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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1874

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
10 Mar M Adamy, Mr. Horatio and Miss Emily R. Jones, Charleston, m. Dec 25th at M. E. Parsonage East Charleston by Rev. H. C. Moyer
6 Oct M Albertson, Eugene and Miss Alice Wells, Elmira, m. Sep 27th Pine Woods by J. M. Edsall
10 Feb D Allen, Debora wife of Thomas, d. Jan 30th in Stonyfork age 73 or 78 yrs.
15 Dec M Allen, Miss Mary A. Fall Brook and Andrew J. Pollock, m. at Fall Brook Dec 10th, res of brides Uncle, Rev. P. Camp Clergyman
28 Jul M Anderson, John and Miss Annie Swainson, Fall Brook, m. Jul 10th, Morris Run by Rev. John H. Acornley
22 Dec D Arken, Tutton, Benson, Mrs. Carrie dau of John Arken, formerly of Middlebury d. in Onalaska, Wis. Dec 3rd, age 39 yrs, 6 mos
3 Nov D Ashley, Hattie member of Sullivan Grange No 84
12 May D Austin, Clara wife of James K., age 23 yrs, d. Apr 30, Charleston
10 Mar M Avery, Mr. Geo. W. Sylvania and Miss Jessie A. Savage, Covington, m. Jan 1st res. Of Mr. Howard by Rev. H. C. Moyer
24 Mar M Bagley, Miss Nancy Tioga and Mr. James Woods, m. at Lawrenceville Mar 14th
21 Apr D Bailey, Amma A. wife of Conston age 38 yrs, d. Frost Settlement Covington twp, Apr 14th
6 Jan M Bailey, Mr. Elmer Farmington, and Miss Nacny Hardenburg, Middlebury, m. in Middlebury Dec 28th by Rev. Thos. Keeney, Esq.
28 Apr D Bailey, Mrs. Amy wife of Constant, age 38, d. Apr 14th
1 Sep M Baker, John and Miss Lettie Rockwell, Rutland, m. his res in Jackson by Rev. M. Rockwell, Aug 24th
13 Jan M Baldwin, Miss Emma B. formerly of Tioga, Pa. and Mr. Albert A. Coburn, Angelica, NY, m. Belfast, NY, Dec 31st at res. Of brides cousin Mr. E. C. Happers by Rev. J. T. Reed
14 Apr M Banfill, Mr. Ezra J. Middlebury and Miss Susie A. Maitland, Coatesville, Chester Co. m. in Middlebury Mar 8th by Rev. J. A. Baskwell
3 Feb D Barker, Harriet A. age 51 yrs. Wife of Joseph, d. at Chicago, Ill. Jan 19th
14 Jul M Barlow, James E. and Miss Mary J. Smith, Elmira, M. Jul 4th by Rev. S. Aldrick
10 Nov M Barrows, Norman W. and Miss Mary H. Gardner, Cameron, NY, m. Eagle Hotel Knoxville, Oct 28th by Rev. Chas. Weeks
26 May D Bartlett, Minnie dau of Jos, age 4 yrs, d. May 9th, Mainsburg
12 May D Bartlett, Walter G. son of Albert, age 3, Mainsburg, d. May 1st diptheria
21 Apr D Baskwell, Freddie A. only son of Rev. J. A. and S. C., Blossburg, Apr 13th age 4 yrs, 9 mos
24 Mar D Bates, John age 77 yrs. D. Canton, Mar 12th, gen Disabled
30 Jun M Beaman, Mr. L. Emer Middlebury and Miss Louisa A. Carpenter, Charleston, m. res of Mr Truman Carpenter, Charleston, Jun 18th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
8 Dec M Beckhorse, Henry F. N. Chemung, NY and Miss Jennie White, Jackson, Pa, m. res of brides parents, Dec 2nd by Rev. Rumsey
14 Apr M Beebe, Miss Ada V. Farmington Hill, Pa. and Mr. Lott Devine, Rush, Pa., m. res of Mr. James Beebe, Mar 4th by Rev. Russell
15 Sep D Benedict, Mrs. Betsey C. res of her son James, Charleston, d. Sep 3rd, age 83 yrs, 4 mos, 16 das
7 Jul M Benson, Miss Anna Rutland and Arnot Rose, m. Jul 2nd, res of brides parents by Rev. C. H. Crowl
17 Mar M Benson, Miss Clara M. and Mr. Geo W. Eighmey, Rutland, m. res of brides parents Mrs 11th by Rev. C. H. Crowe, Rutland
27 Jan M Beste, Miss Alta of Delmar and Mr. Frederick Rikeldifer, Arnot m. at Dlemar Jan 19th by Rev. R. Reynolds
29 Sep M Bierly, W. H. editor of Register, Williamsport and Miss Sarah Louise Bosard, dau. Of A. K., Nelson, Pa., m. res of James Bosard, Esq, Wellsboro, Sept 24th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
21 Apr M Bills, Zacra of Erwin Centre and Harriet Briggs, m. res of brides father in Bridgemanville, NY, Apr 1st by Rev. H. VanBenschaten
28 Jul M Blach, E. P. Shakopee and Miss Permelia E. Buttles, Mansfield, m. St. Peters Ch. Shakopee, Minn, Jul 9th by Rev. Powell
13 Oct M Blair, James and Miss Rachel Sinclair, Arnot, m. at Atnot by Rev. S. A. Rawson
17 Feb M Blair, Miss Emma R. and Mr. Wm. W. Hathaway of Tioga, m. in Delmar, Pa., Jan 28th at the res. Of brides parents by Rev. Chas. Breck
17 Feb D Blodgett, George W. , Esq d. Feb 10th at his res. In LeRoy, NY. Father in law of John R. Anderson Esq. of this place
13 Oct M Blue, Geo. L. and Miss Nancy Goff, Gaines, m. Sep 2nd Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
13 Oct M Blue, Miss Mary Gaines and Vincent Goff, m. Sep 2nd Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
25 Aug M Borden, Miss Alice Delmar and James Doyce, Maine, m. Aug 20th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
29 Sep M Bosard, Miss Sarah Louise dau. Of A. K., Nelson and W. H. Bierly, editor of Register, Williamposrt, m. res of James Bosard, Esq., Wellsboro, Sep 24th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
28 Apr M Bowen, Miss Ida M. Delmar and Mr. Geo S. Wilcox, m. Apr 19 Stoneyfork by Rev. P. Reynolds
12 May M Bowen, Mr. E. E.  Knoxville and Miss Addie, dau of R. H. Gunnip, Esq, Elmira, m. res of brides father by Rev. Geo McKnight
31 Mar M Bowen, Mr. Galusha Delmar and Miss Julia A. Fullwood, Wellsboro, m. Mar 25th by Rev. T. Stracy
10 Feb M Bowers, Mr. W. J. Horseheads, NY and Miss Mary A. Sturrock, m. Feb 3rd at brides parents by Rev. J. F. Calkins. Mary is youngest Dau. Of David Sturrock Esq. of Wellsboro
12 May M Boyden, Mr. Alfred and Miss Mary Louden, Delmar, m. May 7th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
10 Mar M Brant, Miss Hannah L. Lawrenceville and James Loop, Nelson, m. Feb 18th by Rev. Benj. Russell at Presbyterian Parsonage in Nelson
3 Mar D Brewster, Margaret dau of C. E. & Ruth, d. Feb 22nd age 1 yr, 7 mo, 22 das.
6 Oct M Bries, Harmon Ward Twp. And Miss Eliza Fothergill, Union twp, m. Sep 3rd, Elmira by Rev. Addison Parker
21 Apr M Briggs, Harriet and Zacra Bills of Erwin Centre, m. res of brides father in Bridgemanville, Ny., Apr 1st by Rev. H. VanBenschaten
18 Aug M Briggs, Miss Clara A. Middlebury and L. W. Fenton, Elkland, m. Aug 12th, Bunnell house by Rev. T. Stacy
10 Feb M Briggs, Mrs. Almina of Wellsboro and Mr. Henry Radeker, m. at Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
29 Sep M Brookmen, W. Albert Elmira and Miss Lucy Shaw, Elkland m. in Knoxville, Sep 20th by Rev. Chas. Weeks
24 Mar M Brooks, Asa G. Rutland and Ruth Davis, Elmira, m. at Elmira Mar 18th by Rev. J. Alabaster
1 Sep M Broughton, Miss Lucy Shippen aand Edwin Everitt, Blossburg, m. Aug 15th, Wellsboro by J. F. Calkins
11 Aug M Broughton, Miss Mary Farmington and Geo. B. Peck, m. res of brides father, Jul 27th by Rev. C. Weeks
15 Dec M Brown, Fred and Miss Rebecca Heyler, Nauvoo, m. at Nauvoo Dec 2nd
10 Nov M Brown, Miss Mary L. Middlebury and Albert Redfield, Farmington twp, m. Nov 8th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
15 Dec M Brown, Miss Sabina Nauvoo, and Frederick Heyler, m. at Nauvoo Dec 2nd
14 Apr M Brown, Mr. Frank A. and Miss Cordelia Smith, Westfield, m. Apr 3rd by Rev. Francis Strang
18 Aug D Bruce, Roy son of Charles and Clarissa A. Bruce, age 1 yr, 15 mos, Sabinsville, d. Aug 5th
7 Jul M Bryant, Miss Lovina Charleston and David E. Tipple, m. M. E. Parsonage, E. Charleston, Jul 3rd by Rev. H. C. Moyer
13 Oct M Bullard, Miss Mary Wellsboro and Byron Johnson, m. at Wellsboro Sep 30th by A. S. Brewster, Esq
20 Jan D Bundy, Oliver Treat d. Jan 9th, Deposit, age 73 yrs, Obit. From Deposit Courier - b. Jan. 31st 1801 Huntington Fairfield Co. Ct. moved with parents 1807 to Oxford Chenango Co. NY, eldest of 10 children. M. Lydia Smith at Wellsboro studied law under Dr. Packer
6 Jan M Bunn, Miss Emma Estella Canesteo, NY. And Mr. Melvin Woodmansee, m. Dec 18th 1873, res. Of brides father by Rev. J. H. Blades
3 Feb D Bunnell, Frederick D. Mayor d. Jan 26th, at Elizabeth City, NC. He came to Tioga Co. from Chenango, Co.
21 Apr M Burgess, Mr. Benj. Howard, NY and Miss Amy Richardson, Ridgebury, Pa, m. Apr 8th, res. Of Mr. Richardson by Rev. W. W. Hunt near Wellsburg
29 Sep D Butler, Anna age 9 yrs, dau of Wm. M. and Eliza A., Blossburg, d. Sep 20th
28 Jul M Buttles, Miss Permelia E. Mansfield and E. P. Balch, Shakopee, m. St. Peters Ch. Shakopee, Minn, Jul 9th by Rev. Powell
15 Sep M Button, Miss Polly Chatham and Caleb Clark, m. in Chatham Aug 31st by Caleb Short, Esq
14 Apr D Butts, Mrs. Lucy age 78, d. res. Of son O. L., Mar 26th near Farmington Hill
2 Jun M Cady, Miss Cordelia Ely dau of M. Cady, Blossburg and Mr Jerry McCarty, m. Blossburg May 28th Catholic Church by Rev. Father McDermont
23 Jun D Calkins, Job M. age 42 yrs, Painted Post, NY, d. Jun 17th
21 Apr D Camp, Geo son of Geo and Kate, age 1 yr, 3 mos, 14 das, d. Lawrenceville Apr 4th
16 Jun D Campbell, Freeman age 72, d. Jun 7th, well known res of Corning
19 May M Campbell, Sarah Delmar and Manuel A. Skelton, m. Apr 28th, res of S. Bacon by Rev. J. D. Piqie
30 Jun M Carpenter, Miss Louisa A. Charleston and Mr. L. Emer Beaman, Middlebury, m. res of Mr. Truman Carpenter, Charleston, Jun 18th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
12 May M Case, Allen Fowler Troy and Miss Lydia Isabella Palmer, Sullivan, m. res of brides mother Apr 30 by Rev. J. S. Lemon
14 Apr M Case, Mr. Herbert Canton and Miss Mary Nickolas, Union twp, m. at res of James Ferguson, Canton, Apr 2nd by John Ferguson, Esq.
28 Apr M Catlin, Miss Polly E. dau. Of Joel, Charleston and Mr. Geo Johnson, W. Covington, m. res of brides father Apr 23rd by Rev. H. C. Moyer
28 Jul D Caulkins, Mary Ann d. res of dau. Mary Carey, Jul 19th, Elmira, age 81 yrs, mother of H. W. Caulkings, Tioga
28 Apr M Chapman, Miss Kate E. Williamsport and Mr. Allen P. Sherman, Tioga Co. m. Apr 15th, Troy by C. V. Dare, Esq.
8 Dec M Childs, Miss Mary L. second dau. Of Capt. W. Childs and Mial E. Lilley, Troy, Bradford Co., m. res of Capt. Liberty, Dec 1st by Rev. A. C. Crosthwaite
18 Aug D Church, Mr. Daniel D. age 64yrs, 9mos, 24das, Chatham, Pa., d. Aug 9th
14 Jul M Churm, Mr. Joseph S. Antrim and Miss Mary E. Smith, m. res of brides parents, Rutland, Jul 2nd by Rev. M. Rockwell
15 Sep M Clark, Caleb and Miss Polly Button, Chatham, m. in Chatham Aug 31st by Caleb Short, Esq
14 Jul M Clark, M. F. Moravia, NY and Miss Mary Eyale, Clymer, Pa, m. Jul 2nd Westfield by Rev. F. Strang
31 Mar D Clark, Mr. Luther age 67, d. typhoid pneumonia, Mar. 24th, Granville, Pa
13 Oct   Clemons, David Who dug the first coal at Bloss 1811, David Clemons m. Ruth Reynolds for 2nd wife, ch. Were five: Wm., Cuyler, Susan, Roxana, and James. Written by Asahel Graves, West Covington Sep 27th - there is more
21 Apr M Cloos, Miss Angie Chatham twp. And Mr. Chas Eugene Sherman, m. Apr 12th, Shortsville by J. W. French, Esq
13 Jan M Coburn, Mr. Albert A. Angelica, NY and Miss Emma B. Baldwin, formerly of Tioga, Pa., m. Belfast, NY, Dec. 31st at res. Of brides cousin Mr. E. C. Happers by Rev. J. T. Reed
6 Jan M Cole, Miss Kitt and Mr. John W. McInroy, Wellsboro, m. res. Of brides parenst, Dec 30th, Middlebury by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
15 Dec M Compton, John J. and Miss Emma Courseau, Wells twp., Bradford Co., m. M. E. Parsonage, Daggetts Mills, Dec 7th, by Rev. Rumsey
19 May M Coolidge, Amos and Irene Gillett, Delmar, m. Mar 29th, res. of bride by J. D. Requa
17 Nov M Cooper, Miss Ellen H. Antrim and Geo. Henry, Hopwell, NY, m. res of brides parents, Nov 14th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
13 Jan M Couch, Mr. Wm  and Miss Francis Nicholson, both of Tioga, m. Keeneyville, Dec 21st by G. D. Keeney, Esq.
15 Dec M Courseau, Miss Emma Wells twp., Bradford Co., and John J. Compton, m. M. E. Parsonage, Daggetts Mills, Dec 7th, by Rev. Rumsey
10 Nov M Covert, Miss Ellen Armenia and Mr. Robert Wallace, Morris Run, m. at Morris Run Nov 5th by Rev. John H. Acornely
15 Sep M Cowden, Miss Maggie A. Wellsboro, and Henry M. Hutchinson, m. Sep 10th by Rev. T. Stacey
26 May D Craig, John age 58 yrs, 10 mos, 24 das, Westfield twp, d. May 16th
15 Sep D Cramer, Franke infant son of David, East Charleston, d. Sep 3rd, age 6 mos.
18 Aug D Crandle, Jane wife of Russell, d. Jul 24th, Osceola
8 Dec M Crumb, Levi and Miss Minnie A. Harris, Jackson, Pa., m. res of brides parents, Dec. 2nd by Rev. W. H. Rumsey
21 Apr B Cruttenden son to Isabelle, wife of Mr. Spencer W. Cruttenden, Morris Run, Apr 9th
28 Apr D Cruttenden infant son of Spencer W. & Isabella S., d. age 13 das, Morris Run, Apr 22nd
29 Dec M Cruttenden, H. A. and Miss Anna Green, Charleston, m. res of brides father, Nelson, Dec 10th by Rev. C. H. Moyer
13 Jan M Curren, Mrs. Marie eldest Dau. Of Daniel Friends, and W. A. Tillinghast, m. in Millerton at M. E. Parsonage by Rev. A. I. Blanchard. All of Jackson, Jan 1st.
31 Mar M Dampf, Mr. S. H. Corning and Miss Fanny E. P. Richardson, Troy m. in Harrisburg Mar 18th by Dr. Robinson, pastor of Presb. Ch.
29 Sep M Davenport, Geo. W. and Miss Carrie L. Scheidweiler, Wellsboro, m. Sep 16th by Rev. T. Stacey
24 Mar M Davis, Ruth Elmira, and Asa G. Brooks, Rutland, m. at Elmira Mar 18th by Rev. J. Alabaster
1 Dec D Day, John d. Nov 25th, Delmar, age 21 yrs, son of Solomon of Keeneyville
15 Dec D Day, John W. age 24, suddenly
7 Jul M Decker, Mrs. Charlotte Delmar and Wm. Merrill, Liberty, m. Jul 2nd Cone House, Wellsboro by Rev. J. F. Calkins
24 Mar M Demming, Marion Jackson twp and Miss Mary Ann Wright, Lawrence, Pa m. at hotel Tioga by Rev. H. Lamkin, Mar 15th
6 Jan M Dequasie, Mr. James O. and Miss Emma M. Mariatt, Grafton, Fillmore Co. Neb m. res. Of Clergyman, Rev. E. A. Spear, Dec 24th
14 Apr M Devine, Mr. Lott Rush, Pa. and Miss Ada V. Beebe, Farmington Hill, Pa, m. res of Mr. James Beebe, Mar 4th by Rev. Russell
12 May D Dewey, Glen son of Geo & Helen, age 4yrs, Mainsburg, d. May 2nd
12 May D Dewey, Laverne son of Geo & Helen, age 8 yrs, Maineburg, d. Apr 27th
23 Jun D Dewey, Nettie daul of Geo. J. Dewey, age 6 yrs, 3rd child of this couple to d. of diphtheria, Jun 10th Mainsburg
24 Nov M DeWitt, J. H. and Miss Martha Smith, Sullivan, m. in Roseville Nov 14th by Rev. J. VanKirk
29 Sep M Dickenson, Geo. W. Sylvania and Miss Albertine Kemp, Corning, m. Sep 17th Sylvania, res of Capt. Card, by Rev. J. S. Lemon
1 Sep D Dockstader, Walter Stanley oldest son of Davis and Ella E. Dockstader, age 9 yrs, 1 mo, 16 das, d. Aug 11th, Scarlet fever
14 Jul M Doty, Miss Lutherna E. Westfield and Emery L. Plan?, Clymer, m. Gardner Hollow, Jul 2nd by I. C. Thompson, Esq.
24 Mar D Doud, Edith dau. of Lorenzo and Ann, age 2 yrs, 2 mos, 15 das, d. Mar 1st, Sullivan, Diphtheria
25 Aug M Doyce, James Maine and Miss Alice Borden, Delmar, m. Aug 20th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
2 Jun M Edwards, Alfred L. NY City and Arabella Stuart, eldest dau of the late Duncan S. Magee, Watkins, NY, m. in Paris May 12th at the U. S. Legation by Rev. Edwin W. Hitchcock, Pastor of the American Chapel
18 Aug M Edwards, Horace G. and Mary Stacy, Farmington, m. Jul 1st Lawrenceville by Rev. M. Gibson
24 Mar M Edwards, Mr. Henry C. Dallas Co. IO and Miss Ruth A. Stratton, Canoe Camp, m. res of Seymour Stratton, Mar 8th by Elder R. Spencer
17 Mar M Eighmey, Mr. Geo. W. Rutland and Miss Clara M. Benson, m. res of brides parents Mar. 11th by Rev. C. H. Crowe, Rutland
28 Apr M Elheny, Miss Mary A. and Mr. E. B. Young, Wellsboro, m. res of brides father, Ithaca, NY, Apr 16th by Rev. Dr. Bristol
8 Sep D English, Robert E. only child of Wm. And Emma E. age 7 yrs, Shippen twp, d. Aug 15th
30 Jun M English, Wm. J and Miss Mary E. Navels, Delmar, m. Jun 12th Stoney Fork
21 Jul M Everett, Miss Hannah Elizabeth Round Top and Jeremiah G. Jones, Charleston, m. Jul 7th Blossburg by Rev. F. T. Evans
1 Sep M Everitt, Edwin Blossburg and Miss Lucy Broughton, Shippen, m. Aug 15th, Wellsboro by J. F. Calkins
14 Jul M Eyale, Miss Mary Clymer, Pa. and M. F. Clark, Moravia, Ny, m. Jul 2nd Westfield by Rev. F. Strang
2 Jun M Faley, Miss Fanny Rutland twp. And J. S. Webster, m. May 24th, Roseville by Rev. C. H. Crowl
27 Oct D Farnham, D. A. age 27, son of Dr. C. B. , Brockport, buried Hamlin, was publisher of Mansfield Advertiser
18 Aug M Fenton, L. W. Elkland and Miss Clara A. Briggs, Middlebury, m. Aug 12th, Bunnell house by Rev. T. Stacy
7 Jul M Field, Miss Maria C. Morris Run and John VanDyke, Liberty, m. Jun 25th, U. S. Hotel by H. S. Parkhurst
29 Dec M Field, Wilber and Miss Helen Wilson, Delmar, m. res of brides father, Dec 23rd by Rev. O. C. Hills
6 Jan M Fields, Mr. Geo. and Miss Lois Lovell, Mainsburg m. at Morris Run, Dec 21st
6 Oct M Fleitz, Miss Mary B. Antrim, and M. James Ketchum, m. res of Ferinand Eberentz, Delmar, Oct 1st by Rev. Calkins
20 Oct M Fling, Miss Bertha Mansfield, and D. D. Man, m. Oct 11th, Middlebury by Thos. Keeney, Esq.
31 Mar M Forrest, Mr. Sylvester D. and Miss Emma A. Johnson, Covington, m. res brides father Covington twp. By Rev. T. R. Spencer on Mar 26th
6 Oct M Fothergill, Miss Eliza Union twp. And Harmon Bries, Ward twp., m. Sep 3rd, Elmira by Rev. Addison Parker
20 Oct D Francis, Wm age 62, Delmar d. Oct 17th
5 May M Freese, Miss Ida Delmar and Mr. R. Emmit Hardin, Wellsboro, m. May 2nd, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
24 Mar M Friends, Helen Jackson twp and Wm. Graham, m. in Southport Mar 8th by J. M. Edsall
31 Mar M Fullwood, Miss Julia A. Wellsboro and Mr. Galusha Bowen, Delmar, m. Mar 25th by Rev. T. Stracy

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