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Newspaper Clippings & Obituaries for Tioga, Bradford, Chemung Counties

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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1879

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
22 Jul M Jackson, Henry Delmar and Miss Sophia Rollins, Charleston, m. Jul 18th, Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq
11 Nov M James, John and Miss Phebe A. Lindlinger (Sindlinger), m. Oct 23rd, Liberty by Rev. A. Stapleton
25 Nov M Jarvis, Alexander and Miss Maggie F. Russell, Antrim, Pa., m. Nov 21st, Parsonage, Wellsboro by Rev. J. F. Calkins
22 Apr M Jenkins, Miss Mary E. Elk Twp., and P. F. Williams, m. res of Mr. Gillespie, Gaines, Apr 12th by Rev. W. Root
7 Oct D Jenkins, Susie age 11 yrs, Richmond Twp., d. Sep 23rd
12 Aug D Johnson, Anson L. age 62 yrs, 2 mos, 4 das, d. Aug 1st, Covington
14 Jan M Johnson, John and Maggie Cook, Arnot, Pa., m. Arnot, Pa., Jan 6th by Rev. J. May
25 Mar M Johnson, Miss Eva A. Farmington Twp., and Arthur Stevens, Nelson Pa., m. Mar 12th, Tioga by Rev. Frederick Graves
8 Apr M Johnson, Miss Jennie Covington, and Geo. T. Goodenow, m. at Corning, Mar 9th by Rev. J. Benham
18 Feb D Jones, Harry son of Robert and Elizabeth, age 8 mo, Blossburg, d. Feb 12th
19 Aug M Jones, Miss Diana Cherry Flats and John C. Sherman, Rutland Twp., m. Aug 3rd, Sullivan Twp., by Isaac Squires, Esq
4 Feb D Jones, Mrs. Rhoda age 69 yrs, 11 mos, 8 das, Charleston, d. on Dec 27th
27 May M Jonson, Joseph and Miss Ada Campbell, m. at Towanda
23 Dec   Joseph, Mrs. Harriet oldest female, age 83 in Jan, in this Twp.
11 Nov M Keefer, Miss Mary G. of Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa., and John A. Schiek, Towanda, m. res of brides Aunt, H. H. Hoffecker, Dalton, Lackawana Co., Nov 2nd by Rev. A. W. Cooper of Waverly, NY
18 Nov M Keeler, John S. and Miss Ida B. Burley, Chatham Twp., m. Chatham Twp., Oct 15th by Rev. D. B. Hunt
8 Apr D Kelley, Eliza wife of Marcus, age 65, Mansfield, d. Mar 30th
29 Apr M Kelley, Lyman and Miss Helen Wheeler, m. in Caton, NY by Rev. Stephen Tobey, Apr 12th
25 Mar D Kelsey, Mary Elizabeth wife of Robert, dau of Robert and Sarah W. Trull, age 40, Wellsboro, d. Mar 23
8 Jul M Kelsey, Miss Rose West Covington and Carson Gillett, Mansfield, m. at West Covington, Jun 29th by A. M. Spencer, Esq
21 Jan D Kelts, Peter age 85, d. Jan 15th, Covington
1 Jul D Keltz, John age 76 yrs, 23 das, Liberty, d. Jun 23rd
14 Oct D Kemp, Mary H. wife of J. S. and dau of J. S. H. Dickenson, Jackson Twp., d. Sep 13th, Minneapolis, Minn. Age 30 yrs.
10 Jun M Kemp, Miss Lettie Farmington, Twp., and Wm. Allen, m. in Farmington Twp., May 28th by Rev. Benj. Russell
11 Mar M Kern, Miss Margaret C. and Geo. W. Newberry, m. M. E. Parsonage, Gaines, Mar 6th by Rev. Woodruff Post
20 May M Kerwan, Miss Mary A. Blossburg and Stephen Hyland, Antrim, Pa., m. at Blossburg, May 6th St. Andrews Church by Rev. Father Murphy
18 Feb D Kilbourne, Mrs. Encie M. dau of Morris and Sarah L. Pritchard, age 20 yrs, 1 mo, 1 da, Westfield Twp., d. Jan 19th
16 Dec M King, Aaron P. and Miss Nellie Stephenson, Westfield, m. Dec 7th, Knoxville by Rev. P. Reynolds
16 Dec M King, Miss Electa L. Westfield and Darius S. Short, Deerfield Twp., m. Dec 7th, Knoxville by Rev. P. Reynolds
15 Jul M Kingsbury, Harry H. Covington, and Miss Teresa D. Whiting, Sullivan Twjp., m. at Blossburg, Jul 4th by A. B. Freeman, Esq
25 Mar M Kinner, Miss Martha Ann Millerton and Thos. Ayers, VanEllenville, NY., m. at Millerton, Mar 15th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
22 Jul B Kirkendall  son to Mrs. S. E. Kirkendall, Esq, Millerton, Jul 12th
15 Jul D Kirkendall, Mary Teresa age 4 mos, dau of Erastus and Emily Kirkendall, Sommers Lane, d. Jul 5th
26 Aug M Kirkpatrick, Miss Eliza Fall Brook and James Lowrey, m. at Fall Brook Aug 19th by Rev. D. Savage
15 Apr M Kirtland, Geo. and Miss Augusta E. Clark, Chatham Twp., m. Apr 8th, Wellsboro, by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
19 Aug M Kirtland, Wm. H. and Miss Emma A. Clark, Chatham Twp., m. Aug 13th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
8 Apr D Klob, Edward age 29, d. Mar 30th, a hardware merc. Lawrenceville
22 Apr M Klock, Miss Jennie Wellsboro and Russell Ely, Charleston, m. at Wellsboro, Apr 19th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
10 Jun D Klock, Mrs. Mary E. age 36 yrs, 8 mos, Charleston, d. Jun 1st
30 Dec M Knot, Emma Louisa dau of John of Antrim, and John Smith, m. Dec 24th, St Pauls Church, Wellsboro by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D.
7 Oct M Knowlton, Chas. and Miss Mary D. Palmer, Sullivan Twp., m. Sullivan Twp., Sep 24th by Rev. H. Lamkin
19 Aug M Krinner, Chas. and Miss Lidda J. Cole, Delmar Twp., m. Aug 7th, Stoneyfork by J. W. Symonds, Esq
18 Nov M Kyle, Miss Myra Tioga Junction and J. C. Lewis, Port Allegheny, m. Nov 10th, Tioga by W. T. Urell, Esq
6 May D Labar, Walter Robert son of Vernon and Stella, age 7 mos, 10 das, d. Apr 3rd, Delmar Twp.
29 Apr M Lamb, Miss Carrie Richmond Twp., and Thos. Warters, m. Apr 21st , Mansfield by Rev. W. Beach
14 Oct M Lamb, Miss Jennie Lambs Creek and H. A. Hager, Canoe Camp, m. Oct 1st Canoe Camp by A. M. Spencer, Esq
26 Aug M Lamberson, Benj. T. and Miss Eva Jane Goodspeed, Covington, m. Aug 21st, res of brides parents, by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
30 Sep M Lamkin, W. H. and Miss Sarah Doane, Covington, m. at Covington Sep 24th by Rev. W. H. Lamkin
4 Feb M Lanane, Miss Maggie Fall Brook and Fred L. Graves, Blossburg, m. Jan 29th, Covington by Rev. Ross Ward
21 Jan M Lane, Wm. G. Brookfield and Miss Ida A. Davis, Westfield, m. in Westfield Jan 1st by Elder Bacon
16 Sep M Langbridge, Miss Lillian Somers Lane and Marvin Hogancamp, Big Flats, m. Aug 28th, Big Flats, NY., by Rev. L. Cochran
11 Feb M Lawrence, Miss Emma Tioga and Edgar A. Crumb, Jobs Corners, m. Jan 29th, Jackson Center by Rev. H. B. Troxel
15 Apr M Lawrence, Welby and Miss Vinnie Benson, Rutland Twp., m. Mar 4th, Roseville, by Rev. Amos Mansfield
1 Jul M Leedy, M. K. Nelson Clinton, Co., and Miss Annie J. Swimlar, Clymer Twp., m. May 30, Germania, Pa., by John C. Helfrech, Esq
9 Dec M Lent, Philip Pleasant Valley, Pa., and Miss Myra Gardner, Brookfield, Pa., m. Brookfield, Nov 20th by Rev. E. C. Cowles
23 Dec D Leonard, Mrs. Oscar Roaring Branch, funeral last Tues, leaves husband and several small children
18 Nov M Leut, Horatio N. Farmington and Miss Ada V. Loop, Havana, NY., m. Nov 6th, Farmington by Elder E. H. Eggleston
25 Feb M Levalley, Horace and Miss Mary Barber, Covington, m. Covington Feb 14th by Rev. Ross Ward
25 Feb D Lewis, Edna B. only child of James S. and May, age 3 yrs, 10 mos, 18 das, Westfield, d. Feb 16th
18 Nov M Lewis, J. C. Port Allegheny and Miss Myra Kyle, Tioga Junction, m. Nov 10th, Tioga by W. T. Urell, Esq
8 Apr M Lewis, Miss Mary Antrim, Pa. and James Weston, m. at the Parkhyrst House, Wellsbro, Mar 15th by Isaac M. Bodine, Esq
12 Aug D Lewis, Mrs. Mary age 82, Plymouth, Pa., d. Jul 28th
30 Dec D Lewis, Mrs. Sophia H. d. last Sunday night, widow of Rankin, printer of the 1st Pioneer newspaper pub. In this area.  He d. Oct 30th 1838, leaving 2 sm daus., Maiden name Sophia Bliss, b. May 3rd 1810, Springfield, Mass., m. Mar 5th 1829, came to wells in 1826, 2 daus, d. in infancy, sister of Wm. Bliss and John in Charleston, 2 daus., Mrs. M. Bullard and Mrs. O. Bullard
11 Nov M Lindlinger (Sindlinger), Miss Phebe A. and John James, m. Oct 23rd, Liberty by Rev. A. Stapleton
12 Aug M Llincoln, Dr. S. W. and Verona V. Webb, Nelson, Pa., m. at Mansfield by Rev. D. Meigs, Aug 2nd
11 Mar D Lloyd, David age 63, Blossburg, d. Mar 2nd
21 Jan M Lloyd, Thos. W. Niles Valley and Miss Allie M. Willard, Wellsboro, m. Jan 16th Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
9 Sep M Locke, Job D. and Mary J. Seemans, dau of Charles, Wellsboro, m. at Wellsboro Sep 1st by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D.
27 May D Lockwood, Josephus Chatham Twp., d. May 9th
25 Nov M Logan, Miss Sarah F. Jackson Summit, and James Stevenson, Cherry Flats, m. Jackson Summit, Nov 19th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
18 Feb M Longwell, Briton and Miss Imogene Gayles Tioga, m. at Tioga Feb 9th by Rev. Fred Graves
18 Nov M Loop, Miss Ada V. Havana, Ny., and Horatio N. Leut, Farmington, m. Nov 6th, Farmington by Elder E. H. Eggleston
7 Oct B Lornsberry dau to Mrs. C. Lornsberry, Oct 5th, Wellsboro
7 Jan M Loundbery, W. W. Canoe Camp and Miss Jane Gaylord, Mansfield, m. res of brides, Dec 31st by A. M. Spencer, Esq
26 Aug M Lowrey, James and Miss Eliza Kirkpatrick, Fall Brook, m. at Fall Brook Aug 19th by Rev. D. Savage
3 Jun D Lucas, Miss Anna age 81, d. May 18th Richmond Twp.
20 May M Lucas, Uriah Wellsburg, NY., and Miss Hattie Davis, Westfield, m. at Westfield May 6th by Rev. O. N. Roberts
21 Jan M Lundell, John and Helena Sophia Norstrom, dau of Capa, Antrim, Pa., m. Jan 18th, rectory of St. Pauls, Wellsboro by Rev. Charles Breck D. D.
29 Jul M Lutes, John D. Bellaire, OH and Miss Kittie Smith, Covington, m. at Covington, Jul 17th by Rev. Ross Ward
25 Feb D Lutz, Catherine Letter from Liberty, Feb 20th.  The pioneers of Liberty, the 1st settlers of our township are gradually passing away.  Feb 6th, Catherine Lutz d. at res of her dau in Madison Co. IO, age 70 yrs 4 mos, 29 das, was dau of John Sheffer, Sr., b. 1808 Williamsport, came with parents 1813 and lived here until a year ago she moved with dau Mrs. Catherine Scott, youngest dau.
22 Jul M Luzenberger, Mathew Williamsport and Miss Belle Broughton, Pine Creek, m. Jul 4th, Germania by John C. Helfrecht, Esq
12 Aug M Mack, Wm. and Mary Warren, Nelson News
7 Jan M Maher, Miss Nancy J. Richmond Twp., and Edward Mann, m. Dec 25th, Tioga, by H. H. Borden, Esq
7 Jan D Managan, Thos. J. age 42 yrs, 10 mos, 4 das, Covington, d. Dec 10th
26 Aug M Mann, Benj. J. and Mrs. Suranna Wood, Tioga, m. Tioga Aug 18th by Rev. Graves
7 Jan M Mann, Edward and Miss Nancy J. Maher, Richmond Twp., m. Dec 25th, Tioga, by H. H. Borden, Esq
16 Sep D Manning, Ora dau of Geo. And Mary, age 1 yr, 6 mos, Little Marsh, d. Sep 3rd
15 Apr D Mantor, Peter age 68 yrs, 8 das, Tioga Twp., d. Apr 6th
11 Mar M Markham, Imogene L. Brookfield, Twp., and John Bronson m. Feb 24th, Knoxville by Rev. P. Reynolds
11 Nov D Marvin, Ellen wife of John, age 23, Covington, d. Oct 29th
1 Apr D Marvin, Mrs. Carrie E. age 16, Lambs Creek, d. Mar 20th
23 Dec M Mascho, H. H. Brookfield and Miss Ella Burdick Westfield, m. Dec 18th, M. E. Parsonage, Knoxville, by Rev. J. O. Jarman
9 Dec D Mascho, Mrs. F. L. age 45, Brookfield, d. Dec 3rd, dau of Jacob and Eunice Grantier, b. Sep 1835, Chantauqua Co., NY., m. at age 17, leaves husband, 1 son and 1 daughter
26 Aug B Mather dau to Mrs. J. W. Mather, Aug 21st, Wellsboro
16 Dec D Mather, Harry only child of Cornelius Mather, age 8, d. Nov 27th, Lawrenceville
10 Jun M Matson, Miss Amanda M. Neenah, Wis., and Addison Boyden, Delmar Twp., m. Jun 9th Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
15 Jul M Matthews, John W. and Miss Margaret Ann Duggen, Barclay, Pa., m. Jul 3rd, Blossburg, by Rev. Tilo Evans
1 Apr D Maxam, Ansel age 99, Farmington Twp., d. Mar 6th
28 Jan D Maynard, Sarah C. dau of Geo. Age 13, Elk Twp., d. Jan 18th
2 Dec M McAllister, Vine Depin Tioga, Pa., and Miss Delia M. Howland, dau of Officiating Clergy Jasper, NY., m. Nov 23rd by Rev. G. W. Howland
11 Mar M McCarrick, Miss Alice A. Wells Twp., Bradford Co., and Wm. McIntyre, Jackson Twp., m. at Millerton Mar 5th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
10 Jun D McCarter, John d. May 16th age 53, Walla Walla, Wash, ter. Formerly of Delmar Twp.
21 Jan M McCollum, Miss Diantha Nelson, Pa., and Russell Spencer, Lawrence Twp., m. Jan 10th, Elkland by A. A. Amsbry, Esq
16 Sep D McCoy, James E. late of Kan. City, d. Sep 2nd, res of his mother Concordville, Delware Co., Pa.
1 Apr M McGory, Geo. B. Nelson, Pa., and Miss Eva Cady, Farmington Twp., m. Mar 19th, Lawrenceville by Rev. H. C. Moyer
1 Jul M McIntie, Wm. and Miss Nancy Adams, Charleston, m. at Corning Jun 5th by Rev. J. V. Benham
25 Feb M McIntosh, Miss Emma Towanda, and R. W. Tinney, Wyalusing, m. Feb 16th, Covington by Rev. Chas. H. Wright
11 Mar M McIntyre, Wm. Jackson Twp. And Miss Alice A McCarrick, Wells Twp., Bradford Co., m. at Millerton Mar 5th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
30 Sep M McLean, Wm. A. Brookfield Twp., and Miss Fanny B. Hood, Knoxville, m. Sep 23rd, M. E. Church Parsonage, Savona, NY., by Rev. Lowell
7 Jan M Meigs, Rev. Geo. D. Mansfield and Miss Clata A. Calkins, Wellsboro, m. at Wellsboro, Jan 1st by Rev. J. F. Calkins, Buffalo, NY
29 Apr M Mengee, Wm. J. and Miss Mary E. Cooper of Lambs Creek, m. Apr 10th, Wellsboro by Rev. K. P. Jervis
10 Jun M Meridith, Miss Ella and Somerson Bland, m. May 21st at Fall Brook by Rev. Daniel Savage
9 Dec D Meritheu, Mrs. Geo. W. age 59, d. Dec 3rd, Liberty
29 Apr M Merrick, A. Judson Holyoke, Ma, and Miss Ella D. Bentley, Tioga, m.Tioga, Apr 16th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
19 Aug D Millard, Mrs. Jane W. age 60, Blossburg, d. Aug 10th
8 Apr M Miller, B. and Miss Elise Chrisler, Bath, NY., m. Mar 29th, Lawrenceville by Rev. B. F. Taylor
2 Sep D Miller, Sam age 57 yrs, 4 mos, Seeley Creek, NY., d. Aug 4th
21 Jan M Mills, Frank and Miss Clara Foster, m. Jan 15th by Rev. Wm. Hunt, Lawrenceville
14 Oct D Mills, Frank E. remains brought for burial, Lawrenceville News, last Mon. from Arnot, held at fathers res. Funeral services, Raymond Mills, m. 8 mos ago to Clar Foster, Lawrenceville
21 Oct M Mills, Walter T. and Mary E. Wooster, m. on Thurs, Addison, NY., Oct 20th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
18 Feb D Mitchell, Mary Ann wife of A. Wm. Mitchell, age 33 yrs, 4 mos, 5 das, Arnot, d. Feb 5th
29 Apr M Mix, Frank R. Canton, Pa., and Miss Flora E. Bentley, Tioga, m. at Tioga, Apr 16th by Rev. S. D. Merrick
30 Sep M Monroe, Miss Abbie F. E. Sullivan and B. L. Dann, Sylvania, m. at E. Sullivan Sep 9th by Rev. G. M. Righter
29 Apr D Moore, David R. d. Apr 17th, buried South Creek
19 Aug M Moore, Leroy Troy, Pa., and Miss Fanny K. Taylor, dau of O. F. , Blossburg, m. Jul 31st, Chicago, ILL
6 May M Moore, Miss Ella R. Charleston, and Oscar S. Brewster, m. Apr 13th, Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer
15 Jul M Moore, Miss Eva Wells Twp., and Howard Stowell, Millerton, m. Jul 4th, Millerton by O. D. Bly
10 Jun M Moore, Miss Mary Mansfield and James H. Olney, Tioga, m. at Mansfield May 28th by Rev. G. M. Righter
10 Jun D Moore, Mrs. Mary E. d. at res., Delmar Twp., Jun 5th, dau of Roswell Bailey, b. Oct 9th 1814, m. Richard J. Moore, Mar 30th 1833, when 12 years old was united with Methodist Church but after yrs her appreciation of the character and value of the prayer book led her to communion with Episcopal Church was confirmed May 14th 1874
17 Jun D Morgan, Christina wife of Holman Morgan, age 73, d. Pneumonia, in the faith and peace of Jesus at East Charleston
14 Jan M Morrell, Miss Emma J. Wells Twp., and Geo. H. Hamilton, Jackson Twp., m. Dec 25th, Southport, by Rev. H. B. Troxel
11 Nov M Mosher, Miss Lida Chatham Twp., and Frank Gyld, Woodhull, NY., m. res of J. T. Sensabaugh, Knoxville, Nov 3rd, by Rev. Jarman
8 Jul M Moshier, Miss Lizzie S. Wellsboro and Grier Stone, Delmar Twp., m. at Wellsboro, Jul 3rd by Rev., N.L. Reynolds
2 Sep D Mowrhess, Mrs. Sally age 66yrs, 6 mos, 18 das, Arnot, d. Aug 22nd
10 Jun M Mudge, Amos and Miss Caroline Squires, Chandlerburg, Pa., m. at Chandlerburg, Pa., May 13th by Rev. Isaac Squires
16 Sep M Mulford, Miss Mary dau of late John H. Stothoff, and Wm. Howell, Jr., Antrim, m. Sep 4th, Burdett, NY., by Rev. F. S. Howell
27 May M Munroe, Barton S. and Miss Carrie P. Warriner, Delmar, m. in Delmar May 18th by Israel Stone, Esq
22 Apr M Murdough, Chester P. and Addie L. Holden, Mansfield, Pa., m. at Corning, Apr 9th by Rev. J. V. Benham
17 Jun D Neal, Daniel yesterday, old res of Arnot
11 Mar M Newberry, Geo. W. and Miss Margaret C. Kern, m. M. E. Parsonage, Gaines, Mar 6th by Rev. Woodruff Post
30 Dec D Newhall, Ira A. d. Dec 22nd, res in Charleston
18 Mar D Nichols, Hattie age 6, dau of Richard, Millerton, diptheria, d. Mar 7th
11 Mar D Nichols, Nettie dau of Richard, age 10, Millerton, d. Mar 2nd, diptheria
26 Aug B Niles dau to Mr. and Mrs. Hon. J. B. Niles, Aug 22nd, Wellsboro
9 Dec D Nittraw, Perry age 66, d. Dec 2nd, Covington Twp.
26 Aug M Norman, Frederick Arnot and Miss Jane Thomas, Charleston, m. Aug 26th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
21 Jan M Norstrom, Helena Sophia dau of Capa, Antrim, Pa., and John Lungell, m. Jan 18th, rectory of St. Pauls, Wellsboro by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D.
11 Mar D Oakden, Mr. Hope age 55, Holidaytown, d. Mar 5th
18 Mar M Odel, Miss Effie Covington and Jay E. Preston, Mansfield, m. in Chatham Twp., Mar 11th by Rev. S. Butler
9 Sep M Odle, Alfred Farmington Twp., and Miss Hattie E. Sherman, Osceola, m. at Wellsboro Sep 6th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
30 Sep M Ogden, Hiram H. and Miss Mary E. Omstead, Delmar Twp, m. Sep 24th, Baptist Parsonage, Stoneyfork, by Rev. J. Boyce
10 Jun M Olney, James H. Tioga and Miss Mary Moore, Mansfield, m. at Mansfield May 28th by Rev. G. M. Righter
30 Sep M Omstead, Miss Mary E. Delmar Twp., and Hiram H. Ogden, m.. Sep 24th, Baptist Parsonage, Stoneyfork, by Rev. J. Boyce
11 Mar D Oswold, Wm. Westfield, d. Feb 28th
23 Dec M Owen, Miss Maria and Johnny Bush
21 Jan M Page, Miss Mary E. Covington and Henry Shailer, Mansfield, m. at Covington by Rev. Ross Ward
7 Oct M Palmer, Miss Mary D. Sullivan Twp., and Chas. Knowlton, m. Sullivan Twp., Sep 24th by Rev. H. Lamkin
7 Jan M Parker, Bert I. (or Parker - 21 Jan) and Miss Josephine T. Squires of Sullivan Twp., m. Dec 31st, res of brides father by Rev. John Ward
15 Jul M Partridge, Miss Lena O. Mansfield and Ranson W. Bailey, m. at M. E. Parsonage, E. Charleston, Jun 23rd by Rev. M. Kymer
12 Aug D Patterson  Arnot, child of Wm. Patterson, age 3 yrs, this morn
19 Aug D Patterson, John J. son of Wm. And Ellen Patterson, age 1 yr, 4 mos, 9 das, Arnot, d. Aug 9th
1 Jul M Patterson, Miss Margaret Gradner Arnot and Wm. Waddell, m. Jun 23rd, Blossburg by Rev. F. K. Fowler
1 Jul M Peake, Miss Carrie A. Delmar Twp., and Wallace E. Waters, m. Jun 26th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
22 Apr M Peck, Miss Rhoda M. Knoxville and Geo E. Rathbun, Williamsport, m. at Knoxville Apr 9th by Rev. P. Reynolds
19 Aug D Peck, Mrs. J. M. age 24, Tioga, d. Aug 12th, consumption
23 Dec M Perry, Miss Rossilla Mansfield and Chas. G. Smith, Sullivan Twp., m. at Mansfield, Nov 19th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
29 Jul M Persing, Wm. E. Gaines and Dell Warner, Coudersport, m. Jul 4th, Allegeny by Seth Conable, Esq.
14 Oct M Person, Chas. G. and Miss Alice A. Whittemore, Aurora, NY., m. at Blossburg Oct 8th by Rev. F. K. Fowler
4 Feb D Peterson, John H. Wellsboro, age 29, d. Jan 28th
30 Sep M Phelp, Miss Sarah Ettie Osceola and Wilmont Grow Humphrey, m. res of John Tubbs, Esq., m. Sep 24th by Rev. S. H. Moon
7 Oct M Phelps, Miss Ettie dau of John Tubbs and W. G. Humphrey, son of Dr.
30 Dec M Phillips, Jane Morris Run and Thos. Price, m. at Arnot, Dec 15th by Rev. David Harris
1 Jul M Phillips, Miss Clara Westfield and Orrin Tremain, m. at Westfield Jun 18th by Rev. O. N. Roberts
11 Mar M Pine, Mrs. Mary Covington and Henry Brown, m. at Covington Feb 13th by Rev. Ross Ward
16 Dec M Pinkerton, James and Miss Jane Wright, Blossburg, m. Dec 2nd by Rev. John Daisley
7 Oct M Plank, Wm. and Miss Harriet G. Blackwell, Morris, Pa. m. Oct 1st, Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster
22 Apr M Playfoot, E. J. and Miss Emily E. Grosiean, Delmar Twp., m. at Wellsboro Apr 17th by Rev. J. F. Calkins
6 May D Plumley, Augustus age 69 yrs, Delmar, d. Apr 29th
7 Jan M Pomeroy, Miss Annie only dau. Of Eleazor, Troy, Pa., and Geo. O. Holcomb, m. res of brides father, Dec 19th by Rev. S. L. Conde
8 Jul D Popple, Mr. G. R. age 30 yers, Elk Twp., d. Jul ?st
1 Apr D Potter, Henry H. b. Sep 5th 1791, R.I., his father moved to Pompey, Onondago, NY., 1804 when that area was an almost unbroken wilderness and in possession of Red men. Henry was oldest of 12 enlisted in War 1812, when 19 served under Gen. Scott in NY and Canadian Frontier, 1st m. one son, Alanson E., now living in Minn., soon after her d. he m. MIss Abigal Maxwell, while still living in NY, 3 children, Howard H. who d. Baraloo, Wis. 1878; Jane, wife of A. A. McClean in Hammond; Delia wife of A. C. Cole, Middlebury. Henry d. Middlebury. 1824, Mr. Potter moved to Spring Mills, Allegheny Co., NY, built 1st sawmill, stayed till 1827, came to Lawrenceville, kept hotel, The Old Slosson Stand, lost 2nd wife 1827, m. Mar 12th 1829 Melinda G. Stevens, who was b. VT, a sister of D. G. and Eliza Stevens, Middlebury. Dau of Martin Henry had 8 children and had 50 yrs with Melinda. Children: Harriet, m. W. H. Currier, N.H.; ? Jerome B., former Sheriff; Angie, wife of H. E. Potter, Wellsboro; Benj. B., St. Clair, Mich; ?Julia A. wife of
16 Dec M Precit, John and Sarah B. Shafer, Mansfield, m. Dec 2nd, Richmond by Wm. Adams, Esq
25 Feb M Prentiss, Miss Ada M. Canoe Camp and James M. Whittaker, m. Feb 13th, Mansfield by Rev. G. M. Righter
18 Mar M Preston, Jay E. Mansfield and Miss Effie Odel, Covington, m. in Chatham Twp., Mar 11th by Rev. S. Butler
20 May M Price, John H., Jr. and Miss Clara B. Emery, dau of Josiah, Williamsport, m. res of John Emery at Williamsport, May 13th by Rev. Gray
30 Dec M Price, Thos. and Jane Phillips, Morris Run, m. at Arnot, Dec 15th by Rev. David Harris
11 Mar M Priest, Silas Antrim, Pa. and Henrietta Sheppard, dau of Isaac, Esq., Pittston, Pa., m. Mar 6th, rectory St Pauls Church, Wellsboro by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D.
6 May D Prime, Mrs. C. age 50, Tioga, d. May 6th
28 Jan M Prudent, Miss Louise Tioga, and Henry E. Saxton, Lawrence Twp., m. Jan 21st, Lawrence, by Rev. S. D. Merrick
15 Jul M Prutsman, Frank and Miss Rose Shappee, Tioga, Pa. m. at Elmira, Jul 3rd
25 Mar M Prutsman, Miss Pettie M. Rutland Twp., and Chas. A. Saxton, Lawrence Twp., m. Mar 16th Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer

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