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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1897 14 Jul B Maxwell twins to James of Landrus (no date)
1897 7 Apr M McBlane, Miss Jennie of Blossburg and Jay Merrick , same m. Elmira, Ny., by Rev. C. Atwell (no date)
1897 8 Dec D McCarrick son of George of Brooklyn (Tioga) d. "last Fri.", age 5
1897 12 May M McConnell, Edith and Charles H. Benson, dau. of Samuel McConnell, of Mansfieldm. (May 6th) at Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant, he son Lyman Benson of Rutland.
1897 18 Aug D McConnell, Justus d. Sullivan twp. Aug 17th, heart disease, b. Sullivan Jun 11, 1833, m. twice, left: Ephraim, Neb.; Mrs. John Smith, Sullivan twp.; Mrs. H. D. Wood, Mansfield; James, Ralston; Mrs. Sidney Crippen and Mrs. Charles Miller, Plainview, Neb.; Dallas and George C., Richmond Twp.; Newberry N., Rutland twp.; Dee at home.
1897 10 Mar M McConnell, Miss Leona and Lewis Cruttenden, both of Richmondtwp., m. her home "last Wed." by Rev. E. Rosengrant; she dau. Samuel McConnell.
1897 6 Oct M McConnell, Roy and Miss Hattie Colby m. "recently"
1897 8 Dec M McCracken, Homer B. and Miss May Miller m. Liberty on "Thanksgiving"
1897 24 Feb & 17 Mar B McCrumb Mr. Thurston H., and Mrs. (nee Amy Robbins) dau. of J. M. Robbins of Mansfiled, had dau. b. Sunfield, Mich., Feb 20th.
1897 19 May D McIachlan, Alexander d. Fort Wayne, Ind. "last Wed." in 39th yr., came to Mansfield 1892 to manage Paisley Woolen Co.; "muscular atrophy", lfet wife, mother, 3 bros., & 2 sis.
1897 8 Dec D McKinney, Mrs. Jack of Mercereautown d. "Sun. morning", age about 65 ( Tioga items)
1897 25 Aug D McLoley, Mrs. James  d. Millerton of consumption (no date), dau. of John Miller, left 1 dau.
1897 3 Nov M McMahon, Miss Kate of Westfield and Leroy D. VanDusen, same, m. Wellsboro by Father Manley (no date)
1897 13 Jan D Meeker, Edwin R. d. Covington "Sun.", b. Addison, Ny. Feb 10th 1832, lived near Pike's Mills, Potter Co. to age 20; to Brockwayville, Jefferson Co. where buried, a wife and 2 children; in Civil War; m. Miss Anna L. Kelts in Covington in 1865; resided there since.
1897 19 May M Meine, Philip and Miss Elizabeth Schillinger both of Germaina, m. (no date); he son Dr. Charles Meine
1897 7 Apr M Merrick, Jay  of Blossburg and Miss Jennie McBlane, same m. Elmira, Ny., by Rev. C. Atwell (no date)
1897 3 Nov M Merrick, Miss Louise W. of Wellsboro and George B. Dusinberre of Pittsburgh to be m. "tomottow" her home; she dau. Major G. W. Merrick
1897 12 May B Merritt  dau to H. H. & Hattie E. Gaige Merritt of Brook Ny., Mar 29th
1897 21 Apr D Merritt, Samuel d. Granville, age 80 (no date)
1897 8 Dec M Messner, Miss Eva and Harry Sheffer m. Liberty on "Thanksgiving"
1897 16 Jun M Metcalf, Miss Estella of Potter Brook and Earnest Martin of Erie (formerly of Westfield) m. her home"recently", she dau. J. H. Metcalf
1897 3 Mar D Metzger, John d. Blossburg Hosp. Feb 21st, operation.
1897 1 Sep M Miles, Charles M. and Carrie Crandell, both of Farmington twp., m. Borden, Ny., Aug 1st by L. B. Walker, Esq.
1897 10 Nov B Miller dau. to Frank of Millerton (no date)
1897 10 Nov B Miller son to Willie of Millerton Oct 28th
1897 8 Dec M Miller, Miss May and Homer B. McCracken m. Liberty on "Thanksgiving"
1897 7 Apr D Mitchell, James d. Blossburg "last week Tue,", age 77
1897 9 Jun D Monroe, Mrs. Bateman (nee Polly P. Westbrook) d. Addison, Ny. "last Fri.", age nearly 69, cancer, sis of B. T. Westbrook of Mansfield, mother of Mrs. William Robinson of Addison and Mrs. Edith Webb of Chicago, Ill.
1897 21 Jul M Moore, Harry C. and Mrs. Emma F. Coyle, both of Wellsboro, m. Jul 11th at Lindley, Ny.
1897 2 Jun M Moore, Miss Nida of "the Elkhorn" and Charles Pettigrew of Austin m. at Addison, Ny. "last Wed." (Tioga items)
1897 30 Jun M Morgan, Miss Addie and Rev. J. A. James of State Road m. "today", her home by Rev. DeWoody, she dau. F. S. Morgan of Sullivan
1897 14 Apr D Morgan, Mrs. Frank (Alice) d. Sylvania Apr 8th, age 39, typhoid pneumonia, (prob. Children).
1897 25 Aug B Mosher  son to Roie of Tioga (no date)
1897 1 Dec D Mudge, Amos d. "Mon." near Elk Run, age about 84, had 1 dau. Mrs. Abram Slingerland: 4 sons: Edgar, clinton, and Loren of Delmar twp.; Menzo of Sullivan twp. at whose home he died; uncle of Stephen Mudge of Mansfield
1897 8 Sep D Murdough, Miss Grace d. (no date) funeral "today" at aunt's in Mansfield (Mrs. Fanny B. Pitts); dau. of J. S. Murdough
1897 30 Jun D Murray infant child of J. S., d. Mardin (no date)
1897 27 Oct M Myer, E. H. and Miss Mame Brown m. (no date) will reside Blossburg
1897 26 May M Myers, Miss Jennie and James Bort, both of Elkland m. "recently"
1897 9 Jun D Myers, Mrs. Maud Hastings d. Altoona "sun." in 25th yr., suicide, wife of William, sister of Frank ______ former residents of Wellsboro, left 1 dau. age 4.
1897 13 Jan M Navle, Dennis of Wellsboro and Miss Ruth Buckley of Draper m. (no date)
1897 30 Jun M Navle, Dennis formerly of Wellsboro and Miss Ruth Buckley of Draper to be m. Jul 7th; she dau. J. H. B. of Draper.
1897 4 Aug D Neal, Mrs. Rachel d. "Mon." at Arnot, age 77, left 2 sons and 7 daus; Alba of Blossburg and Alfred of Arnot, Mrs. Richard Smith and Mrs. W. E. Champaign of Wellsboro; Mrs. Lucy Parker of Morris; Mrs. James Huey of Watkins; Mrs. Angie Leiws; Mrs. Kate Mitchell; Mrs. David Ellison of Blossburg
1897 28 Jul B Neil dau. to Edw. Of Westfield Jul 14th
1897 20 Oct D Nestor, John  d. near Roaring Branch "last Sat.", wagon accident
1897 29 Sep M Newell, Dr. Frank and Miss Katherine Erwin, both formerly of Mansfield, m. "Mon.", Elomira, Ny. by Rev. F. Reynolds
1897 26 May M Newton, Mrs. Emma of Knoxville and Charles Aber of Canisteo, Ny m. "last Wed. eveniong" her home
1897 30 Jun B Nickerson dau. to Fred of Mardin (no date)
1897 17 Nov D Norton, Mrs. Bridget d. Tioga "last Mon.", age 78, left 2 daus; Mrs. Frank Farrell, Corning, Ny, and Miss Jennie Norton, Tioga; son Edward of Falls Creek, Pa.,; buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga
1897 27 Jan D Oakden, Joseph d. Nelson Jan 14th, age 94.
1897 20 Oct M Och, Miss Anna and John Ketch, both of Tioga twp., m. "today" at Tioga
1897 22 Dec D O'Donnell, Patrick F. d. Norris Run, bookkeeper and cashier of the coal company
1897 17 Nov D Olney, Mrs. Mary d. Wallace, Ny., Oct 24th, age 81, mother of Mrs. E. M. Fellows and R. E. Olney of Mansfield
1897 17 Feb M O'Neil, Miss Effie of Mansfield and William D. Bradway of Canoe Camp m. Mansfield "last Fri." by Rev. Reynolds
1897 12 May D O'Neill, Miss Agnes d. Lawrenceville "last Wed." age about 38, dau. of John of Tioga, funeral and burial Elmira; had 2 sisters: Lizzie of Toledo, Ohio and ?, bro. George of Pittsburgh
1897 8 Sep B Osbourn son to George of Mansfield Sep 5th
1897 9 Jun D Osley, Mrs. John of Delmar d. at son's in Port Allegany Jun 4th, age 61
1897 5 May M Packard, Miss Anna Rose of Cherry Flats and A. V. Killey of Elmira, Ny., m. at Elmira, (no date)
1897 25 Aug B Palmer dau. to Charles M., Sullivan Twp., Aug 7th
1897 17 Nov D Parker, Miss Blanche d. Westfield "a few das. Since" of typhoid, a teacher at Harrison Valley school
1897 27 Jan D Parker, Mrs. George d. Wellsboro "last Wed.", age 74, a native of Tioga Co., mother of 12 - left are; Mrs. S. J. Atherton of Charleston; Mrs. M L. Sears and Charles Parker, Wellsboro; Mrs. S. J. Barnes, Galeton; Mrs. Clara Mead, Bradford; George of Corning, Ny.; Norris J. of Sayre; and Daniel Parker.
1897 5 May D Parsons son of C. of Cherry Flats d. (no date), age 3 yrs., 9 mos.
1897 29 Dec D Peck, George M. d. Troy "Mon." age 56, cnacer, son of Peleg Peck, Sr. of Sylvania: 1st wife Jane Joralemon, 2nd wife Maria Hulslander, 3rd wife Mrs. Newton Waldron. Children left: Mrs. William Mosher and Peleg Peck, Sylvania; Mrs. G. L. Peck, Calif.; and Frank Peck, Southport, Ny.; buried Sylvania Cem.
1897 29 Dec D Peck, Jessie d. Tioga "last week", age 6, dau. of J. M. Peck
1897 5 May D Peck, Mrs. John d. Costello, Pa. "last Thur.", wagon accident
1897 13 Oct M Pedrick, Miss Myrtie of Millerton and George Ferguson of Landrus m. (no date)
1897 24 Mar M Perry, Miss Myrte of Chatham Valley, Pa., and Clarence Rumsey of Sullivan twp., m. at Lawrenceville Mar 12th.
1897 2 Jun M Pettigrew, Charles of Austin and Miss Nida Moore of "the Elkhorn" m. at Addison, Ny. "last Wed." (Tioga items)
1897 1 Sep D Phelps, Mrs. Hiram d. Mansfield "Mon." of heart disease, age 53, dau. of W. E. Robbins of Sullivan twp., 4 children: adelbert, Volcot, Laura M. and Anna (Mrs. Isaac VanDyne)
1897 21 Jul M Phelps, S. V. and Miss Viola Dillon, both of Wellsboro, m. Lawrenceville by Rev. D. Croft (no date)
1897 10 Mar B Pierce  dau. to John of Mansfield Mar. 6th
1897 20 Jan M Pierce, John of Sylvania and Miss Maggie Hall of Fall Brook m. Elmira, Ny. Jan. 16th
1897 8 Dec M Pierce, Miss Essie and B. E. Preston m. at Sylvanai (no date): she dau. Mrs. S. Pierce
1897 13 Jan D Pomeroy, Samuel W. d. Troy "last Thur.", age 64, rheumatism, had 1 dau. Mrs. B. F. Mitchell
1897 1 Sep M Pond, Miss Minnie L. and Benjamin C. Hymen, both of Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Aug 18th by Rev. C. Cushing
1897 27 Jan D Potter, Stephen A. d. Philadelphia Jan 14th, age 74, former res. Middlebury twp., bro. of Mrs. Hiram Dartt of Wellsboro and Mrs. G. W. Peckham of Middlebury.
1897 26 May B Powers dau. to Reid of Richmond twp. May 21st.
1897 8 Dec M Preston, B. E. and Miss Essie Pierce m. at Sylvania (no date): she dau. Mrs. S. Pierce
1897 28 Apr D Preusse, Mrs. Rose Cole d. Spokane Falls (state?) dau. of John Cole, formerly res. Richmond twp., had 4 children
1897 14 Apr D Pruyne, Mrs. Abigai T. d. Richmond twp. (no date) funeral Apr 10th, age 72, mother of W. H. P)ruyne, same address.
1897 12 May B Purple son to L. J. of Academy Corners (no date)
1897 28 Jul D Purvis, John T. d. Middlebury "last Fri.", heart disease.
1897 11 Aug D Radaker, Alfred P. d. Lawrenceville "last week Tue.", age 75, 1 dau. Mrs. Caroline B. Mathers of Elmira, Ny.
1897 16 Jun M Raichle, Frank G. of Minneapolis, Minn. and Miss Grace Lyons formerly of Wellsboro, m. (no date)
1897 19 May D Redfield, J. B. d. Farmington "Sat.last", buried Nelson; father of Mrs. Jerome Bottom of Nelson
1897 24 Mar M Redington, Edward and Miss Leah LeValley, both of Covington, m. "last Thur."
1897 21 Jul M Redington, George of Troy and Miss _____ Willcox of Wells twp. m. (no date).
1897 30 Jun B Reep dau. to Frank of Mansfield Jun 26th
1897 21 Apr D Reese, Mrs. Maria Davies d. Charleston "last Sun.", age about 45, wife of Thomas M., dau. of late Thomas D. Davies and sis of T. J. Davies of Charleston; Consumption, left dau. age 5 and son age 14
1897 13 Jan D Reppard, John, Sr. d. Delmar "last Sat." at his son's, age 77
1897 24 Mar D Reppord, Walter d. Mansfield Mar 22nd, age 4 mos., 2 das., son of William.
1897 26 May B Reynolds dau. to John of Rutland twp. (no date)
1897 22 Dec D Reynolds, Samuel d. Daggetts, age 74
1897 27 Oct B Rhodes dau. to A. S. of Tioga (no date)
1897 13 Oct D Richmond, Albert d. "yest" at Elk Run
1897 17 Mar M Richmond, Oscar and Miss Emma E. Howe m. Mansfield Mar. 10th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1897 12 May B Riley dau. to William of Troy, May 2nd'
1897 2 Jun B Ripley dau. to Horace of Richmond twp. Jun 2nd.
1897 15 Sep M Ripley, Miss Carlotta of Dunmore, Pa and George Edmond Fritz, same, m. Sep 10th her home by Rev. W. Gibbons, she dau. P. W. Ripley
1897 19 May M Ripley, Miss Helen of Sylvania and John Worden of Columbia m. her home May 12th by Rev. W. Burrell
1897 10 Mar M Ripley, Miss May and Adelbert Smith to be m. "this evening" at Mainesburg by Rev. Hyde
1897 27 Jan M Robbins, Miss Lela and George Clark, both of Richmond twp., m. at Lawrenceville Jan 21st by Rev. Reynolds.
1897 26 May D Robbins, Miss Rose M d. Sullivan twp. "last week Tue.", catarrh of stomach, sis of F. N. Robbins of Sullivan and Mrs. Harry graves, Millerton
1897 24 Mar D Roberts, William d. Wellsboro "mon.", age 71
1897 10 Nov B Robertson son to Prof. G. C. and Annie R. Cameron Robertson of Wellsboro (no date)
1897 18 Aug M Robinson, Annie of Philadelphia and Robert W. Sandbach of Lawrenceville m. Aug 7th by Rev. D. Croft.
1897 15 Sep M Robinson, Eugene H. of Wellsboro and Miss Rebeka Fleisher, same, m. (no date) by Rev. Shaw; she dau. Prof. Daniel Fleisher; he son late Jesse Robinson
1897 15 Dec M Robinson, Walter S. of Mansfield and Miss Alice Watson of Williamsport to be m. Christmas Day in Williamsport. (blacks?)
1897 22 Dec M Roblyer, Miss Minnie of Sullivan and Frank Makley of Rutland m. State Line, Ny., Oct 10th (sic) by Rev. M. Manus
1897 17 Mar B Rockwell son to Mark of Covington "last Thur."
1897 9 Jun B Rockwell son to F. H. of Wellsboro Jun 3rd
1897 15 & 22 Sep M Rockwell, Miss Estella and Cloyd H. Seads of Williamsport m. "tomorrow" (Sep 16th) Sullivan twp. by Rev. Shaver; she dau. L. E. Rockwell of Sullivan
1897 9 Jun M Rogers, C. S.  of Nauvoo and Miss Carrie M. Heyler, same, m. Elmira, Ny. "last Thur." by Justice Roper
1897 15 Sep M Rogers, Miss Louise of Elmira, Ny. and John M. Snyder of Philadelphia m. "last Wed." Elmira, Ny., by Rev. McKnight; she sis. Charles R. of Mansfield
1897 5 May D Root, Mrs. Albert B. d. Wellsboro 'a few das. Since," left 7 children incl. Joseph, Wellsboro; Eugene, Stony Fork; and Frank R. of Topeka, Kansas (once ed. Of Mansfield Balance)
1897 6 Jan B Rose son to R. W. of Mansfield "Mon."
1897 7 Apr B Rose dau. to George of Mainesburg (no date)
1897 6 Oct D Rose, Leonard Miller d. Mansfield "Thurs.", age 8 mos., 28d., buried Hope Cem., Mansfield; son of R. W.
1897 30 Jun M Rose, Miss Edith and Nelson Smith, both of Sullvian m. Jun 16th her home by Rev. J. James; she dau. W. D. Rose of Sullivan'
1897 14 Apr D Rosengrant, Adelia C. d. Mansfield Apr 13th, infant dau. of Rev. E. J.
1897 15 Sep B Ross son George Edward b. Mansfield Sep 19th to E. H. Ross
1897 29 Sep D Roswell, "Blacksmith"  of Sabinsville d. "recently" of typhoid - a week later his wife d. of same.
1897 15 Dec D Rowland, Mrs. G. of Clymer "is dead from a dose of Paris green taken while insane."
1897 22 Dec D Rudinski, Mary d. Blossburg hospital after appendix operation
1897 10 Nov D Rumsey, Bert d. Daggetts (no date), age 34, left 4 children, typhoid.
1897 24 Mar M Rumsey, Clarence of Sullivan twp. and Miss Myrtle Perry of Chatham Valley, Pa., m. at Lawrenceville Mar. 12th
1897 25 Aug & 1 Sep M Rumsey, Miss Mattie Ellen and Charles Henry Strange of Sullivan twp to be m. "tomorrow" aug 26th her home by Rev. H. Hyde; she dau. Jesse Rumsey of Sullivan
1897 14 Apr B Rundell son to E. A. of Tioga (no date)
1897 28 Jul B Rushmore son to William of Westfield Jul 20th
1897 24 Feb D Russell, Jonathan d. Farmington twp. Feb 15th, age about 73, " a long time resident"
1897 7 Apr D Ryan, George L. d. Lawrenceville "last Fri.", age 84, typhoid pneumonia.
1897 9 Jun M Sage, Mrs. a former Blossburg landlady and D. M. Lewis of St. Louis, Mo., m. (no date)
1897 8 Sep M Saltmarch, E. R. of Troy and Miss Grace Wheeler m. Troy "last Thur." by Rev. F. Eastment
1897 10 Mar B Sampson dau. to Ralph of Mardin Feb 27th "making an even dozen".
1897 18 Aug M Sandbach, Robert W. of Lawrenceville and Annie Robinson of Philadelphia m. Aug 7th by Rev. D. Croft.
1897 10 Feb D Saxbury, Nealllllll d. on Pine Creek "ast Sat.", funeral held at Holidaytown, tree fell on him.
1897 16 Jun M Saxton, Miss Belle of Granville Centre and Dr. Fred J. Wood of Mansfield m. "last Sun." at Granville, she dau. Adolphus Saxton of G.
1897 14 Jul D Scallin, Fred d. Osceola (no date), Bright's disease
1897 3 Feb B Scarfe son to George, Jr., of Towanda Jan 18th
1897 9 Jun M Scarfe, Charles H. of Waverly, Ny., and Miss Mattie A. Everts of West Covington m. Jun 2nd at Waverly, Ny. by Rev. J. Nicholson.
1897 9 Jun B Schaffer son to Jacob of Mansfield Jun 4th
1897 19 May D Schieffelin, Jacob d. Tioga "Thur. last" shock of paralysis, buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga; left dau Dr. Lila G. of Alameda, Calif; 3 sons: Edward E., Thomas L., and Jay H.; also 3 sis & 2 bros.; a Civil War Vet.
1897 19 May M Schillinger, Miss Elizabeth and Philip Meine, both of Germania, m. (no date); he son Dr. Charles Meine
1897 7 Apr B Schipbanker dau. to M. of Mansfield, Apr 1st.
1897 23 Jun M Schrader, Miss Frances and Dr. Walter V. Elliott m. Elmira, Ny., "Mon." by Rev. F. Reynolds; she dau. Burton Schrader of Tioga
1897 10 & 17 Mar M Schusler, Joseph and Miss Amy D. Taylor, both of Mansfield m. "last Thur.", Mar 4th by Rev. W. C. Schofield
1897 15 & 22 Sep M Seads, Cloyd H. of Williamsport and Miss Estella Rockwell m "tomorrow" (Sep 16th) Sullivan twp. by Rev. Shaver ; she dau. L. E. Rockwell of Sullivan
1897 28 Apr D Seager, Eleazer d. Tioga "Mon.", age 78, b. in Charleston, been in Tioga 25 yrs., left 1 dau. Mrs. H. G. Lloyd and 2 grand sons William and Raymond and 1 g'dau. Ella Lloyd
1897 28 Apr M Sears, Edwin L. formerly of Wellsboro, and Miss Kate Lawrence of Corning, Ny., m. (no date)
1897 28 Jul D Seaton, Mrs. Charles H. (Nee Maud Potter) d. Washington, DC. "recently" age about 26, niece of A. W. Potter of Mansfield, left 2 children.
1897 22 Dec D Seely, John C. of Elmira is dead - a native of Jackson twp.
1897 24 Nov B Shanley  dau. to James of Millerton (no date)
1897 13 Oct D Sharp, Mrs. James d. "last Fri." at Mansfield, cancer, left 2 sons: milo of Towanda and Frank of Buffalo; 2 daus.: Mrs. M. L. Hopkins, Mansfield, and Mrs. A. A. Pierce, Troy
1897 24 Mar D Shaw, Fred d. Farmers Valley (near Sylvania) Mar 15th, age 26, pneumonia.
1897 11 Aug M Shaw, John and Miss Lena Cruttenden to be m. today, her home, Richmond twp. by Rev. E. Rosengrant.
1897 19 May M Shaw, Miss Mary E. of Mansfield and Prof. E. Cassell Eshleman of Lancaster, Pa. m. "2 yrs. ago this mo." (just announced), she dau. F. M. Shaw
1897 28 Apr M Shaw, Miss Maud and William Stevens, both of Keeneyville, m. at Wellsboro Apr 14th
1897 1 Sep M Shaw, Miss Sadie and Bert Briggs, both of Farmington, m. Presho, Ny (no date0
1897 21 Jul D Shaw, Nellie L. d. Mansfield "today", eldest dau. H. B. Shaw, b. Mansfield Aug 6th 1876, had bro. and sis., MSNS '93
1897 8 Dec M Sheffer, Harry and Miss Eva Messner m. Liberty on "Thanksgiving"
1897 25 Aug M Sheffield, Charles H. of New York City and Miss Louise Winthrop, late of Westfield, m. (no date)
1897 15 Dec   Sheldon, Gertrude " Estel Sweazey, who m. Gertrude Sheldon of Jackson last Sept - arrested - bigamy"
1897 13 Oct M Sheldon, Miss Gertrude of Millerton and E. Sweazey, same, m. (no date)
1897 21 Jul D Shelman, Mrs. Ed. d. at Buffalo, Ny., Jul 11th, buried at Hammonds "Mon.", former res. of Lambs Creek and Corning, Ny.
1897 6 Oct M Shepard, Jesse and Mrs. Mildred Manley m. at Canton (no date), will reside at Wellsboro
1897 7 Apr D Shepard, Silvanus d. Spencer, Ny. (no date), funeral "Sat.", age 74, bro of S. J. of Mansfield
1897 24 Nov M Shepard, Wilbur D. and Miss Loutie Theetge to be M. "this evening" by Rev. E. Rosengrant at her home, Mansfield
1897 20 Jan B Sherman son to Wesley and Nettie Richmond Sherman of Richmond twp. Jan 14th
1897 20 Oct D Sherman, Grant d. Charleston "mon.", age 23
1897 15 Sep M Sherman, Oscar C.  of Beaver Dams, Ny. and Mary Helena Campbell of Knoxville m. Sep 8th at Knoxville by Rev. J. Woodward; she dau. T. C. Campbell
1897 21 Jul M Short, Miss Thankful of Sabinsville and Charles Chamberlain, same, m. "recently:"
1897 5 May D Siemens, Carl L. d. Wellsboro (no date), age 69
1897 13 Oct M Skelton, W. G. of Delancey, Pa., and Miss Mertice H. Coolidge of Charleston m. Oct 6th at Charleston; he son of John of Charleston, she dau. G. W. Coolidge, same
1897 6 Oct B Slingerland  son to William of Mansfield Oct 4th
1897 10 Mar D Slingerland, Mrs. Susan B. d. Mansfield Feb 26th, age 61
1897 16 Jun M Slocum, Otis of West Branch and Emma Havens of Elkland have rec'd a marriage license

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