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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1899 26 Apr D Carman, William of Judson Hill, d. in wagon accident (no date) age 50, left 3 children
1899 16 Aug M Carpenter, Hugh B. and Miss Caroline Faulkner to be m. Aug 24th; she dau. John Faulkner of Waverly, Ny.
1899 18 Oct M Carpenter, Miss Ida and Tracy Allen m. Troy Oct 11th by H. A. Case, Esq.
1899 8 Nov D Carr, Elbern of Brookfield d. Oct 25th, had been m. 3 mos. To Anna Gee, "his father d. only a few mos. Since"
1899 25 Jan M Case, Arthur A. and Miss Nellie V. Winston of Troy m her home "last Sat."
1899 15 Feb M Case, D. Walter and Miss Laura C. Loomis, both of Troy, m. Pine City, Ny. (no date)
1899 1 Feb D Case, William H. d. Sallis, Miss. Age 50 yrs., 8 mos., abcess of spine, son of Jared Case of Troy, Pa.
1899 1 Feb D Catlin, Mrs. Joel d. Charleston twp. (no date), age 83, nee Hill, b. in Tioga
1899 29 Mar D Chamberlain, Mrs. Addison d. Sullivan twp. "last Sun.", age about 26, funeral State Road Ch., 2 children
1899 9 Aug D Champaign, Peter d. Elk twp. (no date), age 64, father of ex-sheriff W. H. Champaign and 2 other sons
1899 1 Mar M Charles, Miss Florence Almarene of Elmira, Ny., and Hiram Graves Satterlee, formerly of Mansfield m. Elmira Feb 22nd by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 27 Dec D Chase child of Lewis of Landrus d. (no date)
1899 5 Jul M Cilley, Miss Mina Rae and Earl J. Peters, both of Osceola, m. "last Wed." her home; she dau. H. Q. Cilley
1899 4 Jan B Clark son to George E. of Lambs Creek b. on "New Year"
1899 5 Apr B Clark dau. to Wylie of Newark, Nj. (no date)
1899 13 Dec B Clark dau. to J. Miller Clark "this morning" (Mansfield?)
1899 31 May M Clark, Howard B. of Addison, Ny. and Miss Clara H. Kimball of Osceola to be m. Jun 28th at Osceola
1899 28 Jun & 5 Jul M Clark, Howard Beach and Miss Clara Harlowe Kimball to be m. "tomorrow" at Osceola. Will reside at Addison, Ny., she dau. L. L. Kimball, he son (probably) of M. L. Clark of Mansfield
1899 23 Aug D Clark, James d. Lambs Creek "Thur. last", age 53, consumption, buried Charleston Cem., left 7 children, wife d. 2 yrs. ago
1899 25 Jan D Clark, Miss Eva d. Chatham twp. (no date), fell from wagon
1899 12 Apr M Clark, Miss Gertrude B. and Horace M. Hager, both of Sullivan twp. m. at Pine City, Ny., Mar 29th by Rev. T. Huff
1899 29 Nov M Clark, Mrs. Belle of Academy Corners and Rev. T. C. Frame of Knosville m. (no date)
1899 5 Apr D Clark, Mrs. Jason funeral "Sun." Sullivan twp. of Armenia
1899 22 Feb D Clark, Mrs. P. L. d. Blossburg (no date), buried glass factory cem. Covington; former res. Covington
1899 4 Oct D Clarkson, Mrs. Phoebe d. Elmira, Ny (no date) age 72, mother of Mrs. Robert McCann of Elkland
1899 16 Aug D Clemons, George d. Mardin Aug 10th, buried Dartt Settlement Cem.
1899 22 Feb D Clemons, William d. Copp Hollow "last Sat.", age 53 yrs., 10mos., 14., buried Gray Cem., Covington, a life long res., left 1 dau. S. Edna, 2 sons, Edward and Ray, also 6 bros: Holland, David, Nelson, George, Covington twp.; Thomas and Low, Blossburg; 1 sis, Sarah Clark, North Dakota
1899 8 Mar M Cleveland, Miss Cora and Albert B. Smith m. "last Wed." at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates; she dau. late Malon Cleveland
1899 20 Sep D Cleveland, Mrs. William d. "last Thur." Mardin, paralysis, had resided at West Covington, left 3 daus. And 1 son, buried Schodac Cem.
1899 9 Aug D Clooney, James died in Elkland (wood alcohol?) within 24 hours of Charles Avery, Hallis Whitton, and Frank Johnson
1899 30 Aug M Coates, William formerly of Elkland and Miss Olga McGory of Nelson m. (no date)
1899 4 Jan B Coats son to Lynn of Elkland Dec 26 1898
1899 9 Aug M Cochran, Mrs. Mary and John Sharp, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny., "last Thur."
1899 20 Dec D Coe, George d. Covington "last Sat.", age 60, asthma, left 1 son.
1899 30 Aug M Cole, Cora of Elkland and Adelbert Simons m. Aug 12th
1899 15 Feb D Cole, John d. Antrim (no date) been there 20 yrs.
1899 18 Oct D Cole, Mrs. Aaron d. Lindley, Ny., age 83
1899 11 Oct D Cole, Mrs. Eugene (Elizabeth) d. "today" Mansfield, age 40, consumption, left dau. Mamie and 2 sosn Harry and Thomas, buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1899 8 Mar M Colegrove, George of Wellsboro and Mrs. Carrie Tubbs of Westfield m. at Troupsburg, Ny., Feb 22nd
1899 9 Aug M Coleman, A. L. and Miss Eva Richards m. Jul 19th at Waterville, Wash.; she dau. late William Richards of Blossburg
1899 8 Nov M Colestock, Rev. Henry T. of Madison, Wis. (formerly of Crooked Creek) and Miss Emma Kunkle of Williamsport m. her home Nov 2nd
1899 5 Jul D Colony, George d. near Mitchell's Creek "yest.", hit by train
1899 17 May D Colvin, Mrs. B. F. d. Osceola "last Fri.", age 60, heart ailment
1899 22 Nov M Comstock, Miss and A. B. Ashley of Sullivan twp. m. "today" her home in Nauvoo by Rev. J. James
1899 29 Mar D Congdon, Nellie d,. Brainard, Minn. Mar 6th, age 7, dau. C. H. formerly of Nelson
1899 24 May D Conley, Mr. d. (no date) funeral at Keeneyville "Sat."
1899 9 Aug B Connelly son to Walter of Sullivan twp. Jul 22nd
1899 22 Nov M Connelly, Miss Carrie of Mainesburg and Ralph C. Fox of Mansfield m. "yest." her home by Rev. J. James; she dau. Benj. F. and sis of Mrs. D. D. Welch
1899 15 Mar D Conway, Thomas d. Wellsboro Mar 7th, age 68, pneumonia, been there 50 yrs., a bachelor
1899 5 Jul D Cook, Mrs. Emma Och d. Corning, Ny. "recently", age 35, formerly of Wellsboro
1899 26 Apr D Cook, Mrs. Kittie Bartlett d. "in March" at Newark, (Nj?) in 41st yr., dau. of Henry B., formerly of Mansfield, wife of Louis E. Cook, 5 children
1899 8 Nov B Cooley  dau. to Clarence of Richmond twp. Nov 6th
1899 20 Sep D Cooley, Mrs. Adaline d. Mitchells Cree, age about 74
1899 16 Aug B Coons son to George of Richmond twp. Aug 10th
1899 1 Mar D Coons, Mrs. Ida Soper funeral at Roseville "Thur.", d. Feb 21st Rutland twp., consumption, wife of Ira Coons, dau. H. P. Soper, just m. last Sept., buried Roseville, had 2 sis. (one Mrs. Whispell of Ralston) and 1 bro.
1899 12 Apr D Copley, Mrs. Sarah d. Jackson Summit (no date), age 65
1899 12 Apr M Copley, William of Mardin m. _____ _____ from Tioga (no date)
1899 12 Apr D Copp infant of Clinton d. Covington, pneumonia (no date)
1899 23 Aug M Copp, Miss Bessie of Covington and Raymond Lovell of Mansfield m. at Lindley, Ny., Aug 17th
1899 15 Feb B Corlett son to Rev. and Mrs. Frank C. of E. Lawrence (no date)
1899 20 Sep D Cornelius infant son of G. S. of Elkland
1899 7 Jun M Cornell, Henry of Sylvania and Mrs. Carrie Shaw of Mansfield m. "Mon" at her home
1899 27 Dec B Cornwell son to Geo. M. and Ella Holley Cornwell of Corning, Ny. "recently"
1899 12 Jul D Corwin, Noah d. near Millerton, age about 83 (no date)
1899 4 Jan M Courtney, Miss Alice and Hugh Merritt, both of Sylvania, m. "recently"; she dau. William C.
1899 29 Mar M Coveney, Harry of Richmond twp. and Miss Carrie Macintosh of West Covington m. Mar 22nd by Rev. L. Reynolds
1899 3 May M Coveney, Miss Anna of Mansfield and Lewis Nares m. "a few das. Since"
1899 22 Mar M Cox, Homer F. of Scranton and Miss Addie E. Pollock of Antrim, m. "Today"; he grandson of Gen. R. C. Cox
1899 1 Feb D Crandall, Mrs. Martha Barker d. St. Paul, Minn., Jan 21st, sis. Of Mrs. H. G. Short of Knoxville
1899 29 Nov B Creeley dau. to William of Tioga "last Wed."
1899 13 Dec D Crippen, Mrs. Susan P. of Lawrence Corners, d. Dec 9th, age 67, wife of George, 5 children by 1st husband Percy Robert (who d. Civil War), buried Hope Cem., Mansfield; her children: Mrs C. P. Maxwell, Gaines; Mrs. S. O. Barden, Mansfield; E. B. Robert, Mainesburg; Mrs. S. C. Ketchin, Leroy, Pa.; J. P. Robert, New York City; also left 1 sis. and 1 bro.
1899 17 May B Crumb dau to Levi of Richmond twp. May 11th
1899 5 Apr D Cruttenden, Harry d. "last Sat.", age 8, buried at Mansfield, son of N. L., Lambs Creek
1899 20 & 27 Sep M Cruttenden, Miss Alice G. and George Gordon Derby of Meadville m. Wellsboro Sep 9th; she dau. of Spencer Cruttenden, formerly of Mansfield
1899 6 Dec M Cullough, F. E. of Galeton and Miss Jennie Beard of Blossburg m. Lawrenceville "last Sat."
1899 1 Mar D Culver, Miss Ann d. Barberton, Ohio, "last Thur.", age 89, funeral and burial Mansfield, her former home.
1899 20 Dec D Cummings, James d. "last Sat." at his cousin's in Cowanesque (Wallace Cummings) age 52, a Wellsboro resident, 1 dau.
1899 5 Jul M Curley, William A. of Concord Junction, Mass. and Miss Rhonda Patterson of Maple Hill, Pa., m. Jun 19th
1899 8 Nov M Curtis, Miss Harriett Agnes of Mansfield and Ernest Richard Bellows of Blossburg m. "Mon." at Lawrenceville; she dau. Reuben Curtis of Mansfield
1899 15 Feb M Cushing, Miss Jennie and Alvah Miller, both of Tioga, m. Wellsboro Feb 8th by Father Manley
1899 10 May B Dailey dau. to James, Jr. of Elkland May 1st
1899 20 Sep B Dallman son to Walter H. of Elmira, Sep 7th
1899 27 Dec M Dallman, Harry O. and Miss Martha Emeline Davey m. Elmira, Ny., "last Thur." by Rev. F. Reynolds; he son Thos. Dallman, formerly of Mansfield
1899 10 May B Daniels son to Frank of Lawrenceville (no date)
1899 9 Aug D Daniels, Henry F. d. Deerfield twp. (no date), age 82
1899 1 Nov D Daniels, Wells d. Bath, Ny., Oct 23rd at Soldiers Home, former res. Wellsboro, 1 son F. W.
1899 30 Aug M Dann, Miss Effie and Nathan Herman, both of Ogdensburg, m. at Lindley, Ny., Aug 16th
1899 22 Feb M Dann, Miss Maggie Eleanor and Carlton Slingerland m. "last Sep.", party held Feb 15th at her parents (B. L. Dann) in Sylvania
1899 8 Nov D Dann, Mrs. Hattie d. "last Sat." Mansfield, b. Apr 24th 1872 to Alonzo Sprague of Wellsboro, m. Sep 6th 1889 Reuben E. Dann, had 4 children: Fay (7), Orange (5), Roland (3) and Jeraldine (15 mos), also 4 sis. And 1 bro.; Mrs. T. B. Lundy and Miss Kittie Sprague, Williamsport, Mrs. Job Hart, Harrisburg, Mrs. Adelbert Benson and William Sprague of Brooklyn, Ny. : buried Oakwood Cem. Mansfield
1899 28 Jun D Dann, Orrin M. d. Mansfield "today" on his 62nd birthday, Bright's disease & tumor, a native of Rutland twp., left 6 sons; Reuben W., Meade, Ralph, Fred, Thomas, and James of Sylvania and 1 sis. Mrs. Mary A. Westgate of Garden City, Kan.
1899 20 Dec B Darling  son to Dr. A. L. of Lawrenceville "last week"
1899 23 Aug D Darling, Joseph of Shippen twp. d. at Ansonia "last Sat.", railroad accident
1899 22 Feb B Davenport baby to Charles of Farmington "the other day"
1899 27 Dec M Davey, Miss Martha Emeline and Harry O. Dallman m. Elmira, Ny., "last Thur." by Rev. F. Reynolds; he son Thos. Dallman, formerly of Mansfield
1899 18 Oct D Davies, Dr. John d. Antioch, Wis., age 81, former pastor at Blossburg 1849-54, m. Miss Anna Edwards (sis. Of Mrs. Elizabeth Farrer of Mansfield) had 6 children, 3 left.
1899 12 Apr D Davis, David J. d. Cherry Flats, age 58 (no date)
1899 18 Oct D Davis, Edward W. d. 2 miles west of Mansfield Oct 12th, typhoid, son of Mrs. Plinn Davis, had 1 bro, 2 sis, and a finace
1899 20 Sep M Davis, Miss May of Delmar twp. and John W. Spence of Duncan twp. m. her home Sep 6th
1899 25 Jan M Davis, Miss Rosie and D. Tarshes m. Blossburg (no date) by Rabbi Pellman; she dau. D. Davis
1899 15 Nov M Davis, Mrs. Cordelia of Southport and Charles Buckley of Osceola m. "last Thur." by Rev. N. Reynolds at home of bride's dau.
1899 15 Nov M Davitte, Edwin of Dundee, Ny. and Miss Anna Nickerson of Wellsboro to be m. "this week" her home; she dau. H. H.
1899 18 Jan D Day, Abraham of East Chatham d. there "last week Sun.", grippe
1899 22 Mar M Day, Miss Hattie and Hosea Wolfrom, both of Corning, m. her home Mar 18th; she dau. Charles Day
1899 1 Feb D Day, Mrs. T. T. (Jennie) d. Chatham twp. (no date) 
1899 26 Apr D Decker infant son of Clyde buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga (no date)
1899 14 Jun M Decker, Miss Eva of Lawrenceville and William E. Lloyd of Buffalo, Ny., m. "last Thur." at Buffalo
1899 1 Nov D Decker, Mrs. Emranda d. Tioga Oct 19th, age 62 yrs., 2 mos., 27 das.
1899 10 May M Deming, Miss Elizabeth  of New Haven, Conn and Dr. Frederick Lynch "well-known in this locality", m.
1899 29 Nov D Denmark, William former Blossburg resident d. "early last week" in Texas, railroad accident
1899 20 Dec   Depue, Mrs. Margaret age 102 visited her dau. Mrs. Peter Wilkes in Mansfield, she lives in Landrus, but formerly resided Watkins, Ny.
1899 20 & 27 Sep M Derby, George Gordon of Meadville and Miss Alice G. Cruttenden m. Wellsboro Sep 9th; she dau. of Spencer Cruttenden, formerly of Mansfield
1899 15 Feb D Dewey, James d. Canoe Camp Creek "yest.", age 71 yrs., 11 mos., former res. State Road, left: Elmer; Mrs. John Kelley of Mansfield; Mrs. Floyd Phelps, Covington; Mrs. W. E. Whiting, Kanona, Ny.; also 2 bros. Addison Dewey of Sullivan twp. and henry of Wellsburg, Ny.
1899 26 Jul B Dickinson son to Asa of Farmington twp. (no date)
1899 4 Oct D Dickinson, John H. d. near Altoona "last Wed.", age 24, son of Arnold, Wellsboro, railroad accident
1899 1 Nov   Dickinson, Mrs. Rebekah of Tioga was 77 on Oct 21st (b. 1822)
1899 13 Dec B Doane son b. "Thanksgiving Day" to Joseph Doane of Osceola
1899 9 Aug D Dodge, Mrs. Sarah Ann d. Sullivan twp. Jun 25th, age 77 yrs., 10 mos., 29 das., wife of Lorain Dodge, mother of T. E. Rexford, Caledonia, Pa.; H. E. Rexford, Sullivan twp.; and Mrs. M. B. Whitlock of Ridgefield, Conn.
1899 31 May B Dolbeard twins (1 each) to Dr. Frederick L. and Emily M. Sandbach D. of Brooklyn, Ny.; she former res. of Wellsboro and MSNS '89
1899 15 Nov M Donahue, Mr. of Tioga and Mrs. Bartholomew Hyde of Blossburg m. (no date)
1899 14 Jun M Donaldson, Dr. John W. and Miss Augusta Mills, both of Williamsport, m. at Wellsboro "last week"
1899 30 Aug B Dorsett son to Edward of Lambs Creek Aug 24th
1899 10 May B Doud son to B. F. of Covington (no date)
1899 4 Oct B Doud dau. to P. R. of E. Lawrence (no date)
1899 4 Oct B Douglass dau. to Wm. Of Charleston Sep 29th
1899 12 Apr D Doumaux infant son of Louis d. (no date) from spinal meningitis, age 14 mos., Wellsboro (?)
1899 27 Sep M Drake, Miss Maud O. and Claud E. Toles m. Sep 20th by Rev. Henry (Elmira?), she dau. Dr. E. G. Drake, formerly of Mansfield
1899 29 Nov M Drysdale, Miss Belle of Arnot and William T. Baker of Mansfield m. Lawrenceville "last Sat.", he son Charles B. of Mansfield
1899 29 Nov D Dwyer son of John S. of Syracuse, Ny., d. (no date) recently gone there from Fall Brook, age 17
1899 12 Apr B Earley  dau. to Charles of Mansfield Apr 11th
1899 22 Mar D Earley, Jay M. d. Gray's Valley "last Thur.", grippe, infant son of Lester M.
1899 28 Jun M Eaton, Charles of Nelson and Susie M. Shoemaker of Lawrencefille m. Jun 15th at Corning, Ny.
1899 15 Nov M Eaton, William and Miss Stella Lindley m. "today" at Lawrenceville
1899 27 Sep & 11 Oct D Edgcomb, Joseph O. d. Galeton "last week Tue.", appendix, had resided in Tioga, buried West Hill Cem. Galeton
1899 8 Nov   Edgerton, Bradford of Sullivan twp. was 78 on Nov 4th, attending was his sister Mrs. O. Larrison of Caton, father of Merritt Edgerton.
1899 13 Dec D Egan, Mrs. James d. Blossburg "last Wed.", age 33, left 6 children, dau. of Edward McCabe of Union twp.
1899 25 Jan B Elliott dau. to Arthur H. at Philadelphia Jan 12th
1899 13 Dec D Elliott, Col. Nathanier A. d. Mansfield "last Fri.", b. Covington twp. Jan 17th 1818 to Levi Elliott, m. Sep 10th 1838 Anna Myra Hart, dau. of Ludwig Hart (she d. Apr 3rd 1843), m. 2nd Oct 10th 1844 Charlotte E. Harkness, dau. of Joel and Elmira Harkness; Children - 1 son by 1st wife, Mortimer F. Elliott of New York City; by 2nd wife: Francis, Edward A., Henry A., deceased, Dr. George Frederick of Mansfield, Mrs. Fannie E. (T. O.) Whitnoll of Syracuse; buried Cherry Flats.
1899 8 & 15 Feb D Elliott, Judge Victor A. d. Denver, Co. Feb 5th, cerebral hemorrhage, age 59, res. of Denver, Co., left 2 sons Willis and Robert and 1 dau. Jessie; a native of Mansfield and bro. of O. V. Elliott of Mansfield and Thomas of Elmira, Ny.
1899 29 Mar D Elliott, Sanford d. Coudersport "thur.", age 8 mos., son of B. A.(grandson of O. V. of Mansfield?)
1899 15 Feb D Elliott, Victor was 4th son of Oliver and Mary Rockwell Elliott, b. 7/23/1839 near Mansfield, they went to Cherry Flats about 1850, m. May 10th 1863 Josephine Gillett of Cherry Flats. J. A. Elliott of Mansfield was a half-brother; buried Denver, Co. Civil War Vet
1899 1 Feb D Ely, Mrs. E. B. of Leona d. at Danville (no date)
1899 29 Nov & 6 Dec M Embrey, Augustus H. of Sylvania and Miss Lina M. Hakes of Upper Lambs Creek m. Nov 22nd at Wellsboro by Rev. A. Shaw
1899 1 Feb D English, Verna d. Wellsboro (no date) infant dau. of Lafayette
1899 7 Jun M Etner, Elizabeth G. and Evan P. Reese, both of Wellsboro, to be m. Jun 14th; she dau. Mrs. John A. Etner
1899 18 Oct M Everett, Charles of Armenia and Miss Cora M. Bishop of Sylvania m. Elmira, Sep 22nd by Rev. W. Henry
1899 11 Oct M Fanning, Hugh and Miss Agnes Bailey, both of Wetona, m. Mansfield Sep 29th
1899 15 Nov D Farr, Barney d. Farmington Hill (no date)
1899 15 Feb   Farrer, Mrs. Elizabeth was 72 "last Sat." party at her dau's Mrs. J. E. Reese (b. 1827)
1899 30 Aug M Faulkner, Edmund of Pipe Line, Pa. and Miss Florence Wood of Pinter Run m. at State Line, Ny., Aug 27th
1899 16 Aug M Faulkner, Miss Caroline and Hugh B. Carpenter to be m. Aug 24th; she dau. John Faulkner of Waverly, Ny.

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