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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1882 22-Nov M Jackson, James m. James Jackson Cov & _______at Bath recently
1881 13-Apr D James, Mrs. Emma d. Mrs. Emma James, Arnot, Fri, age 22, buried at Block House
1881 16-Nov M Jaquish, E. m. E. Jaquish, Fall Brook & Miss Preston, Union twp.
1880 08-Dec M Jaquish, Elias m. Elias Jaquish & Mrs. Katy Smith Cleveland's Cor
1881 12-Jan D Jaquish, Lewis d. Lewis Jaquish, Frost Settlement, Dec 31st 1880, son of Charles; consumption
1881 13-Apr M Jarman, Rev. J. C. m. Rev. J. C. Jarman, Knoxville & Mrs. K. I. Horton, Montery, N.Y.
1881 26-Oct M Jennings, Charles M. m. Charles M. Jennings, Charleston & Emma A. McLean, Hammond, at Mansfield, Oct 30th Rev. G. Meigs
1882 25-Oct D Jennings, John d. John Jennings, Charleston, buried Whitneyville, Sun.
1882 04-Oct D Jerald, Thomas d. Thomas Jerald, Mansfield Oct 2nd, age 83 yrs 4 mos 6 das. Born Crastberry Tt, May 16th 1799; married 51 yrs 3 mos. Had 6 children, 4 left; D. C. Jerald, M. D., W. B. Jerald & Mrs. Sarah H. Longwell
1880 18-Aug D Johnson d. son of Otto Johnson, Arnot, buried Aug 8th
1881 16-Nov M Johnson, Mr. m. Mr. Johnson & Miss Mary Klock recently at Cov.
1882 16-Aug D Johnson, Newton d. Newton Johnson near Wellsboro recently
1882 20-Sep M Johnson, Ulysses G. m. Ulysses G. Johnson, Buffalo & Miss Lizzie M. Beaty, Corning at Covington, Sept 12th by Rev. S. Mathews
1881 27-Apr B Jones b. son to E. Jones, Arnot, during the week; he died Wed.
1880 27-Oct D Jones, Harvey d. Harvey Jones of Morris Run Oct 16th
1880 03-Nov D Jones, Henry d. Henry Jones, Morris Run last week. 6 children
1880 18-Feb M Jones, Leonard m. Leonard Jones of Grover & Miss Ella Rhodabough of Beach Flats at Mainsburg Feb 11th by M. S. Blair, G. Doud residence
1881 28-Dec D Jones, Mr. d. Mr. Jones of Arnot last week; lungs. Hotelkeeper
1882 05-Apr D Jones, Mrs. B. W. d. Mrs. B. W. Jones of Arnot, recently
1882 05-Apr D Jones, Mrs. Edwin d. Mrs. Edwin Jones, Chandlersburg, Mar 1st; left 1 children. Daughter of Galusha York.
1880 22-Dec M Jones, Sam m. Sam Jones, Arnot & Miss Annie McCanning of Bloss during the week
1880 20-Oct D Jones, Wm. d. Wm. Jones, Tioga twp., aged resident (recently)
1882 13-Sep M Jop, Thomas m. Thomas Jop, Arnot & Miss Sarah Ann Childs, Morris Run recently
1881 05-Oct D Joseph, Mrs. Geo. d. Mrs. Geo. Joseph, Brookfield, last week Mon.
1880 10-Mar D Joseph, Mrs. Harriet d. Mrs. Harriet Joseph of Brookfield, Feb 22nd, age 84 at home of son-in-law, North Fork. One of oldest residents
1881 11-May M Karwin, Kittie m. James Maher & Kittie Karwin at Blossburg last week
1882 06-Dec M Keagle, Azor L. m. Azor L. Keagle, Cov. & Miss Stella A. Headley at Lake, Luzerne Co., Pa., Nov 19th by her father Elder Headley
1881 06-Jul D Keefe, Amelia Ely d. Amelia Ely Keefe, Morris Run, Jun 26, age 23 yrs 11 mos 8 days. Wife of Thomas
1881 09-Mar D Kelly, James d. James Kelly, N.Y., last Fri. Buried Corning; from Bloss.
1880 19-May M Kelly, Marcus m. Marcus Kelly, Mansfield & Mrs. Susan Wilcox at Mansfield May 13th by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 04-Jan D Kelly, Mrs. Hannah d. Mrs. Hannah Kelly last Fri at son-in-law A. J. Knowlton, Canoe Camp, 82 yrs. Widow of John, founder of Kellytown. Came from Otsego Co., NY 1827; left sons C. J., Ira W. & 1 in west
1882 01-Feb D Kelsey, Lalie d. Miss Lalie Kelsey, Wellsboro, Sun night or Mon. daughter of B. F.; malarial fever
1880 25-Feb D Kelts d. 4 children of Kelts, Lawrenceville in 2 weeks of diptheria
1880 20-Oct D Kentch, Mrs. Morris d. Mrs. Morris Kentch, Tioga, recently
1880 14-Apr M Kiersted, Isaac m. Isaac Kiersted, Odessa, N.Y. & Miss Helen M. Smith of Somers Lane, Mar 25th at E. Lawrence Church Rev. H. Stratton
1882 05-Apr D Kilbourne, Dr. Henry d. Dr. Henry Kilbourne, Cov., last Wed., left wife & family. Father also a Dr in Bloss; pneumonia
1880 03-Nov B Kiley b. daughter to Sam & Mrs. Kiley of Richmond twp.
1880 29-Dec D Kilpatrick, Mattie d. Mattie Kilpatrick, Mansfield Dec 27th, age 4 yrs 4 mos 7 das. Daughter of A. E. & S. Frankie, scarlet fever
1880 26-May D Kimball d. child of D. C. Kimball, Mitchell Creek, scarlet fever
1882 19-Apr D Kimball, Mrs. Nancy d. Mrs. Nancy Kimball, Oscola, Apr 11th, 86th yr. Native of Ware, N. H.; result of a fall
1882 08-Mar M King, E. U. m. Miss Martha Gardner & E. U. King, Mainsburg at East Troy, Mar 1st Rev. P. Jerolomon
1881 26-Oct B Kingsley b. son to Charles S. Kingsley, Mansfield
1882 20-Dec D Kinner, Mrs. Mary d. Mrs. Mary Kinner, Millerton, last Tuesday; wife of Augustus
1882 16-Aug D Kiphart, Jacob d. Jacob Kiphart, Bloss, Aug 6th age 103
1881 12-Jan D Kirkendall d. son of Julius Kirkendall, Somers Lane, diptheria
1881 05-Jan D Kirpatrick, Mattie d. Mattie Kirpatrick, Dec 27, 1880, Mansfield, age 4 yrs 7 days 4 mos ; daughter of A. E. & Frankie
1881 31-Aug M Kissel, Rose m. Allen Lebarron, Lambs Creek & Rose Kissel, Corning at Lambs Creek, Aug 23rd by Rev. W. C. Ripley
1882 13-Sep D Klinger d. child of Perry Klinger, Morris Run, last week. Buried Sullivan
1881 16-Nov M Klock, Mary m. Mr. Johnson & Miss Mary Klock recently at Cov.
1881 09-Mar A Knapp, Alfred & Elizabeth a. 40th Knapp wedding anniversary Feb 9th, Alfred & Elizabeth Knapp, Somers Lane. Children: Rev. G. P. Watrous, Athens; Dr. E. A. Jones, Elmira; Charlie Knapp & Andrew Sherwood, Mansfield, Robert E. Knapp, Lawrenceville
1882 18-Jan M Knobly, Frank m. Frank Knobly, Cov & Miss Lena Zein, Bloss last Monday by Rev. F. Fowler
1881 02-Nov D Knox, James d. James Knox, Deerfield twp, a few days since, age 80. First white child in Cowanesque Valley
1880 08-Sep D Knox, Judge d. Judge Knox, Harrisburg, buried Wellsboro last Monday
1881 10-Aug M Kohler, Geo. Jr. m. Geo. Kohler, Jr., Charleston & Miss Sarah A. Fogg, Budah, Ill at Lambs Creek, Aug 4 by W. C. Ripley, Esq.
1880 04-Feb D Kohler, Lettie Blanche d. Lettie Blanche Kohler of Charleston, Jan 22nd, age 2. Daughter of Geo. & Lettie.
1881 24-Aug M Kohn, Olive A. m. Enoch Churchill & Miss Olive A. Kohn at her home, Mansfield, Aug 20th, Rev. H. Moyer, daughter of John W.
1881 12-Jan D Kreger, Mrs. d. Mrs. Kreger, Liberty, Dec 30 1880, age 80; in area 60 years. Heart & frozen
1880 17-Mar D Krusen, Mrs. Richard d. Mrs. Richard Krusen, Westfield, buried last Sunday
1880 17-Mar D Labar, Benjamin d. Benjamin Labar, Mill Creek, Friday
1882 18-Jan D Lagrange, Mrs. d. Mrs. Lagrange, Cov., last Thur, 89 yrs
1882 17-May M Lamb, Horatio m. Horatio Lamb, Lambs Creek & Mrs. Susan Bailey, Elmira at Elmira, May 15th Rev. M. S. Hard
1881 11-May D Lamb, Mrs. Clarissa d. Mrs. Clarissa Lamb, Lambs Creek, yesterday, age 90 widow of Daniel
1880 03-Mar M Lamb, Ward m. Ward Lamb & Minnie E. Elliott of Lambs Creek at same, Mar 2nd by Rev. G. Meigs
1881 07-Sep M Lambert, Emma m. Charles Sabin, Stony Fork & Miss Emma Lambert, Westfield, one day last week
1881 21-Dec B Landgraff b. daughter to James Landgraff, Cov.
1880 31-Mar B Landon b. twin boys to T. & Mrs. Landon, Arnot, Mar 20th
1881 16-Nov M Landrus, May m. Frank Dartt, Wellsboro & Miss May Landrus, Arnot, last week Wed., at Arnot
1881 05-Oct D Langdon, Nellie Blanche d. Nellie Blanche Langdon, Mansfield, Oct 3rd, age 9 mos 21 das, daughter of O. H. & J. A.
1882 18-Oct M Lanterman, Frank m. Frank Lanterman & Miss Hattie Clark, Rutland twp at Mansfield, Sept 27th by Rev. S. Earley
1880 31-Mar M Laraby, Delmer L. m. Delmer L. Laraby of Watkins, N.Y. & Mrs. Carrie Day of Tioga at her residence, Mar 16th by Rev. Lamkin. Daughter of Geo. Stevens
1882 04-Oct M Large, Emma m. James Lovejoy, Mansfield & Miss Emma Large, Bloss at Mansfield, Sept 28th by Rev. J. Brownell
1881 23-Nov D Larrison, Jacob d. Jacob Larrison, Jackson Centre, last Tues, age 76
1882 13-Sep D Lathrop, Austin d. Austin Lathrop, Academy Corners, last week Wed., near 84. Father of Austin, Jr., Corning
1880 04-Feb D Lattin d. son of Mrs. Wm. Lattin, age 7 this week, diptheria
1880 29-Dec M Lawrence, Jacob C. m. Jacob C. Lawerence of Tioga & Miss Sadie M. Clark of Mansfield at her residence Dec 24th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 30-Mar M Lawrence, Edith A. m. Sol W. Utter, Farmington twp. & Miss Edith A. Lawrence, Tioga, Mar 25th by Rev. H. Lamkin
1881 05-Jan M Lawrence, J. C. m. J. C. Lawrence about Christmas 1880 in Tioga
1882 11-Jan D Laynard, Patrick d. Patrick Laynard, Arnot, last Thur
1881 31-Aug M LeBarron, Allen m. Allen Lebarron, Lambs Creek & Rose Kissel, Corning at Lambs Creek, Aug 23rd by Rev. W. C. Ripley
1881 27-Apr M Lee, Fannie m. Warren L. Culver & Miss Fannie Lee, Cov at Tioga, Mar 13th, Rev. H. Lamkin
1882 04-Oct M Lee, May Francis m. Thomas Walker & Miss May Francis Lee, her home Arnot, Sept 28th, Rev. E. Schenck
1882 01-Feb M Leiby, Albert m. Albert Leiby, Mainsburg & Miss Kate Weeks, Cov twp at her home, Jan 26th by Elder G. Headley
1881 27-Apr D Lenhart, Mrs. Jasper d. Mrs. Jasper Lenhart, Arnot, Tuesday
1880 27-Oct B Lenox b. triplets to Geo. & Mrs. Lenox of Kelly town, Monday, 2 boys girl died later
1880 03-Mar D Leonard, Mrs. Arlette d. Mrs. Arlette Leonard, Mansfield, Mar 2nd, age 42. Widow of Marvin H. who died in Civil War
1881 01-Jun B Levalley b. son to H. G. Levalley, Covington
1881 31-Aug D Lewis, Mrs. Mart d. Mrs. Mart Lewis, Bloss, Sat. Buried Watkins Glenn; fever
1880 07-Jan D Lewis, Mrs. Sophia d. Mrs. Sophia Lewis, Wellsboro, Saturday, widow of Ranklin
1882 05-Jul D Lewis, Stephen Y. d. Stephen Y. Lewis, Daggetts Mills, Thur, Jun 15th about 80 yrs. Been there many years
1880 22-Dec D Locher, Louis Horatio d. Louis Horatio Locher, Corning, last week Tues., age 3 1/2 son of Louis & Ella. Buried Mansfield
1881 27-Apr D Logan d. daughter of Alexander Logan, Arnot, Saturday, age 9 yrs
1881 19-Jan D Longshore, Robert d. Robert Longshore at County House, Jan 1, age 92
1880 21-Jan D Longwell, Mrs. J. P. d. Mrs. J. P. Longwell, Roseville, a few days since
1881 16-Feb D Longwell, Thomas d. Thomas Longwell, Mansfield, Feb 12th, age 1 yr 10 mos 18 das of scarlet fever. Buried Mansfield, son of Gardner & Sarah
1881 19-Oct D Loomis, Mrs. Estella d. Mrs. Estella Loomis, Elmira, Oct 14th, fun State Rd Church, Sullivan Twp. Daughter of Geo Fletcher of Sullivan
1880 10-Nov D Loop, Clayton Sturdivant d. Clayton Sturdivant Loop, Mansfield, age 5, Nov 8th
1881 16-Nov M Losey, Ida m. B. N. Brant & Ida Losey, Lawrenceville, last Wed.
1882 18-Jan D Loughridge, Mrs. d. Mrs. Loughridge, Lawrenceville, recently
1880 07-Jan M Love, Geo. m. Geo. Love & Miss Theo Southworth of Chatham twp, Dec 30th, 1879 by Rev. Whiting Beach
1880 01-Sep M Love, Lovinia m. John Robinson & Miss Lovinia Love at Mainsburg
1880 15-Sep D Love, Wilbor d. Wilbor Love, Painter Run, age 16 mos., son of John, diptheria
1882 04-Oct M Lovejoy, James m. James Lovejoy, Mansfield & Miss Emma Large, Bloss at Mansfield, Sept 28th by Rev. J. Brownell
1882 13-Dec M Loveless, Mrs. Fanny m. Frank Woodward & Mrs. Fanny Loveless, Tioga, last week Sun Rev J. Gamble
1881 09-Nov D Lownsbery, Sophia d. Sophia Lownsbery, Canoe Camp, Aug 26th, age 75 yrs 10 mos 
1881 26-Jan M Lowry, Mary m. Thomas Dunn & Mary Lowry, Tioga, Tues
1880 17-Nov B Lucas b. son to L. B. & Mrs. Lucas of Mansfield
1882 05-Apr D Ludlow, Mrs. Captain d. Mrs. Captain Ludlow, Wellsboro, Sun at Elmira. Funeral at Tioga. Eldest daughter of Rev. R. L. Stillwell, born Rutland twp. 1843
1880 26-May M Ludwth, Miss m. John W. Evans, Arnot & Miss Ludwth, Elkland
1880 09-Jun D Luther d. child of A. Luther, Niles Valley, last Thur., diptheria
1881 08-Jun M Lyle, John m. John Lyle & Miss Cowan, Arnot, Sat.
1880 28-Apr M Lynch, Edward Lathrop m. Edward Lathrop Lynch of N.Y.C. & Miss Ettie Hatfield Searles of Peekskill, N.Y. Apr 12th at Peekskill by Rev. J. R. Smith. Daughter of Searles of Mansfield & sister Mrs. F. M. Spencer
1880 08-Sep M Lyons, Frank m. Frank Lyons, Wellsboro & Miss Milly Githler of Painted Post in Sullivan twp., by Nortrop Smith Esq., Sept 5
1880 07-Apr D Mackey, D. S. d. D. S. Mackey, Esq., Liberty, Tues., age 67. Old citizen
1881 01-Jun M Macreary, James H. m. James H. Macreary & Miss Anna L. Drew, Charleston at Mansfield, May 30th, Rev. H. Moyer
1881 11-May M Maher, James m. James Maher & Kittie Karwin at Blossburg last week
1882 12-Jul D Maine, Mrs. E. R. d. Mrs. E. R. Maine, Mainsburg, Monday last. Sister of Geo. Johnson, Elk Run
1880 29-Dec M Maloy, John m. John Maloy & Mrs. Baxter, Arnot Dec 23rd
1882 12-Apr M Managan, John m. John Managan to be married this week to _____ in Wellsville
1881 02-Feb D Managan, Mrs. Nancy d. Mrs. Nancy Managan, Nelson, Jan 14th, 49 yrs; wife of John
1880 07-Jan D Mann, Wm. J. d. Wm. J. Mann, Tioga twp., Sun
1880 07-Jul M Mantor, Julia m. D. W. Walker, Lawrenceville & Miss Julia Mantor by Rev. S. Merrick, her home Tioga
1880 07-Jul M March, Estella m. Willis Westbrook & Estella March, Middlebury, Jul 3rd by Rev. G. Meigs
1880 03-Mar D March, Geo. d. Geo. March, Middlebury, Wellsboro, Feb 21st at his sons
1882 19-Apr D Mardin, Mrs. Patchin d. Mrs. Patchin Mardin, Richmond twp., last week Wed., age 74. Came from Chenango Co., NY 1840. Mother of O. M. Patchin Mardin paralysis
1881 03-Aug M Mardin, Susie Bullock m. Prof. Woodruff, Montrose & Miss Susie Bullock Mardin, Richmond twp., at her home Monday by Rev. Dr. Shaw
1880 30-Jun M Markeski, Martha m. John Isborn & Martha Markeski, Bloss, June 21st
1882 21-Jun M Marsh, Howard F. m. Howard F. Marsh, Towanda & Miss Annie Bryden, Wellsboro, her home Monday
1881 20-Jul B Marshall b. son to Mark Marshall, Arnot
1881 17-Aug D Martin, John A. d. John A. Martin, Blossburg, 54 yrs; last week, dropsy
1882 15-Mar D Martin, Oscar d. Oscar Martin, Leetonia, Feb 22nd, age 57 yrs 4 mos.
1881 30-Nov M Marvin, Anna R. m. Ransford Howland & Anna R. Marvin, Cov., at her res. Nov 24th Rev. G. Meigs
1881 13-Jul M.  Marvin, James W. m. James W. Marvin & Delena A. Ford, West Covington, July 3, at Covington by Elder G. Headley
1880 07-Jan M Marvin, Leona m. S. W. Hillyer of Mansfield & Miss Leona Marvin of Cov at her fathers (Albert) on Jan 4th Rev. Elder G. Headley
1880 09-Jun D Marvin, Mrs. Richard d. Mrs. Richard Marvin, Cov., last week Tues.
1882 01-Nov D Mather, Eddie d. Eddie Mather, Lawrenceville, last Mon., only son of Charles; consumption
1880 08-Sep D Mather, Maggie d. Maggie Mather, Lindley, N.Y., Saturday, daughter of C. S., drowned
1880 13-Oct B Mathews b. son to James E. Mathews, Mansfield, Sunday
1882 10-May M Matteson, Geo. m. Geo. Matteson, Caton Centre & Miss Nettie Day, Lambs Creek, at Mansfield, May 6th by Rev. S. Earley
1882 18-Oct M Matteson, Wm. m. Wm. Matteson, Caton Cente, NY & Miss Martha Day, Lambs Creek at Mansfield Sept 28th by Rev. S. Earley
1880 08-Dec D Matthews, Charles Scott d. Charles Scott Matthews, Manfield, Dec 3, age 7 weeks 4 das.
1880 07-Jan M Matthews, James E. m. James E. Matthews & Miss Ada E. Slingerland of Mansfield at St. James Church, Rev. Wm. Marshall, Dec 31st 1879
1880 28-Apr B Mattison b. son to Ernest & Mrs. Mattison, Richmond twp., grandson to Lev. Robbins
1881 21-Sep D Mattison, Ernest R. d. Ernest R. Mattison, Charleston, Sept 14th; 27 yrs, typhoid
1880 10-Nov D Maxwell, Archie Leon d. Archie Leon Maxwell, Mansfield, Nov 2nd, age 4 yrs 3 mos 1 da.
1882 29-Nov D Maxwell, Mrs. Charles d. Mrs. Charles Maxwell, Wellsboro, last Sun.
1882 26-Jul D Maynard d. daughter of Reuben Maynard, Leetonia, last week, 1 yr; cholera infantum
1882 08-Nov M Maynard, Lily m. Reuben Dann, Mansfield & Miss Lily Maynard, Bloss recently
1882 25-Oct M Maynard, Nell m. James Edgar, Pittsburgh & Miss Nell Maynard, Covington
1880 05-Mar D McCann, James d. James McCann Thursday at Bloss, resident of Arnot
1880 22-Dec M McCanning, Annie m. Sam Jones, Arnot & Miss Annie McCanning of Bloss during the week
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