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Newspaper Clippings & Obituaries for Tioga, Bradford, Chemung Counties

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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Tioga County Agitator 1866-1872

Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ONE . Thank you Diane Bender for retyping these.
1871 25 JAN M Hackett, N. C. m by Rev. T. Scott 12th Jan Mr. C.B. Baker of Westfield of Miss N.C. Hackett of Ullysses.
1869 19 MAY D Hadley, Marcia d in Litchfield, Hillsdale Co. MI 24th Apr of consumption, Marcia Hadley.
1872 31 DEC D Haffey, Boyd M. 250 men, women & children met in the Bapt. Ch. in Newbury, Lyc. Co. PA to participate in the Christmas program, when the bldg crashed & fire spread from the oil lamps, many wounded or killed.
1871 6 SEP M Hafflick, Adam m in Wellsboro 20th Jul by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. Adam Hafflick to Miss Christine Sackman both of Wellsboro.
1870 17 AUG M Hakes, Hattie E. m in Mansfield 7th Aug by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Stephen M. Miles & Miss Hattie E. Hakes, both of Richmond.
1869 16 JUN M Hall, Edith M. m in Farmington 9th Jun at the home of Reuben T. Hall, Esq, by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. Otis L. Butts & Miss Edith M. Hall.
1869 28 JUL M Hall, Eli m at the residence of the bride's parents 18th Jul by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Eli Hall & Miss Clara C. Satterly, all of Charleston, Tioga Co. PA.
1872 12 JUN M Hall, Leonard m at the M.E. Methodist Parsonage at Daggett's Mills 26th May by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Leonard Hall & Miss Ida Wood, both of Rutland PA.
1869 20 OCT D Hall, Reuben d in Farmington 11th Sep, Mr. Reuben Hall, aged 78 yrs.
1869 24 FEB M Hall, Sophia m in Lawrence 17th Feb by Rev. J.J. Turton, Mr. William P. Nichols to Mrs. Sophia Hall, both of Lawrence.
1871 18 OCT M Halstead, E. H. m in Delmar, home of the bride's parents, 13th Oct by the Rev. G.W. Remington, Mr. E.H. Halstead to Miss Phebe C. Wilcox.
1870 5 JAN M Hamilton, James H. m in Pittsfield 15th Dec 1869 by Rev. Asahel Bronson, D.D., James H. Hamilton, Esq, to Miss Mary E. Grinnell, late of this county.
1866 25 JUL M Hammond, Calvin m in Jackson 19th Jul by Rev. Levi Stone, Mr. Calvin Hammond of Middlebury & Miss Emma A. Stone, dau of Rev. Levi Stone.
1869 21 JUL D Hammond, Calvin d in Charleston 13th Jul Calvin, youngest son of Noah & Elizabeth Hammond, aged 10 yrs.
1870 10 AUG M Hammond, Emeline m at the M.E. Parsonage in Wellsboro on the 1st inst by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. Thomas H. Root & Miss Emeline Hammond, dau of John Hammond, Esq, all of Middlebury.
1872 17 APR D Hammond, Noah Last Friday Mr. Noah Hammond dropped dead on his farm a mile east of this village, he leaves a wife & several children.
1872 26 NOV M Handy, Eddy m in Middlebury by Thomas Keeney, Esq, Mr. Eddy Handy of Chatham & Mrs. Martha Goodwin of Middlebury.
1869 9 JAN M Hanler, Eunice Mariah m by Rev. J.A. Houghton, Esq, at his office, Mr. Daniel McCarty & Miss Eunice Mariah Hanler, all of Delmar.
1871 13 SEP M Hardin, Eugene m in Delmar 5th Sep by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Eugene Hardin to Miss Wakeman, both of Delmar.
1869 17 MAR D Hardy, Otis G. d in Charleston 7th Mar Otis G., eldest son of John B. & Clarissa Hardy, aged 20 yrs 10 mos 8 das.
1870 27 JUL M Harrer, Elizabeth m in Liberty 5th Jul by W.L. Keagle, Esq, Mr. William Kimble to Miss Elizabeth Harrer all of Liberty.
1872 31 DEC M Harris, Mattie L. m at the M.E. Parsonage in Canton PA 24th Dec by Rev. M.C. Dean, Mr. John D. Rumsey of Sullivan PA & Miss Mattie L. Harris of Canton PA.
1872 15 OCT M Harris, Ophelia m by Rev. M. Rockwell 15th Sep, Mr. Lawrence Wood & Miss Ophelia Harris of Sullivan.
1869 13 JAN M Harris, Willard m in Columbia, Bradford Co. PA at the residence of the bride's mother 25th Dec 1868 by the Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Willard Harris of Jackson, Tioga Co. PA & Miss Mary Budd.
1872 29 OCT M Harrison, William m in Wellsboro 24th Oct by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. William Harrison & Miss Elizabeth B. Wilcox all of Delmar.
1868 21 OCT M Harrower, Mary m in Farmington on the 14th Oct at the residence of Mr. Bloss, by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. Abraham Eggleston & Mary Harrower both of Elkland.
1867 16 MAY M Hart, David m in Lambs Creek 6th May by Rev. H. Lambkin, Mr. David Hart of Wellsboro to Mrs. Christiana Bell of Richmond.
1872 13 MAR M Hart, David m in Charleston at the M.E. Parsonage 6th Feb by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. David Hart & Miss Lorinda Thomspn, both of Charleston.
1871 21 JUN M Hart, David m in this village 13th Jun by Rev. D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. David Hart & Mrs. Mary Borst, of Charleston.
1870 2 FEB D Hart, John F. John F. Hart, aged 83 yrs 6 mos 17 das, died 20th Jan in Harrisburg PA. He came early into the area of Lawrenceville PA & in 1820 removed to the Liberty area. (see other entry also on 2 Feb)
1870 2 FEB D Hart, John F. John F. Hart born in Harrisburg came with his father & settled near Lawrenceville Valley of the Tioga River (see other entry also dated 2 Feb).
1869 24 NOV D Hart, Morgan d 20th Nov at his residence, Capt. Morgan Hart in his 37th yr. He had served in Co. A, 6th Battalion.
1871 11 JAN M hart, Paulina L. m 24th Dec 1870 by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. John A. Ludlow & Miss Paulina L. Hart, both of Charleston.
1867 23 JAN D Hart, Susan d 30th Dec 1866 Susan Hart, wife of David, in the 56th yr of her age.
1871 25 JAN M Harvey, Mary L. m at Mansfield 13th Jan by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Asa A. Jackson of Sullivan to Miss Mary L. Harvey of Covington.
1871 15 FEB M Hastings, Susan B. m at Tioga PA 1st Feb by the Rev. C. Otis Thatcher, Mr. Samuel Barrett of Wayne NY to Miss Susan B. Hastings of Chatham.
1871 25 JAN M Haswell, Susan m on 7th Jan at the residence of the bride's father in Rutland, Tioga Co. PA by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Sylvester Anderson of Owego NY to Miss Susan Haswell.
1870 27 JUL D Hatfield, Fredie d in Brown Twp, Lyc. Co. PA, Fredie, son of Henry & Lydia Hatfield, aged 3 yrs 11 mos.
1872 31 JUL M Hathaway, Henry m on the 28th Jul by Rev. C.K. Bunnell, Mr. Henry Hathaway of Tioga PA & Miss Olive A. Suton of Middlebury.
1870 6 JUL M Hathaway, Jerome W. m at the residence of the bride's father by Rev. Isaac Everitt, Mr. Jerome W. Hathaway of Woodhull NY & Miss Sallie J. Wood of Knoxville.
1868 16 DEC M Haven, Maryett m in Jackson 28th Nov by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. George Judson of Wells, bradford Co. PA & Miss Maryett Haven of Columbia, Bradford Co. PA.
1870 22 JUN M Haven, Nahum m in Jackson 12th Jun by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Nahum Haven of Columbia, Bradford Co. PA & Miss Laura Barnhart.
1870 15 JUN M Havens, Emeline m in Covington 5th Jun by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Lewis McConnell of Charleston & Miss Emeline Havens of Covington.
1870 31 AUG D Havens, Royal T. d in Westfield 24th Jul Mr. Royal T. Havens, after an illness of 4 mos, aged 72 yrs.
1870 14 SEP M Hawley, Homer C. m 1st Sep by Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. Homer C. Hawley & Miss Belle Mead, both of Clymer.
1870 11 MAY M Hazlett, E. H. m at Farmington 3rd May by Rev. S.A.. Rawson, Mr. E.H. Hazlett of Nelson & Miss C.A. Buckbee of Farmington.
1869 18 AUG M Hazlett, William m at Tioga 10th Aug by Rev. C. Otis Thatcher, Mr. William Hazlett & Miss Isabella Keyes, both of Tioga PA.
1866 24 OCT M Heath, Aurellia m in Mansfield 30th Sep by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Elihu Ingalls of Covington & Miss Aurellia Heath, of Charleston.
1869 14 APR M Hebe, Franklin m at the residence of the bride's father 8th Apr by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Franklin Hebe of Liberty & Maria, 2nd dau of Henry Hollands of Blossburg.
1870 22 JUN M Heimer, Augustus m in East Charleston, 2nd ult, by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Augustus Heimer of Troy & Mrs. E. Purple of East Troy.
1870 21 SEP M Heise, Maria E. m 15th Sep by Rev. J.E. Calkins, Mr. William O. Russell & Miss Maria E. Heise, both of Delmar.
1870 23 MAR M Henry, Chloe B. m in Blossburg 7th Mar by Rev. Benjamin Hartley, Mr. Benjamin Carson of Lycoming Co. PA & Miss Chloe B. Henry of Charleston, Tioga Co. PA.
1869 22 SEP M Henry, Orville m in Wellsboro 18th Sep at the M.E. Parsonage by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. Orville Henry of Wellsboro & Miss Jennie Finch of Blossburg.
1869 24 MAR M Herrington, A. F. m in Charleston 18th Mar at the residence of Nathan Austin by Rev. A.G. Hammond, Mr. A.F. Herrington of Potter Co. PA & Miss Susan C. Austin of Charleston PA.
1869 28 JUL M Herrington, Emeline G. m in Shippen 13th Jul by Rev. J.P. Calkins, Mr. Jno. M. Gentry to Miss Emeline G. Herrington.
1866 14 FEB M Herrington, Margaret m in Westfield by S.A. Leonard, Minister, 5th Feb at the home of the Minister: Mr. William Wilkinson to Miss Margaret Herrington; Mr. Mathew H. Wilkinson to Miss Margaret Douglas, all of Hector, Potter Co. PA.
1872 14 FEB D Herrington, Walter H. d in Shippen 2nd Feb, Walter H., only son of Deroy & Maria Herrington, aged 17 yrs 10 mos 18 das.
1867 1 MAY D Herrit, Ellsworth Grant d in Stewardson Apr 9th Ellsworth Grant, only child of Jackson & Caroline Herrit, aged 1 yr 8 mos 16 das.
1867 15 MAY M Herritt, Cornelius m in Wellsboro, at Holidays Hotel by Rev. J.F.. Caulkins, Mr. Cornelius Herritt & Miss Margaret Tomes, both of Brown Tsp., Lyc. Co. PA. (Note: no date given, entries seem to be between Apr 17th to May 6th)
1872 24 SEP D Herron, James Death of James Herron, Treasurer of Fall Brook Coal Co. last Sun. at this residence in Blossburg. Ltrs of Adm were issued 22nd Oct at Fall Brook to Samuel Herron.
1870 30 MAR M Higgins, Frank A. m on the 23rd Mar by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Frank A. Higgins & Miss Mary R. Hollands, all of Blossburg.
1872 1 OCT M Hilborn, Calvin m in Wellsboro 28th Sep by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. Calvin Hilborn & Miss Nettie Grim, all of Brown, Lyc. Co. PA.
1869 24 MAR D Hildreth, Adelia J. d in Delmar 14th Mar Adelia J., dau of George & Julia Hildreth, in the 14th yr of her age.
1872 31 DEC M Hildreth, Gurdon m at the house of the bride's parents in Wellsboro 24th Dec by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Gurdon Hildreth of Delmar & Miss Arlett Wilcox of Wellsboro.
1872 17 APR D Hildreth, Julia d in Delmar, Tioga Co. PA 9th Apr, Julia, wife of George Hildreth, in the 49th yr of her age.
1869 9 JAN M Hildreth, Liddie A. m in Plattsburg NY 21st Nov 1868 by Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. W. Rice of East Charleston & Miss Liddie A. Hildreth.
1872 17 JUL M Hill, Florence A. m in Wells by the same the same, the same day [Rev. C. Weeks 2nd Jul], Mr. Alinus C. Duglail & Miss Florence A. Hill both of Wells PA.
1872 27 MAR D Hill, Lucy d in Ward 9th Mar, Lucy, wife of James D. Hill, aged 71 yrs (Susquehanna Co. papers please copy).
1872 15 OCT D Hill, Lydia d in Chatham 20th Aug, Mrs. Lydia, wife of Robert Hill, aged 59 yrs.
1867 3 APR D Hill, Polly d in Charleston 26th ult, Mrs. Polly Hill, relict of Major William Hill, aged 82 yrs.
1868 7 OCT M Hillier, Josephine m at the Ford House in Lawrenceville 30th Sep by Rev. J.J. Turton, Mr. Thomas H. Bailey of Mansfield & Miss Josephine Hillier of Lawrenceville.
1867 10 JUL M Hillier, Lydia M. m in Mansfield 3rd Jul by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Justus M. Bailey & Miss Lydia M. Hillier, all of Mansfield.
1869 22 DEC M Hillman, Charles m in Westfield 26th Nov by Francis Strang, Mr. Charles Hillman & Rosa Dimick, both of Clymer.
1869 2 JUN M Hiltbold, Fannie M. m in Delmar 26th May by Rev. William A. Smith, Mr. Thomas A. Shaw & Miss Fannie M. Hiltbold, both of Delmar.
1871 4 OCT M Hiltbold, Simon A. m 20th Sep by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Simon A. Hiltbold & Miss Harriet A. Dartt.
1869 31 MAR M Hinman, G. C. m in Smethport, McKean Co. PA 18th Mar by Rev. R.K. Pierce, Mr. G.C. Hinman of Williamsport & Miss Elmira Goodwin, of Farmer's Valley.
1872 22 MAY M Hitchcock, John m at the same place by the same [Mansfield, Rev. G.P. Watrous] 10th May, Mr. John Hitchcock & Miss Susie M. Cowen, both of Wellsboro.
1870 4 MAY D Hoagland, Jacob d in Harrisburg 2nd Apr Jacob Hoagland of Susquehanna PA, aged 51 yrs.
1871 13 DEC M Hoagland, Louisa m in Wellsboro 11th Dec by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. A.P. Cone to Miss Louisa Hoagland, all of Wellsboro.
1869 6 JAN D Hodges, Keturah see Smith, Keturah (married name)
1870 12 JAN M Hodson, Will J. m in Corning 3rd Jan at the residence of Levi Bogardus, Will J. Hodson of Waverly NY to Miss Emma C. Johnson of Wellsboro PA.
1870 23 FEB M Hoig, Hannah m at the M.E. Parsonage 19th Feb by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. George W. Kelley of Wellsboro to Miss Hannah Hoig of Delmar.
1871 11 JAN M Holden, Dell m in Mansfield 28th by Elder I.R. Spencer, Mr. Asa Wilcox of Covington & Miss Dell Holden of Mansfield.
1871 5 APR M Holden, Eliza m on 2nd Apr by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. William Myer to Miss Eliza Holden, both of Wellsboro.
1872 31 DEC M Holden, Frank A. m in Wellsboro 29th Dec at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Frank A. Holden of Brighton MI & Miss Hannah I. Dartt.
1871 5 APR D Holden, Freddy J. d in Delmar 4th Mar, Freddy J., son of Ira C. & Mary J. Wilson, aged 4 mos 4 das.
1869 28 APR M Hollands, Della m in Brooklyn NY at the residence of Mr. T. Cruttenden, by Rev. S.H. Meeker, Mr. Daniel W.C.B. Townsend of Brooklyn & Miss Della, 3rd dau of William Hollands of Mansfield PA.
1869 14 APR M Hollands, Maria m at the residence of the bride's father 8th Apr by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Franklin Hebe of Liberty & Maria, 2nd dau of Henry Hollands of Blossburg.
1870 30 MAR M Hollands, Mary R. m on the 23rd Mar by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Frank A. Higgins & Miss Mary R. Hollands, all of Blossburg.
1871 10 MAY M Hollenbeck, William m in Mansfield 8th Apr by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. William Hollenbeck of Rutland & Mrs. Rhoda McConnell of Richmond.
1869 3 MAR M Hollis, Maria E. m at Nelson 13th Jan by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. John S. Ryon of Nelson & Miss Maria E. Hollis of Tuscurora NY.
1871 1 FEB M Holman, William m by Rev. W.D. Taylor, Mr. William Holman of Fredericksburg IA to Miss Minerva Barber of Covington PA.
1871 1 FEB M Hooker, Alonzo H. m at the residence of the bride's father 14th Jan by Rev. W.D. Taylor of Mansfield PA, Mr. Alonzo H. Hooker of Angelica NY to Miss Electa L. Franklin of Allen NY.
1872 7 FEB M Hopkins, A. Lawrence m at the Trinity Church, Cleveland OH 14th Dec by the father of the bride, Mr. A. Lawrence Hopkins, son of Pres. Hopkins of Williams College, & Miss Annah P., only dau of Rev. Charles Breck (see notice)
1872 3 DEC D Hopkins, Annah Pray Entered into rest 22nd Nov at Chicago IL, Annah Pray, wife of A. Lawrence Hopkins and only dau of Rev. Charles Breck.
1871 1 NOV M Hopkins, Catharine m in Wellsboro 27th Oct by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. Daniel Jones of Charleston to Miss Catharine Hopkins of Morris Run.
1871 13 SEP M Horton, Elisha m in Farmington at the res. of the bride's parents 6th Sep by Rev. N.L. Reynolds assisted by Rev. Mr. Rawson, Mr. Elisha Horton of Blossburg to Miss Kate Campbell.
1870 12 JAN M Horton, Emeline m in Richmond 30th Dec 1869 by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. Oliver N. Goodin to Miss Emeline Horton, both of Rutland.
1870 2 NOV M Horton, Euphemia E. m in Delmar 30th Oct by Rev. G.W. Remington, Mr. Jno. A. Benedict of Binghamton NY & Miss Euphemia E. Horton of Oxford NY.
1870 23 NOV M Horton, John C. m in Tioga 16th Nov by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, John C. Horton, Esq, to Miss Effie M. Seymour, dau of C.H. Seymour, Esq.
1871 4 JAN M Horton, Mary m at Nelson 21st Dec by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. Theodore W. Robbins to Miss Mary Horton both of Wheatland MI.
1872 1 OCT M Horton, Sarah m by Rev. N.E. Reynolds in Lawrence at the bride's residence 25th Sep, Mr. Christian M. Prutsman of Tioga & Miss Sarah Horton.
1868 23 DEC A Horton, Seneca Mr. Seneca Horton for 30 yrs a citizen of Tioga Co. PA writes from Mecosta Co. MI abt the good farming lands in No. MI & to the lumbermen who are looking for gold in Pine Trees, wages are from $26 to $35 a month for laborers.
1868 8 JAN M Horton, Thomas m in Delmar 23rd Dec 1867 by Rev. N. Hart, Mr. Thomas Horton & Mary Jane Furman, both of Delmar.
1870 12 JAN M Horton, Thomas J. m in Richmond 30th Dec 1869 by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. Thomas J. Horton to Miss Jane E. Lewis, both of Rutland.
1871 13 SEP M Horton, William m at the residence of Mr. C.S. Mather of Lawrenceville, PA, 6th Sep by Rev. J.F. Calkins, assisted by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. William Horton of Wellsboro to Miss Olive R. Towle, Bath NY.
1867 10 JUL M Hotchkiss, Harris m in Charleston on the 3rd Jul by Rev. C.A. Stone, Harris Hotchkiss of Richmond and Mrs. Mariah Marvin of Charleston.
1868 8 APR M Hotchkiss, Lucy J. married at Lambs Creek 21st Mar by Rev. J.W. Henry, Mr. Ira B. Clark & Miss Lucy J. Hotchkiss.
1869 1 SEP M Hotchkiss, Nettie m in Charleston 5th Aug by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. William C. Marvin of Charleston & Miss Nettie Hotchkiss of Tioga.
1869 20 JAN M Houghtelling, Theron B. m in Keeneyville 4th Nov 1868 by Rev. S. Butler, Mr. Theron B. Houghtelling & Miss Jenny L. Keeney, both of Keeneyville.
1870 2 FEB M Howe, Morris D. m 26th Jan by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Morris D. Howe to Miss Isabella L. Willard, both of Delmar.
1872 12 NOV D Howell, Emily d at Marion NY 6th Nov, Emily, wife of W.N. Howell, aged @ 45 yrs.
1866 14 NOV M Howland, Emma m 30th Sep by N.E. Hastings, Esq, Mr. Bradford W. Merrick & Miss Emma Howland of Chatham.
1869 14 JUL M Howland, Hannah m in Osceola 4th Jul by N. Strait, Esq, Mr. John Bancroft & Miss Hannah Howland of Westfield.
1871 15 NOV M Hoyt, Anna m in Osceola 7th Nov by Rev. John Cairns, Mr. Urbane A. Bosworth to Miss Anna Hoyt, all of Osceola.
1867 12 JUN D Hubbard, Adriel d in Richmond 28th May, Deacon Adriel Hubbard, aged 83 yrs.
1871 15 FEB M Hubers, John H. m in Elk 2nd Feb by L. Wetmore, Esq, at the house of bride's father, Mr. John H. Hubers to Miss Mary Schanbacher, both of Elk.
1869 2 JUN M Huck, Sarah Jane m at the residence of Hiram Hilburn, Esq, Brown Twp, Lyc. Co. PA 23rd May, Mr. E.B. Lloyd of Morris & Miss Sarah Jane Huck of Delmar.
1869 20 OCT M Hughes, Phebe A. m at Jackson 29th Sep by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Alonzo T. Gaige to Miss Phebe A. Hughes, both of Jackson PA.
1870 23 NOV M Hughes, Rebecca m by Rev. Charles Weeks 9th Nov Mr. David Cunningham to Miss Rebecca Hughes of Tioga PA.
1872 7 AUG D Huling, Margaret R. d in Williamsport, Lyc. Co. PA (killed by cars) Thurs. A.M., Mrs. Margaret R. Huling, dau of Michael Ross; b 24 Aug 1792 (see obit).
1872 17 JUL M Hull, James H. m by Rev. C. Weeks at Mosierville 4th Jul, Mr. James H. Hull & Miss Mary J. Shutter, both of Tioga PA.
1868 16 DEC M Hull, Jennie S. m in Corning NY 1st Dec by the Rev. John B. Littleton of NY, MR. Eleazer Baldwin & Miss Jennie S. Hull, all of Tioga PA.
1869 22 DEC M Humphrey, Alice H. m in Covington 12th Dec by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Henry G. Irelan of Covington & Miss Alice H. Humphrey of Knoxville PA.
1869 27 OCT M Humphrey, Gertrude M. m at Osceola 13th Oct by Rev. T.F. Porter, Mr. Chester W. Corbin of Afton, Chester Co. NY & Miss Gertrude M. Humphrey of Osceola.
1869 27 OCT M Hunt, George W. m Mr. George W. Hunt & Miss Amy A. Parker, both of Brookfield PA.
1869 12 MAY M Huntzinger, Phoebe m at the residence of the bride's father 29th Apr by the Rev. Thomas B. Barker of Lancaster, George W. Ryon, Esq, of Shamokin to Miss Phoebe, dau of William Huntzinger, Esq, of Schuykill Haven PA.
1871 8 MAR M Hurd, Andrew J. m in Elk, 26th Feb by L. Wetmore, Esq, at the house of the bride's father, Mr. Andrew J. Hurd of Gaines & Miss Ellen A. Wetmore of Elk.
1870 5 OCT M Hurd, Melissa m in this village 23rd Sep by Rev. D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. Mark M. Clark of Richmond & Miss Melissa Hurd of Lycoming.
1869 1 DEC M Hurd, William T. m at the M.E. Parsonage 16th Nov by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. William T. Hurd & Miss J. Varner, all of Wellsboro.
1871 15 FEB D Hurlburt, Charles d Mr. Charles Hurlburt of Sullivan died in County House 25th Jan, aged 58 yrs.
1870 28 SEP M Hurlburt, Palmineo G. m 15th Sep by Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. Palmineo G. Hurlburt to Miss Flora A. Morse both of Chatham.
1870 26 JAN M Hurlburt, W. N. m in Westfield 19th Jan by Rev. O.B. Weaver, Mr. W.N. Hurlburt to Miss Helen Close both of Westfield.
1870 15 JUN M Huslander, Franklin m in Wells May 22nd by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Franklin Huslander of Jackson & Miss Susie Lucas of Rutland.
1870 25 MAY M Husted, Ruth B. m in Blossburg 14th May by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Francis A. Kirch & Miss Ruth B. Husted, both of Mansfield.
1868 8 JAN D Hymes, Jacob d in Middlebury 14th Dec 1867 Jacob Hymes, Esq, of parlysis in the 77th yr of his age.
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