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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1878

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
22 Oct M Ingerick, Geo. E. and Miss Minnie L. Ives, Charleston, m. res of brides father, Oct 16th by Rev. J. V. Lowell
10 Dec D Inscho, Alonzo only child of James H. and Emma Putnam, d. Nov 26th, Lawrenceville
1 Oct M Irelan, Henry G. and Mrs. Ellen A. Spink, Blossburg, m. at Blossburg, Sep 26th by Rev. C. H. Wright
8 Jan M Isban, Harry Titusville, Pa., and Miss Julia E. Reese, Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro, Jan 2nd by Rev. J. F. Calkins
9 Apr D Ives, Gracie only dau of Valoris and Jane, d. Mar 28th, Middlebury
22 Oct M Ives, Miss Minnie L. Charleston and Geo. E. Ingerick, m. res of brides father, Oct 16th by Rev. J. V. Lowell
14 May M Ives, Willis V. and Mary F. Perkins, Middlebury, m. Middlebury, Mar 7th by Daniel Holiday, Esq.
9 Jul M Jackson, Amos and Miss Julia E. Hoteling, Chatham Twp., m. at Wellsboro Jul 4th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
25 Jun M Jackson, Mr. General and Miss Otelia Sherman, Chatham Twp., m. Chatham Twp., Jun 22nd by J. W. French, Esq
23 Jul M James, Ada M. Roseville and John H. Robb, Rutland Twp., m. Jul 4th by Rev. S. A. Chubbuck
26 Mar M James, Isaac and Miss Amelia Youngs, Hector, Pa., m. at Westfield, Mar 15th by Miles White Esq
28 May M Jaques, Chas. S. Salisbury, NY and Miss Minnie A. Fenton, Wellsboro, m. Salisbury Center, NY., May 12th by Amos Cramer, Esq
6 Aug D Jasp, Walter age 55, Morris Run, d. Jul 27th
7 May M Jearles, Chas. S. Shippen Twp., and Mis sVillie M. Burnett, Delmar Twp., m. in Shippen, Apr 28th by Rev. John W. English
17 Sep M Jenkins, Jacob A. and Miss Lucy E. Champney, Elk Twp., m. Elk Twp., Aug 24th by J. H. Hiebers, Esq
2 Jul M Jenkins, Miss Rosina and Daniel S. Williams, m. res of brides parents, Antrim, m. Jun 26th by Jonathan Miles Jones, Minister
15 Oct D Jenkins, Morgan age 36, Morris Run, d. Oct 8th
15 Jan M Jewitt, Mrs. Samantha Clymer, Twp., and Fredrick Swimlar, m. at Sabinsville, Jan 1st by V. R. Gee
7 May M Johns, Albert Rutland Twp., and Miss Lemira Crumb, Jackson Twp., m. in Rutland, Apr 17th by D. S. Horton, Esq
14 May M Johns, Horace Roseville and Miss Emma Woods, Sylvania, m. in Troy Apr 24th by Rev. S. L. Conde
8 Oct M Johnson, Miss Carrie O. Mansfield, and Will. J. Briggs, Pine City, NY., m. Mansfield, Sep 25th by Rev. H. Vosburgh
30 Apr D Johnston, Mrs. H. S. age 62, Tioga, d. Apr 17th
1 Oct M Johnston, Thos. and Miss Carrie L. Parks, Charleston Twp., m. Sep 5th, Catlin Hollow, by Rev. DeWitt T. VanDoren
29 Oct M Jones, Miss Maria Antrim, Pa., and Wm. Powell, m. Oct 20th Duncan Twp., by Wm. Clark, Esq
23 Jul M Jones, Mrs. Hulda Millerton and J. E. Barnes, Jackson Twp., m. Millerton Jul 16th by Rev. N. B. Congdon
11 Jun M Joseph, Miss Elizabeth Brookfield Twp., and Mathias Converse, m. May 25th, Westfield by Rev. E. C. Cowels
1 Oct M June, Chas. E. Addison, NY and Miss Georgia Cady, Tioga, m. at Tioga, Sep 18th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
25 Jun M Kagle, Frank and Miss Flora Wilcox, McIntyre, Pa., m. Jun 17th, M. E. Parsonage, Liberty by Rev. H. S. Lundy
2 Apr M Kanedy, Miss Fanny M. Delmar and Isaac Horton, m. Mar 21st, Shippen Twp., by John W. English
10 Dec M Keagle, Elmer and Miss Emma Ostram, Liberty, m. Liberty, Dec 4th by Rev. A. B. Miller
11 Jun M Keefe, Thos. V. Morris Run and Miss Amelia Ely, Blossburg, m. St. Andrews Church, Blossburg, Jun 5th by Rev. Father Meillen
8 Oct M Keeney, Arthur M. and Miss Laura Wedge, Middlebury, m. Oct 3rd, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
1 Oct M Kelley, C. Jordon Kellytown and Mrs. Sallie A. Good, Mansfield, m. at Mansfield, Sep 19th by Rev. G. D. Meigs
19 Mar D Kelley, Rosa age 65, wife of James, Mitchells Creek, d. on Mar 9th
15 Jan D Kelly, Julia E. age 67, wife of C. J. d. at Kellytown, Dec 18th
15 Jan M Kelly, O. M. Richmond Twp. And Miss Ida L. Santon, Hornby, NY., m. Dec 26th by Rev. C. G. Lowel
12 Feb M Kieffer, Samuel and Miss Susan Ritter, Liberty, Pa., m. Feb 3rd, M. E. Parsonage, Liberty by Rev. H. S. Lundy
2 Apr M Kimball, Jacob and Miss Martha E. Bowen, Charleston, m. Charleston Mar 26th by Rev. J. V. Lovell
11 Jun M King, Delia Brookfield, Pa. and John T. Butler, Emmetsborough, IO., m. May 26th, Westfield by Rev. G. S. Transue
19 Nov D King, Jared C. age 65 yrs, 8 mos, Covington, d. Nov 11th
6 Aug D Kingley, Grace E. dau of H. F. and Ella A., age 1 yr, 4 mos, d. Jul 27th, Mansfield
18 Jun D Kinner, Lewis age 72, Jackson Twp., d. Jun 12th, dropsy and erysipelas
22 Jan M Kiser, Miss Clara L. Chatham Twp., and Frank Close, m. res of brides father, Dec 18th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
12 Mar M Klock, Miss Emma N.  Wellsboro and Wm. H. Smith, Delmar Twp., m. Mar 7th, M. E. Parsonage, Tioga, by Rev. G. W. Howland
2 Jul M Knapp, Mrs. Jane Addison, NY and John Wilhelm, m. Addison, Ny., Jun 21st by Rev. P. Reynolds
24 Sep M Knox, Edward I. and Miss Mary Fredenburg, Deerfield Twp., m. Sep 22nd, Knoxville by J. E. White Esq
11 Jun D Knox, Mary C. wildo of late Philander Knox, age 73, Cambelltown, NY, d. Jun 1st
2 Jul M Knox, Miss Laura N. Deerfield Twp., and John C. White, m. Deerfield Twp., by Rev. P. Reynolds
19 Mar D Knox, Wm. Douglas age 79, d. at res. Of son Geo. S. at Warsaw, Ill, Feb 9th.  He was son of John Knox of Knoxville, now the town of Corning, NY.  Was active and influential businessman in Steuben Co., NY., until 1837.  Became res. Of Warsaw, Ill. 1844, was engaged in business at Junction City, Kan
26 Mar M Kratz, Bruno Bann Durhamville, NY and Miss Fanny D. Clark, Covington, m. at Blossburg, Mar 21st by Rev. C. H. Wright
5 Nov B Kress son to Mrs. Wm. C. Kress, Wellsboro, Oct 20th
5 Mar M Kress, J. C. and Miss Luvenia Pender, m. Feb 20th by Rev. Edwin Wickens at Episcopal Church, Groesbeech, Tex.
6 Aug   LaCroix, Wm Knoxville, was elected temory chairman of Nat. Greenback Labor Co., Comm
19 Nov M Lamb, J. C. Jackson Twp., Susquehanna Co., and Miss Christana Benson, m. Nov 10th, Roseville by Rev M. Rockwell
26 Nov M Lamb, J. O. Jackson, Sus. Co., and Miss Christina Benson, Roseville, m. Nov 10th
25 Jun D Lamkin, Maria wife of W. H. age 30, Covington, d. Jun 17th
25 Jun D Lansdon (Langdon), Arthur son of O. H. Langdon, Mansfield, d. Jun 16th, diptheria, age 4 yrs
15 Jan M Larrison, Miss Sarah E. Westfield and David Hovencamp, Mecklenbury, NY., m. at Westfield Dec 27th by Rev. S. W. Jennings
12 Nov D Lattin, Martha D. infant dau of Wm. And harriet E. Lattin, age 3 mo, 27 das, Jackson Twp., d. Oct 12th
22 Oct M Leib, Jas. E. Wellsboro and Miss Louise Orcutt, Batavia, NY., m. Oct 3rd, Rochester, NY., by Rev. C. B. Gardner
16 Apr M Lent, Miss Julie L. Deerfield Twp., and Marvin W. Atherton, Charleston, m. M. E. Parsonage, East Charleston, Mar 4th by Rev. J. v. Lowell
20 Aug M Lester, John W. and Miss Matilda A. Goodwin, Charleston, m. Charleston Aug 15th by Rev. J. V. Lowell
19 Feb M Lester, Miss Fanny L. Charleston, and Ambrose Rouse, m. M. E. Parsonage, Charleston, Feb 17th by Rev. J. W. Lowell
12 Mar M Lewis, Edmund and Artie B. Mills, Arnot, m. in Blossburg Feb 27th by Rev. J. D. Rockwell
30 Apr D Little, Mrs. ofer 90 yrs of age, d. Apr 23, Blossburg
9 Apr M Longwell, G. A. and Mrs. Sarah A. Morley, Mansfield, m. Elmira, NY., Mar 27th by Rev. J. B. Lhearer
8 Oct M Loomis, Edwin E. Troy and Miss Estella Fletcher, Sullivan Twp., m. at Sullivan Twp., Sep 19th by Rev. S. G. Rhinevault
9 Apr D Lossey, Olivia wife of Sam, age 81, Gaines, d. Mar 29th
26 Feb D Lowery, Mrs. Mary age 38, Tioga, d. Feb 15th
23 Jul M Lucas, Idell H. Rutland Twp., and Wm. H. Barnes, Wells Twp., m. Jul 2nd Roseville by Rev. S. A. Chubbuck
15 Jan D Luckey, Thos. age 64, Blossburg, d. Jan 3rd.
12 Nov D Ludwig, Alvira age 5 mo. Dau of Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig, d. Nov 4th, Blossburg
17 Sep M Lutes, Miss Louisa Covington and Wm. E. Howland, m. Covington by Rev. Rose Ward
24 Dec M MacDougall, Clinton D. Auburn, NY and Miss Marianne Cook, NYC, formerly of Bath, NY., m. in city of Rome Kingdom of Italy, Nov 28th res of the American Consul General by Rev. Robert J. Nevin D. Rector of St. Pauls Protestant Episcopal Church
12 Mar M Mack, Alonzo C. and Miss Addie L. Rockwell, m. Mar 2nd, Arnot by Rev. R. Christian
16 Jul M Mack, John Antrim, Pa. and Miss Ellen Maher, Blossburg, m. Blossburg Jul 9th by Rev. Father Murphy
20 Aug M Mack, Miss Saran E. Westfield and W. H. Champlain, Syracuse, NY., m. Jul 29th, Osceola, by Rev. John Cairns
16 Jul M Maher, Miss Ellen Blossburg and John Mack, m. Blossburg Jul 9th by Rev. Father Murphy
30 Apr M Malison, B. Frank and Mary Beebe, only dau of Charles, Lawrenceville, m. Apr 18th by Rev. J. B. Grier
8 Jan D Mann, Arvine age 60, d. at Homer, NY, Dec 29th, formerly of Tioga
5 Nov D Mann, Edna C. only child of John and Clara, age 4 yrs, 10 mos, 14 das, Jackson Twp., Oct 15th
7 May D Margroff, Willie son of Louis and Lena Age 6, of Wellsboro, at Mansfield Orphans School, d. May 5th
11 Jun M Martin, Josie E. Cherry Flats and Elisha B. Zimmer, m. May 29th, Tioga by Rev. Geo. D. Meigs
3 Sep M Martin, Robert and Miss Ann Rees, Morris Run, m. res of Stephen Bowen, Blossburg, Aug 24th by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
28 May D Marvin, Austin Niles Valley, age 30, d. May 26th of fatal accident which occurred while working as fireman at a steam mill
26 Nov M Marvin, Miss Mary C. Oneonta, NY., and W. V. Schott, Elkland, m. Nov 12th, Tioga by Rev. S. D. Merrick
9 Jul M Marvin, Tillie and Miss Nellie Cowan, Covington, m. in Covington, Jun 28th by S. S. Packard, Esq
21 May M Mascho, Dell E. Brookfield Twp., and Miss Helen Seely, Hector, Pa., m. at Westfield, May 11th
14 May M Masten, N. W., M.D. and Miss Helen A. Ferry, Charleston, m. res of brides father, Chas. , May 8th by Rev. J. V. Lowell
30 Jul M Mattison, Ernest R. and Miss Emma M. Robbins, Richmond Twp., m. M. E. Parsonage, East Charleston, Jul 21st by Rev. J. V. Lowell
24 Dec D Maynard, John d. Dec 9th, b. Addebury, Eng., migrated to America, age 19, settled North Adams, MO. Until 1846, came to Pine Creek
10 Dec M McCallum, J. M. Farmington and Emma H. Smith, Middlebury, m. res of brides, Nov 28th by Rev. Dewitt T. VanDoren
30 Apr D McCarty, Mrs. Mary age 76, Blossburg, d. Apr 22nd
15 Jan M McClean, Sarah M. Brookfield, Pa., and S. B. Plank, m. at Brookfield, Dec 25th by Rev. G. S. Transue
22 Jan D McCormick, Patrick age 69, Union Twp., d. Jan 12th
10 Dec M McPhee, Edwin R. and Miss Cora V. Miller, Osceola, m. at Osceola, Nov 27th by Rev. F. M. Smith
10 Sep D Mead, Geo. age 5 yrs, son of W. B. and E. M., d. Aug 30th at Elkland
29 Jan M Meade, Miss Emma Knoxville and Chas. R. Price, m. at M. E. Parsonage, Knoxville, Jan 19th by Rev. Wm. W. Hunt
17 Dec D Megell, Willie age 5 yrs, Tioga, d. Dec 4th, diptheria
12 Mar D Merrick, Dr. J. B. age 54, Mansfield, d. Mar 1st
13 Aug M Merrick, James S. Blossburg, and Miss Anna D. Greening, Ulster, Pa., m. at Ulster, Pa., Jul 16th by Rev. N. N. Beers
6 Aug D Metcalf, Harvey age 76, Westfield
16 Jul M Metcalf, J. H. and Mrs. Elizabeth Aldrich, Westfield, m. Jun 30th by Rev. Thomas
21 May M Miller, Marion Shippen Twp., and Miss Aliee E. Allen, Chatham Twp., m. Delmar Twp., May 16th by Israel Stone, Esq
10 Dec M Miller, Miss Cora V. Osceola and Edwin R. McPhee, m. at Osceola, Nov 27th by Rev. F. M. Smith
8 Jan M Miller, Miss Hettie Millerton, and Henry S. Russell, Caton, NY., m. Millerton Dec 22nd by Rev. N. B Congdon
15 Oct M Miller, Miss Kate E. Lawrence Twp., and Geo. E. Castle, Smithfield, Pa., m. Lawrence Twp., Oct 3rd by Rev. S. D. Merrick
12 Mar M Mills, Artie B. Arnot and Edmund Lewis, m. in Blossburg, Feb 27th by Rev. J. D. Rockwell
9 Apr M Mills, John Principal of Mansfield Grade School and Miss Rose Voorhees, youngest dau of John, Esq. m. in Richmond Mar 28th by Rev. J. A. Drake
8 Oct M Mitchell, Ella G. Middlebury, and Samuel L. Hayes, m. Sep 28th, Mansfield, by Rev. I. B. Spencer
16 Apr M Mitchell, Franc. C. dau of Mrs. W. K. of Tioga and W. C. Edwards, Esq., Larned, Kan., m. Tioga Apr 3rd by Rev. S. D. Merrick
11 Jun M Mitchell, James and Miss Anne Jane Orr, Arnot, Pa., m. Jun 5th, Blossburg by Rev. Chas. H. Wright
5 Mar D Mitchell, Richard age 76, Tioga, d. Feb 23rd
31 Dec M Mitchell, Walter B. and Miss Hellie A. White, Holidaytown, m. Nov 1878, Lindley, NY by Rev. L. D. Ayers
8 Jan M Monroe, Miss Sibbie L. and Wm. A. Robinson, Addison, NY., m. res of brides father, Hornellsville, NY., Jan 3rd by Rev. S. L. Aldrich
26 Feb D Monroe, Myron age 24yrs, 12 das, Delmar Twp., d. Feb 21st, consumption
8 Oct M Moon, Mrs. Alma F. Covington and L. S. Townsend, M.D. m. at Covington, Oct 2nd by Rev. Ross Ward
17 Dec M More, W. E. Dundee, NY., and Ella M. Fowle, Palatka, Fla, m. Dec 11th, res of brides uncle, Lawrenceville, Pa., C.S. Mather Rev. J. B. Grier, Curwinsville
16 Jul M Morgan, Daniel and Miss Nancy Root, Wellsboro, m. Jul 4th, Shippen Twp., by John W. English, Esq
9 Apr M Morley, Mrs. Sarah A. Mansfield and G. A. Longwell, m. Elmira, NY., Mar 27th by Rev. J. B. Lhearer
24 Dec M Morley, Washington and Miss Mary Piersoll, Mansfield, m. by Rev. W. Beach, Dec 15th
5 Feb M Morrow, Martha Dlemar Twp., and Lewis B. Covert, Lodi, NY, m. Jan 31st, Wellsboro, by Rev. J. F. Calkins
26 Mar M Mosher, Aaron W. Middlebury and Miss Juliette Bacon, Sabinsville, m Mar 3rd, Middlebury by Elder E. H. Eggleston
5 Mar M Mosher, Edward H. and Maggie K. Caldwell, Blossburg, m. at Mansfield, Feb 22nd by Rev. G. D. Meigs
21 May M Mosher, Miss Anna Lawrence Twp., and Sam B. Spaulding, Middlebury, m. Apr 29th, Tioga, by W. T. Wrell, Esq
18 Jun M Moshier, Gilbert and Miss Mary Watkins, Delmar Twp., m. May 31st, Mansfield by Rev. G. M. Righter
3 Dec M Mosier, Miss Ella Tioga, and Frank Green, m. at Tioga, Nov 26th by Rev. G. W. Howland
14 May M Mott, Elmer Wellsboro and Miss Jennie F. Agney, Richmond Twp., m. Apr 6th, Holidaytown by Daniel Holiday, Esq
23 Apr M Mott, Rev. C. F. Troy, Pa. and Miss Nettie Peck, Tioga, m. Tioga Apr 15th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
22 Jan M Mowrey, Mrs. E. I. Chatham Twp., and Dr. C. M. Phillips, Knoxville, m. at Little Marsh, Jan 13th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
16 Jul M Moyer, Miss Minerva C. Liberty and John Brion, m.Jul 4th, Williamsport, by Rev. A. B. Miller
9 Apr D Mudge, Libbie wife of Edgar R. and dau of Wm. E. and Mary Morrison, age 19 yrs, 11 mos, 8 das, d. Feb 14th, Pulteny, NY., consumption
17 Dec D Munroe, Mrs. Sarah age 68, Morris Run, d. Dec 11th, dropsy
28 May D Murdough, Charles son of J. S. and Lucinda, d. May 15th, age 2 yrs, 11 mos, Mansfield, diptheria
23 Apr M Myfelt, John P. and Miss Francis A. Burton, Jackson Twp., m. Apr 6th, Lawrenceville by Rev. Paul Smith

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