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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1899 26 Apr M Johnson, Miss Carrie of Covington and Marian, Mosier m. "last Wed."; she dau. Henry Johnson
1899 23 Aug M Johnson, Miss Carrie of Mansfield and Hon. George R. Ressequie of Harford, Pa. m. "yest." by Rev. Rosengrant; she dau. Henry Johnson of Mansfield
1899 24 May M Johnson, Miss Leona Blanche of Mansfield and Laverne D. Tewksbury of Buffalo, Ny. to be m. "next Sat."; she dau. C. T. Johnson
1899 20 Sep D Johnson, William d. "Sun." near Maqnsfield, age 84, left several children, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 6 Dec B Jones son to Maurice of Covington (no date)
1899 26 Jul B Jones  dau. b. to Clarence of Lambs Cree, "last Fri."
1899 17 May D Jones, Edgar d. East Hill, Covington "Mon.", burial at Mansfield; father of Mrs. John Benson of Mansfield
1899 27 Sep D Jones, Miss Ada L. d. Laceyville "last Wed.", in 23rd yr., spinal meningitis, buried Welch Settlement Cem. dau. of late W. D. Jones, left 1 bro. Morton F. of Phillipsburg, Nj., 3 sis, Mrs. Henry Johnson of Laceyville, Stella of Charleston and Mrs. Ellsworth Beach of Athens.
1899 6 Sep M Jones, Miss Sadie of Cherry Flats and N. R. Kelly formerly of West Covington, now of Galeton m. "today" her home; she dau. T. L. Jones
1899 4 Jan D Jones, Morgan d. Elkland Dec 26th, grippe, age 84, at dau's Mrs. J. H. Aldred
1899 12 Apr D Joralemon, Mrs. Lydia d. Columbia twp., Bradford co., Apr 3rd, age 73, wife of Charles
1899 30 Aug B Jupenlaz dau. to C. of Blossburg (no date)
1899 29 Nov M Kane, John of Altoona and Miss Cora Gillespie of Marsh Creek m. Wellsboro "last Tue."
1899 29 Nov M Keeney, Clarence A. of Hammond and Miss Emma Hamm of Tioga twp. m. her home Nov 22nd by Rev. J. Warren
1899 6 Sep M Kelly, N. R. formerly of West Charleston, now of Galeton and Miss Sadie Jones of Cherry Flats m. "today" her home; she dau. T. L. Jones
1899 4 Jan D Ker, Liddie Eccles d. Elmira, Ny., "Christmas Day", dau. Dr. Richard Ker, formerly of Elkland
1899 4 Oct D Kerwan, James H. d. near Altoona "last Wed.", age 22, son of Hugh, buried Blossburg, railroad accident
1899 15 Feb B Kilbourne  son to Kenyon of Blossburg (no date)
1899 25 Jan M Kilbourne, Hattie of Hector, Potter co., and Charles M. Seagers of Westfield, granted marriage license last week in Potter co.
1899 29 Mar D Kilburn, Brig. Gen. Charles L. buried at Lawrenceville (no date) d. Germantown, Pa. where resided
1899 31 May M Kimball, Miss Clara H of Osceola and Howard B. Clark of Addison, Ny. to be m. Jun 28th at Osceola
1899 28 Jun & 5 Jul M Kimball, Miss Clara Harlow and Howard Beach Clark to be m. "tomorrow" at Osceola. Will reside at Addison, Ny., she dau. L. L. Kimball, he son (prpbably) of M. L. Clark of Mansfield
1899 1 Nov D King, James P. d. Deerfield twp., "last week", age 75, 4 sons: Wilson of Hornellsville, Ny; Darius of Osceola; Benedict of Campbells, Ny; and Lester of Knoxville
1899 19 Apr D King, Mrs. Jeff. of Morris Run buried "last Sun." in King Hill Cem., left 5 children (Mainesburg items)
1899 13 Dec M King, Preston and Maud Bush m. (no date), she had been teaching in Westfield twp.
1899 15 Nov D Kingsbury, Ellwood drowned at Hoytville "last Sat.", age 16
1899 8 Nov D Kirkendall, Samuel E. Esq. d. Millerton "last Wed.", age 65, pneumonia, left 1 son Pratt Kirkendall, he was b. near Waverly, been lawyer since 1873, buried Millerton
1899 8 Nov D Kiser Dau. of Clarence of Farmington twp. d. (no date), age 6, scarlet fever
1899 5 Jul D Kiser, Mrs. Seldon of Deerfield buried "last Sat."
1899 9 Aug D Knapp infant dau. of Mrs. William Knapp d. at grandfather's ( I. N. Whiting) in Mansfield "Mon.", age 3 wks.
1899 15 Mar B Knights son to Frank of Canoe Camp Mar 8th
1899 31 May M Knowles, Della of Knoxville and William Boom m. "last week" at Troupsburg, Ny
1899 13 Dec D Knowlton, John C. of Canoe Camp, d. Dec 12th, age about 75, left 2 sons: Charles and Kelley; 2 daus. Mrs. E. A. Spencer, Mrs. M. R. Goodall
1899 28 Jun D Kuans, Martin d. Wellsboro (no date) - suicide?
1899 8 Mar B Kuhl twins (1 each) to R. V. Kuhl, Lawrenceville (no date)
1899 8 Nov M Kunkle, Miss Emma of Williamsport and Rev. Henry T. Colestock of Madison, Wis (formerly of Crooked Creek) m. her home Nov 2nd
1899 31 May D LaBar, M. S.  d. Cowanesque "last Mon.", age 37, suicide
1899 1 Mar B Lamb dau. to Lorain of Lambs Creek "last week."
1899 13 Dec M Lamb, Miss Ella N. and Herbert R. Rice m. "three mos. Ago" just announced (Lambs Creek items)
1899 15 Mar D Lanb, Darwin formerly of Lambs Creek d. "last mo." in Michigan
1899 18 Oct M Landon, Miss Grace of Lawrenceville and B. W. Ashdown of Seeley Creek, Ny., to be m. soon.
1899 22 Feb D Laport, Mrs. Catherine an aged res. of Farmington, d. Deerfield at home Mrs. Amy Lee Feb 10th
1899 5 Jul B Larcom dau. to Otis of Covington (no date)
1899 20 Sep M Lawley, Miss Fanny of Syracuse and Benj. C. Robinson of Blossburg m. (no date)
1899 8 Mar D Lawson, Mrs. Mary Stevens d. Bath, Ny., funeral and burial Keeneyville "last Wed.", sister of Albert Stevens of Shingletown (Farmington items), niece of Philo Stevens of Nelson
1899 5 Apr D Learn, Arthur S. of Balsam, d. Williamsport Hospital from injuries lumbering in Slate Run area
1899 29 Nov M Leet, Miss May of Ulysses and Harry M. Horton formerly of Knoxville m. at Penn Yan, Ny. (no date)
1899 5 Jul D Leon, Charles d. Deerfield twp. "recently", age 34, suicide
1899 1 Feb D Leslie infant dau. of John of Elbridge d. (no date) (Farmington items)
1899 4 Jan D Lester, Nathan d. Dartt Settlement (no date)
1899 29 Mar M Levenworth, Earl and Miss Adelaide B. Grenell m. at Lindley, Ny., by Rev. Hanson (no date)
1899 11 Oct B Lewis  dau. to Clarence of Covington "recently"
1899 19 Jul D Lewis, Horace d. Canisteo, Ny., age 84, former res. of Elkland
1899 22 Feb M Lewis, John V. and Miss Carrie E. Field, both of Delmar, m. "today" at her home
1899 26 Jul D Linck, Henry d. Nadeau, Mich. In gun accident, unmarried, son of John of Liberty, buried Liberty
1899 8 Nov M Linderman, Miss Clara of Troy and Charles Romer of Elmira to be m. Nov 9th
1899 15 Nov M Lindley, Miss Stella  and William Eaton m. "today" at Lawrenceville
1899 18 Jan M Lloyd, Fred J. of Delmar twp. and Margaret O'Connor of Wellsboro m. Elmira, Ny., Dec 14th by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 14 Jun M Lloyd, William E. of Buffalo, Ny., and Miss Eva Decker of Lawrenceville m. "last Thur." at Buffalo
1899 25 Jan M Locey, Hon. George T. and Miss Ella Miller, both of Lawrenceville, m. there by Rev. J. Skottowe (no date)
1899 3 May D Locey, Mrs. George d. near Osceola "last Thur.", former res. Farmington
1899 16 Aug & 30 Aug M Long, Miss Sadie Irene of Catawissa, Pa., and John P. Bates of Mansfield m. Williamsport Aug 22nd by Rev. E. Riley
1899 15 Feb M Loomis, Miss Laura C. and D. Walter Case, both of Troy, m. Pine City, Ny. (no date)
1899 11 Jan D Loper, Mrs. Nancy M. d. Mansfield "last Fri.", funeral Sun., sister Mrs. C. E. Reed of Flint, Mich., b. Feb 19th 1833, wife of Birman Loper, 1 son Willard, also dau. by 1st marriage Miss DeEtta Gray, also 3 sis. And 2 bros.; pneumonia; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 6 Dec D Loper, William formerly of Mansfield, d. and buried Syracuse, Ny., son of Berman Loper of Mansfield, W. left a dau.
1899 27 Dec D Losey, Isaac d. Elmira, Ny., "last week", buried "Sat." at Lawrenceville
1899 10 May M Loughridge, F. J. and Bessie Brown of Lawrenceville m. May 2nd at Lindley, Ny.
1899 16 Aug D Lounsbery, Mrs. W. W. d. Mansfield Aug 10th, age 69, b. Aug 4th 1830 to Burnam Gaylord at Mansfield, m. Dec 31st 1878 W. W. L., left 2 bros. Freeman and Charles Gaylord; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 6 & 20 Sep M Loveless, Harry V. and Miss Rose VanDyke of Tioga m. "tomorrow" tioga by Rev. E. Anderson; she step-dau. of Fay Wheeler
1899 26 Apr & 10 May M Loveless, Miss Edith Jund of Tioga twp. and Frank Graham of Hadley, Ny., m. by Rev. E. Anderson May 4th her home; she dau. C. O. Loveless and MSNS '95
1899 23 Aug M Lovell, Raymond of Mansfield and Miss Bessie Copp of Covington m. at Lindley, Ny., Aug 17th
1899 26 Apr B Lownsberry  dau. to Frank, Upper Lambs Creek, Apr 20th
1899 20 Dec B Lownsberry  dau. to Leon of Mansfield Dec 17th
1899 4 Jan D Lownsberry, Frank d. "an old resident of this vicinity" (Mainesburg items) (see later item)
1899 4 Jan D Lownsberry, Frank d. Sullivan twp."Mon.", age 80, left: Daniel, Elias, Albert, Ellis, and daus. Including Mrs. Frank Davis, Mrs. Stephen Warters, Mrs. Alvah Doud and Mrs. Ingalls of Oregon
1899 1 Nov D Lozotte, Eber of Slate Run d. "in the Phillippines"
1899 6 Dec D Ludlow dau. of Samuel of Academy Corners, d. (no date), age 3, swallowed pills
1899 11 Oct M Lugg, Miss vera of Nelson and Benjamin Rathbun m. Oct 2nd
1899 10 May M Lynch, Dr. Frederick "well-known in this locality", m. Miss Elizabeth Deming of New Haven, Conn.
1899 13 Sep M Lynch, Miss Lizzie of Arnot and T. J. Birningham of Morris to be m. at Arnot Sep 20th
1899 29 Mar M Macintosh, Miss Carrie  of West Covington and Harry Coveney of Richmond twp. m. Mar 22nd by Rev. L. Reynolds.
1899 6 Dec D Mack, Mrs. Maria d. Nov 28th at her dau's in Addison (Mrs. T. V. Moore), widow of Rev. Wm. Mack of Addison Hill, age 86
1899 17 May B Madison (Mattison) son to George of Lambs Creek b. "Sun." May 14th
1899 27 Dec M Mahon, Miss Effie of Mansfield and Ralph Baity of Canoe Camp m. "a few days since"
1899 27 Dec D Marmeil child of James of Landrus d. (no date)
1899 20 Sep B Marsh  son to W. W. of Westfield (no date)
1899 14 Jun M Marsh, Miss Genevieve and Guy Houghton of Wellsboro m. "last week" at Geneseo, Ny.
1899 12 Apr D Martin, Robert d. Blossburg Apr 1st in 65th yr., left 5 children, 6 step-children, and 20 grandchildren
1899 7 Jun M Marvin, Miss Irena of Covington and Rev. L. J. Reynolds m. "yest."; she dau. S. T. Marvin
1899 21 Jun M Mason, Miss Ada of Paterson, Nj., and Foster Henry Starkey of West Chester, Pa., to be m. Jul 6th; she dau. Joseph, he from Mansfield MSNS '81 (see 7/19)
1899 28 Jun D Mason, Mrs. Ellen d. Wellsboro last Sun., age 62, left 5 children incl. Mrs. Patrick Kelley (found dead)
1899 14 Jun M Matteson, Miss Bertha May of Deerfield twp. and Charles W. Perry of Stroutsburg m. at Corning, Ny., Jun 5th
1899 30 Aug B Maxwell dau. to Ed. Of Elkland (no date)
1899 17 May M Maynard, Miss Blanche of Mansfield and William Precit m. Lawrenceville "last Sun."
1899 23 Aug M McCausland, Mr. W. A. and Miss Frances Capell, both of Mansfield, m. "today" her home by Rev. L. Gates
1899 14 Jun M McClelland, Miss Bertha and Clarnece (Clarence?) P. Mosher of Columbia X-roads to be m. "today" at home of G. C. Besley
1899 20 Sep D McClure, Permelia d. near Austinburg, age 65, widow of George McClure
1899 8 Mar M McCollam, Miss Emma Louise of Troy and Charles Chase Hurlbut m. in Troy Feb 23rd; he res. of Harrisburg, Pa.
1899 21 Jun D McConnell, Charles d. "Tue." on Newton Road (Richmond twp.) age 78 yrs., 12 das., left 3 sons; William, Samuel, and Allen, and 1 dau. Mrs. Lucy M. Grover
1899 27 Sep M McConnell, Miss Mae of Sullivan twp. and Olen T. Bixby of Sylvania m. Elmira Heights, Ny., Sep 13th by Rev. C. Ferguson
1899 12 Jul D McConnell, Roie d. Lawrence Corners "Mon." of appendicitis, b. May 11th 1878 Pickle Hill to Frank McConnell (now of Monroeton), m. 1897 Maud Colby, dau. of Clark Colby of Lawrence Corners,. Left 2 sis, and 1 bro.
1899 8 Nov M McCormack, Miss Mae of Mainesburg and Olin Bixby of Armenia m. "recently" in Elmira, Ny
1899 5 Jul D McCormack, Mrs. W. C. d. Tioga "recently", age 30
1899 30 Aug M McGory, Miss Olga of Nelson and William Coates, formerly of Elkland m. (no date)
1899 22 Feb D McInroy, Edward d. Charleston "last Wed.", grippe, b. Ireland Dec 25th 1800, came to U. S. 1819, to Tioga Co. 1835, had 10 children by 1st m., 4 survive (Hugh, Charleston; James, Canoe Camp; Ann J. Wilkinson, Charleston; Margaret Duryea of Illinois), about 1869 he m. Mary A. Hall of Reese Hill and had: Samuel of Middlebury; Mrs. Mary Sampson, Charleston; Stephen, Slate Run; Robert, Waterville; Martha and Wuilliam at home.
1899 15 & 22 Feb D McIntyre, L. D. d. Farmington "last Sat." (Feb 11th), father of Mrs. _____ Day of Lambs Creek
1899 7 Jun M McKinney, Lewis formerly of Mansfield and Miss Nellie Gordon to be m. "tomorrow" at her home Tioga by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1899 10 May M McMahon, Dennis of Westfield and Minnie Olin of Woodhull, Ny. (formerly of Westfield) m. (no date)
1899 6 Dec D McNamara, John of Tioga d. Washington, D.C. "last Tue.", age 56, buried in Tioga "Fri.", left widow and 1 sis. Mrs. Mary Butler of Corning, his mother d. in Tioga "week before last"
1899 25 Jan D McNinch, Mrs. John d. Westfield, ag 58, cancer (no date)
1899 11 Oct B Meeker dau. to Ernest and Julia Hyland Meeker of Decatur, Ill, on Oct 3rd
1899 20 Dec M Merrick, Senator Walter T. of Blossburg to be m. "toomorrow" to ________ _____ of Toronto, Canada
1899 4 Jan M Merritt, Hugh and Miss Alice Courtney, both of Sylvania, m. "recently"; she dau. William C.
1899 15 Mar D Merritt, Mrs. William d. Nelson (no date) at her son''s
1899 19 Apr M Messing, Miss Katharine of Millerton and William H. Hertel of Penn Yan, Ny., m. (no date)
1899 12 Jul M Miles, Miss Cora and Fred A. Slade, both of Elkland, m. Jul 4th, Addison Hill
1899 10 May D Miliken, Blair d. Williamsport (no date), age 4, son of Joseph, burial at Tioga
1899 15 Mar B Miller dau. to Fred of Wellsboro Mar 2nd
1899 29 Nov B Miller  dau. to Alva of Tioga "last Wed."
1899 15 Feb M Miller, Alvah and Miss Jennie Cushing, both of Tioga, m. Wellsboro Feb 8th by Father Manley
1899 21 Jun M Miller, Harry J. and Miss Addie Gertrude Bostwidk m. Jun 20th at Tioga home of Thomas Middaugh (her uncle) by Rev. McCormack
1899 8 Mar M Miller, Jacob  of Tioga and Miss Lila A. Bailey of Mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny., Feb 16th by Rev. Henry; she dau. Mrs. Clara B. of Mansfield
1899 25 Jan M Miller, Miss Ella and Hon. George T. Locey, both of Lawrenceville m. there by Rev. J. Skottowe (no date)
1899 5 Jul D Miller, Mrs. Darwin D. d. State Road "last Sun.", b. Sullivan twp. Dec 1835, left 5 daus: Mrs. J. E. Gray, Mrs. LeRoy Welch, Mrs. R. W. Rose, Mrs. M. E. Rose, Miss Emma Miller, and 1 son Charles Miller, also 4 bros. & 1 sis.; one of the bro. was E. G. Rumsey of Oswayo
1899 22 Feb D Miller, Mrs. Hattie Hilton formerly of Lambs Creek, d. last week near Slate Run
1899 14 Jun D Miller, Mrs. John d. Hillerton Jun 4th, age 64, had 2 dau.
1899 27 Sep   Miller, Mrs. Mary A. of Millerton was 79 (no day) has 2 sons and 5 daus. (b. 1820)
1899 14 Jun M Mills, Miss Augusta and Dr. John W. Donaldson, both of Williamsport, m. at Wellsboro "last week"
1899 5 Apr D Mitchell, Mrs. Albert d. Millerton Mar 31st
1899 8 Nov M Mitchell, William and Miss Nellie Houghton "newly m. Stony Fork couple"
1899 29 Nov D Montgomery, William H. formerly of Mansfield, d. near Flagstaff, Ariz., Nov 12th, age 19, fighting Indians, son of Eugene Montgomery
1899 1 Nov M Moore, Miss Terrance of Mitchells Mills and Charles Richtmyer of Tioga m. (no date), will reside at Watkins
1899 12 Apr D Morrison, Mrs. A. M. d. Elk Run "yest.", appendix, b. Sullivan twp,. 50 yrs. ago to late William Squires, left 1 bro. Reuben Squires of Elk Run; 2 sis. Mrs. A. W. McConnell, Elmira, Ny. and Mrs. W. H. Smith, Sullivan twp.
1899 14 Jun M Mosher, Clarnece (Clarence?) P. of Columbia X-roads and Miss Bertha McClelland to be m. "today" at home of G. C. Besley
1899 1 Feb D Moshier, Mrs. Edward d. Corning, Ny. (no date) formerly of Lawrenceville
1899 26 Apr M Mosier, Marian and Miss Carrie Johnson of Covington m. "last Wed."; she dau. Henry Johnson
1899 1 Feb D Mosley, Simon d. Battle Creek, Mich. (no date), husband of Mary Crouch, formerly of Troy, Pa.
1899 18 Jan D Mourey, Mrs. Isaac d. Elbridge Jan 12th, left 2 daus. (Farmington items)
1899 12 Jul M Mowcomber, Mable and Augustus M. Aldrich, both of Elkland m. Jul 4th Addison Hill
1899 22 Feb & 1 Mar D Mudge, Mrs. C. d. Canoe Camp "Sun.", aged mother of Mrs. John Lownsberry, sister of Thomas Graves of Tioga
1899 18 Jan D Mulhollen child of Rev. L. F. of Lawrenceville d. (no date), age 4, grippe
1899 27 Dec M Munch, Miss Addie  and Wright Bailey m. "last Sat." by Rev. L. Gates at groom's home (Mansfield?)
1899 16 Aug D Myer, L. C. d. Williamsport "last Wed.", age 75, former landlord of Ralston House at Ralston
1899 6 Dec D Myers, Jesse of Knoxville d. "last Tue."
1899 3 May M Nares, Lewis and Miss Anna Coveney, of Mansfield, m. "a few das. Since"
1899 7 Jun D Nash, Mrs. A. J. d. Canton - funeral "Sat." - sis. Of Mrs. H. F. Kingsley, Mansfield; W. H. Husted of Mardin and H. K. Husted of E. Charleston
1899 30 Aug M Neal, Miss Myrtle and Walter Youmans m. his home Aug 23rd by Rev. Kerrick (Mardin items)
1899 4 Oct M Nelson, Ernest and Mrs. Jennie Bowen, both of Cherry Flats, m. Elmira, Ny., Sep 27th by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 11 Jan M Nelson, Thomas  of Gaines and Miss Florence Varney of Mansfield, m. "recently" at Lawrenceville
1899 12 Jul D Newcomb, W. A. of Nelson d., Jul 4th, stomach ailment, former res. Wellsboro

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