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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1901 18 Dec Knights dau. to Frank of Lambs Creek Dec 14th
1901 25 Dec D Knights infant dau. of Frank d. "Thur." (birth announced last week) Lambs Creek
1901 2 Oct M Knowlton, Miss Ethel of Richmond twp. and A. H. Laasch of Mansfield m. (no date); she dau. Hanover Knowlton
1901 28 Aug D Knox, George d. Knoxville "last Wed." in 88th yr.
1901 17 Jul D Kohler, George d. "Mon." at Mansfield, age aobut 86, a native of New Jersey, had lived in Mardin 'til 1888, had left: George, Jr., Joseph and Miss Libbie of Mansfield; John and Lewis of Mardin; Mrs. J. F. Ripley of Harrisburg; Mrs. George Brown of Seattle, Wash.; to be buried Sweet Cem., Mardin
1901 5 Jun Krise dau. to Barney of Mainesburg May 28th
1901 2 Oct M Laasch, A. H. of Mansfield and Miss Ethel Knowlton of Richmond twp. m. (no date); she dau. Hanover Knowlton
1901 20 Mar M Ladd, Miss Alice  and Charles Tuttle m. "recently" at Bentley Creek, Ny
1901 27 Feb D Lamb, Gad A. b. Lambs Creek Jan 20th 1826 to Daniel and Clarissa Hibbard Lamb, one of 7; in 1852 m. Miss Hannah Cooper and had 6 children: Howard (dec'd), Emerson (dec'd), Ross of Wisconsin, Ada of Dakota, Arthur of Bath, Ny. and Mrs. William (Ensy) Downing of Binghamton, Ny.; wife d. 1884, bros. left: Fred and D. B., sisters left Minerva, Cornelia and Marin; he d. "last Thur." and buried Lambs Creek Cem.
1901 16 Oct D Landon, Thomas d. "last week" at Landrus, bro. of Mrs. Thomas Kerwin of Blossburg and Mrs. George Watson of Landrus; buried Corning, Ny.
1901 25 Dec M Langdon, Miss Vesta Genevieve of Mansfield and Fred W. Curran of Knoxville to be m. Dec 25th by Rev. W. Latimer; she dau. O. H. Langdon
1901 13 Feb D Larcum, Joseph d. Covington twp. (no date) at his sister's, Mrs. Conley
1901 29 May D Larrson, Samuel d. Blossburg recently, age 56
1901 30 Oct M Lawrence, Dr. Frank of Elmira and Miss Nan Elliott of Mansfield m. "Thur. evening" at Eugene Hall's in Elmira
1901 15 May M Lawrence, Miss Hattie and Peter Fullwood, both of Wellsboro, m. at Corning, Ny., May 5th
1901 17 Jul D Lawrence, Owen son of Welby of Rutland twp. d. (no date) prob. "last Fri." , tumor
1901 26 Jun M Lawrence, Wesley and Miss Cora Klock, both of Covington, m "today" at Covington; she dau. Edward Klock
1901 18 Sep D Lawrence, William buried Lawrence Corners Cem. "last Sat." d. Mansfield "Thur.", age 73, left 4 daus.: Mrs. F. H. Luckey, Sylvania; Mrs. C. B. Rorapaugh, Wellsboro; Mrs. G. H. Baker and Mrs. Charles Richards, both of Covington; 2 sons: Welby Lawrence of Rutland twp. and Dr. Frank Lawrence of Elmira; had res. Rutland twp. for yrs.
1901 15 May D Lay, Orrin d. Grays Valley (Sullivan twp.) "yest.", shot himself, left 3 daus. And 1 son, wife nee Squires dau. of Lafayette Squires; he son of James Lay
1901 11 Sep M Lefler, Max R. and Miss Hattie G. Carley of Jackson twp. m. (no date)
1901 20 Mar Leonard dau. to B. P. of Leona (Bradford co.) Mar 13th
1901 29 May D Leonard, Thomas d. Blossburg recently, age 80
1901 24 Apr D LeValley, Leonard C. d. Covington "recently", old and respected resident
1901 12 Jun M LeValley, Miss Kate and Charles Hoxey m. "Mon." at her home in Covington by Rev. Appleman'
1901 13 Feb M LeValley, Miss Maude of Blossburg and D. J. Faulkner of Mansfield m. "Mon." at Lawrenceville
1901 25 Sep D Lewis, Miss Mary d. "last week" at Canton, in 22nd yr., dau. of Dr. ____ Lewis
1901 16 Oct Lilley son to Carl b. "last week" (where?)
1901 2 Jan M Lilley, Carl W.  and Miss Amy Elizabeth Bull m. "last evening" in Mansfield at her parent's (Albert Bull) by Rev. S. Derby
1901 20 Nov M Lindsley, Miss Kate and Sherry Kilburn, both of Lawrenceville, m. at Corning Nov 13th
1901 11 Dec D Lindsley, Mrs. William d. Philadelphia "last Tue.", operation, buried at Mansfield, her 1st husband was Daniel Clark of Mann Creek
1901 13 Mar D Longwell, John D. d. Roseville "Sun.", age 83, a stroke
1901 6 Nov D Loveland, "Old" Mr.,  d. "Sat." at his son-in-law's (Delos Roblyer) of Roseville; buried at Troy where had resided and run a carding-mill
1901 3 Apr M Lowe, Miss Flora L. and W. B. Smith, both of Mansfield m. last evening by Rev. Hull
1901 27 Feb D Lowman, Mrs. Marie d. at her dau.'s in Troy (Mrs. Herrick McKean) Feb 19th, age 76
1901 17 Apr Lownsberry son to Frank of Canoe Camp "last Sun."
1901 30 Jan M Lundgreen, Edward and Miss Grace Vastbinder m. Lindley (no date) by Rev. C. Jenkins
1901 4 Sep Luther dau. to Alice Holden Luther of Kress, Pa. (no date), mother age 14 (Mardin items)
1901 25 Sep M Lyon, James J. of Covington and Miss Mary H. Sampson of West Covington m. "last Wed.," (double wedding)
1901 1 May M Maine, Melville of Raleigh, N.C. and Miss Mary Blackwell of Mansfield m. at Raleigh (no date); he son of late Horace Maine once res. of Mansfield and Nephew of late Dr. G. D. and Edw. Maine of Mainesburg; she dau. late Enoch Blackwell of Mansfield
1901 24 Jul M Maneval, Miss Grace of Jackson, Lycoming co., and John V. Sawyer of Liberty to be m. "today"
1901 25 Sep M Maneval, Miss Harriet B. of Liberty and Charles L. Keating, of same, m. Elmira "last Wed."
1901 25 Dec M Mann, Miss Minnie and William Buckley m. at Lawrenceville (no date)
1901 30 Oct   Mansfield, Miss Hetty of Roseville was 68 on Oct 16th
1901 10 & 17 Jul D Mantor, Mrs. Olive  d. Tioga twp. "last Sat." , age about 80, plasy; sis. Of Mrs. Aaron Ingalls and step-mother of Mark Mantor, both of Mansfield, buried Mill Creek Cem., widow of Thomas Mantor
1901 30 Jan M Marcuson, Morris I. formerly of Westfield and Miss Sarah Katz of New York to be m. Jan 31st
1901 1 May Marsh dau. to J. M. of Kellytown (Richmond twp.) "last Thur."
1901 15 May D Marshall, Rev. William d. Faulkland, Del., May 3rd, former Epis. Rector at Mansfield, in 83rd yr.
1901 30 Jan M Marvin, Miss Laura and Will Frost, both of Covington twp., m. Jan 23rd at her parents
1901 16 Jan D Marvin, Richard S. (or E.) d. Covington "Sun.", nearly 78, "a life-long resident", son of late Tillie Marvin, left 1 son. (He was one of Tillie's 21 children)
1901 24 Jul D Mather, Mrs. _____ d. Bath, Ny. "last Thur.", former res. Lawrenceville, mother of Charles and Cornelius Mather of Elmira
1901 22 May D Maxwell, Mrs. Thomas d. Blossburg "Tue." (May 29th), cancer
1901 11 Dec D McCann, Mrs. John d. "recently" at her dau.'s in St. Marys, Pa. (Mrs. Thomas Lloyd), former res. Fall Brook
1901 8 May M McCarthy, John of Fairfield, Maine and Mary Brew of Wellsboro m. at Wellsboro Apr 30th
1901 30 Jan D McCarthy, Mrs. Timothy d. "yest." at Arnot, one res. in Mansfield
1901 20 Mar M McClelland, N. N. and Miss Lena Ripley of Troy m. Elmira, Ny. "last week"
1901 23 Oct M McClosky, D. Byron of Owego, Ny. and Miss May Blair of Wellsboro to be m. Nov 6th
1901 18 Sep D McClure son of Dean, d. from a fall (where?)
1901 7 Aug M McConahy, Boyd and Miss Nettie M. Jenkins, both of Willard, Ny., m. in Watkins Jul 28th by Rev. Lattimer; she dau. Abner Jenkins of Lambs Creek
1901 10 Apr McConnell  dau. to Newberry of Roseville "last week"
1901 17 Jul M McConnell, Charles W. of Richmond twp. and Miss Anna Glenwright m. "Mon." by Rev. W. Hull
1901 2 Jan M McConnell, Miss Lena of Rutland twp. and Fred Johns of Mitchell Creek m. Dec 31st 1900 at State Line, Ny., by Rev. J. VanKirk
1901 23 Jan McFall dau. to George of Westfield (no date)
1901 20 Feb McInroy son to _____ and Nettie Abernathy McInroy on Feb 16th (Mardin items)
1901 15 & 22 May D McInroy infant son (Kenneth) of Robert R. of Mardin d. May 11th, buried Catlin Hollow Cem.
1901 10 Jul D McInroy, Ruth dau. of James of Elmira, age 3, granddau. Of James (Of Canoe Camp?) burned to death in Elmira Jul 4th, buried at Catlin Hollow Cem. (Canoe Camp items)
1901 2 Jan M McIntyre, Miss Edna L. of Baldwin, Ny., and Walter C. Hilfiger of Lawrenceville m. at Baldwin by Rev. P. Smith (no date)
1901 20 Mar D McKean, Mrs. Nancy d. Troy (no date), othe oldest of 12 children of William and Polly Brace who came from Vt. To Springfield, Pa. in 1806, m. Nov 9th 1837 James C. McKean, had 3 children: Lucy, Lauretta (Mrs. Mark McDowell) and Randolph, all now dead, she left 2 bros., 1 sis. and 1 half sis. and 3 grandchildren: Mrs. Lucy Snedeker, James McKean of Elmira and Charle McDowell of Mansfield.
1901 11 Dec McKinney son to prof. L. H. of Tioga (no date)
1901 11 Sep D.  McMeal, Peter d. Caton, Ny "last week", step-father of W. A. Rumsey of Mainesburg
1901 4 Dec D Meeker, G. M. d. Mitchells (no date), funeral there "last Sun.", father of Miss Ida Meeker
1901 17 Apr D Meigs, Rev. George D. d. Geneva, Ny. "last Thur.", stroke, once Presby. Minister at Mansfield
1901 28 Aug D Merrick dau. to Hon. Walter T. d. (where?) "last Thur.", age 10 mos
1901 10 Jul M Michols, Dr. Hibbard B. of Pulteney and Miss Edith Goodrich m. Jun ____; she dau. G. E. Goodrich of Mansfield
1901 20 Feb M Miller, Miss Edith M. and Carl Spencer, both of Mansfield m. Corning, Ny Feb 16th
1901 2 Jan D Miller, William d. Lawrenceville "last Sat.", age about 68, brain ailment, left son Charles of Chicago and dau. Mrs. George T. Locey of Lawrenceville
1901 13 Feb M Monell, Francis G. and Miss Blanche Harford m. at Elmira, Ny. "last Sun.", she granddau. Of Officer McClelland of Mansfield
1901 20 Feb M Moody, Miss Mattie and Allen T. Stewart m. at Towanda "Tue."
1901 27 Mar D Moore, Mrs. Jeremiah d. "last Thur." Richmond twp. age 70, left 3 sons, buried Schodac Cem. (see 4/3)
1901 3 Apr D Moore, Mrs. Jeremiah (Sarha Harvey) d. Richmond twp. Mar 23rd, age 70 yrs., 1 mo., 8 das., b. Armenia twp., Brad. Co. Feb 15th 1831, m. Oct 25th 1851 had 4 sons: Adelbert, dec'd; Clarence, Willard and jeremiah, jr.
1901 20 & 27 Feb M Moore, Owen J. of Canton (or of Sullivan?) and Nina May (or Belle?) Ingerick of East Charleston to be m. Feb 20th; she dau. E. G. Ingerick
1901 30 Jan D Moore, W. H. was bro. of John L. Moore of Lambs Creek and Mrs. C. P. Fuller of Morris
1901 30 Jan D Moore, William H. d. Charleston "last Sat.", funeral "Mon.", buried Charleston, age 60, heart failure
1901 29 May D Morehess, George drowned at corning "two weeks ago", a resident of Nelson
1901 6 Nov   Morgan, Holman will be 100 on Nov 17th a res. East Charleston
1901 20 Nov D Morley, Mrs. L. E. d. Nov 11th at her dau's. in Troy (Mrs. C. A. Montgomery), age 73 yrs., 7 mos., widow of Charles Henry Morley, left 8 children, 33 grandchildren
1901 4 Sep D Morris, James W. d. Philadelphia Sep 1st, age 57, son of late Joseph P. and Sarah E. Morris of Mansfield, b. Mansfield Jul 25th 1844, m. Mar 9th 1871 Miss Josephine R. Ambler of Danbury, Ct.. Who d. 1892, left 2 children: Joseph P. and Sarah; his sis. Mrs. Kate Swan also survives, funeral at Mansfield
1901 3 Apr Mudge dau. to Menzo of Elk Run Mar 28th
1901 10 Apr D Munch, George d. Mansfield "Mon.", pneumonia, been here 9 yrs., came from Monroeton, left 6 children (5 already dec'd)
1901 11 Dec M Munchant, John of Buffalo and Miss Anna Emderle of Syracuse (formerly of Tioga) m. "recently"
1901 10 Apr Neal  dau. to Clarence of Hills Creek "Easter"
1901 30 Jan M Neal, Floyd and Mrs. Maggie Peters, both of Hills Creek m. "Tue." at Wellsboro
1901 22 May M Nelson, J. M. of Colville, Wash. And Miss L. Pearl Brown of Arnot m. May 6th at Spokane, Wash.; she sis. Andrew Brown of Mansfield
1901 31 Jul M Nelson, Miss Mennie of Covington twp. and William ______ to be m. today at Wellsboro
1901 23 Jan D Newcomb, Mrs. Wellington A. d. Nelson (no date), heart ailment
1901 6 Nov M Nickerson, Dr. Leon G. of Dubois and Miss Kathering Wilson m. (no date) she sis. Mrs. Arthur Precitt of East Charleston
1901 9 Oct D Niles infant dau. of Wilson Niles buried Lawrence Corners Cem. "Sun."
1901 23 Jan D Niles, Edward d. Tioga twp. "last Fri.", age about 80, left 2 sons: Dr. Augustus Miles of Wellsboro and _____ Niles of Tioga twp.
1901 30 Jan D Niles, Russell d. Painter Run "last Sun." Jan 30th, funeral "Tue.", step-father of Mrs. H. C. Jones of Lambs Creek, age 72, buried Lawrence Corners Cem.
1901 17 Jul Nobels son to William of Tioga (no date)
1901 14 Aug Northrop son to B. W. of LeRaysville Jul 27th, the great grandson of Dr. I. M. Northrop of Keeneyville
1901 20 Feb Obourn son to George of Mansfield Feb 16th
1901 13 Mar D Obourn, Mrs. Emma Bell Kellogg d. Mansfield "last Fri.", wife of Lewis W. Obourn, dau. of Oliver Kellogg of Monroeton, Pa., b. in Bradford co., m. at Canton in 1881, came here 1891, left 4 children: Lee, John, Nicholas and Mary (age 2), also 1 bro. and 2 sis., buried Oakwood Cem., pneumonia and Pleurisy
1901 3 Jul D Odell, Miss Cora d. "last Thur." in Richmond Twp., age 27, dau. of Mrs. Horace Odell, mastoid abscess, left 1 bro. living in Lodi, Ny. and 1 sis. Mrs. M. A. Cleveland; buried Goodall Cem.
1901 25 Dec M O'Foole, Miss Julia and Thad B. Strait, formerly of Mansfield m. East St. Louis, Ill "a few weeks since."
1901 18 Sep M Olney, Mrs. Mary S. of Mansfield and Thaddeus Brown of Jacksonville, Florida m. Aug 31st in Elmira, Ny.; she widow of late R. E. Olney, he nephew of John Brown of Mansfield
1901 3 Apr M Osgood Benjamin of Richmond twp. and Miss Margaret Elizabeth Libbie Taylor of Mansfield m. "last Wed." (Mar 27th) Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates
1901 24 Jul D Owens, Mrs. Charles H. d. Mansfield "last Sun.", age about 60, left 1 son Ray Owens, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 18 Sep D Owlett infant son of Thomas of Mansfield d. "last night" age 9 mos., cholera infantum, to be buried Keeneyville
1901 27 Nov M Owlett, Miss Jeanette of Wellsbor and Oliver Butler of Stokesdaye m. "last week:" at her home
1901 1 May D Packard, Mrs. Rebeckah d. Covington "yest." in 105th yr., at her son's J. H. Packard
1901 20 Nov D Paine, Dr. C. F. d. Troy (no date), a stroke, age 59
1901 27 Feb D Painter, Mrs. Frances d. New York City Feb 16th, consumption, age about 31, left 1 son Kenneth, age 8, buried Muncy, Pa., MSNS Class of '89
1901 14 Aug M Palmer, Mr. ____ and Miss Nellie Smith of Elk Run m. recently; she dau. Lyman Smith
1901 30 Jan M Parker, Hattie and Patrick Johnson m. at Hector, Potter co., Jan 13th
1901 17 Apr M Parker, Miss Lettie and Wilson Field, both of East Troy, m. Apr 10th by Rev. I. Hyde; she dau. Charles E. Parker
1901 25 Dec M Passmore, Willard and Miss Isabel Walker of Covington to be m. Jan 1st at her home (dau. M. R. Walker of Covington twp.)
1901 20 Nov Patrick son to Henry of Deerfield twp.
1901 30 Jan M Peck, Frances and W. E. Fettis, m. at Hector, Potter co., Jan 14th
1901 30 Oct D Peck, Marjorie d. Blossburg "last Sat.", appendix, age 12, dau. of Ray Peck
1901 30 Jan M Peters, Mrs. Maggie and Floyd Neal, both of Hills Creek m. "Tue." at Wellsboro
1901 10 Apr Phelps son to Floyd of Covington "last Sat."
1901 1 May D Phelps, Mrs. Floyd d. "Sat." Canoe Camp (Covington twp.), age 47, left infant son, 2 daus. And another son; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 20 Mar D Pierce, Cora d. Troy "Thur." night
1901 30 Jan Place dau. to Andrew of Farmington Center Jan 16th
1901 11 Dec M Porter, George M. and Miss Daisy Clayson of Windfall m. at Canton (no date)
1901 24 Apr M Precit, Edward of Mansfield and Miss Lydia Hayes of Richmond twp. m. at Mansfield "last Sun."; she dau. E. E. Hayes
1901 27 Mar M Prentiss, Willard A. and Miss Bertha May Goodrich to be m. Apr 4th Pulteney, Ny., she formerly of Mansfield
1901 30 Jan Presit son to Charles Jan 28th, Mansfield
1901 2 Oct Presit dau. of Mr. and Mr.s Precit of Scodac (Richmond twp.) (no date)
1901 12 Jun Preston son to Claud (of Mansfield?) Jun 1st
1901 17 Apr Prime son to John of Mainesburg "Sun."
1901 13 Nov Proseus son to Rev. and Mrs. D. W. of Mainesburg Nov 9th
1901 5 Jun M Pruner, Miss Laura and Millard VanHart, both of Mansfield, m. at Lindley, Ny. "last Wed." by Rev. C. Jenkins
1901 25 Dec M Quick, Miss Lillian formerly of Mansfield and Mr. _____ Sperry m. Stillwater, Minn. "recently
1901 12 Jun M Raker, Ada M. of Liberty and J. Frank King of Roaring Branch m. Jun 5th her home by Rev. McClain; she dau. George Raker
1901 4 Sep Ramsdell son to Ambrose of Elmira, Ny Aug 18th
1901 13 Feb D Read, Mrs. henry d. Corning, Ny. "a few das. Since", former res. Delmar twp.
1901 25 Dec Reddington dau. to George of Troy (no date)
1901 4 Sep Reed son to Curtis of Richmond twp. Sep 1st
1901 25 Dec M Reynolds, Miss Emma of Sabinsville and Mark Chamberlain m. in "York state Recently"
1901 27 Feb   Reynolds, mrs. Lavinia (Lyman) was 90 on Feb 21st, b. Feb 21st 1811 Southport, Ny., nee Lavinia Comfort, her father had 8 children, he d. East Troy 1840; in 1848 she m. Garrett compton and had 9 step-children, he d. 1856; in 1861 she m. Lyman Reynolds, he d. 1880 at Mansfield
1901 23 Oct M Richards, Miss Hannah of Covington and David Frazier, of Waterville, Wash., m. (no date)
1901 6 Nov M Richards, Ray and Miss Josephine Wilcox of Covington m. "recently" at Liberty
1901 18 & 25 Dec D Richart, Mr. and Mrs. Abner d. Austinville "last Sat.", age about 60, a flood
1901 8 May M Riley, Rev. Edwin Ellsworth of Susquehanna, Pa. and Miss Margaret Almira Harrison of Elmira, Ny., m. May 1st at Elmira by Rev. A. Eastman. He former Presby. Minister at Mansfield. She dau. J. Harland Harrison of Elmira, formerly of Westfield
1901 5 Jun M Ripley, Elmer E. of Elmira, Ny. and Miss Jennie Schenks of Trenton, Nj, m. Trenton (no date) (Lanbs Creek items)
1901 20 Mar M Ripley, Miss Lena of Troy and N. N. McClelland m. Elmira, Ny. "last week"
1901 13 Feb D Ripley, William B. d. "last Sat. " at Upper Lambs Creek, age 71, left 2 daus. Mrs. Walter Cruttenden of Wilkes-Barre, Mrs. Willard Warters of Lambs Creek, adopted son Leon and half-bro. J. F. Ripley of harrisburg; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1901 12 Jun D Ritz young son of George d. Sullivan twp. "yest.", cholera infantum
1901 27 Feb Rockwell, Attorney Delos d. Sun. "funeral yest."
1901 25 Dec D Rockwell, Horace W. d. Monroeton "last week Mon.", a native of Tioga co., left 2 sons and 3 daus. (one Mrs. C. J. Beach of Richmond twp.)
1901 20 Mar M Rockwell, James and Miss Myra A. Benson of Troy m. Elmira, Ny., "last week"
1901 23 Jan D Rogers, George d. Elkland Jan 14th, heart disease, formerly of Mansfield, m. Anna Mosher of Sylvania who d. 1898, left 3 sons: Finley of Tory, Charles of Covington and John of Elkland, also 2 adopted daus. Mrs. Addie O'Neil of Delevan, Ny. and Mrs. W. A. Waddell of Atlanta, Ga.
1901 27 Mar D Rogers, Miss Gertrude d. "Mon." near Mansfield, age 22, peritonitis, sis of Newton Rogers, buried Jackson twp.
1901 14 Aug M Rogers, Mrs. Lydia and Delos H. Walker, both of Mansfield, m. at Elmira "last Wed." by Rev. F. Reynolds; she is mother of Mrs. L. E. Hoty of Buffalo,Ny
1901 18 Dec M Rose, Amelia and Gird Bastian m. at Mansfield Dec. 12th (Mainesburg items)
1901 20 Mar M Rose, Elmer and Miss Hattie Brainard, both of Roaring Branch, m. Elmira, Ny. "several das. Ago"
1901 6 Nov D Rose, Mrs. Susan d. Roseville "Sat.", age 77, widow of Warren Rose, left: Mrs. Jerome Benson, Mrs. C. W. Kelley, Martin Rose, all of Roseville; also had Mrs. Mary Updike, dec'd
1901 23 Jan Roundsville son to Thomas of Richmond twp. Jan 21st
1901 4 Sep M Roy, Harold and _____ _____ m. Aug 20th at Bride's home, College Hill Ohio
1901 6 Mar Ruggles dau. to O. F. of Sullivan twp. Feb 19th
1901 6 Mar D Rumsey, mrs. Ripley d. Fassets, Pa., Feb 26th, b. in Jackson twp., sister of Wallace Garrison
1901 24 Jul D Rundell, Burton B. d. Elmira "Mon." of heat prostration, age 33, left 2 bros. (one was Edward of Elmira) and 1 sis. (Mrs. C. F. Shaw) of Tama City, Iowa; mother res. in Mansfield where funeral held and buried Hope Cem.
1901 25 Dec M Russell, George and Mrs. Ada Johnson to be m. "tomorrow" at Lambs Creek
1901 2 Jan D Rutty 18 yr old son of Samuel of Hills Creek buried "yest." Jaundice
1901 20 Mar D Ryon, Hon. John W. d. Pottsville "last week Tue.", a native of Elkland and former res. Lawrenceville, left 2 children by 1st wife; Frank J. and Mrs. Gerard Hobart and 2 by 2nd wife: John W. and Robert
1901 7 Aug Sampson son to Robert of Hills Creek (no date)
1901 4 Sep M Sampson, Miss Carolyn B. of Covington and R. F. Curtis of Mansfield to be m. Sep 18th
1901 25 Sep M Sampson, Miss Carolyn B. of West Covington and Reuben F. Curtis of Mansfield m. "last Wed." (double wedding)
1901 25 Sep M Sampson, Miss Mary H. of West Covington and James J. Lyon of Covington m. "last Wed,." (double wedding)
1901 24 Jul M Sawyer, John V. of Liberty and Miss Grace Maneval of Jackson, Lycoming co., to be m. "today"
1901 20 Mar D Sawyer, Mrs,. E. A. d. Dundee, Ny. "Sun. of last week", sis. Of Dr. James Mastin of Westfield
1901 25 Dec M Saxton, John M. formerly of Troy and Miss Marie M. Hinckley, both of Williamsport, to be m. Dec 26th
1901 5 Jun M Schenks, Miss Jennie of Trenton, Nj and Elmer E. Ripley of Elmira, Ny. m. Trenton (no date) (Lambs Creek items)
1901 14 Aug Schipbanker dau. to M. Schipbanker of Mansfield "last Thur."
1901 28 Aug Schoonover  son to Ralph (Where? When?)
1901 30 Jan M Schoonover, Cora and T. C. Abbey m. at Hector, Potter co., Jan 12th
1901 11 Sep D Scott, Mrs. Laura Ann buried at State Road Cem., "last Sat."
1901 16 Oct D Scouten, Andrew G. d. _____, funeral "last week Tue." at son Charles H.'s in East charleston; buried Sweet Cem.
1901 27 Mar Seamans son to Ray of Westfield Mar 16th
1901 24 Jul D Sechrist, Ellis d. Morris Run "Fri.", age about 23, carobic acid
1901 16 Jan M Seely, Merrill of Wellsboro and Miss May Elizabeth Curtis of Mansfield m. "yest." by Rev. W. Hull; she dau. Reuben Curtis
1901 24 Apr D Seelye, Joseph d. Lawrenceville "last Wed.", age 20, struck by train
1901 11 Sep M Seque___(torn), Dr. Theodor S. and Miss Alma S. Kingsley, formerly of Troy m. Aug 28th at Asbury Park, Nj
1901 23 Oct Sewell son to E. P. of Galeton, former res. Covington, "recently"

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