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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1876

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
11 Jan D Eggeton, Deacon D. C. age 81, d. Dec 28th Sullivan of pneumonia [David Edgeton SRGP 14886]
25 Jan M Eggleston, Miss Louise H. Middlebury and Alonzo D. Shaff, m. Middlebury Jan 15th, res of her father, E., by Elder Hunt
8 Feb M English, Miss Mary E. dau of Richard, Wellsboro and Marcus T. Webster, Ellisburg, Potter Co., m. Feb 2nd res of brides father, by Rev. Chas. Breck
22 Feb M Erway, Curtis F. Chatham twp., and Miss Viola Frazier, Brookfield, m. Feb 13th, Westfield by Rev. I. Everett
11 Jul M Erway, Miss Henriette and W. Davis, Chatham Twp., m. in Chatham, res of G. W. Short, Jul 2nd by J. W. French, Esq.
25 Apr M Essick, Wm and Miss Sarah Ann Raker, Liberty at Covington Hotel, m. Apr 18th by S. S. Packard, Esq.
13 Jun M Evans, Miss Annie Blossburg and David Bradshaw, California, formerly Morris Run, m. in Blossburg, res of brides mother by Rev. F. T. Evans
18 Jul A Farwell, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Painted Post, recently celebrated 50th anniversary, they have 4 childred: W. D. Farwell, NY; Jno K. Chicago; Mrs. D. K. F. Hotchkiss, Chicago; and Mrs. S. C. Campbell, Painted Post, article lists friends and relatives who came
12 Dec M Ferry, Vernon E. Charleston and Miss Lottie S. Niles, Niles Valley, m. res of Mr. P. Niles, Niles Valley, Dec 5th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
7 Nov D Field, Delos age 38 yrs, 8 mos, 18 das, Cherry Flats, d. Oct 25th
8 Aug D Field, Eliphas age 72, Constantine, Mich, d. Jul 26th
4 Apr M Fisher, Edward D. and Miss Maris M. Stermer, Delmar twp., m. in Wellsboro Mar 30th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
7 Mar D Flowers, Mrs. Estelle age 25, Lambs Creek, d. Mar 3rd of fever
14 Mar D Flowers, Mrs. Estelle wife of Lucius L., eldest dau of Sam and Mary J. Coles, Elmira, age 24, Lambs Creek, d. Mar 3rd
11 Apr M Focht, Frederick D. and Miss Maggie Brill, Delmar, m. Mar 24th by Israel Stone, Esq
4 Apr M Focht, Miss Susie Delmar twp., and Ulysses McCallahan, McHenry twp., Lycoming Co, m. res of brides father, Apr 2nd by Elder S. A. Durand
4 Jan M Forrester, J. H. Elmira and Miss Ella Putnam, Lawrenceville, m. Lawrenceville Dec 26th by Rev. Paul Smith
13 Jun D France, John age 44 yrs, 3 mos, 1da, Fall Brook d. May 31st
20 Jun M Francis, W. R., M.D. and Miss Ida Masten, Westfield, m. Westfield Jun 13th by Rev. I. Everett
22 Feb M Frazier, Miss Viola Brookfield and Curtis F. Erway, Chatham twp., m. Feb 13th, Westfield by Rev. I. Everett
20 Jun M Freeman, Miss F. D. Chatham Twp., and M. A. Rodgers, m. in Westfield Jun 4th by John Swimely, Esq
11 Jul M Freese, Henry, JR. and Miss Flora Wilson, Delmar Twp., m. in Wellsboro Jun 8th by Rev. N. I. Reynolds
31 Oct M Friends, Chas. Millerton and Miss Louise Hollands, Mansfield, m. Mansfield Oct 25th, res of brides parents by Rev. Marshall
14 Nov M Friends, Marshall G. Jackson Twp. And Miss Jane E. McCarrick, Southport, NY, m. Southport Nov 4th by Rev. S. Butler
25 Apr M Fullwood, Miss Emma Wellsboro and Frank Derbyshire, Delmar, m. in Wellsboro Apr 13th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
21 Mar M Furman, Miss Sarah A. Delmar and Chas. A. Buckley, m. Mar 15th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
17 Oct M Galloup, Miss Emma K. Ovid, NY and Horace J. Young, Charleston, m. at Ovid Oct 3rd by Rev. H. W. Torrence
22 Feb M Garr, W. S. Elmira and Sadie A. Southard, Wellsboro, m. Jan 19th at St. Albans Baptist Church by Rev. J. A. Johnston
22 Feb M Garrison, Chester and Miss Elnora Sturdevant, Jackson twp., m. brides parents, Millerton, Feb 8th by Rev. Rumsey
4 Jan M Garrison, Miss Jane A. Jackson, Twp. And E. C. Stillwell, Esq., m. res of Mrs. C. Garrison, Dec 23rd by Rev. W. H. Rumsey
8 Aug M Gausha, Alonzo Richmond Twp., and Miss Daisey Lentz, Delmar, m. Aug 6th Mansfield, by Rev. Henry Bray
4 Apr D Gerow, Alta M. gau of Green and Emily, age 2 yrs, 12 das, d. Mar 4th, East Charleston
11 Jan M Geroy, John Mansfield and Miss Annette Ashley, Shippen twp., m. res of brides parents Dec 24th by Rev. A. Gechter
8 Aug D Gifford, Margaret age 58, osceola, d. Jun 13th, wife of O. R.
12 Sep M Giles, Miss Margaret L. and Arthur M. Roy, Wellsboro, m. Res of brides parents, Jamestown, NY, Sep 6th by Rev. M. L. Williston
21 Mar M Glover, Miss Delilan Otter Run, Pa. and Oliver Carson, same place, m. Feb 29th by Rev. Buck, O'Conner House, Wellsboro
19 Dec `M Goldmeyer, Philips and Miss Lettie Gore, Blossburg, m. Blossburg Dec 16th by Rev. John A. Wayne
28 Mar M Goldmyer, Jocob and Miss Julia Newburg, Mansfield, m. res of Louis Goldmyer, Mar 14th by Rev. G. C. Jones
25 Apr D Goldsmith, Mrs. Caroline E. age 40 yrs, 9 mos, d. Blossburg Apr 18th
8 Aug M Goodall, Mrs. Eugenie Charleston and E. B. Decker, Tioga, m. in Tioga, Aug 5th by H. H. Borden, Esq.
26 Dec M Goodman, Wm. E. and Miss Mary Cady, Tioga, m. res of brides parents, Dec 17th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
19 Dec M Gore, Miss Lettie Blossburg and Philips Goldmeyer, m. Blossburg Dec 16th by Rev. Joh A. Wayne
18 Apr M Grandy, Oscar F. and Rizpah Ames, Mainsburg, m. res of Thos. W. Ames, Sullivan twp. Apr 12th by Rev. D. E. Blaine
14 Nov D Gray, Alice wife of Wilton, age 21 yrs, Sullivan, d. Nov 1st
19 Dec M Green, Miss Florence Wellsboro and Daniel Bacon, M.D., m. res of brides parents, Delmar, Dec 13th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
8 Feb M Greene, Melville and Miss Susie Jennings, East Charleston, m. res of brides parents, Feb 3rd by Rev. C. H. Moyer
20 Jun D Gregory, Ina wife of Lorain, age 18yrs, Sullivan, d. Jun 4th, consumption
19 Dec M Griffen, Miss Betsy Ann Charleston and Geo. Roab, Delmar Twp., m. res of Wm. Bliss, Charleston, Nov 16th by Rev. J. F. Calkin
14 Nov D Griffon, Mrs. Barbara wife of lat Wm. Francis, d. at res, Delmar, Nov 4th age 57 yrs
20 Jun M Grover, Lawrence L. Mansfield and Miss Lucy E. McConnell, Richmond Twp., m. res of brides parents, May 30th by Rev. Henry Bray
25 Jul D Guernsey, John eldest son of John H. and Sophia Putnam, d. in Tioga Jul 17th
8 Aug M Hackett, Miss Anna Chatham Twp., and Mr. Dennis Clark, m. in Chatham Twp., Jul 30th by J. W. French, Esq.
20 Jun D Haffer, Mary Ann dau of Joseph and Elizabeth, age 6 yrs, 6mos, Mansfield, d. Jun 10th
21 Mar D Hager, Philitus age 50, Sullivan twp., d. Mar 13th
26 Dec M Hall, Miss Anna E. Mansfield, and Frenk H. Welsh, m. Mansfield, res of Frank Howe, Dec 13th by Rev. Geo. Jones
18 Apr M Hall, Wm. A. and Mary A. Tinkham, Mainsburg, m. res of brides parents Apr 12th by Rev. D. E. Blaine
9 May D Hammond, Calvin (Middlebury News) age 55, member of Baptist Church, d. a.m. Fri
29 Aug M Hammond, Frank and miss Thurston, Hammonds, Pa., m. Tioga Aug 20th by Rev. Merrick
16 May M Hammond, Miss Alice Middlebury and H. S. Hymes, m. res of brides father, May 2nd by Rev. S. D. Merrick
25 Apr M Hammond, Miss Helen S. Middlebury and Isaiah T. Root, m. in Wellsboro Mar 30th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
30 May   Hammond, Mrs. Calvin has been appointed administratrix of the estate of her late husband. The business will be carried on by Mrs. Hammond and son Frank, May 29th, Holidaytown
12 Dec D Handy, Delia oldest dau of Francis, d. Nov 27th, Lawrence
4 Apr D Hanwell, Mrs. Mary age 64, Blossburg, d. Mar 25th
7 Mar M Harrison, Miss P. L> and W. B. Ripley, Lambs Creek, m. res of brides mother Jobs Corner, Feb 22nd by Rev. F. Purvis
18 Jan D Hart, Mrs. Hannah wife of Levi, age 57, Charleston, d. typhoid fever
12 Dec D Hartman, Mary wife of A. L., age 29 yrs, 7 mos, 2 das, Mansfield, d. Nov 24th
16 May M Havens, Ida M. Rutland and Edward B. Reynolds, m. Apr 18th, Roseville by Rev. F. Purviss
18 Apr M Hawkins, Frank Westfield and Miss Nettie Oakley, Clymer, Pa, m. res of John S. Mowrey in Chatham, Apr 9th by J. W. French
12 Dec M Helm, Miss Eva E. and O. Kelley, formerly of Mansfield, m. res of brides father, Laporte City, IO, Nov 23rd by Rev. J. A. Donoley
10 Oct D Hickox, Thomas N. age 81, d. Oct 2nd, res of his son-in-law, Rev. T. S. Palmer, Mansfield, suddenly
14 Nov M Higgins, Lloyd and Mrs. Alice Cass, Blossburg, m. Blossburg, Nov 8th by Rev. E. L. Millis
21 Mar D Hill, Mrs. Darwin age 60, Sullivan twp., d. Mar 12th
7 Mar M Hoaglin, James and Miss Lillie Rowley, S. Addison, m. at S. Addison, Dec 28th by Rev. A. R. Olney
4 Jan M Holcomb, Henry F. Fond Du Lac, Wisc. And Miss Kate G. Maine, Mainsburg, m. res of Geo. Maine, M.D., Mainsburg, Dec 23rd by Rev. D. E. Blaine
6 Jun D Holden, Frankie E. age 31, res of her mother, d. May 29th, Mansfield
31 Oct M Hollands, Miss Louise Mansfield and Chas. Friends, Millerton, m. Mansfield Oct 25th, res of brides parents by Rev. Marshall
26 Dec M Horton, Comfort B. Shippen Twp., and Miss Mahola A. Ashley, Delmar Twp., m. Delmar Twp., Dec 13th by Israll Stone, Esq.
31 Oct M Horton, Miss Ella Lawrenceville and L. G. Brant, m. res of brides parents Oct 11th by Rev. Hill
1 Aug M Horton, Miss Myra Lawrence Twp., and Prof. J. C. Doane, Leona, Bradford Co., m. res of birde, Jul 27th by Rev. N. Reynolds
4 Apr M Horton, Miss Olive E. Ghent, Pa. and David J. Louden, Delmar twp., m. res of brides father, Mar 26th, Rev. J. B. Davis, Hornbrook, Pa.
22 Feb M Hotchkiss, Harris and Mrs. Sabra Allis, m. at Lambs Creek Feb 15th by W. C. Ripley, Esq, res of brides
21 Nov D Houghton, Mr. Pharez age 69 yrs, 6 mos, Delmar Twp., d. of Parapyses, Nov 2nd
4 Jan M Howe, Miss Mary Middlebury and John W. Robbins, Elkland, m. Dec 22nd, Tioga by Rev. H. Lambkin
4 Jan M Howland, E. A. and Miss Dora A. Chamberlain, Chatham twp, m. res of brides father Dec 24th by Rev. C. K. Bunnell
14 Mar M Howland, Miss Francis M. Arnot and Sam A. Payne, Watkins, NY, m. Arnot res of birdes, Mar 9th by Rev. E. L. Millis
2 May D Hoyt, Ester E. widow of Abel, Osceola, d. Apr 18th, age 76
18 Jul D Hunt, A. Mansfield, d. Jun 27th, age 56 yrs
18 Apr M Hurd, Miss Jennie Covington and F. H. Burr, Blossburg, m. in Covington Apr 8th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
12 Dec M Husted, A. and Miss Jean McLauchin, Morris Run, m. at Morris Run, Nov 24th by Rev. S. A. Gechten
16 May M Husted, Miss Josie A. Blossburg and E. Forest Drake, LeRoy, NY, m. res of brides father in Blossburg, Apr 26th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
1 Feb M Husted, Wilmont D. and Miss Kate Johnson, Covington, m. res of birde Jan 20th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
18 Jul M Hyde, Miss Frank Mansfield and Dewitt Sprague, Charleston, m. in Tioga Jul 4th
16 May M Hymes, H. S. and Miss Alice Hammond, Middlebury, m. res of brides father, May 2nd by Rev. S. D. Merrick
18 Apr M Ingalls, Elikie and Miss Zena Wingate, Charleston, m. in Blossburg Apr 1st by Rev. C. G. Lowell
25 Jul D Ingram, Howard O. son of D.R. N., Morris Run, d. Jun 30th age yr 5 mo
4 Jan M Jackson, Sam B. and Miss Minerva A. Welsh, Sullivan twp, m. res of brides father Dec 24th by Rev. M. Rockwell
4 Apr D Jennings, Jonathan old res of Covington, a few days ago
8 Feb M Jennings, Miss Susie East Charleston and Melville Green, m. res of brides parents, Feb 3rd by Rev. C. H. Moyer
18 Jul M Johnson, Frank and Mary Tremain, m. res of Art Tremain by Rev. I. Everett, Jul 4th, Chatham
1 Feb M Johnson, Miss Kate `Covington and Wilmont D. Husted, m. res of bride Jan 20th by Rev. C. G. Lowell
29 Feb M Johnson, Miss Sarah A. Delmar and Chester L. Putnam, m. Baptist Parsonage, Stoneyfork, Feb 23rd by Rev. J. A. Boyce
6 Jun D Johnson, Mrs. Mary age 85yrs, 9 mos, 1 da, Blossburg, d. Jun 2nd
14 Nov M Johnson, Philo L. Rocklant, NY., and Miss Viva Armstrong, Delmar Twp., m. Parsonage of M. E. Church, Wellsboro, Nov 2nd by D. D. Buck, D. D.
18 Jul M Jones, Geo. W. and Miss Rosa A. Love, Mainsburg, m. in Sullivan Jul 8th by Isaac Squires, Esq.
16 May D Jones, Margaret wife of Harmon, age 27, Morris Run, d. May 11th
19 Sep M Jones, Oscar Franklin Nelson, Pa. and Miss Helen Josephine Utter, Lawrence Twp., m. at Ulysses, Aug 20th by Rev. Wm. Storrs
17 Oct M Jordan, Miss Mary A. of Barclay, Pa. and Frederick A. Newbert, m. Oct 1st, Blossburg by Rev. E. M. Mills
16 May M Karcher, Rev. Marcellus Galilon, OH and Mrs. Lucy Crammer, dau of Martin and Eliza Stratton, m. res of brides father in Fall Brook, May 9th by Rev. Thos. H. Cullen, Rector of St. Andrews Church, Tioga
23 May D Keeney, Viola dau of Ira and Viola, d. May 6th, age 3, scarlet fever, Keeneyville
20 Jun D Keff, Lyman age 81yrs, 25das, Covington, d. Jun 7th
4 Apr D Kelley, Mrs. Julia Brewster age 27 yrs, 2 days, d. Feb 23rd, Lambs Creek
12 Dec M Kelley, O. formerly of Mansfield and Miss Eva E. Helm, m. res of brides father, Laporte City, IO, Nov 23rd by Rev. J. A. Donoley
31 Oct M Kentch, Mawrice F. Tioga and Miss Laura Clark, Chatham Twp., m. res of brides parents Oct 26th by Rev. Chas. Fuller
12 Dec D Kerwin, Willie son of Hugh, age 1 yr, 1 mo, Arnot, d. Nov 27th
20 Jun D Kettle Mr. Melanchthon Kettle and family were summoned to the bedside of Mr. Kettle's father, Addison Hill, Steuben Co.
18 Jan M Kilbourne, Miss Belle Delmar Twp. And Frederick Weatherbee, m. in Wellsboro Dec 31st by Rev. N. L. Reynoldds
26 Sep D Kilmarry, Patrick Francis age 1 yr, 4 das, d. Aug 13th, Arnot, Pa.
21 Nov D Kimball, Cynthia widow of Daniel, age 68 yrs, 7 mos, d. in Wellsboro Nov 13th, res of N. Kimball
24 Oct M King, Anna Sophia Tioga, and Wm. Dudley, m. Oct 18th, St. Andrews Church, Tioga by Rev. Thos. H. Cullen
18 Apr D King, Julius age 52, d. Mart 28th on the Jemison in Westfield twp.
18 Jul M Kinght, B. A. Fall Brook and Miss Cunningham, Blossburg, m. Blossburg Jun 29th by Rev. John T. Rockwell
4 Apr M Kinny, Miss Delia Middlebury and Orren West, m. res of bride, Mar 17th by Rev. M. Yale
8 Aug D Kinsey, Mrs. James Lawrenceville, recently
28 Mar D Kirkendall, John J. age 37 yrs, Lawrence twp., d. Mar 9th
4 Jul D Klock, Mrs. Andrew age 35, Charleston, d. Jun 30th
12 Dec M Knapp, Erastus and Miss Helen A. Parks, Farmington, m. in Mainsburg, Oct 31st by Rev. Lamkin
18 Apr D Kohler, Mary A. wife of Geo., age 63, Charleston, d. Apr 9th
4 Jan M Kreisler, Wm and Miss Ella Crowl, Delmar, m. in Wellsboro Dec 18th by A. J. Brewster, Esq.
28 Mar M Larcom, Miss Carrie Covington and Erwin Wilcox, m. in Covington, res of John Evans, Mar 22nd by Elder I. R. Spencer
14 Mar M Larcom, Miss Ella E. Covington and Chas. N. Shephard, Mansfield, m. Blossburg Mar 4th by Rev. E. L. Millis
30 May D Larrison, Mrs. Anna E. age 47, d. May 12th, Mixtoron, Pa.
11 Apr M LaValley, Robert B. and Miss Mary E. Burnside, Covington, m. in Covington Apr 1st by Rev. I. R. Spencer
18 Jul D Lawrence, Mrs. D. N. d. Jul 10th, Tioga Twp., age 64
18 Jul D Lee, Sam J. age 3yrs, 8 mos, youngest son of John and Hannah, d. Jun 25th, Clarmont
12 Dec M Lent, James F. and Miss Celestia Smith, Lambs Creek, m. res of brides father, Nov 29th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
8 Aug M Lentz, Miss Daisey Delmar and Alonzo Gausha, Richmond Twp., m. Aug 6th, Mansfield, by Rev. Henry Bray
6 Jun M Leonard, Miss Cordelia Deerfield Twp. And E. D. Taft, m. May 25th, Knoxville by Rev. J. V. Lowell
16 May D Lewis, Anna wife of Stephen, age 78, d. Apr 2nd at Jobs Corners, age 78
22 Feb D Lewis, Mrs. Margaret age 33, Morris Run, d. Feb 8th
30 May D Lewis, Sarah M. age 23 yrs, 8 mos, Chatham, d. May 19th, spinal mengenitus
19 Sep M Lewis, Thos. E. and Miss Jane Robinson, Morris Run, m. at Blossburg Sep 9th by Rev. J. D. Rockwell
31 Oct D Locher, Mabel dau of Louis M. and Ella C. d, Oct 15th in Mansfield
4 Apr M Louden, David J. Delmar twp. And Miss Olive E. Horton, Ghent, Pa., m. res of brides father, Mar 26th, Rev. J. B. Davis, Hornbrook, Pa.
18 Jul M Love, Miss Rosa A. Mainesburg and Geo. W. Jones, m. in Sullivan Jul 8th by Isaac Squires, Esq.
22 Feb D Lucas, Mrs. Phoebe age 73, Richmond twp., d. Feb 15th
20 Jun M Lutz, Mrs. Mollie E. Liberty and John Tyler, Montoursville, m. at res of brides, Jun 15th by Rev. H. S. Lundy
16 May M Lydiatt, Miss Annie D. Blossburg and Wm. Dodds, Jr., m. Apr 22nd by Rev. C. G. Lowell

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