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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1899 1 & 8 Nov M Smith, Miss Ella (Etta?) of Farmers Valley and S. W. Smith, Esq. of Port Allegany m. "last week Tue.", she dau. Casper Smith; S. W. was MSNS '71
1899 4 Jan M Smith, Miss Winifred of Tioga and William F. Alcorn of New Haven, Conn., m. "last week Tue." her home by Rev. J. Patterson; she dau. Dr. R. B. Smith
1899 29 Nov D Smith, Mrs. Henry d. on John H. Roy farm near Mosherville, consumption (no date)
1899 8 Mar D Smith, Mrs. William d. Rutland Hill Mar 2nd, funeral at Roseville "Sun.", bro. William Loomis of New York City (see April 12th for more)
1899 5 Jul M Smith, Obadiah of Sylvania (age 83) and Mrs. Kate Canedy of Troy (age 55) m. his home Jul 29th by Rev. W. Burrell
1899 26 Apr D Smith, W. E. d. Tioga 
1899 4 Jan M Smith, William Brown and Miss Grace Spencer (formerly of Mansfield) m. Boston, Mass. "a few days since"
1899 27 Dec M Smithson, J. James and Laura Edith Ripley to be m. "today" Dec 27th at Dunmore; she dau. P. W. Ripley, formerly of Mansfield
1899 4 Jan D Smythe, Mrs. James d. Troy "last Fri.", age 30, a native of England, consumption of the bowel
1899 30 Aug B Soper dau. to C. E. and Ada Burley Soper in Richmond twp., Aug 25th
1899 15 Feb B Spellman son to J. O, of Rochester, Ny. Feb 13th
1899 20 Sep M Spence, John W. of Duncan twp. and Miss May Davis of Delmar twp. m. her home Sep 6th
1899 10 May M Spencer, Fred Fellows of Mansfield and Mary Elizabeth Pitts of Richmond twp. m. "today" her home by Rev. U. White; she dau, J. F. Pitts
1899 4 Jan M Spencer, Miss Grace (formerly of Mansfield) and William Brown Smith m. Boston, Mass. "a few days since"
1899 30 Aug M Spencer, Walter and Maude Greene issued a marriage license (Tioga items)
1899 14 Jun B Squires  son to W. A. of Sullivan twp. Jun 8th
1899 11 Jan D Squires, Hulda Smith d. Sullivan twp. "last Sun.", age 65 yrs., 23 d., wife of Isaac, dau. of Jasper Smith, a pioneer of Sullivan twp., heart and lung trouble, left 1 son William J. and 3 bros. Lyman, Harrison and Arad Smith; buried Gray's Valley Cem.
1899 1 Mar B Stage dau. to Charles of Lawrenceville (no date)
1899 21 Jun M Starkey, Foster Henry of West Chester, Pa., and Miss Ada Mason of Paterson, Nj., to be m. Jul 6th; she dau. Joseph, he from Mansfield MSNS '81 (see 7/19)
1899 19 Jul B Starkweather dau. to C. H. of Mansfield (no date)
1899 3 May D Steers, Edward P. d. New York City (no date), former res. Tioga, wife nee Anna Mersereau of Tioga, 1 dau.
1899 13 Dec M Stegmeier, Miss Clara of Tonawanda, Ny., and Florrie R. Wilson, formerly of Mansfield, m. at Tonawanda Nov 22nd
1899 6 Dec M Stevens, George M. of Tioga and Miss Anna E. Baker, same, m. her aunt's Tioga (Miss Laura Hathaway) Nov 29th by Rev. C.Crowl
1899 27 Sep D Stevens, James d. Farmington Sep 17th, age 77, buried Keeneyville Cem., left 4 adult children. Those at funeral included Washington Stevens of Painter Run, Philo, Arthur and Miss Lina Stevens of Nelson
1899 3 May M Stevens, Walter and Miss Mattie Hotchkiss of Tioga m. Apr 27th at Elmira, Ny.
1899 5 Jul M Stillman, Miss Carrie formerly of Coudersport and M. J. Bernauer of Cammal, Pa. m. Wellsboro "last week Mon." by Rev. O. Hills
1899 22 Feb B Stillwell twins (1 each) b. to F. S. of Millerton Feb 15th
1899 5 Apr D Stillwell infant dau. (one of twins) of Frank of Trowbridge d. (no date)
1899 8 Mar M Stoddard, Increase B. of Veteran, Ny., and Miss Eva L. Perry of Columbia X-roads m. her home Mar. 1st
1899 12 Jul M Stone, Miss Myrtle of Mansfield and George Greer of Denver, Col., m. Jul 1st at Prairie du chene, Wisc.; she faculty member MSNS, will reside in Denver
1899 16 Aug B Stout son to John of Mansfield Aug 14th
1899 19 Jul D Strait, Richard of Wellsboro, d. (no date), uric poisoning
1899 11 Jan D Stratton, Rev. Hiram A. formerly of E. Lawrence, d. West Pike, Pa., Dec 30 1898, benn there since '94
1899 10 May M Streeter, Miss Jessie  and William Wilcox, both of Covington, reported m. (no date)
1899 5 Jul D Stricklin, Erhart d. Wellsboro "recently", age 37 (see 7/12)
1899 1 Nov B Strouse dau. to Mr. and Mrs., Elk Run Oct 24th
1899 28 Jun D Styres, Roy d. Sullivan twp. "Sat.", struck by lightning, son of John
1899 4 Jan M Sutton, Rev. Clarence E.  (formerly of Covington) and Miss Mildred E. Baker of Greenwood, Ny., m. Jasper, Ny., Dec 20th
1899 15 Feb B Swan dau. to R. M. of "near Mansfield" Feb 11th
1899 19 Apr D Sweet, David d. McLain, Ny., father of Mrs. Monroe Miller of Millerton
1899 8 Feb D Sweet, Kenyon d. Austin, Pa. "last Sat.", funeral at Lambs Creek, buried Mansfield, pneumonia, son of John C. Sweet, bro. of W. E. Sweet of Corning and Hubert S.; former res. Lambs Creek.
1899 27 Dec M Sweet, Miss Edna and Lee Baird of Hornellsville, Ny., m. "Christmas": she dau. William Sweet (of Mansfield?)
1899 13 Dec D Taft  infant son of Charles E. of Cowanesque d. (no date)
1899 6 Dec D Taft, Mrs. Mary Wright d. Knoxville, home of dau. (Mrs. Flora Brock) Nov 28th, age 75 yrs., 8 mos., 4 das.
1899 12 Jul D Tallman, Mrs. Jacob  of Delmar twp. (near Stokesdale) d. "Fri." suicide
1899 25 Jan M Tarshes D. and Miss Rosie Davis m. Blossburg (no date) by Rabbi Pellman; she dau. D. Davis
1899 18 Oct B Taylor son to Maynard and Mary E. Burrett Taylor of Sylvania Oct 1st
1899 4 Jan M Taylor, Maynard of Sylvania and Miss Mary Esther Buritt, both of Sylvania, m. there "last week Tue." he son of George Taylor
1899 24 May M Tewksbury, Laverne D. of Buffalo, Ny., and Miss Leona Blanche Johnson of Mansfield to be m. "next Sat."; she dau. C. T. Johnson
1899 14 Jun D Thayer, Mrs. Eleanor Welch b. Sullivan twp. Feb 14th 1857 to Amos and Mary Welch, m. 1879 Orson B. Thayer opf South New Berlin, Ny., left sister Mary A. and 2 bros. William L. of Mainesburg and George W., Oscola, Mich.
1899 10 May D Thayer, Mrs. O. B. d. Elmira, Ny. "Fri." May 5th, funeral at State Road Ch. (Mainesburg items) - see 6/14 for more
1899 6 Sep D Thomas, Lydia d. at Rathmel "recently", former res. of Covington where she was buried
1899 8 Feb M Thompson, James Ward of Erwins, Ny., and Miss Susannah Tompson Sexton of Blossburg m. "last Wed." by Rev. G. McKnight; she dau. John L. Sexton of Blossburg
1899 1 Feb D Thompson, John M. d. Wellsboro (no date), age 52, apoplexy
1899 11 Oct M Thurston, Louis and Miss Gertrude Bull of Mansfield m. Elmira, Ny., Oct 5th by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 23 Aug M Tillburg, William of Mansfield and Miss Ella Putnam of Olmsville, Pa., m. Olmsville Aug 22nd
1899 18 Jan D Tinkham, Mrs. Harriet of Williamsport, d. ______, buried Mainesburg Jan 16th, a res. of Mainesburg until a few yrs. ago, had 1 son and 3 dau., husband d. 11 yrs ago.
1899 15 Feb M Todd, Thomas, Jr. and Miss Lizzie Overton, both of Arnot, m. at State Line, Ny., Feb 7th
1899 27 Sep M Toles, Claud E. and Miss Maud O, Drake m. Sep 20th by Rev. Henry (Elmira?), she dau. Dr. E. G. Drake, formerly of Mansfield
1899 6 Dec B Tomlinson son to Charles S. and Anna Wood T. of Elmira, Ny., Nov 30th formerly res. of Mansfield
1899 18 Oct M Tonney, Miss Lena May of Westfield and Rollin Austin Richmond of Springfield, Mass., m. her home Oct 11th
1899 4 Jan M Townsend, Harry and Anna E. Putnam m. Delmar twp. "recently"
1899 8 Mar M Tubbs, Mrs. Carrie of Westfield and George Colegrove of Wellsboro m. at Troupsburg, Ny., Feb 22nd
1899 30 Aug B Turner son to John of Blossburg (no date)
1899 8 Feb D Tuton, Mrs. Robert d. New York City "last Sat.", suicide, dau. of C. B. Watrous of Gaines
1899 15 Mar D Tyler, Harry d. at Osceola (no date), administrator's sale "last Thur"
1899 12 Jul M Tyler, Miss _____ of Binghamton, Ny., and George V. Smith of Tioga, m. Jul 6th at Binghamton
1899 17 May M Valsing, Walter of Delmar twp. and Martha Austin of Wellsboro to be m. ; she dau. R. R. Austin
1899 13 Dec M Van Alstine, Miss of Little Falls, Ny., and Rev. W. H. Yard of Mainesburg to be m. "tomorrow"
1899 15 Nov B VanCampen dau. to Edward of Covington (no date)
1899 18 Oct B VanDusen son to Harry of Lawrenceville "last week"
1899 18 Jan B VanDuzen son to J. T. of Westfield (no date)
1899 6 & 20 Sep M VanDyke, Miss Rose of Tioga and Harry V. Loveless m. "tomorrow" Tioga by Rev. E. Anderson; she step-dau. of Fay Wheeler
1899 25 Jan M VanDyke, Oscar of East Canton and Miss Ella Brown to be m. "today"
1899 30 Aug M VanZile, Ernest and Miss Lizzie Allen, both of Elkland, m. Addison, Ny., Aug 14th
1899 11 Jan M Varney, Miss Florence of Mansfield and Thomas Nelson of Gaines m. "recently" at Lawrenceville
1899 28 Jun D Verrill, Dr. Charles H. d. "last Fri." Harrisburg, Pa., res. of Mansfield, b. Dorchester, Mass. May 29th 1837, m. May 1871 Emma Shattuck, dau. of L. H. Shattuck, had 4 children, 2 left: Prof. Henry Verrill, Park College, Mo. And Miss Sarah E. Verrill of Elmira College, Ny., he had been principal of MSNS twice, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1899 4 Oct B Vorhess son to Fred of Mansfield Sep 27th
1899 12 Jul M Walker, James of Dushore and Miss Laura Huck of Delmar twp. m. Wellsboro Jul 4th
1899 26 Jul M Waltz, Jacob of Presho, Ny. and Miss Cora B. Gee of Lawrenceville m. Elmira, Ny. (no date) by Rev. D. Keppel
1899 6 Dec M Ward, Miss Lena of Tioga and Edward Green m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 30th
1899 6 Sep M Ward, Mrs. Jane (age 72) and Lewis Smith (age 83) m. at Lindley, Ny. 'a few days since"
1899 22 Mar D Warren, Mrs. Gertrude d. Corning, Ny. (no date), mother of Mrs. A. G. Weaver, Corning; Mrs. I. S. Horton, Lawrenceville; A. Warren of Blossburg; Frank and Jennie Warren, both of Tioga
1899 4 Jan M Warriner, Sarah and Hally Brooks m. Delmar twp. "recently"
1899 18 Oct B Warters dau. to William of Mansfield Oct 12th
1899 18 Oct B Waters dau. to Alfred of Lambs Creek (no date)
1899 4 Jan B Watkins dau. to Eugene of Covington Jan 2nd
1899 17 May B Watkins dau. to Jay of Covington "Sun.
1899 17 May B Watkins son to Commissioners' clerk and Mrs. Frank Watkins (of Wellsboro?) (no date)
1899 8 & 15 Nov D Watkins, Albert (Bert) G. d. Mansfield (no date), typhoid, buried at Schodac (Richmond twp.) his former home, left 3 daus. Maude (10), Marelle (7) and Orpha (3), also had 3 bros. and 3 sis.
1899 27 Dec M Watrous, William and Miss Sadie Hathaway of Gaines m. Dec 18th at Elmira, Ny (Lambs Creek items) (See Brewster later)
1899 5 Apr B Webb son to Dr. Clarence W. of Wellsboro Mar 23rd
1899 24 May M Webb, Lewis of Kings Park, L.I.N.Y. and Miss Minnie A. Ripley of Elpis, Ny., m. May 18th at her home (Ezra Ripley's) by Rev. A. Pennock
1899 5 Jul D Webster, Alvin N. d. Delmar twp. "recently" , age 71, a native of Sullvian twp.
1899 22 Mar D Webster, Mrs. Charles d. Wellsboro at her mother's (Mrs. Walter Bullard), age 41, consumption, 2 sons (no date)
1899 26 Apr M Welch, Floyd and Maggie Haskins, both of Westfield, m. Apr 5th at her home
1899 4 Oct M Weller, Miss Mary Agnes of Athens and LeRoy Horton of Blossburg to be m. Oct 11th Athens; she dau. ex-sheriff N. V. Weller
1899 8 Nov D Wells, Anson d. "last Mon." at his dau's in Antrim (Mrs. James Pollock), apoplexy, buried at Mainesburg
1899 15 Feb B West son to Will of Mill Creek Feb 4th
1899 13 Dec D West, Mrs. Sarah Kelsey d. Princeton, Ill. "recently", age 86, a native of Crooked Creek
1899 13 Sep Wetherbee, Ira and Mrs. of Delmar twp. m. 50 yrs. on Aug 29th (thus m. 1849)
1899 4 Jan M Wheeler, Edson P. of Jaysville and Virginia Sanders of Marsh Creek m. Dec 21st 1898 by Rev. J. Boyce
1899 5 Jul D White, Mrs. Ellis d. Williamsport "recently", age 45, dau. of late Judge R. G. White of Wellsboro
1899 15 Feb D Whitehead, Charles B. d. Bradford, Pa (no date) b. at Laqwrenceville 59 yrs. ago
1899 11 Oct D Whitman, Miss Genie d. Sep 29th at Potter Brook, consumption
1899 6 Sep D Whitney, Mrs. Susan C. d. East Charleston "last Wed.", age 75, wife of Capt Nelson Whitney
1899 5 Apr B Whitteker son to N. of Richmond twp. Apr 4th
1899 15 Nov M Whitteker, Price and Miss Stella Rusling to be m. at Wilkes-Barre. (She of Lawrenceville?)
1899 26 Apr D Whitteker, Ray d. Canoe Camp creek, age about 18 (no date) son of A. L.
1899 9 Aug D Whitton, Hallis died in Elkland (wood alcohol?) within 24 hours of Charles Avery, Frank Johnson, and James Clooney
1899 11 Jan M Wicks, George  of Mansfield and Miss Ida May Sheets of Fairdale m "today" her home.
1899 10 May M Wilcox, William and Miss Jessie Streeter, both of Covington, reported m. (no date)
1899 12 Apr D Williams, Ansel D. d. Canton "last evening", age about 59, nephew of late Philip Williams of Mansfield
1899 22 Mar M Williams, Charles of Galeton and Miss Edith Bull of Mansfield m. her home "Mon." by Rev. Gates; she dau. late S. W. Bull and granddau. Of U. S. Snover
1899 1 Feb D Williams, Judge Henry W. d. "last Wed.", Philadelphia, b. Harford twp, Susquehanna co., Pa. Jul 30th 1830, m. Miss Sarah Nichols in Wellsboro, 2 children Dr. Charles and Miss Virginia, both of Wellsboro; buried Wellsboro
1899 5 Jul M Williams, Miss Bertha of Marshfield and Frank Hammond of Elkland m. (no date)
1899 1 Nov D Williston, Miss Clara d. Wellsboro, paralysis, dau. to late Judge Lorenzo W. 3 sis. And 1 bro.
1899 10 May B Wilsey son to Ed. Of Mardin (no date)
1899 3 May B Wilson son to James of Richmond twp. Apr 28th
1899 13 Dec M Wilson, Florrie R. formerly of Mansfield and Miss Clara Stegmeier of Tonawanda, Ny., m. at Tonawanda Nov 22nd
1899 17 May M Wilson, Miss Ethel May and Charles Smith m. her home Rutland twp. May 15th by Rev. H. Hyde
1899 29 Nov M Wilson, Miss Kate and Allen Seely, both of Richmond twp., m. "last week" in Elmira, Ny.; she dau. late Silas Wilson
1899 27 Dec M Wilson, Miss Kate B. and Al;len Seelye, both of Mansfield m. Elmira, Ny., Nov 22nd by Rev. E. Pitman
1899 27 Dec M Wilson, Miss Mary and Wells O. Ashley of Sullivan twp. m. Wellsboro Dec 13th by Rev. N. Reynolds
1899 15 & 29 Nov D Wineski (Weneski), Peter of Corning, d. at Lindley in railroad accident "mon.", buried Polish cem., Blossburg
1899 25 Jan M Winston, Miss Nellie V. of Troy and Arthur A. Case m. her home "last Sat."
1899 22 Mar M Wolfrom, Hosea and Miss Hattie Day, both of Corning, m. her home Mar 18th; she dau. Charles Day
1899 4 Oct B Wood dau. to J. of E. Lawrence (no date)
1899 15 Nov B Wood son to Ernest of Elk Run Nov 1st
1899 13 Sep B Wood  son to Dr. F. G. Wood Mansfield b. "today"
1899 30 Aug M Wood, Miss Florence of Painer Run and Edmund Faulkner of Pipe Line, Pa. m. at State Line, Ny., Aug 27th
1899 12 Apr D Woodard, Mrs. Maria d. West Jackson Apr 1st, age 86
1899 18 Jan D Woodruff, Mr. d. near Nauvoo "Fri.", fell out of his sleigh
1899 4 Jan M Woolcott, John E. and Miss Eva Hutchinson, both of Wellsboro, m. Christmas Eve at Presbyterian parsonage, Corning, Ny
1899 20 Dec B Wylis son to William of West Sullivan Dec 11th
1899 13 Dec M Yard, Rev. W. H. of Mainesburg and Miss Van Alstine of Little Falls, Ny., to be m. "tomorrow"
1899 12 Jul B York baby to Bird of Elk Run (no date)
1899 7 Jun B Youmans dau. to Thomas of Mardin (no date)
1899 30 Aug M Youmans, Walter and Miss Myrtle Neal m. his home Aug 23rd by Rev. Kerrick (Mardin items)
1899 31 May D Young, Miss Kate  of Cincinnati, Ohio d. at Pittsburgh, Pa., last week - result of operation; sister of Mrs. A. R. Niles of Wellsboro

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