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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1897 20 Jan B Smith son to O. A. of Richmond twp. Jan 6th
1897 27 Jan B Smith son to Herman of Richmond twp. Jan 20th.
1897 3 Feb B Smith dau. to Clarence of Scodac (no date)
1897 16 Jun B Smith dau. to Dennie and Maud Tomlinson Dewey Smith of Mainesburg (no date)
1897 16 Jun B Smith son to Clarence of Elk Run (no date)
1897 4 Aug B Smith son to Herbert of Sullivan twp. Aug 2nd
1897 8 Sep B Smith son to Merritt of Mansfield Sep 6th
1897 15 Sep B Smith son to Jud of Canoe Camp Sep 19th
1897 25 Aug   Smith Reunion Children of Jesse and Annia Smith met Rutland Aug 10th - present were: Morris of Rutland, John of Rutland; Tristrim of Elk Run; William of Rutland and Warren of Austinville. Absent were; George of Missouri and Mrs. Margaret Ashley of Minnesota.
1897 10 Mar M Smith, Adelbert and Miss May Ripley to be m. "this evening" at Mainesburg by Rev. Hyde.
1897 1 Dec M Smith, Belviaetta and C. E. Wilcox, both of Rutland twp., Pa., m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 28th by Rev. C. Ferguson
1897 29 Dec M Smith, Daniel H. of Rutland and _____ _____ of Stony Fork m. Mansfield "Mon." by Rev. L. Gates.
1897 28 Apr M Smith, Emerson and Miss Addie Makely, both of Rutland twp. m. (no date)
1897 9 Jun D Smith, Frank d. near Ansonia "last Sun.", age 18, gun accident, son of late Armstrong Smith, left mother and 1 sister, nephew of Mrs. Eli Jelliff of Mansfield
1897 13 Oct M Smith, Grant formerly of Mansfield and Miss D. A. Campbell of Bradford m. Bradford Oct 4th by Rev. Webster
1897 6 Jan M Smith, Jason and Gertie Baker of Rutland m. (no date)
1897 13 Jan D Smith, Lewis B., d. Elmira Heights, Ny. "last Thur.", age 83, former res. Covington, buried there, had 2 daus. Mrs. A. M. Bennett of Elmira, Ny., and Mrs. J. D. Lutes of Elmira Heights, Ny.
1897 12 May D Smith, Lyman H. d. Tioga "last Thur.", b. Big Flats, Ny. to Butler Smith in 1823. Father came to Tioga 1833. Lyman left: dau. Fanny B., son L. B., 2 bros. A. K. of Elmira, Ny.; J. F. of Covington, 1 sis. Mrs. J. D. Willson, Covington; buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga.
1897 11 Aug D Smith, Maria wife of Byron C., B. Jul 11th 1851, d. Jul 18th, dau. of Isaac and Julian Smith, left 3 sons Delbert, Mainesburg; Ray and Ross at home; had 1 sis. Mrs. O. O. Dodge. (Article was also listed on Jul 21st)
1897 24 Feb M. Smith, Miss Blanche of Mann Hil (Tioga) and Harry Symonds of Hammond m. Elmira, Ny. "last Wed."
1897 14 Jul D Smith, Mrs. A. C. d. Sullivan twp. Jul 5th, buried Sylvania, had 3 sons: Linneaus Smith, Philadelphia; Merton, Kansas; Frank, Sayre, Pa.
1897 27 Oct D Smith, Mrs. Charles (Anna) d. Mansfield "Sun.", age 80 yrs., 4 mos., mother of Mrs. W. H. Kinney
1897 29 Dec D Smith, Mrs. F. E. d. Tioga "last week", survived by A. Lee Smith of Blossburg, Hon,. F. B. Smith of Tioga, and Dr. Clive of Wilkes-Barre (sons?)
1897 3 Feb D Smith, Mrs. Herman d. Richmond twp. (no date), dau. of Andrew Wood.
1897 30 Jun M Smith, Nelson and Miss Edith Rose, both of Sullivan m. Jun 16th her home by Rev. J. James; she dau. W. D. Rose of Sullivan
1897 1 Dec M Smith, Orrin  of Sullivan twp., and Mrs. Lydia B. Hill of Hart ? M. by Rev. W. Hathaway at South Haven, ? (What state ?) (from the South Haven Sentinel)
1897 7 Jul M Smith, Ray and Miss Mary Updyke, both of Elk Run, m. Jul 1st at Elmira, Ny.
1897 6 Jan M Smith, Sanford G. of Rutland twp. and Mrs. Johanna Chapman of Sullivan twp. m. Dec. 28th 1896
1897 10 Nov M Smith, Willard and Miss Eliza Wilson m "Last evening" at Meth. Parsonage, Mansfield, by Rev. E. J. Rosengrant. There were from Rutland twp.
1897 11 Aug M Smuner, Hector and Miss Bessie Copley, both of Mardin, m. "last Fri.", in "York State"
1897 17 Nov M Smythe, James of Troy - Mansfield stage line and Miss Anna Gondye of Boston m. Troy "last Sat." by Rev. F. Martin
1897 27 Oct M Snover, Miss Gertrude  of Mansfield and Fraderick Woelfel of Germania m. "sat." at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates; she dau. U. S. Snover, he son ex-commissioner Woelfel
1897 24 Nov D Snover, Mrs. U. S. d. "Sullivan Twp" this morning, age 56, funeral at State Road Church, sister of Edward Welch of Sullivan
1897 3 Nov M Snyder, harry of West Covington and Miss Ethel Wilson of Mansfield m. "last Thur." at Corning, Ny
1897 15 Sep M Snyder, John M. of Philadelphia and Miss Louise Rogers of Elmira, Ny., m. "last Wed." Elmira, Ny., by Rev. McKnight; she sis. Charles R. of Mansfield
1897 11 Aug D Soper, Mortimer  of Rutland d. "last Fri.', age 34, unmarried, gun accident, son of C. B.
1897 16 Jun D Sours, Napoleon d. near Lambs Creek "Mon." (see Jun 23rd for more)
1897 23 Jun D Sours, Napoleon d. in 63rd yr., had been Mansfield area 30 yrs., left 7 children: William of Richmond twp.; Wesley and Mrs. Mead Dann of Mansfield; James and Claude of Lambs Creek; Clyde and Willis of Kelleytown. Also had 2 sis., 1 bro., and 1 hald-bro; Mrs. Nettie Brooks, Philadelphia, Mrs. Mary Houser, Middletown, Pa.; John of Harrisburg; and James Harvey of Middletown, Pa.
1897 14 Jul M Spaulding, Station Agent J. G. of Roaring Branch and Mrs. Grace Evans of same m. (no date)
1897 12 May B Spencer  dau. to Carroll V. of Chicago, Ill., Apr 16th
1897 6 Oct B Spencer  dau. to Samuel of Mansfield Oct 4th
1897 15 Dec M Spencer, Arthur W and Miss Emily S. King, both of Wellsboro m. at Wellsboro Dec 6th by Rev. Wm. Heakes
1897 17 Feb D. Spencer, T. J. d. Lawrenceville "last Wed.", age about 70, father of Mrs. Valcat Powers of same.
1897 13 Jan M St. John Farr, Miss Augusta of Tioga and C. H. Cornelius, of Wellsboro to be m. Tioga "next Wed."
1897 15 Dec D Stafford, John d. Wellsboro Dec 5th, age 84
1897 4 Aug M Stafford, Miss Alice of Trowbridge and Thaddeus Woodhouse of East Lawrence m. (no date)
1897 24 Feb D Stauffer, George E. d. Mainesburg Feb 17th, b. Frederick co., Va. Jul 30, 1834, m. Feb 7, 1863 Miss Alice M. Dewey of Sullivan twp., left 3 sons and 1 dau., also 1 bro. and 2 sis.
1897 28 Apr M Steele, Miss Lulu of Delmar twp. and John L. Williammee of Hoytville m. her home Apr 14th
1897 25 Aug D Stephenson, John P. d. Westfield (no date), age 75, left 9 children.
1897 28 Apr M Stevens, William and Miss Maud Shaw, both of Keeneyville, m. at Wellsboro Apr 14th
1897 7 Jul D Stevenson, Robert K. formerly of Morris Run d. in steel mill "western part of state, one day last week", buried at Blossburg on "Mon." MSNS '93.
1897 10 Feb D Stewart, Mrs. Permalia Cady d. Lawrenceville Jan 23rd, age 75, b. there.
1897 27 Jan D Stewart, Mrs. Robert d. Lawrenceville "last Sat.", age abot 50, heart disease, left 1 dau. Mrs. Gus Walz.
1897 16 Jun D Stone, Lewis of Sabinsville d. (no date)
1897 3 Feb B Stout dau. to Jacob Jan 30th (hard to read)
1897 1 Dec D Stout, Mrs. Caroline Rose d. Roseville Nov 23rd, age about 55, wife of Josephus Stout, left 3 sons and 1 dau., all of Rutland, buried Roseville Cem.
1897 12 May M Strait, Mrs. A. E. and Jesse Blue of Jacksonville, Ny., m. his home Apr 28th by Rev. L. Boyd; she mother of B. V. Strait of Mansfield
1897 15 Sep D Strait, Mrs. M. D. widow of Dr. Strait of Sullivan twp., d. at her dau's (Mrs. L. H. Smith) at Southport Corners "Sun.", age 85 yrs., had: Sanford of Somers Lane, John of 'Gray Valley, Mrs. Rose Inscho of Tioga, and Mrs. Ida Smith, above; buried Troy, Pa
1897 25 Aug M Strait, Mrs. Minnie A. and Edwin J. Tracy m. his home Westfield Aug 12th
1897 25 Aug & 1 Sep M Strange, Charles Henry of Sullivan twp. and Miss Mattie Ellen Rumsey to be m. "tomorrow" Aug 26th her home by Rev. H. Hyde; she dau. Jesse Rumsey of Sullivan
1897 11 Aug D Stratton, Martin d. Blossburg Jul 26th, age 90, father of Mrs. M. Karcher, formerly of Mansfield, of D. H. Stratton of Blossburg, foster-father of Mrs. Aleck Gaylord of Blossburg.
1897 21 Jul D Stull, Henry  of Union Twp. d. (no date) brother of Henry (sic) of Stull of Canton.
1897 13 Oct D Sturrock, Andrew G. d. Wellsboro "mon.", age 63, son of David Sturrock who settled there in 1833
1897 24 Nov D Sunderland, Mrs. Joe d. Tioga "Sun.", left 3 dau: Mrs. Mattison of Knoxville; Mrs. Nettie Hughes, Mitchells Creek; Mrs. Helen Harrington of Holicon, Berks Co., Pa., and 1 son Olin of Michigan; buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga
1897 13 Oct M Sweazey, E. of Millerton and Miss Gertrude Sheldon, same, m. (no date)
1897 15 Dec Sweazey, Estel who m. Gertrude Sheldon of Jackson last Sept. - arrested - bigamy
1897 10 & 17 Feb D Sweet, Miss Alda R. d. Mansfield Feb 6th, age 45, had several bros. and sis.
1897 22 Dec M Sweet, Miss Edna of Mitchells Creek and Fred Button m. Dec 6th
1897 10 Feb M Swingle, Miss Eva Lena m. J. Herbert Campbell Jan 27th; he son of D. M. of Burlington, Pa., former res. Richmond twp.
1897 24 Feb M Symondns, Harry of Hammond and Miss Blanche Smith of Mann Hill (Tioga) m. Elmira, Ny. "last Wed."
1897 12 May D Tanner, G. b. Dix, Schuyler Co., Ny. Sep 18th 1822, m. Jul 4th 1849; also had 2 sons already deceased; had 2 bros. W. A. of Harrison Valley, Pa. and J. C. of Granville, Ny., 1 sis. Mrs. Mary Hill, West Vernon, Ny. and 1 half-sis. Mrs. J. H. Carrington, Sebastopol, Calif.
1897 5 & 12 May D Tanner, George d. Rutland twp. "last Fri.", age about 75, apoplexy, b. Schuyler Co., Ny., came here in early manhood, m. Jane Mansfield, dau. of late Rev. Amos Mansfield, had 1 dau. Eliza (Mrs. Nelson Brace) of Painter Run - see May 12th for more)
1897 27 Jan D Tanner, Mrs. Alfred d. Westfield "last week Mon.", buried at Potter Brook, age 80, grandmother of Miss Teenie Embree.
1897 10 & 17 Mar M Taylor, Miss Amy D. and Joseph Schusler, both of Mansfield, m. "last Thur.", Mar 4th by Rev. W. C. Schofield
1897 10 Nov M Taylor, Stella A. of Osceola and Dr. C. H. Bosworth of Knoxville m. by Rev. J. Woodward (no date)
1897 27 Jan D Tender child of Andrew of Tioga d. "last Sun." whooping cough
1897 28 Apr D Tender son of Andrew of Tioga d. "last Tue.", age 6, railroad accident
1897 24 Nov M Theetge, Miss Loutie and Wilbur D. Shepard, to be M. "this evening" by Rev. E. Rosengrant at her home, Mansfield
1897 9 Jun D Tobey, Mrs. d. Elmira, Ny. "last Fri.", age 55, cancer; had 4 sons and 3 daus., 1 son being Burr Tobey of Mansfield; buried Christian Hollow Cem.
1897 29 Sep D Tobey, Nathan age 34, d. Christian Hollow, Chemung Co., Ny. "Sat." his father Morgan Tobey, age 57 d. Elmira "Sun.", Mrs. Morgan T. d. "last Jun."; parents and bro. B. G. Tobey of Mansfield; Nathan had 2 children; Morgan had more children.
1897 10 Feb M Tozer, Miss Edith and Frank E Burritt, son of F. H. of Sylvania m. St. Paul, Minn., Dec 10th 1896
1897 25 Aug M Tracy, Edwin J. and Mrs. Minnie A. Strait m. his home Westfield Aug 12th
1897 21 Jul M Traviss, J and Miss Lizzie Bliss m. at Sabinsville "recently"
1897 26 May M Tripp, Miss Elma  of Harrison Valley and Harry Hastings of Chathahm m. her home (no date)
1897 21 Apr D Tubbs, James R. d. near Osceola Apr 12th, age 73, only child Albert L. died "a year ago last Aug."
1897 7 Jul M Updyke, Miss Mary and Ray Smith, both of Elk Run, m. Jul 1st at Elmira, Ny.
1897 13 Oct M Updyke, Miss Vernie of Mansfield and Homer Clark of Sullivan m. Sep 22nd
1897 28 Apr D Vance, Mrs. Rhoda R d. near Elmira, Ny., "last Wed.", in 68th yr., b. Sullivan twp. to Justus and Elizabeth Wood, m. 1st Henry S. McConnell and had: Justus W. of Elmira, Rev. Alonzo R. of Monterey, Ny.; Frank M. of Rutland twp.; Eli G. of Candor, Ny; and Mrs. Benj. Osgood of Richmond twp. 2nd m. Brewster H. Vance; funeral at Mansfield, buried Mainesburg Cem.
1897 6 Jan D VanCise, Murray d. Newark, Nj. "last Wed.", former res. Mansfield
1897 3 Nov M VanDusen, Leroy D. of Westfield and Miss Kate McMahon, same, m. Wellsboro by Father Manley (no date)
1897 4 Aug D VanNess, Mrs. Celia Lull Reynolds d. Mansfield "last Fri.", Jul 30th, age 74yrs., 8 mos., 18d., wife of Peter V., she b. near Rutland, Vt., to John Reynolds, came here about 1828, m. Mar 18th 1846, had: infant son dec'd; Mrs. Ella (oscar) Richmond who d. 1885; Minnie d. 1888; George Z. of Troy; Henry P. of Lambs Creek; John R. of Mansfield; Mathuen of Orvisburg, Miss.; Mrs. Hattie (C. O.) Loveless of Mill Creek; Mrs. Katherine (F.E.() VanKeuren of Mansfield; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield.
1897 17 Feb D. VanWinkle, S. d. Hornellsville, Ny. "a few das. Ago", age about 80, suicide; former res. Westfield.
1897 21 Jul M Varney, Miss Carrie and Delbert Boyce, both of Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville by Rev. D. Craft (no date)
1897 30 Jun B Walters dau. to Orson of Jobs Corners Jun 15th
1897 7 Jul M Warner, Miss Eva L. of Milo Centre, Ny., and W. D. Lumbard of Syracuse m. Jun 16th her home, she favorably know in this boro (Mansfield) and Mainesburg
1897 21 Jul M Warren, Miss Lizzie  and Marcine Benn m. at Sabinsville "recently"
1897 8 Sep D Warring, Miss Matilda formerly of Mansfield, d. at Celeron, Ny. "last Fri.", age 40 yrs., 3 mos., 15 d., left 4 bros and 4 sis., buried North Cohocton, Ny.
1897 18 Aug D Watkins, Clara widow of late A. J. Watkins of Covington, d. "yest." at her home, age 59 yrs.
1897 15 Dec M Watson, Miss Alice  of Williamsport and Walter S. Robinson of Mansfield to be m. Christmas Day in Williamsport (blacks?)
1897 15 Dec D Watterson, Oscar buried Covington "last week Sat."
1897 20 Jan D Webb, Mrs. Lottie d. Dartt Settlement Dec 11th 1896, a sister of Mrs. G. P. Monroe of Sylvania and a cousin of Ira Hakes of Lambs Creek.
1897 26 May B Webster son to Orso of Sullivan twp. May 22nd
1897 6 Oct D Webster child of Orso d. "Sun." (in Mansfield items)
1897 10 Mar B Welch  son to D. D. of Mainesburg (no date)
1897 3 Feb M Welch, Miss Eliza J. of Sullivan m. Charles L. Cook of Blossburg at Mainesburg Jan 20th by E. R. Maine, Esq.
1897 27 Oct D Wells, Mrs. Sadie Eames d. "last Thur." Corning, Ny., Buried at Lindley, Ny., sis of J. H. Eames of Covington and Mrs. John Fowler of Wellsboro
1897 1 Sep M Westcott, Mr. A. of Elmira, Ny. and Miss Laura Lowell of Tioga to be m. "Wed." at Tioga res. of Abram Farr by Dr. McCormack
1897 12 May M Wetmore, Miss Isabel D. of Mansfield and Fred Loveless m. Corning, Ny. Apr 29th; he son of C. O. of Mill Creek, she dau. Mrs. Sarah Wetmore of Mansfield; Fred from Corning,,Ny.
1897 8 Sep M Wheeler, Miss Grace and E. R. Saltmarch of Troy m. Troy "last Thur." by Rev. F. Eastment
1897 26 May D Wheeler, Mrs. Lewis d. Mansfield May 23rd, funeral at Roseville
1897 16 Jun D Wheeler, Mrs. Mary L d. Bear Creek (Tioga item) "Sun.", age 58, wife of William, left 4 sons and 2 daus., buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga
1897 17 Nov D Whitcomb, Roe d. "last Sat." at Ridgway, Pa., age 28, railroad accident; buried at Evergreen Cem. Tioga "Tue"
1897 11 Aug B White  son to M. D. of Richmond twp. Aug 10th
1897 14 Jul D White, Maude Ett d. Mansfield Jul 10th, age 18 yrs., 10 mos., 25d., consumption, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield (had bro. And sisters): dau. of E. E. White
1897 17 Nov M White, Miss Edna Mae of Potter Brook and Fred C. Wilcox of Troupsburg, Ny. m. today her home; she dau. Willis White
1897 17 Feb D Whitley, W. A. d. Addison, Ny. "last week Sun.", age 70, former res. Millerton.
1897 20 Jan B Whittaker dau. to Charles A. of Buffalo, Ny., b. at Elmira Heights, Ny., Jan 17th
1897 9 Jun M Whittaker, Frank M. and Katharine Evans, both of Covington m. "some time since" Just announced.
1897 25 Aug B Wilcox son to Bert of Mansfield Aug 24th
1897 1 Dec M Wilcox, C. E. and Belviaetta Smith, both of Rutland twp., Pa., m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 28th by Rev. C. Ferguson
1897 17 Nov M Wilcox, Fred C. of Troupsburg, Ny. and Miss Edna Mae White of Potter Brook m. today her home; she dau. Willis White
1897 24 Mar B Wilkins son to Lute of Covington Mar 19th
1897 14 Jul B Wilkins dau. to S. B. of Wellsboro (no date)
1897 29 Sep M Wilkins, Thomas and Miss Clara Boxby, both of Silver Creek, Ny., m. Sep 8th
1897 6 Oct M Wilkinson, Miss Gertrude May and Samuel S. Wilson m. at Auburn, Ny., Sep 15th
1897 1 Sep M Wilkinson, Mr. and Miss Satie Copley, both of Middlebury, m. Lawrenceville (no date)
1897 13 Jan D Willard, Roswell d. Round Top (Charleston twp) "last Thur.", age 81
1897 21 Jul M Willcox, Miss _____ of Wells twp. and George Redington of Troy m. (no date)
1897 28 Apr M Williammee, John L. of Hoytville and Miss Lulu Steele of Delmar twp. m. her home Apr 14th
1897 21 Apr B Williams dau. to Jesse of Mainesburg Apr 12th
1897 2 Jun D Williams infant dau. of Jesse of Mainesburd d. (no date), buried Troy, age 6 wks
1897 23 Jun D Williams, Mrs. Catherine Schover d. Mansfield "last Wed.", age 79 yrs. 11 mos., 15 d., buried Tioga beside husband who d. 1885; she grandmother of Mrs. James Deuel of Mansfield
1897 13 Oct D Williams, Mrs. Sarah J.  of Wellsboro, d. Oct 4th at Balston Springs, My., in 75th yr., mother of Mrs. R. W. Bodine of Wellsboro
1897 5 May D Williams, Oscar H. d. Nicholson, Pa. "last Thur.", age 67, of Brights disease, father of Mrs. T. W. Judge of Mansfield, 1 son and another dau. Mrs. Hemminger, Weatherly, Pa.
1897 31 Mar D Wilson, Hon. Stephen F. d. Wellsboro "today", in 76th yr. of age (see Apr 7th for more)
1897 7 Apr D Wilson, Hon. Stephen F. b. Columbia twp. Bradford Co. Sep 4th 1821 to George and Jane, natives of Ireland; he was youngest of 7.
1897 10 Nov M Wilson, Miss Eliza and Willard Smith m "Last evening" at Meth. Parsonage, Mansfield, by Rev. E. J. Rosengrant. There were from Rutland twp.
1897 3 Nov M Wilson, Miss Ethel  of Mansfield and Harry Snyder of West Covington m. "last Thur." at Corning, Ny'
1897 11 Aug D Wilson, Mrs. Monroe (nee Marinda Hammond)  d. Newtown Road (Richmond twp.) Jul 21st, buried "new" cem., Mansfield, b. Edmeston, My. Jan 8th 1842 to Charles and Fannie Hammond, came here with them 1855, m. about 1864-5, cancer, left 2 sisters; Mrs. Porter Sherwood, Mexico, and Mrs. J. F. Howe of Mansfield.
1897 6 Oct M Wilson, Samuel S. and Miss Gertrude May Wilkinson m. at Auburn, Ny., Sep 15th
1897 26 May D Wilson, Silas d. Rutland twp. (no date), funeral "Mon.", left 3 daus. & 1 son; "abscess of the brain", late wife was Lucy Squires, buried Roseville Cem.
1897 27 Jan M Wilson, Tracey and Miss Edna Besley, both of Austinville m. there "Wed." by Rev. A. G. Cameron
1897 25 Aug M Windsor, Lloyd F. of Canisteo, Ny. and Mrs. Donna Kinney of Mansfield m. "today" at Canisteo.
1897 5 May M Winston, Miss H. Maud of Troy and Charles G. Manley of Elmira, Ny., m. "recently"
1897 25 Aug M Winthrop, Miss Louise of Westfield and Charles H. Sheffield of New York City m. (no date)
1897 27 Oct M Woelfel, Frederick  of Germania and Miss Gertrude Snover of Mansfield m. "Sat." at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates: she dau. U. S. Snover, he son ex-commissioner Woelfel
1897 2 Jun M Wolfkill, H. J. and Miss Ida DeWault, both of Mansfield m. "last Sun." Lawrenceville
1897 16 Jun M Wood, Dr. Fred J. of Mansfield and Miss Belle Saxton of Granville Centre m. "last Sun." at Granville; she dau. Adolphus Saxton of G.
1897 18 Aug D Wood, Earl of Sullivan twp. d. "last Thur.", result of an operation, left several children.
1897 6 Jan M Wood, Henery and Mrs. of Tioga m. 50 yrs. on Jan 9th, dau. is Mrs. G. W. Shoemaker of Bath, Ny.
1897 4 Aug M Woodhouse, Thaddeus of East Lawrence and Miss Alice Stafford of Trowbridge m. (no date)
1897 19 May M Worden, John of Columbia and Miss Helen Ripley of Sylvania m. her home May 12th by Rev. W. Burrell
1897 14 Jul B Wright son to Oscar of Rutland Hill (no date)
1897 17 Nov & 1 Dec M Wright, Miss Millicent of Eldredville, Sullivan Co., Pa., and Charles A. Haight of Mansfield, to be m. next week Nov 25th "Thur." her home by Rev. H. Hyde; he son of A. M. Haight of Mainesburg, she dau. Watson Wright

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