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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1900 7 Nov M Harris, Miss Hattie J. of Canton and Elmer L. Snell of Jobs Corners m. at Elmira, Ny (no date)
1900 9 May D Harrison little dau. of Mrs. Lizzie Harrison d. Lawrencefille, diphtheria
1900 7 Feb M Hart, John W. and Miss Anna J. Hartzog of Wellsboro to be m. Feb 20th her home
1900 7 Feb M Hartzog, Miss Anna J. of Wellsboro and John W. Hart to be m. Feb 20th her home
1900 28 Feb B Harvey son to Rev. and Mrs. James Harvey at Edna, Kan. (formerly of Mansfield) (no date)
1900 26 Dec D Harvey, Edwin d. Mansfield "today", age about 2 yrs., croupous pneumonia, son of Willard
1900 7 Nov M Harvey, Miss Edith of Upper Lambs Creek and Louis Benson of Watkins, Ny. m. "recently"
1900 31 Jan M Hastings, Miss Myra A. of Chatham and Sherman Fisk of Knoxville to be m. "next Tue.", Feb 6th
1900 17 Oct B Hatfield dau. to Mr. and Mrs. "Mon" (Roseville notes)
1900 19 Dec D Havens, Bert d. Westfield (no date), anthrax, age 28
1900 18 Jul M Havens, Charles of Tioga and Miss Edith Johnson of Farmington m. Corning, Ny (no date), she dau. Niles Johnson
1900 27 Jun B Hayes  son to Edgar of Schodac Jun 24th
1900 30 May D Hayes, David d. Morris Run May 18th, age 61, left 11 children, been there many years
1900 5 Sep D Henry, George of Wellsboro d. Danville State Hosp., age 40
1900 19 Sep M Herrick, Maud E. of Austinville and Thad. J. Watkins m. at State Line by Rev. J. VanKirk (no date)
1900 3 Oct M Herrington, Bert and Mrs. Edith Quackenbush, both of Tioga Twp., m. Elmira, Ny. (no date)
1900 10 Oct B Hertle dau. to Charles of Mansfield Sep 29th
1900 6 & 13 Jun M Hickey, Charles D. of Tioga (Mitchell's Creek?) and Miss Lizzie (Tipping) Tippering? Of Corning to be m. "this month" (at Tioga "last Wed.")
1900 19 Sep M Hilfigger, Miss Catherine of Coryland Bradford co., and William Keehler, Esq. of Blossburg m. Elmira, Ny. Sep 11th; she former res. of Sullivan twp.
1900 25 Jul M Hill, Miss Kathleen of Morris Run and Fred Brace of Mansfield m. Jul 16th at Lindley, Ny
1900 19 Dec D Hoagland, Burr d. Chicago, Ill "last week", a native of Covington, left 1 dau.
1900 26 Sep M Hoar, Miss Fannie of Corning and Quin W. Farr (late of Tioga) m. ; dau. of James Hoar of the Corning cut Glass Works
1900 8 Aug M Hoffman, Miss Bertha of Flatbush, Ny and Dr. C. W. Kelgaard of Gaines m. at Southampton, Ny., 8 wks. Ago. Just announced; she dau. of Capt. Henry Hoffman
1900 17 Jan D Hogaboom, Mrs. Margaret d. Jobs Corners "last week Tue." in 78th yr., mother of Lloyd H. of Jobs Corners, heart disease
1900 25 Apr B Holcomb son to Bert of Sullivan twp. (no date)
1900 25 Jul D Holcomb, Mrs. Kate M. d. Jul 17th in Philadelphia, dau. of late Dr. G. D. Maine of mainesburg, funeral at Mainesburg, 1 son George M. Holcomb, niece of E. R. Maine, sis. Of Mrs. J. C. Cudworth all of Mainesburg
1900 25 Jul M Holden, Miss Alice (age 13) and Herbert Luther to be m. Jul 28th at home of her great-grandmother Mrs. Margaret Holden, Stokesdale; her grandfather lives in Mansfield
1900 22 Aug M Holden, Miss Maud Gertrude and Alfred S. Kress of Pittsburgh, m. Pittsburgh Jul 18th; she dau. D. A. Holden of Mansfield
1900 5 Sep   Holiday, Ephraim of Farmington Hill, was 61 yrs. old on Aug 29th (b. 1839)
1900 12 Dec D Holmes, Mrs. Mary d. Waverly, Ny., age 44, a native of Columbia twp., Bradford co.
1900 10 Jan B Horton dau. to T. I. of Fife Lake, Mich., on Aug 16th 1899
1900 28 Feb M Horton, C. H. of near Lawrenceville and Mrs. Tillie E. Howell of Owasco Lake, Ny., m. "last Wed." at his home by Rev. L. Mulhollen; he son Mrs. Hannah Horton and former res. of Mansfield
1900 8 Aug D Horton, Capt. A. B. of Johnsonburg, Pa., d. at his son's in Blossburg "Mon.", bro. of Elias Horton and Mrs. J. C. Doane of Mansfield; father of Lou G. Horton of Blossburg
1900 28 Feb M Horton, Fred E. son of Elias Horton of Westfield, has m. Miss Rena Gillespie, dau. of Judge G. of Salona, Calif.
1900 5 Dec D Horton, Miss Tessie d. "last Sat." at home of Grant Lewis in Sullivan twp., age 13, stomach ailment, dau. of Jefferson Horton, Lewis was her uncle; buried Rutland
1900 10 Oct M Houser, Miss Florence of Corning and Thurston Hager, formerly of Lambs Creek "recently m."
1900 17 Jan M Howard, Maggie and Enos Rood are a newly married Potter Brook couple
1900 26 Dec B Howe dau. Laura b. to Bert of Richmond twp. Dec 14th
1900 14 Nov M Howe, Miss Mary E. of Elkland and John Yossie "recently" m. at her home
1900 19 Sep B Howell  son to E. O. and Lulu Starkey Howell of Harford, Pa., Sep 11th
1900 4 Apr D Howell, Mrs. Chauncey d. Tioga "last Wed.", nee Dutton
1900 28 Feb M Howell, Mrs. Tillie E. of Owasco Lake, Ny., and C. H. Horton of near Lawrenceville, m. "last Wed." at his home by Rev. L. Hulhollen; he son Mrs. Hannah Horton and former res. of Mansfield
1900 19 Dec B Howland son to Ed of Covington Dec 16th
1900 23 May D Howland, Mrs. Maria J. d. St. Louis, Mo., May 13th, buried Tioga May 16th, wodow of Rev. Dr. W. G. Howland, formerly of Tioga who d. at Cameron, Ny. 1892
1900 28 Feb M Hubbard, Lewis of Troupsburg and Miss Lucy Perry of Knoxville m. (no date)
1900 30 May D Hughes, Miss Henrietta d. Mitchell Creek "last Wed.", age 56
1900 2 May M Hughes, Miss Mertie M and Fred C. Deuel m. her home Mitchell's Creek "last week Wed.
1900 10 Oct   Hulslander Excerpts from "History of Hulslander Family" (by John H., 1900); I Nicholas came to Newburg, Ny. about 1748. Had son John. II John d. Dryden, Ny., buried Tobis Cemetery on the Catskill Turnpike, age 84+ yrs.; had 3 sons: Jacob, Nicholar and Isaac. III Jacob had 10 children: John, David, Isaac, Susan, Peter, William, Ezekiel, Jacob, Eliza and Mariah. IV John, II, had 1 dau. m. and lived in Dryden, Ny. David had 9: John*, Justin, Thomas, Mariah, Susan, Ezekiel, David, Harriet, Julia & Peter. Peter has 10: Eliger, William George, Charles, Winifield, Mary, Charlotte, Ellen, Lynn and Emma. William had 6: John, Sam, David, Hannah, Mariah and Josephine. Ezekiel had 8: Sarah, Jacob, Frank, Delia, Hester, Ida, Elizabeth adn Watson. Jacob d. in Civil War. V. *John (Oldest of David) has 12: Marion (a), Walter, Mariah, Edward (Edward has: Lavinia and Adie), Oscar, Amanda, William, Adie (Mrs. Angie Walker & has: Leah), Horace (Horace has: Fern, Mosel, Eva), Eva, John and Theron. VI (a) Marion has 6: Leah (Mrs. Myron All
1900 28 Feb D Hunt, John d. Millerton (no date), aged resident
1900 7 Feb D Hurley, Miss Mary E. d. Blossburg "last Wed.", in 19th yr., consumption, step-dau. of John Lyons.
1900 23 May D Husted, Joseph d. Covington May 19th, apoplexy, b. Southport, Ny. Dec 17th 1820, left 2 sons: W. D. Husted, Mansfield; L. S. Husted, Allentown, and 1 dau. Mrs. Bert E. Coe, Covington, also 1 bro. James B. Husted of Sylvania buried Covington Cem.
1900 17 Oct D Hutchinson, William b. Dresden, Vt. Mar 25th 1823, came here 1849, m. Miss Fidelia Fralic on Oct 17th 1852, he d. Mansfield Mon., Oct 15th, left 1 dau. Mrs. F. P. Ticker of Elmira, Ny., buried Home Cem., Mansfield, also left 2 sis. Mrs. E. L. Nichols and Miss Eugene (sp) Hutchinson of Burlington, Vt., and 3 half-bro. E. S. Jewell of Troy, Daniel Jewell of Binghamton and C. E. Jewell of Conklin, Ny.
1900 9 May M Huyler (Heyler?), Lawrence C. of Sebring and Miss Virginia M. Messner of East Point to be m. May 24th
1900 4 Apr M Hymes, Miss Fannie  of Middlebury and Thomas Leete of Hammond m. Mar 27th
1900 15 Aug M Inscho, Ernest P. and Miss Mary Z. Jones to be m. today in Elmira by Rev. F. Reynolds
1900 12 Sep M Inscho, Miss Lena of Tioga and Dr. MacCormack, formerly of Tioga m. "today" at Tioga; she dau. J. L. Inscho
1900 16 May B Irwin son to Joseph of Hills Creek (no date)
1900 17 Oct D Ives, William C. d. Wellsboro "last Tue.", age 22
1900 26 Sep M Jacques, Rev. William of Cincinnatus, Ny. and Miss Frederica Malette of Elmira m. there "yest.", he formerly at Rutland Ch.
1900 11 Apr M Jaquish, Lena M. of Covington and Ansel J. Peck m. Lawrenceville Apr 1st by Rev. L. Mulhollen
1900 15 Aug D Jayne, David d. Mansfield Aug 12th, age 83yrs., 5 mos., b. at Mehoopany, Pa. Mar 10th 1817, one of family of 11, 1 sis. And 3 bros. survive, left 2 sons: W. L. Jayne of Mansfield and Dr. Calvin Jayne of Madison, Wisc.
1900 27 Jun M Jennings, Edgar L. of Ulysses and Miss Anna G. Mastin of East Charleston m. her home "last Wed." by Rev. D. White
1900 24 Oct M Jerald, Miss Ada of Richmond twp. and Carl McConnell m. Wellsboro "last Wed.", he son of Joseph McConnell, she dau. William B. Jerald
1900 22 Aug B Jermin son to R. B. of Covington Aug 20th
1900 25 Apr M Jerold, Miss Alice L of Mansfield and Andrew Nelson of Canoe Camp m. at Mansfield Apr 11th by Rev. W. Hull
1900 16 May M Jeroleman, Mr. of Virtus and Miss Edith Warner of same m. May 11th her home (Roseville news)
1900 8 Aug D Jewell, Andrew d. Southport Corners, Ny., Jul 26th, age 82, an early settler of Jackson twp., Pa.
1900 12 Dec M Johns, Fred and _____ McConnell m. Roseville, she eldest dau. Frank McConnell
1900 18 Jul M Johnson, Miss Edith of Farmington and Charles Havens of Tioga m. Corning, Ny (no date), she dau. Niles Johnson
1900 24 Jan D Johnson, Thomas O. d. Elkland (no date), age 23, typhoid pneumonia, left wife, mother and 1 sis.
1900 21 & 28 Nov M Johnston, Robert of Washington and Miss Blanche Everett m. Buffalo, Ny "last Wed."; she sis. Of Mrs. Byron Bartlett of Mansfield and Miss Nellie Everett
1900 17 Oct M Jones, David J. of Charleston twp. and Sarah Davis of Covington m. by Rev. N. Reynolds (no date or place)
1900 21 Feb D Jones, David L. d. Cherry Flats, age 86 (no date)
1900 15 Aug M Jones, Miss Mary Z. and Ernest P. Inscho to be m. today in Elmira by Rev. F. Reynolds
1900 14 Mar D Jones, Owen d. Mansfield Mar 9th, age 21, buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield, 2 bros. Benjamin and William, son of John Jones
1900 21 Nov M Joraleman, Miss Adda of Troy and Frank Solomon of Boston, Mass m. at White Plains, Ny. (her sister's) (no date)
1900 3 Jan M Joralemon, Hosea W. and Miss Lucy B. Ayers m. "last Thur." at home of her uncle A. C. Young, Rutland twp.; he son Charles J. of Columbia twp. (Bradford co.), m. by Rev. John VanKirk of State Line, cousin of groom
1900 28 Feb M Kaufelt, Edward of Covington and Miss Josie Cullen of same m. "last Thur."
1900 19 Sep M Keehler, William, Esq. of Blossburg and Miss Catherine Hilfigger of Coryland, Bradford co., m. Elmira, Ny. Sep 11th; she former res. of Sullivan twp.
1900 21 Feb M Keeney, Hettie W. of Stokesdale and Leonard L. Gee of Keeneyville m. (no date)
1900 14 Feb D Keeney, Newton M. d. Chicago, Ill. "Tue.", age about 45, left 1 son and 1 dau., 2 bros. and 2 sis. (one sis. Mrs. A. S. Reynolds of Mansfield), son of late Jesse M. Keeney of Tioga twp.
1900 8 Aug M Kelgaard, Dr. C. W. of Gaines and Miss Bertha Hoffman of Flatbush, Ny m. at Southampton, My., 8 wks. Ago, just announced; she dau. of Capt. Henry Hoffman
1900 28 Feb B Kelley  son to W. H. of Lambs Creek on Feb 22nd
1900 21 Feb M Kelley, Miss Anna and Fred Wheeler, both of Cherry Flats, m. "last Wed." in Elmira
1900 3 Oct M Kelsey, Fred of Addison and Miss Anna Suhr of Wellsboro m. her home Sep 26th
1900 14 Feb B Kelts son to E. G. Kelts of Knoxville (no date)
1900 27 Jun   Kelts a sketch of Sobrine Kelts b. Mansfield 1814, m. 1837 Susie Middaugh of Lawrence twp., she dau. Joseph, he son John Kelts who came 1804, Sobrine had: Victor Leroy and Alexander A. (both d. Civil War); Isabel Reep (Mrs. Valentine), Catharine (Mrs. Daniel) Clark; Della (Mrs. Horace) Reep; Horace Kelts; Sarah (Mrs. Sperry) Richmond, Ida (Mrs. George) Lenox; Sobrine and wife still alive Jun 1900
1900 15 Aug M Kelts, Miss Edith of Richmond twp. and Ralph Schoonover of Addison, Ny. m. "last week Fri." at home of Horace Ripley by Rev. L. Gates: she dau. Horace Kelts of Richmond (double wedding)
1900 12 Dec D Kendall, L. W. d. Burlington "Sat.", age 78, left 3 sons and 1 dau.
1900 4 Jul M Kenyon, Miss Ada and Dr. Ralph Ferry of Keeneyville m. her home near Troy "last week Wed."; she dau. Lafayette Kenyon
1900 26 Dec M Kerns, Miss Frances E. of Canisteo and Rev. Charles Carpenter of Nelson to be m. "today" her home
1900 10 Jan M Kettyle, George W.  of Corning, Ny. and Miss Gertrude A. Woitwich of Mansfield m. at Elmira, Ny Jan 2nd by Rev. F. W. Reynolds
1900 24 Oct M Kilbourn, F. N. and Miss Mabel Randall, both of Union twp., to be m. "today" her home
1900 14 Feb B Kimball dau. to Clark K. of Westfield (no date)
1900 18 Apr D King, John A. buried Wellsboro "Mon." been there "a number of years"
1900 6 Jun M King, Miss Mae of Grover, Pa., and Harry B. Avery of Roseville m. at Canton "last Wed."
1900 27 Jun D Kinner, Hon. F. L. d. Athens "last Fri."
1900 11 Apr D Kirch, Dr. Ruth B d. Toledo, Ohio, Apr 5th, age 51, heart disease, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, dau. of late H. K. Husted of E. Charleston, sis. Of Mrs. Homer F. Kingsley, Mansfield; W. H. and J. C. Husted of E. Charleston and Mardin, MSNS '68 (no children)
1900 7 Feb B Knapp son to Hiram of Mardin "last week" (the 12th child)
1900 5 Sep D Knapp, Charles M d. Canoe Camp "Mon.", age 15, typhoid, son of Charles H., buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 14 Mar B Knights dau. to Frank of Richmond twp. Mar 14th
1900 28 Feb B Knowlton son to M. S. of Covington (no date)
1900 28 Nov D Knowlton, Mrs. Elizabeth Kelley d. Canoe Camp "Fri.", widow of John, had 5 children, 4 left; Mrs. M. R. Goodall, Mrs. E. A. Spencer, Kelley and Charles Knowlton, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 4 Apr M Krebs, Andrew J. of Lawrenceville and Miss Bessie Purvis of Ward twp. m. her home Mar 24th by Rev. L. Grover
1900 2 May D Kreger, Mrs. Charles  d. Hartfield Apr 16th, age 15 yrs., 5 mos., left 1 child
1900 22 Aug M Kress, Alfred S. of Pittsburgh and Miss Maud Gertrude Holden m. Pittsburgh Jul 18th; she dau. D. A. Holden of Mansfield
1900 21 Feb M Landon, Guy A. of East Canton and Fannie Williams of Troy m. Feb 14th at Canton
1900 17 Oct M Lawrence, Miss Margaret of Mansfield and Charles Richards of Covington m. "today" at Mansfield by Rev. W. Hull
1900 4 Apr M Leete, Thomas of Hammond and Miss Fannie Hymes of Middlebury m. Mar 27th
1900 9 May M Lenox, Miss Grace of Kelleytown and Clyde Sours of Upper Lambs Creek m. May 3rd at Lindley, Ny., by H. Stowell, Esq.
1900 11 Jul M Lenox, Ray L. of Mansfield and Miss Lottie B. Tidd of Wellsville, Ny. m. her home by Rev. A. F. Tidd Jun 30th; she dau. John W. Tidd, will reside in Genesee, Pa.
1900 5 Dec M Leonard, George Austin of Troy and Miss Jennie Kathaleen Moore, New Milford m. Nov 26th at her home, both MSNS grads
1900 18 Jul M Lewis, Charles A. and Miss Jennie Faylor, both of Covington m. "last Sat." at Elmira by Rev. D. Campbell
1900 25 Apr D Lewis, D. W. d. Tioga "yest.", age nearly 70, former res. Mansfield, pneumonia
1900 14 Mar D Lincoln, Dr. S. W. of Moline, Ill., d. "recently" at Rock Island, Ill., eldest son of Mrs. E. A. Bates of Mansfield, age 45, railroad accident
1900 3 Jan M Lindsley, Miss Louise and Henry Miller, both of Lawrenceville, m. "last wed." at Elmira, Ny
1900 2 May M Logue, Miss Sarah of Williamsport and Alfred J. Dewey of same, m. "last week", he former res. of Tioga
1900 25 Jul M Long, Prof. J. H. of MSNS and Miss Katherine Margerum on Trenton, Nj., m.'today"
1900 7 Nov B Longstreet dau. to W. R. of Mansfield Nov 5th
1900 7 Feb M Loringer, William J. of Harbor Springs, Mich. And Miss Rose M. Butler of Mansfield m. Jan 29th at Mansfield by Rev. W. Hull
1900 23 May D Losey, Hon. George T. d. Lawrenceville "last Sun.", b. Hackettstown, Nj 1835, been in Lawrenceville 25 yrs., 1st wife Mary Jane Hoyt of Manchester Center, Vt. Who d. 3 yrs. ago, 2nd wife Mary Ella Miller of Lawrenceville, left 3 daus.: Mrs. B. N. Brant and Mrs. W. W. Hutchison, Lawrenceville and Mrs. H. J. VanNorman, Mansfield; 1 son Frank H. of Corry, also 1 bro Myron Locey of Elmira, NY
1900 2 May B Loveless dau. to Harry of Lambs Creek Apr 23rd
1900 21 Mar D Lovell, Mrs. Mary d. near Ansonia, cancer, buried at Mainesburg "yest.", mother of O. J. and Charles Lovell, former res. of Mansfield
1900 18 Apr D Lownsberry, Richard d. Wellsboro Apr 8th, been there 55 yrs.
1900 16 May B Lucas son to E. J. of West Jackson (no date)
1900 1 Aug M Lutes, Arthur formerly of Covington and Miss ____ Warner of Wolcott, Ny to be m. Aug 15th
1900 25 Jul M Luther, Herbert and Miss Alice Holden (age 13) to be m. Jul 28th at home of her great-grandmother Mrs. Margaret Holden, Stokesdale; her grandfather lives in Mansfield
1900 10 Jan M Lynch, Thomas and Miss Iva Tremain of Westfield m. Jan 2nd at Austin; she dau. Seth Tremain
1900 12 Sep M MacCormack, Dr. formerly of Tioga and Miss Lena Inscho of Tioga m. "today" at Tioga; she dau. J. L. Inscho
1900 17 Jan D Mack, Clarence D. of Elmira, d. "last Tue." there, age 42, had been working in Elkland, anthrax.
1900 26 Sep M Malette, Miss Frederica of Elmira and Rev. William Jacques, of Cincinnatus, Ny. m. there "yest", he formerly of Rutland Ch.
1900 21 Nov D Mann, Mrs. Amelia d. Tioga twp. "last week Tue", age 92, left 3 dau's. Mrs. Crance, Mrs. Moses Smith and Mrs. Luther Smith and 1 son Benjamin Mann; buried at Tioga
1900 25 Jul M Margerum, Miss Katherine of Trenton, Nj., and Prof. J. H. Long of MSNS m. "today"
1900 5 Sep M Marks, Doyle of Elmira (well-known in Mansfield and Blossburg) and Miss Elizabeth Weal of Elmira to be m. at Owego "next Tue."
1900 19 Sep D Marsh, Cecil d. Westfield, age 1 yr. son of Editor W. W. Marsh, entric fever, buried Wellsboro
1900 12 Dec D Marsh, Miss ____ d. Dry Run, age 71, buried Elmira
1900 27 Jun M Mastin, Miss Anna G. of East Charleston and Edgar L. Jennings of Ulysses m. her home "last Wed." by Rev. D. White
1900 5 Sep M McBlane, Samuel of Morris Run and Miss Mary Moses of Troy m. (no date)
1900 19 Sep M McClincy, Miss Blanche of Unionville and Reed Dorsett of Jersey Shore m. Elmira "last Wed.", have relatives in Mansfield
1900 12 Dec M McConnell, _____ and Fred Johns m. Roseville, she eldest dau. Frank McConnell
1900 24 Oct M McConnell, Carl and Miss Ada Jerald of Richmond twp. m. Wellsboro "last Wed.", he son of Joseph McConnell, she dau. William B. Jerald
1900 25 Jul D McConnell, James d. Ralston "last week" anthrax
1900 20 Jun M McConnell, Miss Stella and Claude Ely m. Mansfield "last Wed." by Rev. W. Hull, she dau. William McConnell
1900 24 Oct M McCulloch, Henry M. of Presho, Ny. and Mrs. Sarah Shumway of Lawrenceville m. Elmira, Ny. (no date), he son Rev. McC. Formerly of Tioga
1900 27 Jun M McHale, Thomas of Olyphant, Pa. and Miss Maggie Ford of Elmira m. Elmira "last evening", both MSNS grads
1900 21 Feb M McKeel, Travis and Miss ____ Steel m. at Troy "Fri." by Justice Case
1900 3 Oct D McNett, H. H. d. Union twp. "last week", age 68

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