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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1879

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume 2
Day/Month   Name Text
14 Oct M Radiker, Miss Adah G. Elkland and R. J. Brewer, m. at Elkland, Oct 8th by Rev. S. H. Moon
18 Feb M Rapson, Miss Myra S. Williamsport, only dau of G. S. Ransom, and Willard L. Hitchcock, West Haven, VT., m. at Williamsport Feb 4th by Rev. Horatio W. Brown
22 Apr M Rathbun, Geo. E. Williamsport and Miss Rhoda M. Peck, Knoxville, m. at Knoxville Apr 9th by Rev. P. Reynolds
12 Aug M Rathbun, Miss Julia and Wm. Cady, son of E., m. last Sun.
23 Dec M Redfield, Miss Ada A. dau of A. Redfield, Esq. and Osmer Crippen, Rutland Twp., m. res of brides father, Dec 17th by Rev. E. Wells
22 Apr M Redington, Miss Emily Middlebury and Andrew Cook, m. Apr 17th, Holidaytown by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
22 Jul M Reese, Watson D. and Barbara M. Smith, Charleston, m. on Jul 3rd, by Rev. DeWitt T. VanDoren
25 Nov M Repard, Miss Sarah Delmar Twp., and Hugh Fox, m. Nov 17th Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq
11 Nov M Repart, Miss Mary E. Delmar Twp., and Edward Sherman, m. Nov 1st, Stoneyfork by J. W. Symonds, Esq
10 Jun D Retan, maggie May age 5 yrs, 2 mos, youngest dau of M. K. Millerton, d. Jun 1st, diptheria
14 Jan M Rexford, Miss Stella youngest dau of Job, Esq., Harrison Valley and Dr. E. S. Shaw, m. at Harrison Valley, res of brides father by Rev. Benj. Thomas, Jan 1st
25 Nov M Reynolds, F. S. Troupsburg, NY., and Miss Esther E. Ward, Freemont, NY., m. Nov 12th, Knoxville by Rev. Walter T. Mills
23 Dec M Reynolds, Miss Ella and Emery Rumsey, m. res of brides father, Sullivan, Dec 17th by Rev. H. Lamkin
24 Jun M Reynolds, Miss Fanny Elmer, Ny., and Frank E. Howland, bookkeeper in co. store, m. Jun 8th, Elmer, Ny. They were werenaded the eve of their arrival by Arnot Band (Arnot News)
1 Jul M Reynolds, Miss Fanny and Frank E. Howland, Arnot, m. Almond, Ny, Jun 18th by Rev. M. Steele
30 Dec   Reynolds, Rev. N. L. preached farewellsermon in the Baptist Church, Wells. He and family left by train for Mt. Pleasant
15 Apr M Rice, Alvin and Miss Sophronia Conley, Niles Valley, m. at Niles Valley, Mar 20th by C. E. Smith, Esq.
29 Apr M Richardson, Mary or Erwin, NY., and Petty Collins, Blossburg, m. at Lindley, Apr 21st by Rev. Myers
13 May D Richmond, Norval age 22 yrs, d. Apr 24th, Antrim
1 Apr M Ridge, Miss Emma Covington, and Byron Whipple, m. at Covington, Mar 18th by Rev. M. S. Blair
7 Oct M Riker, Henry H. and Miss Mary C. Colony, m. Sep 30th at Lawrenceville by Rev. J. London
15 Jul B Robb dau to Mrs. J. H. Robb, Rutland Two., Jul 5th
2 Sep D Robbins, Allie infant son of Levi and Mary A. Robbins, age 5 mos, Sullivan Twp., d. Aug 24th, cholera infantum
29 Jul M Robbins, Geo E. and Lottie J. Huslander, m. res of brides in Sullivan, Jun 25th by Rev. S. F. Mathews, E. Troy
11 Nov M Robinson, W. Westfield Twp. And Miss I. E. Seely of Brookfield, Pa., m. Sep 30th, Cowanesque Valley, by Wm. Tinkner, Esq
7 Jan M Roblyer, Miss Hannah J. Roseville and Gilbert E. Baldwin, Canton, m. Dec 25th, Roseville by Rev. G. Righter
1 Jul D Rockwell, Angelina age 66 yrs, 7 mo, Kenneyville, d. Jun 17th, wife of Asahel
22 Apr M Roe, Solomon (Solon 29 Apr) and Miss Ella Brown, Middlebury, m. Mar at Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
25 Nov & 2 Dec D Rolason, Lynn only child of T. F. and Louisa Rolason, age 4 yrs, Mansfield, d. Nov 15th
22 Jul M Rollins, Miss Sophia Charleston, and Henry Jackson, Delmar, m. Jul 18th, Wellsboro by A. S. Brewster, Esq
11 Nov M Roupp, Edward and Mary Schambacher, m. Nov 2nd, East Point, Pa., by Rev. A. Stapleton
23 Dec M Rumsey, Emery and Miss Ella Reynolds, m. res of brides father, Sullivan, Dec 17th by Rev. H. Lamkin
3 Jun D Rumsey, Horace age 37, d. May 23rd, Mainsburg
29 Jul M Rumsey, Miss Lotha and Wm. C. C.layson, Syracuse, NY., m. Jul 20th, Elmira by Rev. J. B. Sheerer
25 Nov M Russell, Miss Maggie F. Antrim, Pa., and Alexander Jarvis, m. Nov 21st, Parsonage, Wellsboro by Rev. J. F. Calkins
29 Apr M Russell, Peter W. Avoca, NY and Miss Jennie N. Towner, Middlebury, m brides res, Mar 24th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
28 Oct M Ryon, D. H. Lawrenceville and Miss Linda E. Seeley, Mansfield, m. at Mansfield Oct 15th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
29 Apr D Sample, Geo. age 22, d. Apr 17th, Niles Valley
5 Aug D Sanders, Bertha dau of Wm and Susan, age 4, Millerton, d. Aug 1st, diptheria
22 Jul D Sanders, Fred age 2 son of Wm. And Susan, Millerton, d. Jul 8th, diptheria
29 Jul D Sanders, Grace age 8 yrs, 9 das, dau of Wm. And Susan, Millerton, d. Jul 17th, diptheria
5 Aug D Sanders, Lucy dau of Wm and Susan, age 6, Millerton, d. Jul 30th, diptheria
15 Jul M Saunders, John T. Tioga and Miss Lottie M. Stevens, Farmington Twp., m. Jun 22nd, Tioga by Rev. Wm. Baldwin
25 Mar M Saxton, Chas. A. Lawrence Twp., and Miss Pettie M. Prutsman, Rutland Twp., m. Mar 16th Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer
28 Jan M Saxton, Henry E. Lawrence Twp., and Miss Louise Prudent, Tioga, m. Jan 21st, Lawrence, by Rev. S. D. Merrick
11 Nov M Schambacher, Mary and Edward Roupp, m. Nov 2nd East Point, Pa., by Rev. A. Stapleton
25 Feb D Schambacker, Mrs. widow of late Jacob, d. Feb 9th, age 74 at her old homestead, b. Germany, came to Liberty 1825
11 Nov M Schiek, John A. Towanda and Miss Mary G. Keefer of Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., Pa., m. res of brides Aunt, H. H. Hoffecker, Dalton, Lackawana Co., Nov 2nd by Rev. A. W. Cooper of Waverly, NY
30 Sep M Schoonover, Miss Mary H. Clymer Twp., and Rufus D. Cook, Troupsburgh, NY., m. Sep 3rd, Knoxville by Rev. P. Reynolds
25 Feb D Scott, Rev. Tracey age 79 yrs, 1 mo, 19 das, Blossburg, d. Feb 19th
1 Apr M Scouten, Chas. H. and Miss Emma M. Bristol, m. Mar 23rd, Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer
17 Jun D Seagers, Maud M. dau of Simon S. and Mary, age 1 yr, 1 mo, Westfield, d. May 27th
8 Apr D Seaman, Mr. Gardner age 92, Richmond Twp., d. Mar 22nd
25 Mar D Sebring, Jonathan d. Mar 6th, age 96 yrs, 6 mos, 6 das, an aged pioneer of Liberty Twp., b. 1783, Bucks Co. came to Liberty 1712 when there were but 6 families, ate fis wid game for food, d. at res in Sauk Co., Wis.
28 Oct M Seeley, Miss Linda E. Mansfield and D. H. Ryon, Lawrenceville, m. at Mansfield Oct 15th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
4 Feb D Seeleye, Geo. age 75, d. Jan 28th, Sullivan Twp.
4 Mar M Seely, James P. and Miss Nancy E. Watkins, Brookfield Twp., m. Feb 22nd, Austinburg by John G. Holmes, Esq
24 Jun M Seely, Miss Ella Jackson Twp., and John B. Woodhouse, m. in Jackson Twp., Jun 18th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
11 Nov M Seely, Miss I. E. of Brookfield, Pa., and W. Robinson, Westfield Twp., m. Sep 30th, Cowanesque Valley by Wm. Tinkner, Esq
12 Aug M Seely, Truman Brookfield Twp., and Miss Martha Blanchard, Chatham Twp., m. in Chatham Twp., Aug 10th by Reuben Morse, Esq
9 Sep M Seemans, Mary J. dau of Charles, Wellsboro and Job D. Locke, m. at Wellsboro Sep 1st by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D,
16 Dec M Shafer, Sarah B. Mansfield and John Precit, m. Dec 2nd, Richmond by Wm. Adams, Esq
21 Jan M Shailer, Henry Mansfield and Miss Mary E. Page, Covington, m. at Covington by Rev. Ross Ward
15 Jul M Shappee, Miss Rose Tioga, Pa., and Frank Prutsman, m. at Elmira, Jul 3rd
26 Aug M Shattuck, Chas. L. Elmira and Miss Sarah I. Shattuck, Blossburg, m. Blossburg Aug 20th by Rev. F. K. Fowler
26 Aug M Shattuck, Miss Sarah I. Blossburg and Chas. L. Shattuck, Elmira, m. Blossburg Aug 20th by Rev. F. K. Fowler
14 Jan M Shaw, Dr. E. S. and Miss Stella Rexford, youngest dau of Job, Esq., Harrison Valley, m. at Harrison Valley, res of brides father by Rev. Benj. Thomas, Jan 1st
11 Nov D Sheffer, Edith age 1 yr, 2 mos, 11 das, dau of Frank and Julia A., d. Oct 31, Jackson
9 Sep M Sheiv, Miss Emma Jackson Twp., and Albert H. Baker, Jackson Twp., Sep 3rd, by Rev. H. B. Troxel
2 Dec M Sheldon, Miss Anna Jackson Twp., and Chas. Everett, m. Jackson Twp., Nov 26th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
5 Aug M Shepard, Chas. N. and Miss Tillie M. Coe, Mansfield, m. Jul 20, Blossburg by Rev. Chas. Wright
1 Jul D Shepard, M. J. wife of C. N., age 22 yrs, 2 mos, 29 das, Mansfield, d. Jun 11th
28 Jan D Shepard, Weltie son of E. S. and Florence L., age 2 yrs, 6 das, Mansfield, d. Dec 30th
11 Mar M Sheppard, Henrietta dau of Isaac, Esq., Pittston,Pa., and Silas Priest, A;ntrim, Pa., m. Mar 6th, rectory St. Pauls Church, Wellsboro by Rev. Chas. Breck, D.D.
11 Nov M Sherman, Edward and Miss Mary E. Repart, Delmar Twp., m. Nov 1st, Stoneyfork by J. W. Symonds, Esq
8 Apr D Sherman, Jesse O. age 10 mos, 3 das, only son of Lemuel and Lovina, East Smithfield, Crawford Co., Pa.
19 Aug M Sherman, John C. Rutland Twp., and Miss Diana Jones, Cherry Flats, m. Aug 3rd, Sullivan Twp., by Isaac Squires, Esq
9 Sep M Sherman, Miss Hattie E. Osceola and Alred Odle, Farmington Twp., m. Wellsboro, Sep 6th by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
25 Feb B Sherwood dau to Clark B. Sherwood's Mansfield, Jan 28th
19 Aug M Shieve, Elliot Elmira, and Miss Fannie A. Trowbridge, Jackson Twp., m. Aug 9th, Daggets Mills by E. C. Stillwell, Esq
16 Sep & 7 Oct D Shipman, Mrs. Lydia age 60, Farmington Twp., d. Aug 31st
16 Dec M Short, Darius S. Deerfield Twp., and Miss Electa L. King, Westfield, m. Dec 7th, Knoxville by Rev. P. Reynolds
18 Feb M Short, John B. and Miss Viola Davis, Chatham Twp., m. Feb 15th, Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
15 Jul B Shumway dau to Mrs. S. D. Shumway, Delmar Twp., Jul 11th
13 May M Sisson, Abel E. and Miss Lida Updike, Jackson Summit, m. Jackson Summit, May 4th by O. D. Bly, Esq
14 Jan M Slingerland, Alfred M. Blossburg and Miss Rachel Berry, Tioga, m. at Tioga, Jan 1st by Rev. F. Graves
22 Jul D Slocum, Azariah the mortal remains were buried yesterday, age 70, (Chatham News)
18 Mar B Smith son to wife of Alexander Smith, Mar 5th, Jackson
25 Nov B Smith son to Mrs. F. M. Smith, Blossburg, Nov 19th
22 Jul M Smith, Barbara M. Charleston and Watson D. Reese, m. on Jul 3rd by Rev. DeWitt T. VanDoren
4 Mar M Smith, Catherine Richmond Twp., and Wm. Henry Wright, m. at Mansfield, Feb 25th by Wm. Adams, Esq
23 Dec M Smith, Chas. G. Sullivan Twp., and Miss Rossilla L. Perry, Mansfield, m. at Mansfield, Nov 19th by Rev. H. C. Moyer
8 Apr D Smith, Emily wife of W. H., age 28 yrs, 7 mos 11 das, Blossburg, d. Apr 2nd, consumption
6 May D Smith, Emma wife of C. G., age 69, Sullivan Twp., d. Apr 7th
30 Dec M Smith, John and Emma Louisa Knot, dau of John of Antrim, m. Dec 24th, St Pauls Church, Wellsboro by Rev. Chas Breck, D.D.
11 Feb M Smith, Miss Eva A. Rutland Twp., and Wilber Squires, Sullivan Twp., m. Feb 2nd, Tioga by Rev. F. Graves
27 May M Smith, Miss Ida A. East Charleston and J. C. Gray, Shippen Twp., m. M. E. Parsonage at E. Charleston, May 17th by Rev. M. S. Kymer
29 Jul M Smith, Miss Kittie Covington and John D. Lutes, Bellaire, OH, m. at Covington, Jul 17th by Rev. Ross Ward
7 Oct & 28 Oct M Smith, Miss Lillie dau of James, Tuscarora, Ny., and Henry Aldrich, Osceola, m. Tuscarora, NY., Sep 23rd by Rev. S. F. Aldrich (Osceola News)
6 May M Smith, Miss Susie V. Richmond Twp., and Thos. H. Chamberlain, Rutland Twp., m. Apr 20th, Mansfield, by Rev. H. C. Moyer
18 Feb D Smith, Mrs. Mary H. age 91, Tioga, d. Feb 8th
29 Apr M Smith, Orson Tioga, and Miss Della Brown, Farmington, m. at Farmington, Mar 25th by Rev. G. W. Howland
15 Jul M Smith, Thos. Arnot and Miss Elizabeth Clarkson, m. Jul 3rd, Fall Brook by Rev. S. Savage
15 Jul M Smith, Wm. and Mary Davis, Morris Run, m. at Morris Run, Jul 9th by Rev. F. Tilo Evans
21 Oct D Snyder, Chas. son of Geo. And Amanda Snyder, d. Oct 10th, age 7, Millerton, deiptheria
8 Jul M Snyder, Geo. Liberty and Miss Mary Heyler, Morris, m. Jun 22nd, Nauvoo by Rev. A. B. Miller (Snider)
2 Sep D Sofield, Alfred J. son of Wm. J. and Ida M. Sofield, age 5 mo, 7 das, Kirkwood, ILL, d. Aug 22nd, only son
17 Jun M Soper, Elwyn Columbia Twp., Bradford Co., and Miss Dell Davis, M. in Rutland Twp., in Rutland Twp., Jun 4th by Rev. M. Rockwell
3 Jun M Soper, Geo. T. and Miss Estella L. Gillett, Blossburg, m. May 25th, Mansfield by Rev. H. C. Moyer
18 Feb M Soper, Miss Edith V. and Thos. C. Walker, Dike Center, Pa., m. res of brides parents, Columbia, Bradford Co., Feb 12th by Rev. M. Rockwell
7 Jan D Spaulding, Seth B. age 66 yrs, 9 mos, 25 ddas, d. Dec 18th at Winchendon, Mass, ondest son of Mrs. Mary S. of Chatham Valley
28 Jan M Spencer, Edgar Delmar Twp., and Miss Anna S. Sticklin, Wellsboro, m. at Wellsboro Jan 25th by A. S. Brewster, Esq
30 Dec   Spencer, Mr. A. M of Canoe Camp intends to move to Springfield, MO and go in business with borther -in-laws, H. F. and N. W. Fellows, manufacturing wagons
21 Jan M Spencer, Russell Lawrrence Twp., and Miss Diantha, McCollum, Nelson, Pa., m. Jan 10th, Elkland by A. A. Amsbry, Esq
6 May   Sprague, page and family left Cowanesque for Mich.
2 Dec D Spring, Seth A. age 71, Covington, d. Nov 19th
10 Jun M Squires, Miss Caroline Chandlerburg, Pa., and Amos Mudge, m. at Chandlerburg, Pa., May 13th by Rev. Isaac Squires
7 Jan M Squires, Miss Josephine T. of Sullivan Twp., and Bert I. Parker (or Parker, 21 Jan.), m. Dec 31st, res of brides father by Rev. John Ward
16 Sep M Squires, Reubin Rutland Twp., and Miss Lillie Young, Sullivan, m. in Sullivan, Sep 7th by Isaac Squires, Esq.
11 Feb M Squires, Wilber Sullivan Twp., and Miss Eva A. Smith, Rutland Twp., m. Feb 2nd, Tioga by Rev. F. Graves
9 Sep M Stephens, Wm. C. and Mrs. Ruth Conkling, Middelbury, m. Sep 4th Wellsboro by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
16 Dec M Stephenson, Miss Nellie Westfield and Aaron P. King, m. Dec 7th, Knoxville by Rev. P. Reynolds
25 Mar M Stevens, Arthur Nelson, Pa., and Miss Eva A. Johnson, Farmington Twp., m. Mar 12th, Tioga by Rev. Frederick Graves
21 Jan M Stevens, David G. and Miss Alma Finkham, Sylvania, m. at Troy, Dec 24th
15 Jul M Stevens, Miss Lottie M. Farmington Twp., and John T. Saunders, Tioga, m. Jun 22nd Tioga by Rev. Wm. Baldwin
25 Nov M Stevenson, James Cherry Flats and Miss Sarah F. Logan, Jackson Summit, m. Jackson Summit Nov 19th by Rev. H. B. Troxel
28 Jan M Sticklin, Miss Anna S. Wellsboro and Edgar Spencer, Delmar Twp., m. at Wellsboro, Jan 25th by A. S. Brewster, Esq
8 Apr B Stock dau to Guy Stock's Mar 30th, Jackson Twp.
11 Nov M Stockham, Dolly A. Hornellsville, Ny., and Henry W. Baker, m. Oct 29th, Cowanesque Valley by Wm. Finkner, Esq
8 Jul M Stone, Grier Delmar Twp., and Miss Lizzie S. Moshier, Wellsboro, m. at Wellsboro, Jul 3rd by Rev. N. L. Reynolds
15 Jul M Stowell, Howard Millerton and Miss Eva Moore, Wells Twp., m. Jul 4th, Millerton by O. D. Bly
25 Feb D Stuart, Mr. Wm. age 58, Blossburg, d. Feb 18th
15 Jul M Stull, John Blossburg and Miss Rebecca Casebeer, m. Jun 29th, Nauvoo, Pa., by Rev. Sloat
15 Jul M Swan, Ida of Schyler Co., NY and Edward Hollenbeck, Lambs Creek, m. Jul 3rd, Lambs Creek by W. C. Ripley, Esq
1 Apr D Sweet, Mary wife of Frederick, age 69, Millerton, d. Mar 20th
20 May M Swimelar, Miss Louisa Clymer Twp., and Sidney M. Hill, m. at Cowanesque Valley, May 1st by Wm. Finker, Esq.
1 Jul M Swimlar, Miss Annie J. Clymer Twp., and M, K, Nelson Leedy Clinton Co., m. May 30, Germania, Pa., by John C. Helfrech, Esq.
18 Nov M Swope, Miss Eva R. Shippen Twp., and Thos Baldwin, Delmar Twp., m. res of bride, Oct 29th by Rev. J. F. Calkins

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