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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1881 26-Jan D McCarty d. son of John McCarty, Corning, last week Tues, Buried Bloss.
1882 13-Dec M McCarty, Timothy m. Timothy McCarty & Miss Jennie Quigley, Arnot at Arnot by Rev. P. Murphy
1880 25-Feb M McClure (Gardner), Mrs. m. Mr. Quackenbush, Tioga & Mrs. McClure, Mainesburg at her fathers Gershom Gardner, Feb 14th
1881 09-Feb D McCollum, Frank d. Frank McCollum, Farmington twp., Monday son of Joseph
1882 06-Dec M McCollum, J. B. m. J. B. McCollum & Miss Josephine Harrison, Farmington, last week Tues.
1882 15-Feb D McCollum, John d. John McCollum, Farmington twp., last Tues. Old & respected citizen
1881 30-Nov B McConnell b. son to W. A. McConnell, Richmond twp, Thanksgiving
1880 10-Mar D McCullough, John d. John McCullough of Sabinsville last Saturday
1880 07-Jul D McCullough, Simon d. Simon McCullough, West Beach Woods, June 26th
1881 14-Dec B McFarland b. son to Mr. & Mrs. McFarland, Mansfield, during week
1881 16-Mar M McFarland, William m. William McFarland, Gunnison, Col. & Laura A. Hall, Mansfield, at her home, Mar 9th, Rev. G. Meigs
1882 26-Apr D McInroy, Mary d. Miss Mary McInroy, Wellsboro, last Wed.
1881 11-May M McIntire, Ada M. m. Frank E. Wheeler, Tioga & Miss Ada M. McIntire, Mansfield at same, May 8th Rev. H. Moyer
1882 25-Oct D McIntosh, Nat d. Nat McIntosh, Covington twp., Fri.
1880 28-Apr D McIntyre d. daughter of G. & Mrs. McIntyre, Arnot, last Thurs.
1881 10-Aug D McIntyre, Hiram H. d. Hiram H. McIntyre, Mansfield, last Sat, 60 yrs. Buried Jackson twp., his former residence; paralysis
1882 22-Nov D McKay d. daughter of John McKay, Arnot, Thur, age 6; diptheria
1881 26-Oct M McLean, Emma A. m. Charles M. Jennings, Charleston & Emma A. McLean, Hammond, at Mansfield, Oct 30th Rev. G. Meigs
1881 05-Oct M McLean, Ida I. m. Charles F. Ferry & Miss Ida I. McLean, Middlebury at Mansfield, Sept 21st, Rev. H. Moyer
1881 12-Jan D McMahon, Mrs. Nora d. Mrs. Nora McMahon, Fall Brook, last Fri., 89 yrs. Mother of Thomas J. of Antrim
1881 09-Mar D McManus, Elizabeth d. Miss Elizabeth McManus, Addison, N.Y. 19 yrs. Sister of John of Blossburg
1881 20-Apr M McNeil, Peter m. Peter McNeil, Corning & Mrs. Sophia Rumsey, Mainesburg at res. Edwin Rumsey, Apr 13th, Rev. E. Morris
1881 27-Apr D McSparling, Miss d. Miss McSparling, Arnot, 6 yrs. Buried Sat.
1881 12-Oct D Mead, J. N. d. J. N. Mead, Little March, last Monday, typhoid
1880 11-Feb D Meade, Mary A. d. Mary A. Meade, Tioga, last Saturday, age 32. Buried Holidaytown, wife of Abner B.
1881 22-Jun D Michael, Myron d. Myron Michael, Antrim last Monday; logging accident
1882 01-Mar B Miller b. daughter to Frank L. Miller, Mansfield
1882 13-Dec M Miller, Flora m. Arthur Tilden & Miss Flor Miller, Tioga, Tues by his father, Rev. A. Tilden, Smithfield
1882 22-Nov D Miller, Geo. d. Geo. Miller, Bloss, last week Sun.
1882 17-May M Miller, Prof. N. A. m. Prof. N. A. Miller, Allen Cooege & Miss M. Emily Davidson, today at home in Elmira, May 17th
1880 21-Apr D Millike, J. d. J. Millike, Wellsboro, last Sunday. Buried Elmira son B. 
1880 13-Jul B Mills b. daughter to John & Mrs Mills, Jul 2nd at home of her grandfather, John Voorhees, Richmond twp.
1882 03-May B Mills b. son to John Mills, Mansfield
1881 07-Dec M Mitchell, Alzada E. m. Lysander Hammond, Jackson twp. & Alzada E. Mitchell, E. Smithfield at Aspinwall, Nov 29th, Rev. H. Armstrong
1882 20-Dec D Mitchell, John d. John Mitchell, Alder Run, last Tues. age 20, son of Albert
1881 09-Mar D Mitchell, Mrs. Harriet M. Dartt d. Mrs. Harriet M. Dartt Mitchell, Tioga. Feb 24th, age 71. Born Vt. Came here as child Dartt Settlement. Married Mr. Mitchell lived Mitchell Creek to Tioga 1872. He died Feb 23 1878. Children: Mrs. F. J. Calkins, Towanda, Mrs. J. W. Guernsey, Corning; Mrs. N. E. Calkins, Mainsburg; Mrs. A. H. Westbrook, Tioga; Capt. B. B. Mitchell, Troy; Mrs. S. E. Corbin, Corning; Mrs. Chas. Boyden, Grand Haven, Mich.; Mrs. Anna B. Demort, Corning. 1 son Edsall died Civil War
1880 22-Sep D Mitchell, Mrs. W. K. d. Mrs. W. K. Mitchell of Mitchells creek Thursday
1880 02-Jun B Moody b. daughter to Dr. & Mrs. Moody, Mansfield
1880 25-Feb D Moody, Leone d. Leone Moody, Mansfield, Feb 19th, age 11 mos, diptheria. Daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Moody. Lost 2 daughters already, this was last
1881 05-Jan D Mooney, Anna d. Miss Anna Mooney, Bloss died Wellsboro last Sun, Dec 26. Buried Bloss Wed
1880 10-Nov D Moore, Asa B. d. Asa B. Moore, Troy, last week, age 55. Formerly of Wellsboro
1881 10-Aug M Moore, F. R. m. F. R. Moore & Miss Jennie Agney, Canoe Camp, Jul 29th by M. R. Goodall, Esq.
1881 02-Nov Moore, Lucy d. Lucy Moore, Mansfield, Sun, age 18, daughter of Miller M.; typhoid
1881 21-Dec D More, Cornelius d. Cornelius More, Morris Run, Tues; typhoid
1881 16-Nov M More, Laura E. m. Robert M. Barber & Laura E. More of Painter Run, Nov 6th at Aspinwall
1882 11-Oct D Morgan d. infant of N. F. Morgan, Morris Run, last Wed. age 18 mos.; run over by train
1880 21-Apr B Morris b. daughter to Rev. E. E. & Mrs. Morris, Mainsburg
1881 30-Mar D Morris d. daughter of John E. Morris, Arnot, 8 yrs
1880 26-May D Morris infant d. infant son of John Morris, Arnot, Saturday
1882 29-Mar D Morris, Charlie d. Charlie Morris, Mainsburg, Mar 22nd
1882 25-Oct M Morris, H. Annette m. Wm. Dunsmore & Miss H. Annette Morris, Arnot at Mansfield, Oct 8 Rev. J. Brownell
1880 14-Jul B Mortimer b. Charles Mortimer, July 4th _______of Mansfield
1881 17-Aug D Morton, Ella d. Ella Morton, Clymer twp., last week Monday
1882 01-Nov D Mosher d. son of Ed Mosher, Bloss, Oct 20th, age 8 mos; buried Mansfield
1880 11-Feb D Mosher, Humphrey d. Humphrey Mosher, Mosherville, last Tues, old resident
1882 22-Nov D Mosie, Joe d. Joe Mosie, Elkland, Monday, buried Lawrenceville; heart
1882 01-Mar D Moss d. child of Mr. Moss of Mansfield yesterday
1882 26-Jul D Mott, Wm. d. Wm. Mott, Wellsboro; consumption
1881 30-Mar B Mould, James Garfield b. James Garfield Mould, Arnot, Mar. 1881 to John
1880 17-Mar D Mudge, Caroline Squires d. Mrs. Caroline Squires Mudge, Elk Run, Mar 14th age about 45. Daughter of Hosea Squires.
1881 02-Feb M Mudge, Edgar R. m. Edgar R. Mudge, Sullivan twp & Miss Henrietta Gelder, Seneca Castle, N.Y. at residence of Lyman P. Johnson, Jan 26th Rev. H. Kellogg
1880 01-Sep M Mudge, Philena m. Mr. Coons of Canton & Miss Philena Mudge of W. Cov at residence of Elder A. D. Finch by him, Aug 23rd
1882 19-Apr D Mulford d. daughter of D. L. Mulford, Chicago, Sun; former residents. Buried Tioga
1882 28-Jun B Murdough b. daughter to J. S. Murdough, Mansfield, Sunday
1880 19-May D Murphy, Patrick d. Patrick Murphy, Arnot, May 15th, age 60 yrs
1880 18-Feb D Nash d. son of A. J. Nash, Bloss, last week
1881 12-Oct M Neal, Lottie D. m. E. Combs, Middlebury & Miss Lottie D. Neal, Charleston, at residence Geo Stauffer, Mainsburg, Oct 6th, Rev. Cook
1880 22-Dec M Neal, Miss m. Hugh Ross, Arnot & Miss Neal of Coketown, Dec 22 by Rev. Schenck
1881 21-Sep D Nelson, A. Nichols  d. Mr. A. Nichols Nelson at Addison; runaway accident
1881 30-Nov M.  Nelson, Alexander m. Alexander Nelson, Arnot & Miss Anna Weatherspoon, Mainesburg at residence L. L. Smith, Esq., Nov 23rd, Rev. S. Earley
1881 20-Jul D Nelson, Mrs. d. Mrs. Nelson,Arnot, Mon, left 5 children; consumption
1880 07-Jan D Newhall, Ira A. d. Ira A. Newhall, Charleston, Dec. 22 1879. Here 15 yrs
1880 23-Jun B Norman b. son to Fred & Mrs. Norman, Arnot, Jun 11th
1880 18-Aug D Norman d. son of Geo Norman, Arnot last Friday, age 2, burned
1881 16-Feb D Northrop, Loren S. d. Loren S. Northrop, Jackson twp., Feb 16th. Grandson of William Harris, Mansfield, nephew of Levi & Reubell Crumm, buried Jacson Centre. Born Elmira twp., N.Y. Mar 4, 1865, father resident Steuben Co., N.Y.Mother Clarks Co., Wisc. Sawmill accident
1881 27-Apr B Numth b. daughter to James Numth, Arnot during week
1882 26-Jul M O'Brien, Michael m. Michael O'Brien, Bloss & Miss Katie Hallen, Morris Run, Jul 3.
1880 28-Jan M Odell, Lavina D. m. Wilbur Cleveland & Miss Lavina D. Odell at Mansfield, Jan 24th by Rev. G. Righter
1882 24-May M Odell, Orpha m. Van A. Cleveland, Sullivan twp. & Miss Orpha Odell, same, at residence Elias Cleveland, Sullivan, May 21, Rev. Finch
1881 09-Feb D Oldroyd infant d. Oldroyd infant son of Judge, Rutland twp., Jan 28th
1881 12-Jan D Olney, Nathan d. Nathan Olney, Mansfield, Jan 10th, age 13th son of R. E. & May J.; scarlet fever
1880 28-Jan D Olney, Rowell d. Rowell Olney, Harrison Valley, last week, diptheria. Son of John Olney
1880 03-Mar D Orday, Wm. d. Wm. Orday, Cov. Twp., Feb 19th, age 88 yrs. Born Orange Co., Vt. 1792, War of 1812, Married 1815 Lydia Street. She died 1819, married 2nd 1826 Mahala Sands. 4 children, all died. Came to Pa. About 1835
1882 01-Mar D Orvis, Eulalia d. Miss Eulalia Orvis, Tues at home of sister Mrs. Elder Rhinevault, Mainsburg
1882 03-May M Packard, Mattie m. Geo. Hall & Mattie Packard, Cherry Flats, Apr 16th
1880 13-Oct M Palmer, Charles m.Charles Palmer & Miss Della Slingerland, recently at Mainesburg
1881 21-Sep M Palmer, Mary S. m. Frank D. Bixby, Mansfield & Miss Mary S. Palmer, Tioga, at Mansfield, Sept 1st by Rev. H. Moyer
1880 09-Jun D Palmer, Warren d. Warren Palmer, Jackson twp., May 31st, age 24, log accident
1880 14-Jan D Palmer, Wm. d. daughter of Wm. Palmer, Daggett's Mills, this week in Chatham twp., age 11
1882 12-Jul M Parfitt, John m. John Parfitt & Miss Elizabeth Woodhouse, Morris Run, Jun 15th by F. T. Evans. Daughter of Samuel, Morris Run.
1881 20-Jul M Parkhurst, L. K. m. L. K. Parkhurst, Elkland & Miss Mattie Reed of Reed City, Mich, last week
1881 02-Feb D Parmenter, Stephen d. Stephen Parmenter, Daggetts Mills, age 45; heart
1881 20-Jul B Passmore b. son to Jim Passmore
1881 07-Dec M Payne, Orton E. m. Orton E. Payne & Miss Clara R. covert, W. Covington Dec 5th by Elder G. Headley
1880 18-Aug D Pease, Frank d. Frank Pease of Morris Run, Monday. Buried New York State
1881 21-Sep M Peters, Harvey m. Harvey Peters & Miss Frank Simpon of Mainsburg at Wellsboro, Sept 15th
1881 11-May M Peters, John W. m. John W. Peters & Miss Emma A. Johnson of Farmington twp at Mansfield, Apr 28th by Rev. H. Moyer
1880 17-Mar D Peters, Mrs. D. S. d. Mrs. D. S. Peters, Mainesburg, Tues last, age 47
1881 30-Mar D Peterson d. child of Mrs. Peterson, Arnot, Buried Tuesday
1881 09-Mar D Phelps d. Gilbert Phelps, last Thur at home of son Richard, Richmond twp. Buried Whitaker Cemetery. Born West Suffolk, Conn, May 31st 1796, came to Mansfield 44 yrs ago. Tioga Co. 47 yrs ago; typhoid 
1882 18-Jan D Phelps, Mrs. Mary d. Mrs. Mary Phelps, Cov. Twp., Jan 12th, age 50. Born Nov 16th, 1831; married Oct 3 1852 Erastus W. Phelps. Buried Canoe Camp. Children H. Albert, Floyd E., Edgar E. & adopted daughter
1881 21-Sep D Philbrick, John d. John Philbrick, Bloss, last Sat; logging accident
1881 29-Jun M Phillips, Maggie E. d. M. C. D. Reynolds, Rutland twp. & Maggie E. Phillips, Mansfield at Cov., June 21st Elder G. Headley
1881 12-Oct D Phillips, Thomas d. Thomas Phillips, Antrim, age 12, Mines
1880 04-Aug M Pickering, Will E. m. Will E. Pickering, formerly of Tioga & Miss Jessie F. Dennison at Newark, N.Y., Jul 11th
1880 19-May M Picket, Susan m. B. F. Thomas, Stokesdale & Susan Picket, S. Troupsburg recently
1882 02-Aug M Pierce, Clara m. Will S. Hogaboom, Elmira & Miss Clara Pierce, Troy at Millerton, June 25th
1882 06-Dec M Pierson, John m. John Pierson & Miss Laura Townsend, Fall Brook at same, Nov 30th Rev. B. Brown
1882 06-Dec M Pilgrim, Fred m. Fred Pilgrim, Mansfield & Miss Charlotte Crispin, Chemung, NY at same, Nov 29th by Rev. B. Brown
1880 29-Dec M Pitts, Harry S. m. Harry S. Pitts of Corning & Miss Jennie M. Beach of Mansfield at her home, Dec 23rd, Rev. H. Moyer
1881 12-Jan D Plank, Abraham d. Abraham & wife Maria Plank, Union twp., a few days ago; he 88 yrs, she 92 yrs
1880 17-Mar D Plank, Abram d. Abram Plank of Union twp., Mar 3rd, age 88 at son Benjamin. One of oldest residents
1881 12-Jan D Plank, Maria d. Abraham & wife Maria Plank, Union twp., a few days ago; he 88 yrs, she 92 yrs
1880 03-Mar D Pomeroy, Mrs. Mary d. Mrs. Mary Pomery, Evans Col. Jan 9th, age 80, Lawerenceville
1881 30-Mar D Porter, Electa d. Miss Electa Porter, Mansfield, last week at resident of Mr. Wilson
1881 07-Dec M Potter, Eva M. m. Vernon E. Ferry & Miss Eva M. Potter, Middlebury, at Mansfield, Nov 30th
1881 19-Jan D Potter, James T. d. James T. Potter, Fall Brook, recently. Former veterinary with coal company
1882 11-Oct D Potter, Peleg d. Peleg Potter, Charleston, recently, age 88. Vet war of 1812.
1880 24-Mar M Powell, Thomas m. Thomas Powell, Arnot & Miss Francis Howland, Mar 13th
1880 21-Apr D Pratt, Osman A. d. Osman A. Pratt, Mansfield, last Fri., formerly of Cov., age 39. Born Addison Co., Vt., Civil War Vet, 1 child
1882 25-Oct M Pratt, S. S. m. S. S. Pratt, New York & Miss Ada Bryden, Wellsboro, last Fri. Wellsboro
1881 14-Dec M Preston, M. C. m. M. C. Preston, Canton & Miss Naomi Wilcox, Ward twp., on Thanksgiving Day
1881 16-Nov M Preston, Miss m. E. Jaquish, Fall Brook & Miss Preston, Union twp.
1882 15-Feb M Preston, Nellie m. Frank Crowl & Nellie Preston, Wellsboro, last Wed.
1882 29-Nov D Putnam d. son of Leroy Putnam, Stoney Fork, last Sunday, age about 4; burned
1882 14-Jun D Putnam, Abraham d. Abraham Putnam, Tioga; cancer
1882 12-Apr D Putnam, Mrs. Harriet d. Mrs. Harriet Putnam, Bloss, Friday
1880 25-Feb M Quackenbush, Mr. m. Mr. Quackenbush, Tioga & Mrs. McClure, Mainesburg at her fathers Gershom Gardner, Feb 14th
1882 13-Dec M Quigley, Jennie m. Timothy McCarty & Miss Jennie Quigley, Arnot at Arnot by Rev. P. Murphy
1880 27-Oct M Rae, Helen m. Geo. Edwin Belknap formerly of Mansfield & Miss Helen Rae last week in Elmira
1882 06-Sep D Rathbone, Clarendon d. Hon. Clarendon Rathbone, Bloss, Aug 26th, age 86. Father-in-law of J. H. Miller, Bloss
1880 20-Oct M Rathbone, John P. m. John P. Rathbone, Southport, N.Y. & Anna Brown of Morris Run, Oct 16th at Elmira, N.Y.
1882 26-Apr M Reading, James H. m. James H. Reading, Gaines & Miss Phida Beardsley, Mansfield at Bloss, last week Tues.
1880 15-Dec B Redfield b. daughter to Charles & Mrs. Redfield of Lawrenceville
1881 20-Jul M Reed, Mattie m. L. K. Parkhurst, Elkland & Miss Mattie Reed of Reed City, Mich, last week
1881 30-Nov M Reese, John E. m. John E. Reese, Mansfield & Miss Anna R. Farrer, Cov. At Cov., Nov 23rd, by Rev. G. Meigs
1881 21-Dec D Reese, Mrs. D. R. d. Mrs. D.R. Reese, Knoxville, recently; typhoid
1882 12-Jul M Reese, Thomas M. m. Thomas M. Reese & Miss Maria A. Davies, Charleston at her home Jul 3rd by F. T. Evans
1881 24-Aug D Reese, Wm. d. Wm. Reese, at daughter Mrs. Roberts in Bloss. Aug 22nd. Father Capt. J. J. Reese; buried Welch Settlement Cemtery
1881 08-Jun D Rew, Benjamin I. d. Benjamin I. Rew, Mainsburg, age 60. Born on same farm; brother Justus Rew. Liver Ailment
1880 03-Mar D Rexford, Job d. Job Rexford, Harrison Valley, Feb 23rd, formerly Tioga
1881 29-Jun M Reynolds, C. D. d. M. C. D. Reynolds, Rutland twp. & Maggie E. Phillips, Mansfield at Cov., June 21st Elder G. Headley
1880 25-Aug D Reynolds, Lyman d. Lyman Reynolds, Mansfield, Thurs last. Old resident
1880 05-May D Reynolds, Mrs. Hyalinda d. Mrs. Hyalinda Reynolds, Tioga, last week, Apr 25th, age 97 yrs 8 mos 23 das. Mother of Geo. G. Reynolds
1880 07-Apr D Reynolds, Mrs. Tryfosy d. Mrs. Tryfosy Reynolds, Canoe Camp., Apr 4th, age 32 yrs 8 mos 4 das. Wife of C. D. Reynolds
1880 18-Feb M Rhodabough, Ella m. Leonard Jones of Grover & Miss Ella Rhodabough of Beach Flats at Mainsburg Feb 11th by M. S. Blair, G. Doud residence
1882 08-Mar FR Rice Family Family reunion: Rice family, Lambs Creek, Feb 23rd. Parents, C. B. & M. J. Rice; sons, H. B., Crystal Lake, Ill., B. D., Richmond twp., J. M. , Tioga., W. O., Richmond & G. A. at home; Daughters: Mrs. J. D. Slingerland, Mansfield., Mrs. J. M. Rarick, Lambs Creek, D. J., M. A., J. L., at home
1880 11-Feb D Rice, Mrs. Sally d. Mrs. Sally Rice, Little March, last Tues
1880 07-Apr D Richards, Stephens F., Jr. d. Stephens F. Richards, Jr., Cov., Fri, fun Sun age 17
1881 02-Feb D Richmond d. Son of Isaac Richmond, Grays Valley, last Fri, age 8 scarlet fever

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