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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1898 6 Apr M Kentch, Morris S. and Helen Smith m. at Tioga "Mon." by Justice H. Baldwin
1898 16 Mar D Keppel, Mrs. Ellen d. New York City "Sat.", age 85, left 3 sons and 2 daus. (Mrs. Charles Ely and Rev. David Keppel both former res. of Mansfield)
1898 9 Nov D Kibbe, Dr. Alonzo d. Knoxville Nov 1st, age 42
1898 25 May D Kies, Stephen d. Sylvania "last week"
1898 19 Oct M Kift, Miss Susy M. of Muncy and F. P. Wetmore of Wellsboro m. (no date)
1898 13 Jul D Kilbourn, C. P. d. Sunderlinville, Potter Co. "Fri.", half-bro. of Hon. J. B. Niles ( of Tioga co.)
1898 27 Apr M Kilbourne, Miss Mollie of Covington and Dempster Mills of Mitchells Creek m. "today" at her home by Rev. McCormack; she dau. Mrs. Kate Kilbourne
1898 15 Jun B Kilburn son to Mr. and Mrs., near Academy Corners (no date)
1898 24 Aug D Kiley, John d. Covington "Sun.", age 77
1898 28 Dec M Kilgore, Miss Ida May of Coryland and Byron C. Smith of Elk Run m. Dec 21st her home by Rev. J. VanKirk; she dau. Duning Kilgore
1898 13 Jul D Kingsley, Mrs. Sarah Sullings d. Mansfield "last Sun.", in 85th yr., b. Pittsford, Vt. Dec 19th 1813, m. Dec 10 1839 Ralph R. Kingsley, came to Bradford Co. 1847, to Mansfield 1865, had: Misses Frances and Flora K., and son Charles S. K., buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1898 28 Dec M Kinnan, Miss Clara of Havana, Ny., and James Brown of Shingletown m. "last Wed." (Farmington Centre items)
1898 16 Mar D Kirkpatrick, Frederick S. d. Denver, Col. "last Sat.", nearly 24, consumption, son of Aaron K., grandson of Jasper Kelley of Mansfield, 1 bro.
1898 23 Feb M Klock, Miss Mattie and Rev. W. B. Armington m. Covington "last Wed." by Rev. Hubble, will reside Lawrenceville; she dau. Edwin Klock
1898 13 Jul B Knapp dau. to A. C. Knapp, Richmond twp. Jul 11th
1898 17 Aug B Knapp son to W. E. and Alice Teeter Knapp of Elmira, Ny., b. at Austinville, Pa. (no date)
1898 21 Sep D Knights, Charles  d. Elmira, Ny. "last Fri.", funeral "Sun." at Blossburg, buried Odd Fellows cem. there, age about 50, left children, railroad accident
1898 18 May B Knowlton son to Charles of Canoe Camp May 5th
1898 25 May B Kohler son to Rev. Kohler (Roseville items)
1898 10 Aug M Kraus, Miss Alda Hepay and Warren Wallace Baynes of Sheffeld, Pa., m. Aug 3rd at Sheffield; he formerly of Mansfield
1898 20 Apr D Kreiger, Mrs. Joseph  d. "Mon" Tioga, age about 45, consumption
1898 9 Mar D Kress, Mrs. Mary Adeline d. New York, Ny., of pneumonia, funeral at Wellsboro "Tue.", dau. of William and Mary Robinson Bache of W., m. W. C. Kress who D. 1895, had 5 children, 3 left: Anna M., George W., and Maud E.
1898 9 Feb M Kurhley, Miss Grace of Marshfield and Lee Everett of Jackson Centre m. (no date)
1898 1 Jun M Laasch, Albert H. and Miss Nellie E. Smith, both of Mansfield, m. "today" her home; she dau. Lyman Smith
1898 26 Jan D Lain, D. B. d. Jackson Summit Jan 20th, age about 65
1898 21 Sep B Landon  son to Alfred of Mansfield Sep 11th
1898 6 Jul M Landon, Frank A. of North Union and Miss Libbie Sechrist of Ogdensburg m. (no date)
1898 8 Jun M Landrus, Miss Ellen E. and Frank J. Bullard m. at Wellsboro "last Wed." by Rev. W. Heakes; she dau. Mrs Mary E. Landrus and sis of John L. L.
1898 5 Jan D Landrus, Mrs. Washington d. Blossburg "last Fri.", mother of late Henry Landrus
1898 14 Sep D Landrus, Washington d. Wellsboro Sep 3rd, age 82, he settled in Blossburg 61 yrs. ago, left: Horace of Minn.; Jacob of Blossburg; Mrs. Frank Grover, Washington state; Mrs. F. G. Newell, Union twp.; and dau.-in-law Mrs. Henry L. of Wellsboro
1898 25 May M Lane, Jesse Lamont  of Montrose, Pa., and Miss Anna Louise Shaw m. Montrose May 16th by Rev. H. Benedict; she dau. Mrs. F. M. Shaw, formerly of Mansfield
1898 19 Oct M Lanterman, Miss Ora of Rutland twp. and Stephen H. Wood, same, m. State Line, Ny., Oct 9th by Rev. VanKirk
1898 5 Oct D Lawrence, Mrs. J. M. d. "today" in Rutland twp. (see 10/12 for more)
1898 12 Oct D Lawrence, Mrs. J. M. (Belviette) d. Oct 5th Rutland twp., was b. Green co., Ny. Apr 23rd 1824 to Peter Lewis who came to Tioga co. 1837, m. Jan 19th 1844, had 3 sons - left: c. W. and F. M., both of Rutland, also left 1 bro. (of 6 children) Martin Lewis: cancer
1898 21 Sep M Lawton, Warren and Mrs. Lois Tomb, both of Delmar Twp. m. at Wellsboro Sep 9th by Rev. P. Reynolds
1898 9 Nov D Leahy, Miss Margaret  of Blossburg d. "Tue. Morning", age 30, dau. of John, formerly of Covington
1898 7 Sep D Leavitt, Mrs. Mary d. Elmira, Ny. "last Fri.", age 59, mother of Mrs. Charles R. Rogers of Mansfield, Misses Fannie and May Leavitt of Elmira and Robert Leavitt
1898 22 Jun B LeBarron girl to Delbert of Mardin "Sat."
1898 24 Aug M Lent, Dr. William G. and Miss Anna Geison, both of Wellsboro, to be m. Sep 8th
1898 13 Jul D Leonard dau of John of Blossburg, d. burned in fire age 7
1898 12 Oct D Leonard, Mrs. Angeline d. Troy, age 77 at home Mrs. George O. Holcomb (no date)
1898 21 Sep D Lewis, Leon d. Osceola (no date), age 24, result of appendix operation
1898 7 Dec M Lewis, Miss Stella M. and Arthur M. Brooks of Charleston m. at Walter Cooledge's in Charleston Dec. 1st
1898 23 Feb M Lieby, _____ of Sullivan and Arthur Hagar m. (no date); she dau. J. G. Leiby
1898 7 Dec M Lilly, Leon of Mansfield and Miss Sadie Smith of Richmond twp. m. at D. S. Killy's in Mansfield Dec 4th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 19 Oct M Lindsley, Miss Anna M. of Corning, Ny., and David Dunkle of Galeton m. her home Oct 11th
1898 4 May M Litteer, Miss Naomi and Prof. F. W. Skelton of Nelson m. Apr 19th Weston, Ny.
1898 13 Jul M Little, Jay of Potter Brook and Miss Bertha Sawyer of Purple Brook m. Troupsburg, Ny., Jul 3rd
1898 13 Jul M Long, Miss Myrtle and Charles Hammond, both of Elkland m. Troupsburg, Ny., Jul 3rd
1898 11 May M Love, Newell  of Elmira, Ny. and Miss Rosamund Horton of Mansfield m. "today" her home; she dau. G. W. Horton
1898 28 Dec B Loveless  dau. to F. C. and Daisy Wetmore Loveless Dec 23rd at Mill Creek
1898 31 Aug D Loveless, Mrs. C. W. d. Mill Creek, Tioga twp. "last Sun.", age nearly 70, left: C. O. Loveless of Tioga, William and Frank, South Dakota; Fanny Woodward, Wysox; Leafy Archer, Mill Creek (Mrs. William); buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga
1898 1 Jun B Lownsberry dau. to Frank and Hilda Scarfe Lownsberry, Upper Lambs Creek May 26th
1898 8 Jun D Lownsberry infant of F. L. buried Mansfield "mon."
1898 13 Jul M Lowrey, Miss Maggie L. of Ward twp. and Calas Smith of Sullivan twp. m. Jul 4th at Lindley, Ny.
1898 14 Sep M Loyd, David J. and Miss Lizzie Black of Blossburg, m. "last Tue." at Blossburg
1898 27 Jul B Lucas son to D. Lucas of Mainesburg Jul 18th
1898 22 Jun M Ludlow, Miss Victoria of Lawrenceville and Frederick W. Eaton m. Jun 8th
1898 20 Apr D Lugg, Mrs. Robert  of Nelson d. "last Sat.", age about 50, Bright's disease, left 4 children: Mrs. Jessie Howe, Mrs. Oscar Cole, both of Middlebury; Mrs. A. Evens, Lindley, Ny.; Mr. charles Lugg of Nelson; husband d. 1893, sis. Of Mr. Jerome Bottom of Elkland
1898 6 Apr D Lutes  infant of B. F., d. Covington "recently"
1898 26 Oct D Luttle, Cyrus d. Westfield Oct 15th, age 73
1898 6 Jul M Mack, George of Osceola and Miss Elizabeth M. Spoor of Elkland m. Jun 22nd
1898 11 May D Mack, Mrs. C. D. d. Elkland (no date), age 36, dau. of Albert Utter, left 1 dau., 2 bros., and 5 sis.
1898 28 Sep M Maher, John of Augurn , Ny and Miss Alice Deming of Tioga M. Sep 7th
1898 19 Oct D Mahood, Lillian d. Gillett Oct 6th, age 2, cholera infantum
1898 21 Dec B Mallenson, Lettie B. b. last Jul 6th at Westfield spent 8 weeks in an incubator - now alive and well
1898 6 Jul M Mandeville, Charles and Miss Clara Bruce, "last a teacher in Canton schools", m. "last Wed."
1898 13 Apr M Manley, Floyd of Canton and Miss Grace VanHouten of Sullivanville m. Elmira, Ny. by Rev. Henry (no date)
1898 2 Feb D Mann, Lewis d. Montour falls, Ny. "last Wed.", age 65, brother of B. J. of Tioga twp., a former res.
1898 28 Sep M Manning, Edward C. of Chatham twp. and Miss Mattie Brayer of Potter Brook m. at Troupsburg, Ny, Sep 17th
1898 2 Nov M Marsh, Hugh of Marshfield and Miss Hattie D. Gridley of Ulysses m. her home Oct 27th
1898 7 Sep D Marsh, Mrs. L. H. (Kezia) d. (Tioga?) Aug 28th, age 82, mother of T. D. Marsh of Tioga and W. E. of Kansas (Tioga items)
1898 14 Dec B Martin son to Clarence of Knoxville (no date)
1898 28 Dec D Marvin, Anna d. Covington "last Sat.", age 4 mos., dau. of Mrs. W. C. Marvin
1898 31 Aug D Marvin, Mrs T. A. of Covington d. "Mon.", left 2 children age 4 and 6
1898 5 Oct D Marvin, Noah F. of Wellsboro d. "last week Mon." of cancer, native of Covington b. 1848 to Tilly M. Marvin, Noah was youngest of 21, he m. Sarah J. Roberts and had 1 dau. and 1 son (deceased)
1898 12 Oct D Marvin, William C. d. Pueblo, Col. "last Wed.", consumption, son of David Marvin of Covington twp., left wife Ina Reese and 3 children, also sis. Mrs. W. W. Robinson, Mrs. Ran Howland, Misses Isabella, Ollie, Bessie, and bro. Peter, all of Covington, and Archie and John of Col. buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1898 4 May D Masten, Mrs. E. S. d. Austin (no date) buried Westfield
1898 16 Nov M Matteson, George of Knoxville and Miss Maud Gillett of Canoe Camp m. her home "last Wed."; she dau. Aaron Gillett
1898 30 Nov M Maxwell, Miss Elizabeth of Corning, Ny., and W. Howard Patchen of Covington, m. her home "Thanksgiving Day". She dau. S. S. Maxwell
1898 5 Oct M May, Manning C. of Covington and Miss Sadie L. Ely of Charleston m. East Charleston Sep 25th by Rev. W. Clough
1898 5 Oct D McCay, Thomas formerly of Arnot, d. at Wellsboro Sep 26th, been there 16 yrs., age 73, native of Bath, Ny.
1898 7 Dec M McClelland, Miss Anna of Mansfield and Merritt Edgerton of Elk Run m. Nov 24th at Pine City, Ny., by Rev. F. Huff
1898 2 Mar M McClelland, W. H. of Mansfield and Mrs. Millie Smith of Rutland m. "last Sun." Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 2 Mar D McCollom, J. G. of Farmington twp. d. (no date)
1898 19 Oct D McCollum, Bessie d. Troy Oct 6th, age 3, dau. of Fred
1898 14 Dec B McConnell  dau. to Allie of Richmond twp. Dec. 4th
1898 19 Oct D McConnell, Edna d. Oct 3rd 1898 age 7 mos.
1898 30 Mar D McConnell, Ephraim C d. Plainview, Neb., Mar 11th, age about 59, paralysis, been there about 20 yrs., son of late Justus McConnell of Sullivan, wife dau. late Judson Squires, same, had 13 children, 8 survive: bros.: James of Ralston, George of Sullivan, Newberry of Austinville, Dallas of Mann Creek; sisters: Mrs. John Smith, Sullivan; Mrs. H. D. Wood, Mansfield; Mrs. Sidney Crippen and Mrs. Chas. Miller, Plainview, Neb., and late Mrs. Malon Cleveland of Richmond twp.
1898 16 Feb D McConnell, Lytla A. d. Mansfield
1898 9 Feb D McConnell, Rev. A. R. d. Monteray, Ny., Jan 25th, age 45, stomach hemorrhage, left 3 children; 1 sis. Mrs. B. H. Osgood, Mansfield; 3 bros. Frank, Rutland; Justus W., Elmira, Ny.; and Eli G., Candor, Ny.
1898 11 May B McCormack son to Rev. W. C. of Tioga "last Sat."
1898 19 Jan D McCoy, Mrs. Sally d. Covington "Mon." funeral "Thur.", of heart failure
1898 8 Jun M McCracken, Miss Effie and Rev. T. S. Reeser, both of Liberty, m. in Williamsport May 25th
1898 18 May B McEntee dau. to Frank and Mamie Hall McEntee of Blossburg, May 10th
1898 11 May M McIntyre, W. H. of Canton m. Miss Etta Griswold
1898 8 Jun B McKechnie dau. to James of Sophris, Col., formerly of Blossburg (no date)
1898 21 Sep D McNeill, Mrs. d. Caton (no date) buried at Mainesburg "Mon.", age about 80, first husband was Levi Rumsey, 2 sons left: Edwin Rumsey of Elmira and William Rumsey of Sullivan twp.
1898 13 Jul M McPeek, Maggie of Knoxville and John Jones m. Addison, Ny. Jul 4th
1898 13 Apr M McWhorter, Mr. David and Mrs. of Webbs Mills m. 50yrs Apr 2nd
1898 23 Mar D Mead, Eli d. near Elkland "a few das. Since", father of 4 men killed near Addison recently
1898 17 Aug M Mead, Harry and Miss Hattie, dau. of Harvey Plank, all of Westfield m. her home (no date)
1898 9 Mar D Meade, Albert, and Lewis d. on railroad near Erwin, Ny. "last Sat.", Albert age 22, unmarried; Lewis left 2 children; sons of Eli Meade of Osceola
1898 30 Mar M Meade, Mrs. Lewis and John Mosher m. Elkland Mar 10th, she widow of man who d. at Addison Mar 6th on railroad
1898 28 Sep D Merrill, John d. Farmington Hill Sep 18th, age 56
1898 20 Jul D Merritt infant dau. of Mrs. Harriet Gaige Merritt d., Brooke, Ny., "yest.", age about 15 mos. (known in Mansfield)
1898 12 Jan D Miller, Daniel d. Liberty (no date) in 92nd yr.
1898 23 Mar D Miller, James d. Millerton "last Fri.", age 63, paralysis, left 1 son and 1 dau.
1898 27 Apr M Mills, Dempster of Mitchells Creek and Miss Mollie Kilbourne of Covington m. "today" at her home by Rev. McCormack; she dau,. Mrs. Kate Kilbourne
1898 31 Aug D Mills, Raymond d. Elmira, Ny. "last Fri.", age 92 yrs., 7 mos., b,. Herkimer Co., Ny., lived in Mansfield 1888 - 1891, left 5 sons and 2 daus. Mrs. McClure and Mrs. Esther Allen
1898 26 Oct M Miner, Arthur B. and Miss Ruth B. Encell, both of Elkland, m. her uncle's (E. B. Campbell) at Elkland Oct 17th
1898 21 Sep M Moore, George C. of Austinville and Miss Cora Benson of Rutland twp. m. Sep 7th her home by Rev. Hyde; she dau. Nathan B., he son A. B. Moore
1898 6 Apr D Moore, Mrs. J. W. d. Covington (no date) in 84th yr.
1898 18 May D Morgan, Frederick King d. Ireton, Iowa, Apr 23rd, age 88, went there from Sullivan tpw. 1854, wife was Olive Welch of Sullivan, had 11 children (9 Survive)
1898 5 & 12 Jan D Morris, Mrs. Sarah Ellis d. Mansfield Jan 4th in 83rd yr., widow of Joseph P. Morris, b. Oct 14th 1815 Muncy, Pa. to Samuel W. and Anna Ellis Morris of (see Jan 12th for more)
1898 12 Jan D Morris, Mrs. Sarah Ellis Morris obit con'd: Wellsboro (they had 11 children), her grandmother was Mercy Ellis of Muncy; m. Nov 2nd 1836 Joseph Paschall Morris, a cousin in Quaker rites. Had Alfred Wells M. who d. 1860 age 23, Catharine (Swan) and James Wilson M.
1898 30 Mar M Mosher, John and Mrs. Lewis Meade m. Elkland Mar 10th, she widow of man who d. at Addison Mar 6th on railroad
1898 21 Sep D Mowrie, Mrs. Daniel d. Farmington Centre Sep 15th, "aged"
1898 28 Dec B Mullan son to H. N. of LaAnna, Pa. Dec 26th (formerly of Mansfield)
1898 5 Oct D Mulready, James d. near Gaines "last Fri.", logging accident
1898 16 Nov B Munch dau. to George of Mansfield Nov 15th
1898 14 Sep M Murdock, Miss Eva of Blossburg and Charles L. Fellows, same, m. Waverly, Ny., Sep 7th
1898 15 Jun D Murdough, Reed d. "last Fri.", Osawatomie, Kan., age 25, consumption, son of J. S. Murdough, funeral and burial at Mansfield, was at his aunt's Mrs. Mary P. Smith
1898 18 May D Murray, Mrs. Owen d. Elkland (no date), buried at Wellsboro
1898 28 Dec M Myer, Miss Rita (MSNS '92) and Robert Park of Athens m. there Dec 21st
1898 13 Jul D Nash, Mrs. Jane d. Sylvania "last Fri.", age 65
1898 30 Nov M Neal, Clarence and Ada Sampson m. "last Wed." her home; she dau. John Sampson of Hills Creek
1898 18 May M Neal, Lena of Hills Creek and John Irwin m. "last Wed."
1898 17 Aug M Neal, Miss Eva (of Mardin) and John Richardson of Hills Creek m. "Sun.", she dau. "Pen" Neal (Mardin items)
1898 28 Dec B Newell son to Rev. Charles K. of Addison, Ny., Dec 23rd
1898 28 Dec M Newell, Alfred J. and Miss Maude E. Smith m. at Ralston, Pa. Dec 21st by Rev. R. Armstrong
1898 13 Apr B Nichols son to W. O. of Rutland (no date)
1898 19 Oct M Nivling, Samuel T. of Buffalo, Ny., and Miss Grace Doumaux of Wellsboro m. "tue.", she dau. John Doumaux
1898 9 Feb M Obrien, Miss Nora  of Covington and Lewis Streeter m. (no date)
1898 5 Oct D O'Connor, John d. Ralston (no date) from a fall, son of Landlord Joseph O'Connor.
1898 15 Jun M O'Donnell, Richard and Miss Katherine Barnberry of Blossburg to be m. "next Wed."
1898 19 Jan B Olver son to Charles of Mansfield Jan 16th
1898 23 Feb D Osgood, Mrs. B. H. d. near Mansfield last "Sun." (see later for more)
1898 23 Feb D Osgood, Mrs. Benjamin was dau. of late Hernry McConnell of Rutland, age 39 yrs., 11 mos., 12 d., left children: Ruth, Watson, Irving, Lavina, Eva, and Walter; buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1898 2 Feb B Owens twin sons to William of Antrim "last week"
1898 1 Jun B Packard son to J. T., Mansfield May 31st
1898 21 Sep D Packard infant son of J, T. of Mansfield d. "Fri."
1898 28 Sep D Packard, Mrs. Albert of Cherry Flats d. "Sun.", of paralysis, age about 55, left 2 sons and 1 dau.
1898 6 Jul M Padgett, Edward M. of Tioga twp. and Miss Nancy L. Root of Middlebury m. "last Wed." her home; she dau. James Root
1898 22 Jun B Page dau. to George and Lizzie Ripley Page, Sullivan twp. (no date)
1898 28 Dec M Park Robert and Miss Rita Myer (MSNS '92) of Athens m. there Dec 21st
1898 28 Dec M Parmenter, Orman of Snedekers and Miss Edith Porter of Troy m. (no date)
1898 7 Dec M Parshall, J. P. and Mrs. Adelia Butts of Sabinsville m. "recently"
1898 13 Apr B Parsons son to Charles of Cherry Flats (no date)
1898 10 Aug B Parsons son to Charles of Cherry Flats (no date)

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