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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1901 31 Jul M _______, William and Miss Jennie Nelson of Covington twp. to be m. today at Wellsboro 
1901 30 Jan M Abbey, T. C. and Cora Schoonover m. at Hector, Potter co., Jan 12th
1901 19 Jun Abernathy dau. to George of Mardin "Sat."
1901 10 Jul M Ackley, Miss Minnie C. of Westfield and Harry V. Cole of Centre Village m. (no date)
1901 3 Jul D Alberts, Mrs. John d. at Troy of measles (no date)
1901 1 May M Albro, Alice and Charles Barker m. at Fredonia (no date) Wed. by Rev. W. Morgan
1901 27 Mar M Albro, Miss Alice Hopkins of Fredonia, Ny., and Charles Albert Barker of New York to be m. Apr ___; she dau. Dr., Samuel H. Albro, formerly of Mansfield (see 5/1)
1901 10 & 17 Jul M Allen, C. Henry L. (Harry) of Detroit, Mich. And Miss Fannie L. Sheldon of Sinclairsville, Ny., m. "today" Jul 10th her home by Rev. Morgan; she former MSNS faculty member and dau. Royal E. Sheldon
1901 27 Nov M Allen, Mr. _____ and Miss Edith Benington m. "recently" at her sis. In Williamsport (Mrs. Charles W. Scott), she former MSNS student
1901 5 Jun D Allen, Mrs. Edith Capell d. New York City "yest.", formerly of Mansfield, age about 39, dau. of late C. I. Capell, sis. Of Mrs. _____McCausland of Mansfield
1901 3 Apr D Ames, Walter W. of St. Marys, Pa. d. "recently" of pneumonia, MSNS Class of '68
1901 7 Aug D Anderson, Mr. ____ d. Greenwood, Ny. "last Wed.", father of Mrs,. F. W. Argetsinger of Rutland twp.
1901 25 Sep M Andrews, Lewis of Jackson twp. and Miss Gettie Brown of Somers Lane m. (no date); she dau. W. B. Brown
1901 20 & 27 Mar D Argetsinger, Hugh d. "Mon" Mar 18th at Mansfield, age 78, left 2 sons: Charles L. and Roy J., to be buried Roseville Cem., appoplexy, b. Montgomery co., Ny. Jan 6th 1823, came to Rutland w/parents age 15, also left 2 bros.: John of Mansfield and Frank of Rutland and 1 sis. Wm. Lawrence of Mansfield
1901 4 Sep D Argetsinger, John d. "Fri." near Mansfield, a fall, funeral at Mansfield "Sun.", a native of Fulton, Ny., had resided in Rutland, left 1 son James and 1 dau. Mrs. George Decker
1901 26 Jun Atherton dau. to Aaron of Charleston recently
1901 11 Dec M Atkins, Lester of Potter Brook and Miss Estella Taylor m. (no date)
1901 2 Jan M Austen, Miss Blanche of Mainesburg and Albert Jones m. Dec 24th 1900 at her parents (Jesse Austen) by Rev. W. Yard
1901 13 Feb M Austin, Miss Clara of Union twp. and Lewis Tebo m. (no date)
1901 16 Jan D Avery, Mrs. ____  d. Roseville "Mon." in 85th yr., mother of James Avery of Roseville
1901 25 Dec Backer dau. to A. E. of Troy Dec 13th
1901 19 Jun M Bacon, David S. of Wellsboro and Helena R. Clayson of Granville Summit m. her home "this week Mon."
1901 9 Oct Bailey son to Dr. Harry of Mansfield "today"
1901 17 Jul D Bailey, George  d. "Mon." near Hammonds, res. on Elkhorn, Farmington twp., suicide, age about 45, son of late Jack Bailey of Mill Creek
1901 14 Aug D Bailey, Justus W. d. Denver, Col., Jul 26th, cancer, b. at Mansfield Jun 29th 1846, went to Denver 1891, left 1 dau. by 1st wife Mrs. H. J. VanStone, 2 by @nd wife Harry and Ethel; aslo left 2 sis. Mrs. E. J. Clark, Denver, Mrs. O. H. Langdon, Mansfield; 4 bros. Julius M. and Wesley V., East Charleston; Clark B. of Elkland; Thomas H., Mansfield; Buried Fairmont Cem., Denver
1901 25 Dec M Bailey, Walter  and Miss Emma Thorp m. "recently" (Roseville items)
1901 20 Mar Baker dau. to William T. of Wellsboro Mar 10th, former res. Mansfield
1901 16 Oct D Baker, Edward d. Westfield "last week" of diabetes
1901 23 Jan D Banker, William buried at Tioga "last week", d. in the Phillippines
1901 6 Feb D Barden, John Laverne d. "Fri" Rutland twp., buried at Mansfield, only son of Dr. John M. Barden of Mansfield )see 2/20)
1901 20 Feb D Barden, John Laverne was b. Roseville Jan 16th 1867 and d. Rutland twp. Feb 1st, son of Dr. J. M. B>, m. May 1896 Miss Mary Benson of Rutland, no children, left 2 sis. Mrs. A. W. (Kate) Stevenson, mansfield and Mrs. J. C. (Estella) Gallup of Smethport, bro. Otis d. in infancy
1901 1 May M Barker, Charles  and Alice Albro, m. at Fredonia (no date) Wed. by Rev. W. Morgan
1901 27 Mar M Barker, Charles Albert of New York and Miss Alice Hopkins Albro of Fredonia, Ny. to be m. Apr. ___; she dau. Dr. Samuel H. Albro, formerly of Mansfield (see 5/1)
1901 20 Feb D Barnes, Augustus F. d. Wellsboro "last Sat.", age 63, paralysis, ed. Of Agitator, son of late Jusdge Washington Barnes of Bath, Ny., wife was nee Sarah Bull, dau. of William H. Bull of Bath, left 2 daus.
1901 23 Oct Bartlett son to Harlen of Lawrenceville (no date), grandson of David of Mill Creek
1901 20 Feb D Bartlett, Mrs. Jane d. Feb 10th at her son Francis', pneumonia, left 3 sons and "several sisters" (Mainesburg items)
1901 20 Feb D Bartlett, Mrs. Jenny d. Feb 14th, age about 40, wife of Hubert, left 2 sons and 2 daus., 5 sis., and 1 bro., lung trouble
1901 18 Dec M Bastian, Gird and Amelia Rose m. at Mansfield Dec 12th (Mainesburg items)
1901 13 Feb M Bateman, Andrew Parker and Miss Martha Eddings to be m. Blossburg Feb 14th, she dau. Henry Eddings
1901 23 Jan D Baxter, Mrs. W. d. Nelson (no date), 
1901 10 Jul Baynes dau. to Warren of Sheffield (no date), former res. Mansfield
1901 29 May Beach dau. to L. J. Beach of Mansfield "yest."
1901 25 Sep D Beach, Dr. R. Belle d. Sayre "last Mon.", tumor, left 1 son and ex-husband Dr. Charles Beach of Puyallup, Wash., buried Sullivan twp., her girlhood home; also several bros. and sis. Left
1901 1 May M Beach, J. Wesley was m. "last Dec." to a Detroit lady; he formerly of Mansfield
1901 29 May D Beach, Mrs. Agnes Ellen d. Mansfield, May 26th, b. Jul 5th 1880 youngest of 5 of William D. and Anna Frost Jones of Cherry Flats, m. Jul 3rd 1898 Byron Ellsworth Beach of Mansfield, consumption, buried Welch Settlement Cem., left sis. Mrs. H. L. (Winifred) Johnson, Kaceyville; bro. Morton F. of Wellsboro; sis. Estella A. Jones of Round Top; and sis. Ada dec'd 1899
1901 27 Nov D Beaumont, Mrs. Col. d. Wilkes-Barre Nov 20th, former res. of Lawrenceville
1901 9 Oct M Bellows, Miss Lillian a former Westfield girl, and Earl R. Chappel of Knoxville m. "last Thur." at Forrest Clark's near Cameron, Ny.
1901 27 Nov M Benington, Miss Edith and Mr. _____Allen m. "recently" at her sis. In Williamsport (Mrs. Charles W. Scott), she former MSNS student
1901 28 Aug D Bennett, Miss Hannah "Aunty" d. last Sun. at Mill Creek home of Sidney Woodard, in 89th yr., came from England with the Thomas Woodard family, buried Mill Creek Cem.
1901 6 Mar M Bennett, Miss Viola of Charleston twp. and James Boyce of Richmond twp., m. at Lindley, Ny., "last Tue."
1901 13 Feb Benson son to George & Alby Soper Benson at Roseville "last Fri."
1901 22 May Benson son (or dau.?) to Anthony of Rutland (or Roseville?) "last Mon." (2 items)
1901 3 Apr D Benson, John d. Roseville Mar 26th, age 76, at his son-in-law's, Mr. Rockwell
1901 20 Mar M Benson, Miss Myra A. of Troy and James Rockwell m. Elmira, Ny., "last week"
1901 27 Mar M Bernauer, H. E. of Marshlands and Miss Edith B. Kilmer of Ellenton, Pa., m. Elmira, Ny by Rev. F. Reynolds (no date)
1901 18 Dec D Besley, Mrs. Orr d. ____, funeral at Austinville "last Thur.", aunt of Mrs. Merritt Edgerton of Mansfield
1901 17 Jul M Bingham, Miss Anna E. and Jesse A. Hughes, both of Mitchells Creek, m. at Corning, Ny. (no date)
1901 5 Jun M Bixby, Harry L. formerly of Mansfield and Minnie a Haw m. Pendleton, Oregon, May 29th
1901 20 Mar D Blackwell, Enoch d. "last Sat." at his son's Elmira, Ny., on his 77th birthday of old age, buried Troy, had res. Mansfield 34 yrs., left: Miss Mary Blackwell of Mansfield, Clayton E. of Altoona and Eden H. of Elmira.
1901 1 May M Blackwell, Miss Mary of Mansfield and Melville Maine of Raleigh, N.C. m. at Raleigh (no date); he son of late Horace maine once res. of Mansfield and nephew of late Dr. G. D. and Edw. Maine of Mainesburg; she dau. late Enoch Blackwell of Mansfield
1901 27 Mar D Blaine, Mrs. John J. (Florence E.) d. Mar 9th at Seattle, Wash., age 45, consumption, left 3 children: Leon E., J. Glenn and Helen L., dau. of L. B. Austin of Mainesburg, bro. D. B. also of Mainesburg and sis. Mrs. S. E. Ashley, Sullivan twp.
1901 9 Jan D Blair, Florence E. d. Big Run, Pa. Dec 29th 1900, age 18, diphtheria, dau. of Rev. and Mrs. Matthew B. Late of Covington
1901 23 Oct M Blair, Miss May of Wellsboro and D. Byron McClosky of Owego, Ny., to be m. Nov 6th
1901 26 Jun & 3 Jul M Blaksley, Miss Mary Nichols  of Athens and Herman H. Griswold of Sayre to be m. "tomorrow" at Athens: she dau. Mrs. M. U. Blaksley, formerly of Mansfield, he formerly of Canton
1901 20 Feb M Bloom, Miss Tacy M. of Williamsport and Hugh M. Sherwood of mansfield m. at Williamsport "yest.",. He son Andrew (?); she dau. W. H. and May E. Bloom
1901 11 Dec M Bloss, Albert L. and Miss Lottie A. Burt, both of Corning, Ny., m. at Wellsboro Nov 27th by Justice Davis
1901 17 Apr D Bloss, Mrs. Kittie Cleveland formerly of Covington, d. Elmira, "recently", consumption
1901 20 Nov M Boardman, Miss Ada of Austin and Harry Brugler of Knoxville m. at her mother's in Sabinsville (no date); he son Editor Brugler of the Knox Courier
1901 25 Dec Boom son to Otis of Deerfield twp. Dec 7th
1901 16 Jan D Borden, Dr. Charles B. d. Stamford, Ct., "last week", pneumonia, age about 50, unmarried, son of Mrs. H. H. Borden of Tioga, also 1 bro. and 2 sis., buried Tioga
1901 12 Jun D Bowen, Mrs. E. S. d. Tue. Mt. Pleasant, Mich., sis. Of Mrs. Anna Thompson of Mansfield
1901 6 Mar M Boyce, James of Richmond twp. and Miss Viola Bennett of Charleston twp. m. at Lindley, Ny., "last Tue."
1901 17 Apr M Boyer, Miss Jennie M. and Wallace W. Bruce, both of Troy, m. Apr 6th
1901 2 Jan M Brace, Mrs. Fanny O. and James Sharp m. "last evening" at Mansfield by Rev. W. Hull, she dau. Mrs. H. H. Lamb
1901 26 Jun M Bradford, Lloyd G. and Miss Alice Sara Strait of Sylvania to be m. "tonight" at her home; she dau. Oliver Cole Strait
1901 4 Dec Bradway son to W. D. of Mansfield "last Sun."
1901 20 Mar M Brainard, Miss Hattie and Elmer Rose, both of Roaring Branch, m. Elmira, Ny. "several das. Ago"
1901 25 Sep D Breen, John of Arnot d. at Mansfield "Fri." from a fall, age about 25, unmarried
1901 8 May M Brew, Mary of Wellsboro and John McCarthy of Fairfield, Maine m. at Wellsboro Apr 30th
1901 11 Dec Brinenn son to Henry of Tioga (no date)
1901 25 Dec & 1 Jan 1902 M Brodrick, Robert M of Mainesburg and Miss Kate E. Cudworth, of same, to be m. Dec 25th by Rev. Prosceus her home, she dau. J. C. Cudworth
1901 13 Feb D Brody, Mrs. Sarah of Elmira, d. at Morris, Pa. (no date), a fire at her sister's Mrs. Frank Roberts, left 2 children
1901 29 May & 5 Jun D Broune, Mrs. Andrew J. d. "today" May 29th, Mansfield, heart, left 1 son Frank, nee Jane Eames, dau. of David and Sallie Marvin Eames, left 4 sis, and father; one dau. Rilla d. 1875.
1901 2 Jan D Brown son of H. O. and Florence Smith Brown d. Athens, Pa., Jan 1st, b. Sep 9th 1900
1901 30 Jan D Brown, George  d. Lawrence Corners "yest.", left 2 children, buried Roseville Cem (2/6)
1901 25 Sep M Brown, Miss Gettie of Somers Lane and Lewis Andrews of Jackson twp. m. (no date); she dau. W. B. Brown
1901 22 May M Brown, Miss L. Pearl of Arnot and J. M. Nelson of Colville, Wash. M. May 6th at Spokane, Wash.; she sis. Andrew Brown of Mansfield
1901 18 Sep M Brown, Thaddeus of jacksonville, Florida and Mrs. Mary S. Olney of Mansfield m. Aug 31st in Elmira, Ny.; she widow of late R. E. Olney, he nephew of John Brown of Mansfield
1901 17 Apr M Bruce, Wallace W. and Miss Jennie M. Boyer, both of Troy, m. Apr 6th
1901 20 Nov M Brugler, Harry of Knoxville and Miss Ada Boardman of Austin m. at her mother's in Sabinsville (no date); he son Editor Brugler of the Knox Courier
1901 13 Mar M Brunning, Rev. B. and Miss Lavina A. Wetmore, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny. Mar 7th by Rev. W. D. Moore
1901 25 Dec M Buckley, William and Miss Minnie Mann m. at Lawrenceville (no date)
1901 20 Mar D Budd, Al. d. near Roseville "last Sun." funeral "yest."
1901 20 Feb Bull  dau. to W. S. of mansfield Feb 18th
1901 10 Apr M Bull, George of Addison, Ny. and Miss Alice Mae Edminster of Elmira, Ny to be m. "today" at her home; he formerly of Mansfield
1901 2 Jan M Bull, Miss Amy Elizabeth and Carl W. Lilley m. "last evening" in Mansfield at her parent's (Albert Bull) by Rev. S. Derby
1901 6 Mar D Bull, Miss Marian d. "last Sun." at her mother's in Addison, Ny., b. Rome, Pa. 19 yrs. ago to late S. W. Bull, buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield, left 4 bros. William S., George, Ernest and Elwin and 1 sis. Mrs. Edith Williams, heart disease
1901 27 Nov D Burch, John d. Knoxville, age 80 (no date)
1901 14 Aug Burnham  dau. to Bert and Effie Sherman Burnham "recently (Place? Mansfield?)
1901 12 Jun D Burnham, DeWitt C. d. "last evening" Mansfield, age 41, blood poisoning, b. at Franklindale, Bradford co., m. Apr 30th 1891 Miss Addie Curtis, left 1 son Frederick K. age 3, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 20 Feb D Burr, Mrs. Charles formerly Mrs. William E. Dewey, nee Elizabeth _____, d. Feb 13th at Covert, funeral Mainesburg on "Sun.", age 50, paralysis, left 2 daus., several bros. and sis. , buried Mainesburg
1901 11 Dec M Burt, Miss Lottie A. and Albert L. Bloss, both of Corning, Ny., m. at Wellsboro Nov 27th by Justice Davis
1901 27 Nov M Butler, Oliver of Stokesdale and Miss Jeanette Owlett of Wellsboro m. "last week" at her home
1901 3 Apr D Butts, A. E. of Mount Vernon, Ny, d. (no date), buried at Lawrenceville "Fri.", son of Judge Butts, a pioneer
1901 4 & 25 Sep M Cameron, Miss Susan Glenn and Harry Reed Hoard of Mansfield to be m. Sep 17th by Revs. Pollock and Parry at Wilkinsburg, Pa.; she dau. Mrs. Peter Cameron
1901 17 Apr Card twins to Mrs. Edie Richmond Card B. Sullivan twp. (no date)
1901 11 Sep M Carley, Miss Hattie G. of Jackson twp. and Max R. Lefler m. (no date)
1901 27 Nov M Carlquist, Miss Slema of Kane and Frank R. Weller of Wellsboro, m. (no date)
1901 30 Oct   Carman, George W. of Canton, m. 55 yrs. Oct 21st.
1901 22 May Carpenter son to _____ and Rena Copley Carpenter of Niles Valley "Sat."
1901 17 Apr D Case, Mrs. Simeon N. d. at her dau's (Mrs. McAfee) at Ulster, Pa. Apr 10th; mother of Dr. G. M. Case, formerly of Sylvania and M. A. Case of Cortland, Ny.
1901 25 Dec M Chamberlain, Mark and Miss Emma Reynolds of Sabinsville m. in "York state recently"
1901 30 Jan D Champlin, Mrs. C. A. d. Mon. at Hammondsport, Ny., granddau. Of Samuel Baker who settled at Lawrenceville 1787
1901 24 Apr D Channell, William F. d. Canton "Sun.", age 86, a native of New Hampshire, left 4 sons; S. F. of Wellsboro; Dudley B., San Francisco; Frank J., Canton and Leon S. of Mansfield; and 1 dau. Mrs. Mary J. Rockwell, Roaring Branch
1901 9 Oct M Chappel, Earl R. of Knoxville and Miss Lillian Bellows, a former Westfield girl, m. "last Thur." at Forrest Clark's near Cameron, Ny.
1901 3 Apr   Cheeney, R. J. and Mrs., of Troy m. 65 yrs. on Mar 13th
1901 5 Jun D Churchill, John d. Canoe Camp "Mon.", age 80, 2 adopted children
1901 30 Jan Clark, Leah b. Richmond twp. Jan 28th to O. W. Clark
1901 19 Jun M Clayson, Helena R. of Granville Summit and David S. Bacon of Wellsboro m. her home "this week Mon."
1901 11 Dec M Clayson, Miss Daisy of Windfall and George M. Porter m. at Canton (no date)
1901 20 Feb Clemons son to Kate (Mardin items)
1901 23 Oct M Clemons, Miss Mazie  and John Kelley, both of Covington twp., m. (no date)
1901 26 Jun M Clemons, Miss Sarah Edna  and Glenn J. Jelliff, both of Mansfield, m. "today" by Rev. W. Hull at Manssfield; she dau. Mrs. Margaret Clemons, he son of Eli Jelliff
1901 24 Apr Cleveland son to Carl and Anna Goodall Cleveland "Mon." (no location)
1901 15 May D Cleveland infant son of Carl of Dykes Mills d. "last Fri.", buried Goodall Cem.
1901 11 Sep Cleveland son to Delbert of Willowdale, Neb. (Schodac items)
1901 16 Oct Cleveland child to Martin of Mardin (#7) b. "last week"
1901 16 Jan D Cleveland, Harrison of Covington twp. d. "Fri."
1901 16 Jan D Cleveland, Harry d. "Fri" near Dykes Mills (Covington twp.), age about 70, left 1 son Reuben and grandson (son of late son George of Calif)
1901 1 May D Cleveland, Mrs. Carl (Anna Erdine Goodall) d. Richmond twp. Apr 27th, age 29, left infant son 8 das. Old and parents (Thomas G.), 3 sis. And 3 bros., buried Goodall Cem.
1901 20 Nov M Closs, Miss Martha L. of Little Marsh and Harry Smith of Knoxville m. her home Nov 14th
1901 13 Nov D Cockran, Leroy d. Mainesburg Nov 10th, age 89, buried at Mansfield
1901 10 Jul M Cole, Harry V. of Centre Village, Ny. and Miss Minnie C. Ackley of Westfield m. (no date)
1901 17 & 24 Apr D Collins, Mrs. Luther S. d. East Charleston Apr 16th "This Tue.", sister of Orville and orson Benedict (of Mardin), stroke. Also sis. Of Mrs. J. M. Bailey, Mrs. Ellen Ingerick and mrs. James Niles
1901 1 & 8 May M Colony, George H. of Mansfield and Miss Susie C. Kennedy of Rutland to be m. "tomorrow" (May 2nd) at her home by Rev. D. Stoker
1901 25 Dec Cook son to R. D. of Austinburg Dec 7th
1901 20 Nov Cooper son to Rev. Frank H. of Minneapolis, Minn., b. Nov 8th, named Frank Albert
1901 16 Jan D Copley infant dau. of William of Crooked Creek d. (no date)
1901 16 Jan M Courtney, Perry and Miss Edith Dewey of Sylvania m. "recently" Elmira, Ny.
1901 11 Sep Coveney son to George of Mardin Sep 5th
1901 20 Mar D Coveney, Joseph  d. Elmira "last week," son fo Charles former res. Mansfield
1901 20 Feb M Coveney, Miss Bertha  and Fred Tomlinson, both of Mansfield, m. at Lawrenceville "last Sat."
1901 18 Sep M Coveney, Mrs. Mary of Mansfield and James Soper of Covington twp. m. "last Thur." at Lawrenceville
1901 26 Jun D Cox, General R. C. d. Wellsboro "last Fri.", funeral "yest.", in 78 yr.
1901 10 Jul D Crane, William E. d. West Philadelphia Jun 15th, former res. Tioga, buried at Williamsport, Uncle of Miss Sophia Lamb and H. H. Lamb of Mansfield
1901 23 Jan Cravath dau. to Austin of Elkland
1901 16 Oct M Crittenden, Miss Martha of Whitesville, Ny. and Ernest L. Kear of Mansfield to be m. "tonight" her home
1901 19 Jun D Cronk, Mr.s A. D. d. Buffalo "Mon.", had 1 adopted dau. and sis. - one Mrs. Byron Bartlett of Mansfield, one Mrs. J. E. Rose, Washington, D. C.
1901 15 & 22 May D Cross, Miss Lillian d. Elkland "last night", age about 25, bowel trouble, sis, Mrs. Carl Bailey; buried at Little Falls, Ny.
1901 13 Feb D Cross, Mrs. Emma d. Delmar twp. (no date) age 53, left 1 son Philip ("colored")
1901 23 Jan D Crumb, Joseph d. Richmond twp. (no date), funeral "tomorrow", infant son of Levi of Newton Road
1901 23 Jan Cruttenden son to W. L. of Mansfield Jan 17th
1901 25 Dec & 1 Jan 1902 M Cudworth, Miss Kate E. of Mainesburg and Robert M. Brodrick, of same, to be m. Dec 25th by Rev. Prosceus her home; she dau. J. C. Cudworth
1901 20 Mar D Cunningham, Andrew C. d. Gowanda, Ny., of toung trouble, age 36, former res. Elkland and Westfield, left 2 bros. and 2 sis. (one Mrs. J. C. Dulso of Elkland)
1901 25 Dec M Curran, Fred W. of Knoxville and Miss Vesta Genevieve Langdon of Mansfield to be m. Dec 25th by Rev. W. Latimer; she dau. O. H. Langdon
1901 16 Jan M Curtis, Miss May Elizabeth of Mansfield and Merrill Seely of Wellsboro m. "yest." by Rev. W. Hull; she dau. Reuben Curtis
1901 4 Sep M Curtis, R. F. of Mansfield and Miss Carolyn B. Sampson of Covington to be m. Sep 18th
1901 25 Sep M Curtis, Reuben F. of Mansfield and Miss Carolyn B. Sampson of West Covington M. "last Wed." (double wedding)
1901 6 Mar M Dailey, Fred of Prophetstown, Ill. And Miss Leah Maude Decker of Mansfield m. at Prophetstown "last yr.", just announced; she dau. Ambrose Decker of Mansfield
1901 16 Oct D Davis, John D. d. "last Fri." of appendix operation, age about 45, res. of Charleston twp., left 1 son, buried Wellsboro, bor. Of late Dr. Hugh Davis
1901 23 Oct   Davis, Mr. and Mrs. P. N.  of Arnot m. 50 yrs. "next Sat."
1901 20 Feb Day  son to Charles A. Day of Graceton, Pa. (Lambs Creek news)
1901 24 Jul D Day, Charles d. Graceton, Pa. "Mon.", drowned, son of Nelson Day of Lambs Creek, left 1 child, funeral at Lambs Creek
1901 31 Jul D Day, Charles d. Kelleytown, Richmond twp. "Mon.", age about 58, pernicious anemia, left 2 daus. Miss Edna Day and Mrs. Harriett Wolfrom of Corning; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield. A Civil War vet
1901 20 & 27 Feb M Day, Wilson and Mrs. Lydia M. Shaw of Lambs Creek m. "recently" Feb 9th at Mansfield by Rev. Gates
1901 23 Jan M Deans, Frank A. of Wellsboro and Mrs. Mary E. Houghton, Wrightsville, Pa., m. "yest." at Wrightsville

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