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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA, Volume 4 -  Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Wellsboro Gazette 1878

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981 Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997. This page retyped by Jane Webb for Tri-Counties
Year Date Ca Name Text
1878 3-Oct. M Chapman, Miss Emma Married—At Mansfield, Sept. 10, 1878, by Rev. Geo. M. Righter, Mr. Jos. L. Andrus, of Gillette and Miss Emma Chapman, of Cherry Flats, Pa.
1878 18-Apr. D Childs, Lou Died—In Liberty, March 14, 1878, of consumption, Lou, daughter of W. and E. Childs, aged 19 years, 5 months and three days.
1878 7-Mar. D Chubbuck, Charles H. Died—Charles H. Chubbuck, brother-in-law of R.L. Van Horn, and formerly a resident of Wellsboro, died of consumption at Hudson, Wisconsin, on Sat., Feb. 16th, 1878. He was 36 years old.
1878 7-Feb. M Churchill, Mr. Charles O. Married—In Middlebury, Dec. 5, 1877, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Charles O. Churchill and Miss Medella Owlett, both of Middlebury.
1878 11-Apr. M Cisco, Miss Mary E. Married—At the M.E. parsonage, Osceola, Pa., Jan. 27, 1878, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Geo. L. Harris, of Woodhull, N.Y., and Miss Mary E. Cisco, of Elkland, Pa.
1878 28-Feb. D Clagett, Mrs. G. W. Died—In Lawrence Township, Feb. 14, 1878, Mrs. G. W. Clagett.
1878 21-Mar. D Clark, Anna Died—In Richmond, March 8, 1878, of Cholera, Anna, daughter of M.B. & Mariette Clark, aged 6 years, 4 months and 8 days.
1878 28-Mar. M Clark, Miss Fanny D. Married—At Blossburg, March 21, 1878, by Rev. C.H. Wright, Mr. Bruno Bannkratz, of Durhamville, N.Y., and Miss Fanny D. Clark, of Covington.
1878 28-Feb. M Claus, Miss Lizzie Married—In Charleston, Pa., Feb. 19, 1878, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. John J. Evans, and Miss Lizzie Claus, both of Charleston.
1878 24-Jan. M Close, Mr. Frank Married—At the house of the bride’s father in Chatham, Dec. 18, 1877, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Frank Close and Miss Clara L. Kizer, both of Chatham, Pa.
1878 2-May D Coe, Henry H. Died—Henry H. Coe, an old resident of Covington Township, died very suddenly on Tuesday morning of last week.
1878 18-Jul. M Coggeshall, Miss Rosamond P. Married—At Lock Haven, Pa., Sept. 29, 1877, by Rev. S. Creighton, Pastor of the M.E. Church, Mr. Leon O. Bailey, of Wellsboro, Pa., and Miss Rosamond P. Coggeshall, of Brookfield, Pa. No cards.
1878 18-Apr. D Cole, A. D. Died—In Tioga, April 7, 1878, A.D. Cole, aged about 73 years.
1878 12-Sept. D Cole, Mr. Philander Died—At the same time and place, by a similar accident Mr. Philander Cole of Delmar, aged 23 years and 3 months.
1878 12-Sept. D Cole, Mr. William  Died—Near Vermilyea’s, Sept. 4, 1878, by accidental drowning, Mr. William Cole, of Delmar aged 50 years and 17 days.
1878 5-Sept. D Cole, Philander Died—Wm. Cole, and Philander Cole, of Delmar Twp., drowned in Pine Creek yesterday.
1878 5-Sept. D Cole, Wm. Died—Wm. Cole, and Philander Cole, of Delmar Twp., drowned in Pine Creek yesterday.
1878 7-Feb. D Collar, Harvey Died—At Tioga, Jan. 27, 1878, Harvey Collar, aged 24 years.
1878 18-Apr. D Comstock, Caleb A. Died—At Nauvoo, April 8, 1878, Caleb A. Comstock, aged 69 years and 8 days.
1878 19-Sept. M Comstock, Mr. Oscar Married—At Blossburg, Sept. 10, 1878, by Rev. C.H. Wright, Mr. Oscar Comstock of Nauvoo, and Miss Emma Thomas, of West Liberty.
1878 13-Jun. M Converse, Mr. Matthias At Westfield, May 25, 1878, by Rev. E.C. Cowles, Mr. Matthias Converse and Miss Elizabeth Joseph, both of Brookfield.
1878 7-Mar. M Cook, Charles C. Married—At Bath, N.Y., Feb. 27, 1878, by Rev. O.R. Howard, D.D., Charles C. Cook, of Wellsboro, Pa., and Lettie Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Alexander Hall of Bath.
1878 14-Feb. M Cook, Myra A. Married—On Friday, Feb. 1, 1878, by Rev. G.D. Meigs, Mr. Fred A. Voorhees, of Richmond Township, and Myra A. Cook, of Bath, New York.
1878 26-Sept. M Corwin, Mr. Gideon E. Married—In Lawrence township, Sept. 15, 1878, by W.R. Stewart, Mr. Gideon E. Corwin and Miss Amelia Edsall both of Jackson, Pa.
1878 7-Feb. M Covert, Mr. Lewis B. Married—At Wellsboro, Jan. 31, 1878, by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Lewis B. Covert, of Lodi, N.Y., and Martha Morrow of Delmar, Pa.
1878 11-Jul. M Cowan, Miss Nellie  Married—In Covington, June 28, 1878, by S.S. Packard, Esq., Mr. Tillie Marvin and Miss Nellie Cowan, both of Covington.
1878 17-Oct. D Cowley, Dick Died—Dick Cowley, a brakeman on the way freight on the Corning and Geneva Railroad was killed while coupling cars, Monday morning last.
1878 29-Aug. D Crane, Sarah Died—At Blossburg, Aug. 11, 1878, Sarah, wife of Rev. J.G. Crane, aged 79 years and 8 months.
1878 18-Jul. M Croft, Marion A. Married—At Elmira, July 3, 1878, by Rev. W. T. Henry, Marion A. Croft and Gertrude VanDusen, both of Farmington, Pa.
1878 9-May M Crumb, Miss Lemira Married—In Rutland, April 17, 1878, by D.S. Horton, Esq., Mr. Albert Johns, of Rutland, and Miss Lemira Crumb, of Jackson.
1878 13-Jun. M Cumming, Miss Nancy Married—On the Tioga Railroad, June 6, 1878, by Rev. Mr. DeWitt, Mr. H.J. Harris, of Lewiston, Ill., and Miss Nancy Cumming, of Sabinsville, Pa.
1878 21-Feb. D Cushman, Jennie Died—In Tioga Township, Feb. 8, 1878, of membranous croup, Jennie Cushman, aged 1 year, 11 months & 8 days.
1878 18-Apr. M Darling, Mr. G. H. Married—In Shippen, April 13, 1878, by Rev. O.C. Hills, Mr. G.H. Darling and Miss Sarah L. Sherman, both of Shippen.
1878 4-Apr. D Dartt, Albert J. B. Died—At Shirley, Cloud County, Kansas, March 20, 1878, of pneumonia, Albert J.B. Darrt, in the 36th year of his age.
1878 11-Jul. M David, Mr. Wallace W. Married—At Wellsboro, July 4, 1878, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Wallace W. Davis and Miss Ida M. Brewer, both of Chatham, Pa.
1878 28-Feb. M Davis, Miss Anna Married—At Blossburg, Pa., Feb. 20, 1878, by Rev. C.H. Wright, Mr. John Aylesworth and Miss Anna Davis, both of Blossburg, Pa.
1878 1 Aug. M Davis, Mr. Richard  Married—At Morris Run, July 25, 1878, by rev. F. Tilo Evans, Mr. Richard Davis and Miss Elizabeth Holmes, both of Morris Run.
1878 11-Jul. M Dawson, Miss Anna C. Married—At Wellsboro, July 4, 1878, by A.S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. William A. Faulkner and Miss Anna C. Dawson, both of Delmar.
1878 14-Mar. M Day, Charles Married—At Mansfield, March 2, 1878, by Rev. Geo. D. Meigs, Charles Day and Anna M. Carter.
1878 7-Feb. O Deane, Mr. E. P. News Item—Mr. E.P. Deane, the veteran surveyor, showed us yesterday a hickory cane that has an interesting history. The ancestors of Mr. Deane landed at Plymouth in 1641. The cane was given to Mr. Deane's great-grandfather by a Mohican Indian 200 years ago. It has descended from father to eldest son, and is now in possession of Mr. Deane.
1878 7-Feb. M Derbyshire, Miss Laura D. Married—In Wellsboro, Dec. 20, 1877, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Chas. Smith and Miss Laura D. Derbyshire, both of Delmar.
1878 25-Jul. M Dewey, Anna A. Married—At Mansfield, July 3, 1878, by Rev. G.D. Meigs, Floyd E. Phelps and Anna A. Dewey, both of Richmond.
1878 25-Apr. M Dickens, Miss Rodentha Married—In Elk, April 21, 1878, by I.H. Hiibers, Esq., Mr. Clarence H. Barnes, of Gaines, Tioga Co., Pa., and Miss Rodentha Dickens, of Sunderlinville, Potter Co., Pa.
1878 20-Jun. M Dickenson, Mr. Walter  Married—In Jackson Twp., June 1, 1878, by Rev. Wm. Sharp, of Caton, N.Y., Mr. Walter Dickenson and Miss Sarah Stewart both of Jackson.
1878 17-Jan. M Doan, Miss Dollie Married—At the residence of Andrew Doan, Esq., in Farmington, Jan. 8, 1878, by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Andrew Owlett, of Chatham, and Miss Dollie Doan.
1878 17-Jan. M Doan, Mr. Jacob Married—At the residence of Andrew Doan, Esq., in Farmington, Jan. 8, 1878, by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Jacob J. Doan and Miss Mary Owlett, both of Chatham.
1878 5-Sept. D Drake, May Witters Died—At Arnot, Aug. 22, 1878, May Witters, youngest daughter of L.H. and M.E. Drake, aged 1 year 6 months and 19 days.
1878 6-Jun. M Draper, Laura Married—In Elkland, Pa., May 19, 1878, by J.H. Hubers, Esq., Hugo Thiele and Laura Draper, both of Elkland, Pa.
1878 4-Apr. D Drew, Harry Aictor Died—At South Branch, Watonwan Co., Minn., March 2, 1878, Harry Aictor, youngest child of J.E. and Sarah L. Drew, aged 2 years and one month.
1878 28-Feb. D Drew, John Died—At St. Janes, Watonwan Co., Minn., Feb. 3, 1878, John Drew, formerly of Tioga Co., Pa., in the 85th year of his age.
1878 4-Apr. D Drew, Sarah L. Died—At South Branch, Watonivan Co., Minn., March 7, 1878, Sarah L., wife of J.E. Drew, aged 27 years and 17 days.
1878 18-Apr. D Dunham, James Died—In Farmington, April 4, 1878, James Dunham, aged about 70 years.
1878 18-Apr. D Duryea, Mr. S.M. Died—In Middleburgh, Nebraska, Feb. 20, 1878, of quick consumption, Mr. S.M. Duryea, aged 47 years. The dec'd was a native of this County. He went west in 1857, where he resided until his death. He leaves a wife and 6 children.
1878 11-Apr. M Duttenhoffer, Miss Barbary Married—In Wellsboro, April 8, 1878, by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. E.G. Schieffelin and Miss Barbary Duttenhoffer, both of Wellsboro.
1878 4-Jul. D Dyke, Mrs. V. C. Died—Mrs. V.C. Dyke, formerly editress of the Potter Co. Journal, died at Coudersport, Friday, June 21st.
1878 24-Jan. M Earnest, Miss Ida M. Married—At Blossburg, Jan. 18, 1872, by Rev. C.H. Wright, Mr. Richard E. Hathaway, of Tioga, and Miss Ida M. Earnest.
1878 25-Apr. M Eberenz, Mr. Alexander Married—At Wellsboro, April 10, 1878, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Alexander Eberenz and Miss Jennie A. Campbell, both of Delmar.
1878 26-Sept. M Edsall, Miss Amelia  Married—In Lawrence township, Sept. 15, 1878, by W.R. Stewart, Mr. Gideon E. Corwin and Miss Amelia Edsall both of Jackson, Pa.
1878 18-Apr. M Edwards, W. C., Esq. Married—At Tioga, April 3, 1878, by Rev. S.D. Merrick, W.C. Edwards, Esq., of Larned, Kansas, and Franc C., daughter of Mrs. W.K. Mitchell, of Tioga.
1878 6-Jun. D Elliot, Mr. William Died—Mr. William Elliott, of Farmington Center, died very suddenly of heart disease on Monday, May 27th. He was 65 years of age, and has lived in Farmington for the past 8 or 10 years.
1878 4-Jul. M Elliott, Miss Ada M. Married—In Arnot, June 25, 1878, by Rev. Geo. C. Jones, Mr. Fremont M. Brown, of Elmira, and Miss Ada M. Elliott, of Arnot.
1878 8-Aug D Elliott, Miss Julia Died—In Lawrence Township, July 27, 1878, of Chronic inflammation, Miss Julia Elliott, aged 68 years and one month.
1878 13-Jun. M Ely, Miss Amelia Married—At St. Andrew’s Church, Blossburg, June 5, 1878, by Rev. Father Mullen, Mr. Thomas V. Keefe, of Morris Run, and Miss Amelia Ely, of Blossburg.
1878 7-Feb. M English, Andrew J. Married—In Clymer, Jan. 25, 1878, by Rev. G.S. Transue, Andrew J. English, of English Center, Pa., and Miss Ada Ashcraft, of Clymer.
1878 25-Apr. M English, Miss Clara A. Married—At Stony Fork, April 22, 1878, by Rev. J.A. Boyce, Mr. Cornelius E. Griffin and Miss Clara A. English, both of Delmar.
1878 4-Apr. D Etner, Mr. John Died—Mr. John Etner died March 28th, aged 42 years and 11 months. Mr. Etner was born in Prussia in 1835. When but 5 years of age his father died, and his mother followed 5 years later, left to the care of strangers, he was soon apprenticed to a tailor. In 1852, when 17 years old, he left his foreign home to (come to) New York. In 1858 he was married to Miss Madeline Paul. They remained in New York until 1865, when they removed to Wellsboro. The dec’d leaves a wife and 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls.
1878 4-Apr. D Etner, Mr. John Died—At Wellsboro, Thursday night, March 28, 1878, Mr. John Etner, aged 42 years.
1878 21-Feb. D Evans, infant daughter Died—At Blossburg, Feb. 13, 1878, an infant daughter of Mr. Thomas J. Evans.
1878 25-Jul. M Evans, Miss Martha Married—At Blossburg, July 17, 1878, by Rev. F. Evans, Mr. D.F. Aylesworth and Miss Martha Evans, both of Blossburg.
1878 12-Sept. M Evans, Miss Mary Anne Married—At Arnot, Sept. 3, 1878, by Rev. F.T. Evans, Mr. Charles Hans and Miss Mary Anne Evans, both of Arnot.
1878 28-Feb. M Evans, Mr. John J. Married—In Charleston, Pa., Feb. 19, 1878, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. John J. Evans, and Miss Lizzie Claus, both of Charleston.
1878 15-Aug. M Faulkner, Mr. Clark Married—At Cowanesque Valley, July 28, 1878, by Miles White, Esq., Mr. Clark Faulkner and Miss Mattie Straum, both of Little Marsh, Pa.
1878 11-Jul. M Faulkner, Mr. William A. Married—At Wellsboro, July 4, 1878, by A.S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. William A. Faulkner and Miss Anna C. Dawson, both of Delmar.
1878 11-Apr. M Fenton, Ida L. Married—At Osceola, Pa., Feb. 5, 1878, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Horace N. Hosmer, and Ida L. Fenton, both of Cherry Flats, Pa.
1878 2-May D Ferry, Chauncey Died—In Charleston, Pa., April 15, 1878, of apoplexy, Chauncey Ferry, in the 78th year of his age.
1878 18-Apr. D Field, Mr. Isaac F. Died—In Delmar, March 29, 1878, Mr. Isaac F. Field, in his 73d year.
1878 28-Mar. M Fish, Mr. Henry G. Married—At Blossburg, March 21, 1878, by Rev. C.H. Wright, Mr. Henry G. Fish, and Miss Mary Jane Booth, both of Arnot.
1878 2-May M Fleming, Mr. L. M. Married—At Wellsboro, April 27, 1878, by Rev. M. Yale, Mr. L.M. Fleming, and Miss S.M. Spencer, both of this boro.
1878 10-Oct. M Fletcher, Miss Estelle  Married—In Sullivan, Sept. 19, 1878, by Rev. S.G. Rhinevault. Mr. Edwin E. Loomis, of Troy, Pa., and Miss Estelle Fletcher, of Sullivan, Pa.
1878 2-May M Flynn, Mr. James Married—At Blossburg, April 22, 1878, by Rev. J.D. Rockwell, Mr. James Flynn and Miss Anna Robinson, both of Blossburg.
1878 21-Mar. D Ford Miss Caroline J. Married—In Delmar, Feb. 23, 1878, by Israel Stone, Esq., Mr. Charles W. Ford, of Chatham, and Miss Caroline J. Ford, of Delmar.
1878 18-Apr. D Forsythe, George Died—In Farmington, April 7, 1878, George Forsythe, aged about 69 years.
1878 3-Oct. M Francis, Miss Esther Married—By Rev. DeW. T. Van Doren, at his residence in Charleston Township, Sept. 25, 1878, Mr. Charles H. Scott and Miss Esther Francis, both of Charleston Twp.
1878 28-Mar. M Frazier, Mr. Andrew Married—At Westfield, Pa., March 19, 1878, by Miles White, Esq., Mr. Andrew Frazier and Mrs. Betsey A. White, both of Clymer, Pa.
1878 26-Sept. M Fredenburg, Miss Mary Married—At Knoxville, Sept. 22, 1878, by J.E. White, Esq., Mr. Edward L. Knox, and Miss Mary Fredenburg, both of Deerfield, Township.
1878 25-Apr. D Freer, Hon. George G. Died—Hon. George G. Freer, formerly Judge of Schyler Co., N.Y., died at Watkins on the 17th inst., of apoplexy. He was the owner of the Lake View Hotel, Jefferson House, Freer’s Opera House, and was at one time owner of Watkins Glenn.
1878 17-Jan. D French, Clara Jeanet Died—At the Soldiers’ Orphan School, Mansfield, Dec. 24, 1877, of diptheria, Clara Jeanet, only daughter of Reuben French, of Elkhorn, Tioga Co., Pa., aged 11 years and 6 months.
1878 13-Jun. D French, George Died—At Mansfield, May 31, 1878, of diptheria, George only son of Mark H. and Henrietta French, aged 7 years and 9 months.
1878 6-Jun. D French, Stella Died—At Mansfield, May 26, 1878, after a brief illness, Stella daughter of Mark and Henrietta French, aged 4 years 2 months and 18 days.
1878 4-Apr. D Friends, Willie Died—In Jackson, March 27, 1878, Willie, only child of George and Martha Friends, aged 3 months.
1878 30-May D Fuller, Gurdon Died—At Mansfield, May 15, 1878, Gurdon Fuller, aged 66 years, 5 months and 5 days.
1878 21-Mar. D Fuller, Mr. Charles W. Married—In Delmar, Feb. 23, 1878, by Israel Stone, Esq., Mr. Charles W. Ford, of Chatham, and Miss Caroline J. Ford, of Delmar.
1878 23-May D Fuller, Mr. Gurdon Died—From Mansfield - - Last Wed., morning , Mr. Gurdon Fuller, an old and almost life-long resident, fell dead on the street. Spasm or rupture of the heart was the cause of his death. Mr. Fuller was about 66 years of age.
1878 15-Aug. M Furman, Miss Julia M. Married—In Morris Twp., Aug. 11, 1878, by Job. Doane, Esq., Mr. D.A. Seely, of Wellsboro, and Miss Julia M. Furman, of Pine Creek.
1878 30-May D Furman, Rachel Died—At Sylvania, Pa., May 21, 1878, of heart disease, Rachel, wife of Enly Furman, aged 34 years.
1878 7-Feb. D Furmon, Mrs. Eunice J. Died—In Gaines, Jan. 26, 1878, Mrs. Eunice J. Furmon, aged 52 years.
1878 7-Feb. M Garner, Susie Married—In Brookfield, Pa., Jan. 5, 1878, by John Simons, Esq., Mr. P.B. Hoffman and Susie Garner, of Clymer.
1878 20-Jun. D Garrison children Died—Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Garrison, of Millerton, have lost three children within one week by diptheria.
1878 10-Oct. M Gaylord, Mr. D. A  Married—At Pine City, N.Y., Sept. 26, 1878, by Rev. Dr. Ford, of Elmira, Mr. D.A. Gaylord, of Mansfield and Miss M.E. Beckwith, of Pine City.
1878 28-Mar. M Gee, Miss Hattie M. Married—At Middlebury, March 19th, 1878, by Rev. M. Yale, Mr. Richard A. West and Miss Hattie M. Gee, both of Chatham, Pa.
1878 29-Aug. M Gee, Miss Lelia Married—At the parsonage of the M.E. Church in Wellsboro, Aug. 25, 1878, by Rev. D. D. Buck, D.D., Mr. J.H. Barlow, of Charleston, and Miss Lelia Gee, of Sumner, Wisconsin.
1878 30-May D Gee, Mrs. Daniel  Died—Mrs. Daniel Gee, of Middlebury, was injured some time since by being thrown backwards from a wagon, striking her back upon a stone. She lived about 10 days, then died. Rev. M. Yale and Elder Spencer were the officiating clergymen at the funeral.
1878 28-Mar. M Gibbs, Miss Ella S. Married—At Lawrence, March 14, 1878, by Rev. C.D. Kinney, Mr. John P. Rockwell and Miss Ella S. Gibbs, both of Lawrence, Pa.
1878 31-Jan. D Gilbert, Truman Died—Truman Gilbert, druggist at Knoxville (died) on Wednesday of last week.
1878 5-Sept. D Gillett, Miss Amy Died—At Canoe Camp, Aug. 20, 1878, Miss Amy Gillett, aged 30 years and one month.
1878 8-Aug M Gilmour, Miss Nettie Married—At Morris Run, July 31, 1878, by Rev. F. Tilo Evans, Mr. Frank Pease and Miss Nettie B. Gilmour, both of Morris Run.
1878 26-Sept. M Gleason, Mr. Fred D. Married—In Osceola, Sept. 11, 1878, by Rev. John Cairns, Mr. Fred D. Gleason, of Elkland, and Miss Elsie D. Teachman, of Osceola.
1878 3-Oct. M Good, Miss Sallie A. Married—At Mansfield, Sept. 19, 1878, by Rev. G.D. Meigs, Mr. C. Jordan Kelley, of Kelleytown and Miss Sallie A. Good of Mansfield.
1878 14-Feb. D Goodall, children Died—Mr. Thomas Goodall, of Richmond Twp., has lost 2 children by diptheria, within the past three weeks.
1878 7-Feb. D Goodall, Freddie, Thomas Died—In Richmond, Jan. 23, 1878, of diptheria, Freddie Thomas, son of Thomas and Celia Goodall, aged 8 years and 5 months.
1878 21-Feb. D Goodall, Leonard Died—In Richmond, Feb. 5, 1878, of diptheria, Leonard, son of Thomas and Celia Goodall, aged 1 year.
1878 11-Apr. M Goodspeed, Mr. John E. Married—At the M.E. Parsonage, Osceola, Pa., Jan. 30, 1878, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. John E. Goodspeed and Miss Ida A. Johnson.
1878 22-Aug. M Goodwin, Miss Matilda A. Married—In Charleston, Aug. 15, 1878, by Rev. J.V. Lovell, Mr. John W. Lester and Miss Matilda A. Goodwin, both of Charleston.
1878 14-Feb. M Granger, Miss Married—Frank L. Pease, of Corning, was married yesterday, the 6th inst., to a daughter of Dr. L. Granger, a distinguished physician of Lawrenceville, Pa. Corning Journal
1878 1 Aug. M Grant, Miss Agnes Married—At Arnot, July 25, 1878, by Rev. I.R. Spencer, Mr. Robert walker and Miss Agnes Grant, both of Arnot.
1878 25-Jul. M Grant, Mr. Erwin Married—At Tioga Junction, July 11, 1878, by Rev. L.D. Ayers, Mr. Erwin Grant, of Derrick City, and Miss Mary E. Tremain of Tioga Junction.
1878 20-Jun. D Graves, Mr. Asahel Died—In Covington, June 6, 1878, Mr. Asahel Graves, aged 80 years, 10 months and 27 days.
1878 3-Oct. M Green, Miss May A. Married—At Blossburg, Sept. 22, 1878, by Rev. C.H. Wright, Mr. Thomas J. Williams, and Miss May A. Green, both of Blossburg.
1878 17-Oct. M Green, Mr. Burke Married—At the residence of the bride’s parents Saturday, Oct. 12, 1878, by J.V. Lowell, Mr. Burke Green and Miss Clara Calkins, both of Charleston, Pa.
1878 28-Mar. M Green, Mr. J. E. Married—At Westfield, March 16, 1878, by Miles White, Esq., Mr. J.E. Green and Miss Lucy A. Pease, both of Westfield.
1878 15-Aug. M Greening, Miss Anna D. Married—At Ulster, Pa., July 16, 1878, by Rev. N.N. Beers, Mr. James S. Merrill, of Blossburg, and Miss Anna D. Greening, of Ulster.

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