S. Robinson Esq., Mr. James J. Donahue of Wellsburgh, t Miss Emma Jane Morley, of the same place.
1862 23-Jun Vorhis D In Elmira, Sunday, June 22nd, Charles Vorhis, aged six years. Funeral service at the residence of Miss Caroline Lowe, No. 12 Main St., Tuesday at four o'clock P.M.
1862 24-Jun Edsall D On the 10th of June, of fever, at Richardson's Plantation, Va., Bradford Edsall, of Southport, aged 22 years, member of Capt. William's Company of Bailey's Artillery Company. Funeral service of commemoration of the deceased will take place at the Methodist Church in Southport, June 29th at 3 o'clock P.M.
1862 26-Jun Cole  D Upon Lake Huron, on his passage from ,ackinac to Detroit, on the 23d inst., Platt Cole of this village, aged 41 years. Funeral service this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the residence , No. 49 Baldwin Street.
1862 28-Jun O'Neil D On Friday morning, after a lingering illness, Willie O'Neil, only son of William and Eliza O'Neil, aged fours years, ten months and eight days. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at the residence of his parents, No. 23 Magee Street, at 2 o'clock.

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