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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1900 8 Aug M Rozell, Walter  and Miss Harriette Babcock m. Hornell, Ny., Jul 26th, ; he former res. Mansfield
1900 14 Feb D Rude, N. N. d. near Knoxville, buried Troupsburg where formerly lived.
1900 11 Jul M Russell, Miss Flora M. and W. Eaton Frisbie, both of Orwell, Pa., m. there Jun 27th; she former MSNS teacher
1900 7 Feb D Ryon, Ex-Judge James of Pottsville, d. (no date) formerly of Lawrenceville
1900 21 Mar B Satterlee son to Hiram G. of Southport Mar 9th
1900 10 Jan M Satterly, Leonard R. and Miss Rachel A. Bowen m. Charleston (no date)
1900 28 Mar D Saxbury, Orson d. at West's Valley (near Keeneyville) "Fri.", log accident; lkeft only an aged father
1900 10 Jan M Scheffer, Rev. Charles W. of Greenwood, Ny. and Ruth Mary Angell m. her home Knoxville Jan 2nd; she dau. W. D. Angell
1900 23 May M Schmidt, Dr. Robert R. and Miss Vera Crandall, both of Blossburg, m. her home May 15th; she dau. Dr. G. D. Crandall
1900 15 Aug M Schoonover, Albert  of Galeton and Miss Harriet McPeak of Knoxville m. "last week Fri." at home of Horace Ripley by Rev. L. Gates (double wedding)
1900 15 Aug M Schoonover, Ralph of Addison, Ny. and Miss Edith Kelts of Richmond twp. m. "last week Fri." at home of Horace Ripley by Rev. L. Gates; she dau. Horace Kelts of Richmond (double wedding)
1900 6 Jun D Schroder, Fred d. Germania "last Fri.", gun accident
1900 18 Jul D Scudder, F. B. d. Covington Jul 2nd, age 55, heart disease, been Tioga co. 35 yrs., left daus. Mrs. M. C. Clemons, Mardin; Mrs. E. O. Bixby, Covington and 3 other children. A Civil War Vet.
1900 10 Jan M Seaman, William and Miss Jennie B. Day of Lambs Creek m. "last Mar." just announced
1900 11 Apr D Searles, Henry d. Richmond twp. "Mon.", age 83, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield (no Children?)
1900 7 Nov B Seeley son to Jonas of Millerton (no date)
1900 14 Feb D Seely, Lewis d. Rutland Feb 10th, "an old and respected citizen"
1900 26 Dec M Seely, Merrill of Wellsboro and Miss May Curtis of Mansfield to be m. Jan 15th her home; she dau. Reuben Curtis
1900 1 Aug D Shellman, John d. Hammonds, Pa. Jul 30th, father of Edward of Lindley, formerly of Lambs Creek.
1900 3 Jan M Shelton, William and Miss Emma Bly, of Millerton, "recently m."
1900 6 Jun D Shepard, Mrs. Amanda d. Troy "last week", age 88, left 5 children
1900 17 Oct B Sherman dau. to Harry and Stella Walker Sherman of Richmond twp. Oct 10th
1900 14 Nov B Sherman son to Wesley of Sullivan twp. Nov 11th
1900 3 Jan M Sherman, Frank A. and Miss Ada Morgan, both of Covert, m. there at T. F. Morgan's on Dec 25th 1899 by Rev. L. L. Grover
1900 24 Oct M Shumway, Mrs. Sarah of Lawrenceville and Henry M. McCulloch of Presho, Ny. m. Elmira, Ny (no date), he son Rev. McC. Formerly of Tioga
1900 2 May B Smead son to W. H. of Williamsport Apr 20th, mother was Anna Horton, well-known in Mansfield
1900 17 Jan B Smith son to Bert J. of Rutland twp. Jan 13th
1900 24 Jan B Smith dau. to Dennis of Sullivan twp. (no date)
1900 7 Feb B Smith son to F. E. of Elkland (no date)
1900 14 Feb D Smith infant son of Louis B. of Delmar d. (no date)
1900 17 Oct B Smith son to Merritt of Mansfield Oct 15th
1900 24 Oct B Smith son to Bert of Schodac Oct 19th
1900 10 Jan M Smith, Burdell F. of Roseville and Iva R. Smith of Big Pond m. her home Jan 3rd by Rev. Matoon; she dau. Henry H. Smith and granddau. Of Mrs. C. Watson of Roseville
1900 7 Mar M Smith, Burton W. and Rosie B. Cook, both of Rutland m. at C. E. Wilcox home Mar 3rd by Squire C. Kelley
1900 10 Jan M Smith, Iva R. of Big Pond and Burdell F. Smith of Roseville m. her home Jan 3rd by Rev. Matoon; she dau. Henry H. Smith and granddau. Of Mrs. C. Watson of Roseville
1900 8 Aug M Smith, J. Welton of Mansfield and Mrs. Milton B. Strait of Covington to be m. "today" at Elmira, Ny
1900 12 Dec M Smith, Miss Anna M. of Painter Run and Orville P. Brace of Mill Creek m. her home Dec. 5th by Rev. Hudson, she dau. G. W. Smith
1900 7 Mar M Smith, Miss Rosamond of Rutland twp. and John B. Monro of Sullivan twp. m. at Horseheads, Ny., Feb 7th by Rev. F. McCand
1900 27 Jun D Smith, Mrs. C. A. (Edith) d. Elk Run Jun 16th, left 7 children
1900 10 Oct D Smith, Mrs. Caroline d. Elk Run (Bungy) "last night", widow of Tristraim Smith, cancer
1900 18 Jul D Smith, Mrs. Edith d. Elk Run Jun 16th, was b. there Jul 12th 1861 to Albert and Louisa Mansfield Smith, m. Jan 29th 1875 Clarence Smith, son of Northrop Smith of Sullivan ; left 7 children, 2 bros. and 4 sis.
1900 14 Feb D Smith, Mrs. Philetus d. Mainesburg "Sat.", nearly 74 yrs., left 1 son and 6 daus.
1900 3 Jan M Smith, Walter O. and Miss Lillian M. Grey, both of Sullivan twp., m. Dec 30th 1899 at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1900 17 Oct B Smithson Louis Ripley b. to James and Edith Ripley Smithson of Ilion, Ny. (no date)
1900 7 Nov M Snell, Elmer L. of Jobs Corners and Miss Hattie J. Harris of Canton m. at Elmira, Ny. (no date)
1900 21 Nov M Solomon, Frank of Boston, Mass. and Miss Adda Joraleman of Troy White Plains, Ny. (her sister's) (no date)
1900 26 Sep B Soper  dau. of L. of Roseville "last Sat."
1900 14 Nov D Soper, Anna Vera only dau. of Elwyn and Adella Davis Soper, d. "Fri." last Mansfield, funeral at Roseville "Sun.", typhoid, nearly 16, b. in Rutland
1900 4 Apr D Soper, Jerome d. Blossburg Mar 25-26, found dead in bed, buried Odd Fellows Cem., Blossburg, A Civil War Vet
1900 26 Sep B Sours  son to Claude of Lambs Creek Sep 13th
1900 9 May M Sours, Clyde of Upper Lambs Creek and Miss Grace Lenox of Kelleytown, m. May 3rd at Lindley, Ny., by H. Stowell, Esq.
1900 26 Dec D Sours, James d. "Fri." Mansfield, age about 40, heart ailment, left 3 sons, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 2 May D Spaulding  infant child of W. H. of Wellsboro buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, "yest."
1900 28 Feb D Spaulding, Minnie  d. Feb 25th Mainesburg, measles-kidney trouble, youngest dau. of Norman L. Spaulding, buried State Road Cem.,, age 11 yrs., 6 mos. (see 3/14)
1900 10 Jan M Spencer, Fred H. of Knoxville and Miss Emma V. Strailey of Roseville at Lindley, Ny. Dec 21st 1899 by Rev. Mulhollen
1900 25 Apr M Spencer, Walter and Miss Maude Green m. at Tioga Apr 8th by Rev. E. Anderson
1900 11 Jul B Squire dau. to Rebuben of Elk Run Jul 6th
1900 8 Aug D Squire, Judson d. Elk Run Aug 4th, age 86
1900 1 Aug B Squires dau to W. A. of Sullivan twp. Jul 27th
1900 3 Oct B Squires dau. to Bert (G. B.) of Sullivan twp. Sep 27th
1900 30 May D Stafford, Mrs. Bert d. West Jackson May 15th, age 26, nee Della Dibble of Middlebury
1900 26 Sep B Stage dau. to A. J. of Nelson (no date)
1900 14 Nov M Stanch, George H. and Mrs. Cora B. Worden m. at Millerton Nov 7th
1900 19 Sep D Starker, Edward d. Galeton "last Sat.", appendix
1900 27 Jun D Starkey, Mrs. John d. Middlebury Center "Thur.", age 61, nee Caroline Palmer, dau. of Samuel M. Palmer of Rutland Twp., been m. 41 yrs., 6 children survive
1900 17 Oct D Starkweather, Luther S. d. Covington Oct 8th, age 1 yr., 3 mos., son of Elijah and Minnie
1900 24 Oct D Stebbins child of M. B. of Wellsboro buried at Sabinsville "a few days since". (Their 5th to die.)
1900 21 Feb M Steel, Miss ____ and Travis McKeel m. at Troy "Fri." by Justice Case
1900 2 May D Stevens, Mrs. John d. Tioga "last week", age 58, nee Fanny Adams, dau. of Abram Adams of Charleston twp.
1900 21 Mar M Stevens, Paul C. and Miss Jennie D. Farr, both of Hammonds, m. Tioga Mar 15th by Rev. C. Crowl
1900 10 Jan Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. of Nelson m. 50 yrs. ago Christmas Day
1900 20 Jun & 4 Jul M Stillwell, Miss Jessie and Edson B. Gaige to be m. Jackson Center Jun 27th; she dau. R. S. Stillwell
1900 28 Mar D Stone, Artemus d. Scranton, Pa., Mar 23rd, cancer, b. 1821 Stone twp.Lackawanna co., buried Shoemaker Cem., Dalton, Pa., had lived 18 yrs. near Mansfield, left: 1 dau. Mrs. John O'Dell, scranton, sons: D. A. Stone and B. T. Stone of Scranton, W. C. and E. D. of Corning, Ny.; also 2 bro. Hiram L. of Hollisterville and William M. of Canton, Pa.' 1 sis. Mrs. Charles Taylor of Scott
1900 11 Apr M Stone, Miss Alice C. of Wellsboro and Landlord Black of Morris m. Williamsport "last Wed."
1900 2 May D Stone, Thomas d. Warren State Hospital "week before last", age 73, res. of Wellsboro
1900 14 Feb Stout, Josephus of Roseville m. _____
1900 26 Dec D Stout. :epm d. "Fri." age about 16 mos., son of John and Minnie T., diphtheria, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1900 3 Jan B Stowell son to Charles of Corning, Ny. (no date), formerly of Millerton
1900 10 Jan M Strailey, Miss Emma V. of Roseville, and Fred H. Spencer of Knoxville at Lindley, Ny., Dec 21st 1899 by Rev. Mulhollen
1900 10 Jan D Strait, Bessie d. _____, age 3, dau. T. B. Strait, malarial fever
1900 21 Feb D Strait, Mrs. Maud Louk d. Missouri, age nearly 24, wife of Thad. B. Strait, funeral on Feb 13th, left 1 son Charles Leslie S., age 5; Thad. Son of Charles L. Strait of Mansfield (see 3/14)
1900 8 Aug M Strait, Mrs. Milton B. of Covington and J. Welton Smith of Mansfield to be m. "today" at Elmira, Ny
1900 1 Aug M Strange, John and Miss Alice Gray to be m. Aug 8th (Mainesburg items)
1900 18 Jul M Stratton, Miss Leah of Mansfield and Harry Barner of Waterloo, Ny., m. Waterloo Jul 7th
1900 2 May D Sturdevant, James d. "last Thur. at home on Judson Hill", "said to be last member of that branch of the Sturdevant family"
1900 19 Dec M Sucese, Miss Julia Augusta of Troy and Howard J. Grossjean of Philadelphia to be m. "tomorrow" her home, she sis. Mrs. George Strait
1900 3 Oct M Suhr, Miss Anna of Wellsboro and Fred Kelsy of Addison m. her home Sep 26th
1900 7 Feb D Sullivan, Daniel F. d. Mardin "Sun.", left 6 children, buried Wellsboro
1900 21 Mar D Sullivan, Jeremiah d. Addison, Ny. (no date), age 87, father of Jerry Sullivan of Wellsboro
1900 7 Mar D Sumner, Hector d. Mardin "Sat.",. Cancer, left 1 dau., buried Whitteker Cem.
1900 11 Apr B Swan dau. to Ed. Of Mainesburg (no date)
1900 26 Dec D Swan, Horace S. d. Elkland "last Sun.", age 8 mos., lung trouble, son of David
1900 5 Sep M Sweet, Dunman  and Miss Edith Updyke m. her home Rutland twp. Sep 3rd by Rev. G. West, she dau. Foster Updyke
1900 4 Jul D Sweet, Milton d. Mansfield Jun 27th, b. Columbia twp., Bradford co. Feb 2nd 1836, m. Nov 26th 1858 Mary Woodhouse; had: Clarence of Elmira and Mrs. Ward Bailey of Richmond twp.; been in Mansfield 10 yrs., came here from Millerton; he was 1 of 9, 6 survive: Mrs. James Benedict, Mansfield; Mrs. J. P. McHenry, Southport; Mrs. Peter Wilkes, New York City; Mrs. Daniel Burton, J. S. Sweet, William Sweet all of Mansfield
1900 29 Aug M Sweet, Salmon of Williamsport and Miss Mary E. Miller of Corning, Ny. m. her home Aug 22nd, he formerly of Mansfield
1900 31 Jan D Symonds, Leroy d. Coudersport (no date), age 25, 1 child, burial at Hammonds, he was one of 12
1900 21 Feb M Tallman, Mrs. Emma E. and M. D. Bailey (well-known in Mansfield_, both of Topeka, Kan., m. Feb. 5th
1900 7 Mar D Taylor, Horace  of Corning, Ny., a native of Gray's Valley, d. "last Sun. " near Lyons, Ny., railroad accident, son of Albert Taylor, age about 55, left 4 sons: Harry, Jesse, Claude and Glen, wife nee Sarah Ballard, also bro. Roland Taylor of Sylvania, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield (see 3/14)
1900 1 Aug D Taylor, T. H. d. Corning "last week" railroad accident, former res. Mainesburg
1900 18 Jul M Taylor, William H. of Towanda and Miss Katherine E. Fish of Tioga m. her home "last Wed." by Rev. S. Derby
1900 17 Oct D Thomas, Jacob d. Charleston twp., age 74 (no date)
1900 12 Dec M Thompson, Miss Gertrude  and Judd Wigsten m. (Troy items)
1900 22 Aug B Thorpe son to Will of Rutland twp. "Sun.."
1900 31 Oct M Thurston, Rev. Frederick M. of Cardiff, Ny. and Miss Ruth Osgood m. Mansfield "today" by Rev. W. Hull
1900 11 Jul M Tidd, Miss Lottie B. of Wellsville, Ny. and Ray L. Lenox of Mansfield m. her home by Rev. A. F. Tidd Jun 30th; she dau. John W. Tidd, will reside in Genesee, Pa.
1900 6 & 13 Jun M Tippering? (Tipping), Miss Lizzie of Corning and Charles D. Hickey of Tioga (Mitchell's Creek?) to be m. "this month" (at Tioga "last Wed.")
1900 9 May M Tipton, Miss Jennie and T. P. Coleman, both of Morris Run, m. Elmira, Ny., Apr 25th by Rev. Beadle
1900 26 Dec M Towsend, George of Penn Yan, Ny and Miss Lulu Nichols of Mansfield m. at Wellsboro "mon.", she niece of Mrs. Andrew Brown
1900 21 Feb D Tracy, Miss Anna d. Westfield, measles (no date), dau. of Edward Tracy
1900 3 Oct M Treat, Miss Bessie granddau. Of ex-sheriff John Irvin and Francis R. Cain of Ogdensburg m. at Watkins Sep 18th, he son Fred Cain
1900 10 Jan M Tremain, Miss Iva of Westfield and Thomas Lynch m. Jan 2nd at Austin; she dau. Seth Tremain
1900 12 Dec D Tremain, Mrs. _____ d. Westfield, buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga
1900 1 Aug B Trowbridge son to L. A. of Trowbridge Jul 24th, grandson of H. C. Bailey of Mansfield
1900 6 Jun M Truman, John Bache and Katharine Donaldson Brewster, both of Wellsboro, m. there "yest." by Rev. W. Heakes; he son A. A. Truman, she dau. C. E. Brewster
1900 2 May D Tubbs, James d. Osceola "last week Tue.", age 82, b. there 1813, father of Hon. Charles Tubbs
1900 24 Jan D Tuller, Mrs. Philo d. Tioga "yest.", age 77
1900 21 Feb D Turk, Mr. and Mrs. both d. at West Pike of Measles-pneumonia, left 7 children, one already d. of same
1900 28 Feb M Tyrrell, David F. and Miss Addie Ford, both of Neath, Pa., m. at Mansfield home of Ambrose Decker "last Wed." by Rev. W. Hull
1900 7 Mar D Updyke, Anson d. Rutland twp. home of Harvey Benson "last Fri." Mar 3rd, age 24, bowel trouble, son of Harmon C. U. and Husband of Clara, dau. of Harvey Benson, buried Roseville Cem., bro. of Elmer, Foster, Walter, Colie, Amanda, Helen and Mrs. Ray Smith
1900 5 Sep M Updyke, Miss Edith and Dunman Sweet m. her home Rutland twp. Sep 3rd by Rev. G. West, she dau. Foster Updyke
1900 7 Nov M Updyke, Miss Matie and William Canedy m. Elmira "last week" (Roseville notes)
1900 28 Nov D Updyke, Mrs. Ezra d. at home of Charles Andrews in Jackson twp. Nov 19th, mother of Charles and Welby Updyke of Daggetts
1900 14 Feb B Urell dau. to T. M. of Tioga Feb 10th
1900 18 Apr D Urell, Mrs. W. T. d. Tioga "last Tue.", age 76, dau. of Major Seth Daggett who came here from New Hampshire 1807, left 5 children: Robert E., Charles A., Mrs. H. L. Baldwin, Tom Moore, and Richard D., all of Tioga except for Robert of Mansfield
1900 21 Mar D VanDyne, Edward d. Troy "last week Tue.", been there 40 yrs
1900 29 Aug & 5 Sep D VanValcalnar, Frank d. "Sun.", age 33, wagon accident near Penn Yan, Ny., parents (J.W.) live in Wellsboro, 1 sis. Mrs. John Marvin and 1 bro. Burton in Wellsboro, 1 sis. Mrs. Porter Fletcher and 1 bro. E. E. of Sullivan twp. and bro. Herbert of Mansfield; buried Wellsboro Cem., (apparently unmarried)
1900 14 Nov M VanWhy, Miss Mayme Helen of Elmira and Arthur M. Northrop formerly of Mansfield to be m. Elmira Nov 28th
1900 31 Jan D Varner dau. of Robert of Wellsboro d. (no date), age 3, pneumonia
1900 19 Dec B Voorhees son to Dr. Sherman V. of Elmira Dec 1st (5?)
1900 25 Apr D Wade, Mr. S. d. Warren State Hospital (no date), former res. of Mansfield
1900 3 Oct M Wagner, Mrs. Emma and Robert Watkins, both of Blossburg m. at his mother's (no date)
1900 9 May M Walker, George M of Arnot and Miss Anna R. Watkins of Blossburg m. Blossburg (no date) by Rev. T. Hurshaw
1900 18 Jul D Walker, Matthew d. Gillets, Pa. "last Fri.", age 89, former res. Wellsboro, apoplexy
1900 4 Jul D Walker, Mrs. Delos H. d. Mansfield Jun 28th b. Jun 28th 1839 at Frost Settlement to Lyman and Hannah Frost, m. Jun 9th 1860 at Mansfield, had 5 children, 3 left: Huston F. of Blossburg, Mrs. Bertha M. Kelley, Covington, Lyman J. Walker, Mansfield; buried Covington Cem.; 5 sis and bro. left of a large family: Mrs. Keziah Seeley, Washington; Mrs. Sarah Whitteker, Thayer, Kan.; Mrs. Nancy Allen, Kingston, Mo.; Mrs. Jane Cudworth, Elmira, Lyman Frost, Mirable, Mo.
1900 1 Aug M Warner, Mimm _____ of Wolcott, Ny and Arthur Lutes, formerly of Covington to be M. Aug 15th
1900 16 May M Warner, Miss Edith  of Vitrus and Mr. Jeroleman of same m. May 11th her home (Roseville news)
1900 16 May M Warner, Miss Myrtle of Vitrus and Wrne Grinnell of Wells to be m. May 16th
1900 16 May B Warters  son to A. J. of Lambs Creek (no date)
1900 7 Nov B Warters  son to Elmer and wife, Lambs Creek (no date)
1900 31 Jan D Warters, Dee d. Mansfield "last Fri.", age 42, consumption, buried Lambs Creek, bor. Of Thomas and Tine of Mansfield, Mrs. Philo Bellinger of Richmond twp. and Mrs. George E. Rich, Akron, Ohio
1900 14 Feb M Watkins (or Walkins?), John J. of Morris Run and Miss Amanda Mae Gaylord of Mansfield to be m. Feb 22nd her home; she dau. John Gaylord of Mansfield by Rev. S. Derby (see 2/28)
1900 17 Oct D Watkins, Carlos d. Delmar Twp., age 78, pneumonia, at his son Earnest's (no date)
1900 9 May M Watkins, Miss Anna R. of Blossburg and George M. Walker of Arnot m. Blossburg (no date) by Rev. T,. Hurshaw
1900 3 Oct M Watkins, Robert and Mrs. Emma Wagner, both of Blossburg m. at his mother's (no date)
1900 19 Sep M Watkins, Thad. J. and Maud E. Herrick of Austinville m. at State Line by Rev. J. VanKirk (no date)
1900 5 Sep M Weal, Miss Elizabeth of Elmira and Doyle Marks of Elmira (well-known in Mansfield and Blossburg) to be m. at Owego "next Tue."
1900 17 Jan M Weaver, C. A. of Knoxville and Miss Eva Reese m. at Coudersport (no date); she dau. Dr. C. A. Reese
1900 9 May M Weber, Miss Adeline of Troy and William S. Bull of Mansfield to be m. "today" she dau. B. F. Weber
1900 21 Feb D Webster, Frank d. Wellsboro (no date) , age 21 yrs., consumption, eldest son of Charles W., unmarried
1900 25 Apr D Welch, Mrs. Jefferson d. "last Thur." near Troy, age 77, pneumonia, buried State Road Cem., left: Mrs. Hiram (or Horace) Welch, Troy; Frank of California; Bert of Elmira; Willis of Blossburg; had formerly resided at Powers Corners.
1900 3 Oct M Werline, Miss Edith of Liberty and E. Archibald Nichols of Wellsboro m. her home (no date), she dau. Benjamin F. Werline
1900 12 Dec M West, Miss Cora M. of Columbia X-roads and Lester Baker of Croyland m. at Wellsburg (Roseville items)
1900 14 Mar M Wheat, Miss Lieudella and Munston B. Doud, both of Covington, m. at Corning, Ny., by Rev. S. Mrose Mar 7th
1900 14 Nov B Wheeler son to F. E. of Cherry Flats "this morning"
1900 21 Feb M Wheeler, Fred  and Miss Anna Kelley, both of Cherry Flats, m. "last Wed,." in Elmira
1900 7 Mar D Wheeler, Isaac Charleston's oldest resident d. "last Sun.", nearly 89, left 2 sons Noah and Truman, 4 daus; Mrs. Josephus Stout of Rutland, Mrs. David Bowen of Charleston, Mrs. Philbrick and Mrs. Gillett both of Kan., his late wife was sister to Elliott and Russell Rose of Sullivan
1900 21 Feb D Wheeler, Mildred d. Wellsboro, infant dau. L. P. (no date)
1900 24 Jan D Whipple, Martin d. Westfield, age 53
1900 7 Mar D Whitcomb, James Alonzo d. Feb 27th at Roaring Branch, age nearly 67, appoplexy, b. Vermont May 28th 1833 m Mar 3rd 1863 Miss Fidelia A. Dailey, had William (deceased), R. M. of Danville and Mrs. J. D. Catlin of Roaring Branch; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, lived in Mansfield 1870 - 1899
1900 10 & 17 Jan M White, Miss Effie (Nettie?) of Mansfield and John P. Griffin of Lambs Creek m. Wellsboro "today", Jan 10th Lawrenceville (see 1/17)
1900 28 Mar M White, Miss Mollie of Mansfield and Elmer E. Peck of Elmira m. Elmira "last week", he formerly of Lambs Creek
1900 3 Oct M White, Rev. Frederick of Cazenovia, Ny. and Miss Ruth Osgood of Mansfield m. (no date)
1900 14 Nov D Whitteker, Mrs. Nelson d. "Mon", in Richmond twp. of consumption, age 36, 7 childre, dau. of hanover Knowlton
1900 8 Aug M Wiegand, Miss Amelia of Port Jervis, Ny. and Rudolph Pagan of Wellsboro, m. "today" Ellmira, Ny
1900 12 Dec M Wigsten, Judd and Miss Gertrude Thompson m. (Troy items)
1900 7 Feb D Wilcox, Mrs. Hannah d. Feb 3rd at Frost Settlement, age 83 yrs., 7 mos., b. in Chenago co., Ny., left 5 children: Asa L. of Canoe Camp; Caroline (Mrs. Lewis E.) Frost; Hannah (Mrs. Milton \) Walker; Fred; Erwin - all of Frost Settlement
1900 31 Oct M Wilcox, Roba V. and James R. French m. at Westfield Oct 20th, both res. Sabinsville
1900 25 Apr D Wilder, Carrie Whipple d. Painted Post, Ny, Apr 12th, age 26, wife of Robert M. Wilder, heart and lung ailment, dau. of W. H. Whipple of Tioga, neice of Joseph Barnes of Mansfield
1900 7 Feb M Wilkins, Miss Mary B. and Daniel R. Baity, both of Sullivan, m. her home Jan 31st by Rev. L. Grover; she dau. George Wilkins
1900 21 Mar B Williams dau to C. A. and Edith Bull Williams in Galeton Mar 16th
1900 14 Nov D Williams son of William of Canton d. (no date), age 8, diphtheria
1900 21 Feb M Williams, Fannie of Troy and Guy A. Landon of East Canton m. Feb. 14th at Canton
1900 3 Jan M Williams, Miss Norah and Thomas Armstrong, both of Rutland twp., m. Dec 30th 1899 at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1900 1 & 8 Aug M Williamson, Dr. J. E.  and Miss E. Louise Adams to be m. by Rev. W. G. Hull "tomorrow"; she dau. J. W. Adams
1900 3 Oct D Williamson, Mrs. Thomas d. at Arnot (no date)
1900 14 Nov B Wilson dau. to Bert of Roseville "last week"
1900 3 Jan D Wilson, John d. Wellsboro "last Wed.", age 62, pneumonia, buried Corning, Ny., left 2 daus, wife and 2 sons already dead
1900 29 Aug M Wilson, Miss Blanche of Austinville and Frank Doughty of Morris Run m. Aug 22nd at her bro."s (P. F. Wilson) on Rutland Hill by Rev. D. Stoker; she dau. of S. F. Wilson
1900 25 Jul M Wilson, Mrs. Helen of Austinville and Judd V. Hall of Gillets m. Pine City, Ny., Jul 19th by Rev. Huff
1900 10 Oct D Wilson, Mrs. Walter d. Rutland twp. "last Sat.", funeral held at Troy
1900 22 Aug D Wilson, Mrs. Will (Ella) d. Covington "Mon.", age 26, left 1 dau., parents, husband and 1 sis. Mrs. N. Ely of Jeanette
1900 14 Nov D Wingate, Francis d. at his dau.'s (Mrs. Elihu Ingalls) Cherry Flats, age 71 (or 4), Bright's disease.
1900 10 Jan M Woitwich, Miss Gertrude A. of Mansfield and George W. Kettyle of Corning, Ny m. at Elmira, Ny Jan 2nd by Rev. F. W. Reynolds
1900 7 Feb D Wolcot, Mrs. Margaret d. Mainesburg Feb 4th at her dau's - Mrs. R. F. Ashley
1900 31 Jan  M Wood, A. Frank of Corning and Miss Lulu N. Buck of Westfield m. Jan 17th at Corning, Ny
1900 19 Dec D Wood, Mrs. Ezra d. Roseville "last Sun."
1900 4 Jul D Woodhouse, Mrs. Orson d. Elmira, Ny., Jun 24th, age 53, born and raised in Jackson twp.
1900 12 Sep D Woodhouse, Mrs. William d. Wellsburg, Ny. (no date), former res. Mitchells Mills
1900 17 Oct B Woodruff dau. to Clarence of Scranton (no date)
1900 14 Nov M Worden, Mrs. Cora B. and George H. Stanch m. at Millerton Nov 7th
1900 19 Sep D Wygant, George d. Liberty (no date) fire
1900 28 Feb B Yeager dau. to Edward of Westfield (no date)
1900 14 Nov M Yossie, John and Miss Mary E. Howe of Elkland "recently" m. at her home
1900 17 Oct B Youmans dau. to Fred of Rutland twp. Oct 13th
1900 11 Jul D Young, John buried in Troy "last Sun.", 1 son
1900 26 Dec M Youngs, Miss Josephine of Penn Yan and Melville Green, formerly of East Charleston m. at res. Mrs. L. P. Wickham, Penn Yan. "last Wed."

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By Joyce M. Tice