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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 1915 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1899 25 Oct M Ferguson, Miss Cora M. of Elmira and Glen L. Geer m. Oct 19th
1899 22 Feb M Field, Miss Carrie E. and John V. Lewis, both of Delmar, m. "today" at her home
1899 19 Jul D Fillman, Mrs. Perry d. Tuling, Tx., age 58, former res. Elkland
1899 20 Sep B Finkelstein son to L. B. of Wellsboro "last week"
1899 1 Feb D Fisher, Miss Louise d. Wellsboro (no date) age 71
1899 19 Jul B Fletcher dau. to Porter F. of Sullivan twp. (no date)
1899 22 Feb & 1 Mar D Foulkrod, Charles H. d. Feb 12th at home of John Locey in Mardin, body removed to Morris where he had kept a hotel, age 48
1899 22 Nov M Fox, Ralph C. of Mansfield and Miss Carrie Connelly of Mainesburg m. "yest." her home by Rev. J. James; she dau. Benj. F. and sis. Of Mrs. D. D. Welch
1899 8 Nov D Fralic, Daniel L. d. Corning, Ny "last Sat.", heart ailment, b. Lambs Creek Mar 24th 1841 to Michael Fralic, m. Jan 12th 1870 Miss Anna Sherwood, 1 adopted son - Myron; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 29 Nov M Frame, Rev. T. C. of Knoxville and Mrs. Belle Clark of Academy Corners m. (no date)
1899 4 Jan M French, Miss Mabelle and Robert H. Bishop of Elmira, Ny., m. last Wed. (at Mansfield?)
1899 4 Oct B Friends son to S. of E. Lawrence (no date)
1899 15 Mar D Frost, Miss Eunice d. near Canoe Camp "Mon.", age about 60, sis. Of Lewis Frost
1899 15 Feb D Frost, Mrs. Elias d. Dyjkes Mills Mon., age "upwards of 70", pneumonia and heart, left: Samuel, Harvey, Arthur and Mrs. Bert Mudge
1899 11 Oct D Furman, Walter d. "recently" at Sabinsville, age 50, heart
1899 11 Oct B Gates son to Rev. L. Gates at Mansfield Oct 5th
1899 26 Jul M Gee, Miss Cora B. of Lawrenceville and Jacob Waltz of Presho, Ny. m. Elmira, Ny. (no date) by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 25 Oct M Geer, Glen L. and Miss Cora M. Ferguson of Elmira m. Oct 19th
1899 20 Dec M Gilbert, Noah of Mainesburg and Miss ______ Baker of Middlebury to be m. "Christmas Day" at his home
1899 29 Nov M Gillespie, Miss Cora of Marsh Creek and John Kane of Altoona m. Wellsboro "last Tue."
1899 4 Jan M Gillett, Miss Bertha M. of Spencerport, Ny., and Willis L. Hakes of Mansfield m., her home Dec 28th 1898 by Rev. J. Seach; she dau. J. E. Gillett
1899 11 Oct D Gillett, Russell d. Canoe Camp "Mon.", age 80 yrs., 5 das., left 1 son M. E. Gillett and 1 dau. Mrs. William Stratton, also 3 bros. Morris of Alpine, Ny; Nathan of Reniff, Ny; and Dwight of Canoe Camp
1899 16 Aug D Gilmore, Samuel of Morris Run d. Philadelphia "Mon." of typhoid
1899 27 Dec M Gleason, Miss Etta of Osceola and John Sheen, same, to be m. "today"; she dau. Henry G.
1899 30 Aug M Gloeckler, Samuel E. of Liberty and Miss Elva Roupp, same, to be m. Sep 6th, she dau. A. J. Roupp
1899 4 Jan D Glosson, Matilda d. Lawrenceville from heart disease (no date)
1899 2 Aug B Goodall  son to Herbert of Richmond twp. Jul 31st.
1899 2 Aug D Goodall, Henry d. "last Thur." on tracks near Blossburg, age 31, son of Joseph Goodall, deceased; buried Goodall Cem.
1899 8 Nov M Goodrich, Elmer of Liindley, Ny and Miss Jennie Briggs m. Crooked Creek (no date), she dau. Ira Briggs
1899 8 Nov D Goodwin, Albert D. of Westfield, killed in accident at oil pumping station, wife nee Kate Tremain, 3 children by former marriage
1899 7 Jun M Gordon, Miss Nellie and Lewis McKinney, formerly of Mansfield to be m. "tomorrow" at her home Tioga by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1899 25 Oct B Gould son to Allen of Troy Oct 15th
1899 22 Feb M Gould, George of Rutland twp. and Miss Bertha Brace of Painter Run m. State Line, Ny., Feb 16th by Rev. J. VanKirk
1899 26 Apr & 10 May M Graham, Frank of Hadley, Ny., and Miss Edith June Loveless of Tioga twp., m. by Rev. E. Anderson May 4th her home; she dau. C. O. Loveless and MSNS '95
1899 15 Feb   Graves, Josiah  ha 71st birthday (no date) at Covington, thus b. 1828, five children attended
1899 6 Dec M Green, Edward and Miss Lena Ward of Tioga m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 30th
1899 15 Nov M Green, George formerly of Osceola and Miss Magdalena Sheers of New York City, where he now resides
1899 30 Aug M Greene, Maude and Walter Spencer issued a marriage license (Tioga items)
1899 12 Jul M Greer, George  of Denver, Col. And Miss Myrtle J. Stone of Mansfield, m. Jul 1st at Prairie du chene, Wisc.; she faculty member MSNS, will reside in Denver
1899 28 Jun D Gregory, Mrs. Leander of Sylvania d. "last week Mon.", sister of Mrs. Strait of Mansfield.
1899 29 Mar M Grenell, Miss Adelaide B. and Earl Levenworth m. at Lindley, Ny., by Rev. Hanson (no date)
1899 26 Jul D Griffin child of John, Jr., d. Lambs Creek, age about 3, "Sat.", buried Corning, Ny.
1899 22 Feb B Griffiths son to W. C. of Osceola (no date), formerly of Elkland
1899 23 Aug D Grover, Mrs. Lucy McConnell d. Mansfield Aug 18th, b. Sullivan twp. Apr 14th 1853 to Charles McConnell, m. May 30th 1876 Rev. L. L. Grover of Armenia (no children), left 3 bros. William, Samuel, and Allen McConnell
1899 5 Apr D Grover, Viola d. Crooked Creek, age 9, only child of S. Grover (no date)
1899 26 Jul M Gruver, Harry of Towanda and Miss Mary Brion of Liberty m. "last Wed."
1899 11 Oct D Hagar, Mrs. Henry d. Canoe Camp "last Fri." in 73rd yr., heart, 2 sons Afton and Frederick Hagar
1899 12 Apr M Hager, Horace M and Miss Gertrude B. Clark, both of Sullivan twp. m. at Pine City, Ny., Mar 29th by Rev. T. Huff
1899 11 Oct D Hager, Mrs. Eugene d. Sylvania Sep 30th, age 40, cancer
1899 29 Nov & 6 Dec M Hakes, Miss Lina M. of Upper Lambs Creek and Augustus H. Embrey of Sylvania m. Nov 22nd at Wellsboro by Rev. A. Shaw
1899 4 Jan M Hakes, Willis L. of Mansfield and Miss Bertha M. Gillett of Spencerport, Ny., m. her home Dec 28th 1898 by Rev. J. Seach; she dau. J. E. Gillett
1899 20 Sep D Hall infant son of late Mrs. Fay Hall, age 2 wks, at Knoxville
1899 19 Jul B Hall  dau. to Frank of Roseville (no date)
1899 21 Jun M Hall, Miss Bertha T. of Watkins, Ny., and Cleveland Inscho of Mansfield m. Jun 15th at Elmira, Ny.
1899 12 Apr M Hamilton, Miss Leda of Trowbridge and Dr. P. W. Houser of Millerton m. (no date)
1899 29 Nov M Hamm, Miss Emma of Tioga twp. and Clarence A. Keeney of Hammond m. her home Nov 22nd by Rev. J. Warren
1899 5 Jul M Hammond, Frank  of Elkland and Miss Bertha Williams of Marshfield m. (no date)
1899 8 Nov M Hardt, Miss Anna B. and Charles Seaton m. at Washington (no date), formerly of Wellsboro; she dau. Anton Hardt
1899 24 May B Harkness dau. to Dr. H. G. of Mainesburg May 17th
1899 7 Jun D Harrison, Max d. Lawrenceville "Mon" of heart disease, left 2 children and 2 bros.; his father, Theodore H. died 2 mos. Ago.
1899 11 Oct M Harrison, Miss Maud of Lawrenceville and C. J. Howden m. Addison, Ny., Sep 30th
1899 18 Jan B Harvey son to Willard of Mansfield Jan 13th
1899 3 May B Harvey dau. to Porter of Sullivan twp. Apr 27th
1899 26 Apr M Haskins, Maggie and Floyd Welch, both of Westfield., m. Apr 5th at her home
1899 4 Oct B Hastings dau. to Harry and Margaret Watrous H. of Worchester, Mass. (no date), she formerly of Wellsboro
1899 1 Nov M Hathaway, Miss Eva and Max Pettibone m. her home, Tioga, "last Wed." by Rev. E. A. Anderson; she dau. Albert H.
1899 27 Dec M Hathaway, Miss Sadie of Gaines and William Watrous m. Dec 18th at Elmira, Ny (Lambs Creek items) (See Brewster later)
1899 27 Dec M Hathaway, Miss Sarah Jane and William Henry Brewster, both of Watrous m. in Elmira, Ny. "last week" by Rev. F. Reynolds
1899 17 May D Haughenbagh, Joseph d. Sylvania (no date), age about 80, funeral at Covington "today", a former resident, left 2 daus.: Mrs. LeRoy Scouten, Sylvania; Mrs. Flora Cutts, Riverside, Calif.; and sister Mrs. Margaret Gaylord, Kane, Pa.
1899 7 Jun M Haupt, Charles and Miss Louie Raymond, both of Sayre, m. there "Mon." by Rev. E. Rosengrant of Mansfield; bride his cousin.
1899 1 Nov D Havens, Daniel d. "last Thur." Tioga, age 88, blood poisoning
1899 28 Jun M Hawley, B. Frank and Miss Josephine L. Peckham m. at Middlebury Jun 21
1899 18 Jan M Hayward, Sidney m. Jan 1st at J. M. Forst's, Bailey Creek
1899 4 Oct D Hazlett, James, Jr. d. near Altoona "last Wed.", age 27, buried Wellsboro, railroad accident
1899 1 Nov M Heermans, Miss Elizabeth of Jackson Summitt and Frederick M. Baker of Thompson m. Oct 15th her home
1899 5 Apr D Heise, Mrs. Hulday A. d. Delmar twp. "last week", age 88, dau. of John Fellows who settled in Wellsboro 1825 from Canaan, Conn.; she m. 1829
1899 30 Aug M Herman, Nathan and Miss Effie Dann, both of Ogdensburg, m. at Lindley, Ny., Aug 16th
1899 6 Dec B Herrington dau. to George of Tioga twp. (no date)
1899 12 Jul M Herrman(n), William B.  of Covington and Miss Sarah Powell of Blossburg m. Elmira, Ny., Jul 1st by Rev. C. Ferguson
1899 19 Apr M Hertel, William H. of Penn Yan, Ny., and Miss Katharine Messing of Millerton m. (no date)
1899 4 Jan B Hessler son to Rev. Charles of Pineter Run Dec 27 1898
1899 31 May D Heyler, Mrs. Daniel of Liberty d. (no date)
1899 6 Dec B Heysham dau. to John of Osceola Nov 27th
1899 26 Apr D Hickey, Charles  d. Mitchells Creek (no date)
1899 8 Nov M Higgins, Roy of Watkins and Miss Kate Blair of Landrus m. at Wellsboro "last Wed.
1899 12 Apr D Hilfiger, Mrs. Catherine d. Mansfield "Mon.", age 78 yrs., 10 mos., 4d., widow of Rudolph, been here 18 yrs., former res. Rutland twp., left: 3 daus. Mrs. Susan Hakes, Wells; Mrs. Mary J. Shidle, Washington, Pa.; Mrs. Clara Varney, Mansfield; 5 sons, Oliver of Sylvania; John, Washington, Pa.; Jacob and Oscar, Wells; Nathaniel, Jobs Corners; funeral Daggett Hollow Ch.
1899 19 Jul D Hill, John d. Gazzam last week, former res. Arnot, mine accident
1899 22 Nov B Hitchcock son to A. B. of Knoxville (no date)
1899 8 Feb M Hoadley, Lewis of Ansonia and Lottie Butler of Little Marsh m. (no date)
1899 15 Mar D Hoag, Philip C. d. Oxford, Ny., age 78, burial at Wellsboro, former home
1899 1 Feb B Hoard Fannie Dorothy b. Mansfield Jan 29th (no parents?)
1899 9 Aug B Holden son to Frank of Duqueane, Pa. Jul 17th
1899 8 Feb D Holden, Betsy Davis b. Dec 14th 1825 Windham, Vt., dau. Capt Ezra Davis, came Mansfield 1838, m May 24th 1848 John A. Holden, she d. Jan 22nd, had 2 sons and 2 dau. (Mrs. Asa Wilcox) and sis. Mrs. Amy D. Schusler
1899 30 Aug D Holden, John A. d. "last Sat." at dau's (Mrs. Asa L. Wilcox) at Canoe Camp, b. Mansfield Dec 20th 1821, m. May 24th 1848 Betsy Davis dau. of Capt. Ezra Davis, had 4 children: Lydia D. (Mrs. Wilcox), Nellie (deceased), Daniel and Frederick of Pittsburgh, also left 2 bros. Horace of Elmira and Reuben of Michigan; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 25 Jan D Holden, Mrs. John d. last Sun. at her dau's (Mrs. Asa Wilcox), Mansfield, age 73, pneumonia (see 2/8 for more)
1899 9 Aug M Hollands, John and Miss Louise Peck of Coudersport m. "recently?"; she dau. Att. J. Newton Peck
1899 14 Jun B Hopkins son to M. L. of Mansfield Jun 7th
1899 29 Nov  M Horton, Harry M. formerly of Knoxville and Miss May Leet of Ulysses m. at Penn Yan, Ny. (no date)
1899 4 Oct M Horton, LeRoy of Blossburg and Miss Mary Agnes Weller of Athens to be m. Oct 11th Athens, she dau. ex-sheriff N,. V. Weller
1899 1 Feb M Horton, Miss Ella  and Guy Reynolds m. (no date) (Tioga Argus report)
1899 29 Mar D Horton, Mrs. C. H. (Amelia Fox)  d. Elmira, Ny., "Mon.", asthma and heart, one of 5 dau. of John Fox, early merchant of Mainesburg, 2 left: Mrs. Amos Witter of Erie, Mrs. Dr. Parkhurst of Hammondsport, Ny.
1899 22 Feb M Hosley, Miss Grace of Mansfield and Jospeh Pruyne of Rochester, Ny., m. "today" her home by Rev. E. Rosengrant; she dau. Hiram Hosley
1899 18 Oct D Hotchkiss son of Archie of Watkins d. "last Fri.", age 2, funeral at Lambs Creek, grandson of George ______ (torn off)
1899 26 Jul D Hotchkiss, Daymond d. Jul 18th of injuries on railroad, buried Tioga "last Thur." (Lambs Creek items).
1899 5 Jul D Hotchkiss, Lyman H. d. Delmar twp. "recently", age 74
1899 3 May M Hotchkiss, Miss Mattie of Tioga and Walter Stevens m. Apr 27th at Elmira, Ny.
1899 5 Jul M Houghtailin, Myron of South Woodhull and Miss _____ Husted of Knoxville m. _____ (Addison Record)
1899 14 Jun M Houghton, Guy of Wellsboro and Miss Genevieve Marsh m. "last week" at Geneseo, Ny.
1899 8 Nov M Houghton, Miss Nellie and William Mitchell "newly m. Stony Fork couple"
1899 19 Apr D Hourigan, Owen Dick of Frost Settlement, d. "Mon.", age 48, liver ailment, left 1 child (Mainesburg items)
1899 22 Feb D House infant dau. of Will of Farmington D. (no date)
1899 12 Apr M Houser, Dr. P. W.  of Millerton and Miss Leda Hamilton of Trowbridge m. (no date)
1899 1 Feb M Howard, Miss Mary of Presho, Ny., and Lyman Bliss, Jr. of Nelson m. "recently"
1899 11 Oct M Howden, C. J. and Miss Maud Harrison of Lawrenceville m. Addison, Ny., Sep 30th
1899 29 Mar B Howe dau. to Chas. Of Mansfield Mar 25th
1899 26 Apr B Howland son to W. C. and Lephy Tomlinson Howland at Mansfield Apr 22nd
1899 26 Apr M Hoyt, Miss Leah L. of Osceola and Ford E. Bosworth of Knoxville m. Apr 15th at Sayre
1899 12 Jul M Huck, Miss Laura of Delmar twp. and James Walker of Dushore m. Wellsboro Jul 4th
1899 30 Aug M Hughes, Miss Ada of Blossburg and R. C. Benedict of New York City m., her home (no date); she dau. Mrs. Jonah Hughes
1899 4 Oct B Hulslander son to Mrs. Watson H. of East Lawrence (no date)
1899 9 Aug B Hulslander  dau. to Horace of Sullivan twp. Aug 5th
1899 3 May M Hulslander, Miss Leah L. and Myron P. Allen m. Burlington, Pa., "today", she dau. M. F. Hulslander
1899 3 May D Hunt, Mrs. Harriett d. Athens, Pa. "Mon.", age 79, widow of Albinus Hunt of Mansfield; he d. 1874, she lived w/dau. Mrs. C. H. Satterlee, Athens, also dau. Mrs. Frederick Moore, Binghamton; buried Mansfield
1899 8 Mar M Hurlbut, Charles Chase and Miss Emma Louise McCollam of Troy m there Feb 23rd; he res. of Harrisburg, Pa.
1899 15 Nov D Hurley, Daniel d. "last Wed." Coudersport, consumption, MSNS '95
1899 19 Apr B Husted dau. to W. H. of Mardin (no date)
1899 20 Dec   Husted, Joseph of Covington was 79 on Sun., father of W. D. of Mansfield
1899 5 Jul M Husted, Miss _____ of Knoxville and Myron Houghtailin of South Woodhull m. _____ (Addison Record)
1899 18 Oct M Husted, Miss Eva A. and Fred W. Roberts, both of Pierce, Neb., at her parents ( W. A. Husted) Oct 12th
1899 4 Jan M Hutchinson, Miss Eva and John E. Woolcott, both of Wellsboro, m. Christmas Eve at Presbyterian parsonage, Corning, Ny
1899 24 May M Hutchinson, Willer formerly of Lawrenceville and Miss Myra Adams of Elmira, Ny., m. at Painted Post, Ny., by Rev. F. VanKeuren (no date)
1899 25 Jan M Huyler, Miss Anna Belle of Westfield and Arthur W. Robbins m. at Troupsburg, Ny. (no date) by Rev. G. Williams
1899 15 Nov M Hyde, Mrs. Bartholomew  of Blossburg and Mr. Donahue of Tioga m. (no date)
1899 30 Aug B Hyer son to E. E. of Wellsboro (no date)
1899 22 Mar B Ingalls  son to Fred of Lambs Creek Mar 16th
1899 1 Feb D Ingalls, Erastus d. Covington twp. "last Sun.", age 88, paralysis, been there 43 yrs., left 12 children: W. J., Lambs Creek; Aldred, Oregon;Joshua, A. H., Electus, Mrs. Zylphia Smith, Erastus, Jr. all of Covington; Mrs. Helen Elliott, Kansas; Elihu, Charleston; Jerry, Red Oak, Iowa; Mrs. Elizabeth Burr, Covert; Mrs. Anna McClain, Veedersburg, Ind.; buried Lewis Cem.
1899 21 Jun M Inscho, Cleveland of Mansfield and Miss Bertha T. Hall of Watkins, Ny., m. Jun 15th at Elmira, Ny.
1899 27 Dec B Irwin son to John of Mardin "last week"
1899 26 Apr B James son to J. A. of Mainesburg Apr 21st
1899 21 Jun D James, Mrs. J. A. d. Mainesburg "Sat." Jun 24th, nee Addie Morgan (see 6/28 for more)
1899 28 Jun D James, Mrs. J. A. was dau. of F. S. Morgan of Sullivan twpl, in ?????, m. 2 years., left 2 mo. Old son, buried State Road Cem.
1899 20 Sep B Jaquish  twins (1 each) to O. W. of Canton, Pa., "last week"
1899 31 May D Jaquish, Floyd  
1899 20 Dec M Jaroleman, Hosea W. and Luch B. Ayers to be m. Rutland twp. Dec 28th
1899 22 Feb B Jelliff dau. to Charles of Covington twp. Feb 22nd
1899 20 Dec B Jenkins dau. to J. C. of Lambs Creek Dec 15th
1899 15 Mar B Johnson dau. to Darwin of Wellsboro Mar 6th
1899 26 Apr B Johnson son to M. E. of Mansfield Apr 24th
1899 7 Jun B Johnson dau. to Harry T. and Winifred Jones Johnson of Laceyville May 20th
1899 9 Aug D Johnson, Frank died in Elkland (wood alcohol?) within 24 hours of Charles Avery, Hallis Whitton, and James Clooney

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