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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1881 08-Jun D Broakman, Rev. Samuel d. Rev. Samuel M. Broakman, Elmira, Sun, age 64 yrs. Born in Pa. Lived in Tioga County 40 yrs, had 12 children (9 survive) wife was cousin Hon. John I. Mitchell, typhoid
1880 12-May D Bronson, David d. David Bronson, Richmond twp, age 80, dead a week, body found Sun. Suicide, father of Eb.
1881 18-May D Brooks, Mrs. James d. Mrs. James Brooks, Elmira, last week. Resident Elkland
1881 27-Apr B Brown b. son to Mont Brown, Arnot, during the week
1881 27-Apr B Brown b. daughter to Robert Brown, Arnot, Sat.,
1880 20-Oct M Brown, Anna m. John P. Rathbone, Southport, N.Y. & Anna Brown of Morris Run, Oct 16th at Elmira, N.Y.
1881 26-Jan M Brown, Charles N. m. Charles N. Brown & Miss Alice M. Ross, Jamestown, N.Y., Jan 13th. Daughter of E. W. Ross formerly of Mansfield
1880 20-Oct M Brown, Clara m. Jesse P. Incho of Tioga & Miss Clara Brown of Caton, N.Y. at her residence, Oct 14th Rev. W. Hunt
1881 23-Mar D Brown, Freddie S. d. Freddie S. Brown, Mansfield, Mar 20th, age 3 yrs 7 mos. Son of C. E. & Lottie Brown
1881 06-Apr D Brown, J. P. d. J. P. Brown, Arnot, age 66
1882 01-Nov M Brown, John L. m. John L. Brown & Miss Hattie Beach of Mansfield at same, Oct 28th by Rev. W. Beach
1882 22-Mar D Brown, Thomas d. Thomas Brown, Middlebury, last Thur., suicide.
1882 26-Jul M Brunner, Emma m. Charles Cooley & Miss Emma Brunner, Tioga at residence J. F. Ripley, Lambs Creek, Jul 24th, Rev. Ripley
1880 21-Apr D Bruver d. daughter of Jesse Bruver, Millerton last Thur. Diptheria
1881 20-Jul D Bryan d. child of D. Bryan, Mainsburg. Buried last Sun
1881 02-May D Bryan, Jackson L. d. Jackson L. Bryan, Elmira, last Sun, formerly Jackson twp.
1882 25-Oct M Bryden, Ada m. S. S. Pratt, New York & Miss Ada Bryden, Wellsboro, last Fri. Wellsboro
1882 21-Jun M Bryden, Annie m. Howard F. Marsh, Towanda & Miss Annie Bryden, Wellsboro, her home Monday
1882 29-Mar D Buck, Mrs. d. Mrs. Buck, North Fork, Brookfield twp., last Sun. Sister of Mrs. James Strait; suicide
1880 07-Jan D Buckley, Abner d. Abner Buckley of Roseville, age 68 recently
1880 02-Jun M Bullock, Lelia m. Geo. Coveney of Mansfield & Lelia Bullock of Richmond twp at her home May 29th by Rev. G. Meigs
1880 14-Jul B Bunnell b. son to A. H. Bunnell of Tioga
1882 26-Apr D Burdick, Mrs. Nelson d. Mrs. Nelson Burdick, Westfield, Apr 14th
1881 20-Apr D Busbee d. son of Jefferson & Ida Busbee, Cov., age 5, Apr 9th
1880 20-Oct D Bush A. C. d. A. C. Bush, Tioga Thur., son of Joseph & Betsy B., Bainbridge, N.Y. 1804 came to Tioga, 1831 married Ellen Bigelow 1st, 1 daughter Mrs. John Matthews. 2nd Anna Bigelow, sisters, buried Bainbridge
1881 30-Mar M Butcher, Kate m. Charles Tubbs & Miss Kate Butcher, Osceola at her home, Mar 24th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 25-May D Butters d. daughter of Frank Butters, Nauvoo, May 8th, age 6, burned
1881 28-Dec D Button d. daughter of Albert Button, Westfield last Thur., diptheria
1882 13-Sep M Button, Mrs. m. Wm. Ryon, Lambs Creek & Mrs. Button, Mitchells Creek
1880 10-Mar B Butts b. daughter to D. J. Butts & Mrs. Of Mansfield Feb 27th
1881 08-Jun D Butts, Mrs. Anna d. Mrs. Anna S. Butts, Cov., last Sun, age 30, daughter of D. S. Irelan. Buried Covington. Her baby buried last week
1882 13-Sep D Cady, C. D. d. Mr. C. D. Cady, Addison, few days ago, age 82, from Tioga
1882 07-Jun D Cady, Mrs. Fred d. Mrs. Fred Cady, Farmington twp., May 22nd, age 75
1882 25-Jan D Caldwell, Mrs. S. E. d. Mrs. S. E. Caldwell, Bloss, Thur. Buried Mansfield
1882 06-Dec M Calhoun, Cheney m. Cheney Calhoun & Miss Lizzie Emrick, Morris, Nov 30 Rev. W. Carter
1882 15-Feb D Calhoun, Mrs. d. Mrs. Calhoun, Lawrenceville, buried last Wed.
1882 25-Jan D Callahan, Richard d. Richard Callahan, Babb's Creek, last Sat on the road from Jersey Mills
1880 21-Jul D Cameron, Carrie d. Miss Carrie Cameron, Hornellsville, N.Y. recently, formerly of Osceola, burned
1881 12-Oct D Cameron, James d. James Cameron, Col. Mon. formerly from Mansfield
1880 04-Jan D Campbell, Eva d. Eva Campbell of Lawrenceville, age 11 dau (L.M.)
1880 11-Feb D Carmer, Elizabeth d. Mrs. Elizabeth Carmer, Mosherville, last Tues., age 76
1880 09-Jun D Carnwright d. boy Carnwright last Wed at Orphans School buried Mansfield
1880 28-Jul M Carpenter, Hattie S. m. Jerome Fish & Miss Hattie S. Carpenter of Farmington at Mansfield, Jul 6th, by Rev. H. Moyer
1880 30-Jun D Carr, Lillie d. Lillie Carr, Tioga Sunday age 14, diptheria
1882 06-Dec D Cartwright, Mrs. d. Mrs. Cartwright, Kansas, few days ago. Daughter of D. B. Closson, Westfield, fell off horse
1880 18-Aug M Case, Augustus A. m. Augustus A. Case & Effie M. Bartlett of Mansfield at same, Aug 4th, Rev. H. Moyer
1881 18-May M Case, Carrie E. m. A. D. Howe, Bingham, Potter Co. & Miss Carrie E. Case, Sullivan, Tioga Co., May 15th, in Sullivan Rev. G. Righter
1880 17-Mar D Case, Eliza Ann d. Eliza Ann Case, Brookfield, Mar 7th, age 72. Resident of county over 30 yrs.
1880 22-Sep B Cass b. son to Mart Cass of Mansfield last week
1882 11-Jan M Cass, Willie m. Willie Cass & Miss Mertie Cleveland, Dec 25th 1881 by Rev. E. Morris. He's son of Mart of Mansfield, she is daughter of O. Cleveland of Cleveland Corners.
1882 11-Jan D Cass, Willie d. Willis Cass, Cleveland Corners, last Thur. Left his wife Mertie D.
1880 17-Nov D Castle, Mrs. John d. Mrs. John Castle, Tioga last Thur. 2 sons
1880 06-Oct M Chamberlain, Ella m. F. M. Andrews of Io., & Miss Ella Chamberlain of Chatham twp at same, Sept 15th by Rev. W. Beach
1882 13-Sep M Childs, Sarah Ann m. Thomas Jop, Arnot & Miss Sarah Ann Childs, Morris Run recently
1881 18-May M Chilson, Avery m. Avery Chilson, Lewisville & Miss Claribel Fling, late of Mansfield, recently
1881 27-Jul D Christian d. child of John Christian, Arnot, Sat, age 3, malaria fever
1880 06-Oct M Churchill, Charles m. Charles Churchill of Clymer twp & Miss Jane Cooper of Chatham twp at Chatham, Sept 24th Rev. W. Beach
1881 24-Aug M Churchill, Enoch m. Enoch Churchill & Miss Olive A. Kohn at her home, Mansfield, Aug 20th, Rev. H. Moyer, daughter of John W.
1882 04-Jan D Churchill, Mrs. Lucy d. Mrs. Lucy Churchill at resident of Frencie Clemons, East Charleston, last Sunday, age 76. Widow Asa Churchill, the poet. Funeral at Whitneyville, a pioneer.
1880 18-Feb M Claflin, Elizabeth m. Clayton Spencer, Grover, Pa. & Miss Elizabeth Claflin, Roaring Branch at Mainsburg, Feb 11th by M. S. Blair
1880 28-Apr B Clark b. son to Postmaster & Mrs. M. L. Clark Sunday, Mansfield
1882 19-Apr D Clark, Ed W. d. Ed W. Clark, Lambs Creek, last week tues
1881 05-Oct M Clark, Geo. m. Geo Clark & Miss Freddie B. Allen, Mansfield, at residence of Lyman Beach, Sept 30th, Rev. E. Morris
1882 18-Oct M Clark, Hattie m. Frank Lanterman & Miss Hattie Clark, Rutland twp at Mansfield, Sept 27th by Rev. S. Earley
1881 16-Feb D Clark, Mrs. Sarah M. d. Mrs. Sarah M. Clark, Mansfield, Friday, residence of Isaac Holden, age 67, wife of Wm. M. Clark, Lambs Creek. Buried Mansfield
1882 06-Sep D Clark, P. L. d. P. L. Clark, Bloss, Sunday. Cholera morbus.
1881 25-May D Clark, Phineas M. d. Phineas M. Clark, Mansfield, Monday, age 75 B. June 13 1805, Springfield, Mass. Came here when young. Left several children, cancer
1880 21-Jan M Clark, Rosa m. Edward D. Woodcock, Elkland & Miss Rosa Clark, Woodhull, N.Y.
1880 29-Dec M Clark, Sadie M. m. Jacob C. Lawerence of Tioga & Miss Sadie M. Clark of Mansfield at her residence Dec 24th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 25-May D Clark, Seth d. Seth Clark, Albany, last Sat in 44th yr. Son of Elijah, buried Mansfield. Left 1 son; consumption
1881 16-Mar B Claus b. daughter to Clark Claus, Mansfield
1880 27-Oct D Clemmons, Mrs. Lethania d. Mrs. Lethania Clemmons, Cov twp., Oct 17th, widow of Alanson, mother of L. S. of Bloss
1882 03-May D Cleveland, Aden E. d. Aden E. Cleveland, Apr 27th, Scodac, Richmond twp. Age 43 yrs 10 mos 21 das. Born Richmond Jun 6 1838, lived Sullivan twp. Buried State Road Cemetery. Brother Harvey, Sullivan twp; suicide
1881 12-Oct M Cleveland, Lilian m. W. H. Howe, Mansfield & Miss Lilian Cleveland, Cov., at Bloss, Sept 18th Rev. Ieake
1882 11-Jan M Cleveland, Mertie m. Willie Cass & Miss Mertie Cleveland, Dec 25th 1881 by Rev. E. Morris. He's son of Mart of Mansfield, she is daughter of O. Cleveland of Cleveland Corners.
1880 14-Jan D Cleveland, Mrs. Polly d. Mrs. Polly Cleveland, Richmond twp, Jan. 7th, age 78, widow of late Elisha, sister of late Rodney Shaw, Mansfield, a pioneer & widow of a Rev. soldier
1880 14-Jan D Cleveland, Orwell d. Orwell Cleveland of Cov, Jan 8th. 3rd brother to die within year, all old residents
1882 24-May M Cleveland, Van A. m. Van A. Cleveland, Sullivan twp. & Miss Orpha Odell, same, at residence Elias Cleveland, Sullivan, May 21, Rev. Finch
1880 28-Jan M Cleveland, Wilbur m. Wilbur Cleveland & Miss Lavina D. Odell at Mansfield, Jan 24th by Rev. G. Righter
1880 21-Jul M Close, Ella m. S. S. Goodall of Richmond twp & Miss Ella Close of Chatham twp recently
1880 28-Jan D Close, Newberry d. Newberry Close, Chatham twp, last Fri.
1881 30-Mar D Close, Noah P. d. Noah P. Close, Bristol, R. I., last Wed. Buried Westfield, formerly of there & Wellsboro
1881 09-Feb D Close, Roy d. Roy Close, Westfield, Feb 2nd, age 15, son of Ambrose
1881 12-Jan D Cochan, Robbie d. Robbie Cochan, Somers Lane, age 3, son of Charles. Buried Friday, diptheria
1880 14-Jul M Cochran, John L. m. John L. Cochran of Richmond twp & Phebe E. Gray of Jackson twp at Mansfield, June 23rd by Rev. G. Righter
1880 18-Feb D Cochran, Mrs. Leroy d. Mrs. Leroy Cochran of Richmond twp, last Fri. Buried Grays Valley
1882 26-Apr D Cochran, Mrs. Mehittable d. Mrs. Mehittable Cochran, Apr 26th, Mansfield. Age 66 yrs 7 mos 11 days. Came from Tompkins Co., NY at her marriage 45 yrs ago to S. S. No Children; cancer
1881 25-May M Colburn, Ruby m. Dr. W. W. Baldwin, formerly of Tioga & Miss Ruby Colburn, May 11th, at Ansonia, Conn.
1882 26-Jul D Cole d. 3 children of John Cole, Osceola, diptheria
1881 09-Feb B Cole, Eugene b. son to Eugene Cole, Mansfield
1881 31-Aug D Cole, Mrs. d. Mrs. Cole, Bradford Co., Aug 28th, age 84. Mother of Dr. A. J. Cole, Mansfield; liver ailment
1880 04-Feb M Cole, Wilson m. Wilson Cole & Alfaretta Rumsey of Sylvania at Mansfield, Dec 25th 1879 by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 06-Sep M Colegrove, Arthur m. Arthur Colegrove, Osceola & Miss Emma A. Hulslander, Sylvania, at same, recently
1880 24-Nov M Coles, Ada m. Robert G. Austin of Wellsboro & Miss Ada Coles, last week Tuesday, daughter of James Coles of Wellsboro
1882 10-May M Collins, I. P. m. I. P. Collins, Raymonds, Potter Co. & Miss Delia Elliott, Mansfield at her home, May 18th. She's daughter of O. V. Elliott
1882 13-Dec M Colton, Pixley m. Eugene & Miss Pixly Colton, Millerton eloped some months ago
1881 12-Oct M Combs, E. m. E. Combs, Middlebury & Miss Lottie D. Neal, Charleston, at residence Geo Stauffer, Mainsburg, Oct 6th, Rev. Cook
1882 26-Jul M Connelly, Elbert O. m. Elbert O. Connelly & Miss Phebe L. Ashley, Sullivan twp. At Mainsburg, Jul 9th by Rev. A. Finch
1882 05-Apr D Converse, Mrs. Susan d. Mrs. Susan Converse, Wellsboro, age 89
1881 16-Feb D Cook Bailey, Della d. Mrs. Della Cook Bailey, Sept 29, 1880, age 30 yrs 6 mos 16 das. Wife of B. R. Bailey of Mansfield. She was born Mar 13, 1851 at Mansfield, a memorial published
1882 15-Nov D Cook, Henry d. Henry Cook, Austinville at Knoxville last Saturday. Funeral at Austinville; saw mill accident
1881 09-Nov D Cook, Mrs. Abram d. Mrs. Abram Cook, Osceola, recently
1881 12-Oct D Cook, Reuben d. Uncle Reuben Cook, Brookfield twp., Oct 5th, age 99 yrs 3 mos. Came to Tioga Co age 10
1882 14-Jun M Cooley, Burt m. Burt Cooley & Miss Lucie E. Daguiere, Arnot at same, May 24th, Rev. Schenck
1882 26-Jul M Cooley, Charles m. Charles Cooley & Miss Emma Brunner, Tioga at residence J. F. Ripley, Lambs Creek, Jul 24th, Rev. Ripley
1880 01-Sep M Coons, Mr. m. Mr. Coons of Canton & Miss Philena Mudge of W. Cov at residence of Elder A. D. Finch by him, Aug 23rd
1880 06-Oct M Cooper, Jane m. Charles Churchill of Clymer twp & Miss Jane Cooper of Chatham twp at Chatham, Sept 24th Rev. W. Beach
1881 09-Mar D Cooper, Maggie d. Maggie Cooper, Lambs Creek, Feb 24, age 14
1880 16-Jun D Cooper, Mrs. D. H. d. Mrs. D. H. Cooper of Lambs Creek Sat.
1881 05-Jan M Copp, Carlton m. Carlton Copp, Bloss & Miss Olive O. Gardiner, Mann's Cr at Mansfield Dec 25 1880 Rev. G. Righter
1881 18-May D Cornell, Alva d. Mr. Alva Cornell, Richmond twp., Thur. Last, age 65. Here 20 yrs. Left family, pneumonia
1882 12-Jul M Corry, John m. John Corry, Jackson twp. & Miss Wood, Pickle Hill, Richmont twp. At residence of Wm. Corry, Jackson Summit, Jul 4th by Rev. S. Earley
1882 01-Feb D Costly d. daughter of James Costly, Osceola, recently, age 8; brain
1881 26-Jan B Coveney b. son to Geo. Coveney, Mansfield
1882 18-Jan D Coveney, Charlotte d. Mrs. Charlotte Coveney at son-in-law Geo. Everts Cov Twp, last Fri. Buried Coventry, mother of Joseph of Mansfield
1880 02-Jun M Coveney, Geo. m. Geo. Coveney of Mansfield & Lelia Bullock of Richmond twp at her home May 29th by Rev. G. Meigs
1881 07-Dec M Covert, Clara R. m. Orton E. Payne & Miss Clara R. covert, W. Covington Dec 5th by Elder G. Headley
1881 08-Jun M Cowan, Miss m. John Lyle & Miss Cowan, Arnot, Sat.
1881 08-Jun M Cowan, Robert m. Robert Cown, formerly Arnot at Barclay Bradford Co., a young lady of 17, he is 39
1880 22-Dec D Cowely d. son of Philip Cowely of Bloss last Tues, drowned
1882 04-Oct M Cowley, Hannah m. Luman F. Galusha, Mansfield & Miss Hanna Cowley, Bloss at Covington, Sept 24th by Rev. S. Mathews
1880 03-Mar D Cowley, Mrs. Mary A. d. Mrs. Mary A. Cowley, Detroit, Mich., Sat., widow of Calvin of Addison, N.Y. Daughter of Col. Ambrose Millard, early settler of Tioga who died 1852. Mother lives Elmira
1880 28-Jan B Cox b. twins, sons to Thomas & wife Cox of Arnot
1881 30-Nov D Crandall, Frank d. Frank Crandall, Grand Forks, Dakota, last week. Son-in-law of Charles Toles, Wellsboro
1882 05-Apr D Crandall, Truman d. Truman Crandall, Nelson last Thurs., age 86
1881 07-Dec D Crane, Mrs. Edwin d. Mrs. Edwin Crane, Williamsport, yesterday. Sister of Wm. Adams, Esq. & Mrs. Dr. A. J. Cole, Mansfield. Aunt of Miss S. M. Lamb
1881 27-Jul M Crick, Yetman m. Yetman Crick, Mansfield & Miss Anna Wilkinson, Morris Run, at Mansfield July 3rd Rev. H. Moyer
1881 24-Aug M Crippen, Mort m. Mort Crippen & Miss Eda Holly, Sullivan twp., residence of Geo. Horton, Mansfield, Aug 17th, Rev. J. Boyce
1882 06-Dec M Crispin, Charlotte m. Fred Pilgrim, Mansfield & Miss Charlotte Crispin, Chemung, NY at same, Nov 29th by Rev. B. Brown
1881 30-Mar B Crooks, James Weaver b. James Weaver Crooks, March, to Wm. , Arnot
1882 15-Feb M Crowl, Frank m. Frank Crowl & Nellie Preston, Wellsboro, last Wed.
1881 04-May D Crowley, Tim d. Tim Crowley, Cov. Last Thur., age 70. Old resident
1882 01-Feb D Cruttenden, Coran d. Coran Cruttenden, East Charlseton, yestereday, age 21, only son of John. Typhoid pneumonia
1881 30-Mar D Cruttenden, John d. John Cruttenden, Et. Charleston, last Sat., age 52. Born Sussex, England, came age 13. Married 1885 Sarah Snover. 3 children. He was son of Tilden C.
1881 07-Dec B Cudworth b. daughter to James & Grace Cudworth, Mainsburg, Nov 26
1881 27-Apr M Culver, Warren L. m. Warren L. Culver & Miss Fannie Lee, Cov at Tioga, Mar 13th, Rev. H. Lamkin
1882 15-Nov D Curran, Mrs. Charles d. Mrs. Charles Curran, Lawrenceville, last Sat., age 22
1882 05-Apr D Cutts, Mrs. d. Mrs. Cutts, Cov., Sat. Wife of Elder Cutts; consumption
1881 05-Jan D Daggett, Mrs. Geo. d. Mrs. Geo. Daggett at son in Bradford, Pa., last Fri. Buried Tioga, mother of H. C. Wheeler, Tioga
1882 14-Jun M Daguiere, Lucie E. m. Burt Cooley & Miss Lucie E. Daguiere, Arnot at same, May 24th, Rev. Schenck
1882 13-Dec D Dailey, John d. John Dailey, Tioga, some days ago;91 yrs
1880 17-Nov D Daisley, Mrs. Henry d. Mrs. Henry Daisley, Arnot, Nov 6th. 7 children, buried Bloss
1881 11-May D Dan, Wm. d. Wm. Dan, Mansfield, last week, age 35, consumption. Buried Friday.
1880 03-Nov M Danley, Maggie m. Geo. Hoskins & Miss Maggie Danley Oct 16th Arnot
1882 08-Nov M Dann, Reuben m. Reuben Dann, Mansfield & Miss Lily Maynard, Bloss recently
1882 02-Aug D Darling, Dr. Lewis d. Dr. Lewis Darling, Lawrenceville, Jul 23rd, age 78. Practiced there 54 yrs.
1880 11-Feb D Darling, Mrs. Dr. L. Jr. d. Mrs. Dr. L Jr. Darling, Pottstown, Pa. Buried Lawrenceville last week
1880 28-Jan M Dartt, Chancelor m. Chancelor Dartt of Charleston & Miss Amelia Hurlbutt of Chatham twp Jan 14th
1881 16-Nov M Dartt, Frank m. Frank Dartt, Wellsboro & Miss May Landrus, Arnot, last week Wed., at Arnot
1881 25-May D Dartt, Josiah d. Josiah Dartt, Boulder, Col., May 16th, formerly Dartt Set.

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