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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1879

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
9 Sep D Dagett, Judd remains of Judd Dagett brought ot Daggett for burial
9 Dec M Daggett, Florine Tioga, Pa., and O. A. Dudley, Addison, NY., m. Tioga, Pa., Nov 26th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
22 Apr M Daily, Amos Nelson, Pa., and Miss Jessie Culver of Woodhull, NY., m. Apr 6th at Osceola by Rev. F. M. Smith
4 Mar M Dalbury, John Otto Antrim, Pa., and Emma Josephine Wilson, dau of late Barthold Wilson Esq, m. rectory St. Pauls Church, Wellsboro, Mar 1st by Rev. Chas. Breck, D. D.
30 Sep M Dann, B. L. Sylvania and Miss Abbie F. Monroe, E. Sullivan, m. at E. Sullivan Sep 9th by Rev. G. M. Righter
16 Dec D Dartt, Mrs. B. J. age 87 yrs, 2 mos, 19 das, d. Dec 3rd, Richland, IO
25 Mar M Davenport, Chas. H. and Miss Rachel A. Baxter, Farmington Twp., m. Mar 12th, Tioga, by Rev. Frederick Graves
21 Oct M Davis, Jane dau of John G. Davis, Esq., Antrim and David R. Evans, m. at rectory of St. Pauls Church, Wellsboro, Oct 16th by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D.
15 Jul M Davis, Mary Morris Run and Wm. Smith, m. at Morris Run, Jul 9th by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
17 Jun M Davis, Miss Dell Rutland Twp., and Elwyn Soper, Columbia Twp., Bradford Co., m. in Rutland Twp., Jun 4th by Rev. M. Rockwell
22 Apr M Davis, Miss Flora A. Tioga and Frank M. Gillette, m. res of brides parents, Apr 6th by Rev. G. M. Righter
20 May M Davis, Miss Hattie Westfield and Uriah Lucas, Wellsburg, NY., m. at Westfield May 6th by Rev. O. N. Roberts
21 Jan M Davis, Miss Ida A. Westfield and Wm. G. Lane, Brookfield, m. in Westfield Jan 1st by Elder Bacon
18 Feb M Davis, Miss Viola Chatham Twp., and John B. Short, m Feb 15th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
16 Dec D Deane, Arthur Wellesly only child of D. L. and Barbara L. Deane, age 6, Wellsboro, d. Dec 12th, diptheria
13 May D Deane, Mary Elizabeth wife of E. P., age 61, d. Apr 30th, Wellsboro, b. Jan 12th 1819, Phil. 2nd of 8 children to John and Elizabeth McEwen, came to Delmar when Mary was a babe, settled in Wilderness on what has been known as Chaunsey Austin farm, they built a log house where most of children were born and from where in 1837 their dau Mary was m. she had 9 children, Augusta, wife of Henry Bacon, Northfield, Wis.; Cecil lives Col., 4 live Wellsboro, 3 d. see Deane Geneology in Green Free Library
29 Jul D Deming, Juliaette age 48 yrs, 3 mos, wife of Hiram, after yrs of prolonged sickness, d. Jul 27th, Wellsboro
29 Apr B Dening dau to wife of Lucian Dening, Apr 5th, jackson
17 Jun D Derow, Erastus W. age 75, Blossburg, d. Jun 6th
25 Feb M Dewey, Chas.  Tioga and Miss Ella R. Dumaux, Wellsboro, m. M. E. Parsonage, Tioga, Feb 12th by Rev. G. W. Howland
1 Jul D Dewey, Daniel age 62, Tioga, d. Jun 25th
22 Jul D DeWitt, J. E. son of J. W. and M. A., age 22, Crete, Neb., formerly of Sullivan Twp.
18 Mar B Dickenson 2 daus to wife of Wm. J. D. Dickenson, Wellsboro, Mar 13th
20 May D Dickinson, Mary E. age 63, d. Apr 16th, Mitchell's Creek
30 Dec M Dimmick, Geo. E. and Miss Juliette Broughton, Shippen Twp., m. Dec 25th, Wellsboro by Rev. J. F. Calkins
30 Sep M Doane, Miss Sarah Covington and W. H. Lamkin, m. at Covington Sep 24th by Rev. W. H. Lamkin
26 Aug A Donaldson, Mr. and Mrs. John Golden Wedding Anniveersary of John F. Donaldson and Violetta H. Niles, m. Aug 23rd 1829, res of brides father Nathan Niles
23 Dec & 30 Dec D Doud, Peleg d. Dec 13th age 49, leaves wife and 2 children, he was formen keeper of the Cone House, Wellsboro
9 Dec M Dudley, O. A. Addison, Ny., and Florine Daggett, Tioga, Pa., m. Tioga, Pa., Nov 26th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
15 Jul M Duggen, Miss Margaret Ann Barclay, Pa., and John W. Matthews, m. Jul 3rd, Blossburg, by Rev. Tilo Evans
25 Feb M Dumaux, Miss Ella R. Wellsboro and Chas. Dewey, Tioga, m. M. E. Parsonage, Tioga, Feb 12th by Rev. G. W. Howland
4 Mar M Dunham, Franklin L. Farmington Twp., and Miss Mary E. Hammond, Middlebury, m. res of brides, Feb 24th by Rev. G. W. Howland
14 Oct D Dunham, Wm age 80, Knoxville
29 Jul B Durif son to Mrs. Martial A. Durif, Wellsboro, Jul 20th
2 Sep D Dyer, Edward d. Aug 18th, Covington, age 72, b. Providence, R.I., 1807, son of Major Thos. Dyer, served as a Marine, war 1812, in 1820 moved with father from Amherst, Ma. To Covington, Interested in coal and building the Tioga RR., leaves 5 daus; Mrs, Esther A. McGrath, Covington; Miss Fanny A. Dyer; Belle Dyer, Covington; Mrs. Katherine D. Keene, Phila; Mrs. Ellen D. King
2 Sep D Dyer, Edwin Covington, age 72, d. Aug 23rd
15 Jul M Dyke, Henry E. Elk Run and Miss Mary Austin, Mansfield, m. Jun 21st, Arnot by D. T. Evans, Esq
20 May M Earnest, Miss Ella and Lewis E. Tremaine, m. Apr 30th, Tioga Junction, by Rev. W. W. Hunt
14 Oct D Edwards, David G. Charleston had 11 or 12 children
2 Sep D Edwards, Mrs. Nathan d. Aug 30th, Arnot
4 Mar M Eggleston, Miss Ella Farmington Twp., and Henry Fish, m. Dec 28th, Tioga, by Rev. G. W. Howland
2 Sep M Elliot, Fred G. Mansfield and Julia E. Hartley of Glenwood, Pa., m. res of Chas. Henwood, Esq., Prov. Pa., Aug 28th by Rev. Meigs
23 Sep M Elliot, Wm. Wells Twp., and Miss Emma Cleveland of Sullivan Twp., m. Sep 14th, Rutland Twp., by Jeff Prutsman, Esq
14 Jan M Ellis, J. D. Tioga and Miss Ella M. Brace, Richmond Twp., m. Jan 1st, Tioga, by Rev. F. Graves
22 Apr M Ely, Russell Charleston and Miss Jennie Klock, Wellsboro, m. at Wellsboro, Apr 19th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
25 Nov M Emery, Frank B. formerly of this boro and Miss Rosa A. Holden, Corry, Pa., m. Nov 18th, Emmanuel Church, Cory by Rev. Stevenson
20 May M Emery, Miss Clara B. dau of Josiah, Williamsport and John H. Price, Jr., m. res of John Emery at Williamsport, May 13th by Rev. Gray
15 Apr M English, Miss Beulah Wellsboro and M. S. Beach, Chatham Twp., m. res of bride, Apr 10th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
14 Jan D Erwin, John Lewis son of H. P. and Matilda, age 11 yrs, 11 mos, 14 das, Blossburg, d. Jan 1st
21 Oct M Evans, David R. and Jane Davis, dau of John G. Davis, Esq., Antrim, m. at rectory of St. Pauls Church, Wellsboro, Oct 16th by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D.
18 Nov D Evans, Eleazer age 68, Norris Run, d. Nov 5th
18 Mar D Evans, Kitty dau of J. C. and Sophia Evans, age 3 yrs, 6 mos, Blossburg, d. Mar 11th
2 Dec M Everett, Chas. and Miss Anna Sheldon, Jackson Twp., m. Jackson Twp., Nov 26th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
9 Sep M Everett, Miss Ev. Jackson Twp., and james Hamilton, m. in Jackson Twp., Sep 3rd by Rev. H. B. Troxel
8 Jul M Fillman, Hiram and Miss Nettie Bartlett, Tioga, Pa., m. Jun 18th, Mansfield, by Rev. H. C. Moyer
16 Dec M Finch, Chas.  and Miss Jane Gee, Middlebury, m. at Tioga, Dec 6th by W. T. Urell, Esq
21 Jan M Finkham, Miss Alma Sylvania and David G. Stevens, m. at Troy, Dec 24th
22 Apr M Fischer, Miss Sarah Wellsboro and John Edwin Fullwood, m. at M. E. Parsonage, Gaines, Apr 15th by Rev. W. Post
27 May M Fish, H. W. , Jr. Richmond Twp., and Miss Ida A. Brace, Rutland Twp., m. Apr 12th, Roseville by Rev. A. Rowley
4 Mar M Fish, Henry and Miss Ella Eggleston, Farmington Twp., m. Dec 28th, Tioga, by Rev. G. W. Howland
12 Aug D Fogarty, Minnie dau of Dan, age 17 das, d. Aug 3rd, Morris Run
25 Nov B Foote twins to Mrs. H. M. Foote, Esq, Wellsboro, Nov 21st, boy and girl
21 Jan M Foster, Miss Clara and Frank Mills, m. Jan 15th by Rev. Wm. Hunt, Lawrenceville
25 Nov M Fox, Hugh and Miss Sarah Repard, Delmar Twp., m. Nov 17th Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq
10 Jun D Franklin, Thomas age 40, Covington, d. May 30th
9 Dec M French, Miss Sarah I. Middlebury and Philander West, Jr., m. Nov 23rd, Keeneyville by C. J. Smith, Esq
15 Apr M French, Walter Middlebury and Miss Flora Andrus, Delmar, m. in Delmar Feb 23rd, res of brides parents, by Elder Eggleston
11 Nov B Friends dau to Mrs. James K. Friends, Nov 6th, Jackson Twp.
10 Jun M Friends, Henry and Miss Estella Hazen, Jackson Twp., m. May 28th, Lindley, NY by Rev. L. D. Ayers
11 Mar M Friends, Oscar and Miss Cora Hogencamp, m. Mar 2nd, Lawrenceville by Rev. John Landon
22 Apr M Fullwood, John Edwin and Miss Sarah Fischer, Wellsboro, m. at M. E. Parsonage, Gaines, Apr 15th by Rev. W. Post
20 May M Furman, Miss F. R. Gaines and H. W. Henry, hartsville, NY., m. res of brides parents, Gaines by Rev. Woodruff Post
30 Dec M Gamble, Miss Irene Lycoming Co., and Frank Woodhouse, m. Dec 24th, Morris by John Haggerty, Esq
25 Mar M Gardiner, Miss Mary A. Covington and Edgar E. Hayes, Mansfield, m. Mar 18th by Rev. C. H. Wright
23 Dec   Gardner, John oldest res of this Twp., age 88 in Mar
9 Dec M Gardner, Miss Myra Brookfield, Pa., and Philip Lent, Pleasant Valley, Pa., m. Brookfield, Nov 20th by Rev. E. C. Cowles
25 Nov D Gardner, Rispa wife of Clark Gardner, age 57, Sullivan, d. Nov 10th
18 Feb M Gayles, Miss Imogene Tioga and Briton Longwell, m. at Tioga Feb 9th by Rev. Fred Graves
11 Feb D Gaylord, Addie J. dau of Kenyon and Mary E. Gaylord, age 6 yrs, 6 mos, 29 das, Mansfield, d. Feb 1st
14 Oct M Gaylord, Miss Alice and Jefferson Hirsch, m. at M. E. Church, Blossburg, Oct 5th by Rev. C. H. Wright
7 Jan M Gaylord, Miss Jane Mansfield and W. W. Lounsbery, Canoe Camp, m. res of brides, Dec 31st by A. M. Spencer, Esq
25 Nov M Gee, Miss Ettie Farmington and Frank Cole, Nelson, Pa., m. Oct 27th, Nelson by Daniel Hewery, Esq
16 Dec M Gee, Miss Jane Middlebury and Chas. Finch, m. at Tioga, Dec 6th by W. T. Urell, Esq
10 Jun M Gee, Walter  and Miss Nancy Carpenter, Middlebury, m. May 29th, Nelson by Rev. Russell
28 Jan M Gerow, Miss Anna Charleston, and Walter L. Gile, m. at E. Charleston, Jan 9th by Rev. Kimer
11 Nov M Gilbert, H. P. and Miss Carrie B. Billings, eldest dau of C. F., Knoxville, m. at brides home, Nov 5th by Rev. J. O. Jarman&Teck
17 Jun M Gilbert, Miss Margaret Antrim, Pa. and Oscar Withey, m. at Parkhurst House, Wellsboro, Jun 12th by A. S. Brewster, Esq
28 Jan M Gile, Walter L. and Miss Anna Gerow, Charleston, m. at E. Charleston, Jan 9th by Rev. Kimer
8 Jul M Gillett, Carson Mansfield and Miss Rose Kelsey, West Covington, m. at West Covington, Jun 29th by A. M. Spencer, Esq
18 Nov M Gillett, Manson Canoe Camp and Miss Lydia Cunningham, Roseville, m. Nov 4th, Canoe Camp by A. M. Spencer, Esq
3 Jun M Gillett, Miss Eltella L. Blossburg and Geo T. Soper, m. May 25th, Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer
15 Jul M Gillett, Volney and Miss Emma Champlin, m. at Tioga, Jul 1st by H. H. Borden, Esq
22 Apr M Gillette, Frank M. and Miss Flora A. Davis, Tioga, m. res of brides parents, Apr 6th by Rev. G. M. Righter
21 Oct M Gleason, Maria C. Middlebury and John S. Corft, Farmington Twp., m. Chatham Twp., Oct 12th by Reuben Morse, Esq
8 Apr M Goodenow, Geo. T. and Miss Jennie Johnson, Covington, m. at Corning, Mar 9th by Rev. J. Benham
1 Apr D Goodrick, James age 88 yrs, 5 mos, 15 das, Tioga, d. Mar 22nd
26 Aug M Goodspeed, Miss Eva Jane Covington and Benj. T. Lamberson, m. Aug 21st, res of brides parents, by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
16 Dec M Gould, Miss Mary Roseville and Jacob Williams, m. Dec 9th by Rev. M. Rockwell
18 Mar D Graham, Joseph age 50, Caton, NY, d. Mar 8th, typhoid
4 Feb M Graves, Fred L. Blossburg and Miss Maggie Lanane, Fall Brook, m. Jan 29th, Covington by Rev. Ross Ward
4 Feb D Gray wife of bro. N. G. Gray, Lodge 760, Knoxville
27 May M Gray, J. C. Shippen Tep., and Miss Ida A. Smith, East Charleston, m. M. E. Parsonage at E. Charleston, May 17th by Rev. M. S. Kymer
23 Dec M Green, J. D. E. Charleston and Miss Lillie Baker, Covington, m. at Covington, Nov 27th by Rev. M. S. Kymer
23 Dec M Green, N. W. E. Charleston and Miss Alida Thomas, Cherry Flats, m. Nov 27th by Rev. M. S. Kymer
25 Mar M Greenman, John and Mrs. Margaret Hertle, Mansfield, m. at Mansfield, Mar 16th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
5 Aug M Griffen, Miss Katie E. and I. A. Campbell, m. Jul 21st at Lawrenceville by W. W. Hunt, Esq
22 Apr M Grosiean, Miss Emily E. Delmar Twp., and E. J. Playfoot, m. at Wellsboro, Apr 17th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
11 Nov M Gyld, Frank Woodhull, NY., andMiss Lida Mosher, Chatham Twp., m. res of J. T. Sensabaugh, Knoxville, Nov 3rd by Rev. Jarman
14 Oct M Hager, H. A. Canoe Camp and Miss Jennie Lamb, Lambs Creek, m Oct 1st, Canoe Camp by A. M. Spencer, Esq
18 Mar B Haggerty dau to wife of Nelson Haggerty, Millerton, Feb 26th
5 Aug & 12 Aug M Halkins, Walter W. and Miss Henrietta Thompson, Little Marsh, m. Jul 19th, Cowanesque Valley by Wm. Finkner, Esq
11 Feb M Hall, Miss Helen Rutland Twp., and Elery Wilcox, m. at Roseville, Feb 2nd by Rev. M. Rockwell
14 Jan M Hamilton, Geo. H. Jackson Twp., and Miss Emma J. Morrell, Wells Twp., m. Dec 25th, Southport, by Rev. H. B. Troxel
9 Sep M Hamilton, James and Miss Ev. Everett, Jackson Twp., m. in Jackson Twp., Sep 3rd by Rev. H. B. Troxel
22 Apr D Hamilton, Mary A. widow of James, age 83, Millerton, d. on Apr 15th
29 Jul D Hamilton, Ulysses son of Oliver and Jane, B. age 5 yrs, 2 mos, 15 das, Millerton, d. Jun 17th, diptheria
4 Mar M Hammond, Miss Mary E. Middlebury and Franklin L. Dunham, Farmington Twp., m. res of brides, Feb 24th by Rev. G. W. Howland
23 Dec M Haren, Lucy Westfield and Wm. C. Bristol, Clymer Twp., m. Nov 27th, Harrison Valley by Rev. B. Thomas
25 Nov M Harris, Benj. A. Warrenville and Miss Rosettie E. Colby, Rutland Twp., m. Rutland Twp., Nov 11th by Rev. G. M. Righter
5 Aug M Harris, Miss Francis S. Middlebury and Levi Traviss, Charleston, m. Jul 27th, Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer
18 Mar B Harrison son to wife of Charles Harrison, Jackson, Mar 12th
2 Sep M Hartley, Julia E. Glenwood, Pa. and Fred G. Elliot, Mansfield m. res of Chas. Henwood, Esq., Prov. Pa., Aug 28th by Rev. Meigs
2 Sep D Hastings, F. C. age 39, d. Aug 30th Wellsboro
30 Dec M Hastings, Hiram S. and Mary A. Brown, dau of E. J., Wellsboro, m. res of brides father, Dec 23rd by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D.
18 Mar M Hathaway, Miss Mary P. Tioga, and A. H. Bunnell, m. at St. Andrews Church, Mar 11th by Rev. John London, Tioga
23 Dec B Hausler son to Mrs. F. A. Hausler, Wellsboro, Dec 20th
25 Mar M Hayes, Edgar E. Mansfield and Miss Mary A. Gardiner, Covington, m. Mar 18th by Rev. C. H. Wright
10 Jun M Hazen, Miss Estella Jackson Twp., and Henry Friends, m. May 28th, Lindley, NY by Rev. L. D. Ayers
20 May M Henry, H. W. Hartsville, NY and Miss F. R. Furman, Gaines, m. res of brides parents, Gaines by Rev. Woodruff Post
7 Oct M Herrick, Whiting M. and Miss Ida M. Howland, Caton, NY., m. Sep 25th, Tioga by Rev. S. D. Merrick
25 Mar M Hertle, Mrs. Margaret Mansfield and John Greenman, m. at Mansfield, Mar 16th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
8 Jul M Heyler, Miss Mary Morris and Geo. Snyder, Liberty, m. Jun 22nd, Nauvoo by Rev. A. B. Miller (Snider)
7 Oct M Hill, Charles E. Caton, NY., and Miss Hattie Bostwick, Lawrence Twp., m. Sep 28th, Tioga, by Rev. S. D. Merrick
20 May M Hill, Sidney M. and Miss Louisa Swimelar, Clymer Twp., m. at Cowanesque Valley, May 1st by Wm. Finkner, Esq
2 Dec M Hillier, Mary Mansfield and Clark E. Claus, m. Mansfield Nov 23rd by Rev. Geo. D. Meigs
23 Sep D Hinds, Mabel dau of Asher and Melissa Hinds, age 2 mos, 13 das, Delmar Twp., d. Sep 16th
14 Oct M Hirsch, Jerrerson and Miss Alice Gaylord, m. at M. E. Church, Blossburg, Oct 5th by Rev. C. H. Wright
8 Apr M Hirsch, Mack and Miss Lizzie E. Caldwell, Blossburg, m. at Blossburg Apr 2nd by Rev. C. H. Wright
18 Feb M Hitchcock, Willard L. West Haven, VT and Miss Myra S. Rapson, Williamsport, , only dau of G. S. Ransom, m. at WilliamsportFeb 4th by Rev. Horatio W. Brown
25 Mar M Hober, Darius W. and Miss Martha A. Holt, Troupsburgh, NY., m. Mar 19th, Knoxville, by Rev. P. Reynolds
15 Jul M Hobson, John and Miss Mary Cummings, Tioga, m. at Tioga, Jul 5th by Rev. G. W. Howland
7 Jan M Hodges, Hiram Mansfield and Miss Ella Buckbee, Nelson, Pa., m. res of birdes, Dec 30th by Rev. Wm. W. Hunt
16 Dec D Hogaboom, Carrie dau of F. F. and M. D., age 1 yr, 1 mo, 15 das, d. Nov 30th, Richmond
16 Sep M Hogancamp, Marvin Big Flats, and Miss Lillian Langbridge, Somers Lane, m. Aug 28th, Big Flats, NY., by Rev. L. Cochran
11 Mar M Hogencamp, Miss Cora and Oscar Friends, m. Mar 2nd, Lawrenceville by Rev. John Landon
11 Mar D Hogencamp, Mrs. Ann age 46, Knoxville, d. Feb 24th
7 Jan M Holcomb, Geo. O. and Miss Annie Pomeroy, only dau. of Eleazor, Troy, Pa., m. res of brides father, Dec 19th by Rev. S. L. Conde
23 Dec M Hold, Miss Ida Jasper, NY., and Jonas VanWie, m. Dec 14th, M. E. Parsonage, Knoxville by Rev. J. O. Jarman
22 Apr M Holden, Addie L. Mansfield, Pa., and Chester P. Murdough, m. at Corning, Apr 9th by Rev. J. V. Benham
25 Nov M Holden, Miss Rosa A. Corry, Pa., and Frank B. Emery, fromerly of this boro, m. Nov 18th, Emmanuel Church, Cory by Rev. Stevenson
15 Jul M Hollenbeck, Edward Lambs Creek and Ida Swan of Schyler Co., NY, m. Jul 3rd, Lambs Creek by W. C. Ripley, Esq
25 Mar M Holt, Miss Martha A. Troupsburgh, NY., and Darius W. Hober, m. Mar 19th, Knoxville, by Rev. P. Reynolds
30 Sep M Hood, Miss Fanny B. Knoxville and Wm. A. McLean, Brookfield Twp., m Sep 23rd, M. E. Church Parsonage, Savona, Ny., by Rev. Lowell
8 Jul M Hotelling, Francis U. Chatham Twp. And Miss Mary E. Ayers, Middlebury, m. Jul 4th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
26 Aug M Hough, Miss Lottie Osceola and Frank Bullen, Elkland, m. at Osceola Aug 13th by John Hammond, Esq
16 Sep M Howell, Wm. Jr. Antrim and Miss Mary Mulford, dau of late John H. Stothoff, m. Sep 4th, Burdett, NY., by Rev. F. S. Howell
11 Nov M Howland, Eddie L. and Miss Mary Williams, Covington, m. Oct 29th, Baptist Church, by Rev. Ross Ward, Covington
24 Jun M Howland, Frank E. bookkeeper in co. store and Miss Fanny Reynolds, Elmer, NY, m. Jun 8th, Elmer, NY. They were serenaded the eve of their arrival by Arnot Band (Arnot News)
1 Jul M Howland, Frank E. Arnot and Miss Fannie Reynolds, m. at Almond, Ny, Jun 18th by Rev. M. Steele
2 Dec M Howland, Miss Delia M. dau of Officiating Clergy, Jasper, NY., and vine Depin McAllister, Tioga, Pa., m. Nov 23rd by Rev. G. W. Howland
7 Oct M Howland, Miss Ida M. Caton, NY., and Whiting M. Herrick, m. Sep 25th, Tioga by Rev. S. D. Merrick
6 May D Hubbard, Lena age 4 mos, 4 das, dau of G. B. and Adelia, d. Apr 22nd, Rutland Twp.
18 Mar D Hudson, Mrs. Salley age 90 yrs, 3 mos, 25 das, d. Mar 5th, Jackson Twp.
7 Oct M Humphrey, W. G. son of Dr. and Miss Ettie Phelps, dau of John Tubbs
30 Sep M Humphrey, Wilmont Grow and Miss Sarah Ettie Phelp, Osceola, m. res of John Tubbs, Esq., m. Sep 24th by Rev. S. H. Moon
21 Jan D Hunt, Charles of Bridgeport, d. Jan 9th, age 34 yrs, 5 mos, 8 das
25 Nov D Hurlburt, Vangie H. age 30, Chatham Valley, d. Nov 18th, dau of Lyman and Sarah, they came from Cayuga Co., NY., 25 yrs ago.
9 Sep M Hurley, John Antrim, Pa., and Miss Mary Curtin, Elmira, m. Sep 1st St Marys Church, Elmira by Rev. Father McManns
29 Jul M Huslander, Lottie J. and Geo. E. Robbins, m. res of brides in Sullivan, Jun 25th by Rev. S. F. Mathews, E. Troy
19 Aug M Huslander, Prof. W. S. Mansfield and Miss Coyle, dau of D. S. Coyle, Esq., Port Royal, m. res of brides, Juanita Co., Pa. (Port Royal) by Rev. R. F. Wilson
7 Jan M Hutchinson, Miss S. Jennie Lawrenceville and Thos. Taylor, m. at Lawrenceville Dec 25th by Rev. Wm. Hunt
20 May M Hyland, Stephen Antrim, Pa., and Miss Mary A. Kerwan, Blossburg, m. at Blossburg, May 6th St. Andrews Church by Rev. Father Murphy
18 Feb D Hymes, Geo. W. age 68, Holidaytown, d. Feb 10th
22 Apr M Hymes, Miss Matie G. Middlebury and T. M. Archie, Holidaytown, Apr 17th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
18 Mar B Hynes dau to Mrs. E. J. Hynes, Mar 7th, Millerton

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 2/5/2007
By Joyce M. Tice