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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1878

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
29 Oct M Combs, Harrison Aplington, IO., and Miss Anna L. Newcomb, Nelson, Pa., m. at Nelson, Pa., Oct 22nd by Rev. W. W. Hunt
17 Sep M Comstock Oscar Nauvoo and Miss Emma Thomas, West Liberty, m. in Blossburg Sep 19th by Rev. C. H. Wright
16 Apr D Comstock, Caleb A. age 69 yrs, 8 das, Mauvoo, d. Apr 8th
11 Jun M Converse, Mathias and Miss Elizabeth Joseph, Brookfield Twp., m. May 25th, Westfield by Rev. E. C. Cowels
5 Mar M Cook, Charles C. Wellsboro and Lettie Elizabeth Hall, dau of Alexander, Bath, NY., m. Bath, NY, Feb 22nd by Rev. O. R. Howard, D.D.
24 Dec M Cook, Miss Marianne NYC, formerly of Bath, NY., and Clinton D. MacDougall, Auburn, NY., m. in city of Rome Kingdom of Italy, Nov 28th, res of the American Consul General by Rev. Robert J. Nevin D. Rector of St. Pauls Protestant Episcopal Church
12 Feb M Cook, Myra A. Bath, NY., and Fred A. Vorhees, Richmond Twp., m. Feb 1st by Rev. G. D. Meigs
15 Jan M Coolidge, Miss Mida M. and Wm. Judson Shaw, Woodhull, NY., m. res of brides father, Middlebury, Dec 19th by Rev. Chas.Weeks
24 Sep M Corwin, Gideon E. and Miss Amelia Edsall, Jackson Twp., m. Sep 15th, Lawrence Twp., by Rev. W. R. Stewart
5 Feb M Covert, Lewis B. Lodi, NY and Martha Morrow, Delmar Twp., m. Jan 31st, Wellsboro, by Rev. J. F. Calkins
9 Jul M Cowan, Miss Nellie Covington and Tillie Marvin, m. in Covington, Jun 28th by S. S. Packard, Esq
27 Aug D Crane, Sarah wife of Rev. J. G. , age 79 yrs, 8 mos, Blossburg, D. Aut 11th
12 Nov M Crippen, Mrs. Kittie E. late of Blossburg and Prof. F. R. Poole, Larned, Kan., m. at Kan., Oct 27th by T. H. Edwards, Esq
16 Jul M Croft, Marion A. and Gertrude VanDusen, Farmington Twp., m. Jul 3rd, Elmira, by Rev. W. T. Henry
3 Dec D Crowley, Ella age 3 mos, dau of Phillip and Catherine, d. Nov 23rd, Covington
7 May M Crumb, Miss Lemira Jackson Twp., and Albert Johns, Rutland Twp., m. in Rutland, Apr 17th by D. S. Horton, Esq
24 Dec D Culver, Lottie dau of D. S. age 2 yrs, 22 mos, d, Dec 18th at Eau Claire, Wisc.
11 Jun M Cummings, Miss Nancy Sabinsville and H. J. Harris, Lewiston, Ill., m. Jun 6th, on the Tioga railroad, by Rev. DeWitt
16 Apr M Darling, G. H. and Miss Sarah I. Sherman, Shippen Twp., m. Shipen Twp., Apr 13th by Rev. O. C. Hills
2 Apr D Dartt, Albert J. B. age 36, b. Charleston, served in 6th Pa. Cav, left wife and 4 children, d. Mar 20th, Shirley Cloud Co. Kan. Of pneumonia
5 Nov D Davenport, Lemull d. at his daus in Elkland, a week ago last Thur., b. 1792, VT., moved to Tioga Co., 1814, m. 1st a dau of Israel Buckley, 2nd wife, Polly Brown, widow of D. Brown, d. Oct 24th, age 86 yrs
26 Feb M Davis, Miss Anna Blossburg, and John Aylesworth, m. Blossburg, Feb 20th by Rev. C. H. Wright
30 Jul M Davis, Richard and Miss Elizabeth Holmes, Morris Run, m. Morris Run, Jul 25th by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
9 Jul M Davis, Wallace W. and Miss Ida M. Brewer, Chatham Twp., m. Jul 4th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
9 Jul M Dawson, Miss Anna C. Delmar Twp., and Wm A. Faulkner, m. Jul 4th, Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq
12 Mar M Day, Charles and Anna M. Carter, Mansfield, m. Mar 2nd by Rev. Geo. Meigs
3 Dec M Denmark, J. B. Blossburg and Mrs. C. E. Carey, Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Nov 23rd by Rev. K. P. Jarvis
5 Feb M Derbyshire, Miss Laura D. Delmar Twp., and Chas. Smith, m. Dec 20th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
12 Nov M Detner, Miss Hohannah Blossburg and Andrew Topolski, m. Blossburg Nov 3rd by Rev. Father Spreysxynski
23 Jul M Dewey, Anna A. Richmond Twp., and Floyd E. Phelps, m. Jul 3rd, Mansfield by Rev. G. D. Meigs
30 Apr M Dickens, Miss Rodentha Sunderlinville, Pa. and Clarence H. Barnes, Gaines, Pa., m. in Elkland, Apr 21st by I. H. Hulers
18 Jun M Dickenson, Walter and Miss Sarah Stewart, Jackson Twp., m. Jackson Twp., Jun 1st by Rev. Wm. Sharp
19 Nov M Dimmick, Miss Cora Tioga, and Wm. Quackenbush, m. at Mitchells Creek, Nov 6th by W. T. Wrell, Esq
15 Jan M Doan, Jacob J. and Miss Mary Owlett, Chatham Twjp., m. res of Andrew Doan, Esq. Farmington Twp., Jan 8th by Rev. Chas. Weeks
15 Jan M Doan, Miss Dollie and Andrew Owlett, Chatham Twp., m. res of Andrew Doan, Esq., Farmington Twp., Jan 8th by Rev. Chas. Weeks
17 Dec D Dockstader, Mr. Adam H. age 67 yrs, 11 mos, 22 das, Union Twp., d. Nov 27th
5 Nov D Douglass, John d. Oct 8th, age 43, Warsaw, Ill., former res of Tioga Co. was one of 6 bros served in th 17th Reg. NYS volunteers, Civil War, was buried in family grounds of W. P. Andrees, with who he made his home
3 Sep D Drake, May Witters youngest dau of L. H. and M. E. Drake, age 1 yr, 6mos, 19 das, d. Aug 22nd, Arnot
4 Jun M Draper, Laura Elkland and Hugo Thiele, m. Elkland, May 19th by J. H. Hiebers, Esq.
2 Apr D Drew, Harry Victor age 2 yrs, 1 mo, youngest child of J. E. and Sarah I. d. at South Bench, Watonwan Co., Minn, Mar 2nd
26 Feb D Drew, John formerly, Tioga Co., age 85, St. James, Watonvan Co., Minn, d. Feb 3rd
16 Apr D Dunham, James age 70, Farmington, d. Apr 4th
16 Apr D Duryea, Mr. S. M. ag 47 yrs, Middeburgh, Neb., d. Feb 20th, a native of Tioga Co., went west 1857, leaves wife and 6 children
9 Apr M Duttenheffer, Miss Barbary Wellsboro and E. G. Schieffelin, m. Wellsboro Apr 8th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
15 Jan M Eames, Miss Delia A. Richmond Twp., and Eugene Nichols, Tioga, m. Richmond Twp., Jan 5th by Rev. H. Vosburg
15 Jan M Eaton, S. F. Nelson, Pa., and Miss Maggie Young, Farmington, m. at Lawrenceville, Dec 22nd by Rev. Paul Smith
23 Apr M Eberenz, Alexander and Miss Jennie A. Campbell, Delmar Twp., m. Apr 10th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
24 Sep M Edsall, Miss Amelia Jackson Twp., and Gideon E. Corwin, m. Sep 15th, Lawrence Twp., by Rev. W. R. Stewart
16 Apr M Edwards, W. C., Esq. Learned, Kan. And Franc. C. Mitchell, dau of Mrs. W. K. of Tioga, m. Tioga Apr 3rd by Rev. S. D. Merrick
3 Dec D Eick, Frederick age 52, Westfield, d. Nov 21st
2 Jul M Elliot, Miss Ada M. Arnot and Fremont M. Brown, Elmira, NY., m. Arnot Jun 25th by Rev. Geo. C. Jones
6 Aug D Elliot, Miss Julia age 68 yrs, 1 mo, d. Jul 27th, Lawrence
11 Jun M Ely, Miss Amelia Blossburg and Thos. V. Keefe, Morris Run, m. St. Andrews Church, Blossburg, Jun 5th by Rev. Father Meillen
5 Feb M English, Andrew J. English Center and Miss Ada Ashcraft, Clymer, Pa., m. Clymer, Pa., Jan 25th by Rev. G. S. Transue
23 Apr M English, Miss Clara A. Delmar Twp., and Cornelius E. Griffen, m. Apr 22nd Stoneyfork by Rev. J. A. Boyce
22 Jan M Ernest, Miss Ida M. and Richard E. Hathaway, Tioga, m. at Blossburg, Jan 18th by Rev. C. H. Wright
2 Apr D Etner, John P. age 42, Wellsboro, d. Mar 28th
26 Feb M Evans, John J. and Miss Lizzie Claus, Charleston, m. Charleston, Feb 19th, res of brides parents, by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
23 Jul M Evans, Miss Martha Blossburg and D. F. Aylesworth, m. Blossburg Jul 17th by Rev. F. Evans
10 Sep M Evans, Miss Mary Ann Arnot, and Chas. Haus, m. Arnot Sep 3rd by Rev. R. L. Evans
14 May M Everett, W. F. son of Rev. I. Everett, Genessee Conf. and Clore Bliss, m. res of brides, Westfield by Rev. G. S. Transue
3 Dec M Everett, Wm. and Miss Nettie Hudson, Jackson Twp., m. res of bride, Nov 27th by Rev. H. B. Trexal
12 Nov M Farnham, Miss Mary Westfield and James M. Hammond, m. Oct 31st Knoxville, by Rev. P. Reynolds
13 Aug M Faulkner, Clark and Miss Mattie Straun, Little Marsh, m. Jul 28th, Cowanesque by Miles White, Esq
10 Dec M Faulkner, Miss Hettie of Richmond Twp., and Llewellyn Updike, m. Nov 19th, Richmond, by Rev. W. Beach
9 Jul M Faulkner, Wm. A. and Miss Anna C. Dawson, Delmar Twp., m. Jul 4th, Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq
17 Dec D Fenten, Orrin age 72 yrs, 9 mos, Wellsboro, d. Nov 18th
9 Apr M Fenton, Ida L. Cherry Flats and Horace N. Hosmer, m. Feb 5th, Osceola by Rev. H. C. Moyer
28 May M Fenton, Miss Minnie A. Wellsboro and Chas. S. Jaqueys, Salisbury, NY., m. Salisbury Center, NY., May 12th by Amos Cramer, Esq
19 Nov M Ferron, Wm. Tioga and Miss Charlotte Benson, Rutland Twp., m. Nov 15th, Roseville by Rev. M. Rockwell
30 Apr D Ferry, Chauncey age 78, Charleston, d. Apr 15th, apopexy
14 May M Ferry, Miss Helen A. Charleston and N. W. Masten, M.D., m. res of brides father, Chas., May 8th by Rev. J. V. Lowell
16 Apr D Field, Isaac F. age 73, Delmar, d. Mar 29th
26 Mar M Fish, Henry G. and Miss Mary Jane Booth, Arnot, m. at Blossburg, Mar 21st by C. H. Wright
8 Oct M Fletcher, Miss Estella Sullivan Twp. And Edwin E. Loomis, Troy, m. at Sullivan Twp., Sep 19th by Rev. S. G. Rhinevault
24 Dec M Fletcher, Miss Nellie E. Sullivan Twp., and Bert Welch, Mansfield, m. Dec 18th, Mainsburg by Rev. Ross Ward
30 Apr M Flynn, James and Miss Anna Robinson, Blossburg, m. Blossburg, Apr 22nd by Rev. J. D. Rockwell
19 Mar M Ford, Miss Caroline J. Delmar Twp., and Charles W. Fuller, Chatham Twp., m. Delmar Twp., Feb 23rd by Israel Stone, Esq
3 Dec D Forrest, Geo. C. son of Asa B. and Betsy J. Forrest, Rawleigh, NC, d. Nov 23rd, formerly Covington Twp., age 7 yrs 8 mos.
16 Apr D Forsythe, Geo. age 69, Farmington, d. Apr 7th
10 Dec M Foulkrod, Verona Liberty, and C. C. Wilson, m. in Liberty Dec 4th by Rev. A. B. Miller
17 Dec M Fowle, Ella M. Palatka, Fla., and W. E. More, Dundee, NY, m. Dec 11th, res of brides uncle, Lawrenceville, Pa., C.S. Mather Rev. J. B. Grier, Curwinsville
1 Oct M Francis, Miss Esther Charleston Twp., and Charles H. Scott, m. by Rev. DeWitt T. VanDoren, his res, Sep 25th
26 Mar M Frazier, Andrew and Mrs. Betsy A. White, Esq, Clymer Twp., m. Mar 19th, Westfield by Miles White Esq.
24 Sep M Fredenburg, Miss Mary Deerfield Twp., and Edward I. Knox, m. Sep 22nd, Knoxville by J. E. White, Esq
11 Jun D French, Geo. only son of Mark and Henrietta French, age 7 yrs, 9 mos, Mansfield, d. May 31st, diptheria
15 Jan D French, Jeanet only dau of Reuben French, Elkhorn, Tioga Co., age 11 yrs, 6 mos, d. at Soldiers Orphans School, Mansfield, Dec 24th, diptheria (Clara)
4 Jun D French, Stella dau of Mark and Henrietta, age 4 yrs, 2 mos, 18 das, Mansfield, d. May 26th after brief illness
31 Dec M French, Wm. W. Middlebury and Miss Ida V. Sweet, Canton, Pa. m. res of bridesgroom's parents, Dec 14th by Elder Eggleston
2 Apr D Friends, Willie only child of Ge. And Martha, age 3 mos, d. Mar 27th in Jackson Twp.
19 Mar M Fuller, Charles W. Chatham Twp., and Miss Caroline J. Ford, Delmar Twp., m. Delmar Twp., Feb 23rd by Israel Stone, Esq
28 May D Fuller, Gurdon age 66 yrs, 6 mos, 5 das, Mansfield, dl May 15th
16 Jul D Furburg, Antonine age 51, Blossburg, d. Jul 19th, consumption
27 Aug M Furman, Miss Julia M. Pine Creek and Don A. Seeley, Wellsboro, m. Aug 11th, Morris by Job Doane, Esq
5 Feb D Furman, Mrs. Eunice J. age 32, Gaines, d. Jan 26th
28 May D Furman, Rachel age 34, wife of Euley, d. May 21st, heart disease, Sylvania, Pa.
5 Feb M Garner, Susie and Mr. P. B. Hoffman, m. in Brookfield, Jan 5th by John Simmons, Esq
8 Oct M Gaylord, D. A. Mansfield and Miss M. E. Beckwith, Pine City, NY., m. Pine City, NY., Sep 26th by Rev. Dr. Ford of Elmira
17 Dec D Gaylord, Homer age 43, Mansfield, d. Dec 10th
27 Aug M Gee, Miss Lelia Sumner, Wis., and J. H. Barlow, Charleston, m. M. E. Parsonage, Wellsboro, Aug 25th by Rev. D. D. Buck, D.D.
28 May D Gee, Mrs. Daniel d. Middlebury, May 24th, her res., from injuries received in an accident, age in the 60's, m. 1832, Daniel Gee, had 13 children, 10 still living, buried Tioga
26 Mar M Gibbs, Miss Ella S. Lawrence, Pa. and John P. Rockwell, m. Mar 14th, at Lawrence by C. D. Kinney
18 Jun B Gilbert son to wife of E. C. Gilbert, Mansfield, b. Jun 1st
3 Sep D Gillett, Miss Amy age 30 yrs, 1 mo., Canoe Camp, d. Aug 20th
6 Aug M Gilmour, Miss Nettie B. Morris Run and Frank Pease, m. Morris Run, Jul 31st, by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
1 Oct M Good, Mrs. Sallie A. Mansfield and C. Jordan Kelley, Kellytown, m. at Mansfield, Sep 19th by Rev. G. D. Meigs
5 Feb D Goodall, Freddie Thomas age 8 yrs, 5 mos, Richmond, d. Jan 23rd, diptheria, son of Thomas and Celia
20 Aug M Goodwin, Miss Matilda A. Charleston and John W. Lester, m. Charleston Aug 15th by Rev. J. V. Lowell
14 May M Gorden, Kate dau of James E. Price, Esq. in Willmington, Del., and Wm. G. Bowdoin, Baltimore, m. Apr 30th by Rev. Chas. Breck
19 Feb M Granger, Miss Clara Lawrenceville and Franklin L. Pease, Corning, m. Lawrenceville, Feb 6th by Rev. John London
19 Nov D Granger, Willie age 4 mos. Son of Frank and Ida A. Granger d, May 31st, Austin, Minn
23 Jul M Grant, Erwin Derrick City and Miss Mary E. Tremain, Tioga Junction, m. Tioga Junction Jul 11th by Rev. L. D. Ayers
30 Jul M Grant, Miss Agnes Arnot, and Robert Walker, m. Arnot, Jul 25th by Rev. I. R. Spencer
18 Jun D Graves, Asahel age 80 yrs, 10 mos, 27 das, Covington, d. Jun 6th
31 Dec M Gray, Miss Ida M. Elkland and David A. Hammond, m. Elkland, Dec 18th by Rev. Benj. Russell
19 Nov M Gray, Wilton and Miss Anna Rose, Sullivan Twp., m. in Sullivan, Oct 22nd by Rev. Ross Ward
15 Oct M Green, Burke and Miss Clara Calkins, Charleston, m., res of brides parents Oct 12th by Rev. J. V. Lowell
3 Dec M Green, Frank and Miss Ella Mosier, Tioga, m. at Tioga, Nov 26th by Rev. G. W. Howland
1 Oct M Green, Miss May A. Blossburg and Thomas J. Williams, m. Blossburg, Sep 22nd by Rev. C. H. Wright
26 Mar M Green, T. E. and Miss Lucy A. Pease, Westfield, m. Westfield Mar 16th by Miles White, Esq.
13 Aug M Greening, Miss Anna D. Ulster, Pa. and James S. Merrick Blossburg, m. at Ulster, Pa., Jul 16th by Rev. N. N. Beers
12 Feb D Gregory, Edwin age 70 yrs, 1 mo, 28 das, Nauvoo, Pa., d. Man 28th, 53 year member of the M. E. Church
23 Apr M Griffen, Cornelius E. and Miss Clara A. English, Delmar Twp., m. Apr 22nd Stoneyfork by Rev. J. A. Boyce
15 Jan M Griffin, Lemuel and Miss Elvira Abbey, Clymer, Pa., m. at Westfield Jan 1st by Rev. G. S. Transue
17 Dec M Grover, Miss Alice F. Richmond Twp., and Seymour D. Shaw, m. Richmond Twp., Dec 4th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
5 Mar M Hall, Lettie Elizabeth dau of Alexander, Bath, NY., and Charles C. Cook, Wellsboro, m. Bath, NY., Feb 22nd by Rev. O. R. Howard, D.D.
28 May M Hallett, James Canisteo, NY and Miss Lizzie Smith, Farmington Twp., m. May 6th, Knoxville
31 Dec M Hammond, David A. and Miss Ida M. Gray, Elkland, m. Elkland, Dec 18th by Rev. Benj. Russell
12 Nov M Hammond, James M. and Miss Mary Farnham, Westfield, m. Oct 31st Knoxville, by Rev. P. Reynolds
6 Aug M Hammond, Miss May A. Elkland and S. E. Harrower, m. Nelson Jul 14th by Rev. Benj. Russell
19 Nov D Hardy, Rufus L. formerly of Charleston, age 66, Manhatton, Kan., d. Sep 12th
9 Apr M Harris, Geo. L. Woodhull, NY and Miss Mary E. Cisco, Elkland, ,m at M. E. Parsonage, Osceola, Jan 27th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
11 Jun M Harris, H. J. Lewiston, Ill., and Miss Nancy Cummings, Sabinsville, m. Jun 6th, on the Tioga railroad, by Rev. DeWitt
15 Jan M Harris, Miss Gwenie Arnot and Wm. Packard, m. in Arnot, Dec 24th by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
15 Jan M Harris, Rees and Miss Ellen Pendleton, Arnot, m. at Arnot, Dec 24th by F. Tilo Evans
6 Aug M Harrower, S. E. and Miss May A. Hammond, Elkland, m. at Nelson Jul 14th by Rev. Benj. Russell
26 Nov M Hart, Miss Irene Wellsboro and Alfred Willard, Charleston, m. Wellsboro Nov 24th by Rev. O. C. Hills
12 Mar M Hart, Miss Mary Elvira Morris and Walter Weatherbee, Delmar Twp., m. Mar 6th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
22 Jan M Hathaway, Richard E. Tioga and Miss Ida M. Ernest, m. at Blossburg, Jan 18th by Rev, C. H. Wright
10 Sep M Haus, Chas. and Miss Mary Anne Evans, Arnot, m. Arnot Sep 3rd by Rev. T. L. Evans
12 Feb D Haven, Oscar age 35, Southport, NY., d. Jan 31st
8 Oct M Hayes, Samuel L. and Ella G. Mitchell, Middlebury, m. Sep 28th, Mansfield by Rev. I. B. Spencer
30 Apr M Heath, Chas. and Miss Eugenie Boyd, Tioga, Pa. m. at Lawrenceville, Apr 21st by Rev. John London
18 Jun D Heath, Levi age 54, Keeneyville, d. Jun 14th
15 Oct D Hebe, Herbert L. age 1 yr, 5 mos, 20 das, son of Frank and Maria, Blossburg, d. Oct 4th, diptheria
15 Oct M Hepworth, Geo. F. South Addison, NY and Miss May Wilcox, Woodhull, NY., m. Oct 6th by W. B. Mead, Esq
22 Oct M Heron, Morgan and Miss Mary Stock, Arnot, m at Blossburg Oct 14th by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
2 Apr M Herzog, Anna dau of late Sam, and Chas. H. Sticklin, m. at Wellsboro Mar 28th by Rev. Chas. Breck, D. D.
7 May D Hildreth, Mrs. Lettie A. age 21, Wellsboro, d. Apr 23rd
19 Nov M Hitting, Miss Maggie A. Liberty, Pa. and Isaac B. Werline, Jr., m. at Williamsport, Nov 6th by Rev. A. B. Miller
10 Sep D Hoadley, James Arthur son of James Hoadley, age 1 yr, 28 das, Stoneyfork, d. Aug 31st
14 May D Hoard, James age 68 yrs, 1 mo, 15 das, Mansfield, d. May 2nd
14 May M Hodge, Mehemiah Middlebury and Polina Chapple, Farmington, Pa., m. Apr 6th, Middlebury by Daniel Holiday, Esq.
25 Jun D Hodges, Hiram age 34 (Mrs.), Blossburg, d. Jun 16th
26 Nov M Hoffman, Miss Nettie M. Delmar Twp., and Lewis C. Babcock, m. Nov 1st, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
5 Feb M Hoffman, Mr. P. B. and Susie Garner, Clymer Twp., m. in Brookfield, Jan 5th by John Simmons, Esq
8 Jan D Holden, Mrs. Hannah I. younges dau of Cyrus and Matilda Dartt, age 31, Wellsboro, d. Dec 11th in Brighton, Mich.
9 Apr M Hollands, Elizabeth youngest dau of Wm., Esq., Mansfield and Cassimer Nelson, m. Mar 27th by Rev. Wm Marshall
30 Jul M Holmes, Miss Elizabeth Morris Run and Richard Davis, m. Morris Run, Jul 25th by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
26 Feb D Holmes, R. A. of Baltimore, Md. Age 61, d. Feb 8th, Farmington
2 Apr M Horton, Isaac and Miss Fanny M. Kanedy, Delmar, m. Mar 21st, Shippen twp., by John W. English
9 Apr M Hosmer, Horace N. and Ida L. Fenton, Cherry Flats, m. Feb 5th, Osceola by Rev. H. C. Moyer
22 Jan M Hotchkiss, Thos. F. Mansfield and Miss Gertie E. Webb, Elkland, m. res of J. Fillman, Elkland, Dec 20th, by Rev. H. C. Moyer
9 Jul M Hoteling, Miss Julia E. Chatham Twp., and Amos Jackson, m. at Wellsboro Jul 4th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
9 Apr D Houk, Stella J. Wm. And the late Louise Houk's dau, age 5 yrs, 3mos, 24 das, d. Mar 30, Wellsboro
15 Jan M Hovencamp, David Mecklenbury, NY., and Miss Sarah E. Larrison, Westfield, m. at Westfield Dec 27th by Rev. S. W. Jennings
8 Jan D Howland, Annie dau of Henry W., age 13, Wellsboro,
8 Jan D Howland, Ellen wife of Henry W., age 41, Wellsboro, d. on Dec 31st
8 Jan M Howland, Miss Eunice R. Academy Corneres, and Chas. S. Campbell, Nelson, Pa., m. at Academy Corners, Dec 19th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
17 Sep M Howland, Wm. E. and Miss Louisa Lutes, Covington, m. Covington by Rev. Rose Ward
2 Apr M Hubbard, Geo. B Rutland Twp., and Miss Adelia Winters, Clymer Twp., m. Mar 25th Tioga by W. T. Urell, Esq
6 Aug D Hudson, Mary eldest dau of Wm. And Essa, age 19 yrs, 1 mo, 22 das, Jackson Twp., d. Jul 27th
3 Dec M Hudson, Miss Nettie Jackson Twp., and Wm. Everett, m. res of bride, Nov 27th by Rev. H. B. Trexal
15 Jan D Hunt, Katey May dau of Reuben and Cayherine Hunt, age 5 yrs, 3 mos, Stokesdale, d. Dec 29th
16 Jul M Hunt, Miss Ella V. and Nelson Walton, Deerfield Twp., m. res of Miss C. Inscho, Jul 29th by J. E. White, Esq. She from Woodhull, NY
16 Jul M Hunt, Miss Eva Deerfield Twp., and Sam Tremaine, Westfield, m. Jul 4th, hotel of S. B. Lovelace, Knoxville, by J. E. White, Esq
10 Dec M Hunter, Miss Mary and Alexander Williamson, m Nov 29th, Arnot by Rev. J. D. Rockwell
14 May D Husted, Matilda wife of David, age 54, Blossburg, d. May 3rd
10 Dec M Hutchinson, Miss Ann and Andrew Sinclair, m. at Arnot, Nov 29th by Rev. J. D. Rockwell
3 Dec M Hutter, Joseph Blossburg and Miss Mary Bowman, Arnot, m. at Blossburg, Nov 17th by Rev. F. K. Fowler
23 Apr D Ida E. Hastings only dau of Laura and Tim, age 14 yrs, 1 mo, d. Apr 11th

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By Joyce M. Tice