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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1881 04-May D Dasley d. child of H. Dasley, age 6 mos., Arnot, Apr 26th
1882 17-May M Davidson, M. Emily m. Prof. N. A. Miller, Allen Cooege & Miss M. Emily Davidson, today at home in Elmira, May 17th
1882 12-Jul M Davies, Maria A. m. Thomas M. Reese & Miss Maria A. Davies, Charleston at her home Jul 3rd by F. T. Evans
1882 02-Aug M Davis, Charles E. m. Charles E. Davis, Mansfield & Miss Addie Gustin, New Milford, Pa., Jul 26th by Rev. J. Rosseel
1880 15-Sep D Davis, Frankie W. d. Frankie W. Davis Mansfield, Sept 8, diptheria, 8 yrs
1880 23-Jun M Davis, Rose A. m. E. S. Brewster & Miss Rose A. Davis at Mansfield June 9 by Rev. G. Righter both of Tioga
1880 31-Mar M Day (Stevens) Mrs. Carrie m. Delmer L. Laraby of Watkins, N.Y. & Mrs. Carrie Day of Tioga at her residence, Mar 16th by Rev. Lamkin. Daughter of Geo. Stevens
1882 18-Oct M Day, Martha m. Wm. Matteson, Caton Cente, NY & Miss Martha Day, Lambs Creek at Mansfield Sept 28th by Rev. S. Earley
1880 19-May D Day, Mary d. Mrs. Mary Day, Morris Run, May 10th, age 69 yrs
1882 10-May M Day, Nettie m. Geo. Matteson, Caton Centre & Miss Nettie Day, Lambs Creek, at Mansfield, May 6th by Rev. S. Earley
1880 22-Dec D Dearman, J. d. J. Dearman, Knoxville, last week a prominent merchant
1880 10-Mar B Decker b. son to Ambrose Decker of Mansfield Monday
1880 20-Oct D Decker, Mrs. Joseph d. Mrs. Joseph Decker, Rutland twp, Oct 2nd
1881 13-Jul D DeCoursey, Mrs. Matthew d. Mrs. Matthew DeCoursey, Liberty, Jun 22, age 78, paraly
1880 09-Jun D Delamr, Wm. Ebernz d. Wm. Ebernz Delmar, Mon this week, aged and respected
1882 12-Jul D Deming, Edward d. Edward Deming, last Wed., Wellsboro; son of H. D. Smallpox
1881 09-Mar D Deming, Samuel d. Samuel Deming, Jackson Twp., last Wed., age 83. Here 44 years
1880 07-Apr M Demmick, Cora m. J. E. Garndner of Sullivan Twp & Miss Cora Demmick, Feb 26th Rev. Righter
1880 19-May D Denmore, Hattie d. Hattie Denmore, 34 yrs, of Westfield, May 2nd, wife of Samuel
1880 04-Aug M Dennison Jessie F. m. Will E. Pickering, formerly of Tioga & Miss Jessie F. Dennison at Newark, N.Y., Jul 11th
1881 02-Feb D Dewey d. son of Geo. Dewey, Mainsburg, Sat, age 5, scarlet fever
1882 19-Apr D Dewey d. son of Frank A. Dewey, Fall Brook, last Wed., age about 12. Buried State Road Cemetery, Sullivan twp., diptheria
1882 13-Sep B Dewey b. son to Geo. Dewey, Mainsburg
1880 29-Dec M Dewey, Molly m. Urbanius Whiting, Sullivan twp. & Miss Molly Dewey, Cov., Dec 23rd.
1882 14-Jun D Dewey, Wm. E. D. Wm. E. Dewey, Mainsburg, Jun 12th, age 30, Brights disease. Left wife & 1 daughter
1880 21-Apr B Dewitt b. son to John & Mrs. Dewitt of Mainsburg
1880 22-Sep D Dewitt, Caleb H. d. Caleb H. Dewitt, Mainsburg, Sept 10th, age 59. Native of New Jersey, came 22 yrs. 4 children, Joseph, John, Calvin, Will
1881 12-Jan D Dickinson d. child of Miles Dickinson, Somers Lane, buried Thur., diptheria
1880 04-Feb D Dickinson, Frank T. d. Frank T. Dickinson, Big Rapids, Mich, recently. Son of N. T. of Mitchells Creek, buried Mitchells Creek
1882 08-Nov M Dike, Harry W. m. Harry W. Dike, Richmond twp. & Miss Francellin A. Hoffman, Cov., at Canoe Camp, Nov 5 by M. R. Goodall, Esq.
1882 26-Jul D Dike, Nathaniel d. Nathaniel Dike, Indiana, recently
1881 02-Feb D Dingman, Wm. d. Wm. Dingman, Nelson, Wed., saw mill accident
1880 29-Dec M Divine, Jenny  m. Loren Edwards & Miss Jenny Divine at Arnot
1881 26-Oct B Doane b. daughter to Prof. Doane, Mansfield
1881 30-Mar M Doane, Alice m. Russell Temple & Miss Alice Doane, Farmington twp., at Tioga, last week Wed. by Rev. H. Lamkin
1880 13-Oct M Doane, Mary m. Horatio Alford & Miss Mary Doane of Tioga, Sept 29th by Rev. H. Lamkin
1880 25-Feb D Donaldson, John F. d. John F. Donaldson near Wellsboro, Feb 13th. Late Associate Judge of Tioga County. Came here 1827
1881 06-Apr D Donohugh, Mrs. d. Mrs. Donohugh, last Thur, Arnot, age 95
1881 14-Dec B Dorman b. daughter to E. C. Dorman, Mansfield, during week
1880 22-Dec D Dorman, Wellington B. d. Wellington B. Dorman, Mansfield, Dec, age 7 yrs 11 mos 18 days, son of E. D. & Malvina
1881 27-Jun D Dorrance, Hon. d. Hon. Dorrance, Elmira Sun. Born Elkland May 3 1836 to 1st Geo. Buried Elkland. Left 3 brothers, 2 sisters, aged mother
1880 01-Dec D Dorsett, Ella d. Ella Dorsett, Mansfield, Nov 27th, age 13, daughter of P. R.
1882 17-May B Doud b. daughter to L. H. Doud of Scodac, Sunday
1880 10-Mar M Doud, Clara m. G. H. Hughes of Kingston Pa. & Miss Clara Doud of Mainsburg at Cov., by Elder Headley
1880 03-Mar M Doud, Helen m. Daniel Rumsey, Avon & Miss Helen Doud, Mainsburg, at residence P. W. Doud, Feb 26th by M. S. Blair
1881 05-Jan D Doud, Homer d. Homer Doud, Mainsburg, Dec 31, 1880, lived grandparents S. C., Davey scarlet fever
1882 24-May D Doud, Mrs. L. H. d. Mrs. L. H. Doud, Sun. at Scodac, age 26. Left infant & 3 yr old. Daughter of Geo. F. Smith, Rutland twp. Funeral State Road Church
1881 09-Mar D Doumaux, Bertrand d. Bertrand Doumaux, Charleston twp., last Wed., age 68. Born France, came to U. S. with father age 20. Had 5 boys, 1 girl (Mrs. Sam Heron Antrim) 1 son died in the west.
1881 24-Aug D Dowing, Abe d. Abe Dowing, Mon., near Leetonia. Left small family, hunting accident
1882 25-Jan D Doxey, Gabriel d. Gabriel Doxey, Millertown last Thur. At home of Wm Burrows, age 62. Buried Alder Run Cemetery, former resident McKean Co.
1880 28-Jan B Dreyburgh b. son to Wm. & Mrs. Dreyburgh of Arnot
1882 09-Aug D Duley, Abram d. Abram Duley, Osceola, last Sun. Old & esteemed resident
1882 20-Dec M Dunlan, Emma Jean m. Gene Shove & Miss Emma Jean Dunlan at Wellsboro recently by Rev. Dr. Shaw
1881 26-Jan M Dunn, Thomas m. Thomas Dunn & Mary Lowry, Tioga, Tues
1881 16-Feb M Dunsmore, Melisa m. James Fleming & Miss Melisa Dunsmore, Arnot, Wed.
1882 25-Oct M Dunsmore, Wm. m. Wm. Dunsmore & Miss H. Annette Morris, Arnot at Mansfield, Oct 8 Rev. J. Brownell
1882 25-Oct D Dwyer, E. P. d. E. P. Dwyer, Fall Brook, Fri. A prominent citizen
1882 06-Sep B Dyke b. son to Charley Dyke of Dyke's Mills, Richmond twp.
1881 30-Nov M Dyke, J. B. m. J. B. Dyke, Richmond twp & Martha C. Austin at Mansfield, Nov 27th by Wm. Adams, Esq.
1880 18-Feb D Eames, Orrin d. Orrin Eames Cov. Feb 9th, age 74 yrs 10 mos
1881 13-Apr D Eaton, Nathaniel d. Nathaniel Eaton, Elmira, one day last week, formerly resident Jackson twp., railroad accident
1882 04-Oct D Eberenz, Mrs. Sarah d. Mrs. Sarah Eberenz, Wellsboro, last week; cancer
1882 25-Oct M Edgar, James m. James Edgar, Pittsburgh & Miss Nell Maynard, Covington
1880 29-Dec M Edgar, Mary L. m. J. W. Smith & Miss Mary L. Edgar, Cov., at Mansfield Dec 1880 by Rev Moyer
1880 29-Dec M Edwards, Loren m. Loren Edwards & Miss Jenny Divine at Arnot
1880 25-Aug D Edwards, Murrell d. Murrell Edwards, Mitchells Creek last week at residence of W. K. Mitchell. Little daughter of W. C. & Mrs. Larned, Kan.
1880 05-May B Elliott b. son to Fred G. & Mrs. Elliott, Mansfield, Apr 30th
1882 07-Jun B Elliott b. son to Fred G. Elliott, Arnot, Monday. Also of Mansfield
1882 10-May M Elliott, Delia m. I. P. Collins, Raymonds, Potter Co. & Miss Delia Elliott, Mansfield at her home, May 18th. She's daughter of O. V. Elliott
1880 03-Mar M Elliott, Minnie E. m. Ward Lamb & Minnie E. Elliott of Lambs Creek at same, Mar 2nd by Rev. G. Meigs
1882 20-Sep D Elliott, Mrs. Amy d. Mrs. Amy Elliott, Cherry Flats at residence of daughter Mrs. Sophia Rockwell, last Thur, age 92. Widow of Levi, mother of Col N. A., Mansfield, been here 80 yrs. 7 children; 5 survive
1881 13-Apr D Ellison, Nathan d. Nathan Ellison near Nelson, Fri., age about 37 yrs., railroad accident
1882 06-Dec M Emrick, Lizzie m. Cheney Calhoun & Miss Lizzie Emrick, Morris, Nov 30 Rev. W. Carter
1880 21-Apr M Erwin, Julia m. James Hill of Elmira & Miss Julia Erwin of Bloss
1881 02-Nov M Escott, David m. David Escott, Cherry Flats & Miss Rose M. Smith, Covington at Mansfield, Sept 29th, Rev. H. Moyer
1882 19-Apr D Escott, Wm. d. Wm. Escott, Cherry Flats, Apr 10th
1880 27-Oct D Evans d. son of John Jr. Evans of Bloss, Sun., age 10 yrs
1880 21-Jan D Evans, Ann d. Mrs. Ann Evans, Bloss, Jan 6th, age 68 yrs
1880 19-May D Evans, Jennie Holly d. Jennie Holly Evans, Antrim, last Satu., husband Eleazer
1880 26-May M Evans, John W. m. John W. Evans, Arnot & Miss Ludwth, Elkland
1881 28-Dec D Evans, Mrs. Thomas d. Mrs. Thomas Evans, Blossburg, Mon, 41 yrs. Left 3 children, daughter of Henry Hollands, Esq.
1880 07-Apr D Everett, David d. David Everett, Jackson twp., Wed., diptheria, repsected resident
1880 17-Mar D Everetts, Mrs. Geo. d. Mrs. Geo. Everetts, Sullivan, Sat. Mar 13th, age 47
1881 18-May D Everitt, Mrs. John d. Mrs. John Everitt, Westfield, May 6th, heart ailment
1881 02-Feb D Fahr, Peter d. Peter Fahr, Tioga, last Sunday
1880 08-Sep B Farmes b. son to Andrew Farmes, Arnot
1880 24-Mar D Farrall, Mrs. d. Mrs. Farrall, Morris Run Mar 19th, age 73. Mother of Ed Parrey of Morris Run
1881 30-Nov M Farrer, Anna R. m. John E. Reese, Mansfield & Miss Anna R. Farrer, Cov. At Cov., Nov 23rd, by Rev. G. Meigs
1880 28-Jan D Faulkner, Dan d. Dan Faulkner, Richmond, Jan 24th, age 58, left family
1880 21-Jan D Faulkner, Miss Parnv d. Miss Parnv Faulkner, Richmond twp., Dec 31st, 1879, age 63. Been here 40 yrs
1881 27-Jul M Feltwell, Lincoln A. m. Lincoln A. Feltwell & Miss Lena M. Hawley of Chatham twp., at home, July 3, Rev. W. Beach
1880 03-Nov D Fenton, Alvira d. Alvira Fenton, Elk Run, Oct 13th, age 48, husband Freeman
1882 02-Aug M Ferguson, Alena V. m. E. C. Snover, Mansfield & Miss Alena V. Ferguson, Cov., at her home, Jul 25th by Rev. S. Mathews
1881 27-Apr D Ferguson, Roe d. Roe Ferguson, Covington, Sat, 22 yrs., son of Levi Ferguson; fell off wagon
1881 05-Oct M Ferry, Charles F. m. Charles F. Ferry & Miss Ida I. McLean, Middlebury at Mansfield, Sept 21st, Rev. H. Moyer
1882 26-Jul D Ferry, Louise d. Miss Louise Ferry, last Thur at Charleston, age 65. Came here 1837 with parents
1880 14-Jan D Ferry, Mrs. Lottie d. Mrs. Lottie Ferry, Middlebury, Jan 4th, resident of Philander Niles
1881 07-Dec M Ferry, Vernon E. m. Vernon E. Ferry & Miss Eva M. Potter, Middlebury, at Mansfield, Nov 30th
1881 21-Sep B Finch b. son to Rev. A. D. Finch, Mainesburg., Sat
1881 21-Sep D Finch d. son to Rev. A. D. Finch, Sun.
1882 22-Nov D Finch, John d. John Finch, Elkland, Wed., left 2 children. Wagon accident
1880 17-Mar D Finch, Mr. Z. d. Mr. Z. Finch, Bloss last week, age 68. Old resident
1881 06-Jul D Finnegan, Peter d. Peter Finnegan, Arnot, at Mill Creek Tues, 28 yrs; railroad accident
1880 28-Jul M Fish, Jerome m. Jerome Fish & Miss Hattie S. Carpenter of Farmington at Mansfield, Jul 6th, by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 27-Jul B Fitzpatrick b. daughter to Dan Fitzpatrick, Mansfield, last Wed.
1881 16-Feb M Fleming, James m. James Fleming & Miss Melisa Dunsmore, Arnot, Wed.
1881 18-May M Fling, Claribel m. Avery Chilson, Lewisville & Miss Claribel Fling, late of Mansfield, recently
1882 20-Dec D Flower, Clara d. Miss Clara Flower, Lambs Creek, Richmond twp., last Tues.
1882 08-Feb B Flowers b. daughter to Lute Flowers, Lambs Creek
1880 21-Jul D Focht, Mr. d. Mr. Focht drowned in Pine Creek recently
1881 10-Aug M Fogg, Sarah A., m. Geo. Kohler, Jr., Charleston & Miss Sarah A. Fogg, Budah, Ill at Lambs Creek, Aug 4 by W. C. Ripley, Esq.
1882 18-Oct D Ford, Charles d. Charles Ford, Lawrenceville, last Sun. one of the earliest residents
1881 13-Jul M Ford, Delena A. m. James W. Marvin & Delena A. Ford, West Covington, July 3, at Covington by Elder G. Headley
1880 25-Feb D Ford, James d. James Ford of Lawrenceville in Cleveland, Oh. Buried Lawrenceville, son of C. H. S. Ford
1882 14-Jun M Forrest, Miami m. Rufus Taylor & Miss Miami Forrest, Cov., at Baptist Parsonage Rev. S. Mathews, May 21st
1882 03-May M Forsyth, Arthur m. Dr. Arthur Forsyth & Miss Minnie Blanchard at her home in Farmington, Apr 13th by Rev. C. Gillette
1882 15-Nov M Forsythe, Robert m. Robert Forsythe & Miss Mary Walker, Fall Brook at her home, Nov 10th
1881 27-Apr B Fowler b. son to James Fowler, Arnot, during the week
1880 28-Jan D Franklin, Mrs. d. Old Mrs. Franklin, Cov Jan 15th. Buried Maple Hill Cemetery
1882 01-Mar D Freeland d. child of James Freeland, Osceola, recently at county home
1881 20-Apr D Freeman, Worthington d. Worthington Freeman, Mansfield, Apr 5th, 66 yrs
1882 29-Mar B Frost b. daughter to S. E. Frost of Covington
1880 21-Jul D Frost, J. S. d. J. S. Frost, Wellsboro last Tues, age 42. 1 child, ex-deputy sheriff
1880 28-Jan D Fuller, Elijah d. Elijah Fuller, IO., Jan 5th. B. 1787 Married 1810 Miss Matilda Newcomb, formerly of Tioga County. 12 children including Mrs. Ed. Grosien, Mrs. Asael Fellows of Wellsbor, Mrs. Clinton Holden Mansfield
1882 17-May D Furman, Mrs. Huldah d. Mrs. Hildah Furman, Westfield, last Thur.
1882 15-Feb A Gaige, Perry a. Perry Gaige & wife of Maple Hill, Jackson twp., were married 50 yrs Feb 4th
1882 04-Oct M Galusha, Luman F. m. Luman F. Galusha, Mansfield & Miss Hanna Cowley, Bloss at Covington, Sept 24th by Rev. S. Mathews
1881 05-Jan M Gardiner, Olive O. m. Carlton Copp, Bloss & Miss Olive O. Gardiner, Mann's Cr at Mansfield Dec 25 1880 Rev. G. Righter
1881 12-Jan D Gardner d. son of Leander Gardner, Mainesburg, Jan 4th about 5 yrs, scarlet fever, diptheria
1882 26-Jul D Gardner, Daniel d. Daniel Gardner, Brookfield twp., Jul 4th
1880 07-Apr M Gardner, J. E. m. J. E. Gardner of Sullivan Twp & Miss Cora Demmick, Feb 26th Rev. Righter
1882 08-Mar M Gardner, Martha m. Miss Martha Gardner & E. U. King, Mainsburg at East Troy, Mar 1st Rev. P. Jerolomon
1880 25-Feb M Gardner, Miss m. Mr. Quackenbush, Tioga & Mrs. McClure, Mainesburg at her fathers Gershom Gardner, Feb 14th
1880 07-Apr D Gardner, Nathan d. Nathan Gardner recently at county home of Canoe Camp
1882 26-Jul D Garland, Alonozo d. Alonozo Garland, Ill. Recently, former Keeneyville resident
1880 27-Oct D Gasner, Geo. d. Geo. Gasner Wellsboro, last Monday, age 67, suicide
1881 26-Jan D Gaylor, Paul d. Paul Gaylor, Wed., mine accident, about 22 yrs, unmarried. Prussian by birth
1882 14-Jun B Gaylord b. son to Henry Gaylord, Mansfield
1880 22-Dec D Gaylord, Ralph J. d. Ralph J. Gaylord Mansfield, Dec 20th, age 25 days, son of Henry & Genevieve
1881 02-Feb M Gelder, Henrietta m. Edgar R. Mudge, Sullivan twp & Miss Henrietta Gelder, Seneca Castle, N.Y. at residence of Lyman P. Johnson, Jan 26th Rev. H. Kellogg
1881 06-Apr B George b. son to Thomas George, Arnot, last Sunday
1881 26-Jan D George, John d. John George at residence of daughter, Mrs. Northrop, Troupsburg, N.Y., Jan 10th, 80 yrs., resident of Knoxville boro
1880 28-Jul D George, Wm. d. Wm. George of Brookfield, Jul 11th, age 36 yrs
1882 08-Mar M Gerould, Ben m. Ben Gerould & Ida Harington, Cov., at same, Feb 22nd.
1881 23-Feb D Gerould, Otis d. Otis Gerould born Covington Dec 17th, 1830; son of E. P. & Christina Putnam. Married Jan 13th 1855 Miss Mary Seaman of Ithaca; a Civil War veteran
1882 08-Mar D Gerow, Mrs. Bailey d. Mrs. Bailey gerow, Whineryville, Mon., daughter of Wesley Pitts
1880 07-Apr B Gilbert b. daughter to E. C. & Mrs. Gilbert, Mansfield
1880 26-May M Gile, Anna J. m. Ransom Schofield, Mansfield & Miss Anna J. Gile, Canoe Camp at Mansfield, May 20th, Rev. G. Righter
1880 15-Dec D Gile, Thomas d. Thomas Gile of Canoe Camp Thur, age 40. Buried Mansfield
1882 01-Nov D Gillespie, Wm. d. Wm. Gillespie, Blackwells, Sat., left several children; drug overdose

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By Joyce M. Tice