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Mansfield Advertiser 1880-1882 - one of eight pages

Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume FIVE, 1983 .
Births, Deaths, and Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser, 1873 - 1887, by Mary Kingsley
Reprinted with permission [1997] of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator
1881 02-Nov M Sours, Wm. G. m. Wm. G. Sours, Mansfield & Miss Maggie Williamson, Arnot, at Mansfield Oct 23rd by Rev. G. Righter
1880 07-Jan M Southworth, Theo m. Geo. Love & Miss Theo Southworth of Chatham twp, Dec 30th, 1879 by Rev. Whiting Beach
1880 01-Dec B Spencer b. son to F. M. Spencer Mansfield
1880 03-Dec D Spencer d. above boy died Dec 3rd
1880 18-Feb M Spencer, Clayton m. Clayton Spencer, Grover, Pa. & Miss Elizabeth Claflin, Roaring Branch at Mainsburg, Feb 11th by M. S. Blair
1882 28-Jun D Spencer, I. Rupert d. I. Rupert Spencer, Wellsboro, Sunday at residence of brother-in-law D. H. Belcher; brain injury
1881 30-Mar D Sperry, Calvin J. d. Calvin J. Sperry, Mansfield, last Sun., age 25 yrs. Born Nov 24th 1855. Buried Mansfield Cemetery.
1882 02-Aug D Sperry, Mrs. Sarah d. Mrs. Sarah Sperry, Gates, NY, Jul 30th, age 80 yrs. 5 mos. Widow of Calvin, Mother of E. I., Mansfield
1881 13-Apr D Squire, Hosa d. Hosa Squire, Richmond twp., at daughter Mrs. H. W. Fish, Mar 30th, age 83. Resident Sullivan twp., born Pittsford Vt., 1798 came here 1851. Has daughter died, buried Elk Cem. War 1812
1880 08-Dec D Stauffer, Gracie d. Gracie Stauffer, Mainsburg, Dec 3, age 4 yrs 2 das
1880 27-Oct D Stebbins, Orrin d. Orrin Stebbins, Sabinsville, last week
1880 26-May M Steel, James m. James Steel & ______Archibald by Rev. J. Daisley
1881 06-Jul D Steele, Gurdon d. Gurdon Steele, Delmar twp., Mon, Bilious fever
1882 26-Jul D Stewart, Mrs. Margaret d. Mrs. Margaret Stewart, Mansfield, Jul 23rd, residence G. Longwell, age 82. Born Vernon, NY, moved to Ruland when young; 11 children
1881 09-Feb D Sticklin, Mrs. Jacob d. Mrs. Jacob Sticklin, Wellsboro, last week Mon,.
1880 04-Aug D Stone d. child of David Stone, Painter Run, past week, diptheria
1881 19-Jan D Stone, Mrs. Amy d. Mrs. Amy Stone, Morris Run, last Fir., age 79. Buried Union twp., dropsy
1880 12-May D Stout, Mrs. Getty d. Mrs. Getty Stout, Roseville, last Fri.
1882 26-Jul D Stowell, Mrs. d. Mrs. Stowell, Wellsboro, Jul 13th at son in Delmar. One of the oldest settlers
1881 11-May D Strait, Thomas d. Thomas Strait, Clymer twp., in Apr., age 82
1881 07-Dec B Strange b. child to Charles Strange, Sullivan twp., a week ago
1882 15-Feb D Strange, Nellie d. Nellie Strange Sullivan twp., Monday, age 16. Daughter of Charles; typhoid malarial fever
1882 24-May D Streeter, Augustus d. Augustus Streeter, Westfield, last week
1882 26-Apr M Strong, Phoebe m. Chauncey Smith & Miss Phoebe Strong eloped last week tues. Married Wed. Buffalo by Rev. Stratton. Daughter of J. B., son of Ephriam. They went to Dak.
1881 02-Feb D Sturdivant d. daughter of B. Sturdivant of Bloss Sun., buried Mansfield; scarlet fever
1881 27-Apr D Sullivan d. child of Con. Sullivan, Arnot, Fr.
1882 07-Jun M Sullivan, Maggie m. John Griffin, Lambs Creek & Maggie Sullivan, Charleston
1882 05-Apr D Sullivan, Patsy d. Patsy Sullivan, Durhamville, NY, last week. Former resident Cov.
1882 03-May B Summer b. daughter to R. H. Summer, Scodac, Richmond twp.
1881 25-May D Sutton, Henry d. Henry Sutton, Niles Valley, Sat.,left 3 children, wife. Had died 3 weeks ago., railroad accident
1880 09-Jun D Sutton, Mr. d. Mr. Sutton, Tues, near Middlebury, train accident
1882 06-Dec M Swan, Leonard A. m. Leonard A. Swan, South Addison NY & Miss Lois A Green, Osceola, last week Thur.
1880 10-Nov D Swan, Wm. d. Wm. Swan, Mansfield, Nov 7th, age 10, son of L. A.
1882 03-May B Sweet b. son to D. D. Sweet, Mansfield
1881 07-Dec M Sweet, Jennie E. m. A. C. Ayers of Covington twp. & Miss Jennie E. Sweet of Mansfield at Covington Nov 27th by Elder G. Headley
1880 20-Oct D Sweet, Mrs. d. Mrs. Sweet, Mansfield, age 74, mother of Wm. Sweet
1880 17-Mar D Swimelar, Charles d. Charles Swimelar, Hector twp., Potter Co., Mar 9th
1880 04-Feb D Sykes, Mrs. Darwin d. Mrs. Darwin Sykes, Sabinsville, last week
1882 25-Oct D Tanner, Joseph d. Joseph Tanner, Chandlerburg, last Sat., age 25. Son-in-law Charles G. Smith Chandlersburg; typhoid
1880 28-Apr D Tanner, Mr. A. d. Mr. A. Tanner, Westfield, age 65, last week
1882 14-Jun M Taylor, Rufus m. Rufus Taylor & Miss Miami Forrest, Cov., at Baptist Parsonage Rev. S. Mathews, May 21st
1881 30-Mar M Temple, Russell m. Russell Temple & Miss Alice Doane, Farmington twp., at Tioga, last week Wed. by Rev. H. Lamkin
1882 12-Jul D Templeton, Archie d. Archie Templeton, Bloss., last Fri., at Landrus. Buried Bloss; railroad accident
1880 02-Jun B Thomas b. daughter to the Thomas family, Arnot, last week
1881 27-Apr B Thomas b. daughter to John Thomas, Arnot, during week
1880 19-May M Thomas, B. F. m. B. F. Thomas, Stokesdale & Susan Picket, S. Troupsburg recently
1880 22-Sep D Thomas, Mary d. Mary Thomas, Lawrenceville, Aug 23, at son Joe, age 83. Widow of Asahel
1881 25-Mar D Thomas, Miss Adell d. Miss Adell Thomas, Union twp., last week Thur.
1881 04-May D Thomas, Mrs. J. M. d. Mrs. J. M. Thomas, Arnot, Apr 25th, age 24 yrs 8 mos. Left 3 children, youngest 10 days old
1881 01-Jun B Thornton b. daughter to James Thornton, Arnot
1882 13-Dec M Tilden, Arthur m. Arthur Tilden & Miss Flor Miller, Tioga, Tues by his father, Rev. A. Tilden, Smithfield
1881 16-Nov D Tongue, Mrs. d. Mrs. Tongue, Lawrence Corners, last Tues, heart
1882 06-Dec M Townsend, Laura m. John Pierson & Miss Laura Townsend, Fall Brook at same, Nov 30th Rev. B. Brown
1881 13-Jul D Treat, Mr. d. Mr. Treat, Shippen twp., yesterday, age 73, suicide
1881 23-Mar D Tripp, Geo. H. d. Geo. H. Tripp, Osceola, Mar 10th
1880 26-May D Truax, Abram d. Abram Truax, Bradford, Pa., last week, formerly of Tioga
1881 30-Mar M Tubbs, Charles m. Charles Tubbs & Miss Kate Butcher, Osceola at her home, Mar 24th by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 06-Sep D Tuttle d. infant daughter of Will Tuttle, Dykes Mills, Richmond twp., Fri., Sept 2nd; cholera infantum
1880 04-Feb M Tuttle, L. H. m. L. H. Tuttle & Miss Eunice Wilcox, Tioga, Jan 22nd
1882 30-Aug D Tuttle, Lizzie d. Lizzie Tuttle, Richmond twp., May 30th, age 22 yrs 6 mos. Wife of Willie
1881 11-May D Unger d. son of S. Unger, Mansfield, Sun., buried Elmira
1882 03-May B Unger, Simon b. son to Simon Unger, Wellsboro
1881 12-Oct B Updike b. son to S. Updike, Mansfield
1881 09-Feb D Updyke, Paul C. d. Paul C. Updyke, Mans., last Wed, age 2 1/2. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Updike; scarlet fever
1881 30-Mar M Utter, Sol. W. m. Sol W. Utter, Farmington twp. & Miss Edith A. Lawrence, Tioga, Mar 25th by Rev. H. Lamkin
1882 22-Mar D Van Houten, Mrs. Huldah d. Mrs. Huldah Van Houten, Millerton, last Fri., age 82
1880 20-Oct D Van Ness, Henry d. Henry Van Ness, Rutland twp., Oct 1st
1881 10-Aug M Vance, John m. John Vance, Roseville & Miss Simerson, Armenia at Roseville, July 30th.
1881 21-Dec D Vance, Mrs. d. Mrs. Vance near Roseville, last week, an old lady
1882 15-Feb D Vandermark, Mrs. d. Mrs. Vandermark, Lawrenceville, buried last Wed.
1880 02-Jun D VanHorn, Henry d. Henry VanHorn, Monday last week, Roseville
1880 08-Sep M VanOrder, Augusta m. Edward Schenck, Smethport & Miss Augusta VanOrder, Bloss at her home 1st Thur by Rev. Fowler
1882 25-Jan D VanValin, Mrs. Eliza J. d. Mrs. Eliza J. VanValin, Vineland, N.J., Jan 19th, age 50. Daughter of late Tim Knowlton, Sullivan twp.
1882 16-Aug D Vaughn, Mrs. Harvey d. Mrs. Harvey Vaughn, Bailey Cr., buried last week
1881 23-Nov B Vedder b. Vedder twins, 1 boy , 1 girl to G. M. Vedder, Mansfield, Monday
1880 07-Jul M Walker, D. E. m. D. W. Walker, Lawrenceville & Miss Julia Mantor by Rev. S. Merrick, her home Tioga
1882 15-Nov M Walker, Mary m. Robert Forsythe & Miss Mary Walker, Fall Brook at her home, Nov 10th
1882 22-Mar D Walker, Mrs. d. Mrs. Walker, Frost Settlement; mother of H. E. & more
1880 25-Feb D Walker, Samuel Stratton d. Samuel Stratton Walker, Frost Settlement, Feb 12, age 78, old resident. Unmarried. Born N.H. 1801, came 1813 with parents and 11 brothers & sisters. 5 remaining are Asahel, Ill., James, Bloss., Lydia Bloss of Cov. And Cynthia Wheeler of Ill.
1882 04-Oct M Walker, Thomas m. Thomas Walker & Miss May Francis Lee, her home Arnot, Sept 28th, Rev. E. Schenck
1882 22-Nov M Ward, Lester J. m. Lester J. Ward & Miss Ida M. White, Elkland, Thur.
1880 01-Sep D Warner, Nettie d. Nettie Warner, Somers Lane, Aug 19th, age 2 yrs 4 mos, diptheria, daughter of Charles & Ida
1880 14-Jan D Warren, Mrs. Jasper d. Mrs. Jasper Warren, Chatham twp., Dec 28 1879
1880 07-Jan D Warren, Mrs. Joseph d. Mrs. Joseph Warren, Little Marsh, Dec 29, 1879
1882 01-Feb D Wass, Mrs. Wm. d. Mrs. Wm. Wass, Chatham twp., last Sun, age 85 born Elmira 1797
1881 06-Jul B Waters b. Waters child to Sam, Arnot
1880 05-May D Waters, Mrs. Samuel d. Mrs. Samuel Waters, Lambs Creek, Sat., age 52
1880 01-Sep D Watkins d. son of A. J. Watkins, Cov., diptheria
1880 03-Mar D Watkins, Anna d. Anna Watkins, Arnot, last Monday, daugher of Benjamin
1881 07-Dec D Watson, Mrs.` d. Mrs. Watson, Roseville, 92 yrs, one day last week. Mother of Daniel Watson, Esq.
1881 17-Aug M Watterson, O. S. m. O. S. Watterson, Jefferson Co., NY & Miss Mary E. Gray, Covington, Aug 3rd Rev G. Headley
1882 06-Sep D Weast, John d. John Weast, Bloss, in Elmira, Monday; suicide
1881 08-Jun D Weaver, James d. James Weaver, Arnot, Friday, Railroad accident
1881 09-Mar D Webster, Cyrus d. Cyrus Webster, Cherry Flats, "in the south, gone there for health
1881 30-Mar D Wedge, Mrs. Ellen d. Mrs. Ellen Wedge, Rixford, Pa., buried Westfield, last Fri. Daughter of Aurora Streeter
1882 01-Feb M Weeks, Kate m. Albert Leiby, Mainsburg & Miss Kate Weeks, Cov twp at her home, Jan 26th by Elder G. Headley
1882 12-Apr M Weeks, Marion m. G. W. Robbins, Sullivan twp & Miss Marion Weeks, Richmond twp., Apr 4
1882 15-Feb D Weeks, Sarah d. Miss Sarah Weeks, Corning, last week, formerly Tioga
1880 21-Jan D Weeks, Sylvester d. Sylvester Weeks, State Line, Wed.
1881 23-Mar D Welch d. Welch daughter of G. N., Canoe Camp., no date
1881 14-Sep D Welch infant d. Welch infant son of Alba, Mansfield, last Wed.
1882 19-Apr M Welch, Cora m. Wesley Wood & Miss Cora Welch, Sullivan twp. At Mainesburg Apr 15th by Elder Morris
1882 07-Jun D Wells, Benjamin d. Benjamin Wells, Daggetts, Mills last Saturday, age 72
1880 21-Jul D West d. daughter of John West, Middlebury, last Sun, scarlet fever
1880 11-Feb D Westbrook, Geo. d. Geo. Westbrook, Middlebury, last Sat over 80. Several children including Mrs. Jason Prutsman of Tioga twp.
1881 16-Mar D Westbrook, Stella May d. Stella May Westbrook, Middlebury, Feb 23rd., 19 yrs 4 mos 21 das. Wife of W. H., daugher of W. R. S. & Margaret March
1880 07-Jul M Westbrook, Willis m. Willis Westbrook & Estella March, Middlebury, Jul 3rd by Rev. G. Meigs
1880 18-Feb B Wheeler b. daughter to Charles Wheeler, Mainsburg, Thur.
1882 18-Jan D Wheeler, Alfred d. Alfred Wheeler, Bloss, Jan 14th, age 56, buried Mainsburg
1880 23-Jun M Wheeler, Emma m. Samuel L. Adams & Miss Emma Wheeler of Tioga
1881 11-May M Wheeler, Frank E. m. Frank E. Wheeler, Tioga & Miss Ada M. McIntire, Mansfield at same, May 8th Rev. H. Moyer
1880 20-Oct D Wheeler, Mrs. Frank d. Mrs. Frank Wheeler, Mansfield, at fathers Jethro Osborn, Fri. 2 children, resident of Tioga
1880 07-Apr D Wheeler, Susie d. Miss Susie Wheeler, Charleston, Tues., last daughter of M. L.
1881 25-May B Whipple b. Whipple, son to Henry, Mansfield, no date
1881 05-Oct D Whipple, Lee Earl d. Lee Earl Whipple, Mansfield, 4 mos 4 das, Sept 29th, son of W. H.
1880 18-Feb M Whipple, Lucy J. m. Joseph C. Barnes & Miss Lucy J. Whipple of Mans at Mansfield Feb 10th by Rev. H. Moyer
1882 22-Nov M White, Ida M. m. Lester J. Ward & Miss Ida M. White, Elkland, Thur.
1880 01-Sep D Whiting, Gertie d. Gertie Whiting, Holidaytown, Aug 22nd, diptheria. Daughter I. N. Whiting. Buried Frost Settlement
1880 29-Dec M Whiting, Urbanius m. Urbanius Whiting, Sullivan twp. & Miss Molly Dewey, Cov., Dec 23rd.
1881 04-May D Whitney, Alonzo d. Alonzo Whitney, East Charleston, Sunday, 80 yrs. Been in Whitneyville 34 yrs, came from Corning, left 1 son Nelson; pneumonia
1880 31-Mar D Wickham, Mary d. Mary Wickham, Tioga, Mar 23rd, age 35, wife of J. P. _lson
1880 10-Mar D Wilber, Joseph d. Joseph Wilber, Union twp., last week. Old resident
1880 12-May D Wilcox, Flora d. Flora Wilcox, Mansfield Orphan School, diptheria, last Wed. Buried Bradford Co.
1881 07-Sep D Wilcox, Joseph d. Joseph Wilcox near Kokomo, Ind., recently. Father of Mrs. Jennie Graves of Mansfield. About 50 yrs. Railroad accident
1880 19-May M Wilcox, Mrs. Susan m. Marcus Kelly, Mansfield & Mrs. Susan Wilcox at Mansfield May 13th by Rev. H. Moyer
1881 14-Dec M Wilcox, Naomi m. M. C. Preston, Canton & Miss Naomi Wilcox, Ward twp., on Thanksgiving Day
1881 27-Jul M Wilkinson, Anna m. Yetman Crick, Mansfield & Miss Anna Wilkinson, Morris Run, at Mansfield July 3rd Rev. H. Moyer
1882 15-Mar D Williams, Daniel d. Daniel Williams, Bloss, last Wed., an old resident
1882 25-Jan D williams, Frank d. Frank Williams, Union twp., last Sat., daughter of Ira; diptheria
1880 26-May D Williams, Mrs. Wm. d. Mrs. Wm. Williams, Bloss., May 16th, age 38
1882 11-Jan D Williams, Nathaniel d. Nathaniel Williams, Elkland, Dec 25 1881 of Corn.
1881 01-Jun D Williamson d. son of Bob Williamson, Arnot, buried May 22nd
1881 02-Nov M Williamson, Maggie m. Wm. G. Sours, Mansfield & Miss Maggie Williamson, Arnot, at Mansfield Oct 23rd by Rev. G. Righter
1882 29-Nov D Williamson, Mrs. Alexander d. Mrs. Alexander Williamson, Arnot, last Fri.
1882 05-Jul D Willoughby, J. d. Mr. J. Willoughby, Beach Woods, Jun 18th
1881 06-Apr B Wilson b. daughter to Thomas Wilson, Arnot
1880 10-Nov D Wilson, Amy Bell d. Amy Bell Wilson, Mansfield, Nov 8th, age 3. Daughter of Geo.
1881 27-Jul M Wilson, Emma J. m. Henry C. Wright, Mansfield & Miss Emma J. Wilson, Richmond twp., at Mansfield Jul 3rd Rev. H. Moyer
1881 16-Feb D Wilson, Ira d. Ira Wilson, Delmar twp., Sun, suicide
1881 30-Mar D Wilson, Mrs. John d. Mrs. John Wilson, Arnot, Mar 18th
1882 01-Nov D Wilson, Thomas d. Thomas Wilson, Wellsboro, yesterday on railroad
1882 28-Jun D Windsor d. son of Dr. Windsor, Arnot, last week, age 2 weeks
1882 24-May M Wisnwe, Anna m. Elmer Woodard, Canoe Camp & Miss Anna Wisnwe, Pine City, NY, recently
1882 22-Mar B Wood b. son to Henry Wood, Mardin, Richmond twp., last Sun.
1882 12-Jul M Wood, Miss m. John Corry, Jackson twp. & Miss Wood, Pickle Hill, Richmont twp. At residence of Wm. Corry, Jackson Summit, Jul 4th by Rev. S. Earley
1882 19-Apr M Wood, Wesley m. Wesley Wood & Miss Cora Welch, Sullivan twp. At Mainesburg Apr 15th by Elder Morris
1882 22-Mar D Woodard, Daniel d. Daniel Woodard, Canoe Camp., Wed. Born Columbia, Bradford Co., 1818; married 1843 Elvira Booth, Troy died 1868. He came to Sullivan 1843 to Cov. 1871. 2nd wife was Mrs. Wolcott; 6 children, 5 survive
1882 24-May M Woodard, Elmer m. Elmer Woodard, Canoe Camp & Miss Anna Wisnwe, Pine City, NY, recently
1881 12-Oct M Woodburn, Effie E. m. O. J. Hilfiger, Daggetts Mill & Miss Effie E. Woodburn, Mainsburg, at her home, Sept 29, Elder Finch. Daughter or sister Isaac
1880 21-Jan M Woodcock, Edward D. m. Edward D. Woodcock, Elkland & Miss Rosa Clark, Woodhull, N.Y.
1882 12-Jul M Woodhouse, Elizabeth m. John Parfitt & Miss Elizabeth Woodhouse, Morris Run, Jun 15th by F. T. Evans. Daughter of Samuel, Morris Run.
1881 03-Aug M Woodruff, Prof. m. Prof. Woodruff, Montrose & Miss Susie Bullock Mardin, Richmond twp., at her home Monday by Rev. Dr. Shaw
1882 13-Dec M Woodward, Frank m. Frank Woodward & Mrs. Fanny Loveless, Tioga, last week Sun Rev J. Gamble
1880 03-Mar D Woodward, MRs. T. B. d. Mrs. T. B. Woodward, Tioga, last Wed.
1881 30-Mar D Wooster, Mr. d. Mr. Wooster, Tioga twp., last week Sun., pneumonia
1881 07-Sep M Works, E. M. m. Augustue Brant of Dundee, N.Y. & Miss E. M. Works of Osceola, Aug 29th
1881 23-Mar D Wright, Ansel B. d. Ansel B. Wright, Mansfield, last week Fri. Born near Durnam NY Aug 8 1818. Came here when young, wife Mary Van Dusen. Had Albert D. & Walter of Canada; Frances M. & Mary of Mansfield. Buried Farmington beside wife who died two years ago
1881 27-Jul M Wright, Henry C. m. Henry C. Wright, Mansfield & Miss Emma J. Wilson, Richmond twp., at Mansfield Jul 3rd Rev. H. Moyer
1881 21-Sep D Wygant, Mrs. d. Mrs. Wygant, Cherry Flats, at Coudersport recently
1880 14-Jan D Wynn, Michael d. Michael Wynn, Union twp., Jan 2nd
1880 26-May D Youders, Mrs. Christine d. Mrs. Christine Youders, Bloss., May 18th, age 25
1881 03-Feb B Youmans b. Youmans daughter to Phon, Richmond twp "a Valentine"

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