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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1898 16 Feb D Ackley, Chauncey C. d. Sabinsville "last Wed.", Pneumonia, left 1 child
1898 4 May D Adams, Hiram Beebe d. Bear Creek railroad crossing "last Wed.", age 75, b. Tioga twp., bro. of late Wm., "last surviving son of Lyman Adams who settled in this co. in 1804, buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga. (bro William Adams was from Mansfield)
1898 7 Dec M Adams, Rev. L. D. of Covington and Miss Lillian Wilson m. "last Wed." at Sawyer City
1898 18 May B Aldrich dau. to Jos. Of Richmond twp. May 15th
1898 5 Oct M Allen, Edward and Miss Vina Swartout, both of Blossburg, m. at Wellsboro Sep 22nd by Rev. Cushing
1898 22 Jun D Allen, Thomas d. Wellsboro (no date), a native of Maine, came here 1841, m. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Knight of Lodi, Ny
1898 3 Aug B Amey son to Thomas of Corning, Ny. formerly of Blossburg
1898 28 Dec M Anderson, Miss Theresa and Melvin Cleveland, formerly of Covington m. at Cleveland, Ny., "last week; he bro. of Jack and Ernest of Covington
1898 4 May D Andrews, George (burgess of Blossburg) d. there "last Sat."
1898 23 Feb M Armington, Rev. W. B. and Miss Mattie May Klock m. Covington "last Wed." by Rev. Hubble, will reside Lawrenceville; she dau. Edwin Klock
1898 15 Jun B Ashdown son to Grant of Farmington twp.
1898 5 Jan M Atherton, Miss Hattie of E. Charleston and James H. Ely m. Dec 27th 1897 at Dartt Settlement
1898 28 Dec B Austin twins to L. G. of Odgensburg Dec 20th (1 each)
1898 9 Feb B Ayres son to Eugene L. of Nauvoo b. "Christmas Day" (wt. 2 lbs., 6 ounces).
1898 21 Sep D Babb, William W. "third white child born in Morris twp." d. "recently" at his dau's in Potter co., age 85, moved from this co. 1893
1898 18 May D Babcock, Mrs. A. S. d. Brookfield twp. "recently", sis. Of Mrs. H. B. Colegrove, formerly of Mansfield
1898 24 Aug M Bache, William, Jr. and Miss Bridget Brew, both of Wellsboro, m. (no date)
1898 2 Feb M Backer, A. E. formerly of mansfield and Miss Anna Kendall to be m. Troy Feb 17th
1898 4 May B Bacon son to Dr. John E. of Buffalo, Ny. "recently" former res. Wellsboro
1898 23 Feb M Bagley, Miss Jennie of Tioga and Charles Deming went to Lindley, Ny. "Tue" to be m.
1898 5 Jan B Bailey son to Ward of East Charleston (no date)
1898 26 Jan B Bailey son to E. J. Of Millerton (no date)
1898 30 Mar & 30 Apr M Bailey, Fred Dilliston of Mansfield and Miss Christina Clarke Smith m. Apr. 18th at Binghamton, Ny.; she dau. Clarke J. Smith of Binghamton, Ny.
1898 16 Nov B Baker son to Albert of Deerfield twp. (no date)
1898 21 Dec M Baker, Charles and Mamie Frazer of Westfield m. Dec 9th
1898 8 Jun M Baker, Ray of Rutland twp. and Miss Ethel Sheive of Jackson twp., m. Elmira, Ny., Jun 4th by Rev. H. Cooper
1898 19 Jan D Baker, Stephen d. Jan 14th at dau's (Mrs. J. R. Burton) near Canoe Camp, age 68, left 4 sons ( one son named Frederick) and 2 daus.: burie dAkron, Ohio
1898 23 Feb M Baldwin, Miss Cora of Elmira, Ny., and Clayton A. Wheeler of Cherry Flats m. Elmria Feb 16th by Rev. D. Keppe. (denied 4/13/98)
1898 23 Feb D Ballard infant dau. of Lloyd d."Sun." Mansfield
1898 14 Sep D Ballard child of Robert of Lawrenceville d. "Fri.", age 4 yrs., cholera infantum, grandchild of Riley Packard (of Mansfield?)
1898 7 Dec D Balsam, William d. DuBois, Pa., Nov 27th, age about 60, former Tioga co. resident
1898 15 Jun M Barnberry, Miss Katherine of Blossburg and Richard O'Donnell to b. m. "next Wed."
1898 14 Sep M Barnes, Miss Sarah and Harry L. Blatchley, both of Wellsboro m. there "last Wed." by Rev. W. Heakes; she dau. Augustus Barnes
1898 9 Nov D Barnes, Mrs. William (Betsy) d. Hills Creek Oct 31st, age 79, been m. 60 yrs., had 3 daus. And niece Mrs. Benjamin Mann of Mansfield
1898 30 Mar M Barnes, Sherman R. and Rosa V. Hollenbrook of Potter Brook m. Mar 16th
1898 2 Feb D Barnes, Wuilliam d. Hammond (no date) been in co. 50 yrs.
1898 2 Nov B Bartlett son to Clark of Mill Creek Oct 29th
1898 20 Apr M Barto, W. H. and Miss Gertrude Buckanan m. at her home Millerton (no date); she dau. Freeman B.
1898 9 Mar M Bates, Emmet and Miss Bessie Strait, both of mansfield, m. "sat." at Elmira, Ny., by Rev. F. Reynolds
1898 10 Aug M Baynes, Warren Wallace of Sheffield, Pa., and Miss Alda Hepay Kraus m. Aug 3rd at Sheffield; he formerly of Mansfield
1898 12 Jan B Beach dau. to Frank of Elmira, Ny., "last week"
1898 18 May D Beach infant dau. of L. J., d. "last Fri.", cholera infantum, Mansfield
1898 3 Aug D Beach infant of Frank of Elmira, Ny., buried Mon. Oakwood Cem., Mansfield; Mrs. Beach dau. of H. C. Bailey
1898 16 Nov B Beach dau. to L. J. of Mansfield Nov 14th
1898 6 Jul M Beach, E. Ellsworth and Miss Agnes Jones, both of Mansfield, m. "last Sun." at Waverly, Ny. by Rev,. Lange
1898 14 Dec D Beach, Victor Rockwell d. "last Thur." near the Powers school, run over by hay press, age 8 yrs., 7 mos., son of C. J., buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1898 14 Dec D Beaman, Elisha d. Millerton (no date) age 79, left: Frank of Elmira, Ny., and Mrs. O. H. Davis, Wellsboro
1898 17 & 31 Aug M Beaman, Miss Effie of Troy and Louis Cassada of Elmira, Ny., m. Aug 25th; he cousin Mrs. E. J. Rosengrant of Mansfield
1898 2 Feb D Beckwith, Stanley C., d. (where?) age 34 yrs., 4 das., son of Levi C. of Elmira Heights, Ny., a native of Covington, he d. Jan 25th at Leedville, Col., funeral Feb 2nd at Elmira Heights, b. Covington Jan 21st 1864, pneumonia, 1 bro. Dean P. of Elmira Heights.
1898 7 Sep M Beers, Jay Maxwell of Elmira, Ny., and Miss Helena May Dewitt to be m. Troy, Pa. Sep 20th; she dau. William Freeman Dewitt
1898 12 Jan M Bellinger, Miss Hattie of Mansfield and Frank Campbell of Bath, Ny., m. "this week Mon." at Bath
1898 13 Jul M Bellinger, Nina and Edward Willsey, both of East Charleston m. at covington Jul 6th by Rev. A. Wynkoop
1898 12 Jan B Bellows son to K. I. of Deerfield b. Jan 1st
1898 28 Sep D Benedict, Augustus M. d. Richmond twp. "last Thur.", funeal "Sun.", age 68 yrs., 6 mos., 1 son Edmund at home, 2 dau. Mrs. Thurston Bentley, Columbia X-roads and Mrs. David Bryant, Delmar twp.; also bros. Orville and Orson B. of Richmond twp.,. And sis. Mrs. Ellen Ingerick, Mrs. Julius Bailey, Mrs. Luther Collins, all of Charleston, and Mrs. James niles of Middlebury; he buried Bullock Cem.
1898 30 Mar M Benn Gardner and Emma Hulslander, of Lawrenceville, m. Lindley, Ny. Mar 20th by Rev. W. Armington
1898 9 Feb D Bennett, Mrs., d. Catlin Hollow Jan 30th, age 80
1898 5 Oct M Benson, Miss Clara of Austinville and Anson Updyke of Elk Run m. at Pine City, Ny., Sep 24th by Rev. C. Stone
1898 21 Sep M Benson, Miss Cora of Ruthland Twp. and George C. Moore of Austinville m. Sep 7th her home by Rev.. Hyde, she dau Nathan B., he son A. B. Moore
1898 5 Oct M Benson, Miss Helen M. of Rutland and Burke E. Garrison of Elk Run m. Pine City, Ny., Sep 27th by Rev. C. Stone
1898 5 Oct M Bentley, Dr. L. J. and Miss Esther Compton, both of Gaines, m, there Sep 20th
1898 13 Jul M Bernauer, Joseph and Mrs. of Delmar twp. m. 35 yrs.
1898 6 Apr M Berry, Fred F. and Miss Lucy Preston m. Mar 28th her home, Columbia X-roads; she dau. E. L. Preston; by Rev. H. Burrell
1898 20 Jul B Beson dau. to Mrs. Kate Beson of Butler, Mo., well-known in Mansfield
1898 2 Nov M Beuter, Miss Emma of Morris and Thomas Fowler, same, m. "last Thur." at home of Joseph Pell in Elmira, Ny.
1898 28 Dec M Biard, Mrs. Julia Ann of Trowbridge and William Gott of Roseville, m. Dec 20th at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1898 4 May D Billings, Charles F. d. Elmira, Ny. "Fri.", a native of Knoxville, youngest son of Silas and Abbey Billings, been in Elmira 13 years, wife was Helena Sweet, had 4 daus: Mrs. H. Preston Gilbert and Mrs. Edward T. Youmans of New York; Mrs. Willis Beach and Mrs. Horace Brewster of Knoxville
1898 21 Dec M Bishop, Robert Hallam of Elmira, Ny., and Miss Mabelle Elizabeth French of Mansfield to be m. Dec 28th by Rev. E. Riley, Mansfield; she dau. Mark French
1898 14 Dec M Bixby, Miss Mae of Sylvania and Walter Brown of Springfield m. her home Dec 6th by Rev. Cameron; she dau. W. O. Bixby
1898 14 Sep M Black, Miss Lizzie of Blossburg and David J. Loyd, m. "last Tue." at blossburg
1898 2 Nov D Blair, John d. Phillipsburg "recently", buried at Blossburg, former res. Arnot, father of James Blair, Covington; Rev. M. S. Blair, Beech Creek; William, Alexander, and John of Arnot; also 3 daus.
1898 14 Sep M Blanchard, Charles E. of Wellsboro and Miss Margaret Hughes of Morris Run m. "last Wed.": Elmira, Ny.
1898 14 Sep M Blatchley, harry L and Miss Sarah Barnes, both of Wellsboro m. there "last Wed." by Rev. W. Heakes; she dau. Augustus Barnes
1898 2 Nov M Bockus, James A. of Round Top and Mrs. Harriet Westbrook of Knoxville m. (no date)
1898 10 Aug D Bolton, William  of Lawrenceville d. in Corning, Ny. of bronchitis, age 59, left 6 children
1898 2 Nov M Borden, John M. of Westfield and Lizzie Eggleston of Elkland m. (no date)
1898 22 Jun M Borden, Robert W. and Miss Eva Sperry of Wellsboro, m. Elmira, Ny, Jun 11th by Rev. D. Keppel; she dau. E. L. Sperry, Richmond twp.
1898 26 Jan D Bottom, Charles d. "last Fri." Nelson, age 86
1898 25 May M Boutin, Miss Mertie and John Frost of Briar Hill m. (no date) (Roseville tiems)
1898 15 Jun B Bowen  dau. to John R. of Osceola (no date)
1898 6 Jul D Bowen, Brainerd d. near E. Smithfield "last Fri.", runaway horse accident, a res. of Troy
1898 8 Jun D Bowen, John R. d. Wellsboro "last Sun." age about 80, b. Oswego, Ny., came here 1853, m. 1849 Martha Howland, left 2 sons: James M. and George W., both of Wellsboro
1898 22 Jun M Bowen, Miss L. Anna of Warren Centre, Pa., and W. Arthur Squiers of Sullivan twp. m. Nichols, Ny., Jun 8th
1898 20 Jul D Bowen, Thomas d. Welch Settlement "last Wed.", age 55, no children
1898 10 Aug M Bowers, Miss Pauline and Dr. Celestine C. Jacquemin m. Lewisburg, Jul 28th, will reside Blossburg
1898 1 Jun M Bowersox, Calvin T. of Troxelville, Snyder Co., Pa., and Mrs. Mary E. English of Wellsboro m. (no date)
1898 9 Nov B Brace  dau. to Harry G. of Rutland twp. Nov 1st
1898 5 Oct M Brace, William N of Mansfield and Miss Georgia Cook of Rutland m. at Pine City, Ny., Sep 28th by Rev. C. Stone
1898 23 Feb & 2 Mar D Bradford, Jay son of Dr. L. J. Bradford and Alice Dartt Bradford of Sullivan d. "Mon." of typhoid, age 15
1898 16 Nov M Bradford, Miss Achsah Louise of Sylvania and Arthur Thomas Crittenden, now of Oswago to be m. Nov 23rd her home; she dau. Fred D. Bradford
1898 16 Feb D Bradford, W. G. d. Sylvania "Thur.", age 89
1898 28 Sep N Brayer, Miss Mattie of Potter Brook and Edward C. Manning of Chatham twp m. at Troupsburg, Ny., Sep 17th
1898 24 Aug M Brew, Miss Bridget and William Bache, Jr., both of Wellsboro, m. (no date)
1898 15 Jun B Brewer son to F. of Elkland (no date)
1898 9 Mar D Brewster, Major Alexander S. d. Wellsboro "last Sta.". Age 86, b. Susquehanna Co., came Wellsboro 1831, m. Sophronia Smith of Chenango Co., Ny., had 6 children, 2 left: Mrs. G. H. Roberts and Mrs. J. E. Fish, Wellsboro
1898 2 Mar D Brewster, Mrs. Mary E d. Wellsboro, age 69, (no date), left 2 sons and 4 daus.
1898 14 Dec D Brewster, O. T. d. Dec 13th Sullivan twp., age 78, a native of Connecticut, left: Mrs. S. G. Mudge, Mrs. Horace Hager and Leda, at home, and Philo Brewster.
1898 23 Feb D Briggs, William d. "last Sun." Binghamton, Ny., funeral at Pine City, Ny., father of Jack Briggs of Mansfield
1898 28 Dec D Brigham, Miss Sadie d. Tioga "last Fri." age about 25, bowel ailment, dau. of George, former res. of Mansfield
1898 5 Oct M Brill, Miss Nellie of Wellsboro and William V. Coolidge of Charleston m. at Rev. C. H. Crowl's in Tioga (her uncle) Sep 27th
1898 29 Jun M Brion, Hannah of Liberty and William Walters of Blossburg m. Jun 22nd
1898 9 Feb M Brockway, Miss Mamie  of Bear Creek and Avery Hackett of Brooklyn m. Lindley, Ny. Feb 4th ( Tioga items)
1898 7 Dec M Brooks, Arthur M.  of Charleston and Miss Stella M. Lewis m. at Walter Cooledge's in Charleston Dec. 1st
1898 20 Jul M Brooks, Walter and Miss Frances Putnam m. her home, Wellsboro, "last Thur." by Rev. Shaw
1898 3 Aug M Brown, Clyde and Miss May Guldenshoe, both of Mansfield, m. (no date) he son John B.; she dau. Mrs. Edward Porter of Mansfield
1898 28 Dec M Brown, James of Shingletown, and Miss Clara Kinnan of Havana, Ny., m. "last Wed." (Farmington Centre items)
1898 4 May D Brown, Mabel d. Washington, DC "Sun.", age about 20, lung trouble, dau. Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Brown, granddau. Hon. C. V. Elliott of Mansfield
1898 31 Aug M Brown, Miss Edith M. and Fred H. Smith m. Athens, Pa. "last Sat."; she dau. W. W. Brown former res. Mansfield
1898 30 Nov M Brown, Miss Ellen of Landrus and John Patterson of Peroia, Ill., m. "last Wed."
1898 21 Sep M Brown, Miss Margaret L. and Benjamin F. Farman, both of Cherry Flats, m. at Elmira, Ny., Sep 14th by Rev. B. Keeney
1898 28 Dec D Brown, Mrs. John d. Elkland (no date) age 52
1898 3 Aug   Brown, Mrs. Margaret of Mansfield was 93 on Jul 25th, b. 1805, mother of Mrs. A. W. Peterson
1898 30 Nov D Brown, Mrs. Margaret d. Mansfield "last Thur.", age 92, b. Chester Co., Pa., mother of 14 (4 survive incl. Mrs. A. W. Peterson of Mansfield), buried Hope Cem.
1898 14 Dec M Brown, Walter of Springfield and Miss Mae Bixby of Sylvania m. her home Dec 6th by Rev. Cameron; she dau. W. O. Bixby
1898 6 Jul M Bruce, Miss Clara "last a teacher in Canton schools" and Charles Mandeville m. "last Wed."
1898 9 Nov B Bryant son to Isaac of Richmond twp. Nov 7th
1898 6 Apr D Bryant, Miss Della d. "last Fri." in Philadelphia hospital, tumor, age about 40, buried Wood Cem., Rutland Hill, sis of Mrs. Warren Bartlett, Mansfield; Ramson B. of Richmond twp.'; Ephriam B. of Elmira, Ny.
1898 20 Apr M Buckanan, Miss Gertrude and W. H. Barto m. at her home Millerton (no date); she dau. Freeman B.
1898 3 Aug M Bull, Miss Matilda and Francis M. Perrong of South Bethleham, Pa., m. Jul 17th at Corning, Ny.; she dau. Harry Bull of Mansfield
1898 8 Jun M Bullard, Frank J. and Miss Ellen E. Landrus m. at Wellsboro "last Wed.", by Rev. W. Heakes; she dau. Mrs. Mary E. Landrus and sis of John L. L.
1898 5 Jan D Bump, Mrs. Ithamer d. Austinburg "recently"
1898 21 Dec M Burbank, Roland of West Burlington and Miss Florence Williams of Troy m. Dec 10th her home by Rev. J. Hyde
1898 16 Mar M Burdick, Miss Nina of Westfield and Charles Plank of Sylvester m. at Westfield (no date); she dau. Deforest Burdick
1898 29 Jun D Burdick, Mrs. Charles  d. "last week" at Elmer, Pa., formerly of Osceola
1898 14 Sep M Burleson, Isaac T. of Kenwood, Ny. and Miss Kate Walters of Mansfield m. at Kenwood "today" by Rev. J. C. Crowther (her brother-in-law); she dau. John Walters of Mansfield
1898 13 Jul M Burley, Miss Ada M. of Richmond twp. and Clinton E. Soper m. her home Jul 6th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 5 Jan M Burnett, Wallace P. of Watkins and Miss Julia Capwell m. "last Wed." at Millerton
1898 2 Nov B Burnham son to D. C. of Mansfield Nov 1st
1898 5 Jan B Burrell child to Rev. W. J. of Sylvania (no date)
1898 20 Apr M Burrett, Miss Florence and James R. Card m. her home, Sylvania, Apr 7th; she former res. Mansfield
1898 2 Feb B Burton dau. to James of Richmond twp. Jan 29th
1898 30 Mar D Bush, John d. Brookfield "recently" stroke.
1898 30 Mar D Butler, james d. Elmira "last Mon.", wife was sis Mrs. Thomas Warters; former res. of Lambs Creek
1898 21 Sep M Butler, Miss Flora Farnsworth - Butler; (sic) and Will Reynolds, both of Chatham twp. m. Wellsboro Sep 1st by Rev. N. Reynolds
1898 7 Dec M Butts, Mrs. Adelia of Sabinsville and J. P. Parshall m. "recently"
1898 19 Jan D Calkins, Newberry E. d. Mainesburg, age 70, apoplexy, left 1 son Benjamin E. of Butts, Mont., 2 sons already d. (Walter and Mitchell).
1898 12 Jan M Campbell, Frank of Bath, Ny., and Miss Hattie Bellinger of mansfield m. "this week Mon." at Bath
1898 1 & 15 Jun M Campbell, Miss Esther of Leona and Dr. Harry C. Harkness of Mainesburg m. Jun 8th by Rev. King' she dau. Mrs. George Campbell
1898 20 Jul D Campbell, Mrs. Abbie d. Westfield Jul 9th, age 68
1898 12 Jan M Campion, Miss Mary Ella and Walter Curtis, both of Geneva, Ny., m "last Wed." by Rev. C. Dewoody
1898 5 Oct M Canedy, Miss Gertrude of Tioga twp. and Thomas J. Rounsville of Charleston m. Oct 1st by Justice Lewis
1898 5 Jan M Capwell, Miss Julia and Wallace P, Burnett of Watkins m. "last Wed." at Millerton
1898 28 Dec D Card, George  d. Sylvania "last Wed.", age about 68, left "several children"
1898 6 Apr D Card, Henry B. d. Sullivan twp. "last Fri.', age about 82, 2 sons: Homer B. of Sullivan and Charles H. of Sylvania, and dau. Mrs. Frank Beardsley, Sullivan; Burried Sylvania (see 4/13 for more.
1898 13 Apr D Card, Henry Bowen b. Bristol, R.I. Sep 13th 1815 to Capt. Henry and Sally Monro Card, came Brad. Co., Pa. 1829 w/family, m. Mar 31st 1842 Sarah E. Fish dau. of Robert and Sally Fish. He d. Sullivan twp. Apr 1st in 83rd yr., left children (see apr 6th)
1898 20 Apr M Card, James R. and Miss Florence Burrett m. her home, Sylvania, Apr 7th, she former res. Mansfield
1898 2 Mar D Case, Lansing age about 80 d. at his grandson's ( W. H. Tumbleson) last Fri. (Tioga) buried at Lawrenceville

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