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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Tioga County Agitator 1866-1872

Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ONE . Thank you Diane Bender for retyping these.
1872 31 JUL M Null, Daniel m on the 3rd Jul by Rev. A.D. Hawn, Mr. Daniel Null of Jacksonville, Cumberland Co. PA & Miss Annie M. Brooks, of Delmar, Tioga Co. PA.
1869 2 JUN M O'Conner, Miles R. m in the Presbyterian Church at Wellsboro 23rd May by Rev. J.E. Calkins, Mr. Miles R. O'Conner, formerly of New Brunswick, C.E. & Miss Sallie Reddington of Wellsboro.
1868 7 OCT M Oleson, Burt m in Delmar 4th Oct by Rev. S. Butler, Mr. Burt Oleson of Potter Co. to Miss Kate Steele of Delmar.
1870 2 MAR M Olthof, Delilah m in Knoxville 17th Feb Mr. Aaron Whitehead of Steuben Co. NY to Miss Delilah Olthof of Knoxville PA.
1869 8 DEC M Omans, William A. m 28th Nov by Rev. W.P. Omans, William A. Omans, only child of Rev. Omans, to Miss Aurilla Abbey of Hector, Potter Co. PA.
1869 14 APR D O'Neil, Edward d in Liberty 5th Apr Edward O'Neil, late of C. B., 106th Reg., PA Vol., aged 32 yrs 2 mos 23 das. Born 12th Jan 1837, leaves a wife and 3 children.
1872 28 FEB M Orr, Agnes m on the 20th inst. by the Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Edgar Lawton & Miss Agnes Orr both of Delmar.
1872 3 JAN M Orr, Charles m in this village 15th Dec 1871 by Rev. D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. Charles Orr of Stony Fork PA & Miss Mary A. Symonds of Stony Fork PA.
1870 27 APR M Orr, Mary A. m in Delmar 20th Apr by Rev. J.D. Mitchell, Mr. Francis R. Lawton to Miss Mary A. Orr, all of Delmar.
1868 9 DEC M Orser, Matilda m in Nelson 27th Nov by Rev S.A. Rawson, Mr. Alonzo Spencer of Nelson PA & Miss Matilda Orser of Addison NY.
1871 13 DEC M Orvis, M. S. m in Sullivan 30th Nov by Rev. Isaac Everitt, Rev. G.G. Rhinevalt of Monroeton to Miss M.S. Orvis, of Sullivan.
1871 4 JAN M Osborn, Waterman m in Jackson PA 14th Dec 1870 by M.K. Retan, Esq, Waterman Osborn & Miss Mercy Bryan all of Jackson PA.
1868 8 JAN M Osbourne, Albert m in Delmar at the residence of the bride's mother by Rev. A. Dodge, Albert Osbourne & Amanda Palmer on Christ Day 25th Dec 1867.
1869 8 DEC D Osburn, L. L. d near Tioga, L. L. Osburn, aged 52 or 62 yrs 9 mos 13 das
1872 22 MAY M Osgood, Benjamin H. m at Mansfield 7th Apr by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Benjamin H. Osgood of Charleston & Miss Lizzie R.M. Connell of Richmond.
1870 31 AUG M Osgood, Levi K. m at East Charleston 23rd Aug by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Levi K. Osgood of Charleston & Miss Libbie A. Baker of Middlebury.
1870 13 JUL M Osman, J. K. P. m in Wellsboro 3rd Jul by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. J.K.P. Osman of Geneva NY & Miss Helen E. McCarrick of Wellsboro.
1869 20 OCT M Packard, Fred L. m at Minneapolis MN 29th Sep by Rev. W.T. Barker, Mr. Fred L. Packard to Miss Fanny F. Lewis of this city.
1871 14 JUN M Packard, Lucy S. m in this village at W.B. Van Horne's Hotel 10th Jun by Rev. D.D. Buck, Mr. Cornelius N. Sayles to Miss Lucy S. Packard both of Troy PA.
1872 5 NOV M Packard, Nellie m at the residence of the bride's father in Covington by Rev. J.F. Calkins 30th Oct, Mr. Charles B. Wing of Yankton, Dakota, & Miss Nellie Packard.
1869 6 JAN D Packer, James d in Wellsboro 31st Dec 1868 James Packer, aged 19 yrs.
1870 23 MAR M Paddock, L. M. m at Nelson 6th Mar by Rev. S.A.. Rawson, Mr. William H. Compton & Miss L.M. Paddock, all of Chatham.
1869 22 SEP M Padgett, Oliver G. m in Wellsboro 9th Sep at the M.E. Parsonage by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. Oliver G. Padgett & Miss Melissa S. Bartle, dau of Andrew Bartle, all of Delmar.
1871 12 APR M Page, D. Clayton m at the residence of E.W. Pendleton 28th Mar by the Rev. C.M. Temple, D. Clayton Page, Esq, to Miss Alice A. Landis, all of Sturgis MI.
1871 12 APR D Pagett, Melissa d in Delmar 19th Mar Mrs. Melissa Pagett aged 21.
1868 8 JAN M Palmer, Amanda m in Delmar at the residence of the bride's mother by Rev. A. Dodge, Albert Osbourne & Amanda Palmer on Christ Day 25th Dec 1867.
1870 8 JUN M Palmer, Amelia A. m in Delmar 27th May by Rev. A. Dodge, Mr. Charles Borden & Miss Amelia A. Palmer, both of Delmar.
1872 17 SEP M Palmer, Frank H. m in Canoe Camp 1st inst. by Elder I.R. Spencer, Mr. Frank H. Palmer of Sullivan & Miss Adele S. Frost of Covington.
1872 22 MAY M Palmer, George m in Jackson 12th May by Rev. Mr. Rockwell, Mr. George Palmer of Rutland & Miss Flora Garrison of Jackson.
1870 30 NOV M Palmer, Hattie m at Mansfield 15th Nov by the Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. W.P. Rose to Miss Hattie Palmer, both of Sullivan.
1871 1 NOV M Palmer, Joseph m in Delmar 30th Sep by Charles Houghton, Esq, Mr. Joseph Palmer & Mrs. Patience Warriner, each over 70 yrs of age.
1869 23 APR D Palmer, Lemuel M. d in Rutland, Tioga Co. PA on Tuesday 30th Mar of inflammation of the lungs, Mr. Lemuel M. Palmer aged 68 yrs. Born 1801 in Woodstock VT, came to Tioga Co. in 1837. Member of Methodist Episcopal Church 18 yrs.
1869 20 OCT M Palmer, Martha m at Mansfield 6th Oct by Rev. P.S. Palmer, Mr. George W. Davis & Miss Martha Palmer, all of Mansfield.
1870 18 MAY D Palmer, Mary Jane d in Middlebury 6th May, Mrs. Mary Jane Palmer, wife of David F. Palmer
1872 20 MAR M Palmer, Nett m at the home of Jason Clark, Esq, in Armenia, 28th Feb by Rev. Isaac Everett, Mr. James Clark, son of Jason Clark, & Miss Nett Palmer, both of Armenia.
1870 23 NOV M Pane, Ella m by Rev. Charles Weeks 9th Nov at the house of I. Spencer, Mr. James Sisson to Miss Ella Pane, all of Jackson PA.
1869 20 OCT M Paris, James N. m in Charleston 14th Oct by Rev. Wm. Haskell, Mr. James N. Paris to Miss Mary Day.
1869 27 OCT M Parker, Amy A. m Mr. George W. Hunt & Miss Amy A. Parker, both of Brookfield PA.
1871 1 NOV M Parker, Mary L. m in this village 21st Oct by D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. Charles W. Sears to Miss Mary L. Parker.
1870 23 FEB M Parker, Sylvia E. m at the M.E. Parsonage 12th Feb by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. Dexter G. Atherton of Charleston to Miss Sylvia E. Parker, of this village.
1872 17 DEC M Parkhurst, C. F. m at the house of the bride's father in Sullivan 5th Dec by Rev. Isaac Everett, Mr. C.F. Parkhurst & Miss Virginia L. Cudsworth.
1868 23 DEC M Parks, Benjamin P. m in Richmond 9th Dec by Rev. G.P. Watrus, Mr. Benjamin P. Parks of Nelson & Miss Mary A. Clark of Richmond.
1871 11 JAN M Parks, Martha m in Nelson 1st Jan by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. E.S. Pratt & Miss Martha Parks, both of Nelson.
1872 15 MAY D Patchin, Vine D. d in Richmond, Tioga Co. PA 29th Apr, Vine D. Patchin, aged 69 yrs.
1872 17 JUL M Payne, Phebe m in Troy 4th Jul by Rev. T.S. Sheardown, Mr. Warren Swartwood of Tioga & Miss Phebe Payne of Jackson.
1871 28 JUN M Peake, Daniel m in Charleston 18th Jun by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. Daniel Peake & Miss Lizzie Fischler both of Wellsboro.
1872 3 JAN M Peake, Electa m in the bride's home in Charleston 28th Dec 1871 by Rev. D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. H. Otis Brooks & Miss Electa Peake.
1869 16 JUN M Peake, Eliza J. m in Wellsboro 7th Jun at the M.E. Parsonage by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Philander Bockus & Miss Eliza J., dau of Hiel Peake, all of Charleston.
1868 11 MAR M Pease, Abigail m in Middlebury on the 23rd inst, by Thomas Keeney, Esq, Mr. Hollister Leach of Chatham & Miss Abigail Pease of Middlebury.
1872 3 DEC M Peck, S. B. m in Tioga at the residence of the bride's parents 27th Nov by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. S.B. Peck of Elmira, Chemung Co. NY & Miss Fannie Reynolds.
1870 13 JUL M Perry, William C. m in Wellsboro 30th Jun by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. William C. Perry & Miss Anna M. Mahon, both of Middlebury.
1872 3 JUL M Peterson, Lottie m in Charleston 30th Jun by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. Hiram Dewey of Wellsboro & Miss Lottie Peterson.
1872 10 JAN M Peterson, Mary m on the 30th Dec 1871 by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. David D. Sweete & Miss Mary Peterson all of Mansfield.
1870 6 APR M Peterson, Sarah M. m in Shippen 24th Mar by J.A. Darling, Esq, Mr. Edwin H. Jackson & Miss Sarah M. Peterson.
1869 10 MAR M Petty, Mary Ann m at the residence of Philip Petty, VanEtten Ville NY 14th Feb by Rev. George Pritechett, Mr. Henry F. Sain of Wayland NY to Miss Mary Ann Petty of Rutland PA.
1870 13 JUL M Phelps, Warren m in Wellsboro 4th Jul by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. Warren Phelps & Miss Jennie Coalman all of Liberty PA.
1871 8 NOV M Phillips, Alice V. m in Moravia NY 27th by the Rev. N. Broughton, Mr. Calvin D. Shaffon of Moravia & Miss Alice V. Phillips of Westfield PA.
1866 4 JUL D Phillips, Amity d in Westfield 14th Jun Amity Phillips, wife of Richard Phillips.
1871 11 JAN M Phillips, John m in Canoe Camp 1st Jan by Elder I.R. Spencer, Mr. John Phillips of Mainesburg to Miss Rachel Rew of Sullivan.
1868 9 SEP D Phillips, Richard d in Westfield 25th Aug Mr. Richard Phillips aged 78 yrs 10 mos 10 das. A Pioneer of Tioga County.
1869 8 DEC M Phillips, William m in Jackson 21st Nov by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. William Phillips to Miss Sarah A. Smith, all of Jackson PA.
1870 25 MAY D Pierce, Clarence A. d in Wellsboro 19th May Mr. Clarence A. Pierce, aged @ 21 yrs.
1872 17 JAN M Pierce, William A. m in Nelson 3rd Jan by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. William A. Pierce of Towanda PA & Miss Ruth A. Inscho, of Lawrenceville PA.
1871 1 NOV M Pike, Alice J. m at the residence of the bride's father in Jackson 17th Oct by the Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. George W. Thompson of Wyoming Co. PA to Miss Alice J. Pike of Jackson.
1872 27 MAR M Pitts, E. J. m 14th Mar by Rev. W.D. Taylor, Mr. J.W. Bailey of Mansfield & Miss E.J. Pitts, youngest dau of Apollas Pitts of Richmond.
1872 3 JAN M Pitts, John m at the residence of the bride's father in Charleston 13th Dec 1871 by Rev. W.D. Taylor, Mr. John Pitts & Miss Sarah Baker.
1869 9 JAN M Pitts, Mary E. m by Rev. C.A. Stone at East Charleston 27th Dec 1868, Bailey A. Gerow & Miss Mary E. Pitts, all of Charleston.
1869 1 SEP M Pitts, Mary E. m in East Charleston at the house of Mr. G.W. Pitts, by T. D. Elliot, Esq, Mr. Everard Wilcox of Mansfield to Miss Mary E. Pitts of East Charleston.
1870 23 NOV M Plank, Lydia m in Knoxville 17th Nov by Rev. Isaiah Everitt, Mr. S.T. Spaulding of Chatham to Miss Lydia Plank of Westfield.
1869 14 JUL M Plank, Sylvester L. m in Clymer 7th Jul by I.C. Thompson, Esq, Mr. Sylvester L. Plank of Brookfield & Mrs. Mary G. Wyatt of Clymer.
1871 16 AUG D Plumbly, Robert d in Delmar 1st Aug Robert, inf son of Calvin & Catherine E. Plumbly, aged 8 mos 3 das.
1870 23 FEB M Plumley, Clarisa E. m in Delmar on the 8th Feb by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Levi Buell to Miss Clarisa E. Plumley all of Delmar.
1868 23 DEC M Pond, Mattie M. m at the residence of J.W. Kenney in Tioga 9th Dec by Rev. J.J. Turton, Mr. Eglon S. Lamb of Plainfield, WI & Miss Mattie M. Pond, of Springfield WI.
1866 24 JAN M Pond, Sarah Jane m at Bigoney's Hotel in Wellsboro on the 19th inst, by Rev. J.F.. Calkins, Mr. Peter Shampain & Mrs. Sarah Jane Pond, both of Cedar Run, Lycoming Co. PA.
1872 31 JUL M Pool, W. W. m in Oil City 11th Jul by the Rev. W.M. Young at the residence of Deacon Charles Williams, Mr. W.W. Pool & Miss Eva H. Williams both of Oil City.
1871 22 MAR M Pope, Alfred m at East Charleston 19th Mar by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Alfred Pope & Miss Susie Bochus of Charleston.
1871 12 APR M Pope, Freeman m by Rev. M. Rockwell 5th Apr, Mr. Freeman Pope of Chatham to Miss Abbie Benson of Rutland.
1869 19 MAY M Pope, Loretta E. m in Tioga 9th May by Rev. C. Otis Thatcher, Mr. Clark B. Spencer & Miss Loretta E. Pope both of Chatham.
1869 6 JAN D Potter, A. W. d in Middlebury 30th Dec 1868 a little son of A.W. & Matilda Potter, aged 6 mos 7 das.
1872 1 OCT M Potter, Alice m by Rev. N.E. Reynolds in Middlebury at the bride's parents 24th Sep, Mr. Poleman Brown of Middlebury & Miss Alice Potter.
1870 12 JAN M Potter, B. B. m in Wellsboro at Holiday's Hotel 8th Jan by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. B.B. Potter of Middlebury to Miss Theodate Sanders of St. Clair MI.
1872 15 MAY M Potter, B. F. m at the M.E. Parsonage 1st May by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. B.F. Potter & Miss Ada Mitchell, both of Charleston.
1869 13 JAN M Potter, E. H. m at the residence of the bride's father 29th Dec 1868 by the Rev. L.M. Woodruff, Mr. E.H. Potter of Philadelphia & Miss Lovisa, eldest dau of A.R. Barrett, Esq, of Saratoga Springs NY.
1869 20 JAN M Potter, George m in Potter Co. PA by Elder Thomas 1st Jan, Mr. George Potter & Miss Mary Mulford, all of Westfield, Tioga Co. PA.
1868 16 SEP A Potter, Henry H. A long lived family: Henry H. Potter of Middlebury, fa of Sheriff Potter & Peleg Potter of Charleston; see
1869 20 JAN M Potter, Joseph m in Chatham 12th Dec 1868 Mr. Joseph Potter & Miss Francis A. Wilson by Rev. S. Butler.
1871 13 DEC D Potter, Lydia d in Middlebury 6th Dec, Mrs. Lydia Potter, wife of Ezra Potter, aged 75 yrs.
1872 7 AUG M Potter, P. A. m at the M.E. Parsonage in Charleston 28th Jul by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. P.A. Potter of Charleston & Miss M. St. Barnard of St. Clair MI.
1870 28 SEP M Poul, Matilda m by the Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. Hiram J. Miller to Miss Matilda Poul both of Troupsburg, Steuben Co. NY
1869 3 FEB M Powell, Emma J. m in South Sodus, Wayne Co. NY by Rev. John Powell, John E. Shaw of Farmington PA to Miss Emma J. Powell of South Sodus.
1871 22 NOV M Powers, W. V. m in Mansfield 22nd Oct by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. W.V. Powers to Miss Jennie E. Stewart, both of Richmond.
1871 11 JAN M Pratt, E.S. m in Nelson 1st Jan by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. E.S. Pratt & Miss Martha Parks, both of Nelson.
1872 20 MAR M Pratt, Vine R. m in Shippen 13th Mar by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Vine R. Pratt, Principal of the Orphan's School, Mansfield Pa, & Miss Alice Darling, of Shippen.
1870 31 AUG M Presit, Carl m in Gaines 16th Aug by G.W. Barker, Esq, Mr. Carl Presit to Miss Caroline Reby of Germania.
1872 13 MAR D Pride, Thomas d at Cowanesque Valley 3rd Mar of old age, Thomas Pride, aged 88 yrs. He was b in Norwich CT (see obit).
1870 2 MAR M Primmer, Adeline m in Keeneyville 6th Feb by G.D. Kennedy, Esq, Mr. Theodore Stewart to Miss Adeline Primmer, both of Farmington.
1869 3 MAR M Prutsman, Caroline m at Lawrence 18th Feb by Rev. S.A. Rawson, Mr. Enoch Blackwell of Nelson to Mrs. Caroline Prutsman of Tioga PA.
1872 1 OCT M Prutsman, Christian M. m by Rev. N.E. Reynolds in Lawrence at the bride's residence 25th Sep, Mr. Christian M. Prutsman of Tioga & Miss Sarah Horton.
1870 9 FEB M Prutsman, George M. m in Honey Brook on the 6th Jan by Rev. W.A. Ferguson, to Mr. George M. Prutsman to Miss Lizzie M. McClure.
1870 6 APR A Prutsman, John Letter from Plainfield, Waushara Co. WI 20th Mar. Nearly 2/3 of the inhabitants of this town were formerly residents of Tioga Co. PA.
1870 22 JUN M Purple, E. m in East Charleston, 2nd ult, by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Augustus Heimer of Troy & Mrs. E. Purple of East Troy.
1872 31 DEC M Putnam, Arthemise O. m in Covington 31st Dec at the bride's residence by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. A.B. Lain of Owego NY & Miss Arthemise O. Putnam.
1870 21 DEC M Putnam, George C. m in Blossburg 15th Nov at Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. George C. Putnam & Miss Jane Richter, all of Blossburg.
1871 4 OCT M Putnam, John H. m at Tioga 27th Sep by the Right Rev. B. Wister Morris of Oregon, Sophie, eldest dau of John W. Guernsey & Mr. John H. Putnam.
1867 11 SEP M Putnam, Naomi m at the Fellow's Hotel in Wellsboro, 2nd Sep by Hugh Young, Esq, Mr. John English of Morris PA & Mrs. Naomi Dibble of Delmar, Tioga Co. PA [np gives Miss Miomi; corrected by Rhoda English Ladd + maiden name of Putnam]
1870 27 JUL D Putnam, Thomas General Thomas Putnam, who has been identified with the history of Covington from its infancy, died at his residence on Tues. 11th Jul. He was 80 yrs of age.
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/21/98
By Joyce M. Tice