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Newspaper Clippings & Obituaries for Tioga, Bradford, Chemung Counties

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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1877

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
4 Dec M Sapulding, Geo. B. Middlebury and Sarah Brigden, Chatham Twp., m. in Tioga, Nov 26th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
1 May M Schanbacher, Miss Louise Liberty and Robert Loundedschlager, Jackson, Lycoming Co., m. Liberty Apr 12 by Rev. A. B. Miller
11 Dec M Schofield, Miss Anna and Andrew D. Gillett, m. at Mansfield, Nov 22nd by Rev. Henry Bray
7 Aug M Schoonover, Horace and Miss H. M. Owens, Clymer, Pa., m. res of brides, Jul 3rd by I. S. Stocum
31 Jul D Scott, Nancy age 74 yrs, 5 mos, Charleston d. Jul 25th, wife of John
25 Sep D Seeley, Eleazer age 82, Knoxville, d. Sep 14th
13 Feb M Sergeant, Miss Sarepta Springfield Twp., and Hiram Graves, m. Springfield Twp., by Rev. Wm. Beach
28 Aug M Shamel, Miss Anna M. Greencastle, Ind. And Wm. S. Hastings, Stoneyfork, m. at res of brides mother, Aug 9th by Rev. Sam Beck
4 Dec M Sharp, Mason W. Painted Post, NY and Mrs. Anna Brewster, Osceola, m. in Osceola Oct 27th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
6 Nov D Shearer, John only son of John C. and Anna T. Jacob, of this village, d. Nov 2nd
6 Feb D Sheffer, John, Esq. Another old pioneer and one of the oldest res. In the Liberty twp. D. Dec 27th, age 73 yrs, 10 mos, 3 das., b. Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Pa., 1803. Came to Liberty 1814, was only 11 yrs old when the family came into the wilderness. Home his parents being poor they was obliged to hire him out to the government as mail carrier and he traveled from Williamsport to Painted Post. He performed the service with an Indian pony he carried the mail to and back once a week. he was obliged to carry black rye or corn bread and jerked venison with him in a pair of saddle bags. There were no bridges and he had to ford all streams between the two points. Some times he would be drenched, his clothes frozen stiff to keep from freezind he would jump off and run along side his pony. He continued carrying the mail to Williamsport and apprenticed himself to Mr. Geo. Duitch, a blacksmith. At the end of 3 years he returned to Liberty and went into business. Besides smithing he carried an extensive hardware trade supplying
1 May M Sheffer, Miss Addie Liberty, Pa. and Jabez Hancher, m. Liberty Apr 8th by Rev. A. B. Miller
10 Jul M Shelllman, Miss Della Chatham Twp., and Ellis Whiting, Farmington Twp., m. in Farmington, Jul 3rd by E. D. Fish, Esq
23 Oct M Shelman, Miss Eliza Tioga and Eugene Simmons, m. Oct 6th, Lindley, NY by Wm. Burr, Esq
7 Aug M Sherman, E. E. Shippen Twp., and Miss M. S. Berry of Delmar Twp., m. res of Rev. O. C. Hills, Wellsboro
3 Jul D Sherman, Frank son of B. P., age 3 , Roseville, d. Jun 17th, diptheria
10 Jul M Sherman, Miss Violetta L. Tioga and Henry Button, m. Tioga, Jun 30th by Rev. C. J. Bradbury
27 Nov M Shumway, Delancy and Miss ada Spencer, Delmar Twp., m. Nov 21st, Wellsboro by J. W. Donaldson, Esq
1 May D Shumway, Mary in memorian, Mary, dau of Wm. P. and Mary Shumway, age 15yrs, 9 mos, 19 das, departed this life Apr 23rd 1877
23 Oct D Shumway, Mary wife of Wm. P., d. Sep 12th age 53 yrs, 11 mos, 10 das, Charleston
13 Feb D Shutter, Mrs. Henrietta Tioga, D. Feb 1st
13 Nov M Simmonds, Miss Ida M. Middlebury and Calvin A. Bryon, Bennington VT., m. in Charleston Twp., Oct 27th by Rev. D. W. F. VanDoren
23 Oct M Simmons, Eugene and Miss Eliza Shelman, Tioga, m. Oct 6th, Lindley, NY by Wm. Burr, Esq
1 May M Simmons, Miss Laura L. Nelson, Pa. and Myron L. Whitman, Venice, NY., m. res of James Warren, Nelson, Apr 10th by Rev. C. Weeks
2 Jan M Simpson, Miss Mary J. Morris Run and Neal Moore, m. Dec 23rd, Blossburg by Rev. C. H. Wright
13 Mar D Skelton, Carrie dau of John, age 3rd yr, Delmar Twp., d. Mar 8th
25 Dec M Sligh, Miss Nellie A. Wellsboro and Geo. E. Mink, Elmira, m. Wellsboro, Dec 16th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
6 Feb D Sly, Mrs. Almira age 81, Painted Post, eldest child of late John Knox, Knoxville, Steuben Co., NY where she was born, res nearly all her days.  Early in life she m. Wm. Bonham of Knoxville who d. 1858, she was mother of 14 children 5 dau., and 1 son still living.  A few years ago she m. Joh Sly, old res who d. very soon after.  Member of Presbyterian Church
17 Apr M Smith Milton W. formerly of Lycoming Co., and Miss Ella M. White, Caton, NY, m. res of brides parents, Apr 3rd by Wm. Burr
22 May M Smith, Armstrong Blossburg and Miss Mary Jelliff, Canoe Camp, m. at Whitneyville, May 16th by Rev. Holland
17 Apr D Smith, Herbert H. son of P. P. and Mary, age 1 yr, 1 mo, 3 das, Blossburg, d. Apr 8th
2 Oct M Smith, James H. Charleston and Mrs. N. A. Rumsey, Delmar Twp., m. Sep 26th by Rev. O. C. Hills
13 Nov D Smith, Josie dau of Mrs. David Cunningham, age 7 yrs, 5 mos, d. in town of Jackson, Nov 1st, diptheria
3 Jul M Smith, Lewis B. and Lena M. Fisher, dau of John of Delmar Twp., m. at Wellsboro Jun 26th by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D,
20 Feb D Smith, Mrs. Sally wife of James H., age 75 yrs, 11 mos, d. in Charleston, Jan 31st, lung fever
17 Jul M Smith, Syrennus and Miss Sarah A. Gibbons, Union Twp., m. Jul 4th, West Franklin, Bradford Co., by Elder Calvin Newell
6 Mar D Snover, Lizzie N dau of U. S. and Jane R., age 7yrs, 8mos, 24 das, Mansfield, d. Feb 24th
25 Sep D Somers, Gertrude age 18, Westfield, d. Sep 13th, typhoid fever
27 Nov M Spencer, Miss Ada Delmar Twp., and Delancy Shumway, m. Nov 21st, Wellsboro by J. W. Donaldson, Esq
30 Jan M Spoor, W. L. and Miss R. H. Whittaker, Richmond Twp., m. Jan 18th, Mansfield, by Rev. Geo. C. Jones
19 Jun D Starr, Clarrissa B. age 88 yrs, 1 mo, 5 das, d. Apr 22nd, Farmington
10 Jul M Starr, Valoros Lawrence Twp., and Miss Nettie Gridley, Lindley, NY., m. Jul 5th, Middlebury by Rev. H. E. Ford
20 Mar D Stebbins, Frank O. son of Orrin, age 21 yrs, d. Mar 9th, Clymer, of measles
17 Apr M Steele, Frank Burlington, Pa. and Miss Emmer Hammond, Middlebury, m. res of brides mother, Apr 10th by Rev. Levr Stone
22 May M Stephens, Charles H. and Anna A. Thurston, Middlebury, m. May 9th, Tioga by Rev. S. D. Merrick
26 Jun M Stermer, Geo.  Delmar and Eliza J. Root, Liberty Twp., m. res of brides father, Jun 13th by Rev. H. S. Lundy
13 Feb M Stevens, F. B. Fortville, Pa and Miss Martha Stevens, Middlebury, m. at Hammond, Jan 25th by C. J. Smith, Esq.
13 Feb M Stevens, Miss Marth Middlebury and F. B. Stevens, Fortville, Pa., m. at Hammond, Jan 25th by C. J. Smith, Esq.
28 Aug M Stewart, J. W. Jackson Tjwp., and Miss Mary E. Inscho, Tioga, m. Tioga, Aug 21st by Rev. S. D. Merrick
3 Apr M Sticklin, Edward T. and Miss Anna Maria Downer, dau of Wm., Wellsboro, m. res of brides, Mar 29th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
13 Nov M Stofford, Mrs. Margaret and Joseph Bowman, m. at Knoxville, Nov 4th by Rev. G. S. Transue
30 Jan D Stone, Amanda Ann wife of Israel, age 67 yrs, 8 mos, 24 das, Delmar, d. Jan 24th
11 Dec D Stone, Dwight F. age 40, E. Charleston, leaves wife and 3 children, son of Isaac Stone, Esq.
18 Dec D Stone, Mrs. Wm. A. dau of Ezra Stevens, Middlebury, d. at Pittsburg last Sunday, Funeral will be held at home of Mr. B. T. VanHorn, East Ave., Wellsboro
3 Jul M Strait, Emma Sabinsville and Elish Newton, m. at Westfield, Jun 23rd by Rev. G. S. Transue
3 Jul M Strang, A. B. and Miss Belle Pachard, Westfield, m. at Westfield, Jun 28th by Rev. G. S. Transue
2 Jan M Stratton, Miss May E. Blossburg and Edward S. Guernsey, m. Blossburg, Dec 20th, res of brides father by Rev. E. L. Millis
11 Sep M Stratton, Wm. E. Middlebury and Miss Emma J. Webster, Farmington, m. Sep 4th, Tioga, by Rev. C. J. Bradbury
9 Jan D Streeter, Mrs. Lydia A. wife of Jessie, formerly of Tioga Co. d. in Ashville, NY, Dec 27th, age 63 yrs.
9 Oct M Strong, Miss Belle Sullivan Twp., and Freemont Rose, m. in Sullivan Twp., Oct 2nd by Rev. H. Lambkin
14 Aug M Sunderlin, Olin G. and Miss Alice E. Goodwin, Tioga, m. Tioga, Aug 5th by Rev. C. D. Kinney
20 Mar M Swan, David S. South Addison and Miss Ida French, Elkland, m. res of brides parents, Mar 12th by W. B. Mead, Esq
24 Jul D Swartwood, Mrs. Fanny Mitchells Creek, d. Jul 13th
29 May D Sweet, Phoebe Jan wife of Salmon, Mansfield, d. May 19th, age 57
1 May D Swimelar, Anna age 85, Climer Twp., d. Apr 16th, measles
1 May M Sylvia, Jeremiah Farmington, Pa. and Miss Clara Palmer, Corning, m. in Farmington Apr 12th by Rev. C. J. Bradford
3 Apr M Taylor, Andrew Shippen Twp., and Miss Alice Hurlburt, Clymer, Pa., m. in Shippen, Mar 26th by John W. English, Esq
3 Apr M Taylor, Miss Lottie B. Lawrenceville and Clark B. Bailey, Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville Mar 27th by Rev. John Cairns
6 Nov M Taylor, Miss Mary Chatham Twp., and Jessie Locy, Middlebury, m. Oct 21st by J. W. French, Esq
13 Mar M Thomas, James Edgar Nauvoo and Miss Jane Elizabeth VanHorn, m. brides res, Charleston, Mar 7th by Rev. D. D. Buck, D.D.
13 Feb M Thomas, Miss Jennie B. Nauvoo, and Walter V. Wright, Farmington Twp., m. res fo birdes, Feb 7th by Rev. H. S. Lundy
14 Aug D Thompson, Nathaniel age 67 yrs, 6 mos, 29 das, d. Aug 1st at res of Hon. J. B. Cassody. He served during the Was as Capt. Of a construction Corps. In 1864 he came to Jonesville, OH, Member of 1st M. E. Church. Was m. to the widowed mother of Hon. Cassody 36 yrs ago.
16 Oct M Thompson, Wm. H. Otsego Co., NY and Miss Anna Herrington, dau of Geo. W., Shippen Twp., m. res of brides, Oct 10, by Rev. J. F. Calkins
11 Dec M Thos. Bradley Hornellsville, NY., and Miss Lizzie Kinny, Tioga, m. at Tioga, Nov 29th by Rev. Father Meillan
22 May M Thurston, Anna A. Middlebury and Charles H. Stephens, m. May 9th, Tioga by Rev. S. D. Merrick
9 Jan M Torpey, Lester Delmar and Miss Anna Morrow, Shipen, m. Jan 2nd, Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq
23 Oct M Truax, Wm. and Miss Maggie Davis, Tioga, m. at Blossburg by Rev. Father Wynn, Oct 17th
4 Dec M Tubbs, Albert I. and Miss Frankie S. Catlin, Woodhull, NY, m. res of brides parents, Aug 29th, by Rev. H. C. Moyer
27 Mar D Turner, Ruth wife of Joseph, dau of J. A. Martin of Blossburg, d. at Trenton, MO, Mar 1st, age 24 yrs, 6 mos
25 Dec M Underwood, Miss Mary Ida Elizabeth City, NC., and Emerson B. Bosworth, Blossburg, m. in Elizabeth City, NC., Dec 12th by Rev. P. W. Melick
3 Apr M Vanderburg, Miss Alida H. Covington and W. O. Price, m. by Rev. E. L. Millis, Mar 27th
11 Dec M VanDusen, Miss Ida Knoxville and Alva Dodge, m. at Knoxville, Nov 20th by Rev. G. S. Transue
13 Mar M VanHorn, Miss Jane Elizabeth and James Edgar Thomas, Nauvoo, m. brides res, Charleston, Mar 7th by Rev. D. D. Buck, D.D.
10 Apr D Vann, Sam age 105 yrs, 3 mos, 11 das, oldest man in Tompkins Co., NY, d. at his res in Ulysses a few days ago. A church bell at Trumansburg mournfully tolled the number of his yrs, as the spirit of this old veteran was wafted to that far off shore where a centrury is as one day
24 Apr M VanWee, John E. and Miss Mary Livingston, Tioga, m. Apr 16th Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
11 Sep D VanZile, Alice wife of Isaac P., age 43, d. Aug 21st, at Osceola
25 Sep M Vaughb, Miss Mary E. Blossburg and Robert Grant, m. at Blossburg, Aug 13th by Rev. I. R. Spencer
14 Aug M Vaughn, John and Miss B. Kendrick, Arnot, m. at Morris Run, Jun 26th by Rev. B. Wellock
5 Jun M Vedder, Bert M. and Miss Jenny H. Powers, Richmond Twp., m. Richmond Twp., by Rev. Henry Bray, May 26th
6 Feb M Vescelius, Miss Mina of Watkins, and L. L. Flowers, Lambs Creek, m. Watkins Jan 23rd by Rev. Chapman
18 Dec M Wagner, Miss Frederica of Wellsboro and Martial A. Durif, m. Wellsboro Dec 12th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
12 Jun M Waldo, Chas. E. Sylvania and Miss Fanny Patchen, Covington, m. Covington Jun 6th by Rev. E. L. Millis
2 Jan D Walker, Isabelle widow of Lewis, age 72, Covington, d. Dec 23rd
13 Mar D Warner, Elvira L. wife of Sam Booth, d. at Chicago, Feb 18th, funeral held res. Of Judge Booth, 505 Lake St.
6 Nov M Warren, Abraham A. Nelson, and Ida M. Briggs, Middlebury, m. Oct 29th, Tioga, by Rev. Wm. Baldwin
10 Jul M Warters, Henry S. and Miss Lydia M. Gould, Lambs Creek, m. M. E. Parsonage, Osceola, Jul 3rd by Rev. H. C. Moyer
30 Oct D Washington, Mrs. Geo. age 62, Westfield, d. Oct 13th
9 Oct M Waters, Charles W. Blossburg and Miss Alice I. Phelps, Lambs Creek, m. in Blossburg by Rev. C. H. Wright
13 Nov D Waters, Cynthia wife of Augustus, age 38, Mansfield, d. on Nov 2nd
5 Jun D Watson, Damie dau of Dan and Clarinda, age 5 yrs, Rutland Twp., d. May 12th, diptheria
12 Jun D Watson, Ernest D. age 10, Rutland Twp., d. May 27th, diptheria
19 Jun D Watson, Jay E. son of Daniel, age 18, Rutland Twp., diptheria, d. Jun 8th
4 Sep M Webber, Miss Abbie and L. C. Davison, m. at Westfield, Aug 21st by Rev. Thomas
11 Sep M Webster, Miss Emma J. Farmington, and Wm. E. Stratton, Middlebury, my Sep 4th, Tioga, by Rev. C. J. Bradbury
6 Nov M Webster, Mrs. Henrietta Lambs Creek and Irvine Harkness, Cherry Flats, m. St. James Church, Mansfield by Rev. Wm. Marshall, Oct 28th
30 Oct B Weeks  son to wife of Ritner Weeks, Oct 21st, Clymer Twp.
5 Jun A Weeks, Dyer and Lucy Hewett Golden Wedding, Westfield, attending were 9 children, 11 grandchildren, 150 descendants including: Mrs Lucretia Wiley and Husband, oldest son; Marion Weeks and wife; Mrs. Wealthy Reynolds and Husband; Roswell Weeks and Wife; Ritner Weeks and Wife; Harriet Osborne and Husband; Mrs. Susan Incho and Husband; Charles Weeks and wife; Wm. Weeks and wife; Joh Weeks; 2 sis, Mrs Lucretia Cameron and Husband, Mrs. Sally Gurnsey.  500 Brook trout were prepared for the feast
4 Sep B Welch  2 sons to wife of Alba Welch, Mansfield, Aug 25th
9 Jan M Welch, Alba and Miss Anna B. Elliot, Mansfield, m. Dec 28th, Mansfield by Rev. Geo. D. Meigs
22 May M Welch, Chas.  Blossburg and Miss Sallie Job, Elk Run, Pa., m. May 16th, Whitneyville by Rev. Holland
11 Sep M Welch, Miss Ella Sullivan Twp., and Martin Jackson, Chatham Twp., m. Sullivan Twp., Sep 3rd by Rev. D. A. Pope
14 Aug M Weller, Miss Hattie Middlebury and Arthur Brewster, Charleston, m. Aug 8th, Wellsboro by J. W. Donaldson, J.P.
3 Jul D Wells, Rosa youngest dau of John W. and Susan M. Gurnsey, age 24, Tioga, d. Jun 24th
31 Jul M Welty, A. Blossburg and Laura Robertson, Cherry Flats, m. Jul 2nd, Blossburg by Rev. C. B. Wright
6 Feb M West, Geo. and Miss Emma E. Wilson, Delmar Twp., m. Jan 15th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds in Wellsboro
3 Apr M Westbrook, Geo. Tioga and Miss Eva Ives, dau of Erskine, m. res of brides parents, Mar 25th by C. J. Smith, Esq.
4 Dec A Westbrook, Mr. and Mrs Geo. Golden Wedding, Chatham Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Westbrook celebrated their Golden Anniversary, Nov 1st, res. Of Mr. James Westbrook, Delmar Twp.  Mr. Geo Westbrood, b. 1808, Chemung Co., NY., and Lovisa B. Taylor, his wafe was b. Chemung Co, 1827.  Parents of 15 children, 7 still living, 7 d. in infancy.  Horace oldest son killed July 1st 1862, battle of Malvin Hill, VA, left wife and 3 children.  3 sons living are Ephraim, res Arnot; Benjamin, res. Middlebury; James res. Delmar.  4 daus are Polly, wife of B. Monroe, Hornellsville, NY; Jane wife of Jason Prutsman, Tioga, Pa.; Stella wife of L. W. Love, Chatham Twp.; and Hattie wife of Geo. Curran, Chatham Twp.
1 May D Westbrook, Mrs. Abram Middlebury, d. Apr 21st, consumption
2 Jan D Wetmore, Juda Ann wife of Loren, age 57 yrs, 2 mos, 22 das, d. Dec 20th, Elk Run
4 Dec M Wheeler, Miss Alice E. Charleston, and Clarence E. Philbrick, Blossburg, m. Nov 20th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
9 Jan M Wheeler, Miss Emma J. Charleston and David Bowen, m. res of brides parents, Dec 25th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
7 Aug M Wheeler, Miss Martha A. Delmar Twp., and Wm. Francis, m. res of brides parents, Aug 4th by Rev. Jas. A. Boyce
7 Aug M White, Bradford and Miss Martha Gee, Farmington Twp., m. Jul 29th, Tioga, by Rev. S. A. Rawson
3 Apr M White, Chas. Blossburg and Miss Emma Crittenden, Lambs Creek, m. at Hammond, Feb 25th by C. J. Smith, Esq.
17 Apr M White, Miss Anna C. Jackson Twp., and Alvin Green, m. Apr 4th by Rev. S. Aldrich
17 Apr M White, Miss Ella M. Caton, NY., and Milton W. Smith, formerly of Lycoming Co., m. res of brides parents, Apr 3rd by Wm. Burr
31 Jul D White, Mrs. Maria age 75, Jackson Twp., d. Jun 6th
22 May M White, Waldo W. Middlebury and Miss Juliet Neal, Charleston, m. E. Charleston, May 15th by D. P. Benedict, Esq.
26 Jun M Whiting, Elias and Miss Maria Curren, Chatham Twp., m. Jun 10th by J. W. French, Esq.
10 Jul M Whiting, Ellis Farmington Twp., and Miss Della Shellman, Chatham Twp., m. in Farmington, Jul 3rd by E. D. Fish, Esq.
25 Sep M Whiting, Miss Emma Sullivan Twp., and Fred Wilcox, Covington, m. Sullivan Twp., Sep 4th by Rev. Phoeniz
10 Jul D Whiting, Spencer A. son of Joseph, while peeling bark on the Morris Creek Road, cut his foot severing several artiries, d. Jul 4th, age 21, Middlebury
1 May M Whitman, Myron L. Venice, NY and Miss Laura L. Simmons, Nelson, Pa., m. res of James Warren, Nelson, Apr 10th by Rev. C. Weeks
28 Aug M Whitmore, Warren Charleston and Rosa Ann Johnson, Covington, m. Aug 13th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
30 Jan M Whittaker, Miss R. H. Richmond Twp., and W. L. Spoor, m. Jan 18th, Mansfield, by Rev. Geo. C. Jones
25 Sep D Wilbur, Wallace age 24yrs, Sunderlinville, Pa., d. Sep 8th
25 Sep M Wilcox, Fred Covington and Miss Emma Whiting, Sullivan Twp., m. Sullivan Twp., Sep 4th by Rev. Phoeniz
9 Jan M Wilcox, Miss Ada A. Dellmar and Geo. F. Francis, m. res of brides mother, Jan 1st by Rev. James Boyce
10 Apr M Wilcox, W. S. Newark, NJ., and Miss Mary Joseph, Elkland, m. Elkland Mar 29th by A. A. Amsbry, Esq
22 May M Williams, Miss Ellen Blossburg and Andrew Burt, M. D., of Ogdensburg, m. Blossburg May 12th by Rev. E. L. Millis
3 Apr M Wilson, Ellis B. and Miss Sarah Elizabeth Campbell, dau of Wm., all of Delmar Twp., m. res of bride, Mar 13th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
30 Oct M Wilson, Geo. B. and Miss Mary E. Boatman, Delmar Twp., m. Delmar Twp., Oct 24th by Israel Stone, Esq
6 Feb M Wilson, Miss Emma E. Delmar Twp., and Geo. West, m. Jan 15th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds in Wellsboro
25 Sep M Wilson, Miss Fanny J. Morris Run and J. Norman Anderson, m. Morris Run, Sep 13th by Rev. I. R. Spencer
13 Mar M Wilson, Samuel J. Elmira and Miss Mary Rose Kimball, Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Feb 8th by Rev. D. D. Buck, D.D.
9 Oct M Wing, Miss Adella L. only dau of L. A., and Stephens H. Hollands, m. in Blossburg, Oct 3rd by Rev. J. C. Mallory
18 Sep M Wm. C. Wood and Miss Nannie Roy, m. res of brides father, N. C. Toy, Sep 8th, Knoxville by Rev. J. V. Lowell
17 Apr M Wood, Ella M. Armenia and Henry D. Haynes, Mansfield, m. Armenia Mar 20th by S. Bedford
30 Oct M Wream, Robert and Miss Ella V. Phillips, Westfield, m. Oct 21st, Knoxville, by J. E. White
13 Feb M Wright, Walter V. Farmington Twp., and Miss Jennie B. Thomas, Nauvoo, m. res of brides, Feb 7th by Rev. H. S. Lundy
17 Jul M Yard, John F. and Loretta Minard, Carbon Run, Pa., m. at West Franklin, Bradford Co., by Elder Calvin Newell
3 Jul B Young at Wellsboro Jul 1st, a dau to E. B. Young
10 Apr     the Bucks Co. courts were held first at Newtown in 1725, the first newspaper printed in Newton Co. court in 1802, called the Bee, The first post office in 1800
11 Sep     adm. Notice letters of adm granted to Ben and Gilbert B. Owlett, Jr. on the estate of Gilbert B. Owlett, Sr., late of Chatham Twp., dated Sep 11, 1877
18 Sep     teachers institute by Mrs. E. B. Sears Boarding around
19 Jun     More on Antrim, a mining town
2 Jan     Lumber interest in Middlebury: Calvin Hammond Mill, Alonzo Mitchell Mill, Bennet and Newhall Mill, S. M. Croft, Joseph Brown, O. B. Lowell, Bennet and Dimon, Geo. Kenney
2 Oct     An old landmark gone, Wellsboro has lost one of the old landmarks. Last Sunday night or rather Monday morning about half past one, the old Morris Homestead standing at the head of Walnut Street was discovered to be on fire, an alarm was sounded and the fire companies of the village were quickly on the groung, but it was found impossible, from lack of water that could be reached to save the building and the well known old house was totally consumed. The flames started in the kitchen part undoubtedly caught from the back of chimney. The building was owned and occupied by Dr. M. L. Bacon who purchased the place nearly 3 years ago 1873. The greater part of the furniture was saved. The house was probably worth 4000 dollars and insured for 25oo with Aetna of Hartford. There was also an insurance of 1000 on furniture. Both policies were with Hugh Young & Co. The house thus wiped out was built by Judge Sam W. Morris 1832 and was in his family until his death May 25th 1847. It was a large old fashioned double 
20 Mar   Contains who was who in government in Mar 1877 and Senator Cameron
23 Jan     The Soldiers Orphans
23 Oct     Lawrenceville, work is progressing on the new Daggett House. Workman digging the cellar found a tombstone with the name of Bradford Egeton on one side, Mary his wife on other, no dates visible, about 20 yrs ago a man named Geo. Egeton lived here
25 Sep     State Line Surveyed
25 Sep     New Bituminous Coal Field by Mrs. W. Seamons
27 Feb     Instructions given to Mr. A. W. Ayers about inscription for family tombstone of Hiram and Susannah Price.  Copied by Rhoda E. Ladd, not copied in entirety.  Egbert the father of Hiram Price was one of the first settlers of Beaver Dams. D. age 44 yrs old, Marier A., 1st b. of Hiram and Susannah, d. age 16, 1851, Amandy H. 3rd child 2nd dau, d. age 4 in 1854, Frederick R., 5th child, 3rd son, d. age 11 in 1863, Mary Emma, 7th child, 3rd dau, d. age 2 in 1860, Susan M. 8th child, 4th dau, d. age 2 in 1862, Neale M. 9th child, 5th and last dau d. age 21 in 1867.  The above all read dau or son of Hiram and Susannah Price
3 Apr     Arnot it's business and it's people
6 Feb     The Schools of Tioga Co. Report Miss Sarah Lewis
9 Oct     Description of County Poor House

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By Joyce M. Tice