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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1899 5 Jul B Newell, Dorothy b. to Dr. Frank and Mrs., Elmira, Ny., Jun 28th
1899 12 Jul M Nichols, Miss Nora and George W. Bryant, both of Millerton, m. in Elmira, Ny. (no date)
1899 15 Nov M Nickerson, Miss Anna of Wellsboro and Edwin Davitte of Dundee, Ny. to be m. "this week" her home; she dau. H. H.
1899 5 Jul B Niles son to G. F. of Farmington twp. (no date)
1899 4 Jan M Nobels, selia and Percy Phelps m. Delmar twp. "recently"
1899 1 Mar B Obourn dau. to Lewis of Mansfield Feb 25th
1899 25 Oct B O'Connor dau. to Will of Troy Oct 16th
1899 18 Jan M O'Connor, Margaret of Wellsboro and Fred J. Lloyd of Delmar twp. m. Elmira, Ny., Dec 14th by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 18 Jan B Odell son to Oscar of Mansfield Jan 18th
1899 5 Jul D Odell, Mrs. Alfred of Farmington d. (no date), left 4 children
1899 5 Jul D Odle, Mrs. Hattie d. Odle's Corners Jun 22nd, left twin babies (Farmington items)
1899 12 Apr B Oldroyd dau to Jesse of Troy twp. Apr 1st
1899 10 May M Olin, Minnie of Woodhill, Ny. (formerly of Westfield) and Dennis McMahon of Westfield m. (no date)
1899 1 Feb D Osborne, Edith d. Mitchells Creek, age 19 (no date), dau. of E. H.
1899 20 Sep D Osborne, Glen W. d. Mitchells Creek, cholera infantum, youngest child of Charles (no date)
1899 15 Feb M Overton, Miss Lizzie and Thomas Todd, Jr., both of Arnot, m. at State Line, Ny., Feb 7th
1899 20 Dec M Owens, C. D. and Miss Mollie Adams, both of Knoxville m. "last Tue."
1899 10 May M Packard, Walter and Kittie Abbott, of Blossburg, m. Apr 27th
1899 29 Nov D Packer, Bert d. Blossburg "last Tue.", bro of Mrs. Edw. Stickler of Corning
1899 20 Sep B Palmer  dau. to Charles of Elkland (no date)
1899 5 Jul M Palmer, J. Willis of Westfield and Miss Jessie Viola Baker m. (no date)
1899 29 Mar D Parker, A. D. d. Westfield Mar 21st, age 49, malarial fever, left 1 son and step-dau.
1899 20 Sep M Parks, Miss Caroline Tioga, and Elmer Smith m. her home Sep 12th by Rev. W. McCormack
1899 25 Oct D Parsons, Robert d. Troy Oct 14th, age 19, typhoid, son of John A.
1899 5 Jul M Patterson, Miss Rhonda of Maple Hill, Pa., and William A. Curley of Concord Junction, Mass., m. Jun 19th
1899 26 Apr D Peake, Mrs. Nancy d. near Wellsboro "last week Mon.", age 80, widow of Elijah, aunt of Clark Peake, formerly of Mansfield
1899 9 Aug M Peck, Miss Louise of Coudersport and John Hollands m. "recently?"; she dau. Att. J. Newton Peck
1899 28 Jun M Peckham, Miss Josephine L. and B. Frank Hawley m. at Middlebury Jun 21
1899 18 Oct M Peet, William Lockwood of California and Mrs. Jesse M. Robinson of Wellsboro m. "last week" oct 4th at Portsmouth, N.H., she nee Hattie Williston (see 11/29)
1899 7 Jun D Peron, Mrs. Minnie Childs d. Elmira, Ny. "last week", bowel ailmant, funeral at Morris Run "Sun.", buried Odd Fellows Cem., Blossburg; sis. Of Mrs. Fred Smith of Mansfield
1899 14 Jun M Perry, Charles W. of Stroutsburg and Miss Bertha May Matteson of Deerfield twp. m. at Corning, Ny., Jun 5th
1899 22 Feb D Perry, Edward H. of Seeley Creek, Ny., d. in the Battle of Mainla, Feb 5th, son of Mrs. John Racklyeft, well known at Roseville, age 26
1899 8 Mar M Perry, Miss Eva L. of Comumbia X-roads and Increase B. Stoddard of Veteran, Ny., m. her home Mar 1st
1899 5 Jul M Peters, Earl J. and Miss Mina Rae Cilley, both of Osceola, m. "last Wed." her home; she dau. H. Q. Cilley
1899 1 Nov B Peterson dau. to Harry of Mansfield Oct 30th
1899 4 Jan M Peterson, Harry of Mansfield and Miss Jessie Sheffield m. last week; she grand-dau. Mrs. G. G. Reynolds of Tioga (colored)
1899 1 Nov M Pettibone, Max and Miss Eva Hathaway m. her home, Tioga, "last Wed." by Rev. E. A. Anderson; she dau. Albert H.
1899 19 Apr D Phelps  infant son of E. E. of Tioga d. (no date) funeral "Sun.", father formerly of Mansfield
1899 4 Jan M Phelps, Percy and Selia Nobels m. Delmar twp. "recently"
1899 11 Oct B Phillips dau. to E. W. of Painter Run "recently" (they've been m. 21 yrs.)
1899 4 Jan D Phillips, William d. at county home this mo.
1899 27 Dec M Pierce, Frank H. and Lucy Aleta Bull m. "Christmas" by Rev. S. Derby; she dau. Albert Bull of Mansfield
1899 17 May B Pirrong dau. to F. M. and Matilda Bull Pirrong at South Bethleham, Pa. May 4th
1899 10 May M Pitts, Mary Elizabeth of Richmond twp. and Fred Fellows Spencer of Mansfield m. "today" her home by Rev. U. White; she dau. J. F. Pitts
1899 16 Aug D Pitts, Pembroke d. "Sun." at his bro. John's in Richmond twp.
1899 14 Jun B Place dau. to Andrew of Farmington twp. (no date)
1899 4 Jan M Plumley, Miss Lena and Cornelius Beaver m. Delmar twp. "recently"
1899 22 Mar M Pollock, Miss Addie E.  of Antrim and Homer F. Cox of Scranton m. "today"; he grandson of Gen. R. C. Cox
1899 15 Nov M Potter, Miss Anna formerly of Wellsboro and Edward L. Roe of Elmira, m. "today" Hazelhurst, res. of B. F. Potter
1899 12 Jul M Powell, Miss Sarah of Blossburg and William B. Herrman(n) of Covington m. Elmira, Ny., Jul 1st by Rev. C. Ferguson
1899 17 May M Precit, William and Miss Blanche Maynard, of Mansfield m. Lawrenceville "last Sun."
1899 18 Jan D Predown, Louis d. hammondsport, Ny. (no date), bro. of Mrs. Mary VanWie and Mrs. Louise McCann, both of Tioga twp.
1899 18 Oct   Preston, James still living there, was first white child b. in Farmington twp.
1899 25 Jan D Pritchard, Morris d. Chicago, Ill (no date), age 70, a native of Knoxville and former res. Wellsboro and Lawrenceville
1899 24 May D Prutsman, Jacob d. Middlebury May 15th, age 77 yrs., 2 mos., 6 das., father of Mrs. Hugh Argetsinger of Mansfield
1899 22 Feb M Pruyne, Joseph of Rochester, Ny., and Miss Grace Hosley of Mansfield m. "today" her home by Rev. E. Rosengrant; she dau. Hiram Hosley
1899 6 Dec D Purple, Martin V. of Cowanesque Valley is dead
1899 22 Mar D Purple, Mrs. (Judge) Norman H. d. Peoria, Ill. (no date), age 85, nee Ann Eliza Kilbourn of Lawrenceville
1899 4 Jan M Putnam, Anna E. and Harry Townsend m. Delmar twp. "recently"
1899 22 Nov D Putnam, Isadore of Wellsboro d. at Warren St. Hospital "last Thur." age 19
1899 23 Aug M Putnam, Miss Ella of Olmsville, Pa. and William Tillburg of Mansfield, m. Olmsville Aug 22nd
1899 26 Apr M Putnam, Wister G. of Tioga and Miss Margaret May Shauee of Massena m. Waddington, Ny., Apr 4th; she dau. Mrs. Martha and late John J. Shauee of Massena
1899 16 Aug D Randall, Stephen d. Morris Run Sat., age about 33, struck by lightning, funeral held in Union twp., son of late John Randall who d. in Blossburg about 20 yrs. ago (hit by tree), no children
1899 11 Oct M Rathbun, Benjamin and Miss Vera Lugg of Nelson m. Oct 2nd
1899 7 Jun M Raymond, Miss Louie and Charles Haupt, both of Sayre, m. there "Mon." by Rev. E. Rosengrant of Mansfield; bride his cousin.
1899 26 Apr D Redner, Abner of Hector, Potter co., d. (no date), age 103 yrs., 6 mos., 26d., b. Ulster co., Ny., and m. 1819 Miss Margaret Douglas of Tompkins co. who d. 1887 at age 90, had 5 children (4 left)
1899 14 Jun B Reep twins to W. S. of Lawrenceville b. "recently"
1899 7 Jun M Reese, Evan P. and Elizabeth G. Etner, both of Wellsboro, to be m. Jun 14th; she dau. Mrs. John A. Etner
1899 23 Aug M Ressequie, Hon. George R. of Harford, Pa. and Miss Carrie Johnson of Mansfield m. "yest." by Rev. Rosengrant; she dau. Henry Johnson of Mansfield
1899 1 Feb M Reynolds, Guy and Miss Ella Horton m. (no date) (Tioga Argus report)
1899 27 Sep M Reynolds, Harry of Minneapolis and Miss Jeannie Skinner of N. Harvey, Ill., m. "yest", relaltives of A. S. Reynolds of Mansfield
1899 18 Jan D Reynolds, J. M. of Cohocton, Ny., d. at Arnot "last evening", owned a store there
1899 28 Jun D Reynolds, Mrs. Susan M. d. Sullivan twp. "last Sun.", age 58 yrs., 10 mos., 11 das., dau. of late Levi Smith, m. Aug 28th 1859 Lyman Reynolds, left 1 son Lyman B.
1899 7 Jun M Reynolds, Rev. L. J. and Miss Irena Marvin of Covington m. "yest."; she dau. S. T. Marvin
1899 5 Jul D Rhinevault, Lee d. "last Thur.", New London, Ct., heart disease, buried Mainesburg, son of Newton Rhinevault, formerly of Covington, grandson of late S. G. Rhinevault of Mansfield
1899 29 Mar B Rhodes son to C. of Mansfield Mar 23rd
1899 19 Apr D Rhodes infant son of C. M. of Mansfield d. Apr 18th, age 3 wks.
1899 13 Dec M Rice, Herbert B. and Miss Ella N. Lamb m. "three mos. Ago" just announced (Lambs Creek items)
1899 9 Aug M Richards, Miss Eva and A. L. Coleman m. Jul 19th at Waterville, Wash.; she dau. late William Richards of Blossburg
1899 5 Jul D Richards, William d. Blossburg "recently" age 72
1899 11 Oct M Richmond, Ananias and Miss Charlotte L. Bailey m. at B. R. Bailey's in Mansfield "today" by Rev. Rosengrant
1899 18 Oct M Richmond, Rollin Austin of Springfield, Mass. and Miss Lena May Tonney of Westfield m. her home Oct 11th
1899 16 Aug M Richter, George, Jr. of Blossburg and Miss Jessie Shattuck of Mansfield m. "yest." Lawrenceville
1899 1 Nov M Richtmyer, Charles of Tioga and Miss Terrance Moore of Mitchells Mills m. (no date), will reside at Watkins
1899 18 Oct B Ripley son to Horace of Richmond Oct 7th
1899 27 Dec M Ripley, Laura Edith and J. James Smithson to be m. "today" Dec 27th at Dunmore; she dau. P. W. Ripley, formerly of Mansfield
1899 24 May M Ripley, Miss Minnie A. of Elpis, Ny., and Lewis Webb of Kings Park L.I.N.Y. m. May 18th at her home (Ezra Ripley's) by Rev. A. Pennock
1899 5 Jul B Ritz son to George Page Ritz of Richmond twp. Jun 30th
1899 20 Sep B Rix dau. to Frank of Elkland (no date)
1899 25 Jan M Robbins, Arthur W. and Miss Anna Belle Huyler of Westfield, m. at Troupsburg, Ny. (no date) by Rev. G. Williams
1899 31 May   Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. m. 50 yrs. on May 30th (thus m. 1849)
1899 18 Oct M Roberts, Fred W. and Miss Eva A. Husted, both of Pierce, Neb., at her parents (W. A. Husted) Oct 12th
1899 4 Jan M Robey, Kennerly of Oil City, Pa., and Miss Florence Lillian Ashley of Sullivan twp., m. her home Jan 1st; she dau. A. S. Ashley
1899 20 Sep M Robinson, Benj. C. of Blossburg and Miss Fanny Lawley of Syracuse m. (no date)
1899 18 Oct M Robinson, Mrs. Jesse M. of Wellsboro and William Lockwood Peet of California m. "last week" Oct 4th at Portsmouth, N.H., she nee Hattie Williston (see 11/29)
1899 29 Mar M Robinson, William  of Mansfield and Miss Ida Campbell of Shippen twp. m. "last Sun." at Lindley, Ny.
1899 4 Oct B Rockwell  son to C. S. of E. Lawrence (no date)
1899 1 Nov D Rockwell, Cytheria d. Sep 24th 1899, member of North Elk Run Grange
1899 27 Sep D Rockwell, Mrs. Abel d. Covington "Sun.", age 51, mother of Mrs. James Blair, buried Canton
1899 15 Nov D Rockwell, Mrs. Joseph d. last Wed. West Burlington, buried Gray's Valley Cem. Sullivan twp., sister of late Mrs. A. Richmond and Joseph and Zekiel Strange of Sullivan
1899 15 Nov M Roe, Edward L. of Elmira and Miss Anna Potter, formerly of Wellsboro, m. "today" Hazelhurst, res. of B. F. Potter
1899 6 Sep M Roe, Thomas E. of Keeneyville and Mrs. Philinda Sears of Little Marsh m. Troupsburg, Ny., Aug 24th
1899 12 Jul D Rogers, Major James A. d. Knoxville "Fri.", age 72, a native of Canton, Pa.
1899 8 Nov M Romer, Charles of Elmira and Miss Clara Linderman of Troy to be m. Nov 9th
1899 17 May M Rose, Charles of Niles Valley and Carrie Seeley of Trowbridge m. (no date)
1899 1 Nov D Rose, Elliott S. d. "last Fri." Sullivan Twp., b. Sullivan Jun 20th 1817, d. on his 58th wedding day, m. Laura A. Morgan, left 3 sons: W. P. Rose, Roaring Branch; Morgan E. of Mansfield; Warren P. of Sullivan, 1 dau. Mrs. William (Anna) Gray of Sullivan; buried State Road Cem., left also 1 bro. Russell B. Rose
1899 19 Jul D Rose, George d. near Mainesburg "last Fri.", in 35th yr., son of Russell B. Rose, m. about 1887 Miss Millie Reynolds, 2 children, left 4 sis. Mrs. George Orvis, Sullivan twp., Mrs. I. R. Doud, Covington; Misses Etta and Julia Rose, Mansfield; 3 bros. J. F. Rose, Col.; M. F. and R. W. Rose of Mansfield
1899 18 Jan D Rosengrant, I. R. d. "last Sat." Mansfield, age about 68, buried at his former home Skinner's Eddy, Pa., father of Rev. E. J.
1899 24 May M Ross, Miss Libbie of Granville Center and Milton S. Sherman of covert m. "recently"
1899 19 Jul M Ross, Mrs. Mary A. of Columbia X-roads and Aaron Austin of Sullivan twp. m. Jul 1st at Troy, Pa.
1899 30 Aug M Roupp, Miss Elva of Liberty and Samuel E. Gloeckler, same, to be m. Sep 6th; she dau. A. J. Roupp
1899 6 Dec D Rukgaber, Washington d. Hornellsville (no date), buried at Westfield his former home, burned in an explosion at Schwartzenbach Brewery
1899 18 Jan D Rumsey, Mrs. Climena d. Jackson twp., funeral at Mainesburg "a week ago last Sat.", age 78, former res. of Mainesburg (a Civil War Nurse)
1899 19 Jul D Rumsey, Mrs. Orilla funeral last Sun., died Sat. Mainesburg, age 83 yrs., 11 mos., widow of Aaron, left 3 sons: Jesse, Emery, Daniel; Miss Adaline Rumsey, Mrs. H. J. Ripley, Mrs. Volney Ripley, and Mrs. Roswell Ripley (4 dau.), buried Mainesburg
1899 8 Feb B Rumsmey dau to E. D. of Mainesburg Feb 5th
1899 8 Nov B Rundell dau. to E. A. Rundell of Elmira Oct 31st.
1899 15 Nov M Rusling, Miss Stella and price Whitteker to be m. at Wilkes-Barre. (She of Lawrenceville?)
1899 5 Apr B Saltmarsh dau. to Ned and Grace Wheeler Saltmarsh, Knoxville, Mar 25th
1899 4 Jan D Samples _____ d. at county home this mo.
1899 21 Jun D Sampson, Ralph d. Hills Creek "Sat."
1899 4 Jan M Sanders, Virginia of Marsh Creek and Edson P. Wheeler of Jaysville m., Dec 21st 1898 by Rev. J. Boyce
1899 1 Mar M Satterlee, Hiram Graves formerly of Mansfield and Miss Florence Almarena Charles of Elmira, Ny., m. Elmira Feb 22nd by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 27 Sep B Scarfe son to Chas. H. of E. Charleston Sep 18th
1899 15 Nov D Scott, Hosea d. Covert (on Armeina Mr.) "last Fri." - "dead in bed"
1899 25 Jan M Seagers, Charles M. of Westfield and Hattie Kilbourne of Hector, Potter co., granted marriage license last week in Potter co.
1899 22 Mar B Sears dau. to William E. of Austinville Mar 2nd
1899 6 Sep M Sears, Mrs. Philinda of Little Marsh and Thomas E. Roe of Keeneyville m. Troupsburg, Ny., Aug 24th
1899 8 Nov M Seaton, Charles and Miss Anna B. Hardt m. at Washington (no date), formerly of Wellsboro; she dau. Anton Hardt
1899 17 May M Seeley, Carrie of Trowbridge and Charles Rose of Niles Valley m. (no date)
1899 5 Apr D Seeley, Morgan d. Osceola "last Sat.", age 83, b. Osceola, m. 1847 Harriett Beebe of Lawrenceville, 1 dau and 2 sons
1899 29 Nov M Seely, Allen and Miss Kate Wilson, both of Richmond twp., m. "last week" in Elmira, Ny.; she dau. late Silas Wilson
1899 27 Dec M Seelye, Allen G. and Miss Kate B. Wilson, both of Mansfield m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 22nd by Rev. E. Pitman
1899 8 Feb M Sexton, Miss Susannah Tompson of Blossburg and James Ward Thompson of Erwins, Ny., m. "last Wed." by Rev. G. McKnight; she dau. John L. Sexton of Blossburg
1899 4 Jan D Seymour, Emmett A. d. Mansfield Dec 29th 1898, cared for by sister Mrs. E. S. Owens
1899 9 Aug M Sharp, John and Mrs. Mary Cochran, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny. "last Thur."
1899 16 Aug M Shattuck, Miss Jessie of Mansfield and George Richter, Jr. of Blossburg m. "yest." Lawrenceville
1899 26 Apr M Shauee, Miss Margaret May of Massena and Wister G. Putnam of Tioga m. Waddington, Ny., Apr 4th; she dau. Mrs. Martha and late John J. Shauee of Massena
1899 15 Mar B Shaw dau. to Elmer of Mainesburg Mar 5th
1899 28 Jun & 19 Jul M Shaw, Llewellyn B. and Mable R. Shipman, both of Mansfield, to be m. Jul 12th; she dau. George H. Shipman
1899 17 May D Shaw, Martha E. d. Mansfield "last Sun.", b. Jun 2nd 1845 Tompkinsville, Pa. to John C. and Lodema Howe, m. 1867 H. B. Shaw, left 2 sons Llewellyn and John and 1 dau. Edna (other dau. Nellie d. 2 yrs. ago), had 2 bros. Frank and H. F. Howe and 2 sis. Mrs. Oscar Richmond and Mrs. N. D. Powers; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 7 Jun M Shaw, Mrs. Carrie of Mansfield and Henry Cornell of Sylvania m. "Mon." at her home
1899 27 Dec M Sheen, John of Osceola and Miss Etta Gleason, same, to be m. "today"; she dau. Henry G.
1899 15 Nov M Sheers, Miss Magdalena of New York City and George Green, formerly of Osceola m. now reside in New York City
1899 11 Jan M Sheets, Miss Ida May of Fairdale and George Wicks of Mansfield m. "today" her home
1899 4 Jan M Sheffield, Miss Jessie and Harry Peterson of Mansfield m. last week; she grand-dau. Mrs. G. G. Reynolds of tioga (colored)
1899 30 Aug B Shepard  dau. to M. H. of Mansfield Aug 24th
1899 29 Mar M Shepard, Bertha of Mosherville and Fred Smith of Seeley Creek m. (no date)
1899 24 May M Sherman, Milton S. of Covert and Miss Libbie Ross of Granville Center m. "recently"
1899 12 Apr M Sherman, Miss Effie A. and Bert A. Burman of Covert m. (no date); she MSNS '96
1899 6 Sep D Sherwood, Hiram d. Mansfield "today" (see 9/13 for more)
1899 13 Sep D Sherwood, Hiram Mason b. Marathon, Ny., Aug 3rd 1815 to Hon. Daniel S. - he d. Mansfield Sep 6th - came here 1830, m. Jul 3rd 1836 Electa Faulkner, dau. of David Faulkner; he was 8th of 9 children - all dead; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield (apparently no children)
1899 8 Nov B Shewman dau. to O. C. of Knoxville (no date)
1899 28 Jun & 19 Jul M Shipman, Mable R. and Llewellyn B. Shaw, both of Mansfield, to be m. Jul 12th; she dau. George H. Shipman
1899 4 Jan   Shipman, Mr. and Mrs. George of Mansfield m. 25 yrs. day after Christmas
1899 28 Jun M Shoemaker, Susie M. of Lawrenceville and Charles Eaton of Nelson m. Jun 15th at Corning, Ny.
1899 12 Jul D Shove, George d. near Wellsboro "Mon.", age 62, suicide, no children
1899 7 Jun D Shumway, Mrs. Luther funeral "last Tue." at Charleston
1899 12 Jul D Sicklin, Erhart T. of Wellsboro, d. Jun 30th at Philadelphia (no date), once resided at Mansfield
1899 24 May D Simmons, John d. Brookfield twp. May 10th, age 79 "said to be first male white child born" there
1899 30 Aug M Simons, Adelbert and Cora Cole, of Elkland, m. Aug 12th
1899 27 Sep M Skinner, Miss Jeannie of N. Harvey, Ill. And Harry Reynolds of Minneapolis m. "yest.", relatives of A. S. Reynolds of Mansfield
1899 12 Jul M Slade, Fred A. and Miss Cora Miles, both of Elkland, m. Jul 4th, Addison Hill
1899 22 Nov B Sledge son to E. C. of Tioga (no date)
1899 5 Apr B Slingerland  son to J. D. of Mansfield Mar 29th
1899 22 Feb M Slingerland, Carlton and Miss Maggie Eleanor Dann m. "last Sep.", party held Feb 15th at her parents ( B. L. Dann) in Sylvania
1899 29 Mar B Smith dau. to Ray of Elk Run (no date)
1899 16 Aug B Smith dau. to Fred of Mansfield Aug 15th
1899 29 Nov B Smith son to Walker of Wellsboro "last Sun."
1899 27 Dec B Smith dau. to Clarence of Richmond twp. Dec 26th
1899 1 & 8 Nov M Smith S. W., Esq. of Port Allegany m. Miss Ella (Etta?) Smith of Farmers Valley "last week Tue."; she dau. Casper Smith; S. W. was MSNS ' 71
1899 8 Mar M Smith, Albert B and Miss Cora Cleveland m. "last Wed." at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates; she dau. late Malon Cleveland
1899 13 Dec D Smith, Alfred d. Richmond twp. (no date), left 1 son George of Richmond; 3 daus. Mrs. Charles Sherman, Mrs. Albert Watkins, Mrs. Martin Cleveland, all of Richmond
1899 8 Nov D Smith, Arad T. d. (no date) brother of Harrison Smith of Mainesburg, age 62, d. Binghamton, Ny., buried "today" at Mainesburg
1899 17 May M Smith, Charles and Miss Ethel May Wilson m. her home Rutland twp. May 15th by Rev. H. Hyde
1899 6 Sep D Smith, Charles former res. Big Flats, Ny., d. at Mansfield "last Wed.", age 86, father of Mrs. W. H. Kinney of Mansfiled, buried Hope Cem.
1899 11 Jan D Smith, Deborah Ingersoll b. Stanwich, Conn. Oct 20th 1820, d. Mansfield, Pa. Jan 3rd, m. at her home Mar 1842 to Joseph M. Smith of Roxbury Corners, Ct., came to Lawrenceville where he d. Sep 5th 1858, had 8 children (2youngest d. 1863), left Maltbie Smith of Lawrenceville, and Mrs. Sarah Sherwood of Mansfield, Lafayette of Elmira, Ny.; William of Lawrenceville; Roxanna and Charles, both of Patton, Pa.
1899 12 Apr D Smith, Eliza Loomis d. Mar 2nd at Rutland twp., age 62, wife of William, apoplexy, b. in Mass. and came here at early age, left 2 bros. W. H. of Brooklyn and Edward of Mich., buried Roseville Cem.
1899 20 Sep M Smith, Elmer and Miss Caroline Parks, Tioga, m. her home Sep 12th by Rev. W. McCormack
1899 29 Mar M Smith, Fred of Seeley Creek and Bertha Shepard of Mosherville m. (no date)
1899 12 Jul M Smith, George V. of Tioga and Miss _____ Tyler of Binghamton, Ny., m. Jul 6th at Binghamton
1899 30 Aug D Smith, Green of Kinneyville buried Mainesburg "last Sun."
1899 27 Sep D Smith, Guy d. Tioga "Sat.", age 5, gastritis, son of Harry
1899 10 May D Smith, Harold K. d. Elkland May 1st, infant son of F. E. Smith, age 7 mos.
1899 6 Sep M Smith, Lewis (age 83) and Mrs. Jane Ward (age 72) m. at Lindley, Ny. "a few days since"
1899 20 Dec D Smith, Miss Eliza d. Wellsboro "recently", in 54th yr., at home of Mrs. A. T. Sturrock

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By Joyce M. Tice