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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1881 21-Sep D Richmond d. son of Sperry Richmond, Chandlerburg, last Sun, age 7 mos. Buried Smith cemetery
1882 09-Aug D Richter, Samuel d. Richter, Samuel
1881 01-Jun D Ridge, Carrie d. Carrie Ridge; buried last Thur at Cherry Flats, age 8. Daughter of Joseph, Covington twp; diptheria
1882 22-Nov M Ridgway, L. A. m. L. A. Ridgway, Mansfield & Mrs. C. A. Bidlack, same at Brooklyn resident her father Naaman Davis Nov 21st Rev. Turner
1882 22-Mar D Ripley, Mrs. Lucretia d. Mrs. Lucretia Ripley, Mansfield, Mar 9th, age 77. Former wife of L. D. Seeley, Sullivan twp.; pneumonia
1880 20-Oct D Riply, Mrs. Wm. d. Mrs. Wm. Riply, Lambs Creek, last week, age 73
1880 24-Nov D Robbins d. son of Manford Robbins, Mainsburg, age 5, scarlet fever
1880 25-Feb D Robbins, Dexter d. Dexter Robbins, Sullivan twp., age 70, Feb 17th. 2 daughters in Minnesota
1882 12-Apr M Robbins, G. W. m. G. W. Robbins, Sullivan twp & Miss Marion Weeks, Richmond twp., Apr 4
1881 13-Jul D Robbins, John d. John Robbins, Marshfield, Jul 5th, logging accident
1882 08-Nov M Roberts, Charles m. Charles Roberts & Miss Mary S. Brewster, Wellsboro, last week Sun, Wellsboro
1882 08-Feb D Roberts, D. d. D. Roberts, Elmira, last Monday, age 74; formerly Jackson twp.
1881 14-Dec D Robinson, Gussie d. Miss Gussie Robinson, Bloss, last week, age 17; consumption
1880 01-Sep M Robinson, John m. John Robinson & Miss Lovinia Love at Mainsburg
1882 22-Feb D Robinson, Mrs. Caroline d. Mrs. Caroline Robinson. Funeral Wellsboro Feb 15th. Daughter of early settler John Fox. Children Mrs. Homer Card., J. Fox Robinson, Mr. Geo Derby?
1882 15-Feb D Robinson, Mrs. John d. Mrs. John Robinson, Wellsboro. Sister of Mrs. J. Clark, Mansfield
1882 26-Jul M Roblyer, David m. David Roblyer, Rutland, age 67 & Miss Philetta Breese, Bloss, age 61, recently by Esq. Freeman
1881 19-Jan D Rockwell, Frank d. Frank Rockwell, Lawrenceville at Hornellsville, N.Y. Thurs. Son of Edward; sledding accident
1881 20-Apr D Rockwell, Norman d. Norman Rockwell, Wellsboro, Apr 4th, father of Levi, Silas & Mrs. J. B. Potter. An early settler.
1881 20-Jul D Rodgers d. son of Sam Rodgers, Charleston, Fri, age 5, burned
1880 18-Aug D Rolason, Asa d. Asa Rolason, Mansfield, Tues, age 60. Father of T. F. , Mainsburg. Buried New Jersey
1880 11-Feb D Root Child d. Charles Root, Hills Creek, lost child with diptheria
1882 24-May D Root, Albert d. Albert Root, Wellsboro, last Sunday. Old resident
1881 05-Jan M Rose, Lettie m. Elmer Briggs of Holidaytown & Miss Lettie Rose of Richmond twp. At home, Dec 20th., 1880, Rev. G. Righter
1881 12-Jan D Rose, Mrs. Celia d. Mrs. Celia Rose, recently in Detroit, Mich, wife of Dr. L. C. Rose; sister G. D. Maine of Mainsburg & Mrs. Sarah Richards
1881 14-Dec D Rose, Mrs. Jane d. Mrs. Jane Rose, Sullivan twp., Dec 11th, age 54, wife of Deacon R. B. Born Sylvania Aug 1827, married 1847; mother of Loch
1880 28-Apr B Ross b. daughter to Geo. F. & Mrs. Ross of Coudersport at Mansfield, Sat, res of grandfather Wm. Brown
1881 26-Jan M Ross, Alice M. m. Charles N. Brown & Miss Alice M. Ross, Jamestown, N.Y., Jan 13th. Daughter of E. W. Ross formerly of Mansfield
1880 22-Dec M Ross, Hugh m. Hugh Ross, Arnot & Miss Neal of Coketown, Dec 22 by Rev. Schenck
1882 02-Aug D Ross, Jacob d. Jacob Ross near Leetonia recently; kicked by horse
1882 12-Jul D Ross, Mrs. Sarah MuKune d. Mrs. Sarah MuKune Ross, Mansfield, Jul 9th, age 53. Wife of A. J.; left sons
1880 07-Jul D Roupp, Edward d. Edward Roupp near Liberty, last week, log accident
1882 11-Jan D Rowland, Henry d. Henry Rowland, Delmar twp., last Monday, age 50. Came here from N. Y.; state county treasurer 1873, 74, 75.
1881 07-Dec D Roy, Robert d. Robert Roy, Wellsboro, last Wed., age 57, father of Arthur of Agitator. Been there at least since 1848
1881 23-Feb D Rumsey d. 2 daughters of Edwin & Ester Rumsey, Mainsburg; 1 on Feb 2nd; other 1 on Feb 4th. Ages 7 & 6; diptheria
1881 17-Aug B Rumsey b. son to Mrs. Myrtie Rumsey; grandson of A. Ford
1881 12-Jan D Rumsey d. son of Warren Rumsey, Mainesburg, Wed, 5 yrs; scarlet fever-diptheria
1880 04-Feb M Rumsey, Alfaretta m. Wilson Cole & Alfaretta Rumsey of Sylvania at Mansfield, Dec 25th 1879 by Rev. H. Moyer
1880 03-Mar M Rumsey, Daniel m. Daniel Rumsey, Avon & Miss Helen Doud, Mainsburg, at residence P. W. Doud, Feb 26th by M. S. Blair
1881 20-Apr M Rumsey, Mrs. Sophia m. Peter McNeil, Corning & Mrs. Sophia Rumsey, Mainesburg at res. Edwin Rumsey, Apr 13th, Rev. E. Morris
1882 07-Jun D Rumsey, Oliver d. Oliver Rumsey, Sullivan twp., Jun 1st. Old resident
1881 19-Jan D Russell, Calvin d. Calvin Russell, Jackson twp., last week Thurs., age 12 yrs. Son fo Hadley Russell; diptheria
1881 02-Nov D Russell, Mrs. Frank d. Mrs. Frank Russell, Jackson twp., Monday of last week, 65 yrs
1881 16-Mar D Ryan, Mrs. d. Mrs. Ryan, Lawrenceville, Mar 6th, 87 yrs. Widow of Judge Ryan; 6 sons & several daughters
1882 12-Apr D Ryon, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Mrs. Elizabeth Ryon, Lambs Creek, wife of Wm. Born Feb 7 1837, left 4 children; heart disease
1882 13-Sep M Ryon, Wm. m. Wm. Ryon, Lambs Creek & Mrs. Button, Mitchells Creek
1881 07-Sep M Sabin, Charles m. Charles Sabin, Stony Fork & Miss Emma Lambert, Westfield, one day last week
1882 11-Jan D Sampson, Ethel d. Ethel Sampson, Charleston twp., yesterday,. Age 14. Daughter of John; burns
1882 05-Apr D Samspon d. Mr. Samspon, Arnot, last Wed.; fight
1880 23-Jun B Samuels b. son to Wm. Samuels, Arnot, last Tues.
1880 30-Jun D Samuels d. above boy buried Morris Run last Sat.
1882 26-Apr D Sandbach, Wm. d. Wm. Sandbach, Germania
1881 24-Aug M Sanders, Charles m. Charles Sanders, Richmond twp. & Miss Mira Holly, Sullivan twp., at residence George Horton, Mansfield, Aug 17th by Rev. J. A. Boyce
1880 12-May D Satterlee, Edwin d. Mr. Edwin Satterlee, Jackson twp., Tues last, age 26
1882 17-May D Saunders, Mrs. Lizzie Brooks d. Mrs. Lizzie Brooks Saunders, Cleveland, formerly Elkland
1882 15-Mar D Savage d. daughter of Rev. D. Savage, formerly Morris Run. Buried Bloss.
1881 09-Nov D Saxbury, Robert d. Robert Saxbury, Chatham twp., recently. An old resident; buggy accident
1881 30-Mar B Scaikische b. Scaikische child to J., Arnot, Mar 1881
1881 27-Apr D Schauer (Showers), Sophie d. Miss Sophie Schauer(Showers), Wellsboro, Sun., drowned
1880 08-Sep M Schenck, Edward m. Edward Schenck, Smethport & Miss Augusta VanOrder, Bloss at her home 1st Thur by Rev. Fowler
1881 05-Jan D Schieffelin, J., Jr. d. J. Schieffelin, Jr., Tioga, Dec 27 1880, old and respected
1881 23-Feb D Schofield, E. S. d. E. S. Schofield, Blossburg, Monday, buried Mansfield. Manager of Glass Factory
1880 26-May M Schofield, Ransom m. Ransom Schofield, Mansfield & Miss Anna J. Gile, Canoe Camp at Mansfield, May 20th, Rev. G. Righter
1882 24-May D Schott, Mrs. M. H. d. Mrs. M. H. Schott, Elkland, Thur., age 81
1881 14-Dec B Schrader b. Schrader, son to B. of Mansfield this week
1880 10-Nov D Schrader, Harry d. Harry Schrader, Fri, Nov 5th, Mansfield, age 2. Son of Burt, buried at Wellsboro
1881 26-Jan D Scott, Levi d. Levi Scott, Clymer twp., recently
1882 25-Jan D Scott, Theodore d. Theodore Scott, Deerfield twp., Saturday, age 50; unmarried
1880 14-Apr B Scouten b. son to Charles Scouten family, E. Charleston
1881 11-May M Scouten, Mary H. m. Joseph G. Sheldon & Miss Mary H. Scouten of Mainsburg at Mansfield, May 7th by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 22-Mar D Scranton, Mr. d. Mr. Scranton, Marsh Creek, last Tues., age 82
1880 10-Mar D Seacord, Gilbert d. Gilbert Seacord, Westfield, Feb 28th age 74
1880 14-Jul D Seager, May d. Miss May Seager, Tioga twp., Fri. Left parents & sisters had diptheria
1881 07-Sep D Sealey, Mrs. George d. Mrs. George Sealey, Mainesburg, 65 yrs., yesterday
1882 12-Jul D Seaman, Mrs. W. W. d. Mrs. W. W. Seaman, Morris in Clearfield, Pa., June 23rd
1880 28-Apr M Searles, Ettie Hatfield m. Edward Lathrop Lynch of N.Y.C. & Miss Ettie Hatfield Searles of Peekskill, N.Y. Apr 12th at Peekskill by Rev. J. R. Smith. Daughter of Searles of Mansfield & sister Mrs. F. M. Spencer
1880 24-Mar D Sears, Mrs. Hannah F. d. Mrs. Hannah F. Sears, Wellsboro, Mar 14th, age 74 at sons Charles w.
1882 01-Feb D Sedinger, John d. John Sedinger, Jackson twp., in Big Flats, NY, Jan 26th, age 80. Lived Jackson since 1842
1882 12-Apr D Seeley, Lent d. Lent Seeley, Sullivan twp., Monday; paralysis of throat
1880 01-Dec D Seeley, Walter E. d. Walter E. Seeley, Mainsburg, Nov 23rd, age 2 yrs 7 mos 18 das. Son of Charles E. & S. A. Scarlet fever
1881 25-May D Seymour d. Seymour, daughter of Hon. C. H., Tioga, Sunday, typhoid
1882 07-Jun D Seymour, Charles d. Hon. Charles Seymour, Tioga, last night. Born Bath, NY June 21st, 1820, came here 1841 with parents to Rutland. Married 1847 Lydia Ann Humphrey sister of Dr. Abel H. of Tioga. Left 1 son, 2 daughters; Mrs. C. L. Padgett, Tioga & Mrs. J. C. Horton, Bloss. wife died last November & other daughter 1 yr ago. He was State Senator
1880 18-Feb M Seymour, Emma m. Elder M. S. Blair & Miss Emma Seymour of Mainsburg, Feb 11th at her home by Elder G. A. Wood
1881 23-Nov D Seymour, Mrs. Lydia d. Mrs. Lydia Seymour, Tioga, Fri., wife ex-Sen. C. H. Seymour - paralysis
1880 11-Feb D Shandley, Michael d. Michael Shandley, Union twp., age 74. Early pioneer, been here 32 yrs
1882 08-Nov M Sharp, Ester A. m. J. J. Holley, Webb Mills & Miss Ester A. Sharp, Cedar Cr., NY at Mansfield, Nov 1st Rev. J. Brownell
1882 06-Sep D Shattuck, Eva d. Eva Shattuck, Mansfield, Sept 1st, age 13. Buried Sylvania; consumption
1882 29-Mar M Shattuck, H. F. m. H. F. Shattuck, Bloss & Miss Mary Bell, Morris Run, at Bloss last Thur. By Rev. R. B. Freeman, Esq.
1880 28-Jan D Shaw d. child of S. D. Shaw, Pickle Hill, Richmont twp., Monday
1881 12-Jan D Shaw d. Shaw, daughter of C. M. Shaw, Mainesburg, Wed., 4 yrs. Diptheria
1881 27-Apr B Shaw b. daughter to Seymour Shaw, Mansfield, last Sunday
1881 16-Feb D Shaw, Dr. W. d. Dr. W. Shaw, Elmira, about 30. Former resident Westfield, son of John Woodhull. Wife was daughter of Job Rexford, Cowanesque
1882 29-Nov M Shaw, Nettie R. m. Sam Smith, Middlebury & Miss Nettie R. Shaw, Sullivan twp., at her home, Nov 25th by Rev. S. Earley
1882 04-Jan B Shaw, Wm. b. daughter to Wm. Shaw, Pickle Hill, Richmond twp., last Fri.
1881 11-May M Sheldon, Joseph G. m. Joseph G. Sheldon & Miss Mary H. Scouten of Mainsburg at Mansfield, May 7th by Rev. H. Moyer
1880 28-Jan B Shepard b. son to J. Shepard family, Arnot
1882 28-Jun D Shepard d. son of Cyrus E. Shepard, Mansfield, Sunday, buried Mansfield. Grandson of Jessie D. Smith
1882 05-Jul D Shepard, Johnny d. Johnny Shepard, Fall Brook, June 25th, age 3 yrs 10 mos 10 das, son of Silas F. & Florence I.; brain fever
1882 02-Aug D Sheppard, Florence d. Miss Florence Sheppard, Bloss, last week Wed., diptheria
1881 08-Jun D Sherman, Mrs. Abby d. Mrs. Abby Sherman, Rutland twp., May 27th age 85
1882 12-Jul M Sherman, Nancy m. Olin Gillett, Cherry Flats & Miss Nancy Sherman, Cov., at Mansfield, Jul 14th by Rev. S. Earley
1882 03-May B Sherwood b. daughter to Andrew Sherwood, Mansfield
1880 17-Mar D Sherwood, Abijah, Rev. d. Rev. Abijah Sherwood, Richmond twp., last Mond, age 80. Brother Hon. Daniel L., Albert, Hiram, John, Henry; sisters, Phebe Ketchum, Sally Leach. Born 1801 Marathon, N.Y. to Daniel from Conn.
1882 09-Aug D Shields, Mrs. Wm. d. Mrs. Wm. Shields, Bloss
1882 02-Jun B Shipman b. daughter to Geo. Shipman, Mansfield
1881 19-Jan D Shoff, John d. John Shoff, last Sat., age 80, native of Charleston, South Carolina
1880 14-Apr D Short d. son of Caleb Short, Academy Cor., age 13
1882 29-Mar D Short d. child of Charlie Short, Cov., last Sunday
1882 20-Dec M Shove, Gene m. Gene Shove & Miss Emma Jean Dunlan at Wellsboro recently by Rev. Dr. Shaw
1880 21-Jul D Shutter, Willis d. Willis Shutter, Tioga, last week, age 7, diptheria
1881 10-Aug M Simerson, Miss m. John Vance, Roseville & Miss Simerson, Armenia at Roseville, July 30th.
1880 28-Jan D Simmons, Wm. d. Wm. Simmons, Brookfield, Jan 17th, age 79. A pioneer.
1881 21-Sep M Simpon, Frank m. Harvey Peters & Miss Frank Simpon of Mainsburg at Wellsboro, Sept 15th
1880 08-Sep D Simpson, Mrs. Agnes d. Mrs. Agnes Simpson, Silver Lake, Sept 2nd, age 86. Mother of Robert C., Wellsboro, a native of Scotland
1881 09-Nov D Simpson, Wm. R. d. Wm. R. Simpson, Chatham twp., Sun., 61 yrs, suicide
1880 30-Jun B Sinclair b. daughter to James & Mrs. Sinclair, Arnot
1880 10-Mar D Sisson, Mrs. Nancy d. Mrs. Nancy Sisson, Jackson Summit, Sat, widow of Ted
1880 07-Jan M Slingerland, Ada E. m. James E. Matthews & Miss Ada E. Slingerland of Mansfield at St. James Church, Rev. Wm. Marshall, Dec 31st 1879
1882 05-Apr M Slingerland, John W. m. John W. Slingerland, Richmond twp. & Miss Lucy M. Bacon, Mansfield at Cov., Apr 2nd by Rev. H. Lamkin
1880 04-Feb D Slingerland, Mrs. d. Mrs. Slingerland buried last Sat at Mainsburg, has daughter Asa
1880 27-Oct M Slocum, Eva m. Erastus Ingalls, Jr. & Miss Eva Slocum of Cov at Mansfield, Sept 15th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 13-Jul D Sly, Mrs. A. D. d. Mrs. A. D. Sly, Tioga, July 1, age 66
1880 08-Sep D Sly, Mrs. Frankie d. Mrs. Frankie Sly, Tioga, Sept 3rd, age 26, wife of Charles. Left 1 son buried Almond, N.Y.
1880 26-May B Smith b. daughter to Richard Smith, Arnot May 16th
1881 20-Jul B Smith b. son to Jimmy Smith, Arnot
1882 01-Feb B Smith b. son to s. A. & E. B. Smith, Cheshire, Con, Jan 25th. Grandson of Rev. Whiting Beach, Mansfield
1882 29-Nov M Smith, Alice m. Mr. M. M. Ballard, Troy & Miss Alice Smith Wellsboro at same Nov 21st Rev. J. Moss
1882 14-Jun D Smith, Anthony d. Anthony Smith, Richmond twp., Jun 9th, age 47 yrs 3 mos 27 das. Left wife 5 children, aged father, 3 brothers, 2 sisters.
1880 10-Mar D Smith, C. E. d. C. E. Smith, Marion, Iowa, Feb 14th, age 39. Born Alba Feb 26 1841. Brother of N. W., Mansfield, Mrs. Taylor & Mrs J. Gibson, IO; also brother Jud, Mansfield
1882 26-Apr M Smith, Chauncey m. Chauncey Smith & Miss Phoebe Strong eloped last week tues. Married Wed. Buffalo by Rev. Stratton. Daughter of J. B., son of Ephriam. They went to Dak.
1880 07-Apr D Smith, Ephraim d. Ephraim Smith, Jackson twp, Lycoming Co.,last Sun at Blacks Creek, Tioga County, age 35. 4 children. Log accident
1881 05-Jan A Smith, F. E. a. F. E. & Mrs. Smith, Tioga, 50 yrs last Thurs, Dec 30th
1880 14-Apr M Smith, Helen M. m. Isaac Kiersted, Odessa, N.Y. & Miss Helen M. Smith of Somers Lane, Mar 25th at E. Lawrence Church Rev. H. Stratton
1880 29-Dec M Smith, J. W. m. J. W. Smith & Miss Mary L. Edgar, Cov., at Mansfield Dec 1880 by Rev Moyer
1881 10-Aug D Smith, John d. John Smith, Nelson, Tues., age about 7; railroad accident
1882 15-Feb D Smith, Joseph d. Joseph Smith, Lawrenceville, last week Monday, age 53
1882 01-Nov D Smith, Joseph d. Joseph Smith, Copp Hollow, recently
1881 23-Feb D Smith, Lella V. d. Lella V. Smith, West Cov., Feb 17th, age 6 yrs 11 das. Daughter of Geo. & Zylpha; scarlet fever
1881 15-Jun D Smith, Mrs. d. Mrs. Smith, Cherry Flats, last Thurs., left 1 child
1882 18-Jan D Smith, Mrs. A. J. d. Mrs. A. J. Smith, Sullivan twp.
1880 08-Dec M Smith, Mrs. Katy m. Elias Jaquish & Mrs. Katy Smith Cleveland's Cor
1880 18-Aug M Smith, R. Belle m. Prof. Charles A. Beach of Mansfield & Miss R. Belle Smith of Sullivan twp at home. Daughter of Northrup Smith, Esq., Aug 12th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 02-Nov M Smith, Rose M. m. David Escott, Cherry Flats & Miss Rose M. Smith, Covington at Mansfield, Sept 29th, Rev. H. Moyer
1882 29-Nov M Smith, Sam m. Sam Smith, Middlebury & Miss Nettie R. Shaw, Sullivan twp., at her home, Nov 25th by Rev. S. Earley
1881 27-Jul M Smith, Wm. B. m. Wm. B. Smith & Miss Ella F. Hilliker, Wellsboro, at Mansfield, July 14th by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 02-Aug M Snover, E. C. m. E. C. Snover, Mansfield & Miss Alena V. Ferguson, Cov., at her home, Jul 25th by Rev. S. Mathews
1880 22-Sep B Snuden b. daughter to Wm. Snuden, Arnot, last week
1881 30-Nov D Snyder, James d. James Snyder, Williamsport, at Cov., fun. Thurs. at Cov. Left family
1882 25-Oct D Soper, Mr. d. Mr. Soper, Cov. Twp., buried Sunday
1882 22-Feb   Soper, Mrs. Wm. H. Mrs. Wm. H. Soper had 63rd b Feb 7th Rutland. Born at Columbia, Bradford Co., 1813. Married 1831, had 13 children 10 living

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