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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1901 6 Mar M Decker, Leah Maude of Mansfield and Fred Dailey of Prophetstown, Ill., m. at Prophetstown "last yr.", just announced; she dau. Ambrose Decker of Mansfield
1901 25 Dec M Deemer, William Russel of Williamsport and Miss Sara Janvary Grundy of Louisville, Ky., m. "last week: at Louisville
1901 16 Jan M Dewey, Miss Edith of Sylvania and Perry Courtney m. "recently" Elmira, Ny
1901 3 Jul M Dewey, Miss Sarah E. of Sullivan twp. and E. Guy Womelsdorf of Wanamie, Pa. m. Jun 26th her home by Rev. W. Burrell; she dau. Addison Dewey
1901 13 Nov DeWitt dau. to Claude of Alba "last week" (in Mainesburg items)
1901 25 Sep M Dillon, Miss Allice and Mark Kimber, both of Rochester, m. at Troy Fair by Rev. Gordinier (no date)
1901 11 Dec D Dorsett, Samuel C. d. "Mon." at his bro.'s in Mansfield, prob. Heart, in 84th yr., b. at Peekskill, Ny. the 5th of David and Catherine Dorsett who came here Jun 1830; he m. Deborah (sic) Coffee of New York City, had 2 children who d. young and adopted son Louis C. of Addison; also 2 bros.; P. R. and M. H. of Mansfield; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 29 May D Doud, Lorenzo d. Covington "last Thur.", age about 75, former res. Sullivan twp., buried Mainesburg, left: Isaac R., Benjamin and Alvah Doud of covington and Mrs. Josephine Burnham, Springfield
1901 23 Oct M Doud, Miss Martha and Robert W. Sutton of Addison, Ny., m. her mother's, Mrs. George Smith of Addison by Rev. D. Mackay (no date); she dau,. Warren Doud of Sullivan twp.
1901 12 Jun M Duel, Miss Kate and Peter Kelley m. Jun 6th at Elmira Heights, Ny., she probably dau. James Dull of mansfield (or could be his sis.)
1901 15 May Dunbar twin girls to B. A. Dunbar of East Troy May 7th
1901 2 Oct D Dunning, Horace d. Mansfield "last Fri." in 88th yr., had come from Nj - one of 12 children, had res. Wellsboro until 15 yrs. ago, left: Mrs. J. S. Sweet, Mrs. Julia Corey and E. J. Dunning of Mansfield; Mrs. R. J. Lucas of Cortland, Ny and Merritt Dunning of Elmira; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 1 May Dyke son to Orrin of Dykes Mills (Mardin notes)
1901 6 Mar D Earley, Vesta d. Sullivan twp. Mar 1st, age 1 yr., dau. of Lester m., buried Gray's Valley Cem.
1901 13 Feb M Eddings, Miss Martha and Andrew Parker Bateman to be m. Blossburg Feb 14th, she dau. Henry Eddings
1901 10 Apr M Edminster, Miss Alice Mae of Elmira, Ny. and George Bull of Addison, Ny. to be m. "today" at her home; he formerly of Mansfield
1901 2 Jan M Edwards, Gertie and Will Jessup, both of Covington, m. Dec 19th 1900
1901 9 Oct D Eilenberger, Mrs. William nee Edith Cass d. "Mon.", Troy, Pa., formerly of Canoe Camp, dau. of Edward Cass, age 23 yrs., 9 mos., funeral Mansfield
1901 21 Aug Elliott  dau. to Arthur H. of Philadelphia b. at Mansfield Aug 14th
1901 30 Oct M Elliott, Miss Nan of Mansfield and Dr. Frank Lawrence m. "Thur. evening" at Eugene Hall's in Elmira
1901 19 Jun D Elliott, Orson V. d. "last Wed." Mansfield, b. near Cherry Flats Oct 25th 1892 to Oliver and Mary Rockwell Elliott, m. Aug 20th 1851 Celia Kelley, dau. of Martin K.; left: Frank of Mansfield; Margaret (Mrs. J. S.) Hoard; Kittie ( Mrs. J. E. ) Farrer; Miss Nellie - all of mansfield; Anna (Mrs. Alba) Welch, Delia (Mrs. I. P.) Collins, Bert V. and Edward M. all of Coudersport; also had Emma (Mrs. D. A.) Gaylord and Mary (Mrs. Howard) Maine, both dec'd, bro. Thomas D. of Elmira and half-bro. Judson A. of Mansfield also survive: buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1901 28 Aug Ely dau. to Nelson of Jeanette, Pa. (no date), former res. Covington
1901 20 Feb Emberger dau. to Joseph, Mardin (no date)
1901 11 Dec M Emderle, Miss Anna of Syracuse (formerly of Tioga) and John Muchant of Buffalo m. "recently"
1901 25 Sep M Everett, Ernest L. and Miss Etta Friends m. "last Wed." her home, Jackson twp.; she dau. James K, Friends
1901 12 Jun M Ewing, Thomas Henry and Bessie Elbertine Soper of Elmira to be m. Jun 12th; she niece of Mrs. W. N. Barton of Mansfield
1901 13 Feb D Farrell, John d. Arnot (no date) age 22, complication of diseases
1901 21 Aug M Farrer, Miss M. Libbie and Gomer H. Williams m. at Canoe Camp Aug 20th by Rev. W. Brown
1901 23 Jan D Faulkner, Britain d. Mansfield "Mon.", pneumonia and heart, 3 daus. Nettie, Eliza and Mrs. Nathan Niles, and 2 sis. Mrs. Hiram Sherwood and Mrs. Freeman Gaylord, both of Mansfield, and 2 bro. Edmund Faulkner, Presho, Ny., buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, former resident of Richmond twp.
1901 13 Feb M Faulkner, D. J. of Mansfield and Miss Maude LaValley of Blossburg m. "Mon." at Lawrenceville
1901 28 Aug   Fellows, Mrs. A. was 95 "last Sat." (Mainesburg items)
1901 30 Jan M Ferris, W. E. and Frances Peck m. at Hector, Potter co., Jan 14th
1901 3 Jul M Fessler, T. A. of Elkland and Miss Maud E. Harrison of Borden m. "last Wed." by Rev. J. Skottowe of Lawrenceville at her mothers.
1901 17 Apr M Field, Wilson and Miss Lettie Parker, both of East Troy, m. Apr 10th by Rev. I. Hyde; she dau. Charles E. Parker
1901 9 Jan D Firth, Mrs. Rena Westbrook d. Denver, Col. "last Thur.", stomach ailment, left husband Fred F. and sis. Miss Alta Westbrook: buried Denver: a former res. of Mansfield
1901 23 Oct D Fischler, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Wellsboro (no date), age 76, a native of Germany, mother of Charles F.
1901 20 Mar D Fish, Mrs. E. A. d. "Mon." at Mainesburg, lung ailment, widow of ex-sheriff Fish, left 1 sis, Mrs. Sarah A. Cudworth and 1 bro. Jerome Cudworth
1901 2 Jan D Fleming, Giles to be buried in Tioga, age about 20, son of late Noah F. of Tioga, in army in Philippines
1901 26 Jun D Ford, Mrs. S. B. d. West Covington "last Fri.", left several children incl. Clark G. Ford; buried Lewis Cem., West Covington
1901 29 May M Forst, Miss Edna of Frost Settlement and Mark Youmans of _____ m. at Lawrenceville "last Thur.", she dau. Lewis Frost
1901 23 Oct M Frazier, David of Waterville, Wash. And Miss Hannah Richards of Covington m. (no date)
1901 4 Dec M Freeman, Miss Ada and Fred Handsom, both of Mansfield, m. there by Rev. B. Brunning "recently'
1901 25 Sep M Friends, Miss Etta and Ernest L. Everett m. "last Wed." her home, Jackson twp; she dau. James K. Friends
1901 1 May Frost  son to Ant. Of Sullivan twp. Apr 18th
1901 30 Jan M Frost, Will and Miss Laura Marvin, both of Covington twp., m. Jan 23rd at her parents
1901 3 & 10 Jul M Fulle, Norman of Hoytville and Miss Claudia Hakes to be m. "this evening" at her bro's. (Willis Hakes) by Rev. W. Hull of Upper Lambs Creek.
1901 15 May M Fullwood, Peter and Miss Hattie Lawrence, both of Wellsboro, m. at Corning, Ny. May 5th
1901 4 Sep Gambell dau. to Cept. Ralph of Wellsboro (no date), granddau. Of Elias Horton of Mansfield
1901 29 May D Gardner, John d. Arnot "last week Tue.", an octegenarian
1901 13 Feb Garrison son to William of Jobs Corners (no date)
1901 4 Dec   Garrison, Foster of (Elk?, can't read) Run was 66 on Nov 30th
1901 27 Nov M Geisenhoff, Miss Mamie of Elkland and Lafayette Hertle of Mansfield m. "a few das. Since"
1901 11 Sep D Gentry, Mrs. Dr. J. M. of Stony Fork d. "yest.", stomach ailment, sis of Mrs. Anna Thompson and dau. to Mrs. M. R. Herrington of Mansfield, left 1 son and 1 dau.
1901 27 Mar George son to Harvey of Westfield Mar 13th
1901 4 Sep Gerow dau. to James of E. Charleston (no date)
1901 2 Jan Gile dau. to Prof. and Mrs. N. C. Gile at VanEtten, Ny. Dec 23rd 1900 (Lambs Creek news)
1901 5 Jun D Gillett infant son of Mrs. M. E. d. "Fri." at Mansfield, buried Oakwood Cem., Mansfield
1901 10 Jul D Gillett, Morris H. d. Alpine, Ny., Jun 26th, age 67, pneumonia, left 3 children: C. A Gillett of Mansfield, A. M. Gillett of Alpine and Mrs. C. L. Gillett of Reniff, Ny.; also bros.: Nathan of Reniff and Dwight of Mansfield; buried at Reniff
1901 20 Nov   Gillett, Mrs._____ was 90 on Nov 11th, mother of C. A. Gillett of Mansfield
1901 27 Nov D Ginnell, Mrs. Herman d. Covington, age 40, paralysis (no date)
1901 15 May D Glenwright child of Henry of Morris Run buried Hope Cem., Mansfield "last Week", age about 4 (one of twins), mother nee Cooper of Lambs Creek
1901 17 Jul M Glenwright, Miss Anna and Charles W. McConnell of Richmond twp. m. "Mon." by Rev. W. Hull
1901 17 Jul Goodall dau. to Lewis of Canoe Camp "last Fri."
1901 16 Jan D Goodrich, John d. Chicago (no date), buried at Evergreen Cem., Tioga "Wed."
1901 27 Mar M Goodrich, Miss Bertha May and Willard A. Prentiss to be m. Apr 4th Pulteney, Ny., she formerly of Mansfield
1901 10 Jul M Goodrich, Miss Edith and Dr. Hibbard B. Michols of Pulteney m. Jun ____; she dau. G. E. Goodrich of Mansfield
1901 20 Feb D Grady, O. F. was b. Mainesburg Feb. 28th 1842, m. Apr 12th 1876 Miss Rizpah Ames, d. at Garfield, Kan. Jan 18th, had 7 children, went to Kansas 1876, Civil War Vet
1901 30 Jan D Grandy, O. F. d. Jan 18th at Garfield, Kan. Of pneumonia, former res. Sullivan twp. (see 2/20)
1901 2 Oct M Graves, Miss Rose of Blossburg and Benjamin Jones of Mansfield to be m. "tomorrow" at E. E. Brace's in Elmira, Ny
1901 7 Aug   Greenman, Mrs. Margaret of Mansfield was 66 on Jul 26th
1901 6 Mar Griffin son to J. P. of Lambs Creek
1901 26 Jun & 3 Jul M Griswold, Herman H. of Sayre and Miss Mary Nichols Blaksley of Athens to be m. "tomorrow" at Athens; she dau. Mrs. M. U. Blaksley, formerly of mansfield, he formerly of Canton
1901 6 Feb D Grom, Miss Leanore Allegra d. Virginia, Minn., Jan 15th, MSNS '93, age 26, left father, 2 bros. Theodore, Ft. Sheridan, Ill, and Willie, Inglenook, Ny. and 1 sis. Mrs. George L. Longfellow, Minneapolis
1901 25 Dec M Grundy, Miss Sara Janvary of Louisville, Ky., and William Russel Deemer of Williamsport m. "last week" at Louisville
1901 31 Jul M Guild, Miss Lavina R. of Hecton, Pa., and Dr. William Howe of Shinglehouse, to be m. "tomorrow", she MSNS student
1901 11 Dec M Haddow, Winfield S. of Morris Run and Miss Edith Taylor of Covington m. Nov 28th at Elmira, Ny
1901 2 & 9 Jan D Hagar, H. Afton d. "last evening" in Mansfield, killed by train age about 47, left 3 children: Thurston G., Alice, and a baby, bro. of Fred Hagar of Canoe Camp; buried at Lambs Creek
1901 24 Apr D Hagar, Mrs. Horace d. Elk Run "last week", mother of Hubert of Lambs Creek
1901 11 Dec M Haight, Miss Stella of Charleston Twp. and Frederick VanOrder of Wellsboro m. at Lawrenceville Nov 30th by Rev. A. Stuart
1901 3 & 10 Jul M Hakes, Miss Claudia and Norman Fuller of Hoytville to be m. "this evening" at her bro.'s (Willis Hakes) by Rev. W. Hull of Upper Lambs Creek
1901 25 Sep D Hamilton, Frank d. Canon City, Col. (no date), son of Mrs. U. A. White, formerly of Covington
1901 4 Dec M Handsom, Fred and Miss Ada Freeman, both of Mansfield, m. there by Rev. B. Brunning "recently"
1901 13 Feb M Harford, Miss Blanche and Francis G. Monell m. at Elmira, Ny. "last Sun.", she granddau. Of Office McClelland of Mansfield
1901 30 Jan D Harkness youngest child of Dr. and Mrs. of Mainesburg d. "Tue."
1901 8 May M Harrison, Miss Margaret Almira of Elmira, Ny. and Rev. Edwin Ellsworth Riley of Susquehanna, Pa. m. May 1st at Elmira by Rev. A. Eastman. He former Presby Minister at Mansfield. She dau. J. Harland Harrison of Elmira, formerly of Westfield
1901 3 Jul M Harrison, Miss Maud E. of Borden and T. A. Fessler of Elkland m. "last Wed." by Rev. J. Skottowe of Lawrenceville at her mothers
1901 16 Jan Harvey son to Willard of Mansfield Jan 12th
1901 8 May D Harvey, Mrs. Emeline of Mansfield d. May 3rd at her son's (Minor B. Harvey) in Corning, Ny., age about 60
1901 24 Apr D Hastings, Hiram S. of Wellsboro d. "last Sun.", age 73, left 1 dau. and 1 son
1901 2 Oct D Hatfield baby of W. H., d. Roseville (no date), age 11 mos., funeral "last week Fri.", buried Watson Cem., Roseville
1901 23 Jan M Hathway, Miss Clara B. of Cross Forks and Charles N. Woodard, formerly of Elkland m. (no date)
1901 5 Jun M Haw, Minnie A. and Harry L. Bixby, formerly of Mansfield m. Pendleton, Oregon, May 29th
1901 24 Apr M Hayes, Miss Lydia of Richmond twp. and Edward Precit of Mansfield m. at Mansfield "last Sun."; she dau. E. E. Hayes
1901 16 Oct M Hearne, Miss Mary R. of Georgetown, Ky., and Dr. F. D. Keppel of Montour Falls m. "this week Wed." her home (copied from Elmira Advertiser)
1901 27 Nov M Hertle, Lafayette of Mansfield and Miss Mamie Geisenhoff of Elkland m. "a few das. Since."
1901 25 Dec D Higgins, Mrs. Martha P. d. Mansfield "Mon.", heart, in 73rd yr., widow of James Higgins of Ulster, Pa., left 3 sons and 4 daus. (one Mrs. Allen P. Sherman of Mansfield)
1901 20 Nov D Hilfiger, Oscar d. _____, funeral at Mainesburg "last Fri.", cancer, left 1 son and 1 dau., also bro. and sis.
1901 2 Jan M Hilfiger, Walter C. of Lawrenceville and Miss Edna L. McIntyre of Baldwin, Ny., m. at Baldwin by Rev. P. Smith (no date)
1901 25 Dec M Hinckley, Miss Marie M. and John M. Saxton, formerly of Troy, both of Williamsport, to be m. Dec 26th
1901 30 Jan D Hoaher, Anna d. Tioga Junction Jan 18th in 18th yr., dau. of Orin and Julia Hoaher.
1901 4 & 25 Sep M Hoard, Harry Reed of Mansfield and Miss Susan Glenn Cameron to be m. Sep 17th by Revs. Pollock and Parry at Wilkinsburg, Pa.; she dau. Mrs. Peter Cameron
1901 2 Jan D Hodge, Mrs. Ellen Buckbee d. Philadelphia "last evening", pneumonia, age 53, widow of Hiram Hodges, left 1 dau. Sarah Orinda, 2 sis. Mrs. Samuel Sherman, Rutland and Miss Louise Buckbee, Nelson, 2 half-bro. George and Joseph Harding and 1 half-sis. Miss Mertie Harding
1901 17 Apr D Holden, Reuben d. Apr 3rd at Seattle, Wash., buried there, b. Mansfield Aug 16th 1829 youngest of 9 of Daniel L. and Lydia Lownsberry Holden, others were: Eliza Stratton, Lucy Bailey, Daniel, Isaac, DeWitt Clinton, George R. and John A. and Horace W. (still alive in Elmira); his own 5 children: D. N., Andrew and Arthur of Seattle, Bert of Nome, Alaska, Mrs. Luch Conant of Subusba, Tenn.; left here about 1880
1901 2 Oct Holton son to Newman Holton of Bailey Creek "last week" (Roseville items)
1901 23 Jan D Holton, Mrs. Mary d. Ridgebury, N.C., Dec 30, 1900, widow of Thomas of Jackson Center, Pa.
1901 16 Jan D Hooker, Mrs. Anna d. Somers Lane "last Thur.", consumption
1901 22 May M Hoose, Miss Annetta of Westfield and Charles Kelly of Knoxville m. (no date)
1901 20 Nov D Hopkins, Mary Blackman d. Knoxville Nov 10th, age 65 yrs.
1901 31 Jul Horton dau. to William of Covington (no date)
1901 2 Oct M Horton, Miss Lizzie of Mitchell's Creek, Pa and Lewis Kinner of Pine City, Ny. m. Sep 25th her home by Rev. C. Figler
1901 18 Sep D Horton, Mrs. Frederick d. San Francisco, Cal., left infant dau.; dau.-in-law of Elias Horton of Mansfield
1901 23 Jan M Houghton, Mrs. Mary E. Wrightsville, Pa., and Frank A. Deans of Wellsboro m. "yest." at Wrightsville
1901 25 Dec Howard son to E. R. of Lawrenceville (no date)
1901 31 Jul M Howe, Dr. William of Shinglehouse and Miss Lavina R. Guild of Hecton, Pa., to be m. "tomorrow"; she MSNS student
1901 26 Jun M Howe, Van Victor of Mansfield and Miss Lena Emily Smith of Farmington m. "yest." (no place)
1901 2 Jan Howland dau. to W. C. of Mansfield Jan 1st
1901 27 Nov Howland dau. to Ray of Knoxville (no date)
1901 12 Jun M Hoxey, Charles and Miss Kate LeValley m. "Mon." at her home in Covington by Rev. Appleman
1901 17 Jul M Hughes, Jesse A. and Miss Anna E.Bingham, both of Mitchells Creek, m. at Corning, Ny. (no date)
1901 17 Apr D Hughes, John d. Morris Run "last Sat.", a res. of Blossburg, father of Dr. William and Miss May Hughes, a mine accident
1901 29 May D Hunter, Mrs. Lucius d. Charleston "yest." of consumption, left 1 adopted dau. and sis. Mrs. J. F. Pitts
1901 30 Jan D Hurley, Will of Corning, nephew of Jack Kelley buried at Wellsboro "Mon."
1901 20 & 27 Feb M Ingerick, Nina May (or Belle?) of East Charleston and Owen J. Moore of Canton (or of Sullivan?) to be m. Feb. 20th; she dau,. E. G. Ingerick
1901 13 Mar   Ireton, J. C. and Mrs. of Canoe Camp m. 50 yrs. on Mar 9th, their sons appear to be: Albert of New York City, Charles of Philadelphia, and Manroe A. of Seattle, Wash.
1901 30 Oct D Jackson, Amasy d. Sullivan twp. "last Sat.", funeral at State Road Ch., "old settler"
1901 14 Aug D James, Alfred T. d. Williamsport "Mon.", age 63, b. at Mauch Chunk, Pa., res. at Blossburg many yrs., wife sis. Of D. H. Walker of Mansfield, left 1 son Walter R., 2 daus. Cora and Mrs. Middlebrook of Mich.
1901 23 Jan Jarolemon son to Hosea of Roseville (no date)
1901 26 Jun M Jelliff, Glenn J. and Miss Sarah Edna Clemons, both of Mansfield, m. "today" by Rev. W. Hull at Mansfield; she dau. Mrs. Margaret Clemons, he son of Eli Jelliff
1901 7 Aug M Jenkins, Miss Nettie M. and Boyd McConahy, both of Willard, Ny., m. in Watkins Jul 28th by Rev. Lattimer, she dau. Abner Jenkins of Lambs Creek
1901 27 Feb D Jessup, Henry d. "Sun." (Covington news)
1901 2 Jan M Jessup, Will and Gertie Edwards, both of Covington, m. Dec 19th 1900
1901 2 Jan M Johns, Fred of Mitchell Creek and Miss Lena McConnell of Rutland twp. m. Dec 31st 1900 at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1901 4 Sep Johnson son to S. P. of Mansfield Aug 24th
1901 25 Dec M Johnson, Mrs. Ada and George Russell to be m. "tomorrow" at Lambs Creek
1901 30 Jan M Johnson, Patrick and Hattie Parker m. at Hector, Potter co., Jan 13th
1901 2 Jan M Jones, Albert and Miss Blanche Austen of Mainesburg m. Dec 24th 1900 at her parents (Jesse Austen) by Rev. W. Yard
1901 2 Oct M Jones, Benjamin of Mansfield and Miss Rose Graves of Blossburg to be m. "tomorrow" at E. E. Brace's in Elmira, Ny.
1901 27 Mar M Jones, William and Miss Mabel G. VanValcalnar, both of Mansfield, m. "today" Elmira, Ny. by Rev. F. Reynolds
1901 28 Aug Jones, William son to Albert of Cherry Flats Aug 20th
1901 25 Dec Joralemon dau. To Clark of Troy (no date)
1901 13 Mar Jupenlaz dau. to Ernest of Richmond twp. Mar 9th
1901 30 Jan M Katz, Miss Sarah of New York and Morris I. Marcuson formerly of Westfield to be m. Jan 31st
1901 16 Oct M Kear, Ernest L. of Mansfield and Miss Martha Crittenden of Whitesville, Ny. To be m. "tonight" her home.
1901 25 Sep M Keating, Charles L. of Liberty and miss Harriet B. Maneval, of same, m. Elmira "last Wed.
1901 31 Jul D Keating, Frank d. Blossburg "last Fri. night", heat prostration on railroad
1901 22 May D Keeney, Mrs. Hiram d. Middlebury "last week Mon.", left 8 children
1901 13 Feb D Keifer child of Rev. Keifer of Blossburg d. "last Sun." of Memb. Croup
1901 23 Oct M Kelley, John and Miss Mazie Clemons, both of Covington twp., m. (no date)
1901 12 Jun M Kelley, Peter and Miss Kate Duel m. Jun 6th at Elmira Heights, Ny., she probably dau. James Dull of Mansfield (or could be his sis.)
1901 28 Aug Kelly  son to Clyde and Eliza Bennett Kelly of Galeton Aug 16th; she former res. Canoe Camp
1901 22 May M Kelly, Charles of Knoxville and Miss Annetta Hoose of Westfield m. (no date)
1901 11 Dec Kennedy (or Canedy) son to Will of Perrytown (Rutland twp.) "last Thur." (Roseville items)
1901 29 May M Kennedy, Eva Mae and Charles H. Thomas, both of Troy twp., m. May 15th at Southport, Ny. by Rev. A. Cameron at res. of W. H. Peck
1901 1 & 8 May M Kennedy, Miss Susie C. of Rutland and George H. Colony of Mansfield to be m. "tomorrow" (May 2nd) at her home by Rev. D. Stoker
1901 16 Oct M Keppel, Dr. F. D. of Montour Falls and Miss Mary R. Hearne of Georgetown, Ky., m "this week Wed." her home (copied from Elmira Advertiser)
1901 21 Aug D Ketchum, W. F. of Wellsboro d. at Bath, Ny., "Fri. night", age about 30, on railroad tracks
1901 30 Oct Kettyle dau. to W. G. of Corning (mother nee Gertrude woitwich of Mansfield?_
1901 24 Jul Kilbourn dau. to E. E. of Farmington Jul 4th
1901 20 Nov M Kilburn, Sherry and Miss Kate Lindsley, both of Lawrenceville, m. at Corning Nov 13th
1901 27 Mar M Kilmer, Miss Edith B. of Ellenton, Pa., and H. E. Bernauer of Marshlands m. Elmira, Ny by Rev. F. Reynolds (no date)
1901 26 Jun Kimball son to Emerson of Charleston recently
1901 25 Sep M Kimber, Mark and Miss Allice Dillon, both of Rochester, m. at Troy Fair by Rev. Gordinier (no date)
1901 20 Mar King son to D. M. of Elkland "recently"
1901 12 Jun M King, J. Frank of Roaring Branch and Ada M. Raker of Liberty m. Jun 5th her home by Rev. McClain; she dau. George Raker
1901 6 Nov Kingsley  son to Clarence of Cambra, Pa., formerly of Mill Creek (no date)
1901 11 Sep M Kingsley, Miss Alma S. formerly of Troy and Dr. Theodor S. Seque_____ (torn), m. Aug 28th at Asbury Park, Nj
1901 2 Oct M Kinner, Lewis of Pine City, Ny and Miss Lizzie Horton of Mitchell's Creek, Pa., m. Sep 25th her home by Rev. C. Figler
1901 25 Dec D Kizer, Mrs. Morgan d. Westfield (no date), left 1 son and bros. James and Charles Tubbs
1901 26 Jun M Klock, Miss Cora and Wesley Lawrence, both of Covington, m. "today" at Covington';she dau. Edward Klock
1901 6 Nov D Knapp, Clinton d. "last Sat." at Danville St. Hosp., age about 24, unmarried, buried at Somers Lane, grandson of late Clinton Holden of Mansfield

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