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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1900 15 Aug M McPeak, Miss Harriet of Knoxville and Albert Schoonover of Galeton m. "last week Fri." at home of Horace Ripley by Rev. L. Gates (double wedding)
1900 26 Dec D Mead, W. B. of Westfield, d. at Ridgway in a fall, former res. Elkland
1900 10 Jan M Merrick, Senator of Blossburg and Miss Bertie Fisher of Toronto m. _____
1900 3 Oct B Merritt, F. Gaige b. at Brook, Ny. to H. H. Merritt (no date)
1900 22 Aug M Mesner, O. M. and Miss Emma Croton of Brookside m. Aug 13th
1900 9 May M Messner, Miss Virginia M. of East Point and Lawrence C. Huyler (Heyler?) of Sebring to be m. May 24th
1900 26 Sep B Miller  son to Harry of Tioga twp. (no date)
1900 11 Apr D Miller, Charles F. d. Tioga Apr 3rd, Cancer, in 75th yr., been here over 50 yrs.
1900 3 Jan M Miller, Henry and Miss Louise Lindsley, both of Lawrenceville, m. "last Wed." at Elmira, Ny
1900 5 Dec D Miller, James d. Elkland at his dau's. (Mrs. Lewis Cole) in 77th yr. cancer, also left 4 sons
1900 14 Feb D Miller, Miss Emma d. "last Fri." at Mansfield, MSNS '92, dau. of D. D. of State Road, sis. Of Charles and Mrs. J. E. Gray of Sullivan, Mrs. Leroy Welch, Mrs. R. W. Rose and Mrs. Morgan E. Rose of Mansfield, buried State Road
1900 29 Aug M Miller, Miss Mary E. of Coroning, Ny. and Salmon Sweet of Williamsport m. her home Aug 22nd, he formerly of Mansfield
1900 6 Jun B Mills dau. to Dempter and Mollie Kilbourn Mills of Mitchell's Creek on Jun 2nd
1900 10 Jan B Miner dau. to Arthur of Elkland (no date)
1900 22 Aug D Mitchell, Alonzo of Crooked Creek d. "last Sun.", age 80, bro. of Mrs. E. C. Longbothum of Mansfield
1900 1 Aug M Mitchell, Miss Fern and Claude DeWitt to be m. Aug *th (Mainesburg items)
1900 15 Aug M Mitchell, Miss Fern and Claude DeWitt m. her home "wed. of last week" by Rev. W. yard, both res. Mainesburg; she dau. R. R. Mitchell
1900 6 & 27 Jun D Monroe, Bateman d. near Elk Run (Bungy) Jun 5th, age 85 yrs., b. in Rhode Island, came 58 yrs. ago, buried Columbia X-roads Cem., left 1 dau. Mrs. George Besley of Austinville
1900 13 Jun D Moody, John A. d. Mansfield Jun 8th b. at Wysox, Pa. Jan 11th 1818, came to Mansfield 1884, m. Jan 2nd 1841 Harriett Dickerson who D. 1874, had: Dr. B. Moody of Mansfield, Lewis H. of Canton, Mrs. W. G. Mills of Lordsburg, Calif and Foster-son J. Allen Moody of Jamestown, Ny.; 2nd wife was Jeannette Lewis Moody (widow of Dr. Horace P. Moody), buried at Rome, Pa.
1900 28 Mar M Moore, Miss Ella and George Abernathy m. Mar 16th at Wellsboro by Rev. N. Reynolds, (Mardin notes)
1900 5 Dec M Moore, Miss Jennie Kathaleen of New Milford and George Austin Leonard of Troy m. Nov 26th at her home, both MSNS grads
1900 3 Jan M Morgan, Miss Ada and Frank A. Sherman, both of Covert, m. there at T. F. Morgan's on Dec 25th 1899 by Rev. L. L. Grover
1900 30 May D Morrell, Susan d. Pine City, Ny., Burieal service at Jackson Center May 25th
1900 5 Sep M Moses, Miss Mary of Troy and Samuel McBlane of Morris run m. (no date)
1900 10 Oct M Mosher, Grant of Elkland and Miss Lefa Rarick, of same, m. Sep 29th; she dau. Adam Rarick, formerly of Lambs Creek
1900 28 Feb D Mosher, Lena d. Westfield (no date), age 8, fractured skull, dau. John Mosher
1900 10 Oct D Mott, George W. d. East Charleston Oct 5th in 84th yr., a pioneer, left 1 dau. Mrs. W. L. Pitts of Mansfield, buried Mansfield
1900 31 Oct M Mott, Thomas P. and Miss Lillian E. Murrray of Troy m. at Sylvania recently
1900 28 Feb M Mourey, Miss Lydia of Farmington and Victor Baker of Osceola to be m. Mar 14th
1900 3 Jan D Mowrey, Isaac d. Farmington, age aobut 48, heart trouble
1900 26 Dec M Mudge, Miss Lena S. and Wellington F. Clark m. Mansfield Dec 20th by Rev. W. Hull; she dau. Sgtephen Mudge
1900 14 Feb B Mulhollen to Rev. _____ a son - Lawrenceville
1900 17 Jan D Mullen, Harwood Griggs d. LaAnna, Pa., "last Sun.", age 1 son of H. N. Mullen formerly of Mansfield
1900 9 May D Munch, Cora Margaret  d. Mansfield May 4th, age 1 yr., 5 mos., pneumonia, dau. of George Munch
1900 7 Mar M Munro, John B. of Sullivan twp. and Miss Rosamond Smith of Rutland twp m. at Horseheads, Ny., Feb 7th by Rev. F. McCand
1900 31 Oct M Murray, Miss Lillian E. of Troy and Thomas P. Mott m. at Sylvania recently
1900 19 Sep M Murray, Miss Lizzie of Elkland and Ray Albee of Tuscarora m. at Nelson Sep 10th
1900 29 Aug B Nares son to Lewis Nares of Mansfield Aug 27th
1900 26 Sep B Neal dau. to Horatio and Mrs. of Mardin "last week"
1900 25 Apr M Nelson, Andrew of Canoe Camp and Miss Alice L. Jerold of Mansfield m. at Mansfield Apr 11th by Rev. W. Hull
1900 19 Dec D Nestor, Michael d. Union twp. "a few days ago", age 75, left 5 children
1900 12 Sep M Neufen, Mrs. Nary of Continental, Ohio and M. E. Hagar of Sylvania m. Mansfield "Mon." by Rev. C. Crawford
1900 21 Nov & 5 Dec D Newberry, Mrs. John d. near Roseville "yest.", age about 60, left 1 dau. Mrs. Anthony Benson and 2 bros. Halsey and Harmony Updyke
1900 5 Dec D Newberry, Mrs. John d. near Roseville Nov 20th, b. Rutland twp. Feb 13th 1836, m. 1860, 1 dau. Henel (Mrs. A. H.) Benson, 1 sis, Mrs. I. N. Tears of Sullivan and 2 bros. Hulsy Ypdyke, Rutland and Herman Updyke of Sullivan
1900 7 Mar M Newell, Miss Grace of Troy and Edward Patterson of Watkins m. (no date)
1900 3 Oct M Nichols, E. Archibald of Wellsboro and Miss Edith Werline of Liberty m. her home (no date), she dau. Benjamin F. Werline
1900 17 Oct M Nichols, Miss Jennie Waters of Mountain Lake and Richard M. Ross of Caro, Mich m. at her sis. In Athens (Mrs. M. U. Blaksley) Oct 3rd; she fromerly of Mansfield
1900 26 Dec M Nichols, Miss Lulu of Mansfield and George Towsend of Penn Yan, Ny. m. at Wellsboro "Mon.", she niece of Mrs. Andrew Brown
1900 7 Nov M Niles, Miss Ida of Painter Run and Clayton Ellis of Jackson Summit m. at Lawrenceville Oct 17th
1900 7 Mar D Nobles, Andrew d. Towanda "last Fri.", age 73, 2nd wife was Miss Julia Schusler, formerly of Mansfield, 2 daus. And 1 son by 1st wife, he was bro. of Mrs. R. E. Newell of Mansfield
1900 14 Nov M Northrop, Arthur M. formerly of Mansfield and Miss Mayme Helen VanWhy of Elmira to be m. Elmira Nov 28th
1900 7 Mar D Northrup, F. L. d. Westfield, age 54, d. (no date) "a life-long resident"
1900 7 Nov M Oakley, Miss Pearl  and Edward Crowel of Elmira m. "today" Elmira, she formerly of Rutland twp.
1900 28 Mar D Odell, Horace d. Richmond twp. "Sun.", son of Alexander Odell, left 3 children: Oscar, Cora and Mrs. W. W. Cleveland, he was 64, buried Whitteker Cem., bro. of Mrs. M. Smith, Canoe Camp; Mrs. Frank and Edwin Maynard, Mansfield; Mrs. Orson Cleveland, Mann Creek; half-bro. of Mrs. William Lamphere of Candor, Ny.; Mrs. Charles Lovell of Rochester; Mrs. C. B. Garrison, Elmira' Lafayette Odell, Mrs. E. N. Bentley and Oscar Odell of Mansfield
1900 11 Jul D Olney, Robert E. d. Mansfield Jul 8th, age 63, b. Nov 9th 1836 Prattsburg, Ny to Nathaniel and Mary Olney, m. Oct 6th 1860 Mary Mason of Covington, two children survive: James of Tioga and W. H. of Mansfield; his bro. Henry of Naples, Ny and 2 sis. Mrs. Prudence Fowler of Avoca, Ny and Mrs. E. M. Fellows, Mansfield, survive; been Mansfield since 1867
1900 7 Mar M Omelin, Peter and Miss Hattie Flaig of Richmond, m. "last Wed." her home by Rev. E. Riley; she dau. Alois Flaig
1900 5 Dec B Omelion son to Peter Omelion, Richmond twp. Dec 2nd
1900 26 Dec D Omelion, Mrs. (Hattie) Peter d. Richmond twp. "Wed.", age about 25, left 2 wk. old baby, dau. of Alois Flaig, left 1 sis. And 3 bros., buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 24 Jan D O'Neill, Michael J. d. Wellsboro "last Wed.", age 87, paralysis, father of Mrs. S. L. Herrington of Wellsboro and Mrs. J. W. Bailey of Denver; former res. of Mansfield.
1900 3 Oct M Osgood, Miss Ruth of Mansfield and Rev. Frederick White of Cazenovia, Ny. m. (no date)
1900 31 Oct M Osgood, Miss Ruth and Rev. Frederick M. French m. Mansfield "today" by Rev. W. Hull
1900 17 Jan B Packard son to J. T. of Richmond twp. Jan 13th
1900 2 May D Packard, Charles Edward d. Mansfield "last Wed.", age 3 mos. And 12 das., son of J. T.
1900 7 Mar D Packard, William R. d. "last Sat." in Richmond (Pickle Hill), age 59 yrs. and 7 mos., b. at Canandaigua, Ny., came here 25 yrs. ago from Ohio, left son J. T. and 2 daus. Mrs. George B. Caton and Mrs. Robert Ballard, Jr. of Lawrenceville, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 24 Jan D Padgett child of Edward d. Crooked Creek of measles
1900 8 Aug M Pagan, Rudolph of Wellsboro and Miss Amelia Wiegand of Port Jervis, Ny m. "today" Elmira, Ny
1900 25 Jul D Palmer, Clark d. Denver, Col "Wed.", formerly of Austinville
1900 20 & 27 Jun D Palmer, Mrs. Alvin d. East Sullivan "Sat."
1900 27 Jun D Palmer, Mrs. Alvin T. (Louisa A.)  d. Sullivan twp. (no date), b. Hector, Ny 1826, came to Wells twp., Bradford co. w/parents, m. 1846, left: Mrs. J. E,. Patterson, Ward twp., Willis J. Palmer of New York City; Manley S. of Sullivan and Lillie C. (Mrs. O. E.) Dewey of Sullivan; had 5 sis. and 2 bros.; buried Union Cem.
1900 19 Dec M Palmer, William and ____ ____ to be m. Elmira "today", nephew of Mrs. D. S. Lilley of Mansfield
1900 14 Nov D Paris, Ethel (Mrs. Delbert) d. Upper Lambs Creek Nov 7th, age 21, pneumonia, left 1 dau., buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga
1900 28 Feb D Paris, James Nelson d. "last night: Feb 27th, Upper Lambs Creek, age 78 yrs., 4 mos., 26 das., bladder trouble and pneumonia, laft: James N., George W., Delbert and Miss Hiram (Eliza A.) Knapp of Upper Lambs Creek, David E. and Byron D. of Jackson twp., he was b. England, came here age 20, m. 1846 Eliza Ann Warters, she d. 1868; m. 2nd 1875 Azubah Knapp (nother of George and Delbert), buried Dorsett Cem. (also see 3/7)
1900 7 Feb D Parsons, N. J. of Grover d. (no date)
1900 27 Jun B Passmore  son to Edwin of Mansfield Jun 27th
1900 28 Mar D Passmore, William d. Blossburgt "last Fri.", rheumatism, laft 2 sons and 2 daus., uncle of Edwin and Frederick Passmore of Mansfield
1900 7 Mar M Patterson, Edward of Watkins and Miss Grace Newell of Troy m. (no date)
1900 3 Jan D Patterson, James N. of Blossburg d.
1900 7 Nov M Patterson, Miss V. May of Washingtonville, Pa. and W. W. Fellows of Canton m. (no date or place)
1900 25 Jul B Pearce son to Warren of Richmond twp. Jul 15th
1900 24 Oct D Pearsons, Mrs. Samuel (Eveline Hickok MSNS '84) d. "last Thur." at Springville, Pa.
1900 31 Jan D Pease, Kneyon D. of Cowanesque, d. (no date), heart disease, 2 sons
1900 19 Dec B Peck dau. to Elmer of Lambs Creek Dec 11th
1900 11 Apr M Peck, Ansel J. and Miss Lena M. Jaquish of Covington m. Lawrenceville Apr 1st by Rev. L. Mulhollen
1900 28 Mar M Peck, Elmer E. of Elmira and Miss Mollie White of Mansfield m. Elmira "last week", he formerly of Lambs Creek
1900 19 Dec D Peck, George W. d. Washington, D. C. on way to Fla., native of Columbia twp., Bradford co., age 69, had res. Troy, left 1 dau. Mrs. Fannie Potter of Lafayette, Ind.
1900 10 Oct M Peck, John and Miss Mary Fish of Tioga m. her home Oct 3rd; she dau. E. C. Fish
1900 7 Mar D Perrigo, Peter d. Westfield (no date), age 47, stomach trouble, several children
1900 12 Sep D Perry youngest child of Alexander Perry d. Roseville "last Fri.", funeral "Sun", cholera infantum, age 7 mos., buried at Roseville Cem.
1900 28 Feb M Perry, Miss Lucy of Knoxville and Lewis Hubbard of Troupsburg m. (no date)
1900 9 May M Persing, David of Gaines and Miss Cora Hakes of Upper Lambs Creek m. "last Thur." May 3rd at Lindley, Ny., by Rev. L. Mulhollen
1900 14 Feb D Peterson infant dau. of Harry of Mansfield d. "last Wed.", granddau of A. W. Peterson, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 21 Nov B Pettibone dau. to Max P. of Tioga (no date)
1900 17 Oct D Phelps, Charles Walter d. The Dalles, Oregon, Sep 21st in 61st yr., left 7 children; son of Gilbert and Eliza Phelps, b. Mansfield Jan 1840; left 2 daus. Mrs. Barney Whitteker of Canoe Camp and Mrs. William Mann of Whitesville, Ny. and 4 others in the west; also 2 bros. Frank of Coudersport and W. C. of Buffalo, Ny.; went west in 1875, Civil War Vet.
1900 2 May D Pierce, Mrs. Hiram d. Farmington Wed., Apr 25th, age about 64
1900 14 Feb D Pitts, Clyde funeral "Sat." at Mansfield, buried Oakwood Cem., d. in Philippines
1900 23 May B Ponkoski dau. to Michael of Hoytville May 14th, weighed 20 lbs.
1900 10 Jan M Porter, George of Mansfield and Miss May D. M. Cummings of Rochester m. at Lawrenceville Jan 8th
1900 13 Jun D Potter, Hiram E. d. Wellsboro "last Thur.", age 72
1900 11 Apr D Potter, Mrs. B. M. d. Wellsboro "Mon.", age 43, left 2 children, sis of Mrs. R. K. Young
1900 7 Mar D Potter, Mrs. Benjamin B. d. "early in Feb." at St. Clair, Mich., left 5 children, her husband bro. of A. W. Potter of Mansfield
1900 21 Feb B Powers son to Reed of Sullivan twp. on Feb 18th
1900 28 Mar D Powers, Benjamin J. d. Elmira Heights, Ny. "last Wed.", age 75, former res. Lawrenceville
1900 25 Jul D Powers, Spencer d. Bath, Ny. "last Fri." apoplexy, age 50, funeral Elmira "last Mon.". Bro of W. V. and N. D. Powers of mansfield and other bro. in Calif., 1 dau. Mrs. Lena Johnson
1900 21 Nov M Preston, Claude of Mansfield and Miss Edith Campbell of Delmar twp. m. at Lawrenceville "last Sun."
1900 11 Jul M Prethero, Miss Mary E. of Elmira and W. H. Boughton of Springfield, Pa. m. "recently"; she former res. Wellsboro
1900 10 Oct B Prutsman son to Jefferson P. of Wolf Hollow Oct 1st (Roseville notes)
1900 8 Aug D Prutsman, Mrs. Jefferson d. Roseville (no date), buried "Mon.", mother of Damon Prutsman and Mrs. Floyd Baker of Troy, heart trouble
1900 27 Jun D Pruyne dau. of Willaim d. Lawrence Corners "last week", diphtheria
1900 22 Aug B Pruyne dau. to J. M. and Grace Hosley Pruyne in Rochester, Ny., Aug 6th
1900 4 Apr M Purvis, Miss Bessie of Ward Twp. and Andrew J. Krebs of Lawrenceville m. her home Mar 24th by Rev. L. Grover
1900 28 Feb D Quackenbush baby dau. of Benjamin of Lawrence twp. d. (no date), age 2
1900 3 Oct M Quackenbush, Miss Edith and Bert Herrington, both of Tioga twp., m. Elmira, Ny (no date)
1900 17 Oct B Ramsdell son to Lee of Elmira, Ny., Oct 11th
1900 24 Oct M Randall, Miss Mabel  and F. N. Kilbourn, both of Union twp., to be m. "today" her home
1900 10 Oct M Rarick, Miss Lefa of Elkland and Grant Mosher, of same, m. Sep 29th; she dau. Adam Rarick, formerly of Lambs Creek
1900 17 Jan M Raucher, Miss Sarah of Bradford and Leon Buck of Knoxville m. her home Jan 15th; he son of ____ Buck of Mansfield
1900 10 Jan B Raymond dau. to Roy of Genessee, Pa., Jan 5th (formerly of Mansfield)
1900 21 Feb M Redfield, Miss Lucy M. of Covington and Fred J. Blanchard of same m. Covington "last evening" by Rev. Reynolds; she dau. Editor Charles C. Redfield
1900 17 Jan D Redington, Robert T. d. Troy Jan 10th, age 60, left 2 daus.
1900 17 Jan M Reese, Miss Eva and C. A. Weaver of Knoxville m. at Coudersport (no date); she dau. Dr. C. A. Reese
1900 9 May M Reese, Miss Eva Lena of Catlin Hollow and Joseph Emberger of Charleston m. May 3rd her home by Rev. D. White; she dau. James L. Reese
1900 15 Aug M Rhinebold, Miss Grace M. of York, Pa., and Archibald Robbins of Mainesburg, m. "today"
1900 6 Jun B Rice  dau. to Herbert of Lambs Creek (no date)
1900 23 May M Rice, Oliver D. of Coalport and Miss Nina Gilbert of Mainesburg to be m. her home May 24th
1900 17 Oct M Richards, Charles of Covington and Miss Margaret Lawrence of Mansfield m. "today" at Mansfield by Rev. W. Hull
1900 25 Jul D Richards, Stephen F. d. Covington twp. "Tue.", b. Milford, Optsego co., Ny. Oct 26th 1827, came here 1843, left 2 sons William F. and Edward A.' buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 12 Sep M Richmond, Miss Edith of Mainesburg and Leon Card of Sylvania m. Elmira, Ny., Sep 3rd
1900 15 & 29 Aug D Richmond, Oscar d. Richmond twp. Aug 11th, age 48, tumor, wife nee Emma Howe, 2 sons Bert and Howard and 1 dau. Mrs. Wesley Sherman, father Ananias Richmond
1900 10 Jan D Richter infant dau. of G. D., d. "Mon.", age 5 wks., buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 19 Sep D Richter, Mrs. Adam d. Blossburg Sep 13th, age 62, mother of George D. Richter and 4 others
1900 21 Feb D Riger, Lewis d. Stokesdale, infant son of Albert (no date)
1900 27 Jun B Ripley  son to Myron of Covington twp. Jun 24th
1900 7 Feb M Ripley, Miss Sadie and Walter Cruttenden m. Upper Lambs Creek "today"; she dau. W. B. Ripley; he son Nelson Cruttenden
1900 15 Aug M Robbins, Archibald of Mainesburg and Miss Grace M. Rhinebold of York, Pa., m."today"
1900 7 Mar B Robinson dau. to William of Delmar (no date), former res. Mansfield
1900 25 Apr B Robinson son to Ed. Of Canoe Camp Apr 22nd
1900 14 Nov B Robinson son to W. W. of Covington "last Wed."
1900 21 Nov D Rockwell infant of Wesley d. Troy "last Wed."
1900 20 & 27 Jun D Roe, James d., train wreck at Cammal, Pa. "last Thur." former res. of Keeneyville and bro. of J. W. Roe of that place, funeral at Keeneyville Jun 17th
1900 20 Jun D Rogers, R. Lena Bell d. Mansfield Jun 8th, infant dau. of D. M. Rogers
1900 11 Apr D Rogers, Richmond d. Elmira Heights "last Wed.", buried at Knoxville, age 40
1900 27 Jun M Rogers, William  of Painted Post, Ny and Miss Mabel Brees of Corning to be m. "today", he formerly of Mansfield
1900 26 Sep M Rohrer, Martin E. of Strasburg, Pa., and Miss Carrie Cogswell of West Auburn m "today" her home; she sis. Mrs. J. M. Clark of Mansfield
1900 17 Jan M Rood, Enos and Maggie Howard are a newly married Potter Brook couple
1900 25 Apr B Rose son to R. W. of Mansfield Apr 21st
1900 7 & 28 Nov M Rose, Jay W. of Buffalo and Miss Maude A. Dickinson, of same, m. "next week Thurs." her home by Rev. W. B. Wright, he son of Emerson Rose, formerly of mansfield now of Washington; she dau. Henry B. Dickinson
1900 11 Jul D Rose, Miss Etta d. Mansfield Jul 6th, b. Sullivan twp. Dec 31st 1859, left father R. B. Rose of Covington, 3 bros. J. F. of Col.,, R. W. and M. F. of Mansfield; 3 sis. Mrs. George Orvis of Sullivan twp., Mrs. I. R. Doud, covington and Miss Julia Rose, Mansfield
1900 18 Jul M Rose, Miss Kittie of Wellsboro and Harry W. Bailey of Mansfield m. "today" her home by Rev. A. Shaw; he son of T. R. Bailey of Mansfield'; she dau. Dr. Frank H. Rose
1900 17 Oct M Ross, Richard M. of Caro, Mich. And Miss Jennie Waters Nichols of Mountain Lake m. at her sis. In Athens (Mrs. M. U. Blaksley) Oct 3rd; she formerly of Mansfield
1900 10 Jan B Rourke son to James of Elkland (no date)

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