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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Seven, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1896 through 19015 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Internet version published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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1896 8 JUL M Hager, Jake Jake Hager of tioga and Mrs. Ida J. Woodruff of Farmington Hill m. at Lindley, Ny. "last Fri." by Elder Knapp.
1896 30 SEP B Hall, Frank Son to Frank Hall of Roseville Sep 22nd.
1896 4 NOV B Hall, J. Willis Dau. to J. Willis Hall at Sayre, Pa., Oct 27th.
1896 5 AUG D Hall, Jane C Mrs. Jane C. Hall d. Union twp. (no date) in 84th yr., mother of Mrs. H. Cowley of Mansfield
1896 5 FEB B Handsom, Frederick son to Frederick of Mansfield Jan 31st (hard to read)
1896 29 APR B Harris, A. C. dau. to A. C. harris of Covington Apr 26th
1896 18 MAR D Harris, Elmer Elmer Harris d. Lawrenceville "Thur"
1896 24 JUN M Harris, Hugh Hugh Harris of Wellsboro and Miss Jessie Welch of Elmira, Ny., m. (no date); she formerly of Lawrenceville.
1896 8 JAN M Hartman, Jacob D. of Farmington Center and Miss Ida M. Allen of Tioga m. Dec 25th 1895
1896 5 AUG M Hartzog, Clara Samuel E. Smith and Miss Clara Hartzog, both of Wellsboro, m. at her home Jul 29th by Rev. W. Heaker
1896 6 MAY B Harvey, Viven dau. to Viven Harvey of Mainesburg Apr 29th
1896 15 JUL M Hathaway, Cora William Spoor and Cora Hathaway of Gaines m. "recently"
1896 16 SEP B Hayes, Edgar Dau. to Edgar Hayes of Richmond twp. (no date)
1896 2 SEP D Heyler, Mrs. Gotlieb Mrs. Gotlieb Heyler d. Liberty twp. (Sebring) Aug 31st, cancer, life long resident.
1896 29 JAN D Heysham, Washington of Westfield d. in Potter Co., log accident (no date), bro. of William H. of Nelson
1896 9 DEC D Hickok, Celestia Mrs. Celestia Hickok d. Chicago, Il., buried Hope Cem. Mansfield "Sun.", widow of Ambrose.
1896 5 AUG D Hickok, H. William William H. Hickok d. Mitchells Creek, age about 45 (no date)
1896 20 MAY D Hilfiger, Nat. Son of Nat. Hilfiger of Rutland d. Sat., age 7
1896 7 OCT M Hillis, Lulu B. Herbert A. Mann of Tioga and Mis Lulu B. Hillis of Farmington m. at Elmira, Ny. "recently".
1896 30 DEC M Hoag, Jennie B. Stillman S. Steel of Job, West Va. and Miss Jennie B. Hoag of Delmar twp. m. "last Wed." at Elmira, Ny. by Rev. F. Benedict.
1896 1 JUL D Holcomb, Fred Fred Holcomb d. Sullivan twp. "Mon.", about 21, unmarried, log accident, he came from East Troy, left bro. Bert; son of H. O. Holcomb
1896 29 APR M Holiday, Helen W. V. Etner of Wellsboro and Miss Helen Holiday, same, m. at her sister's (Mrs. E.D. Fellows), Wellsboro Apr 22nd by Rev. A. Shaw
1896 7 OCT B Hopkins, Milo Dau. to Milo Hopkins of Mansfield Oct 2nd.
1896 18 NOV B Howe, Charles Dau. to Charles Howe of Richmond twp. Nov 18th.
1896 30 DEC D Howe, W. M. W. M. Howe d. Mitchell's Creek last Tue., age about 67, buried Evergreen Dem. Tioga
1896 29 APR B Howland, R. F. son to R. F. Howland of Covington (no date)
1896 26 FEB B Howland, Ray Son to Ray Howland of Elkland "a few days since"
1896 26 AUG M Hoyt, Inez L. William Boller and Miss Inez L. Hoyt, both of Nelson, m. her home Aug 19th by Rev. Armstrong
1896 1 JAN D Hubble, Mrs. Joseph d. Covington "last Sat." at her adopted son's , Isaac Evans
1896 11 MAR D Hughes, Benjamin Benjamin Hughes d. Mitchell Creek "Mon." about 45, prob. heart, bro. of Mrs. Gaige of Mansfield, and bro.-in-law of T. F. Rolason, Mansfield
1896 11 MAR B Hyde, Rev. Twins to Rev. Hyde of Tioga Feb 29th
1896 29 JUL M Ingalls, Fred Fred Ingalls of Mardin and Miss Comfort of Pickle Hill m. Jul 18th
1896 9 DEC D Irvin, Mrs. John Mrs. John Irvin d. Lawrenceville "Sun.", age about 60, buried "today" at Ogdensburg, Pa.
1896 1 APR D Ives, Versol Versol Ives d. Wellsboro "last week", age 70, cancer, "a life-long resident"
1896 15 JAN D James, Daniel d. Rutland twp. "last Fri", in 76th yr of age. Several adult children
1896 29 JUL D Jaquish, Joseph Joseph Jaquish d. Peale, Pa. "last week Thur.", age 16, son of George H. formerly of Frost Settlement, buried cem. at F.S.
1896 11 NOV M Jelliff, Phebe D. Lucas and Phebe Jelliff m. "last Fri." in Elmira, Ny., res. of Mainesburg
1896 8 JUL M Jenkins, John John Jenkins of Lambs Creek and Miss Myra Ordway of Elk Run m. at Corning, Ny., Jul 4th by Rev. F. Wood
1896 11 NOV M Johns, Dennis J. Dennis J. Johns of Elmira Heights, NY. and Miss Fannie DeWitt of Mainesburg m. at Elmira Heights Nov 4th by Rev. C. Ferguson.
1896 30 DEC M Johnson, George H. George H. Johnson of Whitesville, Ny. and Miss Mattie Blackwell of Hoytville m. "Christmas Day" at Corning, Ny. by Rev. S. Morris.
1896 27 MAY D Johnson, Joseph Joseph Johnson d. Covington twp. May 24th, age about 76, b. in England, came U.S. about 1830, been in Covington since 1855, m. Anna E. Righter of Blossburg and had 8 children: Elizabeth (Mrs. S.F.) Richards; George W.; Joseph; Frances (Mrs. Alonzo Johnson); all of Covington; samuel of Mound City, Minn.; late Mrs. E. R. Maine of Mainesburg, late Mrs. Tillie johnson of Blossburg, and late Willie J.; buried Mansfield.
1896 18 NOV M Johnson, Mattie William or Charles?(2 items) Johnson of Towanda and Miss Mattie Johnson of Covington twp. m. last Wed. Nov 11th her home by Rev. U. White; she dau. Henry C. Johnson; he son Mrs. J. B. Clark
1896 9 DEC M Johnson, Mort Mort Johnson and Miss Frances Wade, both of Mansfield, m. "Sat." at Lawrence by Rev. Reynolds.
1896 1 JUL M Johnson, Perly Perly Johnson of Mansfield and Miss Retta Grubham of Corning, Ny., m. Corning Jun 27th by Rev. F. Reynolds.
1896 18 NOV M Johnson, William  William or Charles?(2 items) Johnson of Towanda and Miss Mattie Johnson of Covington twp. m. last Wed. Nov 11th her home by Rev. U. White; she dau. Henry C. Johnson; he son Mrs. J. B. Clark
1896 15 APR D Jones, Anna Frost Mrs. Anna Frost, d. Mansfield Apr 12th, age about 50, widow of William B. Jones of Cherry Flats, left son Morton, daus. Winefred, Estella, Ada and Agnes; buried Welch Settlement.
1896 3 JUN M Jones, Edith Lewellyn H. Smith and Miss Edith Jones, both of Charleston, m. May 20th.
1896 19 AUG B Judge, Mary Eleanor Mary Eleanor Judge b. Mansfield Aug 15th to T. W. Judge
1896 25 NOV B Jupenlaz, Earnest Son to Earnest Jupenlaz of Richmond twp. Nov 20th.
1896 29 JAN M Jupenlaz, Marie and M. Schipbanker m. "today" her home (Richmond twp.) by Rev. E. Rosengrant
1896 8 JAN D Jupenlaz, William d. last Sat. in Richmond twp., age 27 yrs.
1896 14 OCT M Keeler, Charlotte A. Lee Smith of Blossburg and Miss Charlotte Keeler of Elmira, Ny. to be m. this mo.
1896 19 FEB D Keeney, George d. Keeneyville, (no date)
1896 1 JAN D Keeney, Mrs. Ransom d. Crooked Creek Dec. 17th 1895, age 76
1896 24 JUN D Kennedy, Lettie Mrs. (Lettie) Samuel Kennedy d. near Mansfield Jun 17th in 74th yr., sister of S. L. Hakes, funeral and burial in Roseville.
1896 24 JUN M Kerwin, Hugh Jr. Hugh Kerwin, Jr. of Wellsboro and Miss Angie Dickinson of Keeneyville m. her home Jun 10th; she dau. A. J. Dickinson
1896 2 SEP D Kerwin, Mrs. Mrs. Kerwin d. Blossburg "last Sun.", mother of Mrs. W. H. Kelley of Lambs Creek.
1896 8 JAN M Kilburn, Edmond E. (A) of Brookfield twp. (Austinburg), Pa. and Miss Mary E. Gleason of Osceola m. at her home Jan 1st
1896 15 JUL B Kimball, Jesse Son to Jesse Kimball of Tioga (no date)
1896 1 JAN M Kimball, Orrin and Mrs. Grace Gilfillan, both of Westfield, m. "some time since"
1896 28 OCT M Kimble, T. M. T. M. Kimble and Miss Matilda Bull, both of Wellsboro, m. at Lawrenceville Feb (sic) 2nd by Rev. H. Swarthouse.
1896 29 APR M King, Sarah DeRuyter Avery of Chatham twp. and Mrs. Sarah King of Deerfield twp. m. at Coudersport Apr 6th by Rev. W. Reese
1896 22 JAN B Kingsley, Clark son to Clark and Maria Pratt Kingsley b. Richmond twp. Jan 15th
1896 27 MAY D Kingsley, Lepha N. Lepha M. Kingsley d. Mill Creek "last Sun." (May 24th) age 21 yrs., 8 mos., 24 das., dau. of Jerome F., sis. of Clarence, buried at Lawrence Corners Cemetery
1896 1 JUL M Klinger, C. D. C. D. Klinger of Philadelphia and Miss Bertha Welch, formerly of Mansfield, m. Camden, NJ, Jun 28th
1896 2 DEC M Knapp, Frank Frank Knapp and Miss Effie Utter of Lawrenceville m. at Lindley, Ny. "recently".
1896 22 JUL D Knapp, T. C. T. C. Knapp d. Lawrenceville twp. "last Fri.", heart disease
1896 26 AUG B Knowlton, M. S. Son to M. S. Knowlton of Frost Settlement Aug 19th.
1896 19 FEB D Kohler, Clarence E. former res. Mardin and Mansfield (Richmond twp) d. "Sat." near Philadelphia, railroad accident, age 26, son of George, Jr., b. at Mardin, sisters Mrs. W.S.Farrer, Mansfield; Mrs. Albert Simmons and Miss Cora Kohler, Philadelphia; buried Oakwood cem. Mansfield
1896 9 SEP D Laasch, Frederick J. Frederick J. Laasch d. Mansfield Sep 6th, age 64, b. Mecklenburg, Germany, came U.S. in 1866 to Mansfield 1893; left sons: Albert and Charles of Mansfield, William of New York City; buried Hope Cem. Mansfield; liver ailment.
1896 26 FEB D Lamkin, Rev. Harvey d. Beech Creek, Pa., Feb 24th, b. Tompkins Co., Ny. Nov 18th 1812, buried Covington, children left: W.H. of Beech Creek; Charles of Williamsport and Russell of Mansfield
1896 7 OCT D Lamkin, Russell Russell Lamkin d. Mansfield "last Thur.", in 62nd yr. grippe and consumption, son of late Rev. Harvey Lamkin of Covington. (Apparently no children). Buried "New Cemetery" Covington
1896 22 JAN D Landis, Daniel d. Liberty (no date) age 68
1896 21 OCT D Landrus, Henry J. Henry J. Landrus d. Wellsboro "last Fri.", b. Blossburg 1839, left 8 children.
1896 1 JUL B Lanterman, Frank Son to Frank Lanterman of Mansfield Jun 30th
1896 2 SEP B Lawrence, Welby Son to Welby Lawrence of Rutland twp., Aug 28th.
1896 17 JUN B LeBarron, Del Son to Del LeBarron of Mardin (Richmond twp.), no date.
1896 1 APR D Lent, Viva Viva Lent d. Mann Creek (Richmond twp.) Mar 19th, age 1 yr., 1 mo., 15 das., dau. Lewis
1896 30 DEC M Lewis, Clarence Clarence Lewis and Mary Copp, both of Covington m. "last week".
1896 29 APR D Lewis, John John Lewis d. Covington twp., "last Sun.", age 73, 2 sons: W.O. of Covington and A.L. of New York City
1896 9 DEC D Longwell, Hugh Hugh Longwell d. Wells (Bradford Co.) "last week Thur.", Bright's disease.
1896 15 JAN M Losel, John of Buffalo, Ny. and Miss Georgina Smith of Wellsboro m. Jan 9th at her home
1896 8 JUL B Love, Fred Son to Fred Love of Mansfield Jul 1st.
1896 1 JUL B Loveless, Frank Son to Frank Loveless of Lawreceville, b. at Mill Creek (no date)
1896 24 JUN D Lowell, O. B. O. B. Lowell d. Tioga "Fri." in 64th yr., b. in Tioga twp. Nov 18th 1832, buried Evergreen Cem. Tioga.
1896 6 MAY D Lownsberry, Horace Horace Lownsberry d. Williamsport "Sat.", buried Wellsboro, 1 son and 1 dau.; a native of Canoe Camp, injured on railroad.
1896 7 OCT D Lownsberry, Isaac Isaac Lownsberry d. Canoe Camp Sep 18th, b. Schoharie, Ny., Feb 9th 1811, came her about 1818. 1st m. Laura A. Gillett, dau. of Aaron and Ziba. They had: George W. of Col. (dead); Sarah Morehouse, state of Washington; Lucy H. Kephart of Kansas (dead); Julia A. Morehouse of Minnesota; John of Canoe Camp. 2nd wife Mrs. Gillah J. Edsall of Southport, Ny., who d. 1852. Last of 11 children himself - they were: John of Oregon; Anna (Peter) Zimmer, Schoharie Co., Ny.; Lydia (Daniel) Holden, Mansfield; Ruth (Peter) Whittaker, Canoe Camp; Mary (Bethnel) Bentley, Mill Creek; Susan (Seymour) Stratton,Canoe Camp; Letson L., Canoe Camp; Wright L., Illinois; Ira L. of Canoe Camp; Eneas L.
1896 11 NOV B Lownsbery, Leon Son to Leon Lownsbery of Canoe Camp Nov 7th.
1896 22 JAN M Lowry, Julia and Charles D. Sweet, both of Mansfield, to be m. Jan 29th at Tioga
1896 11 NOV M Lucas, D. D. Lucas and Phebe Jelliff m. "last Fri." in Elmira, Ny., res. of Mainesburg
1896 2 SEP D Lucas, Mrs. Uriah Mrs. Uriah Lucas d. at Roseville (no date).
1896 15 APR B Lutes, Frank dau. to Frank Lutes of Covington (no date)
1896 17 JUN D Lutes, John John Lutes d. Elmira Heights, Ny. "last Tue.", age 38, bowel ailment, former res of Covington. had 6 children.
1896 13 MAY D Lyman, Eldridge Eldridge Lyman of Westfield d. at Addison, Ny., "last Tue.", age 17, railroad accident
1896 27 MAY D Mahon, John John Mahon d. Niles Valley "last Thur.", age 36, lung ailment, buried Mainesburg, nephew of Mrs. Abram Johnson of Mansfield
1896 8 JAN D Maine, Mrs. Jane E. d. Jan 2nd, age 66, wife of Dr. G. D. Maine of Mainesburg, left 2 dau's: Mrs. Kate Holcomb and Mrs. J. C. Cudworth
1896 30 SEP D Malin, Jesse T. Jesse T. Malin d. Bluestone, Lycoming Co., Sep 25th of Consumption, former Mansfield resident, left 3 daus. Genevieve (Mrs. Charles) Otto, Mary R. and Eliza J., also 3 sis., buried West Chester
1896 7 OCT M Mann, Herbert A. Herbert A. Mann of Tioga and Mis Lulu B. Hillis of Farmington m. at Elmira, Ny. "recently".
1896 24 JUN B Marble, C. E. Dau. to C. E. Marble of Richmond twp. Jun 22nd.
1896 10 JUN B March, George Daughter to George March of Wellsboro (no date)
1896 18 NOV M Marsh, Winfred Winfred Marsh and Miss Inez Mable Vermilyea to be m. Nov 24th at Westfield.
1896 12 FEB B Martin, P. S. Son to P. S. Martin of Westfield (no date)
1896 30 SEP M Marvin, Alice Grace William A. Douglas and Miss Alice Grace Marvin of Covington m. at her parents Sep 22nd by Rev. U. White
1896 14 OCT M Marvin, Carrie Thomas Crooks and Miss Carrie Marvin, both of Blossburg, m. there at res. Thomas Evans (no date); she dau. Mrs. Mary Marvin.
1896 29 APR M Mase, Charles Charles Mase of Liberty and Mrs. A. Ridge of Covington m. at Covington Apr 9th by Rev. U. White
1896 5 AUG B Mason, George H. Son to George H. Mason at Morris Run Jul 20th.
1896 24 JUN D McAllister, Margaret Margaret McAllister d. "last week Wed.", at Tioga, wife of Thomas D., age 75, been there 50 yrs., recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniv.
1896 18 MAR M McAllister, Thomas Thomas D. McAllister and wife of Tioga m. 50 years. "last evening", thus m. 1846
1896 29 JUL B McConnell, A. W. Son to A. W. McConnell of Richmond twp. Jul 22nd.
1896 16 SEP B McKernan, John Dau. to John McKernan of Mardin "last week".
1896 14 OCT B McKibbon Dau. to Mr. McKibbon of Millerton (no date).
1896 10 JUN D Merrick, Bradford Bradford W. Merrick d. Deerfield twp. Jun 1st, age 54
1896 17 JUN M Merritt, Harry H. Harry H. Merritt of Brook, Ny. and Miss Hattie E. Gaige m. Jun 24th at Mansfield by Rev. E. Rosengrant; she dau. A.P. Gaige
1896 8 JAN M Metzger, Amelia and charles Yahn, both of Wellsboro, m. at Williamsport Dec 25th 1895
1896 27 MAY M Monroe Watkins - son of Justus of Austinville m. dau. of Thomas Monroe of Sullivan at State Line "a few das. since"
1896 8 JUL D Monroe, Eliza Ayres Eliza Ayres Monroe d. Sullivan twp. "last Thur.", age 57 yrs., 11mos., 23das., wife of Bateman M., b. Canton twp., Bradford co., m. him (her 3rd husband) 1886, left 1 dau. Mrs. Lewis Starkey of Richmond twp.; buried Oakwood cem. Mansfield
1896 29 APR D Morgan, Daniel Daniel Morgan d. Ironton, Ohio, "last Sun.", former Tioga Co. resident (brother-in-law of above)
1896 22 JAN D Morrell, Frank d. near Roseville "last Sun.", gun accident, son of George, age nearly 16.
1896 30 DEC B Morrell, H. C. Son to H. C. Morrell of Seely Creek, Ny., grandson of Ed. Fish of Tioga, on "Christmas Day".
1896 15 APR M Morse, Jennie N. B. Schoonover of Austinburg, and Miss Jennie Morse of Knoxville m. at her home Apr 2nd by Rev. S. Farnham
1896 25 NOV M Mudge, Addie Harry Garrison of Elk Run and Miss Addie Mudge of Mansfield m. at Elmira, Ny., Nov 11th by Rev. W. Henry.
1896 20 MAY M Mudge, Orrin  Orrin Mudge m. _____ _____ ? (Corey Creek items)
1896 11 FEB D Munn, Hannah d. Mansfield "last Sat.", age 87, left: William of Mansfield; Charles of Crawford, Pa.; Mrs. Silas Wilcox and Mrs. Russell Lamkin, both of Mansfield, result of broken leg.
1896 11 NOV M Munn, Pearl Merton W. White of Ore Bed Road and Miss Pearl Munn m. "last Tue." by Rev. Reynolds, Mansfield.
1896 3 JUN M Murray, Bridget David Cairns of Corning, Ny. and Miss Bridget Murray of Arnot m. at Arnot May 27th.
1896 30 SEP M Murray, Marion Benj. Harrower Parkhurst and Miss Marion Murray Moon, both of Elkland to be m. Oct. 7th there.
1896 1 JAN M Neal, Lucy of Charleston and Thomas Youmans m. Dec 24th 1895
1896 7 OCT M Nearing, Frederick Lee Frederick Lee Nearing of Binghamton, Ny. and Miss Olive Ada Barden of tioga m. "today" at Tioga by Rev. McCormack; she dau. Mrs. Carrie Barden.
1896 29 APR B Newberry, Ada son to Mrs. Ada Newberry of Covington (no date)
1896 18 NOV D Niles, Mrs. Nathan Mrs. Nathan Niles d. Charleston twp. "last Wed."
1896 16 SEP R Niles, Nathan Niles Family Reunion: children of pioneer Nathan Niles. Present were: Aaron, Russell, Erastus, Augustus, Rodney, Violetta Niles Dailey, Temperance Niles Brace.
1896 19 FEB M Nittrowr, Lucy and William Warters, both of Mansfield, m. "last evening" at Methodist parsonage.
1896 5 FEB B Obourn, L. W. son to L. W. Obourn of Mansfield Feb 1st
1896 9 DEC B Odell, Ella Son to Mrs. Ella Odell of Mansfield Nov 26th.
1896 19 FEB M Odell, Oscar and Miss Ella Shepard, both of Mansfield, m. at Lawrenceville Feb 15th by Rev. D. Craft
1896 1 JAN M Oldroyd, Mertie of Rutland twp, and John Campbell of Troy, m. Dec 12th 1895
1896 2 DEC M O'Neil, John W. John W. O'Neil and Miss Addie Rogers, both of Mansfield, m. at Lawrenceville Nov 28th.
1896 8 JUL M Ordway, Myra John Jenkins of Lambs Creek and Miss Myra Ordway of Elk Run m. at Corning, Ny., Jul 4th by Rev. F. Wood
1896 8 APR B Orvis, E. R. dau. to E. R. Orvis of Sullivan twp. (no date), granddau. of Hon. Isaac Squires.

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