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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1897 26 May M Aber, Charles  of Canisteo, Ny. and Mrs. Emma Newton of Knoxville m. "last Wed. evening" her home.
1897 24 Nov M Adams, Miss Edna Willis and L. G. Bullard of Sunbury, Pa., to be m. "today" by Rev. Keppel: she dau. Frank Adams of Mansfield
1897 26 May D Adams, Mrs. d. Corning, Ny. (no date) funeral at Roseville "yest."
1897 15 Sep M Alexander, Miss Annie of Wellsboro and Burton Victor Elliott of Coudersport m. Sep 8th her home by Rev. Shaw
1897 3 Nov B Allen  son to Ernest of Farmington (no date)
1897 30 Jun M Allen, Mrs Jennie Marvin formerly of Mansfield and William Maloney of Pleasant Prairie, Ill., m. Elmira, Ny, "recently"
1897 3 Nov D Alvord, Stephen Wilbur d. Towanda "last Tue." of paralysuis, age 60, ed. Of Towanda Local Item.
1897 13 Oct D Amerman, Hon. Lemuel  of Scranton d. "last Fri." at Blossburg, was a prof. at MSNS 1871, later a congressman, was on a business trip in area, remains taken to Scranton, left 1 son and 1 dau., heart attack
1897 15 Dec D Ames, Mrs. Leonard d. Jackson twp. (no date)
1897 25 Aug M Anderson, George  of Scranton and Miss Helen Louise Hurlbutt (MSNS '93) of same m. (no date) Scranton.
1897 15 Dec D Antes, Pete d. Jackson twp. Dec 4th
1897 1 Sep D Ashley, Mary d. Sullivan twp. "Sun.", Aug 29th, dau. of R. F. Ashleyo, had sister Mrs. Elbert Connelly of Covington, aged about 30
1897 20 Oct M Ashley, Thomas E. of Kennedy, Pa., and Miss Hattie Connelly of Covington m. Oct 14th her home by Rev. A Wrynkoop; she dau. Mrs. Phoebe Connelly
1897 28 Jul D Atherton, Joshua d. Charleston "last Fri." , consumption
1897 3 Feb B Austin son to Archie b. at Snedekers Jan 27th
1897 20 Oct D Austin, Charles d. Catlin Hollow, Charleston twp., Oct 12th, age 82
1897 29 Sep M Austin, E. E. of Goshen, Ind., and Miss Meata Baumaster of Albany, m. New York Sep 18th; he nephew of Josephus Fuller of Mansfield
1897 28 Apr D Austin, George W. d. Union twp. "last Fri.", age 84, grandfather of Mrs. John Kniffin of Mansfield
1897 12 May D Austin, Mrs. d. Newton Falls, Ohio "last Fri.", apoplexy; mother of W. P. and Miss Louise, both of Mansfield and a younger son.
1897 29 Dec M Babcock, Miss Alice M. and Raymond E. Baker of Nelson m. "Mon."
1897 13 Jan D Bache, Mrs. John N. buried "last Sat." at Wellsboro, had 3 daus. Mrs. A. A. Truman, Mrs. L. F. Truman and Mrs. F. W. Graves.
1897 17 Nov B Bailey  son to Dwight H. of Richmond twp. Nov 1st
1897 22 Dec B Bailey  son to Carl L. of Elkland Dec 16th
1897 23 Jun M Bailey, Miss Nina A. and Archie C. Marvin of Covington (sic) m. Feb. 1st by Rev. Craft; she dau. Mrs. Clara Bailey of Mansfield
1897 24 Feb B Baiuley dau. to Freeman of Mansfield Feb. 12th
1897 6 Jan M Baker, Gertie and Jason Smith of Rutland m. (no date)
1897 29 Dec M Baker, Raymond E of Nelson and Miss Alice M. Babcock m. "Mon."
1897 3 Nov M Baldwin, Charles T. and Miss Lillian M. Haight of Mansfield m. Oct 30th at Mansfield; she dau. O. T. Haight, he son W. W. Baldwin
1897 17 Feb D Baldwin, Thomas B. d. Troy Feb. 4th, age 86, son of Vine Baldwin of Troy, m. To Miss Poly Wilber and res. Rutland twp., she d. 1892, had at least 1 child, Mrs. R. C. Kendall, Troy.
1897 20 Jan B Ballard dau. to Lloyd of Mansfield (no date)
1897 4 Aug M Ballard, Err. of Leona, Pa., and Miss Gussie Doane, same (MSNS grad) m. Wellsburg, Ny. "last Fri."
1897 24 & 31 Mar D Ballard, Lottie d. Philadelphia "last Fri." Mar 19th, age 13 yrs., 3 mos., dau. Lloyd B. of Mansfield, funeral at Mansfield
1897 29 Dec D Ballard, Mrs. Leroy d. "Mon." on Newton Road (Richmond twp) age about 50, one dau. Mertie Ballard
1897 28 Apr B Bartlett dau to David of Mill Creek Apr 21st.
1897 29 Sep M Baumaster, Miss Meata  of Albany, and E. E. Austin of Goshen, Ind., m. New York Sep 18th; he nephew of Josephus Fuller of Mansfield
1897 29 Dec D Baxter, Philip  of New York buried "Tue." at Tioga, age about 44, a former resident
1897 17 Mar B Beach dau. to Lyman J. of Mansfield Mar. 15th
1897 21 Apr B Beach dau. to J. Wesley b. Mansfield Apr 21st
1897 4 Aug B Beach dau. to C. J. of Mansfield Jul 27th
1897 10 Nov M Beauge, F. E.  and Miss Nora Gentry to be m. Nov 18th at Hoytville; she dau. D.C. C. Gentry, he son Eugene Beauge, Wellsboro
1897 24 Nov M Beekman, Miss Mina and Leland B. Earnest, m. at Dundee, Ny., Nov 10th: she dau. T. D. Beekman of Dundee, he son W. S. Earnest, formerly of Mansfield
1897 24 Nov & 8 Dec M Benedict, Harry A. and Miss Louise A. Cruttenden, both of Richmond twp., m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 16th by Rev. W. Henry (Mardin notes)
1897 21 Jul M Benn, Marcine and Miss Lizzie Warren m. at Sabinsville "recently"
1897 27 Oct M Bennett, Miss Fanny Louise and James Lewis Boak m. Elmira "last Wed." by Rev. A. DeCamp, she dau. A. M. Bennett formerly of Covington
1897 12 May M Benson, Charles H. and Edith McConnell, dau of Samuel McConnell of Mansfield m. (May 6th) at Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant; he son Lyman Benson of Rutland.
1897 8 Sep D Berg, Jimmie Walter d. "Tue." Tiogaa, age 3, wagon accident, son of Joseph
1897 27 Jan M Besley, Miss Edna and Tracey Wilson, both of Austinville, m. there "Wed." by Rev. A. G. Cameron
1897 27 Jan B Bessley Mrs. Ernie Bessley of Austinville (nee Ruth Kiff of Sylvania) had a boy (no date); he is great grandson of Bateman Monroe of Sullivan twp. (This baby d. - see Feb. 24th paper.)
1897 24 Feb D Bixby, Ernest d. Sullivan twp. (no date), funeral "last Thur."
1897 17 Feb D Bixby, Henry E. d. Elmira Heights, Ny., "yest.", age 21, pneumonia, res. of Blossburg
1897 15 Sep D Blackwell, Mrs. Sophia Ward d. Mansfield Sep 17th, b. Troy, Pa. Apr 22nd 1826, was in her 72nd yr.; dau. Aldrick and Abigal Ward, one of 10; m. Enoch Blackwell Jun 15th 1848, came here 1866, had 3 children; Mary A., Clayton E. of Altoona, Eden H. of Elmira, Ny., 1 bro. left Orlando Ward, Blossburg; buried Troy, Pa.
1897 26 May D Blake, Mrs. Kate E. d. London, Eng. Mar 25th, age 74, niece of Mrs. J. D. Smith of Mansfield
1897 29 Dec D Bliss, Charles d. Westfield (no date) funeral on "Mon.", uncle of Rev. E. E. Riley of Mansfield
1897 21 Jul M Bliss, Miss Lizzie and J. Traviss m. at Sabinsville "recently"
1897 12 May M Blue, Jesse of Jacksonville, Ny. and Mrs. A. E. Strait m. his home Apr 28th by Rev. L. Boyd; she mother of B. V. Strait of Mansfield.
1897 27 Oct M Boak, James Lewis and Miss Fanny Louise Bennett m. Elmira "last Wed." by Rev. A. DeCamp, she dau. A. M. Bennett formerly of Covington
1897 27 Oct B Boice dau. to George of Mill Creek (no date)
1897 26 May M Bort, James and Miss Jennie Myers, both of Elkland m. "recently"
1897 10 Nov M Bosworth, Dr. C. H.  of Knoxville and Stella A. Taylor of Osceola, m. by Rev. J. Woodward (no date)
1897 27 Oct M Boulio, Mary E. of Potter Brook and Ashley P. Davis m. Oct 20th
1897 30 Jun M Bowen, Miss Bessie and William O. Jenkins of East Charleston m. "day after commencement".
1897 29 Sep M Boxby, Miss Clara and Thomas Wilkins, both of Silver Creek, Ny., m. Sep 8th
1897 21 Jul M Boyce, Delbert and Miss Carrie Varney, both of Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville by Rev. D. Craft (no date)
1897 10 Mar D Boyden, Charles d. Grand Haven, Mich., "last Week", once res. of Arnot, brother-in-law of Mrs. N. E. Calkins of Mainesburg.
1897 8 Sep D Boyer, Mrs. Libbie Edwards d. August 31st Onawa, Iowa, in 33rd yr., sis of Mrs. Jennie Welch of Mansfield; consumption; 1 son age 6, m. in Mansfield about 11 yrs. ago.
1897 17 Feb M Bradway, William D.  of Ca;noe Camp and Miss Effie O'Neil of Mansfield m. Mansfield "last Fri." by Rev. Reynolds
1897 10 Mar D Brewster, L. A. d. Lambs Creek "ast Thur." age 44, heart disease, buried Mansfield, left 2 step-sons, 1 bro. and 1 sis.
1897 1 Sep M Briggs, Bert and Miss Sadie Shaw, both of Farmington, m. Presho, Ny. (no date)
1897 1 Dec B Brigham dau. to E. D. of Tioga (no date)
1897 7 Jul M Brock, Thomas and wife of Knoxville m. 50 yrs. "a few das. Since."
1897 11 Aug B Brodrick son to Ray of Lawrence, Neb., on Aug 1st, grandson of Mrs. M. A. Brodrick of Richmond twp.
1897 5 May B Brooks dau. to Lee of Canton, Pa. "recently"
1897 5 May D Brooks, Mrs. Hollis d. Wellsboro (no date), age 64
1897 3 Feb D Brown  infant son of Frank of Rutland Hill d. (no date)
1897 3 Mar D Brown, Meetus d. Chatham twp. "last Thur.", age 77, buried Middlebury, father of 3 sons and 3 daus., one son John B. of Mansfield.
1897 27 Oct M Brown, Miss Mame and E. H. Myer m. (no date) will reside Blossburg
1897 24 Nov D Brown, Mrs. M. B. d. Somers Lane (no date), buried at Keeneyville, dau. of James Paddock
1897 6 Jan D Brown, Mrs. Marietta d. Mann Hill, Tioga twp. Dec. 27th 1896, age 39, wife of Reuben, pneumonia, 2 children, buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga
1897 14 Jul M Brownell, Fred of Chatham twp. and Grace Cooper of Little Marsh m. Jul 1st at Addison, Ny.
1897 14 Jul M Brownell, James of Chatham twp. and Maude Gentes of Broden m. Jul 1st at Addison, Ny.
1897 10 & 17 Nov D Bryant, Samuel V. d. "Sun." near Dykes Mills, Richmond twp. age about 80, dropsy, left 3 daus; Mrs. Hattie Allen, Red Oak, Iowa; Mrs. Myra Impson, Wellsboro; Mrs. Cheeney, Steuben Co., Ny. (see Nov 17th for more)
1897 17 Nov D Bryant, Samuel V. was B. Orange Co., Ny. Dec 1st 1822, came here at age 8, m. Maria Frost Oct 3rd 1843, she d. 1880, in 1883 (Dec 29th) he m. Mrs. Jane M. Henderson, had 6 children but 3 survive.
1897 30 Jun M Buckley, Miss Ruth of Draper and Dennis Navle formerly of Wellsboro to be m. Jul 7th.; she dau. J. H. B. of Draper
1897 13 Jan M Buckley, Ruth  of Draper and Dennis Navle of Wellsboro m. (no date)
1897 23 Jun B Bull dau. to Albert of Mansfield Jun 10th
1897 24 Nov M Bullard, L. G. of Sunbury, Pa., and Miss Edna Willis Adams to be m. "today" by Rev. Keppel: she dau. Frank Adams of Mansfield
1897 17 Feb D. Bunnell, Eli d. Lawrenceville "last week Sun.", age 72
1897 10 Feb D Burdick a twin dau. of Frank of Tioga d. Feb 7th
1897 10 Mar B Burke dau. to Jerome of Tioga on "inaugural day" (March 4th?)
1897 10 Feb M Burritt, Frank E. son of F. H. of Sylvania, and Miss Edith Tozer m. St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 10th 1896
1897 22 Dec M Button, Fred and Miss Edna Sweet, of Mitchells Creek, m. Dec 6th
1897 27 Oct D Butts, Charles d. Sabinsville "last Wed.", dropsy
1897 26 May D Cady, John E. d. Knoxville May 14th, age 67, at his dau's. Mrs. Felix Kelsey
1897 27 Jan & 3 Feb. D Calkins, Mrs. Walter S  nee (Lizzie Markey), d. home of F. E. Calkins, Maqinesburg Jan 25th. Age 29, b. Kirksville, Mo., had 6 bros., and 2 sis., in Mo.' consumption; Walter S. d. a yr. ago
1897 11 Aug D Calkins, R. Mitchell d. Aug 1st at Great Falls, Mont., age about 39, eldest son of N. E. Calkins of Mainesburg, left 2 girls and 1 son, also 1 bro. and parents.
1897 27 Jan D. Callahan, Mrs. Timothy (nee Kate Lowrey) d. "last Wed.", Wedgewood, Ny., funeral and burial at Tioga, left 3 children and 2 sisters; Mrs. C. D. Sweet, Mansfield and Mrs. Thomas Dunn, Millerton; 4 bros. Frank, Hornellsville, Ny., Michael, Tioga; William, Corning; and Edward, Syracuse, Ny
1897 10 Feb M Campbell, J. Herbert m. Miss Eva Lena Swinge Jan 27th; he son of D. M. of Burlington, Pa., former res. Richmond twp.
1897 15 Sep M Campbell, Mary Helena of Knoxville and Oscar C. Sherman of Beaver Dams, Ny m. Sep 8th at Knoxville by Rev. J. Woodward; she dau. T. C. Campbell
1897 13 Oct M Campbell, Miss D. A. of Bradford and Grant Smith gormerly of Mansfield m. Bradford Oct 4th by Rev. Webster
1897 3 Nov M Campbell, Miss Ethel of Troy and W. F. Davey of Dushore m. "last week" she dau. G. A. Campbell
1897 24 Mar B Canedy son to S. M. of Sylvania Mar 14th
1897 28 Jul B Card son to Raymond of Austinville Jul 19th

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