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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 1901 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date in first columns is date of newspaper, not date of event
1901 24 Jul D Shaff, "Uncle" Stephen d. Keeneyville "recently", age 92, left 5 children
1901 13 Feb D Shaff, Mrs. James d. Keeneyville (no date), left 6 children, youngest dau. of Amos Rowley
1901 2 Jan M Sharp, James and Mrs. Fanny O. Brace m. "last evening" at Mansfield by Rev. W. Hull, she dau. Mrs. H. H. Lamb
1901 11 Dec   Shaw, Mrs. Jane was 90 "last Sun.", (Mainesburg items)
1901 20 & 27 Feb M Shaw, Mrs. Lydia M. of Lambs Creek and Wilson Day m. "recently" Feb 9th at Mansfield by Rev. Gates
1901 19 & 26 Jun M Shaw, Wells Andres and Miss Celia Evelina VanNess, both of Mansfield, m. Jun 26th by Rev. W. Hull; she dau. H. P. VanNess, he son William Shaw
1901 10 & 17 Jul M Sheldon, Miss Fannie L. of Sinclairsville, Ny. and C. Henry L. (Harry) Allen of Detroit, Mish. M. "today" Jul 10th her home by Rev. Morgan; she former MSNS faculty member and dau. Royal E. Sheldon
1901 18 Sep M Shepard, Mr.s Matilda of Mansfield and Jacob Stout of New York City m. "last Sat." in Elmira, Ny by Rev. D. Keppel
1901 6 Feb D Shepard, Mrs. Eleanor Ann d. Mansfield "last Sun., Feb 3rd" pneumonia, age about 71, wife of S. J. Shepard, left 2 daus., buried Spencer, Ny
1901 6 Mar Sherman son to Wallace of Richmond twp. Feb 25th
1901 20 Feb M Sherwood, Hugh M. of Mansfield and Miss Tacy M. Bloom of Williamsport m. at Williamsport "yest."; he son Andrew (?), she dau. W. H. and May E. bloom.
1901 10 Apr D Sherwood, Mrs. Hiram (Electa Jane Faulkner) d. Apr 6th, age 81 yrs., 6 mos., 4 das. At Mansfield, one of 8 of David and Bethiah Faulkner who came here 1836, m. Jul 3rd 1835 Hiram S., no children, left 1 sis. Mrs. Freeman Gaylord (of Mansfield) and Edwin Faulkner, Presho, Ny.
1901 9 Jan D Shove, Daniel S. d. Wellsboro (no date), age 90, father of Mrs. Sarah Smith, Mrs. F. E. Watrous, both of Wellsboro, Mrs. Henry Holmes, Pawling, Ny. and Dr. Henry P. Shove, Kansas
1901 190 14 & 21 Aug, 11 Sep D Sidman, Arthur C. d. Scarboro Beach, Maine, age about 38, typhoid "Mon.", wife was Ella Brooks of Mansfield, left 1 dau. Marjorie, funeral at Tully, Ny., and 1 son and bro. Edward of Syracuse
1901 23 Oct Simmons son to F. P. of Corning, b. "last Sat.", grandson of Isaac Lownsberry
1901 24 Jul Simons dau. to Mrs. Nora of Elkland, wt. 3 lbs. "recent"
1901 11 Dec D Sine, Miss _____ d. Hoytville, age 86, sis. Of Dr. S. W. Sine of same.
1901 27 Feb M Slingerland, Mattie A. and Joseph R. Walker m. Feb 20th at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates
1901 27 Feb D Smead, E. A. of Tioga d. (no date) "aged and respected"
1901 10 Apr Smith son to O. W. of Sullivan twp. Apr 3rd
1901 1 May D Smith infant of Emerson Smith d. at Roseville (no date)
1901 1 May Smith dau. to Jud of Canoe Camp "Sat."
1901 26 Jun Smith son to Ralph of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1901 27 Nov D Smith Mrs. J. B. d. Lawrenceville Nov 15th, nee Lenora Chapman, dau. of late Samuel C.
1901 8 May   Smith, C. G. of Mansfield was 78 "last Sat."
1901 20 Nov M Smith, Harry of Knoxville and Miss Martha L. Closs of Little Marsh m. her home Nov 14th
1901 15 May D Smith, Henry  d. E. Charleston "Sat.", aged
1901 20 Mar D Smith, Henry N. d. Stamford, Ct. "last week Tue.", age 68, son of late H. E. Smith of Tioga; his home was Trenton, Nj
1901 1 May D Smith, James d. _____; buried at Chandlersburg (Lawrence Corners item)
1901 24 Apr M Smith, John E. of Delmar twp. and Miss Margaret Sullivan of Mardin to be m. "today" at Wellsboro
1901 26 Jun M Smith, Miss Lena Emily of Farmington and Van Victor Howe of Mansfield m. "yest." (no place)
1901 14 Aug M Smith, Miss Nellie of Elk Run and Mr. ____ Palmer m. recently; she dau. Lyman Smith
1901 26 Jun D Smith, Mrs. Fred d. Lawrence Corners (no date), funeral "last Wed,.", a dau. of David Stone of Painter Run
1901 1 & 8 May D Smith, Vincent of E. Charleston d. Apr 29th, left 11 children
1901 3 Apr M Smith, W. B. and Miss Flora L. Lowe, both of mansfield m. last evening by Rev. Hull
1901 26 Jun M Smythe, James of Troy and Mrs. Clara H. Wheeler of Mansfield m "last evening" at Mansfield by Rev. S. Derby
1901 9 Oct Soper son to C. E. and Ada Burley Soper at Blossburg Sep 20th
1901 12 Jun M Soper, Bessie Elbertine of Elmira and Thomas Henry Ewing to be m. Jun 12th; she niece of Mrs. W. N. Barton of Mansfield
1901 18 Sep M Soper, James of Covington twp.and Mrs. Mray Coveney of Mansfield m. "last Thur." at Lawrenceville
1901 13 Feb D Soper, Mrs. Ann E. d. near Elk Run Feb 3rd, wife of D. A. Soper, age 60-65, left 1 dau. Mrs. Mary Morse of Smithfield, Pa.; buried at Windfall, Pa.
1901 2 Jan D Soper, Mrs. Josephine of Roseville, d. "last Wed.:, throat ailment, left 2 daus. May Soper and Mrs. _____ Monro
1901 20 Feb M Spencer, Carl  and Miss Edith M. Miller, both of Mansfield m. Corning, Ny Feb 16th
1901 25 Dec M Sperry, Mr. _____ and Miss Lillian Quick, formerly of Mansfield, m. Stillwater, Minn. "recently"
1901 27 Feb Squires dau. to William of Sullivan twp "last Sat."
1901 4 Dec D Squires, Warren d. Towanda, age 76, left 1 son George
1901 7 Aug D Starkey, John d. Middlebury "last week Thur."
1901 20 Feb M Stewart, Allen T.  and Miss Mattie Moody m. at Towanda "Tue."
1901 31 Jul D Stewart, Robert W. d. Lawrenceville "last Wed.", age 71, a native of County Clare, Ireland
1901 23 Jan D Stickler dau. of Samuel d. Millerton (no date), age 6 mos.
1901 22 May D Stone, Warren d. Westfield "a few das. Ago" of appendisitis
1901 28 Aug Stout dau. to John of Mansfield Aug 25th
1901 18 Sep M Stout, Jacob of New York City and Mrs. Matilda Shepard of Mansfield m. "last Sat." in Elmira, Ny. by Rev. D. Keppel
1901 26 Jun M Strait, Miss Alice Sara of Sylvania and Lloyd G. Bradford to be m. "tonight' at her home; she dau. Oliver Cole Strait
1901 30 Jan D Strait, Mrs. E. Bert d. near Mansfield "today", age 30, pneumonia, left 3 small children, to be buried at Sylvania
1901 25 Dec M Strait, Thad B. formerly of Mansfield and Miss Julia O'Foole m. East St. Louis, Ill. "a few weeks since."
1901 30 Jan D Strang, Daniel of Cayutaville, Ny., d. at his son's (Frank) in Westfield Jan 22nd, age 86, left 2 daus. And 3 sons
1901 23 Jan D Streeter, A. S. d. Lawrenceville of pneumonia (no date), buried Westfield where had resided
1901 27 Feb M Stroup, Miss Helen and Walter Warriner, both of coudersport (no date) m.; he formerly of Wellsboro
1901 26 Jun M Stull, Miss Myrtle of Farmers Valley and Myron L. Youmans of Westfield to be m. "today" at her home
1901 29 May D Sturdevant, W. B. d. near Jobs Corners "last week Tue.", left some married dau's - one is Mrs. W. H. Garrison
1901 6 Nov Sugar dau. to Adam of East Sullivan Nov 2nd
1901 24 Apr M Sullivan, Miss Margaret of Mardin and John E. Smith of Delmar twp. to be m. "today" at Wellsboro
1901 23 Oct M Sutton, Robert W. of Addison, Ny and Miss Martha Doud m. her mother's, Mrs. George Smith of Addison by Rev. D. Mackay (no date); she dau. Warren Doud of Sullivan twp.
1901 27 Feb D Swain, Mrs. _____ d. Columbia at home of G. Besley, pneumonia (no date)
1901 6 Nov Sweely son to J. Mack of Roseville
1901 20 Nov D Sweet, Richmond d. near Austinville "Mon.", age about 52, left 1 son and 2 dau's. (one Mrs. Samuel Rockwell of Sullivan twp.)
1901 27 Mar Taylor dau. to F. P,. Of Westfield Mar 20th
1901 11 Dec M Taylor, Miss Edith of Covington and Winfield S. Haddow of Morris Run m. Nov 28th at Elmira, Ny
1901 11 Dec M Taylor, Miss Estella and Lester Atkins of Potter Brook m. (no date)
1901 3 Apr M Taylor, Miss Margaret Elizabeth Libbie of Mansfield and Benjamin Osgood of Richmond twp. m. "last Wed." (Mar 27th) Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates
1901 7 Aug Tears dau. to Herman of Sullivan twp. Aug 1st
1901 13 Feb M Tebo, Lewis and Miss Clara Austin of Union twp. m. (no date)
1901 29 May M Thomas, Charles H. and Eva Mae Kennedy, both of Troy twp., m. May 15th at Southport, Ny. by Rev. A. Cameron at res. of W. H. Peck
1901 12 Jun D Thomas, Dr.  b. Erie, Pa. Jun 14th 1835, m. Sep 10th 1863 Minnie A. Baker of Morence, Mich.; other 2 daus were: Helen B. and Grace V.
1901 5 & 12 Jun D Thomas, Dr. D. C. d. Adrian, Mich. "last Thur.", laft 3 dau's. one Mrs. Howard Hutchins (Jennie) of Oberlin, Ohio, former principal of MSNS, appoplexy
1901 30 Oct D Thomas, Royal d._____
1901 25 Dec M Thorp, Miss Emma and Walter Bailey m. "recently" (Roseville items)
1901 23 Jan D Tillinghast, Judson d. Watkins, Ny. (no date), age 81, buried Lawrenceville, formerly of Millerton, heart disease
1901 20 Feb M Tomlinson, Fred and Miss Bertha Coveney, both of Mansfield, m. at Lawrenceville "last Sat."
1901 24 Apr Townsend dau. to Will of Hornellsville, Ny. Apr 14th (Mardin items)
1901 20 Mar M Tuttle, Charles and Miss Alice Ladd m. "recently" at Bentley Creek, Ny
1901 17 Jul M Updyke, Austin H. of Jackson Summit and Miss Matilda Woodhouse of Monroeton m. "recently"
1901 20 Feb D VanDusen, Benjamin B. a native of Farmington and one-time MSNS student d. Ilion, Ny. "last Wed."
1901 29 May M VanDyne, Miss Addie and William Walker of Mansfield m. her home "last evening"
1901 5 Jun M VanHart, Millard and Miss Laura Pruner, both of Mansfield, m. at Lindley, Ny. "last Wed." by Rev. C. Jenkins
1901 10 & 26 Jun M VanNess, Miss Celia Evelina and Wells Andres Shaw, both of Mansfield, m. Jun 26th by Rev. W. Hull; she dau. H. P. VanNess, he son William Shaw
1901 11 Dec M VanOrder, Frederick of Wellsboro and Miss Stella Haight of Charleston twp. m. at Lawrenceville Nov 30th by Rev. A Stuart
1901 27 Mar M VanValcalnar, Miss Mabel G. and William Jones, both of Mansfield, m. "today' Elmira, Ny. by Rev. F. Reynolds
1901 30 Jan M Vastbinder, Miss Grace  and Edward Lundgreen m. Lindley (no date) by Rev. C. Jenkins
1901 4 Sep D Verrill, Prof. Henry Shattuck d. Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyo. "last Thur.", in 27th yr., of typhoid, only surviving son of lat Prof. Charles H. Verrill of Mansfield; prob. Buried Mansfield
1901 14 Aug M Walker, Delos H. and Mrs. Lydia Rogers, both of Mansfield, m. at Elmira "last Wed." by Rev. F. Reynolds; she is mother of Mrs. L. E. Hoyt of Buffalo, Ny
1901 27 Feb M Walker, Joseph R.  and Mattie A. Slingerland m. Feb 20th at Mansfield by Rev. L. Gates
1901 25 Dec M Walker, Miss Isabel of Covington and Williard Passmore to be m. Jan 1st at her home (dau. M. R. Walker of Covington twp.)
1901 7 Aug D Walker, Mrs. Minerva J. d. Mansfield Aug 1st, age 56 yrs., 8 mos., 20 das., widow of Nelson S. Walker who d. 1890, left: William, Jessie and Mrs. Harry Sherman; 1 sis, Mrs. Rose Kritzer of Mansfield? And 2 bros. John W. Davis of Buffalo and George Davis of Mansfield; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield; her mother and step-father O. A. Bartlett also survive
1901 29 May M Walker, William of Mansfield and Miss Addie VanDyne m. her home "last evening"
1901 27 Feb D Warner, Allan J. d. Columbia Feb 14th, age 65, a falling tree
1901 18 Sep D Warner, Ed. d. (Roseville?)
1901 27 Feb M Warriner, Walter and Miss Helen Stroup, both of Coudersport (no date) m. ; he formerly of Wellsboro
1901 8 May Waters dau. to Willard of Upper Lambs Creek "Sun."
1901 30 Jan D Webster, James d. Delmar twp. "last night" was former res. Mansfield
1901 25 Dec Welch dau. to Ellis of Elk Run (no date)
1901 4 Sep M Weller, Charles Frederick of Washington, D. and Miss Eugenia Winston to be m. Chicago, Ill., Sep 18th; she former MSNS faculty
1901 27 Nov M Weller, Frank R. of Wellsboro and Miss Selma Carlquist of Kane m. (no date)
1901 27 Feb D Wesbter, James D. d. Shippen twp. Jan 29th, b. in Sullivan twp. May 24th 1834 to Allen Webster; in 1861 m. Miss Mary Matteson of Dundee, Ny., she d. 1868 and left 2 sons: Judd L. and Murwin M., he m. 2nd Apr 2nd 1871 Miss Parmelia Perry, dau. of Marvin and Laura Perry, they had: Walter M., Allen J. and May L. (d.young), moved to Shippen 1875; he also left 3 bros.: William, Bert, Orso and 2 sis. Rhoda and Mrs. Noah Bradway.
1901 13 Feb D West, Mrs. P. (Aunt Mary) d. Keeneyville, age 76, left 4 sons and 1 dau. (no date)
1901 9 Jan D Westbrook, Mrs. B. L d. "last Sat." Tioga, age 64, had son Ted and dau. Alta (also mother of Mrs. Rena Firth), buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga, also left 5 sis. And 1 bro. Capt. B. B. Mitchell, Troy, Pa.
1901 13 Mar M Wetmore, Miss Lavina A. and Rev. B. Brunning, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, Ny., Mar 7th by Rev. W. D. Moore
1901 6 & 20 Nov D Wheeler, Isaac B. d. Rutland twp., Nov 12th, age nearly 80 (funeral at Roseville "last week Thur." - from 11/20 paper)
1901 20 Nov D Wheeler, Isaac B. b. Mass. Apr 10th 1822, came to Pa. age 14, m. Feb 1st 1844, Miss Polly Burton, d. of cancer, left 4 sons and 1 dau., also a bro. in Illinois, buried Roseville cem.
1901 26 Jun M Wheeler, Mrs. Clara H. of Mansfield and James Smythe of Troy m. "last evening" at Mansfield by Rev. S. Derby
1901 15 May White dau. to M. B. White of Mansfield "this morning"
1901 9 Oct D White infant son of Merton d. "yest."
1901 3 Apr D Whiting, James d. "Mon." at Mansfield, age 13 yrs., 2 mos., 12 das., brain fever, son of Dr. Isaac Whiting, to be buried Frost Settlement
1901 18 Sep D Whitteker, Mrs. Seth d. Canoe Camp Creek "Thur. Morning"
1901 2 Jan D Whittet, Charles F. d,. Buffalo, Ny. "last Thur.", age 19, grandson of Charles Fairman; Whittet was b. in Wellsboro
1901 6 Nov M Wilcox, Miss Josephine of Covington and Ray Richards m. "recently" at Liberty
1901 21 Aug M Williams, Gomer H. and Miss M. Libbie Farrer m. at Canoe Camp Aug 20th by Rev.W. Brown
1901 27 Feb D Williams, Mrs. Joseph d. Wellsboro (no date) asthmatic trouble, left sons George W. of Wellsboro and H. L. of Elmira, Ny.
1901 1 May Williamson dau. to Dr. and Mrs. J. E. of Scranton on Apr 22nd, granddau. J. W. Adams of Mansfield
1901 13 Feb D Willour, Mrs. Kitty Knox d. Ulysses, age 30, diphtheria, only dau. of W. D. Knox, granddau. Of Charles Toles of Wellsboro
1901 3 Jul Willsey dau. to Edward of Mansfield "recently"
1901 29 May D Wilson, Charles of State Line, Ny., d. "recently", just turned 91
1901 6 Nov M Wilson, Miss Katherine and Dr. Leon G. Nickerson of Dubois m. (no date) she sis. Mrs. Arthur Precitt of East Charleston
1901 2 Oct D Wilson, R. F. "Rant" d. near Wellsbor (no date) former res. of Mansfield
1901 4 Sep M Winston, Miss Eugenia and Charles Frederick Weller of Washington D, C. to be m. Chicago, Ill., Sep 18th; she former MSNS faculty
1901 3 Jul M Womelsdorf, E. Guy of Wanamie, Pa. and Miss Sarah E. Dewey of Sullivan twp. m. Jun 26th her home by Rev. W. Burrell; she dau. Addison Dewey
1901 11 Dec D Wood child of Lamont (or Layton?) Wood, d. Lambs Creek (no date), burned, buried Lawrence Corners Cem.
1901 14 Aug D Wood, Mrs. Burr d. last Thur. in Armenia twp., Bradford co., in 69th yr., a dau. of Jesse Smioth, late of Rutland twp., sis. Of Mrs. Mary Brace, George and Horace Smith, all of Mill Creek, left 5 children, buried at Covert
1901 6 Nov D Wood, Mrs. Mary d. Mansfield "last Thur.", heart trouble, widow of Samuel Wood of Maple Hill (near Cherry Flats), buried cem. there, left: Miss Mary Wood, Mansfield; Mrs. A. J. Stage, Nelson' Mrs. Charles Reynolds, Farmington; H. M. Wood, Delmar; William of Mich.; George, New York State
1901 2 Jan D Wood, Mrs. Viana Benson d. Roseville Dec 16th 1900, age 65, grippe, left 1 son E. E. Wood of Roseville, 2 daus. Mrs. Leonard Hall of Roseville and Mrs. Jay McClure of Jackson, also 3 bros. and 4 sis; she was b. near Austinville and m. Ezra Wood in 1854, he d. 1887, she buried Roseville cem.
1901 23 Jan M Woodard, Charles N. formerly of Elkland and Miss Clara B. Hathway of Cross Forks m. (no date)
1901 17 Jul M Woodhouse, Miss Matilda of Monroeton and Austin H. Updyke of Jackson Summit m. "recently"
1901 10 Apr Wright son to Oscar of Roseville "last week"
1901 8 May D Yohn, John d. Galeton "Sat." in railroad accident
1901 29 May M Youmans, Mark of _____ and Miss Edna Frost of Frost Settlement m. at Lawrenceville "last Thur.", she dau. Lewis Frost
1901 29 May D Youmans, Mrs. Fred d. Armenia (no date), funeral at Canton "last Fri."
1901 26 Jun M Youmans, Myron L. of Westfield and Miss Myrtle Stull of Farmers Valley to be m. "today" at her home
1901 25 Dec D Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. & others d. at "Clintontown, near Galeton," of small pox; she dau. Dwigt Ripley of Richmond twp.

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