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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1898 17 & 31 Aug M Cassada, Louis of Elmira, Ny. and Miss Effie Beaman of Troy m. Aug 25th; he cousin Mrs. E. J. Rosengrant of Mansfield
1898 10 Aug D Catlin, Dr. George E. d. Jul 29th Lake Geneva, Wisc., age 57, heart disease, left bro. S. W. of Charleston and 4 sis. Mrs. Geor. W. Johnson and Mrs. E. A. Ingerick of Wellsboro; he a native of Tioga Co.
1898 3 Aug B Caton son to Fred. Of Lawrenceville (no date)
1898 27 Apr B Champaign dau. to ex-sheriff and Mrs. W. E. Champaign of Wellsboro (no date)
1898 27 Apr M Chapell, Miss Zela of Daggets and F. A. Voorhees m. Apr 20th at Lawrenceville
1898 6 Jul D Clapp, Stephen G. d. "last Thur.", age 68, buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga, left a son in Dakota and 1 dau.
1898 5 Oct B Clark son to Wesley of Richmond twp. (no date)
1898 9 Nov M Clark, Cora and Frank C. Cummings, both of Wells twp. m. Oct 26th
1898 23 Mar M Clark, Daniel of Tioga twp. and Miss Ella Simmons of Stony Fork m. "last Sun." by Justice Baldwin (Tioga items)
1898 16 Nov D Clayson, Albert d. Washington, buried at Wellsboro, age 15, son of Capt. And Mrs. B. F. Clayson of Washington. Mrs. Walter Sherwood and Mrs. H. W. Williams are the boy's aunts.
1898 1 Jun B Cleveland son to Martin of Mardin (Richmond twp.) (no date)
1898 16 Mar B Cleveland  son to Elmer of Richmond twp., Mar 13th
1898 20 Apr M Cleveland, Carl and Miss Anna Goodall, both of Richmond twp., m. "last Thur." her home; she dau. Thomas Goodall
1898 28 Dec M Cleveland, John of Millerton and Mrs. Rhoda Wood, same, m. State Line, Ny., Dec 15th by Rev. J. VanKirk
1898 23 Nov D Cleveland, Malon S. d. Schodac Nov 20th, age 57yrs., 11 mos., left (of 7) Adelbert of Plainview, Neb.; Mrs. Wallace Sherman, Mrs. Clarence Smith, Cora, Bird, Ray, and Ralph Cleveland; he had 3 bros left: Harvey, Sullivan tsp; Horace, Bradford, Pa.; and Salina of Elk Run.
1898 28 Dec M Cleveland, Melvin formerly of Covington m. at Cleveland, Ny. "last week" to Miss Theresa Anderson; he bro. of Jack and Ernest of Covington
1898 5 Jan D Cleveland, Mrs. John F. d. Mitchells Mills Dec 24th 1897, left 5 children of 9 born, been m. 51 yrs.
1898 17 Aug M Cleveland, W. W. of Frost Settlement and Mrs. Myra Frost of Mansfield m. Elmira, Ny. "last Thur."
1898 7 Dec D Clohessy, Mrs. Jane d. Elmira, Ny. (no date), former res. Blossburg
1898 11 May D Close, Mrs. Maria Sweet d. May 1st, Westfield, b. near Academy Corners Jan 28th 1813, m. 1832 David Close (he d. 1863), had 12 children, 11 left: Ambrose and Mrs. Cora Trimm, Westfield; Mrs. G. A. King, Morris, Ny.; Mrs. A. W. Potter, Mansfield; Mrs. C.ark, Cowanesque; Barnard and Barnett (twins) of Rochester, Ny.; Leroy of Chicago, Ill.; buried Mt. Pleasant Cem., Westfield
1898 23 Feb M Colby, Miss Sadie B. and Herman C. Tiers (Tears?), both of Sullivan m. Feb 20th Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 14 Sep M Cole, Roy and Miss Grace Watrous m. at Watrous, Pa., Sep 4th
1898 11 May D Colegrove, Adelbert d. near Lawrenceville "last Sun.", age about 35, heart failure
1898 16 Feb D Collins infant son of Con. Of Tioga d. (no date) age 1 yr., buried Wellsboro
1898 7 & 14 Sep D Comfort, Nathaniel d. "yest.", near Springfield, Bradford co., wind storm accident, age about 48, left 5 sons, buried Hope Cem. Mansfield
1898 5 Oct M Compton, Miss Esther and Dr. L. J. Bentley, both of Gaines, m. there Sep 20th
1898 8 Jun D Comstock, Samuel d. "last Thur.", near Nauvoo, age 45, lumbering accident, left 6 children
1898 26 Oct M Cone, Scott N. of Elkland and Miss Nellie Griffin m. Oct 15th
1898 31 Aug D Conevery, Mrs. d. Bath, Ny. "last Wed.", mother of ed. Frank Conevery of Wellsboro, 2 other sons and 1 dau., been in Bath 40 years
1898 28 Sep D Congdon, Tyler  of Wells (Bradford co.) found d. in Elmira "last Thur." bro. of Mrs. C. H. Lawrence of Mansfield
1898 28 Sep M Conn, Robert and Nora Thomas, both of Landrus, m. Sep 15th
1898 14 Sep B Connelly, James Henry b. Covington Sep 5th to George and Mrs.
1898 28 Sep D Conway, timothy d. Elkland (no date), cancer, left 1 son and 2 daus.
1898 19 Oct B Cook  dau. to John of Millerton (no date)
1898 5 Oct M Cook, Miss Georgia  of Rutland and William N. Brace of Mansfield m. at Pine City, Ny., Sep 28th by Rev. C. Stone
1898 5 Oct M Coolidge, William V. of Charleston and Miss Nellie Brill of Wellsboro m. at Rev. C. H. Crowl's in Tioga (her uncle) Sep 27th
1898 7 Dec D Cooney infant (Twin) of James of Blossburg d. (no date)
1898 28 Dec B Cooper  son to William of Elkland (no date)
1898 22 Jun D Cooper, Erastus d. Chatham twp. (no date)
1898 9 Nov D Cooper, Hortence d. in Elmira last Thur., dau. of H. E. and Cornelia Cooper (Lambs Creek items)
1898 2 Feb B Cornelius twin dau. to F. M. of Elkland "last week"
1898 15 Jun B Cornelius son to B. G. formerly of Elkland, b. Jun 7th at Bridgewater, Maine
1898 2 & 9 Feb D Cornelius, Mrs. Thorne d. Elkland "Tue", dau. of A. B. Kenyon
1898 13 Jul D Cornelius, Mrs. William d. Elkland Jul 4th, cancer
1898 23 Mar D Costley, Mrs. David d. near Knoxville "last week"
1898 10 & 24 Aug M Cottrell, Charles S. and Miss M. Grace Westbrook, both of Mansfield m. Aug 23rd by Rev. E. Riley; she dau. Benjamin F. Westbrook
1898 30 Mar B Coveney son to George of Mardin "last week."
1898 26 Jan D Coveney, Charles d. "today" at home near Mansfield (see Feb 2nd for more)
1898 2 Feb D Coveney, Chas. was b. Sep 1st 1841 Covington twp. to Thomas and Charlotte (one of 7), he m. Oct 1st 1868 Miss Abbie Slingerland, had a sister left - Mrs. Martha Shuatt and 1 foster son John L. Murphy of Philadenphia
1898 26 Oct D Crane dau. (Marguerette) of L. E. Crane of Lawrenceville, d. age 3 mos.
1898 22 Jun D Crary, Horace H d. Binghamton, Ny., Jun 10th, age 74, Crary Hose Co. of Westfield named for him
1898 3 Aug D Crawford, Charles H. d. Williamsport "last week", age 44, left 1 bro. and 1 sis. Mrs. H. P. Breon of Mansfield; had resided at Cogan House
1898 16 Nov M Crittenden, Arthur Thomas now of Oswago and Miss Achsah Louise Bradford of Sylvania to be m.. Nov 23rd her home; she dau. Fred D. Bradford
1898 23 Feb D Crosby, Hopkins J. d. of Bright's disease, Feb 18th at home of his nephew, J. S. Lewis, Mansfield, age 58; b. Ny. state, lived E. charleston, m. 1862 Olive L. Snover, moved west 1876 left sons Frank H. and Howard T,. Of North Dakota, Charles C. University of Minneapolis, had 4 dau. all dead, had 2 bros. Dr. A. H. and Dr. P. M. Crosby, Lowville, NY\y., and 1 sis Mrs. H. H. Gowdy, Brookville, Ny., buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1898 21 Sep D Crum, David d. Millerton "last Wed.", buried at Jobs Corners
1898 9 Mar M Crum, Mattie and G. F.Smith, both of Rutland twp., m "last week Tue." by Rev. W. Armington of Lawrenceville
1898 12 Jan B Cruttenden dau. to Vine of Mansfield Jan 10th
1898 12 Jan B Cruttenden dau to E. A. of Scranton Dec 13th 1897
1898 1 Jun B Cruttenden dau. to William of Lambs Creek (no date)
1898 16 Mar M Cruttenden, Henry E. of Lambs Creek and Miss Lydia Hoyt of Elbridge, Farmington twp., m. Mar 9th in Elmira, Ny. by Rev. Henry
1898 25 May M Cruttenden, Miss Grace of Wellsboro and William T. Watson of Col. m. Wellsboro "tomorrow"
1898 21 Dec D Cuer son of J. C. d. near Westfield, age 3, memb. Croup.
1898 9 Nov M Cummings, Frank C. and Cora Clark, both of Wells twp. m. Oct 26th
1898 28 Dec D Cunningham, James of Ritland d. "Tue." age 65, left 1 son Elmer of Rutland and dau. Mrs. M. H. Gillett of Mansfield
1898 27 Jul B Curtis  son to William of Mansfield Jul 27th
1898 14 Dec D Curtis, Arthur d. Tiadaghton "last Fri." in railroad accident, res. Mansfield, left 2 children, son of Reuben - had "several bros. and sis."
1898 12 Jan M Curtis, Walter and Miss Mary Ella Campion, both of Geneva, Ny., m "last Wed." by Rev. C. Dewoody
1898 7 Sep D Cushing, Arol J. infant son of William and Sarah C. of Westfield d. (no date), cholera infantum
1898 12 Oct B Daggett dau. to Norman of Mansfield Sep 28th
1898 2 Mar D Daggett, Mrs. Frances d. Elmira, Ny. "last Sat.", age 55, buried Tioga
1898 7 Sep D Daley, Thomas d. Blossburg "last Thur.", father of John Daley
1898 9 Mar D Dalton, Mrs. Susan O. d. East Lawrence Mar 1st, age 61, rheumatism
1898 12 Oct D Daniels, Mrs. Wells d. Wellsboro (no date), age 68, paralysis of heart.
1898 27 Jul B Dann dau. to R. W. of Mansfield Jul 20th
1898 5 Jan D Dann, Edward,  d. Sylvania Dec 26th 1897m age 20, typhoid, son of James and Mary Dann.
1898 19 & 26 Oct D Dann, J. B. d. (Oct 16th) Elk Run, buried at Gray's Valley "last Sun.", heart disease (see Oct 26th for more)
1898 26 Oct D Dann, J. B. was one of 10 children of Baxter and Caroline Dann, b. Dec 13th 1834, m. Apr 4th 1865 Miss Susannah M. Davenport, left 3 daus. Mrs. F. L. Wood, Elmira, Ny., Misses Ella and Nettie at home, 2 sons Arthur J. and Harry E. at home
1898 29 Jun D Dartt, Horace formerly of Wellsboro, d. at the Virginia Soldiers' Home Jun 18th
1898 23 Feb B Davis  dau. to Fred of Richmond Feb 16th
1898 5 Jan M Davis, John B. of Arnot and Mrs. M. Thomas of Plymouth, Pa., m. at Plymouth (no date)
1898 30 Nov D Davis, Mrs. Hannah d. last week Tue. At Mill Creek, age 84, left 3 sons: Adelbert and Stafford of Mill Creek, George of Gaines; 2 daus; Mrs. Joseph Bartlett, Painter Run and Mrs. George Boyce, Tioga
1898 16 Nov M Day, Charles m. on "Election Day" (Lambs Creek items)
1898 28 Sep & 5 Oct D Deans, Mrs. Frank A. of Wellsboro d. in Philadelphia "this morning" ("last Mon."); she was dau. late H. A. Guernsey, age about 47
1898 18 May D Deckens (Dickens), Mrs. Ellen d. Mansfield "Mon.", age 83, mother of Mrs. David Sweet of Mansfield
1898 16 Nov B Decker dau. to George of Mansfield Nov 12th
1898 7 Dec D Decker, D. W. d. "last Wed." at Jud Beer's in Tioga twp. - long a resident
1898 28 Dec M Decker, Miss Edith of Mansfield and Grant Robinson to be m. "today" by Rev. E. Riley; she dau. of Ambrose Decker
1898 6 Jul M Deitlin, Frank and Miss Mabel Stratton, both of Mansfield m. "last Sept.", just announced
1898 5 Oct B Deming  son to Charles M. of Tioga (no date)
1898 23 Feb M Deming, Charles and Miss Jennie Bagley of Tioga went to Lindley, Ny. "Tue" to be m.
1898 28 Sep M Deming, Miss Alice of Tioga and John Maher of Auburn, Ny m. Spe 7th
1898 26 Jan M Deming, Miss Pearl and Jesse Wood, both of Jackson twp., m. at Caton, Ny., Jan 19th by Rev. A. Hurd
1898 2 Mar D Dewey, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Sullivan twp. "yest.", nearly 71, wife of Edwin, Bright's disease, left 2 sons: W. L. and Willard, and 9 dau's: Mrs. Annie E. Crofutt of VanZant, Mo.; Mrs. Adelia Aber of Bentley Creek; Mrs. Mary Finch of Ida Grove, Iowa; Mrs. Belva Handsom (Fred) of Mansfield; Mrs. Rhoda Austin, Sullivan; Mrs. Martha Robert, Sullivan; Lucy at home; Mrs. Esther Austin, Sullivan; Mrs. Charles Shaw, Altus, Pa.
1898 13 Jul M Dewitt, Leman of Millerton and Mrs. Jennie Garrison of Daggett m. at State Line, Ny., Jul 3rd by Rev. J. VanKirk
1898 7 Sep M Dewitt, Miss Helena May and Jay Maxwell Beers of Elmira, Ny., to be m. Troy, Pa. Sep 20th; she dau. William Freeman Dewitt
1898 28 Dec B Dickinson dau. to George of Farmington Centre Dec 18th
1898 20 Apr D Dickinson, Thomas L d. Boston, Ma. (no date) son of Edward D. of Wellsboro
1898 28 Dec M Doane, Joseph of Osceola and Miss Lusaney Guiles, same, m. Dec 10th
1898 30 Mar D Donahue, Mrs. Peter "living near the Junction" d. Sun., heart dis., buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga (Tioga items)
1898 10 Aug D Dort, Walter d. Wellsboro "last Sun.", age 4, gun accident, son of Albert Dort
1898 2 Feb B Doud dau. to William of Coudersport (no date), former res. Mainesburg
1898 2 Feb B Doumaux son to commissioner and Mrs. "last Fri." (Wellsboro?)
1898 19 Oct M Doumaux, Miss Grace of Wellsboro and Samuel T. Nivling of Buffalo, Ny m. "Tue.", she dau. John Doumaux
1898 12 Jan D Duel (Deuel), Mrs. d. Mitchells Creek "recently", left 5 sons incl. James of Mansfield
1898 20 Apr M Duff, Miss Jessie and William H. Stewart, both of Liberty, m. Elmira, Ny. "last Thur." by Rev. D. Keppel
1898 19 Oct M Dunkle, David of Galeton and Miss Anna M. Lindsley of Corning, Ny., m. her home Oct 11th
1898 11 May D Dyke, Harry d. "last Thur." at Scodac, mill accident, age 45, left 1 son age 12 and 1 dau. age 14, son of Henry Dyke
1898 19 Jan D Dykins, Mrs. C. A. d. Westfield Jan 8th, age 36 yr., 9 mos., left 4 children; dau. of Harrison Breese
1898 19 Oct D Eadstrum, Edith of New York City, d. there (no date), suicide, burial at Antrim
1898 5 Oct D Eastman, George W. D. formerly of Wellsboro, d. at his dau's. in Utica, Ny., Sep 27th, age 89, father of Dr. A. B. Eastman
1898 22 Jun M Eaton, Frederick W. and Miss Victoria Ludlow of Lawrenceville m. Jun 8th
1898 3 Aug M Eaton, Miss Lou of Lawrenceville and John H. Hotchkiss, formerly of Lambs Creek m. (no date)
1898 7 Dec M Edgerton, Merritt of Elk Run and Miss Anna McClelland of Mansfield m. Nov 24th at Pine City, Ny., by Rev. F. Huff
1898 2 Nov M Eggleston, Lizzie of Elkland and John M. Borden of Westfield m. (no date)
1898 14 Sep D Eldridge, John d. Sabinsville sep 6th of blood poisoning, former res. Addison, Ny.
1898 3 Aug B Elliott son to B. V. of Coudersport Jul 28th
1898 9 Mar D Ellis, George H. d. Charleston Mar 2nd, age 30, consumption, funeral at Catlin Hollow Ch.
1898 6 Apr B Ely  baby to Will of Charleston "last week", wt. 3 lbs.
1898 5 Jan M Ely, James H. and Miss Hattie Atherton of E. Charleston m. Dec 27th 1897 at Dartt Settlement
1898 5 Oct M Ely, Miss Sadie L. of Charleston and Manning C. May of Covington m,. East Charleston Sep 25th by Rev. W. Clough
1898 1 Jun M Emberger, Wilson and Miss Clara Jackson of Cherry Flats m. "recently"
1898 26 Oct M Encell, Miss Ruth B. and Arthur B. Miner, both of Elkland, m. her uncle's (E. B. Campbell) at Elkland Oct 17th
1898 1 Jun M English, Mrs. Mary E. of Wekllsboro and Calvin T. Bowersox of Troxelville, Snyder Co., Pa. m. (no date)
1898 23 Nov M Erway, Miss Grace Gertrude of Mansfield and Fredrick Copping Passmore, same, to be m. tomorrow in Elmira, Ny., by Rev. F. Reynolds
1898 6 Apr M Erwin, Joseph  of Hills Creek and Miss Anna Sampson of Same m. "last week"; she dau. Ralph Sampson
1898 26 Jan D Esgar, Robert d. Bozeman, Mont., Jan 10th, age 53, wife is sister to George Hanwell of Blossburg, 6 children left, former Bloss. Resident
1898 9 Feb M Everett, Lee of Jackson Centre and Miss Grace Kurhley of Marshfield m. (no date)
1898 12 Jan D Everts, Stephen,  formerly of Jackson, d. "a few das. Since" at his dau's (Mrs,. A. D. Cronk), Buffalo, Ny., also father of Mrs. Byron Bartlett of Mansfield and Mrs. J. Emerson Rose of Washington, DC
1898 6 Jul D Falkner, Mrs. Jane d. Knoxville (no date), cancer
1898 21 Sep M Farman, Benjamin F. and Miss Margaret L. Brown, both of Cherry Flats, m. at Elmira, Ny. Sep 14th by Rev. B. Keeney
1898 28 Sep D Farrer child of Thomas of Bradford buried at Blossburg (no date), age 4
1898 16 Nov B Farrer dau. to W. S. of Mansfield Nov 13th
1898 6 Jul D Fausey, Mrs. Caroline H. d. Syracuse, Ny. (no date) burial at Westfield, wife of Rev. J. S. Fausey, left 1 son and 2 daus.
1898 10 Aug D Faust, George of Granville fatally kicked by a horse, left 5 children (no date)
1898 14 Sep M Fellows, Charles L. of Blossburg and Miss Eva Murdock, same, m. Waverly, Ny., Sep 7th
1898 7 Sep M Fenton, Miss Clara of Elkland and L. O. Simmons of Coudersport m. at Alleghany, Ny. "recently"
1898 6 Apr D Ferguson, Mrs. Charles of Daggetts d. (no date)
1898 19 Jan M Ferris, Miss Frankie R. of Hector and William W. Stanton of Westfield m. (no date)
1898 16 Feb M Ferry, Miss Lottie of Mardin and Fred Youmans m. Lawrenceville "Fri." (rumor has it)
1898 30 Mar M Finesilver, Israel  of Tioga and Miss Ida Solomon of Brooklyn, Ny., to be m. Apr 3rd in Brooklyn
1898 16 Feb M Finklestein, Max and Miss Anna Jacobstein of Blossburg to be m. Mar 8th
1898 17 Aug D Fischler, Charles d. Wellsboro "last Thur." 
1898 22 & 29 Jun M Fischler, Samuel P. of Delmar twp. and Miss Mary Sullivan of Mardin m. Wellsboro Jun 22nd
1898 12 Oct D Fish, Miss Anna d. Wellsboro (no date), buried at Mainesburg "last Wed.", (prob. Dau. of Mrs. Sarah Cudworth Fish and late sheriff Edward A. Fish) age 47
1898 20 Apr D Flanders, Austin d. Nelson "sun." Apr 10th, age 57, left 1 son and 3 sau., been there sinde 1850, Civil War vet.
1898 2 & 9 Feb D Fleming, Edward d. at his dau's (Mrs. James Duffy in Brooklyn (Tioga) "last Mon.", age about 80 (see Feb 9th for more), been here 50 yrs., burial at Corning
1898 9 Feb D Fleming, Edward of Tiga Left; Jerry of Corning, Ny.; Pat E. of Wellsboro; William and Mrs. Duffy, both of Tioga; been res. Tioga since 1871
1898 23 Feb D Fletcher, Miss Lucy d. "last Fri.: funeral at State Road "last Sun." in 21st yr., dau. of Humphrey F.
1898 23 Nov M Ford, Miss Maud of Stony Fork and Francis Ryan m. "recently" at Hoytville
1898 20 Jul M Fowler, Miss Luella and W. V. Gleckner to be m. Canton Jul 27th
1898 2 Nov M Fowler, Thomas of Morris and Miss Emma Beuter, same, m. "last Thur." at home of Joseph Pell in Elmira, Ny.

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