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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1898 30 Mar M Solomon, Miss Ida of Brooklyn, Ny. and Israel Finesilver of Tioga to be m. Apr 3rd in Brooklyn
1898 13 Jul M Soper, Clinton E. and Miss Ada M. Burley of Richmond twp. m. her home Jul 6th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 14 Sep M Soper, Rev. Merritt of Syracuse, Ny., and Miss Maud Ella Gates, m. her home, Mansfield "today" by Rev. E. Rosengrant; she dau. D. T. Gates of Mansfield
1898 18 May B Sours twin sons to Claud of Mansfield "last Sat."
1898 28 Dec B Sparling son to Steven of West Covington (no date)
1898 12 Oct D Spencer, Alonzo M. d. Canoe Camp Oct 10th, b. there May 4th 1820 to Leander and Lavina Rowley Spencer, m. Sarah M. Goodall of Canoe Camp, had Elwin A. of Canoe Camp, Mrs. E. D. Goodall of Ithaca, Ny., and Mrs. L. W. Eighmy of Sayre, 1st wife d. 1867, in 1870 m. Mary E. Fellows of Wellsboro, she d. 1888 leaving 1 son Fred Fellows Spencer of Mansfield. His great-grandfather Amos Spencer came to Canoe Camp 1806. He left 1 bro. Ichabod of Fort Madison, Iowa, and 2 sis. Mrs. J. C. Ireton and Mrs. Thomas Goodall, Canoe Camp
1898 22 Jun M Sperry, Miss Eva of Wellsboro and Robert W. Borden m. Elmira, Ny., Jun 11th by Rev. D. Keppel; she dau. E. L. Sperry, Richmond twp.
1898 6 Jul M Spoor, Miss Elizabeth M. of Elkland and George Mack of Osceola m. Jun 22nd
1898 22 Jun M Squires, W. Arthur of Sullivan twp. and Miss L. Anna Bowen of Warren Centre, Pa., m. Nichols, Ny., Jun 8th
1898 19 Oct D St. Clair, Dr. R. U. of Candor, Ny., d. "last Fri.", left 1 ddau. And sister Mrs. W. R. Wilson of Mansfield
1898 10 Aug B Stafford son to John of Lawrenceville (no date)
1898 19 Jan M Stanton, William W. of Westfield and Miss Frankie R. Ferris of Hector m. (no date)
1898 11 May D Starkey, Mrs. Levi  d. Newtown Road (Richmond twp.) "last night", pneumonia, age 70, 2 sons Merton and Clarence, both of Richmond twp., sons of 1st husband Eri. White who d. Civil War
1898 28 Sep B Stevens twin dau's. to Lewis of Tioga twp. Sep 19th
1898 14 Dec M Stevens, Charles  of Knoxville and Miss Cynthia Sherman of Bever Dams, Ny. to be m. "today" at her home
1898 9 Nov M Stevens, Charles W. of Knoxville and Miss Cynthia C. Shewman of Beaver Dams, Ny., to be m. her home Dec 14th
1898 20 Apr M Stevens, Miss Blanche  of Sylvania and Loraine D. Whitlock of Ridgefield, Ct., m. Apr 12 her home.
1898 20 Apr M Stewart, William H. and Miss Jessie Duff, both of Liberty, m. Elmira, Ny. "last Thur." by Rev. D. Keppel
1898 2 Feb B Stickler son to Postmaster and Mrs. of Painter Run (no date)
1898 13 Apr B Stickler son to Edward of Covington (no date)
1898 4 May D Stone, Eugene a resident of Wellsboro, d. in Elmira, Ny. "last week Tue., killed by the cars.
1898 9 Nov B Stout dau. to Jacob of Mansfield Nov 6th
1898 28 Dec M Stout, Miss Cora of Rutland and George Kelley m. at E. Charleston "Sun." by Rev. Clough
1898 17 Aug B Strait son to George L. of Mansfield Aug 12th
1898 23 Nov D Strait, George R. d. "last Sat." at Fortress Monroe, Va., age 21 (in army), son of C. H. formerly of Wellsboro
1898 30 Nov D Strait, Millard Burton d. "last Sat." Mansfield, a native of Sylvania, b. 47 yrs. ago last May to Clinton Strait, came Mansfield 1879 - 80, left 1 dau. Mrs. Emmet Bates and 2 sis. Mrs. Ritz and Mrs. Peck, all of Elmira, Ny., buried Sylvania
1898 9 Mar M Strait, Miss Bessie  and Emmet Bates, both of Mansfield, m. "Sat." at Elmira, Ny., by Rev. F. Reynolds
1898 26 Jan B Strange dau. to Joseph of Mainesburg Jan 21st
1898 6 Jul M Stratton, Miss Mabel and Frank Deitlin, both of Mansfield m. "last Sept.", just announced
1898 14 Sep D Stratton, Mrs. Martin d. Blossburg Sep 4th in 89th yr., dau. of late Daniel and Lydia Holden, early pioneers of Mansfield, she m. Oct 18th 1832, surviving children: Mrs. Marcellus (Lucy) Karcher and Mrs. A. F. (Eliza) Gaylord, both of Blossburg
1898 9 Feb M Streeter, Lewis and Miss Nora Obrien of Covington m. (no date)
1898 28 Dec M Strouse, Harry L. and Miss Lelia Wood m. her home, Elk Run, Dec 21st by Rev,. H. Hyde; she dau. S. L. Wood
1898 28 Sep B Stuart son to Frank of Osceola (no date)
1898 19 Oct M Stull, Emmet W. of Johnstown, Pa. (formerly of Elkland) and Miss Ina Robinson, Vineland, Nj. (formerly of Mansfield) m. Oct 4th
1898 22 & 29 Jun M Sullivan, Miss Mary  of Mardin and Samuel P. Fischler of Delmar twp. m. Wellsboro Jun 22nd
1898 14 Sep D Sutton, Mrs. Martha d. Farmington twp. "last Sun.", at her son's (Jeremiah Silva), age about 85
1898 25 May B Swan son to Henry of Mansfield May 20th
1898 5 Oct M Swartout, Miss Vina and Edward Allen, both of Blossburg, m. at Wellsboro Sep 22nd by Rev. Chushing
1898 7 Dec D Swartwood, Mrs. Sarah d. Elmira, Ny. "last Sun." buried at Tioga "yest."
1898 8 Jun M Swayze, Alden, Jr. of Columbia X-roads and Miss Jennie Simmons of Canton m. (no date)
1898 2 Feb M Sweet, Miss Alice of Niles Valley and L. West of Crooked Creek m."recently"
1898 2 Feb M Sweet, Miss Lulu of Crooked Creek and Orin Goodwin m. "recently"
1898 28 Sep M Tanner, Grace May and J. L. Horton m. at Troy Sep 12th by H. Case, J. P.
1898 24 Aug D Taylor, Edward d. Smethport, Pa. (no date) railroad accident, left 5 children and widow Lottie, dau. of Horace M. Reynolds of Mansfield and sis. Of Mrs. Ben Judge
1898 12 Oct D Taylor, Mrs. L. D. d,. Williamsport (no date) age 74, formerly of Wellsboro
1898 5 Jan M Thomas, Mrs. M of Plymouth, Pa., and John B. Davis of Arnot, m. at Plymouth (no date)
1898 28 Sep M Thomas, Nora and Robert Conn, both of Landrus, m. Sep 15th
1898 1 Jun D Thomas, Thomas D. (Bro. of the late John J. Davis of Tioga) d. Scranton, Pa. "Sun.", a pioneer of Scranton
1898 25 May D Thompson, Charles d. May 15th Sullivan twp., age 27, 2 children, funeral at State Road Ch. "Tue", typhoid, son of Henry T. of Sullivan, bro. of Mrs. Myra Frost of Mansfield
1898 2 Feb M Thurber, William and Miss Lou Hall of Wellsbvoro to be m. Feb 16th (announced Feb 16th)
1898 23 Feb M Tiers (Tears?), Herman C. and Miss Sadie B. Colby, both of Sullivan, m. Feb 20th Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 24 Aug D Tohany, Edward a former Blossburg man, d. at DuBois, Pa., of typhoid (no date)
1898 21 Sep M Tomb, Mrs. Lois and Warren Lawton, both of Delmar twp. m. at Wellsboro Sep 9th by Rev. P. Reynolds
1898 6 Apr M Tomlinson, Charles J. and Miss Anna Wood, both of Mansfield, m. Mar 21st at Pine City, Ny. by Rev. F. Sherer
1898 27 Apr M Tomlinson, Miss Lepha of Mansfield and William Howland of Monroeton m. "last Fri." at Daggetts
1898 6 Jul D Towner, Miss Margaret d. Troy, Jun 24th, age 19, consumption
1898 11 May D Tremain, Arthur of Jamison, near Westfield, d. (no date), age 70, been there 40 yrs.
1898 26 Oct M Tremain, Miss Kate  and Albert D. Goodwin of Westfield to be m. Nov 2nd
1898 12 Jan M Tripp, George H.  of Harrison Valley and Miss Daisy e. Robbins of North Fork m. Jan 1st (Westfield Items)
1898 21 Dec D Tubbs, William d. Osceola, age 24, consumption, son of Samuel (no date)
1898 23 Mar D Tucker, Mrs. E. M. d. Wellsboro Mar 11th, cancer, b. Woodhull, Ny. Sep 22nd 1838, left son Perry Tucker and dau. Mrs. W. R. Westbrook, Elmira, Ny
1898 28 Dec B Undge dau. to S. and Fanny Preger Unger of York, Pa., Dec 16th, formerly of Blossburg
1898 19 & 26 Oct B Updyke  son to Foster of Elk Run (Sullivan Twp.) (no date) mother nee Myrtle McConnell
1898 5 Oct M Updyke, Anson of Elk Run and Miss Clara Benson of Austinville m. at Pine City, Ny., Sep 24th by Rev. C. Stone
1898 6 Apr D Updyke, Ezra d. Wells, Pa., Mar 26th
1898 13 Apr M VanHouten, Miss Grace of Sullivanville and Floyd Manley of Canton m. Elmira, Ny. by Rev. Henry (no date)
1898 8 Jun D VanValcalnar, Mrs. Frank d. Wellsboro "yest.", pneumonia, left 1 dau.
1898 7 Sep D VanValian, Mrs. Robert H. (Mary) d. Aug 31st, age 32, lived "at the toll gate" (Tioga?), left 1 son age 4 (Tioga items)
1898 20 Apr D VanZile, Daniel, Jr. d. Rutland (no date) funeral "last Sun.", an early settler, left 1 son and 1 dau.
1898 5 Jan B Vedder son to Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Dec 31st 1897
1898 27 Apr M Voorhees, F. A. and Miss Zela Chapell of Daggetts m. Apr 20th at Lawrenceville
1898 14 Dec B Voorhess son to Jesse of Daggetts (no date)
1898 9 Feb B Vosburg dau. to H. W. at Lawrenceville (no date)
1898 10 Aug M Wagner, Miss Margaretta of Tioga and Henry Richman of DuBois, Pa. m. at res. Charles Sandbach, Tioga, "last Mon." by Justice Lewis
1898 25 May D Wales, Blake of Lawrence twp. "last Thur." (shot by John Corry), age about 50, left 2 children (one son Joseph, age 20)
1898 30 Mar D Walker, Frank d. Lawrence twp. "last Fri.", age about 50, dead in bed.
1898 4, 11, & 25 May D Walker, John P. d. Somers Lane (no day) funeral "last Mon.", buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga, age 60, former res. of Covington, b. Potter co. 1833, left an adopted son.
1898 14 Sep M Walters, Miss Kate of Mansfield and Isaac T. Burleson of Kenwood, Ny. m. at Kenwood "today" by Rev. J. C. Crowther (her brother-in-law); she dau. John Walters of Mansfield
1898 29 Jun M Walters, William of Blossburg and Hannah Brion of Liberty m. Jun 22nd
1898 18 May M Warfield, Mrs. Hattie of Elkland and Arthur Jewell m. May 3rd at Addison, Ny
1898 28 Sep D Warren, Elijah d. East Charleston "last Wed.", funeral "last Fri." age about 60, left 2 sons and 1 dau., buried Dartt Settlement Cem.
1898 28 Dec M Warters, Alfred and Miss Rosa Rice m. "last Sat." (Lambs Creek Items) at Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 9 & 16 Mar D Watkins, Mrs. Sarah d. "Sun. Mar 6th Mainesburg, age 87, left "large family" (see 3/16 for more)
1898 16 Mar D Watkins, Sarah Rose b. Rockland, Sullivan Co., Ny. May 25th 1811 to John and Rhoda Rose, one of 12, came here 1826, m. 1830 N. P. Watkins, left 2 sons: Rumsey W. of Covington and Benora W. of Fort Scott, Kansas; 2 daus.: Mrs. J. W. Austen, Mrs. O. P. Doud, Mrs. B. F. Connelly; also sis. Mrs. Elizabeth Wood, Elk Run
1898 14 Sep M Watrous, Miss Grace  and Roy Cole m. at Watrous, Pa., Sep 4th
1898 19 Oct M Watrous, Miss Margaret of Wellsboro and Harry Hastings of Boston, Mass., to be m. Wellsboro "tomorrow", she niece of F. E. Watrous
1898 5 Jan M Watson, D. E. and C. E. Philbrick to be M. Roseville (see March 16?0
1898 16 Mar M Watson, Dee E of Roseville and Grace Wheeler of Cherry Flats m. "last Thur." at Roseville
1898 25 May M Watson, William T. of Col. And Miss Grace Cruttenden of Wellsboro m. Wellsboro "tomorrow"
1898 30 Nov D Watts, Mrs. Murray drowned in Pine Creek, jumped from wagon, body recovered at Ansonia
1898 25 May D Weaver, Gracie d. Wellsville, an., May 5th, age 8, granddau. Of J. R. Burton of Richmond twp.
1898 2 Feb M West, L. of Crooked Creek and Miss Alice Sweet of Niles Valley m. "recently"
1898 22 Jun D Westbrook, Mrs. Cora d. "Sun.", Tioga, age 45, wife of W. H.
1898 2 Nov M Westbrook, Mrs. Harriet of Knoxville and James A. Bockus of Round Top m. (no date)
1898 10 & 24 Aug M Westbroook, Miss M. Grace  and Charles S. Cottrell, both of Mansfield m. Aug 23rd by Rev. E. Riley; she dau. Benjamin F. Westbrook
1898 19 Oct M Wetmore, F. P. of Wellsboro and Miss Susy M. Kift of Muncy m. (no date)
1898 5 & 12 Oct M Wheatley, Frederick L. of Medix. Elk co., Pa. and Miss Edna M. Sheffer of Lawrenceville m. at Lawrence twp., res. of her grandfather, Major John Irvin, Sep 21st by Rev. Briggs.
1898 19 Oct   Wheeler, Alanson and wife of Charleston m. 50 yrs. "last Sat."
1898 23 Feb M Wheeler, Clayton A. of Cherry Flats and Miss Cora Baldwin of Elmira, Ny., m. Elmira Feb 16th by Rev. D. Keppel. (denied 4/13/98)
1898 16 Mar M Wheeler, Grace of Cherry Flats and Dee E. Watson of Roseville m. "last Thur" at Roseville
1898 31 Aug M Wheeler, W. E.  of Arnot (late of Mansfield) and Miss Alice Gillett of Blossburg m." last week Mon" at Canandaigua, Ny.
1898 20 Apr M Whipple, Miss Carrie formerly of Tioga and Robert Wilde of Painted Post, Ny, m. (no date)
1898 5 Oct B Whitcomb dau. to Ray of Mansfield Sep 24th
1898 28 Sep D White, George d. Hammonds (at his dau's, Mrs. Cole) Sep 18th, age 80
1898 12 Oct D White, Harold W. d. Galeton "Mon.", cholera infantum, son of Earl, buried at Mansfield
1898 4 May M Whitemarsh, William and Mrs. of Westfield m. 25 yrs.
1898 20 Apr M Whitlock, Loraiane D. of Ridgefield, Ct., and Miss Blanche Stevens of Sylvania m. Apr 12 her home
1898 25 May D Whitteker, Mrs. Harriet d. Potter Co. "recently" a life-long res. of Covington twp.
1898 6 Apr D Whitteker, Seth d. "last Wed." east of Canoe Camp, age 79 yrs., 5 mos. Several children incl. Almeron, James, Nelson, and Lincoln Whitteker, all of Richmond twp.
1898 21 Dec M Wicks, George of Mansfield and Miss Ida Mae Sheets of Fairdale, Pa. to be m.
1898 11 May D Wilcox, Clarence A. d. Delmar twp. May 2nd
1898 22 Jun M Wilcox, Miss Addie E. of Stony Fork and George Holt of Cammals m. Jun 11th, she MSNS '97
1898 20 Apr M Wilde, Robert of Painted Post, Ny., and Miss Carrie Whipple, formerly of Tioga m. (no date)
1898 9 Feb M Wilkins, George, Jr. of Sullivan twp. and Miss Zella E. Smith of Ward twp., m. her home Feb 1st; she dau. C. L. Smith
1898 31 Aug B Wilkinson son to Jonah of Mardin (no date)
1898 3 Aug M Willhelm, William F. of Baltimore, Md., and Miss _____ Sammons of Cambridge, Md., m. "recently" in Baltimore; he former res. Mansfield, son of J. W. Willhelm
1898 9 Feb M Williams, Harry of Wlmira, Ny and Miss Dora Rose of Blossburg m. (no date)
1898 21 Dec M Williams, Miss Florence of Troy and Roland Burbank of West Burlington m. Dec 10th her home by Rev. J. Hyde
1898 20 Jul D Williams, Mrs. Charles d. Covington (no date) buried Jul 11th
1898 13 Jul M Willsey, Edward and Nina Bellinger, both of East Charleston m. at Covington Jul 6th by Rev. A. Wynkoop
1898 2 Feb B Wilson son to James of Pickle Hill, Richmond twp., Jan 20th
1898 14 Sep D Wilson  infant child of James of Richmond twp. d. "Sun.", age 8 mos., cholera infantum
1898 2 Mar D Wilson, "Uncle" Daniel d. Covington "yest." at his dau's, Mrs. F. M. Patchen, age about 81
1898 7 Dec M Wilson, Miss Lillian and Rev. L. D. Adams of Covington m. "last Wed." at Sawyer City
1898 6 Jul D Wilson, Miss Lizzie d. Mansfield last Sat., Jul 2nd, age 22, dau. of Amos
1898 16 Feb D Wilson, Mrs. Orr ( Eliza) d. near Austinville Feb 8th, dropsy, 1 son
1898 9 Nov D Winters, Mrs. Edwin (Alice Dartt) d. Charleston Nov 1st, age 40, left 6 children, 1 bro., and 5 sis.
1898 5 Jan D Wiseman, Dr. William F. d. Danville asylum Dec 23rd 1897, age 74, been Dr. in Liberty since 1852, buried Liberty
1898 12 Oct D Wolf, Nelson d. near Troy, age about 70 (no date)
1898 30 Mar B Wood  dau. to Dr. F. G. of Mansfield Mar 23rd
1898 26 Jan M Wood, Jesse and Miss Pearl Deming, both of Jackson twp., m. at Caton, Ny., Jan 19th by Rev. A. Hurd
1898 6 Apr M Wood, Miss Anna and Charles J. Tomlinson, both of Mansfield, m. Mar 21st at Pine City, Ny. by Rev. F. Sherer
1898 28 Dec M Wood, Miss Lelia and Harry L. Strouse m. her home, Elk Run, Dec 21st by Rev. H. Hyde; she dau. S. L. Wood
1898 2 Nov D Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Oct 26th at her son Henry's in Sullivan twp., age 91, wife of late Justus Wood, been in Sullivan 61 yrs. (lived on Rutland Hill), left 4 sons and 3 daus.
1898 28 Dec M Wood, Mrs. Rhoda of Millerton and John Cleveland, same, m. State Line, Ny., Dec 15th by Rev. J. VanKirk
1898 19 Oct M Wood, Stephen H. of Rutland twp. and Miss Ora Lanterman, same, m. State Line, Ny., Oct 9th by Rev. VanKirk
1898 24 Aug D Wright, Joel L. d. Canton (no date), age 65, had 11 children 6 survive
1898 15 Jun D Yale, Mrs. Caroline Wormsworth d. Wellsboro May 31st, age 71, wife of Rev. Moses Yale.
1898 20 Apr M Yaudes, William A. of Hartford and Miss Stella M. Ingalls of Covington m. Mansfield Apr 14th by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1898 31 Aug B Youmans son to Fred of Mardin Aug 23rd
1898 16 Feb M Youmans, Fred and Miss Lottie Ferry of Mardin m. Lawrenceville "Fri." (rumor has it)
1898 28 Dec D Zittle, Theobald d. West Covington "last Sat.", age about 64, stroke, left 2 sons and 3 daus.

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