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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1877

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
3 Apr M LaBar, Catherine Westfield and David Clark, m. in Westfield by Rev. G. S. Transue, Mar 15th
21 Aug D Lamb, Eugene age 34, Lambs Creek, d. Aug 4th
27 Feb M Landen, David Liberty and Theresa Morris, Jackson Twp., m. res of Sam Thomas, Feb 22nd by Rev. H. S. Lindy
8 May M Lawrence, Miss Jennie A. of Tioga and David Bartlett, m. Tioga May 1st bby Rec. C. J. Bradbury
9 Jan M Lawson, John and Miss Anna C. Johnson, Antrim, Pa., m. Jan 2nd , Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
3 Apr M Leach, Ross V. and Almenda Converse, Westfield, m. in Westfield Mar 13th by Rev. G. S. Transue
18 Dec M Leonard, Marcia L. Union Twp., and Wesley Barrow, m. at Ogdensburg, Dec 9th by P. B. Herrington, Esq
18 Sep M Lewis, Miss Elizabeth E. Babbs Cr., and Joseph M. Hart, Wellsboro, m. res of brides parnets Sep 8th by Rev. H. S. Lundy
10 Jul M Lewis, Miss Mary L. and Alva Neal, m. Jun 20th, Tioga both of Arnot by Rev. C. J. Bradbury
27 Mar M Lincoln, Newto Mansfield and Miss Adele Blanchard, Canton, m. in Canton Mar 15th by Rev. B. H. Hayden
24 Apr M Livingston, Miss Mary Tioga, and John E. VanWee, m. Apr 16th Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
20 Nov D Livingston, Wm. age 65, Mitchells Creek, d. Nov 8th
6 Nov M Locy, Jessie Middlebury, and Miss Mary Taylor, Chatham Twp., m. Oct 21st by J. W. French, Esq
2 Oct M Lodge, Margaret Liberty, Pa., and Christopher Parker, m. Blossburg Sep 11th by A. D. Freeman, Esq
16 Oct M Logan, Miss Maggie Arnot and John E. Browne, Blossburg, m. Sep 29th in Jackson by Rev. J. W. Browne
15 May D Longstein, Ira J. son of Christopher, age 1 yr, Blossburg, d. May 8th
5 Jun D Longwell, Timothy age 54, Rutland Twp., d. May 21st, consumption
6 Feb M Losey, J. B. Middlebury and Miss Sarah Mack, Chatham Twp., m. in Farmington by Rev. Butler, Jan 27th
23 Oct M Louden, John and Miss Mary Louden, Arnot, Pa., m. at Elkland, Oct 13th by Rev. John Cairns
23 Oct M Louden, Miss Mary Arnot, Pa. and John Louden, m. at Elkland, Oct 13th by Rev. John Cairns
20 Mar D Loughridge, Mary wife of Wm. , age 20 yrs, 10 mos, d. at Lawrenceville Mar 1st
1 May M Loundenschlager, Robert Jackson, Lycoming Co., and Miss Louise Schanbacher, Liberty, m. Liberty Apr 12th by Rev. A. B. Miller
10 Apr D Love, Lolie S. only dau of S. W. and Stella, age 15 yrs, 8 mos, 13 das, Chatham Valley, d. Mar 30th, buried Middlebury
16 Jan M Lownsbery, Daniel and Miss Eva Gillett, Richmond Twp., m. Jan 1st, Mansfield by Rev. O. D. Goodenough, Esq
6 Feb M Mack, Miss Sarah Chatham Twp., and J. B. Losey, Middlebury, m. in Farmington by Rev. Butler, Jan 27th
28 Aug M Maddox, Jos. and Miss Rachel D. Jones, Antrim, m. in Blossburg Aug 18th by Rev. F. T. Evans
30 Jan M Magee, Mrs. Duncan S. of Watkins, NY and Hon. Ben F. Angel, late U. S. Minister to Sweden, m. Jan 18th near Hudson, NY
6 Nov M Mahon, John and Miss Maggie Hays, Middlebury, m. Oct 31st, Keeneyville by C. J. Smith, Esq
10 Jul D Manton, Thomas age 87, Tioga Twp., d. Jun 29th
24 Jul M Marison, Charles and Miss Lois Navle, Delmar Twp., m. Jul 3rd, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
22 May M Markahan, Miss Emily Arnot, and John Johnson, m. at Blossburg, May 12th by Rev. Chas. H. Wright
17 Jul D Marsh, Catherine age 67, wife of Elisha, Blossburg, d. Jul 8th
11 Dec M Martin, Rising and Miss Ida Dunham, Knoxville, m. at Knoxville, Nov 20th by Rev. G. S. Transue
23 Oct M Mascho, Miss Mary E. Brookfield and Geo. G. Outman, Westfield, m. Oct 15th, Osceola by Rev. John Cairns
27 Feb M Mascho, Wm. H. Westfield and Miss Emma O. McCoy, Cowanesque Valley, m. at M. E. Church Parsonage, Osceola, Jan 12th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
9 Jan M Matison, Edward, Jr. and Miss Hattie Russel, Delmar, m. res of bride, Dec 2nd by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
30 Oct M Matteson, Ruth Knoxville and Wm. E. Fenton, South Troupsburgh, m. Oct 21st by Rev. E. T. Abbott
7 Aug M Mattison, Miss Clarissa Elk Run, and Garbet Hoselton, m. res of the brides, Jul 16th by Rev. I. S. Stocum
17 Apr D Mattison, Mrs. Catherine relict (widow) of late James, age 85yrs 7 mos, 15 das, d. Apr 9th, Stoneyfork
13 Nov M McAllaster, Ira and Miss Minnie Dickenson, Tioga, m. Nov 4th at Blockhouse
27 Mar D McClure, Susie wife of Lyman, age 33 yrs, d. Mar 11th, Jackson Twp., brain fever
22 May D McConnell, Rev. Eli E. Mainsburg, Las Sunday the remains were brought here for interment, he preached last in New Albany, Bradford County
27 Feb M McCoy, Miss Emma O Cowanesque Valley and Wm. H. Mascho, Westfield, m. at M. E. Church Parsonage, Osceola, Jan 12th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
8 May D McDougal, Mrs. age 53, Morris Run, d. May 3rd
6 Nov M McLean, Edgar J. and Violetta J. Hunt, Brookfield, m. in Brookfield, Oct 31st by Rev. G. S. Transue
3 Jul D McLean, Willis son of L. G. and Anna, Roseville, d. Jun 4th, diptheria
4 Dec M McPhee, Miss Helen S. Osceola and Geo. D. Cross, m. Osceola, Oct 24th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
11 Dec M McWorter, Thomas Middlebury and Susan Horton, Mainsburg, m. in Middlebury, Nov 25th by Dan Holiday, Esq
24 Jul D Meade, Rachel age 59, Tioga, d. Jul 16th, dropsy of the heart, relict (widow) of Franklin
24 Apr M Millard, Miss Flora Blossburg and John A. Clark, m. Blossburg Apr 19th by Rev. C. H. Wright
21 Aug M Miller, Caldwell and Miss Minta Morrison, Ceder Run, Lycoming Co. m. at Wellsboro, Aug 14th by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
30 Oct M Miller, Henry and Miss Mary Jane Buchanan, Millerton, m. Millerton Oct 23rd by O. D. Bly, Esq
30 Oct M Miller, John W. Arnot and Susan Randall, Troy, Pa., m. at Troy, Oct 15th by Rev. J. E. Williams
17 Jul D Miller, Mrs. Hannah age 73, Millerton, d. Jul 10th
17 Jul D Miller, Mrs. Sally age 86, Millerton, d. Jul 4th, relict (widow) of Garrett Miller
11 Dec   Millis, Rev. E. L. Rev. E. L. Millis, Blossburg has accepted a call to the 2nd Baptist Church, Elmira
31 Jul D Milspaugh, Stephen age 84, Blossburg, d. Jul 26th, parplysis
17 Jul M Minard, Loretta Carbon Run, Pa. and John F. Yard, m. at West Franklin, Bradford Co., by Elder Calvin Newell
25 Dec M Mink, Geo. E. Elmira and Miss Nellie A. Sligh, Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro, Dec 16th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
22 May D Mitchell, Angelina wife of Geo. Age 43 yrs, 11 mos, 7 das, d. May 7th, West Branch, Potter Co.
4 Dec M Mitchell, Miss Hattie B. Middlebury and Howard H. Beckwith, m. Middlebury, res of bride, Nov 22nd by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
3 Jul M Monks, John A. Farmington and Miss Emma J. Kelley, Chatham Twp., m. in Elkland Jun 24th by Rev. J. Cairns
14 Aug D Moore, Delbert S. age 17, Sullivan Twp., d. Jul 30th
31 Jul D Moore, Mrs. Mary D. age 68, Stoneyfork, d. Jul 21st
2 Jan M Moore, Neal and Miss Mary J. Simpson, Morris Run, m. Dec 23rd, Blossburg by Rev. C. H. Wright
18 Sep D Morgan, Ephraim B. age 33 yrs, 4 mos, 22 das, d. at his res in Round Top, Sep 11th
8 May D Morley, Mr. G. W. age 50 yrs, Mansfield, d. Apr 29th
15 May D Morris, John N. age 52, Morris Twp., d. Apr 15th
27 Feb M Morris, Theresa Jackson Twp., and David Landen, Liberty, m. res of Sam Thomas, Feb 22nd by Rev. H. S. Lindy
21 Aug M Morrison, Miss Minta Ceder Run, Lycoming Co., and Caldwell Miller, m. at Wellsboro, Aug 14th by A. S. Brewster, Esq
13 Nov D Morrow, Arthur Lewis son of James Morrow, age 1 yr, 8 mos, 7 das, d. Nov 1st, Delmar
9 Jan M Morrow, Miss Anna Shippen, and Lester Torpey, Delmar, m. Jan 2nd, Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
10 Jul M Morse, Miss Carrie Charleston and Geo. M. Bennett, m. Jun 3rd, Middlebury, by Rev. H. E. Ford
5 Jun M Morsman, Hiram Charleston, and Miss Emegene Butler, Delmar, m. May 26th, Stoneyfork, by Rev. J. A. Boyce
13 Nov D Morton, Senator Oliver Perry d. his home in Indianapolis.  Services held Nov 5th, Roberts Park Church, buried Crown Hill Cemetery.  Grandfather came from England 100 years ago, settled NJ and bore name of Throck Morton, father of Oliver, when he left NJ, wrote his name Wm. T., Oliver son of 2nd wife Sarah Miller
20 Nov   Morton, Senator Oliver Perry Senator Morton in his will gives the whole of his property to his widow, the signature on the will his own last writing by his hand
2 Jan M Mott, Mathew B. and Miss Matilda Roupp, Liberty, Pa., m. Dec 24th LeRoy by H. K. Mott, Esq
4 Sep D Myers, Selma dau of Leopold Myers, age 9 mos, d. Aug 26th, Blossburg
6 Nov M Navil, Orrin J. and Miss Marion Grojean, Delmar Twp., m. Nov 3rd, Wellsboro, by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
24 Jul M Navle, Miss Lois Delmar Twp., and Charles Marison, m. Jul 3rd, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
10 Jul M Neal, Alva and Miss Mary L. Lewis, m. Jun 20th, Tioga, both of Arnot by Rev. C. J. Bradbury
22 May M Neal, Miss Juliet Charleston, and Waldo W. White, Middlebury, m. E. Charleston, May 15th by D. P. Benedict, Esq.
24 Apr D Nettrower, Nettie dau of Perry and Lucia, age 14 yrs, 13 das, Covington, d. Apr 11th
17 Jul M Newbert, Miss Hulda Blossburg and Thos. Clarkson, Arnot, m. Blossburg, Jul 4th by Rec. E. L. Millis
3 Jul M Newton, Elish and Emma Strait, Sabinsville, m. At Westfield, Jun 23rd by Rev. G. S. Transue
24 Apr M Newton, Chas. and Miss Imogene Day, Middlebury Twp., m. Feb 17th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
4 Dec M Newton, J. J. and Miss Ella A. Patch, Evergreen, Bradford Co., m. res of brides parents, Nov 29th by Rev. K. Vivian
3 Apr M Nichols, Miss Sophia Tioga and John M. Hall, Roseville, m. in Tioga, Mar 26th by Rev. C. J. Bradbury
31 Jul D Niles, Erostus Middlebury, d. last Thurs, one of the oldest citizens of this Twp.
27 Feb M Odle, Miss Elizabeth Farmington Twp., and W. L. Freeland, Chatham Twp., m. res of brides parents, Jan 16th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
8 May D O'Donnell, Agnes age 10, Tioga, d. Apr 28th, diptheria and sacarlet fever
23 Oct D O'Donnell, John age 2 yrs, Tioga, d. Oct 12th
23 Jan M Ogden, Edgar A. and Miss Julia A. Dartt, Union Twp., m. by Rev. E. Burroughs, Camptown, Bradford Co.
29 May M Oldroyd, Miss Maggie R. Rutland Twp., and M. E. Avery, m. M. E. Church, Roseville by Rev. S. A. Chubback
6 Nov M Olson, L. B. and Miss Martha Peterson, Antrim, Pa. m. at Wellsboro, Oct 15th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
23 Oct M Outman, Geo. G. Westfield and Miss Mary E. Mascho, Brookfield, m. Oct 15th Osceola by Rev. John Cairns
4 Sep M Owen, Martin L. and Miss Susan Fish, Arnot, Pa., m. at Blossburg, Aug 28th by Rev. C. H. Wright
27 Feb M Owens, Almond and Miss Susan Burnham, Lomer Lane, m. res of G. H. Owens, Somers Lane, Pa. Feb 18th by A Redfield, Esq
7 Aug M Owens, Miss H. M. Clymer, Pa., and Horace Schoonover, m. res of brides, Jul 3rd, by I. S. Stocum
4 Dec M Owlett, James H. and Miss Fanny W. Beard, Middlebury, m. Nov 14th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
3 Jul M Pachard, Miss Belle Westfield and A. B. Strang, m. at Westfield, Jun 28th by Rev. S. G. Transue
1 May M Palmer, Miss Clara Corning and Jeremiah Sylvia, Farmington, Pa., m. in Farmington Apr 12th by Rev. C. J. Bradford
24 Apr M Palmer, Mrs. Mary A. Sullivan Twp., and O. H. Hill, m. res of brides, Apr 15th by Rev. S. Bedford
2 Oct M Parker, christopher and Margaret Lodge, Liberty, Pa., m. at Blossburg Sep 11th by A. D. Freeman, Esq
14 Aug D Passmore, Geo. age 75, d. Aut 7th, Arnot
4 Dec M Patch, Miss Ella A. Evergreen, Bradford Co., and J. J. Newton, m. res of brides parents, Nov 29th by Rev. K. Vivian
12 Jun M Patchen, Miss Fanny Covington and Chas. E. Waldo, Sylvania, m. Covington Jun 6th by Rev. E. L. Millis
27 Feb M Patchin, Thos. and Miss Phebe Kiff, Covington, m. res of brides father, Feb 22nd by Rev. E. L. Millis, Covington
13 Mar M Patterson, John and Miss Orvilla Douglass, Covington, m. in Blossburg, Mar 7th by Rev. C. H. Wright
26 Jun M Peake, Heil Charleston and Mrs. M. J. Royce, Stoneyfork, m. res of brides, Jun 24th by Rev. Jas. A. Boyce
25 Sep M Peake, Miss Hattie C. Charleston and Milan L. Klock, m. res of brides father, Sep 18th by Rev. G. W. Howland
11 Sep D Peck, Mrs. Betsy age 50, Farmington, d. Aug 21st of consumption
27 Mar M Perkins, Miss Sarah S. dau of Sam, Addison Hill, NY and Ezia Gleason, Osceola, m. in Addison Hill Mar 22nd by Rev. John Carns
6 Nov M Peterson, Miss Martha Antrim, Pa. and L. B. Olson, m. at Wellsboro, Oct 15th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
9 Oct M Phelps, Miss Alice I. Lambs Creek and Charles W. Waters, Blossburg, m. in Blossburg by Rev. C. H. Wright
4 Dec M Philbrick, Clarence E. Blossburg and Miss Alice E. Wheeler, Charleston, m. Nov 20th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
30 Oct M Phillips, Miss Ella V. Westfield and Robert Wream, m. Oct 21st, Knoxville, by J. E. White
31 Jul M Phillips, Miss Emma J. Knoxville and Fred B. Alba, m. at Knoxville, Jul 22nd by Rev. Edward Taylor, D.D.
8 May D Pickering, Geo.  age 10, Tioga, d. May 1st, son of Hiram, Jr.
2 Oct M Pickett, Miss Nettie Troupsburg, Ny and Anson Green, Clymer, Pa., m. Sep 17th, Sabinsville by Rev. I. S. Stocum
7 Aug M Pierce, Chas. M. and Miss Della Chase Middlebury, m. res of Amos Corwin, Middlebury, Jul 22nd by Rev. I. S. Stocum
30 Oct M Plumley, Avery D. and Miss Frankie E. Dort, Shippen Twp., m. Oct 20th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
8 May M Plumley, Israel Stokesdale and Mrs. Emery, Holidaytown, m. in Middlebury, Apr 30th by Daniel Holiday, Esq.
25 Dec D Porter, John age 46 yrs, 1 mo, 5 das, d. Dec 7th Lawrenceville
5 Jun M Powers, Miss Jenny H. Richmond Twp., and Bert M. Vedders, m. Richmond Twp., by Rev. Henry Bray, May 26th
18 Dec M Price, James E. Westfield and Mary J. Darrow, Deerfield Twp., m. at Westfield Nov 29th by Rev. G. S. Transue
3 Apr M Price, W. O. and Miss Alida H. Vanderburg, Covington, m. by Rev. E. L. Millis, Mar 27th
18 Dec M Pritchard, Miss Eunice M. Westfield and Frank H. Kilbourn of Hector, m. Westfield, Nov 29th by Rev. S. W. Jennings
10 Apr D Quackenbush, Mrs. Francis age 28 yrs, Tioga Twp., d. Mar 29th
30 Oct M Randall, Susan Troy, Pa. and John W. Miller, Arnot, m. at Troy, Oct 15th by Rev. J. E. Williams
27 Mar M Randolph, M. F. Niles Valley and Miss Kate E. Barbour, Horseheads, NY, m. res of brides parents, Mar 1st by Rev C. C. Carr
11 Dec M Reden, Miss Isabella Arnot and Wm. Archibald, m. at Blossburg, Dec 6th by Rev. E. L. Millis
21 Aug D Reese, Mrs. Mary age 68, Blossburg, d. Aug 14th
22 May A Reynolds, Rev. and Mrs. N. L. 25th Wedding Anniversary
5 Jun D Richmond, Isaac age 77, Sullivan Tqp., d. May 14th, dropsy
16 Oct D Robb, John C. age 68, Tioga, d. Oct 7th, fever
11 Sep M Roberolle, Miss Eugenie A. dau of Joseph, and Geo. Bowers, Elmira, m. res of brides, Wellsboro, Sep 6th by Rev. D. D. Buck
31 Jul M Robertson, Laura Cherry Flats, and A. Welty, Blossburg, m. Jul 2nd, Blossburg by Rev. C. B. Wright
23 Oct D Robinson, Chas. age 72, Blossburg, d. Oct 13th
2 Jan M Roe, Miss Ruby Middlebury and Chas. Brimmer, m. res of brides father, Dec 23rd by J. W. French, Esq
27 Nov D Rolfe, Joseph grandfather of the author of old Tioga, Maro O. Rolfe is suffering from paralysis and died
1 May   Rolfe, Maro O. of Lawrenceville has he book, Old Tioga, a chronological history of Tioga Co., now in the press. Copies will be available soon, 90 yrs of it's existance
26 Jun M Root, Eliza J. Liberty, Twp., and Geo. Stermer, Delmar, m. res of brides father, Jun 13th by Rev. H. S. Lundy
9 Oct M Rose, Freemont and Miss Belle Strong, Sullivan Twp., m. in Sullivan Twp., Oct 2nd by Rev. H. Lambkin
18 Sep M Rose, Robert H. and Miss Lena D. Hamlin, Smethport, McKean Co., m. McKean Co. Sep 5th by Rev. H. Q. Miller
4 Dec M Rose, Roland B. and Miss Fanny Dartt, Charleston, m. Nov 27th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
1 May M Roupp, Miss Mary A. Liberty and Fraderick W. Anderson, m. Liberty Apr 15th by Rev. A. B. Miller
2 Jan M Roupp, Miss Matilda Liberty, Pa. and Mathew B. Mott, m. Dec 24th LeRoy by H. K. Mott, Esq
20 Nov B Roy  son to Arthur M. Roy, Nov 15th, Wellsboro
18 Sep M Roy, Miss Nannie and Wm. C. Wood, m. res of brides father, N. C. Toy, Sep 8th, Knoxville by Rev. J. V. Lowell
10 Apr M Royce, Miss Ella M. Delmar Twp., and Hiram S. Davis, m. res of brides mother, Apr 6th by Rev. James A. Boyce
26 Jun M Royce, Mrs. M. J. Stoneyfork and Heil Peake, Charleston, m. res of brides, Jun 24th by Rev. Jas. A. Boyce
9 Jan M Ruggles, Daniel W. Gaines and Miss Zelie O. Colgrove, Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Jan 2nd by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
2 Oct M Rumsey, Mrs. N. A. Delmar Twp., and James H. Smith, Charleston, m. Sep 26th by Rev. O. C. Hills
16 Jan D Rumsey, Rev. Wm. H. age 36, d. Jan 8th, M. E. Minister of East Genesse converence. Occupied the Circuit of New Albany, Farmington and Chatham (Mainsburg news)
9 Jan M Russel, Miss Hattie Delmar and Edward Matison, Jr., m. res of bride, Dec 2nd by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
1 May D Ryon, Samuel Lawrenceville, old res who lost his wife 8 mos ago, d. last night

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