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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 1901 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1900 21 Feb D Abell, Mrs. Ida d. Stokesdale, age 37 (no date)
1900 28 Mar M Abernathy, George and Miss Ella Moore m. Mar 16th at Wellsboro by Rev. N. Reynolds (Mardin notes)
1900 28 Feb D Ackley, Ross L. d. "l;ast week Mon." at Westfield home of Clarence Hancock, age 42, consumption, m. 1888 to Minnie Douglass of Sabinsville, no children left
1900 2 May B Adams dau. to J. W. of Elkland (no date)
1900 1 & 8 Aug M Adams, Miss E. Louise and Dr. J. E. Williamson to be m. by Rev. W. G. Hull "tomorrow"; she dau. J. W. Adams
1900 19 Sep M Albee, Ray of Tuscarora and Miss Lizzie Murray of Elkland m. at Nelson Sep 10th
1900 7 Nov D Albert, William L. d. Kalkaska, Mich. "last Sun.", left 2 sons, former res. Mansfield
1900 10 Jan D Allen, Delos d. Sagetown, (near Millerton) age 59, left 1 son and 2 daus.
1900 19 Sep M Allen, Oscar H. and Miss Cora May Cleary of Wellsboro m. at Corning "last Sun." by Rev. Hutton
1900 7 Feb D Allison infant child of Mr. and Mrs. _____ of Tioga d. (no date)
1900 15 Aug D Althouse, Mrs. Maria (William) d. Oregon, Ill. "yest", dau. of late Vardis Shaw of Mansfield, sis. Of William Shaw
1900 6 Jun D Amerman, Mrs. Ella d. Shrewsbury, Mass., May 30th, brain ailment, widow of Lemuel Amerman of Scranton, Pa., 2 step-children.
1900 12 Dec M Andrews, Mrs. Clara B. and Ralph E. Baker m. Roseville
1900 10 Jan M Angell, Ruth Mary and Rev. Charles W. Scheffer of Greenwood, Ny. m. her home Knoxville Jan 2nd; she dau. W. D. Angell
1900 3 Jan M Armstrong, Thomas and Miss Norah Williams, both of Rutland twp. m. Dec 30th 1899 at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1900 21 Nov M Arnold, Miss Terra M. of Tuscorora and Charles M. Culver of Towanda m. "last Wed."
1900 3 Oct B Ashley dau. to A. B. of Mainesburg Sep 22nd
1900 24 Oct M Austin, Miss Ida and Jay Hall, both of Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville Oct 21st
1900 21 Nov M Austin, Miss Phebe A. of Ogdensburg and Mr. James M. Fellows of Mainesburg m. at Mainesburg Nov 18th by E. R. Maine, Esq.
1900 28 Feb D Austin, Mrs. Nancy d. "last Sat." at Charleston, widow of Nathan Austin
1900 6 Jun M Avery, Harry B of Roseville and Miss Mae King of Grover, Pa., m. at Canton "last Wed."
1900 3 Oct M Avery, Will of Wellsburg, Ny., m. _____ _____ (no date), bro. of Harry of Roseville
1900 28 Feb D Ayers, Frederick C. d. Elmira, Ny. "last Sun.", pneumonia, native of Wells, Bradford co., Pa., B. Sep 4th 1862, 1 son and 1 dau.
1900 3 Jan M Ayers, Miss Lucy B. and Hosea W. Joralemon m. "last Thur." at home of her uncle A. C. Young, Rutland twp; he son Charles J. of Columbia twp. (Bradford co.), m. by Rev. John VanKirk of State Line, cousin of groom
1900 24 Oct D Ayers, Roselle d. nelson Oct 14th, cancer, wife of George C. Ayers
1900 16 May B Ayres dau to Gates Ayres of Jackson twp. May 8th
1900 8 Aug M Babcock, Miss Harriette and Walter Rozell m. hornell, Ny., Jul 26th; he former res. Mansfield
1900 7 Feb D Bache, William d. Wellsboro "last Thur", son of William Bache who came in 1812, surviving of 3 children - Mrs. Sarah Nichols and 1 bro. John N. Bache
1900 19 Sep M Bacon, Dr. M. Louis of Wellsboro and Miss Nina Giles of Jamestown m. her home "last week"; she sis. Of Mrs. A. M. Roy
1900 31 Oct B Badman, Theodore Roosevelt b. to John of Mardin (no date)
1900 21 Feb D Bailey  infant dau. of Freeman of Mansfield d. "Mon." of measles
1900 18 Jul M Bailey, Harry W. of Mansfield and Miss Kittie Rose of Wellsboro m. "today" her home by Rev. A. Shaw; he son of T. R. Bailey of Mansfield; she dau. Dr. Frank H. Rose
1900 21 Feb M Bailey, M. D. (well-known in Mansfield) and Mrs. Emma E. Tallman, both of Topeka, Kan., m. Feb 5th
1900 12 & 19 Sep D Bailey, Mrs. J. W. d. Wellsboro? (no date), funeral at Jersey Shore
1900 7 Feb M Baity, Daniel R. and Miss Mary B. Wilkins, both of Sullivan, m. her home Jan 31st by Rev. L. Grover; she dau. George Wilkins
1900 12 Dec M Baker, Lester of Coryland and Miss Cora M. West of Columbia X-roads m. at Wellsburg (Roseville items)
1900 26 Sep M Baker, Mark H. of Pine City, Ny. and Miss Elsie M. Edsall of Millerton, Pa., at Caton, Ny., Sep 15th by Rev. C. Shergur
1900 3 Jan M Baker, Miss Ella and Mr. L. Briggs, both of Azelta, Tioga co., Pa., m. Elmira, Ny. "a few nights ago" by Rev. Henry
1900 12 Dec M Baker, Ralph E. and Mrs. Clara B,. Andrews m. Roseville
1900 28 Feb M Baker, Victor of Osceola and Miss Lydia Mourey of Farmington to be m. Mar 14th
1900 3 Oct D Banker, William K. of Tioga "recently killed in the Philippines", a vol. in Co. K.
1900 14 Nov D Barber, S. Lorenzo d. Covington "Mon." at home of S. T. Marvin, nearly 86 (birthday Dec 27th), left 2 daus: Mrs. Helen French and Mrs. Horace W. LeValley who were called to Covington by his illness; and 1 sis. Mrs. Minerva Baker
1900 18 Jul M Barner, Harry of Waterloo, Ny. and Miss Leah Stratton of mansfield m. Waterloo Jul 7th
1900 25 Apr D Barnes, J. E. d. Millerton Apr 17th, age 70
1900 8 Aug D Barnes, William d. Hills Creek Aug 1st, age 82, b. Oxford, Ny. Apr 6th 1818, came here 1836 m Dec 1838 Elizabeth Sliter (she d. 1898); had: Jane (Mrs. Henry) Lyon, Hills Creek, Elizabeth (Mrs. Thomas) Regan, Galeton and Harriet (Mrs. A. D. ) Richardson, Cedar Run, uncle of Mrs. Benjamin Mann of Mansfield
1900 24 Jan D Barnhardt, Mrs. Phylene G. d. Lawrenceville Jan 11th, age 62, consumption, left 6 children, had res. Covington until 1881
1900 19 Dec D Barnhardt, Windsor d. at his uncle's (Guy Persing) in Farmington Dec 7th, age 29
1900 21 Nov B Batey (Baity) son to Mr. of Batey Settlement Nov 18th
1900 17 Jan D Batterson, A. J. d. Mansfield "Sun.", age 59, left widow and 2 sons in North Dakota, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, former res. of Canton
1900 31 Jan M Beard, Lewis C. of Keeneyville and Miss Bertha French of Middlebury m. Jan 18th at South Addison
1900 26 Sep M Beauge, Miss Naomi of Wellsboro and John Davis of East Charleston m. "last Wed."; she dau. Eugene Beage
1900 11 Apr D Beers., Dr. J. B. d. Crooked Creek "last Thur.", typhoid pneumonia, b. Danby, Ny. Nov 1859, been in area since 1889
1900 6 Jun B Belknapp son to Willis of West Jackson (no date)
1900 14 Nov B Benedict Formerly of Lambs Creek and Miss Florence Houser of Corning "recently m."
1900 1 Aug M Benjamin, Frank R. and Miss Addie Dartt, both of Wellsboro, to be m. Aug 8th; she dau. Hiram W. Dartt
1900 7 Nov M Benson, Louis of Watkins, Ny. and Miss Edith Harvey of Upper Lambs Creek m. "recently"
1900 3 Oct M Bentley, Miss Stella M.  of Columbia X-roads and W. Lee Drew of Wellsboro m. "last Wed." at her home by Rev. W. Barrell; she dau. Thurston Bentley
1900 18 Apr B Bishop son to R. H. of Elmira (no date), grandson of Landlord French of Mansfield
1900 12 Sep D Bishop, Robert French d. Mansfield "yest.", age 4 mos., 24das., son of Robert H. of Elmira, Ny., grandson of Landlord French, buried Watkins, Ny.
1900 11 Apr M Black, Landlord of Morris and Miss Alice C. Stone of Wellsboro m. Williamsport "last Wed."
1900 21 Feb M Blanchard, Fred J. of Covington and Miss Lucy M. Redfield of same m. Covington "last evening" by Rev. Reynolds; she dau. Editor Charles C. Redfield
1900 19 Dec M Bliss, Charles D. and Miss Leah Maud Bowen to be m. "Christmas evening" her home: she dau. David Bowen of Charleston
1900 14 Mar D Bloom, Mrs. Susan A. d. Covington "last week Thur.", jaundice, her husband Nathaniel Bloom, of Covington, d. there "Sat." of a stroke
1900 3 Jan M Bly, Miss Emma of Millerton and William Shelton, "recently m."
1900 4 Jul D Boats, John d. Gaines "Sun.", log accident, "a Canadian" with no relatives here
1900 18 Apr D Bodine, Isaac M. d. Wellsboro "Mon.", age 70, a life-long resident
1900 19 Dec D Bodine, Mrs. Ellen Barlow d. Wellsboro, pneumonia, (no date) widow of Ellis B. Bodine, age 55, left 3 sons; Frank, Thomas and Arthur, all of Wellsboro
1900 24 Jan M Bonham, Miss Jessie L. of Osceola and William Cornelius of Elkland m. Rochester, Ny., Jan 1st
1900 13 Jun D Borden, Mrs. H. C. d. Walla Walla (Wash.?) "recently", age 60, former res. Tioga
1900 11 Jul M Boughton, W. H. of Springfield, Pa. and Miss Mary E. Prethero of Elmira m. "recently"; she former res. Wellsboro
1900 19 Dec M Bowen, Miss Leah Maud and Charles D. Bliss to be m. "Christmas evening" her home'; she dau. David Bowen of Charleston
1900 10 Jan M Bowen, Miss Rachel A. and Leonard R. Satterly m. Charleston (no date)
1900 28 Nov D Bowman, Mrs. Daniel d. Elmira, Ny., Nov 19th, buried Millerton beside late husband
1900 25 Apr D Boyce, Charles Lewis d. Richmond twp. "last week Tue.",. Age 10, son of M. S. Boyce, appendix
1900 25 Jul M Brace, Fred of Mansfield and Miss Kathleen Hill of Morris Run m. Jul 16th at Lindley,Ny
1900 9 May M Brace, Miss Lucy of Mansfield and Oscar Clark of Lambs Creek m. at Mansfield "last Sta." by Rev. W. Hull
1900 12 Dec M Brace, Orville P. of Mill Creek and Miss Anna M. Smith of Painter Run m.her home Dec 5th by Rev. Hudson, she dau. G. W. Smith
1900 12 Dec D Bradford, Alice I. Dartt d. Sullivan twp. "last Sat.", cancer, in 51st yr., a dau. of late Chauncey Dartt of East Charleston, m. Dr. L. J. Bradford 1875, left 4 sons: Bayard G., Carl M., Joseph D., and Richard C., 1 son d. at age 15, also 3 sis. Mrs. Peter Wortindyke, Miss Ellen Dartt, Troy; Mrs. Paul Pomeroy, Athens; Oakwood Cem., Troy
1900 4 Apr D Bradway infant dau. of W. D. of Canoe Camp, buried on Mon., this baby b. Mar 30th
1900 27 Jun M Brees, Miss Mabel of Corning and William Rogers of Painted Post, Ny to be m. "today", he formerly of Mansfield
1900 6 Jun M Brewster, Katharine Donaldson and John Bache Truman, both of Wellsboro, m. there "yest." by Rev. W. Heakes; he son A. A. Truman, she dau. C. E. Brewster
1900 10 Jan M Briggs, Miss May and J. Bernice Frasier of Deerfield m. her home near Knoxville (no date); she dau. Albert Briggs
1900 3 Jan M Briggs, Mr. L. and Miss Ella Baker, both of Azelta, Tioga co., Pa., m. Elmira, Ny. "a few nights ago" by Rev. Henry
1900 10 Jan D Brockway, Mrs. ____ d. Tioga twp. ____
1900 17 Jan M Brooks, Miss Myrtie and Herbert Brown of Leona m. "last Tue."; she dau. Addison Brooks
1900 5 Sep D Broughton, Charles  of Morris, age 45, killed by a Fall Brook train Aug 23rd
1900 17 Jan M Brown, Herbert of Leona and Miss Myrtie Brooks of same, m. "last Tue"; she dau. Addison Brooks
1900 21 Feb D Brownlee, Capt. John  of Costello, Potter co., d. "last Sat.", heart disease, step-bro. of Hon., Hugh Young of Wellsboro
1900 17 Jan M Buck, Leon of Knoxville and Miss Sarah Raucher of Bradford, m. her home Jan 15th, he son of ____ Buck of Mansfield
1900 31 Jan M Buck, Miss Lulu N. of Westfield and A. Frank Wood of Corning m. Jan 17th at Corning, Ny
1900 14 Feb D Bull, Lucy Love Carr d. Addison, Ny., Feb 5th, peritonitis, b. Daggetts, Pa., Feb 1st 1872, came Mansfield 1889, m. George S. Bull Sep 12th 1893 at Covington, buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield, left 1 son Stephen age 5, parents, 2 bros. and 2 sis. (her husband's father was Stephen Bull - but her father's name not given.)
1900 7 Feb D Bull, Mrs. Lucy Carr d. Addison, Ny. "Mon.", brought to Mansfield for funeral (see 2/14)
1900 9 May M Bull, William S. of Mansfield and Miss Adeline Weber of Troy to be m. "today" she dau. B. F. Weber
1900 17 Jan D Bullock, Mrs. Furman d. at Altus "last week"
1900 28 Feb B Burdick son to P. E. of Elkland (no date)
1900 14 Mar D Burley, Mrs. W. R. d. "Sun" funeral at Mansfield (see 4/11)
1900 11 Apr D Burley, Mrs. W. R. d. near Mansfield Mar 11th, b. Gray's Valley Jun 6th 1836, m. Nov 17th Forste Updyke, he d. Civil War, had : Ella (Mrs. L. C. Starkey) of Richmond & Llewellyn of Mansfield; she m. 2nd Apr 10th 1867 W. R. Burley, had: George W. (deceased) and Ada (Mrs. C. E. Soper) of Covington
1900 7 Mar B Burnham dau. to Bert and Effie A. Sherman Burnham a dau. on Mar 2nd
1900 5 Dec D Burton, Annie d. "last Fri," near Mansfield, age 13, burned, dau. of Wesley Burton, left 4 other children, mother dead
1900 14 & 21 Mar D Burton, Mrs. M. W. d. Richmond twp. Mar 9th, age 36 yrs., 10 mos., 22 das., was b. Springfield, Bradford co. Apr 15th 1862 to C. B. Rice - the 4th dau., m. Aug 31st 1887, left 6 children, also 4 bros. and 5 sis. H. B. Rice, Nunda, Ill., B. D. Rice, Elbridge, Pa., W. O. Rice, Tyrone, Pa., Mrs. J. M. Rarick, M. M. Rice and Mrs. E. L. Forrest, Lambs Creek, Mrs. J. D. Slingerland and Mrs. A. M. Slingerland, Mansfield and Jennie L. Rice, Willard, NY
1900 7 Mar D Butler, Eva d. Westfield (no date) age 2, bronchitis, dau. of Leroy'
1900 24 Oct D Butler, George Marvin d. Copp Hollow (Covington twp.) Sun., Oct 21st, b. Jul 16th 1824 the youngest of 13, he m. 1st Lucy Clemons who d. 1889, on Jan 1st 1890 he m. Phebe Furguson, had 1 dau. Mrs. Ella LeValley of Covington
1900 7 Feb M Butler, Miss Rose M. of Mansfield and William J. Loringer of Harbor Springs, Mich. m. Jan 29th at Mansfield by Rev. W. Hull
1900 21 Feb D Butler, Mrs. Simon d. Potter Brook, measles (no date)
1900 15 Aug M Butterworth, Kent of Coudersport m. Miss Winnie Erlbeck (no date)
1900 10 Oct M Button, Wallace  and Miss Nettie Copp m. in Elmira Sep 26th (Mardin notes.)
1900 3 Oct M Cain, Francis R. of Ogdensburg and Miss Bessie Treat, granddau. Of ex-sheriff John Irvin m. at Watkins Sep 18th, he son Fred Cain
1900 6 Jun D Calkins, Ephriam d. Mansfield "Mon.", age past 70, buried East Charleston where he formerly resided
1900 7 Mar D Calkins, Mrs. Mitchell d. Feb 22nd (where?), dau.-in-law of Mrs. H. M. Calkins of Mainesburg, left 3 children
1900 3 Oct M Callahan, Otis P. of Wellsboro and Miss Theo m. Doane of Austin m. her home Sep 25th
1900 15 Aug D Callahan, Thomas d. Union twp. "last week", an old settler
1900 7 Nov M Cameron, Miss Katherine of Pittsburgh and George Gearheart of Clearfield m. Pittsburgh "last week", she dau. late Peter Cameron of Arnot
1900 21 Nov M Campbell, Miss Edith of Delmar twp. and Claude Preston of Mansfield m. at Lawrenceville "last Sun."
1900 7 Mar D Campbell, Mrs. William d. Westfield (no date), consumption, age 37, 3 children
1900 7 Nov M Canedy, William and Miss Matie Updyke m. Elmira "last week" (Roseville notes)
1900 12 Sep D Canfield, Alfred of Daggetts D. (no date), age 68, left 4 children
1900 12 Sep M Card, Leon of Sylvania and Miss Edith Richmond of Mainesburg m. Elmira, Ny., Sep 3rd
1900 24 Jan   Carneron, David was b. Glasgow, Scotland Dec 21st 1839, came here 1848 to Blossburg, m. Oct 5th 1865 Emily A. Mitchell, dau. of Thomas K. Mitchell of Mitchells Creek and granddau. Of Richard Mitchell who settled there 1792; they have 6 children
1900 11 Jul M Carpenter, _____ and Rena Copley m. (no date) (Mardin notes)
1900 19 Dec M Carpenter, Fred and Miss Bertha Gleason m. her home, Osceola, Dec 11th, she dau. Ezra Gleason
1900 24 Jan D Carpenter, Mrs. Dolly d. Wellsboro (no date), had 13 children, 8 survive: Mrs. Louisa Colegrove, Delmar: Walls C. of Charleston; John of Charleston; Luther of Round Top; Mrs. Zelphia Root, Stony Fork; Mrs. Nettie Dan, Elmira; Clinton of New Brigton, Minn.; Mrs. Elizabeth Dibble, Wellsboro
1900 26 Dec M Carpenter, Rav. Charles of Nelson and Miss Frances E. Kerns of Canisteo to be m. "today" her home
1900 19 Sep D Case, Hiram d. Troy Sep 2nd b. Troy twp. 1825, left 4 sons: William Penn, Fowler, Horace and Walter
1900 19 Dec M Cass, Miss Lura and Hiram Taylor French of Mascow, Idaho m. "today" at Boise, Id.
1900 26 Sep M Chamberlain, James E. of Mainesburg and Miss Iva E. Clark of Sullivan twp. m. at Wellsburg, Ny "last Thur."
1900 21 Feb Champaign son of ex-sheriff and Mrs. W. F. "last Fri." at _____( Wellsboro?)
1900 19 Sep D Cisco, Mrs. L. A. d. Elkland Sep 11th, age 58, buried Nelson, mother of Mrs. J. Goodrich, Elkland
1900 30 May B Clark dau. to Howard of Williamsport May 28th, granddau. Of M. L. Clark of Mansfield
1900 12 Dec B Clark  son to George E. of Lambs Creek (no date)
1900 26 Sep M Clark, Miss Iva E.  of Sullvian Twp. and James E. Chamberlain of Mainesburg m. at Wellsburg, Ny. "last Thur."
1900 16 May D Clark, Mrs. Marietta d. Richmondtwp. "Mon.", age 53, on May 5th, consumption, wife of M. B. Clark, dau. of Ananias Richmond of Mansfield, left 3 children: Mrs. Oscar Webster, Elmer and Wesley Clark; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 9 May M Clark, Oscar of Lambs Creek and Miss Lucy Brace of Mansfield m. at Mansfield "last Sat." by Rev. W. Hull
1900 26 Dec M Clark, Wellington F. and Miss Lena S. Mudge m. Mansfield Dec 20th by Rev. W. Hull; she dau. Stephen Mudge
1900 19 Sep M Cleary, Miss Cora May of Wellsboro and Oscar H. Allen m. at Corning "last Sun." by Rev. Hutton
1900 17 Jan B Clemons dau. to Mart of Mardin "last week"
1900 8 Aug B Cleveland dau. to Elmer of Richmond twp. Jul 31st
1900 10 Jan D Closson, Mrs. ____ d. Gaines "last week Mon.", mother of Mrs. Vermilyea (of Mansfield?)
1900 26 Sep M Cogswell, Miss Carrie of West Auburn and Martin E. Rohrer of Strasburg, Pa. m. "today" her home; she sis. Mrs. J. M. Clark of Mansfield
1900 24 Jan D Cole, Fred d. Lawrenceville, age 12, railroad accident
1900 14 Mar D Coleman, Homer d. Potterville, Bradford co. (no date), stroke, father of Mrs. Arthur E. Smith of Mansfield
1900 9 May M Coleman, T. P. and Miss Jennie Tipton, both of Morris Run, m. Elmira, Ny., Apr 25th by Rev. Beadle
1900 14 Feb D Collins, Mrs. Eleanor d. East Charleston, age 80, 3 sons of Charleston, 1 at Bloomfield, Nj., 1 dau. Mrs. Andrew Klock, Covington, 2 sis. Mrs. John Kohler and Mrs. Martha Avery of Charleston
1900 27 Jun M Connelly, Miss Edna and D. A. Dacey of Covington to be m. "Wed." ; she dau. B. F. Connelly
1900 21 Nov M Cook, Eugene and Miss Emily Engels m. in Calif. "recently", he son James Cook of Nelson
1900 7 Mar M Cook, Rosie B. and Burton W. Smith, both of Rutland m. at C. E. Wilcox home Mar 3rd by Squire C. Kelley
1900 7 Feb D Coons, A. P. of Canton d. (no date), age 57, left several children and 1 bro. G. M. Coons

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