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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1899 10 May M Abbott, Kittie of Blossburg and Walter Packard m. Apr 27th
1899 22 Nov B Adams dau. to Rev. L. D. of Covington (no date)
1899 7 Jun D Adams, Charles D. d. New York City (no date), age 28, consumption, son of T. Q. Adams of Westfield, left 2 bros. & 3 sis.
1899 20 Dec M Adams, Miss Mollie and C. D. Owens, both of Knoxville m. "last Tue."
1899 24 May M Adams, Miss Myra of Elmira, Ny., and Willer Hutchinson, formerly of Lawrenceville m. at Painted Post, Ny., by Rev. F. VanKeuren (no date)
1899 11 Jan D Adams, Mrs. Frank d. Gowanda, Ny. "last Thur." at her bor's, had husband and 1 son in Tioga; pneumonia, funeral at Warsaw, Ny.
1899 22 Nov D Aiken, David L. d. Mitchells Creek "last Fri.", age about 80, left 2 sons and 1 dau., one of the founders of the Tioga bank.
1899 4 Jan M Alcorn, William F. of New Haven, Conn. And Miss Winifred Smith of Tioga m. "last week Tue." her home by Rev. J. Patterson; she dau. Dr. R. B. Smith
1899 18 Oct B Alcron son to William and Winifred Smith Alcron of Wistville, Conn. (no date) (Wellsboro items)
1899 12 Jul M Aldrich, Auguatus M. and Mable Mowcomber, both of Elkland m. Jul 4th Addison Hill
1899 1 Feb B Allen dau. to W. W. of Mansfield Jan 27th
1899 30 Aug M Allen, Miss Lizzie and Ernest VanZile, both of Elkland, m. Addison, Ny., Aug 14th
1899 15 Mar D Allen, Mrs. Ezra d. West Bingham, Potter co., Pa., Feb 26th, age about 80, formerly of Farmington
1899 3 May M Allen, Myron P. and Miss Leah L. Hulslander m. Burlington, Pa., "today"; she dau. M. F. Hulslander
1899 18 Oct M Allen, Tracy and Miss Ida Carpenter m. Troy Oct 11th by H. A. Case, Esq.
1899 11 Oct D Ames, Appolos Pitts d. Antioch, Ill., Sep 18th, a native of Sullivan twp., he m. Feb 21st 1855 Demis Webb at Hickory, 6 children, 5 left.
1899 16 Aug   Ames, David says he's oldest native resident of Mansfield b. there 84 yrs. ago
1899 15 Nov M Anderson, Rev. Everett A. and Miss Katherine E. Beers m. her home, Tioga, Nov 8th; she dau. Judson Beers
1899 4 Jan D Andrus, Joel d. recently of consumption, age 48, former res. Tioga, left: Albert of Tioga and Harry of Elmira, Ny.
1899 18 Oct M Ashdown, B. W. of Seeley Creek, Ny. and Miss Grace Landon of Lawrenceville to be m. soon.
1899 22 Nov M Ashley, A. B. of Sullivan twp. and Miss Comstock m. "today" her home in Nauvoo by Rev. J. James
1899 4 Jan M Ashley, Miss Florence Lillian of Sullivan twp., and Kennerly Robey of Oil City, Pa., m. her home Jan 1st; she dau. A. S. Ashley
1899 27 Dec M Ashley, Wells O. of Sullivan twp. and Miss Mary Wilson of Mansfield m. Wellsboro Dec 13th by Rev. N. Reynolds
1899 12 Apr D Atherton, Marvin d. Wellsboro, age 47, throat cancer (no date)
1899 1 Nov M Atwater, Charles of Elmira, Ny., and Miss Lena Cahill of Millerton m. at Corning, Ny., Oct 23rd
1899 19 Jul M Austin, Aaron of Sullivan twp. and Mrs. Mary A. Ross of Columbia X-roads m. Jul 1st at Troy, Pa.
1899 17 May M Austin, Martha of Wellsboro and Walter Valsing of Delmar twp. to be m.; she dau. R. R. Austin
1899 11 & 18 Oct D Avery, Albert H. d. Keuka Lake "Mon.", oct 9th, heart ailment, b. Salsbury Centre, Herkimer Co., Ny. Jul 29th 1835, m. Charleston twp., Tioga co., Pa. (no date) Miss Emma Pratt, moved to Mansfield 1873, she d. 1887 leaving 1 son Wyllep R. Avery; he m. 2nd Jun 17th 1890 Miss Jeanie E. Farrer; buried E. Charleston.
1899 9 Aug D Avery, Charles died in Elkland (wood alcohol?) within 24 hours of Hallis Whitton, Frank Johnson, and James Clooney
1899 20 Dec M Ayers, Luch B. and Hosea W. Jaroleman to be m. Rutland twp. Dec 28th
1899 20 Sep B Bache son to William, Jr., of Wellsboro "last Week"
1899 1 Feb D Bacon infant son of Dr. and Mrs. John B. of Fort Grant, Ariz., d. in Elmira, Ny., at maternal grandparents (no date)
1899 20 Sep B Bailey son to Dwight of Charleston Sep 6th
1899 11 Oct M Bailey, Miss Agnes and Hugh Fanning, both of Wetona, m. Mansfield Sep 29th
1899 11 Oct M Bailey, Miss Charlotte L. and Ananias Richmond m. at B. R. Bailey's in Mansfield "today" by Rev. Rosengrant
1899 8 Mar M Bailey, Miss Lila A. of Mansfield and Jacob Miller of Tioga m. Elmira, Ny., Feb 16th by Rev. Henry; she dau. Mrs. Clara B. of Mansfield
1899 27 Dec M Bailey, Wright and Miss Addie Munch m. "last Sat." by Rev. L. Gates at groom's home (Mansfield?)
1899 27 Dec M Baird, Lee of Hornellsville, Ny. and Miss Edna Sweet m. "Christmas"; she dau. William Sweet (of Mansfield?)
1899 27 Dec M Baity, Ralph of Canoe Camp and Miss Effie Mahon of Mansfield m. "a few days since"
1899 29 Mar B Baker son to Ray of Nelson (no date)
1899 6 Dec B Baker dau. to Charles, Jr., of Westfield (no date)
1899 22 Nov B Baker  dau. to Joseph of Tioga (no date)
1899 1 Feb D Baker, Abraham d. Pine City, Ny. (no date) formerly of Millerton
1899 1 Nov M Baker, Frederick M. of Thompson and Miss Elizabeth Heermans of Jackson Summitt m. Oct 15th her home
1899 20 Dec M Baker, Miss _____ of Middlebury and Noah Gilbert of Mainesburg to be m. "Christmas Day" at his home
1899 6 Dec M Baker, Miss Anna E. of Tioga and George M. Stevens, same, m. her aunt's Tioga (Miss Laura Hathaway) Nov 29th by Rev. C. Crowl
1899 5 Jul M Baker, Miss Jessie Vioal and J. Willis Palmer of Westfield m. (no date)
1899 4 Jan M Baker, Miss Mildred E. of Greenwood, Ny., and Rev. Clarence E. Sutton (formerly of Covington), m. Jasper, Ny., Dec 20th
1899 22 Feb D Baker, Mrs. Abraham formerly of Millerton, d. at Pine City, Ny., Feb 14th
1899 1 Mar D Baker, Mrs. Edward d. Charleston (no date), age 24, consumption
1899 29 Nov M Baker, William T. of Mansfield and Miss Belle Drysdale of Arnot m. Lawrenceville "last Sat.", he son Charles B. of Mansfield
1899 8 Nov B Baldwin son to Chas. T. of Mansfield Nov 3rd
1899 25 Jan D Baldwin, Mrs. Moses d. Lawrenceville "last Sat.", left 3 sons: Dr. Grant Baldwin of Brooklyn, Daniel B. Esq. of Westfield, and Moses of Lawrenceville; 3 daus: Dr. Kate and Miss Mary B. of Philadelphia, Miss Lucy, at home
1899 28 Jun B Ballard son to Francis L. of Troy Jun 19th
1899 12 Jul D Ballard, Earl d. Sayre in train accident (no date) son of R. A. Ballard of Lawrenceville, left 1 son at Sayre and 1 bro. Robert at Lawrenceville
1899 18 Oct D Bardwell, Mrs. Elizabeth Elliott d. Mansfield Oct 10th, age 95yrs., 17 das, left 2 daus. Mrs. Eli Jelliff, mansfield and Mrs. Charles Pettis of Windham (Bradford co.) and 4 sons: Theodore of Mansfield, Hiram, Oscar, and Alfred; buried in Mansfield
1899 27 Dec M Barkwell, John and Miss Mertie Bullard m. "today" by Rev. G. Hull; she dau. Leroy B. of Mansfield
1899 15 Mar D Barnes, Mrs. Sarah F. d. Mansfield "today", nee Sarah Frazer, m. Jan 22nd 1843 Jared Barnes who d. Feb 14th 1865, had 8 children, left: George A., Jared F., of Trout Run; Miles J. of Lambs Creek; Nellie of Mansfield; Orange P. of Leavenworth, Kan.
1899 26 Jul D Barrett, Lewis d. "last Thur." at his dau's near Trowbridge (Mrs Henry P. Friends), typhoid, former res. Hollow Road, Richmond twp., buried Alder Run Cem.
1899 22 Feb D Barrett, mrs. Lewis (Mary A.) of Richmond twp. d. at her dau's (Mrs. Henry Friends), Trowbridge, Feb 10th, b. Feb 11th 1845 nee Landon, buried Alder Run Cem.
1899 18 Oct D Bates, Jesse C. d. Stokesdale (no date), age about 19, anthrax
1899 16 Aug & 30 Aug M Bates, John P. of Mansfield and Miss Sadie Irene Long of Catawissa, Pa., m. Williamsport Aug 22nd by Rev. E. Riley
1899 6 Dec M Beard, Miss Jennie of Blossburg and F. E. Cullough of Galeton m. Lawrenceville "last Sat.
1899 1 Feb D Beardsley, Jacob of Troy twp. d. (no date), age 66, grippe
1899 12 Apr D Beardsley, James of Richmond twp. d. Danville, Pa. (no date), bro. of Mrs. Seth Tremaine of Westfield
1899 4 Jan M Beaver, Cornelius and Miss Lena Plumley, m. Delmar twp. "recently"
1899 15 Nov M Beers, Miss Katherine E. and Rev. Everett A. Anderson m. her home, Tioga, Nov 8th; she dau. Judson Beers
1899 8 Feb D Bellows, Dr. Ira W.  of Deerfield d. formerly of Knoxville (no date)
1899 8 Nov M Bellows, Ernest Richard of Blossburg and Miss Harriett Agnes Curtis of Mansfield m. "Mon." at Lawrenceville; she dau. Reuben Curtis of Mansfield
1899 18 Oct D Benedict, Mrs. E. D.  (nee Ellen Hulslander) d. near Austinville Sep 28th, age 57 yrs., left 3 bros. E. S. Hulslander, Austinville; C. B. of Sylvania, W. S.., Scranton; 4 sis. Mrs. D. P. Benedict, East Charleston; Mrs. L. H. Ferguson of Liberty; Mrs. G. E. Robbins, Mainesburg and Mrs. A. D. Colegrove of New York City; had 2 children d. young.
1899 30 Aug M Benedict, R. C. of New York City and Miss Ada Hughes of Blossburg m. her home (no date); she dau. Mrs. Jonah Hughes
1899 21 Jun B Benson  dau. to Bert of Roseville (no date)
1899 13 Sep D Benson, Bert S. d. Roseville Aug 17th, left wife nee Leafy Kennedy and 1 infant dau., also 1 sis.
1899 14 Jun   Benson, Mrs. Roxana  of Roseville was 85 on Jun 12th (b. 1814) (children not named) but Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lamb and Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Miller all of Mansfield attended.
1899 1 Nov D Bentley, Mrs. Sarah Sarles d. Mansfield "last Fri. ". Age 74 yrs., 11 mos., 8 das., paralysis, m. May 23rd 1849 W. W. Bentley, had 7 children, 5 left: Eugene N., G. W., Mrs. E. M. Cass and Mrs. Richard Longbothum and Mrs. Charles Luckey of Troy, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 22 Nov M Bernauer, Flora and Charles Brown "are a newly m. Marshfield couple"
1899 5 Jul M Bernauer, M. J. of Cammal, Pa. and Miss Carrie Stillman formerly of Coudersport m. Wellsboro "last week Mon." by Rev. O. Hills
1899 13 Sep M Birmingham, T. J. of Morris and Miss Lizzie Lynch of Arnot to be m. at Arnot Sep 20th
1899 19 & 26 Jul D Birriolo, Mrs. Isaac (Grace) d. Blossburg "Mon.", age about 50, burned
1899 18 Oct M Bishop, Miss Cora M. of Sylvania and Charles Everett of Armenia m. Elmira, Sep 22nd by Rev. W. Henry
1899 4 Jan M Bishop, Robert H. of Elmira, Ny., and Miss Mabelle French m. last Wed. (at Mansfield?)
1899 22 Mar D Bixby, Miss Diana d. Sylvania "last Tue.", age about 70, half-sister of Mrs. Rogers and cousin of Mrs. Manson Gillett and John Bixby of Mansfield and cousin of Mrs. Clark Bailey of Elkland
1899 27 Sep M Bixby, Olen T. of Sylvania and Miss Mae McConnell of Sullivan twp., m. Elmira Heights, Ny., Sep 13th by Rev. C. Ferguson
1899 8 Nov M Bixby, Olin of Armenia and Miss Mae McCormack of Mainesburg m. "recently" in Elmira, Ny
1899 12 Jul D Black, William J. d. Blossburg last Wed., age 17yrs., 11 mos., 23 das.
1899 5 Jul B Blair dau. to James of Covington (no date)
1899 8 Mar D Blair, James d. Corning, Ny. "last Fri.", age 81, left 5 children incl. Henry H. of Wellsboro, buried at Covington, his former home, bee at Corning 14 years.
1899 8 Nov M Blair, Miss Kate of Landrus and Roy Higgins of Watkins m. at Wellsboro "last Wed."
1899 12 Jul D Blair, Mrs. Ellen d. Landrus, Jul 2nd, widow of Walter, mother of Matthew, James and Walter
1899 1 Feb M Bliss, Lyman, Jr. of Nelson and Miss Mary Howard of Presho, Ny., m "recently"
1899 13 Dec D Blood, Mrs. Hanna d. Troy (no date) age in 73rd yr., mother of H. L. Blood of Roseville and another son in Troy
1899 18 Oct D Bodine, Mrs. Angeline d. Elkland Oct 11th
1899 12 Apr B Bonham dau. to George of Osceola (no date)
1899 31 May M Boom, William and Della Knowles of Knoxville m. "last week" at Troupsburg, Ny
1899 21 Jun M Bostwick, Miss Addie Gertrude and Harry J. Miller m. Jun 20th at tioga home of Thomas Middaugh (her uncle) by Rev. McCormack
1899 12 Jul D Bottom, Dr. A. L. d. Westfield (no date)
1899 25 Oct D Bowen, Mrs. Brainard (nee Harriett Birchard) d. Troy Oct 14th, age 58, nervous prostration, widow
1899 4 Oct M Bowen, Mrs. Jennie and Ernest Nelson, both of Cherry Flats, m. Elmira, Ny., Sep 27th by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 29 Mar M Bowman, Bert and Miss Fannie R. Camp m. at res. Oliver Camp, Lawrenceville Mar 21st by Rev. Hanson
1899 26 Apr M Boxworth, Ford E. of Knoxville and Miss Leah L. Hoyt of Osceola m. Apr 15th at Sayre
1899 2 Aug D Brace, Horace d. Mansfield Jul 28th in 83rd yr., b. Tioga twp. 1817, m. 1845 Rozina Lane of Jackson twp., she d. 1878, had 4 children, 1 left - Mrs. George Davis, Gaines, 3 dead: Dr. A. E. Brace, Lawrenceville; Orearthur Brace and Mrs. Acena Bryant; also 3 bros. William, Nelson, and Oscar; 3 sis. Mrs. Wm. Goodwin, Pine City, Ny.; Mrs. D. C. Kingsley, Mill Creek; Mrs. J. B. Lowry, Lycoming co.; buried Lawrence Corners Cem.
1899 22 Feb M Brace, Miss Bertha of Painter Run and George Gould of Rutland twp. m. State Line, Ny., Feb 16th by Rev. J. VanKirk
1899 7 Jun D Bradway, Noah d. Richmond twp. Jun 3rd, age 77 yrs., 1 mo., 16 das., b. Griggsville, Livingston co., Ny. Apr 18th 1822, m. Apr 5th 1871 Tryphens Webster of Sullivan twp., ha 1 son William D. of Mansfield.
1899 25 Jan D Breon, E. C. d. Troy last week Tue., age 25, diphtheria
1899 27 Dec M Brewster, William Henry of Watrous and Miss Sarah Jane Hathaway, same, m. in Elmira, Ny. "last week" by Rev. F. Reynolds
1899 8 Nov M Briggs, Miss Jennie and Elmer Goodrich of Lindley, Ny m. Crooked Creek (no date), she dau. Ira Briggs
1899 12 Jul B Brigham dau. to E. D. of Tioga Jul 3rd
1899 4 Jan D Brigham, Miss Sadie d. Tioga Last week, funeral last week "Tue."
1899 26 Jul M Brion, Miss Mary of Liberty and Harry Gruver of Towanda m. "last Wed."
1899 25 Jan D Brooks, Calvin d. Potter Brook, Jan 16th, age 80
1899 4 Jan M Brooks, Hally and Sarah Warriner m. Delmar twp. "recently'
1899 10 May M Brown, Bessie of Lawrenceville and F. J. Loughridge m. May 2nd at Lindley, Ny.
1899 22 Nov M Brown, Charles and Flora Bernauer "are a newly m. Marshfield couple"
1899 15 Nov M Brown, Joseph  and Miss Ida Cady of Liberty, m. at Olean by Justice Cobb (no date)
1899 25 Jan M Brown, Miss Ella and Oscar VanDyke of East Canton to be m. "today"
1899 8 Mar D Brundage, Rose d. Hornellsville, Ny. "last Thur.", suicide; former res. Tioga and Wellsboro
1899 12 Jul M Bryant, George W. and Miss Nora Nichols, both of Millerton, m. in Elmira, Ny. (no date)
1899 22 Nov B Buck  son to C. H. of Wellsboro (no date)
1899 15 Nov M Buckley, Charles of Osceola and Mrs. Cordelia Davis of Southport m. "last Thur." by Rev. N. Reynolds at home of bride's dau.
1899 27 Dec D Buckley, Ira d. Westfield "last Fri.", suicide, bor of G. H.
1899 5 Jul D Bull, Anna Louise d. Mansfield "Mon." cholera infantum, infant dau. of Albert
1899 27 Dec M Bull, Lucy Aleta and Frank H. Pierce m. "Christmas" by Rev. S. Derby; she dau. Albert Bull of Mansfield
1899 22 Mar M Bull, Miss Edith of Mansfield and Charles Williams of Galeton m. her home "Mon." by Rev. Gates; she dau. late S. W. Bull and granddau. Of U. S. Snover
1899 11 Oct M Bull, Miss Gertrude of Mansfield and Louis Thurston m. Elmira, Ny., Oct 5th by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 20 Dec B Bullard son to L. G. and Edna Adams Bullard of Sunbury, b. at Espy, Pa. (no date)
1899 27 Dec M Bullard, Miss Mertie and John Barkwell m. "today" by Rev. G. Hull; she dau. Leroy B. of Mansfield
1899 12 Apr M Burman, Bert A. of Covert and Miss Effie A. Sherman m. (no date); she MSNS '96
1899 22 Feb D Burnside, Leon d. Covington twp. "Sun.", age about 2 mos., son of Elmer
1899 15 Nov D Burr, Mrs. J. D. d. "last Wed.", at Williamsport, operation, buried Blossburg, her home, left 2 daus.
1899 5 Apr B Burton son to Edward of Mansfield Apr 1st
1899 13 Dec M Bush, Maud and Preston King m. (no date), she had been teaching in Westfield twp.
1899 29 Nov D Butler, Arthur d. Knoxville, age 2, measles, son of P. H. Butler
1899 8 Feb M Butler, Lottie of Little Marsh and Lewis Hoadley of Ansonia m. (no date)
1899 1 Feb D Butler, Mary d. Troy, age 32, dau. of John, consumption.
1899 12 Apr B Cadogan son to F. H. of Elkland (no date)
1899 15 Nov M Cady, Miss Ida of Liberty and Joseph Brown m. at Olean by Justice Cobb (no date)
1899 1 Nov M Cahill, Miss Lena of Millerton and Charles Atwater of Elmira,Ny., m. at Corning, Ny., Oct 23rd.
1899 29 Mar M Camp, Miss Fannie R. and Bert Bowman m. at res. Oliver Camp, Lawrenceville Mar 21st by Rev. Hanson
1899 25 Oct B Campbell  son to G. A. of Troy Oct 8th
1899 11 Oct D Campbell, Byron C. d. Columbia X-roads (no date) age 6, son of Byron
1899 29 Mar M Campbell, Miss Ida of Shippen twp. and William Robinson of Mansfield m. "last Sun." at Lindley, Ny.
1899 5 Jul M Canedy, Mrs. Kate of Troy (age 55) and Obadiah Smith of Sylvania (age 83) m. his home Jul 29th by Rev. W. Burrell
1899 23 Aug M Capell, Miss Frances and Mr. W. A. McCausland, both of Mansfield, m. "today" her home by Rev. L. Gates
1899 31 May D Capell, Mrs. Adaline C. d. "Mon." at Mansfield, dropsy, b. Merricksville, Canada, Jun 28th 1843, m. late Charles I. Capell at age 15, left 3 children; Mrs. Geiorge Allen, Rochester, Mr. William H. and Miss Frances Capell of Mansfield; also bro. Rufus Shailer of Mansfield, buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield.
1899 15 Feb D Card, Mrs. Hannah of Sylvania d. Williamsport, age 66, result of operation (no date)
1899 20 Sep D Carleson, L. S. of Bear Creek d. (no date), cancer

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