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 Rutland Township, Tioga County PA - Clippings 1933 - 1935

The following clippings were in a scrapbook given to me by Chester P. Bailey of Mansfield in 2006. These are the neighborhood news clippings for Rutland township and Roseville for 1933 - 1935. These would have been taken from the Mansfield Advertiser. 
Rutland News

August 2, 1933

Roseville ball team is certainly doing some" Babe" Ruth stunts. They played Schodac Sunday, a week ago, score 30-0 in favor of Roseville, and Sunday, July 30, they played Sullivan A.C. Team on Patchogue Hill with a score of 26-2. Some team if they can hold out.

The drama, "Short Thirty-Six", will be given at Gilletts Grange Hall, on Wednesday evening of this week, and also Saturday evening of this week, August 12th, at the Methodist Church in Roseville. This is Old Home Day in Roseville. There will be good music, good speaking, spots and a general good time. Come and bring your lunch and stay all day and evening too—or you can buy your lunch at the stand, where you will find most anything to your fancy except (rest missing)

October 25,1933

Miss Hilda McConnell of Elmira was a guest last week of her aunt and cousins, Mrs. Llewellyn Soper and family.

Mrs. Louise Garrison Orr and son, Tommy, who have been spending several months visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity, while her husband was finishing a job in Panama, are returning to their home in Detroit, Michigan this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs. Delaney Hotalen were guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Benson last Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gould and Mrs. William Sweely were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Holcombe in Elmira last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kennedy and Mr. and Mrs. Ford Cook were in Elmira Sunday evening.

Mrs. Pearl White and Mrs. Mary Benson were callers on Mrs. Glenn Gould last Monday.

Tom White and Myrtie Forst attended the show at Keeney’s last Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Webster and Mr. and Mrs.Glenn Gould and daughter, Helen, were guests last Sunday of George Gould and family beyond Mansfield.

The church fair put on by the ladies of the Community Church was a success. Over fifty-four dollars were netted. Saturday evening a crowd of Elmira people were present. One of the quilts was awarded to Orrin Bailey, who was married a few weeks ago; the other went to John Wilcox.

Mrs. Louise Armstrong spent the weekend visiting Elmira friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy James and daughter, Christine were shopping in Elmira Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. John Benson shopped in Elmira Monday.

Harry Longwell and son, Stanley are attending the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago this week. This is Stanley’s second trip to the big fair. He and David Sweely went early last summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harrington have returned from their trip West, which included a visit to the Century of Progress in Chicago.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Cook, of Mansfield and Miss Georgia Cook were dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Crum last Sunday.

Prof. James Morgan of the College was in Roseville last Sunday and talked on the Boy Scout movement.

Nov. 15, 1933

Dr. and Mrs. Chester Feig, Robert and Patricia, and Mr. and Mrs. John Benson were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mark McClure last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ford Cook and daughter were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will McClure and family last Sunday.

Miss Mary Esther Potter of Jersey Shore was a weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Copp and family. Miss Potter is a graduate of Mansfield State Teachers College.

A number of our young woman have organized an orchestra, the first lesson was taken Monday. Mr. Roy Evans of Elmira, is the instructor. Mrs. William Sweely has been instrumental in getting this started and has opened her home for the meeting place for the lessons each Monday afternoon from two to four o’clock. There are some in the orchestra who at present are unable to pay for their lessons and make the payment on their instruments, so they are to have a social time in the Baptist Church Saturday evening of this week, November 18th. They will serve sandwiches, pie and coffee at a very nominal price and are giving an entertainment during the evening, which will be free with the lunch. Now, we, as a community, should help boost this undertaking for what a fine thing this orchestra (ink spot) us all, so let everybody show (ink spot) good will by coming out Saturday evening for a good time.

Well, if any of the "Old Timers" have ever seen a November that acted more like winter than this month so far, please let us hear from you, and in what year it was. It really looks like December or January than the first part of November.

Mr. and Mrs. Irving Austin and family have rented the Lillian Levey place in Roseville and have moved there from the Ernest Argetsinger place.

Curt Sweeley, a Rutland resident, is in Arnot-Ogden Hospital in Elmira again.

Mr. and Mrs. John Benson and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gould and daughter were guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Sweeley last Friday evening.

February 28, 1934

Walter Sherman better known as "Nick", died of pneumonia at his home Friday, February 2, 1934, aged 55 years. He was a life-long resident of this community. He is survived by his widow, a daughter, Caroline, and a son, Colie; a sister, Lucy Sherman, and a brother, Powell of Endicott. The funeral was held Sunday at Roseville; Interment in Watson Cemetery, Mr. Orey Crippen officiating.

Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ford Cook, has been ill the past week.

Mrs. Donald Soper and daughter, Marilyn Jean spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Archie Benson.

Mrs. Grace Crippen and son, Alton were calling upon Mr. and Mrs. Fritz White Sunday afternoon. Alton expects to resume his teaching this week Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oldroyd visited their daughter, Mrs. Edward Kasper, and family near Sagetown, Sunday.

Frank Williams has purchased a new Dodge car.

Manley Benson and Mrs. Anna Rose attended the funeral of Walter Sherman Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Lee McClure of this place and sister Mrs. Harold Jones of Mansfield, were calling on friends in Elmira last Friday afternoon.

William Sweeley, who was injured by a bicycle a few weeks ago is greatly improved and able to be about again.

Jackie, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Woodworth, was very ill the past week with intestinal infection.

Eugene Phillips has moved his family to the Dix farm on Burton Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. John Benson were in Troy on business last ‘Friday afternoon.

March 7, 1934

George Hall of Roseville received a telegram last Friday informing him of the death of his son. Bernard Hall, age 26, who died in Baltimore, Md., very unexpectedly sometime Friday. At this writing the cause is unknown.

The show that was held in the P.O.S. of A. Hall the past couple of weeks was very well patronized and was very much enjoyed by all who attended. Doris Benson was the most popular young lady according to the votes received and consequently carried home the beautiful Beacon basket.

June 2, 1934

Arland Cooke of Troy spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Cooke. Mr. Cooke who recently graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science has a position in the Carpenter at Pierce Pharmacy in Troy. [See Photo from Joyce’s Collection – above]

Sept. 12, 1934

Two automobile accidents occurred in Roseville last week. The first one was to the new Plymouth sedan owned and driven by I.G. Wells, the Roseville Service Feed store manager. The car left the road and landed in Chas. Hill’s dooryard. The car was considerably damaged but the driver was uninjured. The second mishap was to the car owned and driven by Frank Williams. This car swerved from the road near the home of Eugene Crippen tearing up some shrubbery but not injuring either car or driver very extensively. {We have the 1934 diary of Eugene Crippen on the site. Hear Eugene's side of this story]

Oct. 3, 1934

The residence of Henry Boedfeldt of Roseville was destroyed by fire of an undetermined origin Sunday evening about eight o’clock. The owners were away from home at the time of the burning. Neighbors removed the greater part of their furniture from the house.

The pumper from Mansfield responded readily and did splendid work in saving the nearby gas station and lunchroom.

Oct. 10, 1934

Mrs. Ray Soper of Roseville is very ill and is in the Arnot-Ogden hospital in Elmira for treatment.

Walter Phelan of Troy, N.Y., was a weekend visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Roy James and daughter, Christine.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark McClure, Mr. and Mrs. Lee McClure and sons, LeVere and Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Ford Cook and daughter, Margaret and Miss Gertrude Stone were dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Nash last Sunday.

Lewis Longwell, one of our leading merchants of Roseville and Mrs. Bessie Perkins of Elmira were married last Saturday, Oct. 6. They have gone on a trip to South Bend, Ind.

Mrs. Albert Armstrong of Roseville with her mother, Mrs. Eugene Berthod of Elmira are visiting in Miami, Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. John Benson toured to Ithaca, N.Y., Monday.

Nov. 1934

The social held in the basement of the church Friday evening was well attended and a very enjoyable time was reported by all. Alton Crippen, chairman of the sports and games kept the young as well as the old interested with various stunts. Mrs. John Benson with the aid of Mrs. Donald Straw, furnished a delightful program of songs and readings. Cake, coffee, pickles and sandwiches were served as refreshments.

A ten-pound son, Ronald Mark, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kennedy Monday, November 19. Mrs. Kennedy was formerly Miss Louise McClure.

The following attended a surprise birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. Lavinna Lawrence of Mansfield at the Lawrence Corners Community House Sunday last: Mrs. Loren Updyke, Helen Updyke, Mrs. Leola Crumm, Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Soper, Marilyn Jean Soper, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Benson and Eloise Benson.

Mr. and Mrs. Ainsley McConnell of Elmira, N.Y., were Sunday guests of Mrs. Hettie Soper.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry King of Auburn, N.Y., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Woodworth last Sunday.

The funeral of the late Moses VanAuken (Vannocken) was held at the Baptist Church Thursday, November 15, at 3 p.m. He is survived by his widow, one son, Lee and a daughter, Mrs. Hazel Burtsch and two grandchildren. Burial was in Watson cemetery.

Dec. 5, 1934

Many men from this vicinity have gone to various parts of the state, deer hunting. Here’s hoping them all good-luck and a safe return.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Reynolds visited relatives in Elmira over the weekend.

Mrs. Jerome Benson is visiting with friends in Williamsport.

Mr. and Mrs. Ford Cook and family spent Sunday at Bentley Creek.

Mrs. Mary McClure and Mrs. May Noble of Barnesboro were calling in this vicinity last Saturday.

Miss Kathryn Brown spent the weekend with Miss Marian Benson in Roseville.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brown of Millerton, RD, have moved to the farm owned by Fred Webster.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brown have moved from Perrytown to Mansfield.

Mrs. Myrtle Frost has returned to her home in Roseville after spending three weeks in Tioga.

Mrs. Chester Kennedy and little niece visited Mrs. Mark McClure last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Nash and daughter, Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Reynolds and son, Cecil were Thanksgiving guests of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Straw.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Doty and family spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Grove Menter of Powers Corners.

The Ladies’ Aid Bible class is meeting this Tuesday night with Mrs. Nora Williams.

There will be a social in the P.O.A of A. hall Friday evening, December 7, for the benefit of the Chalfont orphanage. Everyone is urged to attend. A variety supper will be served.

Dec. 26, 1934

Christmas exercises were held in the Baptist church Sunday evening, the East Rutland schools furnishing the entertainment. Presents and candy were given each member of the Sunday school and a box of candy was given each pupil of the schools. A large crown was present.

Fritz White, Alton and Rexford Crippen met with an automobile accident Monday evening of last week in Elmira. Mr. White sustained a broken collarbone and injury to the breast bone. He is still confined to his bed. The Crippen brothers escaped injury. The car owned by Alton Crippen, was badly damaged.

Last Wednesday morning this community was saddened by the accidental death of Cecil Crippen, until recently a resident of this place. He was admired and respected by all and a friend of everybody. We deeply regret his untimely death.

The funeral was held from the Methodist church Friday at 2 p.m. with interment in Roseville cemetery. Dr. Chester Feig officiated.

There will be an oyster supper in the P.O.S. of A. hall Friday evening of this week. Everybody is invited.

A wood bee was held at Mack Sweeley’s last Wednesday and Thursday for the church. Quite a nice lot of wood was cut, regardless of the storm. We wish to thank Mr. Sweeley for his generosity.

Mr. and Mrs. Damon Holton and son John Damon of Norristown are spending the Christmas holidays with their parents in Roseville and Jobs Corners.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Cook and family of Nyack, N.Y., are spending a few days with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Minor Cook.

The six-year-old son of George Priest of Pickle Hill, who was killed by a truck last Saturday, was buried in the Roseville cemetery Monday.

Mrs. Julia Aldrich, who has been spending some time with her daughter in Sagetown, N.Y., has returned to her home in this vicinity.

Jan. 2, 1935

The health officer of this township last Saturday reported 38 cases of measles under quarantine. Consequently schools will not be reopened until January 7.

Owing to the illness of Dr. C.A. Feig, no services were conducted in the community church last Sunday. Services will be held at the usual hour next Sunday, providing Dr. Feig is sufficiently recovered. Election of officers and teachers will be held in the Sunday school also.

Manley Benson and Mrs. Lavinna Lawrence of Mansfield visited Mr. and Mrs. Archie Benson last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. D. Stevens spent last Sunday in Elmira.

The blacksmith shop owned by the John Stout estate is to be opened and operated by Floyd and Charles Hill.

Vivian Crippen of Elmira is spending the holidays with her father, Eugene Crippen of Roseville.

Mrs. Melvin Doty and children spent several days in Elmira last week with her daughter, Mrs. Fred White.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jenkins visited Mr. and Mrs. Will Brown Wednesday of last week.

Mrs. Norman Allen of Roseville is visiting her daughter in Gillett for a few weeks.

Francis Freeman is now the janitor of the community church in Roseville.

Howard Costley of Roseville is in the Blossburg Hospital for treatment.

Lee Kennedy is a patient in the Arnot-Ogden Hospital in Elmira where he underwent an appendicitis operation Saturday morning.

Jan. 9, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. John Woodworth and sons were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Welch of Elk Run last Sunday for dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burleigh are the parents of a daughter born Wednesday, Jan. 16. She has been named Edith Louise. Mrs. Mark McClure is caring for mother and child.

Lee McClure and children are the latest victims of the measles.

Mrs. Mattie Hatfield of Tioga is spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams.

Walter Phelan of Troy, N.Y., spent the weekend with friends in this vicinity.

Manley Benson, who is working in Wellsboro, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Arch Benson.

Mrs. Fritz White has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Louis Brown of Coryland the past few days.

Lafe Stevens, who has been ill for some time, was taken to the Arnot-Ogden hospital for observation last Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Webster visited their son, Karl and family in Elmira on Sunday.

Miss Eloise Benson is attending the farm show in Harrisburg this week.

Ross W. Soper and Mrs. Anna Bosworth are spending a few weeks at the home of the latter in Mansfield.

Mrs. Frank Williams visited her daughter, Mrs. Frank Carlson in Tioga last week.

The entertainment and supper sponsored by the Men’s Bible class last Saturday evening was a great success.

There will be a Ladies’ Aid dinner at the home of Mark Sweeley this Wednesday. Everybody invited.

Jan. 16, 1935

The epidemic of measles is subsiding in this vicinity. Schools opened again Monday with a fair attendance.

Dr. Chester Feig was sufficiently recovered from the grip to enable him to resume his duties as pastor and teacher in the Community Church last Sunday morning. He gave a wonderful sermon, using as his subject "Life’s Library." It was very inspiring and uplifting and the audience thoroughly appreciated his efforts.

The annual election of officers and teachers in the Sunday school was held Sunday morning, with the following results: Archie E. Benson, superintendent; Everett Nash, assistant superintendent; Cecil Reynolds, secretary; Mrs. Hazel Straw, treasurer; Mrs. Edith McClure, president of Home department; Mrs. Myrtle ‘Frost, president of Temperance department; Mrs. Jennie Benson, president of Missionary department; Mrs. Evelyn Cook, president of Cradle roll department; Miss Eloise Benson, pianist; Dr. Chester Feig, teacher of the Men’s class; Mrs. Myrtle Doty, teacher of Adult Women’s class; Mrs. Myrtie Frot, teacher of Young Married Women’s class; Mrs. Anna Nash, teacher of Intermediate class; Mrs. Alton Crippen, teacher of Junior Boys’ class; Mrs. Glenn Gould, teacher of Junior Girls’ class; Mrs. Jennie Benson, teacher of Primary class; Miss Leona Kingsley, teacher of Beginners’ class.

The men of the church will finish cutting wood at Mack Sweeley’s on Wednesday of this week and the Ladies’ Aid will serve dinner. Everybody cordially invited.

Donald Kennedy of Bradford Township and Miss Gertrude Stone of this vicinity were married at Wellsboro last Wednesday.

Karl Keiss was in a Williamsport hospital for treatment recently.

We are glad to report that Fritz White, who was injured in an automobile accident in Elmira a fortnight ago, is gradually improving.

Mrs. Myrtle Frost has returned to her home in Roseville after caring for the sick in the family of Claude Smith near Mansfield.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Allen have returned to their home in Roseville after spending the holidays with their daughter in Gillett.

Mrs. Frank Crum of Rutland R.D. 1 has returned from Michigan where she spent several months with her daughter.

Mrs. Ernest Argetsinger has been visiting relatives and friends in Phelps, N.Y., the past two weeks.

Mrs. Archie Benson called on relatives in Elmira New Years Day.

Jan. 23, 1935

The funeral of Lafayette Stevens, a life-long resident of this vicinity, was held last Friday afternoon at 2:30 at the home of his son, Lewis D. Stevens, on Pumpkin Hill. He was one of the most honored and respected citizens. He was survived by two sons, LeRoy of Elmira and Lewis D., of this place, and two granddaughters, Carol and Joyce Stevens of Elmira. The burial was in the Roseville cemetery. Dr. Chester A. Feig officiating.

Frank Williams underwent a double operation in the Arnot-Ogden Hospital in Elmira, last Tuesday. He is doing as well as could be expected.

Lee Kennedy returned from the Arnot-Ogden Hospital last Wednesday and is gaining steadily.

Mrs. Durwood Rose is in the Blossburg Hospital recovering from an appendicitis operation.

Feb. 6, 1935

There is a great many in this vicinity ill with severe colds or grippe.

Mrs. Durward Rose has returned from the Blossburg State Hospital, where she underwent an operation for appendicitis, to the home of Herman Rose in Mansfield, where she will remain for a short time.

Miss Lucille White spent Saturday evening of last week as the guest of Miss Pearl Hitchcock in Mansfield.

Mrs. Mark McClure has returned home after caring for Mrs. Roy Burleigh and infant daughter for the past two weeks.

Mrs. Georgia James, a teacher in the Mosherville School, has been ill the past week and her daughter, Miss Christine, a student of the M.S.T.C., substituted for her. Mrs. James is improving at this writing. Mrs. Leola Crum is caring for her.

There is a medicine show company from Big Flats in the P.O.S. of A. Hall and will put on a show each evening this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kasper, of Pine City, N.Y., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oldroyd.

Mrs. Hettie Soper is spending a few days with her daughters, Mrs. John Woodworth and Mrs. Charles Cudworth.

Miss Ruth Nash who is employed in the home of Mayor Harry Honan, in Elmira, spent last Friday evening with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Nash.

There is to be an entertainment and social in the basement of the church next Saturday evening, February 9. Sponsored by the Ladies’ Bible class. Everybody urged to attend.

Feb. 13, 1935

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee McClure.

Calvin Sargent of Elmira is spending a few days with his sister, Mrs. Esther Forrest and assisting in the care of his father, Amos Sargent, who is critically ill.

Mr. and Mrs. John Wilcox and Mr. Ingue Wells of Roseville, and Miss Pearl Hitchcock of Mansfield were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Damon Holton of Norristown.

Miss Winifred West of this place underwent an appendix operation at the Blossburg State Hospital last week. It is reported that she is gaining nicely.

Glenn Gould has purchased the Adams house in Roseville and will take possession March 1.

The community was very glad to hear that Mrs. Addie Stout, who had been bed ridden for the past six years, received her old age pension last week.

Mrs. William Sweeley and daughter, Margaret and Mrs. Glen Gould and daughter, Helen, were shopping in Elmira last Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Webster have moved from this place to the farm owned by Irvin Wilson on Newtown Hill.

The Men’s Bible Class are having their regular monthly stag party in the basement of the church Friday night, February 16th. Mr. Knowlton of Mansfield is expected to be present and will lead in a songfest of old time melodies. Every man is urged to attend. A big feed is promised also.

Feb. 27, 1935

Thomas White a life long resident of Rutland Township, died Sunday morning, Feb. 24, 1935 at eight o’clock, after an illness of about a week. He is survived by one son, Fritz White, with whom he lived, and a granddaughter, Lucille White. The funeral was held at the home on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.; Interment in Roseville Cemetery. Dr. Chester A Feig officiated.

Francis Argetsinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Argetsinger, of Roseville and Miss Ida Hass were married Wednesday evening, February 20, 1935, by the Rev. Orey Crippen in the Baptist parsonage at Tioga. The immediate families were present at the ceremony. They are on a honeymoon trip in the Finger Lakes region.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy James and daughter Christine were in Elmira on Sunday afternoon calling upon Henry Oldroyd a former resident of Roseville, who is in very poor health at this time.

Glenn Gould is having an auction sale this week Tuesday, prior to moving to Roseville.

Fred Every has gone to Mainesburg to reside.

Mr. and Mrs. Myron Webster spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gould.

Mrs. Hattie Soper has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Roy Kennedy, of Troy, the past week.

Mar, 1935

John Pratt, who occupied the home owned by Will Soper of Elmira, moved his family to Elmira last week.

Mrs. Leda Wilcox has been appointed assessor for the borough of Roseville, filling the unexpired term of office of the late Thomas J. White who died last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Benedict and son Francis, former residents of Mansfield have leased the farm owned by Mrs. Rosetta Stout a half mile east of Roseville, and took possession March 1.

Mrs. Albert Armstrong has been quite ill the past two weeks with tonsillitis. Mrs. Irvin Austin is caring for her.

Mrs. Leola Crum has accepted the position as housekeeper in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Holcomb in Elmira and began her work Sunday.

Alton Crippen has been having grip the past week. Mrs. Edith McClure substituted in the school for him during his illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Nash and mother visited relatives in Bentley Creek last Sunday.

Miss Donna Brown, who is employed in Addison, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Brown, last week.

The Men’s Bible class will meet Friday, March 8, in the basement of the church. Every man is invited to attend.

Mar. 13, 1935

Francis Copp, who until recently taught in the Lawrence Corners school, has accepted a position in the graded school at Sayre. He began his duties Thursday of last week. A surprise farewell party was given there last Tuesday evening before his departure.

Miss Genevieve Warters of Mansfield has been hired to teach in the Lawrence Corners School in the place of Mr. Copp.

Miss Lena Lewis of Mansfield was a weekend guest of Miss Eloise Benson.

Manley Benson of Wellsboro and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Benson called at the home of relatives in Elmira last Sunday afternoon.

Miss Ruth Nash of Elmira spent Friday evening of last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Nash.

The Community Church services will be discontinued until further notice. Sunday School will be held as usual at 10 a.m.

July 1935

Mrs. Mary McClure and Mrs. May Noble of Barnesboro, who are spending the summer with Mr. and Mrs. Will McClure of Wellsboro, spent several days of last week visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity.

Mrs. Irene Hall is entertaining relatives from Baltimore, Md.

Mrs. Eva White visited her daughter in Ithaca, N.Y., the past week.

Mrs. Mabel Prutsman had the misfortune to have 150 chickens stolen from her chicken house last Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. David Sweely called upon Mr. and Mrs. Donald Soper last Sunday.

Mrs. Mary Whispell of Williamsport, a former resident of this vicinity, visited Mrs. Hattie Soper last week.

Albert Armstrong has a new Ford.

Francis Copp of this place and Miss Mary Arthur Potter of Antes Fort were married at the home of the bride on Saturday, June 15. The community extends best wishes.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones and Richard Mitchell of Mitchells Creek visited Mr. and Mrs. Lee McClure last Sunday.

The regular services will be held in the community church next Sunday morning. Preaching at 10 and Sunday school at 11 o’clock. Children’s Day service will be held Sunday evening at 8 o’clock.

A special meeting was held last Thursday in the church and plans were made for a hundred dollar supper to be held in the casement of the church June 29. Watch for future announcements.

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