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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA, Volume 4 -  Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Wellsboro Gazette 1878

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981 Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997. This page retyped by Jane Webb for Tri-Counties
Year Date Ca Name Text
1878 14-Feb. D Gregory, Mr. Edwin  Died—At Nauvoo, Pa., Jan. 28, 1878, Mr. Edwin Gregory, aged 70 years, 1 month and 28 days and for 53 years a member of the M.E. Church.
1878 25-Apr. M Griffin, Mr. Cornelius E. Married—At Stony Fork, April 22, 1878, by Rev. J.A. Boyce, Mr. Cornelius E. Griffin and Miss Clara A. English, both of Delmar.
1878 17-Jan. M Griffin, Mr. Lemuel Married—At Westfield, Jan. 1, 1878 by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. Lemuel Griffen and Miss Elvira Abby, both of Clymer, Pa.
1878 11-Apr. M Grinnel, Miss Eva E. April 1, 1878, by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. George A. Bates and Miss Eva E. Grinnell, both of Delmar
1878 7-Mar. D Guernsey, Mrs. Charles B. Died—Mrs. Charles B. Guernsey died of consumption at Council Bluffs, Iowa, recently. She was a daughter of Jesse Kinney, of Mill Creek, this county, and leaves 3 children, a son aged 15, and 2 daughters aged 7 and 9. Mrs. Guernsey was about 35 years of age.
1878 7-Mar. M Hall, Lettie Elizabeth Married—At Bath, N.Y., Feb. 27, 1878, by Rev. O.R. Howard, D.D., Charles C. Cook, of Wellsboro, Pa., and Lettie Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Alexander Hall of Bath.
1878 1 Aug. O Hall, Mr. & Mrs. R. T. Mr. & Mrs. R.T. Hall of Farmington, celebrated their silver wedding on the 17th inst.
1878 30-May M Hallett, Mr. James Married—At Knoxville, May 6, 1878, Mr. James Hallett, of Canisteo, N.Y., and Miss Lizzie Smith, of Farmington, Pa.
1878 8-Aug M Hammond, Miss Mary A. Married—At Nelson, July 14, 1878, by Rev. Benj. Russell, Mr. S.E. Harrower and Miss Mary A. Hammond, both of Elkland.
1878 18-Jul. D Hancher, Mr. Died—A few days ago Mr. Hancher and wife, of Liberty, were out riding and the horse ran away, throwing Mr. Hancher out and fatally injuring him. Dec’d was 60 years old.
1878 12-Sept. M Hans, Mr. Charles Married—At Arnot, Sept. 3, 1878, by Rev. F.T. Evans, Mr. Charles Hans and Miss Mary Anne Evans, both of Arnot.
1878 11-Apr. M Harris, Mr. Geo. L. Married—At the M.E. parsonage, Osceola, Pa., Jan. 27, 1878, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Geo. L. Harris, of Woodhull, N.Y., and Miss Mary E. Cisco, of Elkland, Pa.
1878 13-Jun. M Harris, Mr. H. J. Married—On the Tioga Railroad, June 6, 1878, by Rev. Mr. DeWitt, Mr. H.J. Harris, of Lewiston, Ill., and Miss Nancy Cumming, of Sabinsville, Pa.
1878 8-Aug M Harrower, Mr. S.E. Married—At Nelson, July 14, 1878, by Rev. Benj. Russell, Mr. S.E. Harrower and Miss Mary A. Hammond, both of Elkland.
1878 14-Mar. M Hart, Miss Mary Elvira Married—At Wellsboro, March 6, 1878, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Walter Wetherbee, of Delmar, and Miss Mary Elvira Hart, of Morris.
1878 30-May M Harvey, Miss Betsey Abigail Married—Sunday, May 5, 1878, by Rev. G.M. Righter, Mr. Clarence Eugene Moore and Miss Betsey Abigail Harvey.
1878 24-Jan. M Hathaway, Mr. Richard, E. Married—At Blossburg, Jan. 18, 1872, by Rev. C.H. Wright, Mr. Richard E. Hathaway, of Tioga, and Miss Ida M. Earnest.
1878 14-Feb. D Haven, Mrs. Oscar Died—At Southport, N.Y., Jan. 31, 1870, Mrs. Oscar Haven, aged 35 years.
1878 25-Apr. D Havens, Thomas V. Died—Death of Thomas V. Havens - - He was a son of Jabez Havens, for a long time well known as a business man in Corning, N.Y., and was a brother of Mr. S.N. Havens of the Gazette, and Mrs. Thos. Veazie of this boro. The dec’d was born at Athens, Bradford Co., Pa., April 29, 1852. On Thursday he was attacked with a hemorrhage of the lungs and died. In October he was married to Miss Belle Betts, of Binghamton. The dec’d leaves a father and mother, 2 brothers and 3 sisters. The funeral took place from his late residence on DeRussey Street, on Sunday. Rev. Dr. Gulliver officiated.
1878 10-Oct. M Hayes, Mr. Samuel I. Married—At Mansfield, Sept. 28, 1878, by Rev. I.R. Spencer, Mr. Samuel I. Hayes and Ella G. Mitchell, both of Middlebury.
1878 2-May M Heath, Mr. Charles Married—At Lawrenceville, April 21, 1878, by Rev. John London, Mr. Charles Heath and Miss Eugenie Boyd both of Tioga, Pa.
1878 20-Jun. D Heath, Mr. Levi P. Heath Died—At Keeneyville, June 14, 1878, Mr. Levi P. Heath, aged 54 years.
1878 17-Oct. D Hebe, Herbert L. Died—At Blossburg, Oct. 4, 1878, of diptheria, Herbert L., son of Frank and Maria Hebe, aged 1 year 5 months and 20 days.
1878 17-Oct. M Hepworth, Mr. George F. Married—Oct. 6, 1878, by W.B. Mead, Esq., Mr. George F. Hepworth, of South Addison, N.Y., and Miss May Wilcox, of Woodhull, N.Y.
1878 24- Oct. M Heron, Mr. Morgan Married—At Blossburg, Oct. 14, 1878, by Rev. F. Tilo Evans, Mr. Morgan Heron and Miss Mary Stock, both of Arnot.
1878 21-Mar. D Herrick, Mr. Edward Died—Monday last, Mr. Edward Herrick, was walking on the track one mile south of Lawrenceville, when an Elkland train struck him, killing him instantly. He was a brother of Frank Herrick, formerly of the firm of Herrick and Seeley, Elmira, N.Y.
1878 4-Apr. M Herzog, Anna Married—At Wellsboro, Thursday evening March 28, 1878, by Rev. Charles Breck, D.D., Charles H. Sticklin and Anna, daughter of the late Mr. Samuel Herzog, of Wellsboro.
1878 5-Sept. D Hoadley, James Arthur Died—At Stony Fork, Aug. 21, 1878, James Arthur, son of James Hoadley, aged 1 year, 10 months and 28 days.
1878 20-Jun. D Hodges, Mrs. Hiram Died—From Mansfield - - Mrs. Hiram Hodges, an estimable lady of this place, died suddenly at Blossburg yesterday morning. Her remains were brought to this place yesterday.
1878 27-Jun. D Hodges, Mrs. Hiram Died—In Blossburg, June 16, 1878, Mrs. Hiram Hodges, in the 34th year of her age.
1878 7-Feb. M Hoffman, Mr. P. B. Married—In Brookfield, Pa., Jan. 5, 1878, by John Simons, Esq., Mr. P.B. Hoffman and Susie Garner, of Clymer.
1878 10-Jan. D Holden, Mrs. Hannah I. Died—In Brighton, Michigan, Dec. 11, 1877, Mrs. Hannah I. Holden, youngest daughter of Cyrus and Matilda Dartt, of Wellsboro, aged 31 years.
1878 11-Apr. M Hollands, Elizabeth Married—At Mansfield, March 27, 1878, by Rev. Wm. Marshall, Mr. Cassimer Nelson and Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Wm. Hollands, Esq.
1878 1 Aug. M Holmes, Miss Elizabeth Married—At Morris Run, July 25, 1878, by rev. F. Tilo Evans, Mr. Richard Davis and Miss Elizabeth Holmes, both of Morris Run.
1878 28-Feb. D Holmes, Mr. R. A. Died—In Farmington Township, Feb. 8, 1878, Mr. R. A. Holmes, of Baltimore, Md., aged 61 years.
1878 4-Apr. M Horton, Mr. Isaac Married—In Shippen, Pa., March 21, 1878, by John W. English, Esq., Mr. Isaac Horton and Miss Fanny M. Kenedy, both of Delmar.
1878 11-Apr. M Hosmer, Mr. Horace N. Married—At Osceola, Pa., Feb. 5, 1878, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Horace N. Hosmer, and Ida L. Fenton, both of Cherry Flats, Pa.
1878 24-Jan. M Hotchkiss, Mr. Thomas F. Married—At the home of Mr. J. Fillman, in Elkland, Dec. 20, 1877, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Thomas F. Hotchkiss, of Mansfield, and Miss Gertie E. Webb, of Elkland, Pa.
1878 11-Jul. M Hotelling, Miss Julia E. Married—At Wellsboro, July 4, 1878, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Amos Jackson and Miss Julia E. Hotelling, both of Chatham, Pa.
1878 4-Apr. D Houk, Stella J. Died—In Wellsboro, March 30, 1878, Stella J., daughter of William and the late Louisa Houk, aged 5 years 3 months and 24 days.
1878 10-Jan. M House, Miss Julia, K. Married—At Wellsboro, Jan. 2, 1878, by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. J. Harry Isham, of Titusville, Pa., and Miss Julia K. Rouse, of Wellsboro.
1878 30-May M Howe, Miss Sarah J. Married—In Ward, April 21, 1878, by Geo. N. Beardsley, Esq., Mr. Lewis S. Kniffen, of Ward, and Miss Sarah J. Howe, of Sullivan.
1878 3-Jan. D Howland, Annie Died—About 6 o’clock Monday evening last, Mrs. Henry Howland (died); at midnight her little daughter, Annie also died. Rev. Calkins officiated at the funeral yesterday. Survivors - husband and three children.
1878 3-Jan. D Howland, Annie Died—In Wellsboro, Jan.1, 1878, Annie, youngest daughter of Mr. Henry Howland, aged 13 years.
1878 3-Jan. D Howland, Ellen Died—In Wellsboro, Dec. 31, 1877, Ellen wife of Henry Howland, in the 41st year of her age.
1878 10-Jan. M Howland, Miss Eunice Married—At Academy Corners, Dec. 19, 1877, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Charles B. Campbell, of Nelson, and Miss Eunice Howland, of Academy Corners.
1878 19-Sept. M Howland, Mr. Wm. E. Married—In Covington, by Rev. Ross Ward, Mr. Wm. E. Howland, and Miss Louisa Lutes, both of Covington (No date given)
1878 3-Jan. D Howland, Mrs. Henry Died—About 6 o’clock Monday evening last, Mrs. Henry Howland (died); at midnight her little daughter, Annie also died. Rev. Calkins officiated at the funeral yesterday. Survivors - husband and three children.
1878 4-Apr. M Hubbard, Mr. George B. Married—At Tioga, Pa., March 25, 1878, by W.T. Vrell, Esq., Mr. George B. Hubbard, of Rutland, and Miss Adelia Winters, of Clymer, Pa.
1878 8-Aug D Hudson, Mary Died—In Jackson, July 27, 1878, of inflammatory croup and diptheria, Mary, eldest daughter of William and Essa Hudson, aged 19 years 1 month and 22 days.
1878 17-Jan. D Hunt, Katey May Died—At Stokesdale, Dec. 29, 1877, Katey May, daughter of Reuben and Chaterine Hunt, aged 5 years and 3 months.
1878 18-Jul. M Hunt, Miss Ella V. Married—At the house of Miss C. Inscho, June 29, 1878, by J.E. White, Esq., Mr. Nelson Walton, of Deerfield, Pa., and Miss Ella V. Hunt, of Woodhull, N.Y.
1878 18-Jul. M Hunt, Miss Eva Married—At the Hotel of S.B. Lovelace in Knoxville, July 4, 1878, by J.E. White, Esq., Mr. Samuel Tremain, of Westfield, and Miss Eva Hunt, of Deerfield.
1878 5-Sept. D Huzzey, Mrs. Deborah Died—Mrs. Deborah Huzzey, of Northumberland, Pa., Mother of Mrs. B.F. Taylor, of Lawrenceville, Pa., is dead, aged 83 years.
1878 24- Oct. M Ingerick, Mr. George E. Married—At the residence of the bride’s Father Oct. 16, 1878, by Rev. J.V. Lowell, Mr. George E. Ingerick and Miss Minnie L. Ives, both of Charleston, Pa.
1878 3-Oct. M Irelan, Mr. Harry G. Married—At Blossburg, Sept, Sept. 26, 1878, by Rev. C.H. Wright Mr. Harry G Irelan and Mrs. Ellen A. Spink, both of Blossburg.
1878 10-Jan. M Isham, Mr. J. Harry Married—At Wellsboro, Jan. 2, 1878, by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. J. Harry Isham, of Titusville, Pa., and Miss Julia K. Rouse, of Wellsboro.
1878 11-Apr. D Ives, Gracie Died—In Middlebury, March 28, 1878, Gracie, only daughter of Valoris and Jane Ives, aged 6 years, 8 months and 23 days.
1878 24- Oct. M Ives, Miss Minnie L. Married—At the residence of the bride’s Father Oct. 16, 1878, by Rev. J.V. Lowell, Mr. George E. Ingerick and Miss Minnie L. Ives, both of Charleston, Pa.
1878 8-Aug D Jaap, Walter Died—In Morris Run, July 27, 1878, Walter Jaap, aged 55 years.
1878 5-Sept. M Jackson, Miss Anna E. Married—In Westfield, on Sat., the 24th of Aug. 1878, by Miles White, Esq., Mr. David A. Short, to Miss Anna E. Jackson, both of Chatham Valley, Pa.
1878 11-Jul. M Jackson, Mr. Amos Married—At Wellsboro, July 4, 1878, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Amos Jackson and Miss Julia E. Hotelling, both of Chatham, Pa.
1878 27-Jun. M Jackson, Mr. General Married—In Chatham, June 22, 1878, by J.W. French, Esq., Mr. General Jackson and Miss Otelia Sherman.
1878 11-Jul. M James, Miss Ada M. Married—In Roseville, July 4, 1878, by Rev. Chubbuck, assisted by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Jno. H. Robb and Miss Ada M. James.
1878 28-Mar. M James, Mr. Isaac Married—At Westfield, March 15, 1878, by Miles White, Esq., Mr. Isaac James and Miss Amelia Youngs, both of Hector, Pa.
1878 9-May M Jearles, Mr. Charles S.  Married—In Shippen, Pa., April 28, 1878, by John W. English, Esq., Mr. Charles S. Jearles, of Shippen, and Miss Villie M. Burnett, of Delmar.
1878 4-Jul. D Jenkins, Clayton M. Died—Clayton M Jenkins drowned in the Chemung River, at Elmira, last Sunday.
1878 4-Jul. M Jenkins, Miss Rosanna Married—At the residence of the bride’s parents in Antrim, Pa., Wednesday, June 26, 1878, by the Rev. J. Miles Jones, Mr. Daniel S. Williams and Miss Rosanna Jenkins.
1878 17-Oct. D Jenkins, Morgan Died—At Morris Run, Oct. 6, 1878, Morgan Jenkins, aged 36 years.
1878 12-Sept. M Jenkins, Mr. Jacob R. Married—In Elk Twp., Aug. 25, 1878, by T.H. Huber, Esq., Mr. Jacob R. Jenkins, and Miss Lucy E. Champney, both of Elk.
1878 17-Jan. M Jewitt, Mrs. Samantha  Married—At Sabinsville, Jan.1, 1870, by V.R. Gee, Esq., Mr. Frederick Swimler and Mrs. Samantha Jewitt, both of Clymer.
1878 9-May M Johns, Mr. Albert Married—In Rutland, April 17, 1878, by D.S. Horton, Esq., Mr. Albert Johns, of Rutland, and Miss Lemira Crumb, of Jackson.
1878 10-Oct. M Johnson, Miss Carrie O. Married—At Mansfield, Sept. 25, 1878, by Rev. H. Vosburgh, Mr. Will J. Briggs, of Pine City, N.Y., and Miss Carrie O. Johnson, of Mansfield.
1878 11-Apr. M Johnson, Miss Ida A. Married—At the M.E. Parsonage, Osceola, Pa., Jan. 30, 1878, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. John E. Goodspeed and Miss Ida A. Johnson.
1878 3-Oct. M Johnston, Mr. Thomas  Married—At Catlin Hollow, Pa., Sept 5, 1878, by Rev. DeW. T. VanDoren, Mr. Thomas Johnston and Miss Carrie L. Parks, both of Charleston Township.
1878 2-May D Johnston, Mrs. H. S. Died—At Tioga, Pa., April 17, 1878, Mrs. Mary McCarty, aged 76 years.
1878 21-Mar. D Jones, Mrs. David Died—The Blossburg Register of last week records a frightful accident, which occurred on Saturday, the 9th inst. David Jones and his wife and 3 children came from Morris Run, where they resided, to this place for the purpose of going to Arnot for the afternoon train. They missed the train and started walking there - - - at Rock Curve they sat down to rest on the trestle, not thinking that the caboose was nearly due. The brakeman saw them too late to stop. Jones seizing one child, threw himself off the trestle, hanging by one hand to one of the bents - - - his wife and 8 month old baby which she held were run over. The other child of 8 or 9 years was badly cut and bruised about the head, but the man and the other child escaped unhurt. The woman died on Monday, but the 2 children are likely to recover.
1878 25-Jul. M Jones, Mrs. Huldah Married—At Millerton, July 16, 1878, by Rev. N.B. Congdon, Mr. J.E. Barnes, of Jackson, and Mrs. Huldah Jones, of Millerton.
1878 13-Jun. M Joseph, Miss Elizabeth  At Westfield, May 25, 1878, by Rev. E.C. Cowles, Mr. Matthias Converse and Miss Elizabeth Joseph, both of Brookfield.
1878 3-Oct. M June, Mr. Chas. E. Married—At Tioga, Sept. 18, 1878, by Rev. S.D. Merrick, Mr. Chas. E. June, of Addison, N.Y. and Miss Georgia Cady, of Tioga, Pa.
1878 27-Jun. M Keagle, Mr. Frank Married—At the M.E. parsonage in Liberty, June 17, 1878, by Rev. H.S. Lundy, Mr. Frank Keagle and Miss Flora M. Wilcox, of McIntyre, Pa.
1878 13-Jun. M Keefe, Mr. Thomas V. Married—At St. Andrew’s Church, Blossburg, June 5, 1878, by Rev. Father Mullen, Mr. Thomas V. Keefe, of Morris Run, and Miss Amelia Ely, of Blossburg.
1878 10-Oct. M Keeney, Mr. Arthur M. Married—In Wellsboro, Oct. 3, 1878, by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Arthur M. Keeney and Miss Laura Wedge, both of Middlebury.
1878 14-Feb. M Keiffer, Mr. Samuel Married—At the M.E. Parsonage in Liberty Pa., Feb. 3, 1878, by Rev. H.S. Lundy, Mr. Samuel Keiffer and Miss Susan Ritter, both of Liberty.
1878 17-Jan. D Kelley, Julia E. Died—At Kelleytown, Dec, 18, 1877, Julia E., wife of C.J. Kelly, aged 67 years.
1878 3-Oct. M Kelley, Mr. C. Jordan Married—At Mansfield, Sept. 19, 1878, by Rev. G.D. Meigs, Mr. C. Jordan Kelley, of Kelleytown and Miss Sallie A. Good of Mansfield.
1878 21-Mar. D Kelley, Rosa Died—At Mitchell’s Creek, March 9, 1878, Rosa, wife of James Kelley, aged 65 years.
1878 4-Apr. M Kenedy, Miss Fanny M. Married—In Shippen, Pa., March 21, 1878, by John W. English, Esq., Mr. Isaac Horton and Miss Fanny M. Kenedy, both of Delmar.
1878 14-Mar. M Keyes, Mr. S. C. Married—At Wellsboro, March 10, 1878, by Rev. M. Yale, Mr. S.C. Keyes, of Tioga, and Miss Gettie Blatchley of Keeneyville.
1878 4-Apr. M Kimball, Mr. Jacob Married—In Charleston, March 26, 1878, by Rev. J.V. Lowell, Mr. Jacob Kimball and Miss Martha E. Bowen, both of Charleston.
1878 13-Jun. M King, Delia Married—In Westfield, May 26, 1878, by Rev. G.S. Transue, John T. Butler, of Emmets borough, Iowa, and Delia King, of Brookfield, Pa.
1878 8-Aug D Kingsley, Grace E. Died—Mansfield, July 27, 1878, of cholera infantum, Grace E., youngest daughter of H.F. and Ella A. Kingsley, aged one year and 4 months.
1878 20-Jun. D Kinner, Lewis Died—In Jackson, June 12, 1878, of dropsy and eripipelas [erysipelas] after a lingering illness, Lewis Kinner, aged 72 years.
1878 21-Feb. D Kinsley, Nathaniel Died—At Mansfield, Feb. 8, 1878, Nathaniel Kingley, aged 74 years.
1878 24-Jan. M Kizer, Miss Clara L. Married—At the house of the bride’s father in Chatham, Dec. 18, 1877, by Rev. H.C. Moyer, Mr. Frank Close and Miss Clara L. Kizer, both of Chatham, Pa.
1878 14-Mar. M Klock, Miss Emma N. Married—At the M.E. Parsonage, in Tioga, March 7, 1878, by Rev. G.W. Howland, Mr. William H. Smith, of Delmar, and Miss Emma N. Klock, of Wellsboro.
1878 4-Jul. M Knapp, Miss Jane Married—At Addison, N.Y., June 21, 1878, by Rev. P. Reynolds, Mr. John Wilhelm, and Miss Jane Knapp, of Addison.
1878 30-May M Kniffen, Mr. Lewis S. Married—In Ward, April 21, 1878, by Geo. N. Beardsley, Esq., Mr. Lewis S. Kniffen, of Ward, and Miss Sarah J. Howe, of Sullivan.
1878 23-May D Knox, Charles Lee Died—At Media, Pa., on the 18th inst., Charles Lee Knox, youngest son of Hon, John C. Knox and the late Adeline Kilburn Knox.
1878 29-Aug. O Knox, James James Knox, of Knoxville, was the first white child born in the Cowanesque Valley.
1878 13-Jun. D Knox, Mary C. Died—At Campbelltown, N.Y., Saturday, June 1, 1878, Mary C., widow of the late Philander Knox, dec’d, aged 73 years.
1878 4-Jul. M Knox, Miss Laura M. Married—In Deerfield, by Rev. P. Reynolds, Mr. John C. White and Miss Laura M. Knox of Deerfield.
1878 26-Sept. M Knox, Mr. Edward L. Married—At Knoxville, Sept. 22, 1878, by J.E. White, Esq., Mr. Edward L. Knox, and Miss Mary Fredenburg, both of Deerfield, Township.
1878 21-Mar. D Knox, William Douglas Died—At the residence of his son, George S. Knox, at Warsaw, Ill., Feb. 9, 1878, William Douglas Knox, aged 79 years. He was the son of John Knox, dec’d of Knoxville, (now in the town of Corning, N.Y.) and was an active and influential business man in Steuben Co., till about 1837. He became a resident of Warsaw in 1844, and resided there until his death, with the exception of extensive business engagements at Junction City, Kansas.
1878 7-Mar. M Kress, Mr. J. C.  Married—At the Episcopal Church in Groesbeeck, Texas, Wednesday evening, Feb. 20, 1878, by Rev. Edwin Wickens, Mr. J.C. Kress, and Miss Luvenia Pender.
1878 27-Jun. D Lampkin, Maria Died—In Covington, June 17, 1878, Maria, wife of W.H. Lampkin, aged 36 years.
1878 1 Aug. D Lane, William A. Died—William A. Lane, a farmer residing near Dagget’s Mills, in Jackson Twp., (died) on Monday of last week. Mr. Lane was about 45 years old.
1878 27-Jun. D Langdon, Arthur Died—In Mansfield, June 16, 1878, of diptheria, Arthur, son of Mr. & Mrs. O.H. Langdon, in the 4th year of his age.
1878 20-Jun. D Langdon, child Died—From Mansfield - - A little son of Mr. O.H. Langdon, of this place, about 2 years old, died on Saturday last with diptheria, and was buried today.
1878 17-Oct. M Leib, Mr. Joseph E. Married—On Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1878, at Rochester, N.Y., by Rev. C.B. Gardner, Mr. Joseph E. Leib, of Wellsboro, Pa., and Miss Louise Orcutt, of Batavia, N.Y.
1878 18-Apr. M Lent, Miss Julia L. Married—At the M.E. Parsonage, East Charleston, March 4, 1878, by Rev. J.V. Lowell, Mr. Marvin W. Atherton, of Charleston, and Miss Julia L. Lent, of Deerfield, Pa.
1878 21-Feb. M Lester, Miss Fanny L. Married—At the M.E. Parsonage, at East Charleston, Feb. 17, 1878, by Rev. J.V. Lowell, Mr. Ambrose Rouse, and Miss Fanny L. Lester, both of Charleston, Penna.
1878 22-Aug. M Lester, Mr. John W. Married—In Charleston, Aug. 15, 1878, by Rev. J.V. Lovell, Mr. John W. Lester and Miss Matilda A. Goodwin, both of Charleston.
1878 14-Mar. M Lewis, Edmund Married—In Blossburg, Feb. 27, 1878, by Rev. J.D. Rockwell, Edmund Lewis and Artie B. Mills, both of Arnot.
1878 28-Feb. D Lewis, Morris Died—Morris Lewis, a resident of Towanda over 15 years, died a few days ago.
1878 2-May D Little, Mrs. Died—At Blossburg, April 23, 1878, Mrs. Little, about 90 years of age.
1878 11-Apr. M Longwell, Mr. G. A. Married—At Elmira, N.Y., March 27, 1878, by Rev. J.B. Sheerar, Mr. G.A. Longwell and Mrs. Sarah A. Morley, both of Mansfield, Pa.
1878 10-Oct. M Loomis, Mr. Edwin E. Married—In Sullivan, Sept. 19, 1878, by Rev. S.G. Rhinevault. Mr. Edwin E. Loomis, of Troy, Pa., and Miss Estelle Fletcher, of Sullivan, Pa.
1878 11-Apr. D Lossey, Olivia Died—In Gaines, March 29, 1878, Olivia, wife of Samuel Lossey, aged 81 years.
1878 28-Feb. D Lowery, Mrs. Mary Died—In Tioga, Feb. 15, 1878, Mrs. Mary Lowery, aged 38 years.
1878 25-Jul. M Lucas, Idell H. Married—At Roseville, July 2, 1878, by Rev. S.A. Chubbuck, William H. Barnes, of Wellsboro, and Idell H. Lucas, of Rutland.

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